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TOWN OF NORTH HAVEN WARNING OF 2021 MUNICIPAL ELECTION (Pursuant to C.G.S. § 9-226 & 9-147a)

Electors of the Town of North Haven are hereby warned to meet at their respective polling places on

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

for the following purpose: to cast their votes for MUNICIPAL OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF BOARDS AND COMMISSIONS FOR THE TOWN OF NORTH HAVEN. Notice is hereby given that the polls will be open as of six o’clock in the morning (6:00 a.m.) and will remain open until eight o’clock in the evening (8:00 p.m.) on the date of said election. The locations of polling places for the Town’s six (6) voting districts will be: District 1-- Mildred Wakely Rec. Center, 7 Linsley Street; District 2 -- Montowese School, 145 Fitch Street; District 3-11 -- Ridge Road School, 1341 Ridge Road; District 3-34 -- Ridge Road School, 1341 Ridge Road; District 4 --Green Acres School, 146 Upper State Street; and District 5 --Clintonville School, 456 Clintonville Road. APPLICATIONS FOR ABSENTEE BALLOTS: Applications are availDEOH LQ WKH 7RZQ &OHUN¶V 2I¿FH DQG YLD WKH 6HFUHWDU\ RI WKH 6WDWH¶V ZHEsite. Absentee Ballots and EDR ballots will be counted at the centralized location of Memorial Town Hall, 18 Church Street, North Haven, CT. A facsimile/sample ballot and instructions for completing the same DUH DYDLODEOH LQ WKH 7RZQ &OHUN¶V 2I¿FH DQG LQ WKH RI¿FH RI WKH 5HJLVtrars of Voters for public examination. Vote tabulators will be utilized. Dated this 12th day of October 2021 J. Stacey Yarbrough, Town Clerk/Registrar of Vital Records & Tax Collector Memorial Town Hall, 18 Church Street North Haven, CT 06473

Political Endorsements - Letters Forums - Party Activities North Haven u Hamden u Wallingford Please Note: Letters and endorsements will be published but because of space limitation can only be 350 words in length.

Leadership Needed, With a Shared Vision for the Future

To The Editor: October 21, 2021 What we do this November 2nd is the most important task before us. North Haven is at a big moment in our town’s history. This local election will decide which direction our town goes into the future. Post-pandemic North Haven can rise to new heights as we have never seen before and become the sort of place that uplifts everyone to their full potential. But, to reach the top we need leadership on the Board of Selectmen that as a team has a shared vision for the future. A community we can develop and be proud of today and tomorrow. Four candidates are running for seats on the North Haven Board of Selectmen; the top three vote-getters will earn the privilege to serve this great town. Vote November 2nd for a Board of Selectmen that will represent 21st century values and all residents’ voices. *Voting Locations are open 6am to 8pm on November 2nd, 2021. For more information on voting locations contact the Registrar of Voters at (203) 239-5321, extension 640. Carl Kordek, North Haven

Fair, Honest and Reliable To The Editor: October 20, 2021 I was just thinking that I have known my sister, Sally Buemi, for 65 years. We have played, learned, laughed, and cried together. Our parents strove to instill in us, along with our older sister, the virtues needed to become the best that we could be. Sally learned her lessons well. For the past eight years I have watched her represent North Haven on the Board of Selectman. That she cares for our town is undeniable. She has been the voice of reason at countless Board meetings. She has been generous with her time and is always prepared for the topic at hand. She has the courage to express her opinion even when it might not please everyone in the room. She has been able to cooperate with the others that make up our town government. I can truly say that she is a fair, honest and reliable person, but you already know that if you have seen her in action. I would urge all citizens of North Haven to put on your thinking caps DQG ¿JXUH RXW KRZ WR JHW KHU UH HOHFWHG 9RWH IRU 6DOO\ %XHPL Michael Buemi, North Haven

Always Has the Best Interests of Our Citizens

To The Editor: October 20, 2021 I have known Sally Buemi for nine years. For the last eight years I have followed her service on the Board of Selectman in North Haven. I have found, by reading her I Was Just Thinking newspaper column and from her contributions during our Town Meetings and the various Board meetings that she always has the best interests of our Citizens in her heart. I know her to be a generous, trustworthy, fair and an honest person. I would ask all Citizens of North have to vote for her in November so that we can keep her as a Selectman. Sharon McGourn, North Haven

Buemi for Selectman

To The Editor: October 20, 2021 This November, North Haveners will go to the polls to choose a First, Second and Third Selectman. The Third Selectman represents the minority party and the interest and concerns of its constituents. Sally Buemi, a lifelong resident and attorney has the experience, knowledge, and dogged preparation to earn your vote to serve another term on the Board of Selectman. Sally, with grace and tact, works well with Mike Freda, offering up new ideas and pointing out where mistakes were made. She loves North Haven and prides herself on keeping all its citizens informed. Sally Buemi has been the most effective and present representative in her role as “Third” Selectman in my 25 years as a town resident. I urge you to vote for Sally on Nov. 2nd. Jim Redman, North Haven

Re-elect Mike Freda for First Selectman in North Haven

To The Editor: October 20, 2021 My wife and I have lived in North Haven for several decades and we’re extremely proud to call it our home. A very big reason for this is that Mike Freda is our First Selectman. Mike Freda, our First Selectman for over ten years, has proven time and time again that he is a true professional who manages our town like a well-run business. He possesses the business acumen that a AAA-rated town requires. He gained this talent from working a long, successful career in business. How fortunate we are to have him at the helm of our town! 0LNH LV YLVLEO\ XELTXLWRXV DURXQG WKLV WRZQ DQG KDV VDFUL¿FHG KLV own personal life to humbly serve the citizens of North Haven by beLQJ WKH NLQG RI VHOÀHVV OHDGHU ZKR PDNHV KLPVHOI DYDLODEOH WR OLVWHQ WR everyone. Everyone. He does this because he truly cares about each and every person who calls North Haven their home. His style of governing is to listen, WKHQ GHFLGH DQG ¿QDOO\ WR DFW His popularity is enormous and he is widely respected, not only in our town, but statewide. He is truly a leader for us all. Other Connecticut towns envy us. They wish that they could have such a leader like Mike in their town. But they don’t. We do, and how lucky we are! Please vote to re-elect Mike Freda as our First Selectman. Rob and Lynne Nielsen, North Haven

Letter of Support for Frederick Rodriguez To The Editor: October 17, 2021 Eleven years ago Frederick Rodriguez and his family moved to North Haven. An important factor for this move was that Fred and his wife were anxious that his two children could avail themselves of the town’s excellent reputation for education. Both Rodriquez children are enrolled in the 4th grade and kindergarten at Ridge Road School. Frederick is heavily invested in North Haven and his running for a seat on the North Haven Board of Education, indicates is strong desire to assist the Board of Education and further the school system’s excellent reputation. Frederick has advanced degrees in cyber and physical security. His understanding of policy, cyber security and compliance issues will be of enormous value as North Haven increases its privacy protections in technology. Frederick strongly believes a Board of Education member must have experience in and knowledge of security policies, compliance and practices. His election to the Board will bring that necessary experience and knowledge. Frederick has 17 years of experience in higher education with degrees from Quinnipiac University and Georgetown University in computer science and technology management. His Yale School of Medicine work background and volunteer work as a member of a Yale diversity and inclusion group are great assets for the Board of Education and the town. As a volunteer, Frederick serves as a member of the North Haven PTA Council, member of the Ridge Road PTA and PTA chair of the Ridge Road Nomination Committee. Fred will bring all of his education and experience to bear to help guide the North Haven school system with transparent policies for technology, education and inclusion. I’m voting for Frederick and hope you will too. Maureen F. Cunningham, North Haven

Re-elect Sally Buemi for Selectman

To The Editor: October 20, 2021 I am writing this letter endorsing Sally Buemi for Selectmen. I have known Sally for forty years. She has always been passionate about the town of North Haven and its citizens. Sally is a lifelong resident who has brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to this position that she has held for eight years. Sally is a former member of the Board of Finance and is a well-respected attorney with a practice right here in North Haven. I am encouraging everyone to get out and vote to re-elect Sally Buemi for Selectmen. Deborah Wingreen, North Haven

Looking for Non-partisan Information Before You Vote?

Hamden: For the upcoming local elections, the League of Women Voters of Connecticut (LWVCT) is using the program. Initially rolled out by LWVUS (the national League) in 2006, LW SURYLGHV QRQSDUWLVDQ VWDWH VSHFL¿F LQIRUPDWLRQ WR WKH SXEOLF RQ many aspects of the elections. includes candidate information, local voter guides and videos. It is part of a nation-wide effort to build enthusiasm around local elections across the state ahead of Tuesday, November 2. +DPGHQ YRWHUV FDQ JR WR 9RWH RUJ QRZ WR ¿QG • Absentee ballot information • Election dates • Factual data on candidates in various local races • General information such as “how to watch debates with a critical eye” • ID requirements • Polling place locations (one of the most popular features) • 5HJLVWUDWLRQ GHDGOLQHV DQG YRWHU TXDOL¿FDWLRQV • Voter registration forms • Online Voter Guides LWVCT has rolled out Vote411 in Hamden and across the state wherever there are local League chapters. Hamden voters can see which candidates are running and their answers to questions about where they stand on the issues. Next year Vote411 will be back for the 2022 state and congressional races and the Connecticut gubernatorial race. The plan is to gradually implement Vote411 statewide for all races. By Election Day 2021, VOTE411 will have ballot information for over 45 local government elections across the state, with a goal of covering all 169 local government races by 2025. The LWVCT anticipates helping more than 325,000 voters in 2021.


October 26, 2021


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Letters to the E d i t o r

To submit a letter: Letters to the Advisor should include the writer’s name, address and phone number. The writer’s signature should appear at the end of the letter. Unsigned letters will not be published. Letters will be accepted through Wednesday at 5pm. We will extend the deadline if circumstances allow and providing we have space available. Letters must be no longer than 400 words due to space limitations. The Advisor does not edit letters which are published as they are received. If a letter is questionable, the writer will be contacted for YHULÀFDWLRQ 7KH $GYLVRU UHVHUYHV WKH ULJKW WR not publish letters that may be personally offensive.

