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Left: A Bible worker with an audio player unit. Below: Baptizing a Pygmy woman.

Bhaju Ram Shrestha, a layperson from Kathmandu, leads the congregation in worship.

called the “pig people.” Desperately poor, they’re shunned by many because they raise and eat pigs. AWR broadcasts the Ashako Bani (The Voice of Hope) daily programs on 26 local FM stations in Nepal. A decade ago this wasn’t even imaginable because the country was under tight Hindu rule and Christianity wasn’t tolerated. But today, many towns and villages have access to our radio programs, and Kosi Rekha is one of them.

Kosi Rekha village.

Among the pig-raising people in the village, we have about 30 believers. Every Sabbath you’ll find them worshiping in a small church building with a tin roof and cow dungthatched walls. Sitting cross-legged on floor mats, they sing long, melodious songs accompanied by drums and sometimes a keyboard. When the new believers learn of God’s love and the truths in the Bible, they happily clean their porches of pigs and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Our church presence is growing in this little village, especially among the young people.

Democratic Republic of the Congo The North Kivu region of Democratic Republic of the Congo is a beautiful part of the country, situated among green mountains. It’s also a stronghold for antigovernment forces. But even in this situation, the Rafiki Mission* is helping churches and pastors. AWR partnered with the Rafiki Mission to provide radios and solar-powered MP3 players with programming in French and Swahili. Recently, I was privileged to see firsthand the fruits of this partnership. In a village deep in the African bush outside the city of Beni, 18 people were baptized one 19

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August 2013