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One day a week Vitoria climbs into her canoe and paddles upriver to meet with her Bible-study group.

Vitoria telling a children’s story on her father’s radio program.

The next week Vitoria, her brother, Daniel, and two friends from church climbed into the boat and paddled to Patrick’s house. When they arrived, several other children were already there. Patrick had invited them. Daniel and Patrick carried the Bible-study club’s materials to the house, and soon they were ready to begin. Vitoria led the group in a welcome song, and then the children knelt on the hard, wooden floor and prayed. Vitoria’s brother gave each child an activity book, while she opened her leader’s guide. She had studied the lesson carefully and could tell the Bible story well. She stopped to explain things that some of the children didn’t understand. After the story, each child opened their activity book and completed the workbook pages for that day’s lesson. It was much more fun than schoolwork, and Vitoria and her friends helped those who were new to studying the Bible. When they all had finished their workbooks, they chatted while Patrick’s mother served a small snack. Soon it was time to leave, for Vitoria and her friends had to be home before the sun set because it gets dark quickly on the equator! Vitoria has been leading the children’s small group for more than a

FUN FACTS • The Amazon River flows across northern Brazil and is the second

longest river in the world. It begins in the Andes Mountains in Peru and flows for about 4,000 miles (6,400 kilometers) until it reaches the Atlantic Ocean. • Brazil is the world’s fifth-largest country. It covers about half of South America and is home to half of the continent’s people—about 202 million. Most of the people live along Brazil’s long coastline. To watch a video about Vitoria and her canoe ministry, visit

year now. Every week she studies the lesson carefully so she knows what to say. Then, before she and her brother leave for Patrick’s house, she prays that God will keep them safe and will

help her to say the things that will lead the children to Jesus. Since she started the Bible-study club, Patrick and his sister have been baptized and several other children have asked to 21

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Mission 360˚ Magazine - May 2015  

Mission 360˚ Magazine - May 2015