Watch the Meetings - Learn the Truth To The Editor: October 21, 2021 My name is Sally Buemi and I am the Third Selectman seeking reelection. I’m writing in response to a letter from Peter Criscuolo containing misinformation about me. Mr. Criscuolo said I would prefer to litter rather than fund a recycling program. That is laughable! Did he watch the Board of Selectmen (BOS) meeting? We never discussed funding. The BOS discussed the town’s website and recycling information. I agreed with Mr. Freda that recycling information is already easily available on the website. Mr. Criscuolo said I refused to read a long letter from a constituent. Again, Mr. Criscuolo is living in a dream world. I offered several times to read the letter, which contained almost the same issues from the previous BOS meeting. Mr. Freda, who runs BOS meetings, said he preferred to summarize such letters, and that is exactly what we did. Mr. Criscuolo claims I was against a moment of silence for COVID victims. The entire Board – Mr. Freda, Mr. Pieper and myself – agreed a moment of silence was not necessary because we had a ceremony on the Green, planting a tree and a plaque for all COVID victims. I attended that ceremony, Mr. Criscuolo did not. Regarding the naming of the new building at Vanacore Field – at the September BOS meeting I was honored to vote in favor of naming it “The Anthony Longley Athletic Facility.” However, I reminded Mr. Freda of my idea 5 years ago to have plaques on this building to honor two North Haven football players who died young under tragic circumstances. Mr. Freda appreciated my idea, and told me we could use future plaques to honor other deserving individuals. Finally, regarding my latest column about the budget, I stand by the facts I articulated. I will match my knowledge of the budget with Mr. Criscuolo’s anytime. That column was critical of Mr. Freda. If my facts were incorrect, don’t you think we would’ve heard from Mr. Freda. Please reject Mr. Criscuolo’s negative campaigning. Watch the meetings – learn the truth – vote accordingly. Sally J. Buemi, North Haven

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October 26, 2021


WOMEN’S CLUB GFWC ACCEPTING SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS The Connecticut Federation of Women’s Clubs has announced two scholarships that are available to Connecticut women pursuing advanced courses of study at Institutions of higher learning. Awards are granted on the basis of future promise, scholastic abilLW\ DQG ¿QDQFLDO QHHG The Dorothy E. Schoelzel memorial scholarship has a maximum award of $2,000. Candidates must have completed three or more years of undergraduate work in an accredited institution with a 3.0 average or higher in WKH ¿HOG RI (GXFDWLRQ The Phipps scholarship has a maximum award of $1,000. Candidates must have completed two or more years on undergraduate work in an accredited institution with a 3.0 average or higher toward a Bachelor’s or post graduate degree. Completed applications, including general and personal inIRUPDWLRQ D ¿QDQFLDO VWDWHPHQW instructor/employer references, RI¿FLDO WUDQVFULSW RI DW OHDVW WKH most recent two years of underThe North Haven Ski Club graduate or graduate work must will be hosting an Open House be received by Feb. 10, 2022. The application may be obon Wed., Nov. 10, from 7-9pm at the Columbus Hall, 22 Church tained by visiting the NorthfordNorth Branford Women’s Club Street. There will be ski area informa- website at www.northfordwom tion, ski tickets, refreshments and For further informaD UDIÀH %XON 7LFNHW RUGHUV FDQ tion, contact Rose Lynch at (203) be picked up at this time. Come 483-8395. •••• and learn what skiing is all about and the great discounts that are Edward Smith Library offered thru the Connecticut Ski Council and the North Haven Ski 3 Old Post Rd., Northford Club. The North Haven Ski Club PUMPKIN SWEATER CRAFT offers Sunday Bus Trips to a Drop in on your own or with a variety of places throughout friend and make this beautiful holNew England at very affordable iday decoration during the Week prices from January thru March. of Nov. 8-12 (closed 11/11). The bus leaves from the Stop & You will need a sweater that Shop parking lot in North Haven can be cut up for this and some at 5:30am with a quick stop in piece of wood for the stem of Cromwell (Exit 21) to pick up our your pumpkin. All other supplies shoreline and Northern Connecti- will be provided. cut members (5am from North **Registration Limit - 20 PeoHaven for Killington Mountain only, ple. Call (203) 484-0469. 5:30am from Cromwell). Membership is: High School students $15, College students $20, Single $30 and Family $55. Members may use their membership cards to purchase lift tickets at the mountain on any CT Ski Council Awareness Days at a great discounted price. For more information on CSC, visit www. You can contact Annette Murphy at (203) 927-3071 or dapd for more information.



Marrakech Golden Anniversary Party: 50 Years of Being Different Wallingford: On Thurs., October 28, Marrakech will celebrate its 50th anniversary with a party at the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford. Guests will enjoy a cocktail reception set to a backdrop of live music while given the opportunity to place bids in the silent auction. Some of the distinctive silent auction items to be featured at “Marrakech’s Golden Anniversary Party: 50 Years of Daring to be Different” include a night at the Mohegan Sun Hotel, a Nordic Track Studio Bike, and a private tour of Two Roads Brewery. Another highlight of the evening will be the release of “Marrakech: 50 Years of Daring to be Different,” a book created by the organization to detail the rich KLVWRU\ RI WKH QRQSUR¿W )HDWXUHG in this compilation will be original founder Susan Waisbren as ZHOO DV 9DOHULH &KDLQ WKH ¿UVW resident who moved into Marrakech’s halfway house in 1971. Many others who helped with the VXFFHVVIXO ODXQFK ¿IW\ \HDUV DJR will be in attendance to share re-

membrances of the founding as well as cherished memories. Marrakech provides personcentered, unique and cost-effective supports to children and adults with and without disabilities across Connecticut. The organization assists individuals who face barriers to securing employment, connecting to necessary supportive services, accessing safe and affordable housing, and participating fully as contributing members of their communities. To learn more about Marrakech, Inc. Visit The party takes place on Thursday, October 28 from 5:308:30pm at the Oakdale Theatre and is a casual event. Sponsorships are still welcome and available. To place a bid online, purchase tickets or pre-purchase a copy of the book, go to: https// versary. Please contact Jay Korman at (203) 389-2970, extension 1030 or for more information or to get involved.



Northford North Branford Women’s Clubs

Ski Club Open House November 10th

Gustavo Cortiñas And His Jazz Ensemble To Perform Free Concert At Quinnipiac University Hamden: Internationally acclaimed drummer and composer Gustavo Cortiñas and his jazz ensemble will perform a free concert at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 30, in the Clarice L. Buckman Theater at Quinnipiac University, 275 Mount Carmel Ave. 7KLV HYHQW ZKLFK LV WKH ¿UVW LQ WKH inaugural Frank J. Natale Concert Series, is free and open to the public, but tickets are required. Please register here. Cortiñas and his jazz ensemble will perform music from his third album “Desafío Candente,” which was inspired by Eduardo Galeano’s “The Open Veins of Latin America.” The Frank J. Natale Concert Series will bring talented performers from a variety of musical backGustavo Cortñas grounds, including jazz, classical and contemporary music styles, to the Mount Carmel Campus each year. For more information, call 203-582-8652.

Annual Holiday Food Drive North Haven’s Annual Holiday Food Drive began October 11, when collection bins were set out at many businesses in town. The Food Drive, sponsored by the Churches of North Haven, is again collecting non-perishable food items to include in holiday boxes that will be delivered to families of North Haven for Thanksgiving and Christmas. In this second pandemic year, North Haven families need as much help as possible. There are many easy ways to donate food. Non-perishable food items can be donated directly to the Food Pantry at the North Haven Congregational Church any weekday morning between 8am and 2:30pm. Collection bins are located at North Haven Memorial Library, Arnold’s Jewelers – the North Haven Diamond Center, Bonesse’s Pizza, Carol’s Creations, Connex Credit Union (North Haven Branch), The Maids, Mio Salon, Minotti’s Music Center, North Haven Pharmacy, Quinnipiac University School of Law, Quinnipiac Physical Therapy, Ron’s Barber Shop, Spectrum Hair, and U.S. Renal Care.

North Haven Cub and Boy Scouts will be delivering bags to homes and will pick up the bags of food on November 13 between DP DQG DP *LIW FHUWL¿cates or cash donations can be made toward the purchase of perishable items. Checks should be payable to North Haven Congregational Church, Food Drive in the memo line. Due to the continuing Covid pandemic, we will pack up the Thanksgiving and Christmas food boxes over the course of a week in small, masked teams. We will provide a way to sign up for a team on the Congregational Church website. The Thanksgiving delivery will occur on November 20; Christmas delivery will be on December 18. Of course, food items delivered at all times will be added to the North Haven Food Pantry to be given to needy families in the region. For more information and a OLVW RI VSHFL¿F IRRG LWHPV QHHGed, and if you or your business want to participate, please call the North Haven Congregational Church at (203) 239-5691.

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92 State Street, North Haven

SHOWROOM HOURS: Mon.-Tues. 9am-6pm; Like us on Wed.-Thurs. 9-7pm; Fri. 9-5pm; Sat. 9-4pm; Closed Sun.

North Haven: The CommuQLW\ 6HUYLFHV RI¿FH IRU WKH 7RZQ of North Haven would like to offer counseling services to North Haven residents. The counselors at North Haven Counseling Services have experience treating a variety of obstacles and are here to help. Appointments are available in a variety of manners: in person, telehealth through Zoom, or over the phone. Transportation is no longer a barrier to getting therapeutic support. Most insurance plans are accepted. Please contact the Department of Community Services at (203) 239-5321 extension 500 to make a referral.


FOR SALE: Fiberglass ladder, 28 ft., exc. cond. $75; (203) 248-2839 •

Pictured (L-R): Probus Club members Charlie Mendlestein, Dave Wolffe, Bill Kegeles, Roy Lukacs, and kneeling, Les Faiman with some of the musical instruments donated to the Greater New Haven Probus Club. Hamden: The Greater New Haven Probus Club extends its gratitude to our community for its continued support of our Musical Instrument Donation Program. As a result of its generosity, we have collected a large number of musical instruments that will be donated to the VA for returning veterans suffering from PTSD, schools and orchestras supporting at-risk individuals and groups with disabilities. Your continued caring and support of our projects has made a difference in many lives throughout our surURXQGLQJ FRPPXQLW\ +HOS WKH *UHDWHU 1HZ +DYHQ 3UREXV &OXE WR IXUWKHU IXO¿OO WKH QHHGV RI WKH SHRSOH ZKRVH lives we can continue to improve. The Greater New Haven Probus Club was founded in 1921 to help individuals with special needs in our community. We have, expanded our efforts to help others in need by providing assistance for at-risk individuals and families homeless shelters, veterans and incoming refugee support groups. All donations are tax deductible as Probus Club is a 501c3 organization. We welcome other individuals and couples who want to give back to their community. For more Information about us, contacts Roy Lukacs at (475) 224-9774.


Animals Looking for Homes

Wallingford Celebrity Sheltie Earns CPE AGILITY TRIAL CHAMPION TITLE!

NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATHE ANIMAL HAVEN, INC. TION has many kittens, adohas a variety of homeless and lescent & young adult cats abandoned kittens, puppies & seeking loving, permanent dogs looking for safe, loving homes. Vet checked, donahomes with owners willing to tion. Call (203) 782-CATS • make a lifelong commitment. Animals have been spayed or neutered, vaccinated & tested; (203) 239-2641 •

October 26, 2021



Hagaman Memorial Library 227 Main Street, East Haven

LIBRARY PROGRAMS WEEK OF OCTOBER 25TH Please Note: Due to guidelines set by the Connecticut State Department of Public Health, the library strongly recommends that vaccinated patrons please wear a face mask while inside the library building. The library requires that patrons who are unvaccinated wear a face mask while inside the library building. This policy is on the honor system and is recommended for the safety of everyone. Food is not allowed in the library at this time. Patrons may bring in their own beverages. The Library asks, however, that patrons please dispose of cups in the trash and bring your empty beverage bottles with you following the program, Thank-you. Extra parking for evening & weekend library events is available in the East Haven Town Hall parking lot on 250 Main Street (across the street from the library), in the KeyBank parking lot next to the library (after 12pm on Saturdays and after 5pm on weekdays) and in the Stop and Shop lot behind the library, accessible from Messina Drive. If the Broom Fits...Halloween and the History of Witches: Wed., Oct. 27, at 6:30pm. This event is being presented by Ehris Urban and Velya Jancz Urban on Zoom. Library patrons are invited to watch the Zoom presentation at the library on the big screen in our DeMayo conference room. You can also attend via Zoom from home. Please register ahead due to

YUWO Scholarship Recipients Announced The Yale University Women’s Organization (YUWO) is pleased to announce the recipients of the YUWO Scholarships for the academic year 2021-2022. Emily Chew is pursuing a Master’s degree in Arts in Education at Harvard; Rowan McWade is pursuing a Master of Science degree in Library and Information Sciences at Southern Connecticut State University; Emily Roback is beginning her work toward her MBA in Event Planning and Management at Southern Connecticut State University; and Hui Yang is starting her MPH studies in Applied Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health. Each year, YUWO awards scholarships to women affiliated with Yale through employment, family and University related community activities, whose academic pursuits were delayed or interrupted due to work, family or financial obstacles. YUWO is com-

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PreK 3, 4 and 5 openings Call for a tour today.

