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ROBERT LUNDAHL Developing innovative creative strategies enhancing brand and identity. ROBERT LUNDAHL & Associates, LLC 415.205.3481 | Solana Beach, California

BRANDS Adobe Systems, Amdahl, Bank of America, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Credit Suisse, Dell, Federal Express, Fujitsu, Kodak, Hansen Medical, Heard Museum, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Lockheed Martin, NACHA, Sun Microsystems, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, others.

HIGHLIGHTS Campaign to locate large solar away from pristine desert lands. La Cuna de Aztlán Sacred Sites Protection Circle, other non-profit groups.. PROCESS: Research, vet, and hire attorneys. Revise and develop arguments related to litigation. Coordinate with environmental groups. Compile and communicate Native American oral histories. Envision, create and distribute documentary web videos explaining issues. Manage and develop media contacts. MILESTONES: Stories go to AP Newswire twice appearing in over 150 venues nationally and internationally. Legal complaints and outreach/communications generate global response, change public perception around siting, employment, and cost. Three projects withdraw applications. 30,000 acres of pristine desert and cultural resources are conserved. 2010-2012. Rapid Response Viral Ads. Aguirre for Governor Campaign. RESULTS: Videos from the California Democratic Convention spark reactions from major candidates, generate support and endorsements, drive web traffic, and place Aguirre in the polls (ABC Rasmussen) for the first time in 2010 Democratic primary campaign vs. Jerry Brown. PROCESS: Consultant. Producer of campaign outreach materials including “poli-ti-sodes” and reality television content. 2009/10. “Paydirt” network documentary, investigative journalism. Intelliscape Films. PROCESS: Producer, “Paydirt” film (60:00) investigates issues and claims associated with homebuilding on converted military bases and brown-fields sites. Vet and organize content related to national litigation. Work with D.G.A. director to incorporate material into white-collar feature film crime drama starring James Caan and Talia Shire. 2009-12. National “sustainability” campaign for 15 major banks. National Automated Clearinghouse Assn (NACHA). RESULTS: Campaign utilized by institutions such as Wells Fargo Bank, Bank of America, Citi, Chase, Capitol One, Con Edison and others to encourage paperless banking. PROCESS: Create communications products including Business “Tool Kit” website and content, animated Flash elements, PayitGreen® video, Bank of America/Wachovia Executive PowerPoints on internal change management. MILESTONES: Featured Presentation ConEd Earth Day, Madison Sq. Garden, 2008. 39 short films highlighting technology development around the world. Sun Microsystems, Digital Journey. RESULTS. “E-Commerce in China,” wins Emmy® Award. “MP3 and Beyond,” nominated for second Emmy® Award. Series garners 3929 airplays, 229 hours of broadcast time, 75,000,000 potential households, and 175,000,000 potential viewers, 43% of U.S. broadcast market (Nielsen), 52.64% of Canada broadcast market. Generated U.S. airtime valued at 8.25 million+ dollars for underwriter Sun Microsystems. Cost of production, 1.3 million dollars. Cost of distribution, 0. “No one has ever paid us to air our spots before.” (David Howard, Sun Microsystems). PROCESS: Translated technology concepts into accessible stories for general audiences, extending the Sun and Java brands. STAFF POSITIONS Amdahl Corporation. Senior Producer/Director for manufacturer of mainframe computer systems. EDUCATION University of Oregon, B.F.A. (220 Unit, 5 year program), Department of Fine Art. University of Southern California, Department of Cinema. PROFESSIONAL SKILLS Messaging and targeting, content development, strategic public relations, media production, writing for print, video and web. Organic SEO. Website/WordPress development. Executive training, communications strategy, PowerPoints. International experience, Brazil, Russia, India, China, Germany, France, England, Finland, Sweden, Canada, Japan, Chile, Argentina. AWARDS National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’, “Emmy,” the International Television Association’s “Golden Vision” Award, the U.S. International Film and Video Festival’s “Silver Screen,” I.A.A.V.C.’s “Cindy,” the “Telly” Award, San Jose Film and Video Commission’s “Joey,” American Advertising Federation “Addy,” United Way “Bay Area Best,” I.A.B.C. “Gold Quill,” and others. Honored by film festivals around the world. 1  

Robert Short resume  
Robert Short resume  

Robert Lundahl Resume 2012