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10 Love on a Plate

Myron Iseminger, Rick Kajiura, Nancy Kyte,

12 What a Feast!

Oliveras, Delbert Pearman, Karen J. Porter,

Andrew McChesney, Rick McEdward, Hensley Moorooven, Teen Nielsen, Ricky Claude Richli, Jeff Scoggins, Gerson Santos, Earley Simon, Karen Suvankham, John

14 Sabbath Miracles

Thomas, Homer Trecartin, David Trim, Doug

16 The Angel Fishing Boat

Editorial Assistant: Chelsy Tyler

18 My 10-Hour Mistake 20 No Unknown Soldiers 22 He Brings Them 24 Dining in Deutschland 26 God, My Help in Times of Trouble 28 Someone Who’s Been There 30 17 Unwasted Years

Venn, Gina Wahlen

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ABOUT OUR COVER PHOTO . . . Photo by Rick Kajiura

In the hills of northeastern Thailand, a group of Adventists from China had started a small school. They had a pickup truck that they used to transport students. We jumped in the back of the pickup and went to visit the families of some of their students. At the first stop, we met this little girl and her mother. Her mother was making crafts to sell in the market to tourists. The little girl let us take a few pictures but then got shy and hid behind her mother.

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Mission 360˚ Magazine - November 2017  

Mission 360˚ Magazine - November 2017