The Greater N.H. Cat Project, Inc. FERAL FELINE FESTIVAL The Greater New Haven Cat Project, Inc. is hosting the annual Feral Feline Festival as an online fundraiser. From November 7-13, GNHCP will hold an Online Silent Auction of amazing raffle baskets. GNHCP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is committed to humanely addressing feline overpopulation. Learn more and join in the fun online at felinefestival to place your bid. Thank you!


seating limitations. To register, please call the library at (203) 4683890 or if you would like to attend via Zoom from home, please send an email to Cynthia at cgwiazda@ To learn more about Ehris and Velya, go to: The House with a Clock in its Walls (2018) Rated PG, Starring Jack Black and Cate Blanchett: Thurs., Oct. 28, at 6pm. A young orphan is initiated into a world of magic and mayhem by his eccentric warlock uncle and a matronly neighbor who happens to be an altruistic witch. He uses his newfound magical abilities to help them defeat the forces of evil that threaten to destroy his new home. To sign-up to attend film night, please call the Library at (203) 468-3890 or email Cynthia at Due to social distancing, seating is limited for library events, so it is best to sign-up early.


mitted to supporting education as the key to personal and professional development. To that end, scholarships have ranged from $3500 to $10,000 in support of women achieving their academic goals. We encourage women seeking tuition assistance to learn more about the organization and obtain more information and application at Congratulations to this year’s scholarship recipients; we wish you the best as you continue your journey toward your educational goals!

GRADS LIST Georgia Tech

Northford resident, Shannon Anderson has earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. Anderson was among approximately 1,480 undergraduate and graduate students who earned degrees during the Summer 2021 semester.

DEAN’S LIST Biola University

Hamden resident, Sarah Nastri, a Psychology major at Biola University in La Mirada, CA was named to the Dean’s List for academic excellence in the Spring of 2021.

Full & Part Time Employment Opportunities Available

76 Maple Ave., North Haven (203)239-7395

Pictured: Linda & Missy with C-ATCH ROSETTE (on Rock at Paws ‘N Effect). Wallingford: Recently, in October 2021, Missy, Shetland Sheepdog, six years of age and her Trainer/Handler/Owner, Linda Houle competed in the CPE (Canine Performance Events) Agility Trial hosted by the Southern Connecticut Agility Team, held at Paws ‘n Effect, Hamden, CT, achieving the CPE AGILITY TRIAL CHAMPION TITLE: C-ATCH. The sport of Canine Performance Events (CPE) was founded in 1995 by Linda Eickholdt, with its founding principles to create a relaxed agility atmosphere that welcomed both purebred and mixed breed dogs of all sizes, emphasizing the fun and positive aspects of competition by featuring numerous ‘games’. CPE started in Michigan and there are now host clubs throughout the United States. Dogs are not eligible to compete in a CPE trial until they are 15 months old and must be registered with CPE. Dogs must also be measured by an approved judge for their Jump Height Category of 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 or 24 inches. Programs: Regular-open for all dogs, Veterans-open for dogs 6 years or older, jump 4 inches lower, have a more lenient course time allowance, Enthusiast-similar to Veterans, open to dogs of any age, Specialist-dogs can jump 8 inches lower than the regular jump height. In addition to the Standard Course, CPE has many games: Colors, Wildcard, Snooker, Full House, Jackpot and Jumpers all with complex sets of rules too numerous to print here. A dog earns titles by getting the required number of “legs” (qualifying runs) for each type of course. There are a designated number of required “legs” to complete each Title Category in Levels 1 through 4, C-ATCH, CT-ATCH, CS-ATCH and C-ATE. Certain breeds are consistently winners in agility competitions. The same is true for competitors in obedience titles, where athletic ability is not as important as intelligence and willingness to please. Border Collies are consistent winners in agility among the large breeds. They have strong work drive, energetic, intelligent, responsive and are happiest when they have a job to do. Shetland Sheepdogs or “Shelties” as they are affectionately called by fanciers of the breed, are almost always ranked among the top 10 breeds in agility and obedience. A consistent winner in the small breed category in agility, and placed sixth in Dr. Stanley Coran’s list of 10 most intelligent breeds, as noted in his highly acclaimed book “The Intelligence of Dogs”. Ninety-five percent of the Shelties tested were able to carry out a command after being told what to do just once. Along with their extraordinary intelligence, they are athletic and have an enthusiastic willingness to please. Golden retrievers not only compete in agility but also competitions that highlight their hunting, retrieving and companionship capabilities and in obedience rank a high achiever. Poodles, both standard and miniature are also big winners in agility and obedience trials. They are both highly intelligent and athletically inclined, smart and eager to please and catch on to what they are being asked to do very quickly. These are only but a few of the many AKC Breeds that compete in Agility, each with their special breed features. A CPE agility course may have 9-18 obstacles (depending on the course) that the handler coaches the dog through, without a collar or lead, as fast as he/she can, using verbal or visual commands. On all courses but the Standard and Jumpers, it is the Handler who must figure/plan how to run his/her dog through the obstacles in a designated time, earning a designated number of points. This figuring/planning can sometimes be more difficult than coaching the dog through the course. Obstacles, depending on the Standard or Game Course can consist of: Bar Jumps (winged/wingless), Broad Jump, Double Jump, Triple Jump, Panel Jump, Weave Poles (6 or 12), Tunnels, Teeter Totter/Seesaw, A-Frame or Dog Walk. It takes a dog skilled in quick turns to weave through poles, dash across an A-Frame and navigate a Teeter Totter/ Seesaw, zoom over hurdles, plow through tunnels while racing against the clock to make the Standard Course Time (SCT) and/or earn enough points to Qualify. To train and compete in CPE Agility or before entering any dog sport, the handler should go to that sport’s website and read the rules and regulations as each sport and organization has a different set of rules. Should you decide to take part in this fun and exciting sport of CPE Agility with your dog/s or would like more information about it, the CPE website is: The world crisis of the Coronavirus for the past one and a half years has prevented much formal training and showing for Team Missy, yet Missy did not forget her all important Foundation Agility Training and beyond to achieve becoming a CPE Agility Trial Champion! Missy is also training and trialing in AKC Obedience, Rally, Scent Work, FAST CAT and Agility having achieved 37 AKC Titles to date with her AKC Registered Name being: RACH3 Rosmoor Miss Charmer PCD BN RM7 RAE6 AX AXJ CGCA CGCU TKA FCAT. CONGRATULATIONS MISSY! Photos by Lorraine DellaValle

Working together to talk, plan, and build, that’s how GD\V DW 668 DUH ÀOOHG CHILDREN’S PROGRAMS MONTHLY PROGRAMS FOR KIDS: Offering fun, educational monthly themed programs for elementary students. All taught by certified K-6 teacher in North Haven. www.unitedschoolof Phone: (610) 608-5312.

October 30, 2021 ... 4-6pm VOX CHURCH - NTH Campus 161 Mill Road, North Haven FOR SALE: Fisher-Price baby bag $10; box of toy trucks $10; (203) 239-3348 •

FOR SALE: Twin standard bunk bed (ladder, guardrails and storage drawers) $100; (203) 809-2822 •

WIN! ,

$30 a $50, ift G or $20 VG VQ EC %GTVKſ Deadline Oct. 27th

Drop off entries at: Or Mail to: The Advisor The Advisor 83 State St. PO Box 460 North Haven, CT 06473-0460

* To be fair to all who enter the contest, once you win you are not eligible again for 6 months.



October 26, 2021


Peter’s Rock Annual Fall Festival October 17th

Train & Toy Show

Sunday, November 7th, 2021 ... 9am to 2pm BEST WESTERN, North Haven, CT Exit 12 I-91 All Sizes & Gauges, Diecast, Railroadiana, Artwork, Operating Display ADMISSION: $6, Kids 15 & Under FREE w/Adult

(203) 926-1327

Next Show - April 3 2022, Warsaw Park, Ansonia CT Rte. 243

WANTED TO BUY: Antiques & Collectibles, furniture, jewelry, silver, toys, advertising items, old signs, doorstops, garden items, fishing, military, clocks, Hummels & Lladró, linen, pottery, glass, etc.

Clean Out Services


641-0307 Northford ESTATE SALE

ESTATE SALE IN WALLINGFORD COMING SOON: Watch for the date and more details in next week’s Advisor. Contents of house & garage, snowblower, sewing/quilting supplies, fabric, crystal and much more

Area Craft Fairs, Bazaars, Festivals, Auctions, Rummage Flea Markets & Tag Sales Craft/Vendor Fairs NORTH HAVEN THE ST. ELIZABETH OF THE TRINITY WOMEN’S CLUB will be holding a Huge Holiday Jewelry Sale at St. Frances Cabrini Church, 57 Pond Hill Rd., North Haven (off of Rte. 22 towards Northford), on Sat., Oct. 30th, from 9am-3pm and the church is handicap accessible. We will have a large selection of quality costume jewelry including rhinestone pieces, pearls, jewelry sets, name brand quality pieces, vintage pieces – necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pins etc. - all of which are new or gently used. These will be bargain priced for your holiday gift giving. Come one and all to start your holiday shopping. THE ANNUAL FALL FAIR AT FAITH UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 81 Clintonville Road, North Haven, will be held on Sat., Nov. 13th, from 8:30am-2pm. This event will feature homemade apple and pumpkin pies, jams, specialty cookies, chicken pot pie, and other delicious baked goods. Supply will be limited so we recommend coming early or ordering ahead on the church website at and click on the tile “Fall Fair Pies” order form. Church members have filled our handmade craft tables and our room packed full with Attic Treasures. New this year is our Raffle Table featuring a great variety of themed gift baskets including a Mega Basket of gift cards and lottery tickets. More than a dozen craft people and vendors selling jewelry, Ray’s local honey, birdseed wreaths made by the North Haven Garden Club, holiday wreaths, Pink Zebra customized home fragrances, handcrafted wooden signs, Colorstreet dry nail polish, gorgeous photographs of New England, outdoor yard glass ornaments, health and fitness programs, and much more. Breakfast sandwiches will be available in the morning and a lunch menu of hotdogs, chili dogs, homemade chili and clam chowder will be available to eat in or to go. Masks will be required. Thank you for caring enough about our many volunteers at the event to wear a mask.

