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4th Knowledge Exchange Forum Participation and social Justice Advocacy social justice advocates share a deep commitment to involving those who we represent in advocacy. We have different ways of describing this involvement and the people we work with. however across the broad range of community and voluntary organisations the participation of those experiencing the issues is identified as critical to effective advocacy. Participation is also a key demand of social justice advocates, who look for decision-making processes that include the voices of those affected. There are many diverse strategies for participation. However we share a desire to strengthen participation, and share the similar dilemmas: When and how to involve people in media work? How to meet the expectations of those who become involved? Do policy-makers have the capacity to respond to participation? Does focusing on participation place the responsibility for action on those who are excluded? Is service provision without active participation sufficient grounds for advocacy? This 4th Knowledge Exchange Forum will be an opportunity for those working in a wide range of community and voluntary organisations to share learning and challenges of involving those who experience the issues in their advocacy.

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WEDNEsDAy, 24th July 2013 13:00 - 16:30 WOOD QuAy VENuE, DuBlIN CIty COuNCIl CIVIC OFFICEs, WOOD QuAy, DuBlIN 8.



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Opening and welcome KieranMurphy,ChairofTheAdvocacyInitiative

Outcomes from The Advocacy Initiative participant workshop


A legitimacy test? National and European perspectives on participation HughFrazer,AdjunctProfessorNUI,Maynooth& CoordinatoroftheEuropeanCommission'sNetwork ofIndependentExpertsonSocialInclusion


Participation: A case of Implementation Deficit Disorder? ChrisMcInerney,LecturerinPolitics&Public Administration,UniversityofLimerick




Open Forum: Strategies, dilemmas and shared challenges FacilitatedbyMariaHegarty,EqualityStrategiesLtd

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