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Financial Advisors Tips How to handle your finances like a pro? Posted by on July 31, 2013 at 12:15 AM

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Many a times, we f ind ourselves f alling into f inancialtroubles. We end up taking loans, def ault credit card bills, and f ail to paythe car EMIs on time. Why does this happen? Well, lack of proper f inancialmanagement knowledge is that causes such things. And when you see your f riendsleading a comf ortable lif e, you of ten wonder, why is it that I cannot managef inances like him? T he answer to this is pretty simple – no two people are everon the same page, that’s why you need to stop comparing your lif estyle withsomeone else’s and start planning out your own f inances. In this article, we will provide you some tips that willmake you handle your personal f inance like a prof essional. So here are sometips that f inancial advisors usuallyput to use:

Savingmoney on t icket s:

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We of ten book tickets f or traveling with our f amily, orwhen we have to go f or business meets. During such times, pref erably lookoutf or late night f lights. T hey are cheaper as compared to morning and mid-dayones. Sure, you would need to accommodate other things f or this of f -hour takeof f , but it will be worth saving the money.

Financial Advisors T ips How to handle by | 0 comments your finances like a pro?

Get yourmont hly balance checked by someone:

by | 0 comments you millionaires?

How can financial advisors Noida make

You should get your monthly expenditureand bank and card statements checked by someone whom you place trust upon. T hisway, you’ll always f eel guilty of spending money on unnecessary things as youwill have to do a lot of explaining later on. T his is considered as one of themost ef f ective methods of staying within your f inancial boundaries.

Set smallgoals: You cannot achieve a big goal in an instant. You’ll need to makeseveral smaller goals your steps towards attaining your eventual dream. T hat’swhy you should set aside small goals such as depositing so and so amount of money in a savings account, investing so and so amount in a f ixed deposit etc. T hiswill inculcate discipline and a regular saving habit.

Keepchecking your account s f rom t ime t o t ime:

We all maintain several accountssuch as savings account, loan account, recurring deposit, post of f ice savingsscheme etc. You should check all these accounts at least once a month, thoughtwice is pref erable. Firstly, it will help you know when your installments orsavings are due, and secondly if any unwarranted activity is taking place, oryou are being levied any penalty without f ault, you can bring it to the noticeof the bank authorities. T hese small tips are the ones that several f inancial planning india f irms give totheir clients. While they are really simple, one does not usually think aboutthem. And this is what dif f erentiates f inancial experts f rom people like us! Categories: Financial service Like


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Financial Advisors Tips How to handle your finances like a pro?  

We often book tickets for traveling with our family, orwhen we have to go for business meets. During such times, preferably lookoutfor late...