North Haven: A group picture of those who participated and enjoyed a good time at Peter’s Rock Annual Fall Festival which was held on Sunday October 17th. Approximately 80 people participated. Some hiked to the summit and some of the younger children did the Story Walk which was a book

Crafters/ Vendors Wanted NORTH HAVEN

MOVING SALE: Solid mango wood table with 6 chairs, paid $1,585, asking $1,200 or best offer; call (203) 6051621, leave message

donated by the library and told the story of a fox and what he decided to share with his friends. The children were also able to choose a pumpkin and decorate it. Ray Sola was there with his bee hives and the North Haven Conservation Commission gave out free tote bags and free snacks were had. FOR SALE: Wooden TV stand, 42Lx22Dx22H, twodrawer storage at bottom, exc. cond. $50; (203) 6050472 •

FOR SALE: Tools - 1939 table saw, Atlas, runs fine, 3/4hp motor $100 or best offer; (203) 269-9736 •

Scarecrows Come To The North Haven Town Green

WE ARE SEEKING VENDORS FOR THE ST. ELIZABETH OF THE TRINITY Holiday Bazaar at St. Barnabas Church, 44 Washington Avenue, North Haven, which will take place on Fri., Nov. 12th, from 5-8pm and Sat., Nov. 13th, from 9am-5pm. Please call the parish office at (203) 239-5378 or email office@ for an application. COVID restrictions will apply and all participants will have to wear masks.

Scheduled Bus Trips HORIZONS TRAVELERS: Atlantic City - Nov. 28-29. $125 per person. Single & Triple occupancy rates available. Trip includes: Motorcoach transportation, one night lodging at a casino, one meal, casino bonus. Buses leave 8am from Miller Library, 2901 Dixwell Ave., Hamden; 2nd stop at Exit 40 I-95 Commuter Lot, Milford. For more information, contact: (203) 671-9384 or (203) 231-5637.

FOR SALE: Electric air fryer, large, new, used once $50 or best offer; (203) 4840287 • WANTED TO BUY GRASSY HILL AUCTIONS, an Estate Sale, Liquidation, Attic WANTED: Antiques or col& Basement Cleanout Company is Always Buying and provid- lectibles, highest prices ing services all over Connecticut. These are just a FEW of the paid for paintings, furnithings we are looking for: Antiques, Collectibles, Old/ Vintage ture, glassware, pottery, Toys, Musical Instruments (Saxophones, Trumpets, Violins, documents, photographs, Flutes, Clarinets, Trombone & SO MUCH MORE) Advertising bottles, anything old, one Items, Wristwatches (Broken or Not), Pocket Watches, Tools piece or entire estates, cash • (Machinist, Woodworking, & MORE) Doorstops, Clocks, Oil paid; (203) 915-7662 Paintings, Old Signs, Old Photographs, Old Postcards, Brewery FOR SALE: Hearthstone Items, Hunting & Fishing, PEZ Dispensers, Costume Jewelry, wood-burning stove, 100K Broken Jewelry, Gold & Silver Jewelry, Gold & Silver Coins, BTU, 26 inch logs, 18-hour Military Items, Swords & Bayonets, Helmets & Patches, Medals burn, great cond. $1,500; & Uniforms, Pocket Knives, Lighters & Pipes, Fountain Pens, for more info, text only Mechanical Pencils, Fraternal Order Items, Religious Items, (203) 887-2960 • Industrial Items, Winchester Items, Sikorsky Items, Pratt & FOR SALE: Barbie doll colWhitney Items, Colt Items, Native American Items, Vintage Electronics, Slot Cars, Toy Trucks, Matchbox & Hotwheels, lection, over 40 dolls & acBarbie’s, Folk Art, Statues, Bronzes, Trains, Cameras, Mid cessories, very good cond. • Century Modern Furniture, Straight Razors, Shaving Items, $150; (203) 376-0400 FOR SALE: Carpet, 11½’x Political Items, Comic Books, Sports Cards & Autographs…& THE LIST GOES ON! So please give us a call at your earliest 5½’, new, Woodland color, convince. Grassy Hill Auctions (203) 868-1816; GrassyHill needs to be bound, tweed pattern $25; (203) 284-0703

Pictured Above: Just a few of the entries to the North Haven Garden Clubs Scarecrow Contest. Right: Judges Diana Blythe and Brittany Hansen holding Peace Lily plants. North Haven: On Saturday October 9th, North Haven Garden Club Crow Crew were again at the town green to greet all the participants who entered the contest to guide and help them set-up their displays. We had 14 entries with 13 scarecrows placed on the green! Judging for the contest took place on Tuesday October 12th at 3:00 PM on the green. Judges are Diana Blythe and colleague Brittany Hansen from the North Haven High School Art Department. Take a walk by to see if you voted the same way! Prizes will be awarded to each entry, and all the prizes were donated by local merchants. Grand Prizes will be awarded to “Best in Show” and “Favorite Scarecrow” other categories. The North Haven Garden Club presented each judge with a Peace Lily plant for their role in our Scarecrow Contest. A poster board is on display with all the donations from local merchants. Money donated will be added to the fees collected to be given to the North Haven Memorial Library Children’s Department and North Haven Community Services. Don’t forget to check out The North Haven Garden Club on Facebook for lots of useful and entertaining information and pictures of all our club does in the great Town of North Haven and like our page!! Look on our Facebook page for many more photos of the scarecrows, judging and participants. North Haven Garden Club is a member of The Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut Inc., New England Garden Clubs Inc., and The National Garden Clubs Inc. Article and photos by Cindy Golia

Seniors Sing Along of Beautiful Songs Which Brought Back Wonderful Memories


189 Pool Rd., North Haven Hours: 8:30am-3:30pm Phone: (203) 239-5432

GFWC Women’s Club of North Haven Delivers Items To BHcare For Women And Children of Domestic Violence

Pictured (L-R): GFWC Women’s Club of North Haven donates to BHcare to combat Domestic Violence. Pam Lerner, Pres. GFWC Women’s Club of North Haven and Danielle Morfi, Development Coordinator Bhcare. North Haven: October is Domestic Violence Month. Domestic Violence is a critical problem facing many women and their children. The pandemic has caused an escalation of the incidence of Domestic Violence across the nation and the state. BHcare is The Umbrella Center for Domestic Violence Services (UCDVS) in CT. BHcare provides HOPE HEALTH RECOVERY for victims in need. For a decade the GFWC Women’s Club of North Haven has provided regular contributions of goods to BHcare for use in safe houses. BHcare supports safe houses for women and their children trying to step away from violence. To avoid possible tragic situations women often must flee quickly from their homes to safe houses with their children. All too often they take little with them and consequently have many needs for basic items. On Wednesday, October 20th the GFWC Women’s Club of North Haven delivered items to BHcare including “Purple Purses” (although not actually purple - see bottom of photo) to focus attention on Domestic Violence Awareness. Each purse contains a pair of cozy socks, a scarf, along with toiletries and personal hygiene items and an encouraging note bearing the motto, Step Away From Violence. Additionally, there was a box of children’s clothing. Also provided were bags containing a pair of socks, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and small toys for the children in the shelters. Danielle Morfi, Development Coordinator for BHcare, accepted the items for BHcare. A box filled with cray-

ons, coloring/activity books and puzzles was also included in this donation. Women who wish to support their community by becoming involved in community activities serving others will have numerous opportunities through the GFWC Women’s Club of North Haven. The organization operates the “Little Free Library” at the North Haven Congregational Church providing free books for children and adults, and continues to provide food donations to the Food Pantry of North Haven. The Women’s Club supplies various items including toiletries and paperback books to the veterans in the Veterans Hospital of West Haven and is engaged in many other activities. Meetings of the GFWC Women’s Club are held on the second Monday of each month from September to June at the North Haven Congregational Church. The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, November 8, 2021 at 7:00 pm. Join us for a meeting. Contact Pam Lerner at (203) 2813090 for additional information. Like us on Facebook at GFWC Women’s Club of North Haven. You may also contact us at The General Federation of Women’s Clubs is an international organization with clubs across the United States and in many countries committed to volunteer community activities enhancing the lives of others. Come to our meeting and meet other ladies who have made a commitment of service to our community.

FOR SALE: Halloween monster, 6 ft. high, animated, eyes light up, sounds, new in box $45; (203) 287-9280 • FOR SALE: Chicago 4-record box album $20; (203) 481-2829 • WANTED: Collector wants to buy early historic New Haven County related items, maps, books, engravings, paintings, paper items or actual products; (203) 9157662 • FOR SALE: Lightly used Rossignol cross country skis, ladies boots, poles $100; (203) 234-7794 • FOR SALE: Large Hav-aheart trap, alloy steel, size 12x40”, $40; (203) 288-7301


SENIOR SPOTLIGHT Joyce C. Budrow Senior Center

Pictured (L-R) Sitting: Mary, Pat, Nima, Barbara, Helen. Standing: Pauline, Gisele, missing from photo Jo Ann Buccetti. North Haven: On Wednesday Night, October 20th, 2021, a group of residents and friends from both senior housings, Oakview and Woodsedge got together in the quiet community room of Woodsedge to have some fun and test our singing skills. Pauline McManus a resident of Woodsedge who used to sing in the North Haven Senior Center Chorus, put this event together and worked endlessly to make copies of the songs which consisted of 13 pages each of songs of the past for all of us to sing. No one knew how we were going to sound but once we got started the singing was beautiful as the sounds echoed through the room, it brought back wonderful memories of the past. It was a night of fun, togetherness, laughter and brought our friendship even closer. Everyone is welcomed to join in on this great event that is going to be held every Wednesday from 6 to 7 pm. in the Woodsedge community room. Story and photo by Jo Ann Buccetti

October 26, 2021

The following programs are held at the Joyce C. Budrow Senior Center and are available for North Haven Residents only. See our Senior Center Newsletter online at WEEK OF NOVEMBER 1-5 Mon., 11/1: 9:30am: Fitness Fun; 10:30am: Cornhole; 1pm: Bingo. Tues., 11/2: 9:30am: Better Balance; 1pm: Oil Painting, “The Write Words”. Wed., 11/3: 9:30am: Fitness Fun; 10:30am: Cornhole; 1pm: Bingo, Bocce. Thurs., 11/4: 9am: Thursday Fun Walk; 9:30am: Better Balance; 10am: Knitting/Crochet; Online Zoom Series Driver Assessment Program. Fri., 11/5: 9:30am: Chair Dance Yoga; 1pm: Bocce, Qigong & Tai Chi.

Save the Dates

Boxed Meal Program: Every Tuesday, North Haven residents 60 years and older may participate in the Boxed Meal Program. Each box contains five meals individually packed. All participants are required to have a Form 5 on file which is completed by the Senior Center. If you have participated in the Boxed Meal Program in the past, you are all set. One MUST pre-register one week in advance by calling the Senior Center, (203) 239-5432. Once the meals are ordered, please note the pickup date on your calendar. A no-show may be disqualified for the program since wasted meals impact the provider (LifeBridge). Meals are to be picked up every Tuesday at 9:30am. NO DELIVERIES. Boxes will NOT be held at the Center. This is a donation-based program and weekly donations are kindly accepted: Cash or Check payable to: Bridge Community Services. A suggested $3.00 donation per meal, NOT box is appreciated. The Write Words: Tuesdays, 1pm. Join our newly formed Writing Group for experienced and novice writers. Share your creativity and compose your own personal reactions and thoughts in response to critically read pieces of literature, whether they are poems, essays, journalistic articles, non-fiction or published stories. Spend a stimulating afternoon of thought provoking conversation on a variety of topics. Call (203) 239-5432 for more information. Holiday Food Demo: Tues., Nov. 9 at 1:30pm. Marisa, your very own registered dietitian from Shop Rite of Wallingford is back with a presentation on how to stay healthy during the holidays. Get some festive snack ideas, and take a sample of a delicious holiday appetizer home to enjoy! Space is limited, so RSVP to (203) 239-5432 by Nov. 2. Holiday Grab Bag! Spread some holiday cheer and bring a new, wrapped gift ($10 value) for the Senior Center Grab Bag by Fri., Dec. 10 before 2pm. We will distribute gifts on Mon., Dec. 13 at 10:30am. Call (203) 239-5432 for information. The Edwards Twins: Wed., Dec. 8 at 11:30am at Aqua Turf in Plantsville, CT. See the world famous Edwards Twins, the Number One impersonation act in the world bring your favorite


Studio Units $560 1 Bedroom Units $661 Includes All Utilities Exciting Community Activities

Davenport Residence 125 Putnam Ave. Hamden

(203) 248-1445 Age and income limits apply TRS message relay via CCC: TRS (800) 842-9710 Equal Housing Opportunity stars to you! You will think you are seeing and hearing the real Barbra Streisand, Sonny & Cher, Johnny Mathis, Perry Como, Neil Diamond, and more! THIS IS A DRIVE ON YOUR OWN EVENT. Cost: $87 per person. Check payable to Friendship Tours. Admission includes show, coffee & donuts upon arrival and Family Style dinner. RSVP by Dec. 8 or call (203) 239-5432 for more information. Mini Trips: Monday, November 8: Universal Drive; Monday, November 22: Walmart-New Haven.


Town of 1R %UDQIRUG 2IÀFH RI 6RFLDO 6HUYLFH HOLIDAY PROGRAMS Over the years many community members, religious and civic organizations as well as businesses, large and small have been integral members of the community through their time, donations and generosity. If you are interested in assisting someone, a family or a child in the North Branford/Northford Community, we encourage you to do so through a variety of programs. The extent of your participation is entirely yours; no involvement is too small. The Thanksgiving Basket Share will take place on Mon., Nov. 22. The only requirement is that you are in need, not on any other Holiday Basket Share program and that you reside in either Northford or North Branford. Your information is protected, and your name will not be disclosed. You must be able to pick-up your basket or arrange for someone to pick it up for you. We are unable to deliver. The December Holiday Basket Share will take place on Thurs. Dec. 16. For this Basket Share you may choose to receive a holiday basket and gifts for children in the home. A wish list from the children will be provided for you to complete. For those wishing to donate a basket, you only need to call the Office of Social Service and express your desire to donate a Holiday Dinner Basket for Thanksgiving and/or December holiday, with or without toys. You may choose the family size you would like to adopt. You may

choose to do this alone, or as a group, with neighbors or co-workers. For those donors that wish to include children’s gifts, this Office will provide you with the children’s wish list. Although names are not disclosed, a number will be given to both the recipient and the donor. This is used to identify which family is the recipient. All commitments by the donor and the recipients will receive written confirmation. The Program Schedule is as follows: Thanksgiving: Donor Drop Off: Mon., Nov. 22 (9:30-11am). Recipient Pick Up: Mon., Nov. 22 (11:30am-1pm). Last Day to be part of the program for recipients: Nov. 5. December Holiday: Donor Drop Off: Thurs., Dec. 16 (9:3011am)..Recipient Pick-up: Thurs., Dec. 16 (11:30am–1pm) Last Day to be part of the Program for recipients: Fri., Nov. 19. Contact the Office by telephone at (203) 484-6006 or email at socialservices@townofnorth


Whitney Rehab Care Center Seeking Volunteers

Hamden: Whitney Rehabilitation Center at 2798 Whitney Avenue, is seeking volunteers to help in our Recreation Department. If you are able to give a few hours per week helping residents participate in activities, games, or just reading or talking one on one, we would love to meet you. For more information, please call Linda at (203) 444-1429.


RSVP Volunteer Program

The Agency on Aging of South Central CT has an RSVP Volunteer Program that offers individuals over the age of 55 an opportunity to use their time and experience to enhance the lives of local seniors and Veterans through companionship. Make a difference with as little as an hour a week. Call for more information and to apply, Cherie Strucaly at (203) 752-3059, x2907 or




October 26, 2021


State of the Art Dentistry Emphasizing Cosmetics in a Therapeutic Environment

Don’t wait any longer. Call for an appointment today Let us show you what our all female state-of-the-art cosmetic dentistry can do for you.

- Whitening - Smile Design - Painless Gentle Dentistry Come see us at our new location! 185 Maple Ave., North Haven, CT

Varsha Salani, D.M.D., LLC (203) 234-1901 Medicare Health Plans Contact Jason Weeks at Tzedakah House, LLC


Create Meaningful Moments: Make a difference in the lives of others through hospice volunteering at VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice. Current opportunities include: patient companion/caregiver respite, relaxation therapies, pet therapy, art and music, spiritual support, bereavement, administrative and vigil support. You will receive free, mandatory training and background checks, the support of a team and unlimited appreciation and gratitude. If serving others is your passion, please contact Jo Ann at 203-458-5950. Covid safe protocol followed. Self-Monitored Blood Pressure Program (SMBP): Evidence proves that measuring your blood pressure at home and sharing that information with your doctor improves blood pressure control. As part of an effort to improve outcomes for those at risk for diabetes and heart disease, we offer SMBP to aid in the reduction of blood pressure and the prevention and treatment of heart disease. Work with a nurse to monitor your blood pressure and develop heart healthy lifestyle changes including diet and exercise. Individualized goals are set for each participant. There is a 2-week program and a 90 day program. Call today to learn more and register: 866-474-5230.

North Haven Lions Collecting Used Glasses for Charity The box pictured at right is for used glasses for the underprivileged that cannot afford them. The North Haven Lions would appreciate help in collecting glasses for these people around the world. Listed below are the locations where glasses can be dropped off: Key Bank (Washington Ave., North Haven); North Haven Library (Elm St., North Haven); North Haven Congregational Church (28 Church St., North Haven); St. John Episcopal Church (3 Trumbull Place, North Haven); Total Vision Eyecare Center (81A Washington Ave., North Haven); Arnold’s Jewelers (117 Washington Ave., North Haven); North Haven Senior Center (189 Pool Road.); Premier Car Wash (384 State St., North Haven); North Haven Pharmacy (278 Maple Ave. North Haven); Nelcon Service Center (302 Maple Ave, North Haven); North Haven Funeral Home (36 Washington Ave. North Haven); Washington Memorial Funeral Home, (4 Washington Ave. North Haven). For more information, contact Marie Anne Barnhart, call 203-248-6948. FOR SALE: Hartford Whalers team calendars, Goal magazines, starting in 1985 $1 ea.; (203) 239-4397 •

FOR SALE: Propane tanks, three 20 lb., BBQ, all legal, excellent $25 ea.; (203) 2840648 •

FOR SALE: U.S. plate block, 4 stamps, #2750-53, 21993, 29¢ circus performers $2.50; (203) 281-7086 •

Hamden Woman’s Club International Lunch Bunch Visits Sabor Peru


FOR SALE: Locally grown garlic, perfect for planting this fall or eating all winter! $20/lb.; (203) 464-8264 •

FOR SALE: Lighthouse dish set, 32 pieces $40; large homemade pine cradle (doll) $35; (203) 376-0400 •

FOR SALE: XL Dilly Dilly, Bud Light or Bud T-shirts, less than 1/2 price $10; (203) 239-4397 •

FOR SALE: Conair hot rollers set, still in box, used once, asking $25; (203) 2347964 •

FOR SALE: Entertainment center, 53”Lx20”Wx26¼”H, Mission style, brown, good cond. $70; (203) 745-5125 •

FOR SALE: Raincoat, new, man’s size 40 with removable lining, excellent quality $100; (203) 865-2795 •

Question & Answer - Dr. Richard Durocher Q: I have burning in my feet. What causes this? A: Burning in the soles of the feet can be due to differ-

ent causes. Sometimes a person may get a burning for a short period of time, but there are times that it is long lasting. The sensation or pain can flare up with little or no provocation. Sometimes the problem can be traced to a person’s shoe gear due to inappropriate fit or sensitivity to the chemicals used in the shoe linings. In other cases, the cause is more serious, involving health disorders such as impaired circulation, hypothyroidism or damaged peripheral nerves. Diabetes is one of the causes of nerve sensation changes. To determine the actual cause may require examination, Dr. Richard W. Durocher, Podiatrist & Surgeon laboratory testing and a thorough review of a person’s medical history. Board Certified Please contact Dr. Durocher for further evaluation and Member of the American College preventative measures that can be taken to avoid this Of Foot & Ankle Surgeons problem. Doctor is fluent in French & Spanish Early Morning and Evening Hours Available

20 Washington Ave. \ North Haven (203)239-1119H (off street parking)


NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS Most Insurances Accepted ... including ConnectiCare

Pictured (L-R): Deb Boyaji, Carol Noble, Carolyn DellaPietra, Sharon Welch, Marge Giunti & Judy Feather enjoyed an authentic Peruvian lunch - OLÉ! Hamden: The Hamden Woman’s Club ladies recently visited Sabor Peru Restaurant (“Flavor of Peru”) in East Haven. We had a lovely time sharing a variety of appetizers, main dishes, and tasty desserts in a clean & colorful atmosphere filled with lively ethnic background music. We especially enjoyed the plátanos fritos dulces, yuca & churros - YUM! We would like to thank Natalie, our waitress, for her excellent service and great photography! Each month, our HWC International Lunch Bunch “visits” a different country via dining at new ethnic restaurant to develop a taste for new authentic cuisines, to learn more about other cultures, to socialize and have fun! In November we plan to try Indian cuisine in Hamden, so if you are interested in joining us, please contact Marge Giunti, HWC International Committee Chair, for more information @ 203-281-0118. In other October news, our HWC Home Life committee, chaired by Linda Bishop, has been busy planning our annual Halloween “Trunk or Treat” event at the Hamden Children’s Center - a fun event that these kids look forward to every year! Very soon, this busy committee will also be collecting much needed food donations for Thanksgiving for Hamden’s Keefe Center. Also, HWC Vice President Linda Melillo will be collecting gently used clothing to donate to the Vietnam Veterans in November.

The next HWC meeting will be on Wednesday November 3, when our guest speaker will be Dr. Artemis Morris, Naturopathic doctor with the Artemis Wellness Center in Milford, CT. She will discuss some alternative methods available to take care of our physical and mental wellness. AN IMPORTANT REMINDER - face masks are mandatory and rules of social distancing must be respected. Sadly, no food can be consumed there at this time, but you may bring a personal bottled beverage. Thank you for your understanding. The Hamden Woman’s Club, Inc., GFWC, is a civic, educational and social organization that was organized in 1950 and joined the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) in Jan., 1951. Our Motto is “A Group that Cares and Shares” which we demonstrate in our many activities. The GFWC is the largest volunteer organization in the world, and we continually develop new projects to improve the quality of life within our community. The HWC also provides many fun social benefits to our members. We have a monthly Book Club and an “International Lunch Bunch”, a seasonal choral group, parties, banquets, a Bingo night, short trips, and other activities. The HWC is open to any woman over the age of 18 who would like to volunteer to help in the community, develop new friendships, and have fun at the same time! Please consider joining us! We encourage anyone interested in learning more about HWC to call Carol Noble, at 203-288-6986. Also, please follow our Facebook page - Hamden Woman’s Club, GFWC, Inc. to see more articles and photos of our friendly Club!



October 26, 2021


6DQGLQJ 5H¿QLVKLQJ 5HSDLUV Staining - Installations Over 25 Years Experience - Family Owned & Operated Fully Insured - FREE Estimates


BUSINESS SERVICES BUSINESS SERVICE CLASSIFIED ADS Your business belongs in the Business Service Section of the Advisor - a complete listing that is easy to locate and read 1 Week 20 words ...................... $10.00each week

2 Weeks 20 words ..................... $8.75each week 3 Weeks 20 words ..................... $8.25each week 4 Weeks 20 words ..................... $8.00each week

HIC #0673842

~ 10c PER WORD OVER 20 WORDS ~ DEADLINE: 5:00pm Wednesday

“Dudley Do Right”

Advertisers are responsible for notifying The Advisor of any errors in their ad. The Advisor will not be held responsible if QRW QRWL¿HG DIWHU WKH ¿UVW HGLWLRQ

The “Do It Right” Carpenter 203-823-1131 •

All Phases of Carpentry

%DWKURRPV .LWFKHQV 5RR¿QJ Mobile Home Repairs

A+ BBB Rating

Senior Discount CT Lic. #HIC0624346 Fully Insured

We Accept H\

DECKS...JUST DECKS A Division of TBC Enterprises Building Contractor

Design • Build • Remodel

Pressure Treated • Composite Decking Hidden Fasteners • Vinyl Railing Systems Licensed and Insured • Lic. # HIC 0640050

Thomas Chiari I 203-915-8037

Ron’s Home Improvements - 20 years locally -

Advertiser Please Note

AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING JPM AIR CONDITIONING & HEATING: Since 1999. Service and installation, boilers, furnaces, central air conditioning, water KHDWHUV DLU FRQGLWLRQLQJ FKHFNXSV KXPLGL¿HUV DLU FOHDQHUV DQG sheet metal fabrication. Licensed and Insured. Free estimates. Wallingford, (203) 294-1223. Lic. #S1-0389103.

CARPENTRY LAWRENCE CARPENTRY LLC: Decks, additions, remodeling, replacement windows, basements, siding, garages, residing, etc. Portfolio available, licensed and insured. Over 30 years experience. Call (203) 234-9870. J.A.F. CARPENTRY, LLC: Since 1979. Professional carpenters experienced in all phases of building for home or business. Work guaranteed. Completely insured. BBB accredited. EPA FHUWL¿HG UHQRYDWRU &RPSHWLWLYH UDWHV &DOO Lic. #HIC 0673840.

License #572397 - Insured (203)265-2387

ON-SITE Computer Training. QUICKBOOKS ADVISOR, Windows 10, MS Office, Internet. (203) 271-7960; john@

We do it all!

Home Improvement Contractors

Complete Building & Remodeling including

FRE .LWFKHQV %DWKURRPV 5RR¿QJ 6LGLQJ :LQGRZV Estim E ates Doors, Flooring, Woodwork, Decks, Chimneys, Call Tim

Concrete, Masonry Work, Additions, and More! &HUWL¿FDWH


Fully Insured Lic. #0623257

Find us on the web:

D & D CARPENTRY Quality work done right!

• Siding • Windows

No Job Too Small Owner: Donald Porrazzo

• Decks • Kitchens • Bathrooms • Additions Reg. # 581505

Call (203) 265-7300 or (203)623-0928

Siding 5RR¿QJ General Contracting

Call us for: Windows, Doors, Decks, Interior & Exterior Remodeling, & More! A+ Rating

In Business Since 1975

Fully Insured Lic. # HIC. 0533597

Owner on Every Job A+ Rating Samuel Berrios 203-787-5507


For All Your Home Remodeling Needs Specializing In:


203-996-5218 HIC# 0655340


Follow Us on Facebook @consigliohomeservices


Carpentry, Painting, Tile, Decks, much more



BRICK SIDEWALKS & PATIOS BRICK WALKS, PATIOS, FIRE PITS: Repair, Rebuild. Over 40 years experience. No one’s more experienced folks. Bricked Foxwoods Casino. Also, Free Estimates. Call Roger Henson at (203) 239-9801. BEAUTIFY YOUR HOME with a gorgeous Walkway, Patio, Pool-Deck, Driveway and/or Retaining Wall. We install traditional or sustainable permeable pavers by our experienced, ,&3, &HUWL¿HG VNLOOHG FUDIWVPHQ RI TJB-INC. (Established 1976). We’ll install your choice of stone, style & patterns. We also repair, clean, re-sand, & protective seal existing installations. Come visit our public outdoor displays, open 24/7/365, and pick up brochures @ 12 Crest Way - Hamden (off Sherman Ave.). Visit to see more of our work! Call (203) 288-3711 to set up a free estimate. All work warranteed for 10 years! Credit Cards Accepted. Fully Insured - CT HIC #507853.

CLOCKS REPAIRED: Antique clock restorations, new Grandfather clocks setup and serviced. New clock sales. Yankee Clock Peddler, 55 State St., North Haven, near Broadway. Call (203) 288-4250. (Closed Mondays.)

No job too small... Free Estimates

Call (203) 239-5404 Concerning Rates & Discounts



DRAINAGE & WATERPROOFING WET YARD? Persistent puddles? Unusable muddy yard? Relocate the extra water in your yard. We install & repair gravity or pump-forced drainage systems to relocate the unwanted water. Rain Gardens & Bog Gardens designed and installed. 2YHU \HDUV¶ H[SHULHQFH 1'6 1DWLRQDOO\ &HUWL¿HG 3URIHVsional Drainage Contractor. Call TJB-INC @ (203) 288-3711 and visit us @ Credit Cards Accepted. Fully Insured - CT HIC #507853.

DRIVEWAY REPAIRS/SEALING DRIVEWAYS BY DOUG, LLC: Specializing in 400º hot pour FUDFN ¿OOLQJ $ 5DWHG /LFHQVHG ,QVXUHG 3OHDVH FDOO WR VHH neatest job you will ever see. 34 years experience. Driveway evaluations and hourly rates available. Sealcoating, hot asphalt patching. Senior Discounts. Lic. #0621863. (203) 506-2511. When only the best matters.

ELECTRICAL SERVICES LIGHTNING SERVICES: Licensed Electrician and Home Improvement Contractor. Free estimates. Fair prices. Quality work. No job too small. We repair everything home related. (203) 491-8870. ELECTRICAL WORK: Specializing in small jobs, plugs, light hookups, etc. Cheap rates. Call (203) 230-1833. Lic. #154114. ¨Continued on next page¨




BUSINESS SERVICES Call (203) 239-5404

Concerning Rates & Discounts ¨Continued from previous page¨


Carpentry, Painting, Basement, Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, General Repairs

Job is ll sma


Mark Horvath

Fully Insured

CT Lic. # 564502

Manuel Home Improvement

Siding 5RR¿QJ Slate Flat Roofs

Free Estimates )XOO\ ,QVXUHG

We Offer Fencing!


GUTTERS 5” Seamless Gutters Gutter & Leader Accessories - Full Installation

Luis CT Reg. #608196



Sound System Repair Upgrade Service HOME THEATER DESIGN & INSTALL

ELECTRICAL SERVICES /(1 5,==2 (/(&75,& &2175$&7256 Professional work done on every job, big or small. 15 years experience specializing in pool installation, kitchen and basement remodeling, and service calls. Need a new plug or switch, ceiling fan, or tripping breakers? 24 hour service calls same rate. Best prices on commercial work. Licensed & insured. Free estimates, we accept all credit cards. CT Lic. 0198246-E1. Call (203) 996-5368. &)6 (/(&75,& //& All phases of electrical work. No job too small. Fully licensed & insured. (CT Lic. #186688) Free estimates and friendly service. (860) 398-1000. *= (/(&75,& Reliable and affordable work, from lights and outlets to generators and more. Lic. #0199713. Call anytime, (203) 641-0741.


October 26, 2021



AURORA• Drainage SERVICES • Grading • Trenching EXCAVATING • Landscape Removal

• Decks • Garages DEMOLITION •• Sheds Pools (inground & above ground) CONCRETE • Removal • Repaired • Paver Patios / Walkways HARDSCAPES • Retaining Walls ASPHALT REPAIR • Gravel Driveways Greg Aurora (203) 619-2301 Div. of Aurora Land Co.

)5(( (67,0$7(6 • ,1685('

Lic. #558031


EQUIPMENT RENTAL & SALES $,5 &2035(66256 0,1, (;&$9$7256 6&,6625 /,)76 Trenchers, Wood Chippers, Rototillers, Pressure Washers, Broom Lifts & more. Equipment Rental & Sales, (203) 2309901.

FIREWOOD )$// 63(&,$/ 4XDOLW\ VHDVRQHG ¿UHZRRG VSOLW GHOLYHUHG $250 for cord, $150 for 1/2 cord. Get it while it lasts. Call (203) 627-8886. 6($621(' ),5(:22' FRUG DOVR ¿UHSODFH RU VWRYH size. Delivered locally. Call Chief, (203) 605-1020.

FURNACE CLEANING/SERVICING 5(6,'(17,$/ %2,/(5 )851$&( &/($1,1*6 $95+ Tax Includes: Nozzle, strainer, oil cartridge, also oil burner repair service. Licensed and insured. (203) 230-1404.

GUTTERS :( 6+2: 83 Gutters cleaned, water tested and mess cleaned up. New gutter installation, repairs, other maintenance work, just ask. Insured. John, (203) 288-7868.





HOUSECLEANING 686,(¶6 +286(&/($1,1* 6(59,&(6 Affordable Prices All Year Long. Call (203) 410-3567.

5 & 6 inch Gutters My Mind is in Your Gutters • Gutterguard •


Over 40 Years Experience



HIC. 0636212

North Haven, CT

Honey Do Home Repairs • Remodeling • Painting Kitchens • Baths • Tile • Windows • Doors Ken Benson

%8/. 75$6+ 5(029$/ Driveway/Curbside removal of bulk LWHPV ÀDW UDWH SHU WULS IRU PRVW LWHPV &DOO IRU GHWDLOV Jim, Hamden (860) 982-8574. -81. 5(029$/ 025( We remove furniture, appliances, entire contents of home, sheds, estates, attics, basements, garages, hot tub removal & more. Fall yard cleanup. Free estimates. Licensed & Insured. 10% off. (203) 535-9817. We service CT. 5(029( $// 81:$17(' Furniture/Appliances. Whole estate cleanup. Remove automobiles and scrap metal, “whatever.” Call Rich, (203) 927-1527. :( +$8/ $:$< one item or a truck load. Reasonable rates. Neat and prompt. Gregory’s Hauling, over 20 years. (203) 235-6210.


203-234-1622 Fully Insured

HOME IMPROVEMENT &$53(175< 5(3$,56 Decks, Porches, Walls, Ceilings, Sheetrock, Taping, Water Damage Repairs. Free estimates. Insured. MC, Visa. CT Reg. #0647093. Call Bill, (203) 9012136.

Gil’s Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Gilbert E. Hulett, owner

1,&. 7+( +$1'<0$1 No job too big or too small, we do it all. (203) 500-1066 or (203) 269-2498. Lic. #HIC 0638465.

Lic # 584488

Doug’s Pellet Stove Repair Service :H 6HUYLFH $OO 0DNHV & Models DW 5HDVRQDEOH 3ULFHV &DOO 'RXJ DW


$// 7<3( /$1'6&$3,1* Now doing Fall cleanups. Call for a price. Trimming shrubs, cutting, mulching. Seniors welcome. (203) 509-5844. 72:1 /,1( /$:1 &$5( //& is currently accepting new accounts in North Haven and surrounding areas. Spring and Fall cleanup, mulching, mowing, hedge trimming, dethatching, seeding, aerating, fertilizer programs, soil testing and organic tick control. Fully insured. BBB accredited. CT HIC #0633664. DEEP #B3097. Call for a free estimate, (203) 752-7315, www. 352)(66,21$/ 0$67(5 /$1'6&$3,1* //& Fall Cleanup. First and last cut free with contract. Complete lawn mowing, mulching, seeding, weeding, hedge trimming, raking and leaf removal, aeration. Call Eddie, (203) 931-5043 or cell (203) 393-5673. Fair prices. Member of BBB. &203/(7(/< 3(5)(&7 /$1'6&$3,1* //& Complete landscaping, Fall cleanups, plantings, dethatching, seeding, custom waterscapes, walkways, patio and retaining walls, fertilizer programs. Two Free Cuts with Full Maintenance Contract. Free estimates. Commercial/Residential. No job too big or small. Fully insured and licensed. Backhoe available upon request. Call Anthony at (203) 239-2382. Reg. #572716- Dep. B1613. ¨Continued on next page¨

Family Owned & Operated Over 60 Years Experience

New Asphalt Driveways u Parking Lots u Curbs u Sealing u Concrete Work

u Brick Walks & Patios u Pre-Cast Steps Installed




or send text to (203) 314-1833 and we will leave estimate in mailbox

Lic. #600693


Design/Build Service

All Work Guaranteed - Written Details Upon Request Additions - Kitchens “Remodeling Bathrooms Homes 5RR¿QJ 6LGLQJ In Southern CT Windows - Doors Since 1979” & more Joseph Ferrara • Nick Ferrara Tel. (203) 239-0136 Call for Fax Number



41 St. John St., North Haven License # HIC 0673840 (3$ &HUWL¿FDWLRQ 1$7 )



October 26, 2021


Call (203) 239-5404




Tom’s Lawn Service Residential & Commercial

Residential & Commercial

High Quality. Professional. Reliable.

Experience & Dependability Since 1997

Chris Sola

Fully Insured / CT License HIC 0642399


Call Now for Fall Cleanup

(North Haven Residents)

& Hedge Trimming

• Lawn Maintenance • Fertilization • Weed Control +HGJH 7ULPPLQJ Pesticide Lic. B-3139 • Fully Insured


Louis Painting Renovations, LLC ,QWHULRU ([WHULRU 3DLQWLQJ 3RZHU :DVKLQJ Reasonable Rates • Free Estimates

FREE ESTIMATES fathersonmasonry Cell (203)598-9939 2I¿FH (203)598-9938 NARDI


Decks, Fences & Houses 4XDOLW\ +DQG 6WDLQLQJ 3DLQWLQJ Interior & Exterior Affordable Rates • Free Estimates

6HUYLFHV 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!

Licensed & Insured • CT Lic. #0633727

Call for an Appointment

Call today and save a spot to refresh your home!


Interior & Exterior


No Job Too Small!

Lic. # H.I.C. 0620932

Quality Work at an Excellent Price! Specializing


Interior-Exterior Powerwashing • Deck Staining Brandon Cipriani


All Types of Mason Repair & New Work 3RLQWLQJ %ULFN %ORFN &DXONLQJ :DWHUSURR¿QJ 7LOH :RUN &KLPQH\V All Major Steps • Repairs • etc.

Credit Cards Accepted


A+ Rating with




• Shrub Removal • Seeding • New Plantings • Sodding

• Harley Raking • Brush Removal • Lawn Renovation • Landscape Removal

• Drainage • New Lawn Installation • Backhoe Service • Excavation

FREE ESTIMATES • INSURED Commercial, Residential and Condominiums

Established 1986

Owner on Every Job Contractor’s Lic. #558031

(203) 288-0257

Major Credit Cards Accepted




Insured & Licensed #616858


¨Continued from previous page¨ A-1 LANDSCAPING: Since 1983. Custom design paver walkways and patios, retaining walls and stairs, front steps refaced with blue stone and natural thin stone, professional landscape design, new lawns, seed, sod or hydroseed, and much more services. Over 35 years experienced. Visit Angie’s List and BBB for A+ rating. Call Frank for free estimate at (203) 239-1177. References and hundreds of photos available. Lic. #0562123.

Free Estimates • Any Size Job

East Haven



Free Quotes Licensed & Fully Insured

We Now Accept Credit Cards






Fully Insured • CT Lic. #0627914

Stonewalls • Sidewalks • Chimneys Brick • Patios • Blocks • Tile Like us on Facebook California Stucco • Stucco


Restoration LLC

Residential Professionals 0% Financing for 18 Months (upon approval)

BBB Award Winner

LAWN CARE A-STARS LAWN CARE & MORE: Leaf Removal Special Veterans & Senior Citizens. Flexible and Reasonable. (475) 241-1705.



* 5RR¿QJ * 6LGLQJ * 6N\OLJKWV * Gutters Hire us for FALL 2021 & Lock Into Our Great Prices! NO UP FRONT COSTS

LAWN FERTILIZATION AND ORGANIC TICK CONTROL SERVICES: Offered by Town Line Lawn Care, LLC. Call for a free quote, (203) 752-7315. CT DEEP B#3097, CT DEEP Supervisor #S-6125, HIC #0633664.

LEAF REMOVAL JAY’S LAWN SERVICE: Prepare for Fall. Yard cleanup, leaf removal, lawn preparation, fertilizing. We take care of your outdoors. Call (203) 624-8636 or (203) 435-3319. A-STARS LAWNCARE & MORE: Fall Cleanup Special. Fast and affordable. Call (475) 241-1705. LEGACY LANDSCAPING: Leaf removal & Fall cleanups, fertilizing. Prepare your lawn for winter. We offer military and senior discounts. Call (203) 430-5509.

(Call for Details)

Family Owned for 30 Years

Free, No Pressure Estimates


PAINTING SERVICES JC PAINTING: Now is the time to call for great savings on interior painting and staining projects. Senior and Veterans discount. Free estimates & insured. HIC #0651932. (203) 439-1403, ask for Joe. TCB ENTERPRISES painting contractors. Interior, exterior painting, popcorn ceilings, plaster repairs, aluminum siding repaint. Free estimates, fully insured, senior discounts. Terry, (203) 288-8203. Reg. #568568. BARLETTA’S PAINTING: 30 yrs. experience, interior & exterior. Call for free estimates. Insured. Senior discount offered. No job too big or small! Lic. #572311. (203) 676-9070, cell. ¨Continued on next page¨

Cell 203-234-1906

NORTH HAVEN BASED 25 years Preferred Licensed & CERTIFIED Insured Lic. Installer #0573204 Installer A+

Rated 20 years


Angie’s List Member!



Call (203) 239-5404

Concerning Rates & Discounts


CL Home

)XOO\ ,QVXUHG Lic.# 577437


Im pr ov em

en ts




North Haven

East Haven



TREE REMOVAL Bucket Truck/Crane/Climbing • • • •

Stump Grinding Chipping Lot Clearing Tree & Shrub Installation

• Storm Damage Clean-ups • Owner on Every Job • Free Estimates • Fully Insured

Serving Greater New Haven Area since 1986

(203) 288-0257

Contractor’s Lic. #558031

Major Credit Cards Accepted







Home Improvements LLC

• New Roofs & Repairs • New Gutters & Gutter Repairs • Gutter Cleanings • Chimney Pointing & Repairs


October 26, 2021

Insured - CT Lic. HIC #0626992



Tree & Stump Removal



Tree Trimming • Tree Climbing 75 ft. Bucket Truck

10% OFF



DeNisi Tree Service, LLC Call Bob DeNisi for Free Estimate


Owner operated • Careful / Safe job completion Licensed Arborist #62724 • Hamden, CT


PAINTING SERVICES DACOSTA PAINTING: Providing all aspects of exterior and interior painting since 2005. Fully insured. HIC #0606596. Based in Hamden, serving New Haven county. Call Mike, (203) 466-2223. Visit us at www. FALL SAVINGS! Get ready for the holidays with a freshly painted room or two! Sole proprietor so NO worries about a house full of strangers! Celebrating 36 years. BBB A+ rated! Trimworks Painting. Lic. #0619599. (203) 484-9181. KENDRICK PAINTING: Experienced painter seeks interior painting and wallpapering work. Finest quality work at very affordable prices. Free estimates, senior discounts, references, fully insured. Call Charlie, (203) 376-6628, (203) 271-9287. Lic. #562711. JIM KENNEDY PAINTING: Interior, exterior, wallpapering. Insured. (203) 288-6057. Reg. #0621006. BUDGET PAINTING: Interior & Exterior. Water damage, textured ceilings & repair. Free estimates. Senior discounts. (203) 285-7970.


PLUMBING DRAIN CLEANING, Leaky Pipes, Leaky Faucets, Leaky Showers, Running Toilet, Garbage Disposals, Clogged Tubs & Sinks, Dryers/Washers, Dishwashers, Hot Water Heater- 30 gal. or 40 gal., Gas Stoves. Small jobs, same day service. Senior & Military Discounts. PLUMBING SERVICES, (203) 584-6868. $OO 0DMRU &UHGLW &DUGV $FFHSWHG PLUMBING REPAIR AND INSTALLATIONS: Same day service. Bath and Kitchen Remodels. Call Pat, cell (203) 285-0138, home (203) 745-5183. LICENSED PLUMBER: No job too small. Work done daytime PLUMBING & HEATING and weekends. Call Greg, home (203) 239-PIPE (7473), cell ROUSSEAU PLUMBING & HEATING: Small to large plumb(203) 215-4195. ing & heating jobs. Over 8 years of service in the New Haven PLUMBING & HEATING area. Lic. #282011. (203) 288-9090. WALLINGFORD PLUMBING & HEATING: Water Heater ROOFING Specials - 40 gallon gas $1,150; 50 gallon electric $1,100. CHAMPION CO. ROOFING, LLC: Flat roofs, shingles, slate, Prompt service on all repairs and new installations. Water heaters, boilers. Free estimates. Licensed and insured. (203) gutters, chimneys, all type repairs. Over 40 years experience. License #0629828. (203) 777-4183. 269-6175. Lic. #280395.

INTERIOR PAINTING Deliver Your Insert With The Advisor 475-414-1483




• Shingle Roofs • Flat Roofs • Seamless Gutters • Leaders • Repairs • Skylights • Slate Repairs

Residential • Commercial Free Estimates • Fully Insured • Licensed (203)

562-8077 • (203) 624-ROOF ³4XDOLW\ 5RR¿QJ 6LQFH ´

Select the Towns & Streets





So ...


ADVISOR “INSERT” SELLING For more information call Frank Avitable, Circulation Manager





October 26, 2021


EXPERT TREE REMOVAL LLC Over 30 Years Experience


Call (203) 239-5404

Concerning Rates & Discounts











Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Firewood

Seasonal Firewood Log Length 4+ Cords $400 per load FREE Local Delivery,


203-506-4655 cell 203-248-7326 RI¿FH

Call Steve McLean

(small fee for out of delivery area)

(203) -294-1775

No processor wood





$' %& " $'#&


* !* !

Limited Time Offer - Call for details

% (

") ( (



DON’S A #1 RUBBISH REMOVAL: No job too small. Also EZ TREE & BRUSH REMOVAL: Tree and shrub removal, junk car removal. Discount rates for all seniors. Call (203) brush chipping, stump grinding. Prompt service. Free Esti997-6523. mates. Licensed and Insured, #583726. Reasonable. Bruce, (203) 671-8180, cell; (203) 272-1396. SEPTIC/SEWER SERVICES TREE REMOVAL, TREE CLIMBING: 60 ft. bucket truck. SIOHOLM EXCAVATION: B-100A compliance. Repairs, Storm damage. Fair prices. Full insurance. Eddie Galvez, Inspections, New Installations. Engineered systems. Septic (203) 393-5673. Lic. #05331. Sewer installations & repairs, lateral extensions, root removal & cleaning, new installations. All work & materi- BRUSH & TREE REMOVAL: Also leaf cleanup and extra if als guaranteed. 25+ years experience. Lic. #P-7 278805. Call needed. Call Nick, (203) 500-1066, also (203) 269-2498. CALL WOODY AT 203-CUT-TREE ARBORIST: Tree climber (203) 239-3838, anytime. on staff. Email me: Please check SMALL ENGINE REPAIR out Free tree evaluation. 2-CYCLE & 4-CYCLE ENGINES, Lawn mowers, Chainsaws WANTED TO BUY and many more. Pickup/delivery available. Sales also located WANTED: OLD FURNITURE, Collectibles, glassware, pottery, in Wallingford, (475) 201-9001. silver, linens, jewelry, toys, frames. Anything old or unusual. TREE SERVICES/REMOVAL Call (203) 641-0307. EXPERT TREE REMOVAL: Tree removal, chipping, lots WATER TESTING - LABORATORY cleared, stump removal. Tree climbing experts. Free estiHOMEOWNERS WITH PRIVATE WELLS: Avoid health risks mates, fully insured. Steve McLean, (203) 248-7326, (203) due to potential bacterial contamination of your drinking water. 506-4655. Call Aqualogic at (203) 248-8959. Lic. #PH0454.



Items totaling 100 or less 12 words- price each item 10c for each word over 12 $

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Selling items totaling $101-$500 15 words- items must be priced 10c for each word over 15 No Ads Taken Over The Phone or Email

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TAG SALE ADS 20 words 10c each word over 20 No phone number necessary No Ads Taken Over The Phone or Email

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4 $ 1000 2 weeks $8.00

$ 00


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00 15 or 4 weeks for

$ (No business ads) 1 vehicle per ad


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$ 50


per week


Street & Town

No Ads Taken Over The Phone or Email

MAIL OR DROP OFF TO: VALUE $501 OR MORE ............ 20 words 1 WEEK $700 2 WEEKS $1200 4 WEEKS $1500 The Advisor, P.O. Box 460, (83 State St.) North Haven, CT 06473-0460 (No refunds after ad runs 1 week)


HEADING (4 word maximum)



VALUE $500 OR LESS 15 words, 1 week ...........

Produce Exciting Results!


$ 00

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For additional information, CALL (203) 239-5404 or Fax to (203) 239-7097



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10 $8.75 $8.25



20 word limit - 10c per additional word

DEADLINE is Wednesday at 5:00pm for following Tuesday’s issue. Payment must accompany ad. Phone: (203) 239-5404 Fax: (203) 239-7097 The Advisor will not be UHVSRQVLEOH IRU HUURUV LI QRW QRWL¿HG DIWHU WKH ¿UVW LVVXH




October 26, 2021

Deborah Bradley Fitzsimmons, 85, longtime resident of Wall-

Peter H. Torello & Son FUNERAL HOME, INC.

Serving the community for over 100 years. Peter H. Torello & Son 1022 Dixwell Ave Hamden, CT 06514 (203)624-4959 Economical & Affordable Burial & Cremation Services Proudly Serving Our Community for Four Generations

Washington Memorial Funeral Home John Iacobucci - Owner / Director

Established 1994

Pre-Planning and Title 19 Specialists

4 Washington Ave. North Haven 203-239-6000

Exceptional Service & Respect at a Difficult Time

ingford, the loving wife of 55 years to the late Richard F. “Fitz” Fitzsimmons, passed away unexpectedly with her loving family at her side October 20, 2021. Deb was born in New Haven, Connecticut on December 11, 1935, the daughter of the late Robert and Deborah (Malone) Bradley. She had a 27-year teaching career for the Wallingford Board of Education as an elementary school teacher at Parker Farms Elementary School and Yalesville Elementary School (currently Mary G. Fritz Elementary School) retiring in 1994. She devoted her career to teaching hundreds of first and second grade students in the Wallingford School System sharing her passion for reading. Deb enjoyed traveling with Fitz summers at the Cape, and winters in Florida with their great friends, John and Ann Riccitelli and the Wallingford crew including John and Katheryn Hackett, Jim and Carol Whalen and many others. She was predeceased by her late husband Richard (Fitz). She is survived by her daughter, Debra Fitzsimons Sitter and her husband, Steven T. of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin; her son James C. Fitzsimmons and his wife, Megan B. of Wallingford; her son, Richard Fitzsimmons and family of Cape Cod; her four grandchildren, Caitlin Sitter Godina (Carlos), Jamie A. Sitter, Colin A. Fitzsimmons and Sean A. Fitzsimmons; two great grandchildren, Sophia and Ryland (Godina); and her brother, Robert Bradley (Dianne); her sister Susan Nobles (James); and many nieces and nephews. Should friends desire, gifts in her memory can be made to the Wallingford Public Library (wallingford. to support her lifelong passion for reading or gifts in her memory may be sent to The Sisters’ Project (

FUNERAL INSURANCE Funeral or burial insurance is primarily designed for seniors who want to make sure their families have money to cover funeral costs or pay off a debt when someone passes away. These types of policies are generally referred to as whole life policies that have death benefits. Coverage lasts for the entirety of your life, and when you pass away, your beneficiaries will typically receive a payout just large enough to cover the cost of your funeral. Funeral insurance policies have a shortened underwriting process, with no medical exam required, and you’re guaranteed acceptance. With that comes a more costly policy. But if the goal is to ensure QUOTE: “To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.” -Thomas Campbell

your family has the funds, this option may be right for you. Funeral insurance is a helpful tool for loved ones paying for a departed family member or friend’s funeral, memorial service, headstone, urn, and other final expenses. It’s usually purchased to cover final arrangements, but can also be used to pay the deceased’s debts, including medical bills, credit card bills, mortgage loans, and personal loans. For more information, please call 203-2391179. We welcome you to stop by our tastefully appointed facility at 36 Washington Avenue.

Bonita Lillian Murphy, 75, of Wallingford, died peacefully on October 19, 2021 surrounded by her family. She was the beloved wife of Donald D. Murphy. Bonita was born in Houlton, ME, one of 15 children of the late Clayton and Ena (Monteith) Little. In addition to her husband Donald, she is survived by her loving children Dan & Glenice (Murphy) L’heureux, of NH, James & Kristen (Daly) Murphy and Dawn Murphy all of Wallingford; and adoring grandchildren Tyler L’heureux, Gregory L’heureux & Hayley Merrill, and Alyssa Clark-Murphy. Should friends desire, donations can be made in her memory to The Pink Ladies’ Sisters for Hope Foundation (

Albert J. Badamo, 77, of Hamden passed away on October 11, 2021. Born in New Haven on September 21, 1944 to the late Angelo and Mary Letskus Badamo. Husband of 51 years to Geraldine Abbatello Badamo. Beloved father of Christen (Anthony) Avallone of Guilford and Shannon Badamo (Chris Damone) of Wallingford. Grandfather of Anthony Avallone, Mason Armstrong, Christopher Avallone and Brandon Armstrong. He is also survived by his twin brother Edward Badamo. Al enlisted in the Navy in 1962. His family would like to thank Dr. Mark Marieb and staff, especially Natalie. Alwas eternally grateful to Dr. Marieb & Natalie for helping prolong his life over these past 23 years so that he could see his “four little men” grow up. A special thank you to the staff (aka: earth angels) of Hartford Healthcare Hospice Home Care and Midstate Medical Hospice in Meriden for providing such comforting care during his final days. His girls ask in memory of their dad to watch an episode of How it’s Made. “Always good to learn something new.” – A.J. Badamo Services were held at the

Dolores M. Fronzi Finer, 92, of Wallingford, formerly of East Haven died peacefully on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at Midstate Medical Center with her loving family by her side. She was the beloved wife of the late George J. Finer. Dolores is survived by three daughters, Karen L. Finer of North Branford, Susan K. Cascio and her fiancé Michael Brady of Wallingford and Tracey A. Finer of North Haven, two sisters, Natalie (Joseph) DeMaio of Berlina and Louise Garbatini of North Haven, and four grandchildren, JonDavid, Abigail, Madison and Richard Cascio. She was predeceased by four sisters, Ida and Ella Fronzi, Anne Marchegianni and Frances D’Alessio. Should friend desire, memorial contributions in Dolores’ name may be made to Connecticut Hospice, 100 Double Beach Rd., Branford, CT 06405 or at Services were held at the

Nancy Hague Verneris, 91, a lifelong resident of Hamden, passed away peacefully on Friday, October 15th, 2021, after a short stay at the Madison House. She was the beloved wife of 56 years to the late Raymond R. Verneris. Nancy was born in New Haven on April 17, 1930 and was the daughter of the late John A. and Rosa A. Doerrer Hague. She is survived by five daughters that loved her deeply and will miss her dearly, Suzanne M. Sharron, Lisa Ayers (Raymond), Marcia R. Vaiuso (David), Betsy MacNeil (Bruce) and Barbara Ingari (James), as well as many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Nancy leaves a sister Margery Roy and companion Ron Archer. Predeceased by a brother, Charles Hague and his wife Vilma, and a very dear aunt Marion Dorrer. Should friends desire, memorial contributions may be made to the Beacon Hospice, 111 Founders Plaza #1802, East Hartford CT 06108. Services were held at the

Gregory Ivan Kolton, 76, of Wallingford, loving husband of 48 years to Gail (Bonaldo) Kolton, passed away peacefully Friday, October 15, 2021 at his home with his beloved family by his side. He was born in Bridgeport, CT on February 19, 1945, son of the late John and Anne (Cuper) Kolton. He served in the United States Navy during the Vietnam War and was honorably discharged following an illness. In addition to his wife, Gail, he is survived by his loving sons, Jonathan Kolton (Meghan Lee) and Grant Kolton (Nancy), all of Wallingford; his brother, Russell Kolton of Charlestown, RI; his adoring grandsons, Hudson and Jack Kolton; and many nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his sister, Tania Ferko and his brother, Adrian Kolton.

Funeral Home North Haven.

All prayers cost $12 per prayer, per week. The deadline is Wednesday for the following Tuesday’s Issue. Please mail to The Advisor, P.O Box 460, North Haven, CT 06473-0460 or bring in to our office, 83 State Street (Kings Acres), North Haven, with payment, correct initials and code number found in lower left corner of prayer.


Funeral Home North Haven.

Leonard “Leonardo” N. Franco, art teacher, musician, and art



Jacqueline A. “Jackie” Palmieri, 76 of North Haven died peacefully at Connecticut Hospice, Branford on Sunday, October 17, 2021. Jackie was born in New Haven on September 24, 1945, a daughter of the late John and Frances Negri Palmieri, and had resided in North Haven since 1957. She was a 1963 graduate of North Haven High. Jackie is survived by her sister Jo Anne Palmieri, her brother John Palmieri and his wife Alana, and her nephew Michael Palmieri of North Haven. She was predeceased by her nephew John Paul Palmieri. Should friends desire, Jackie’s family asks that you please consider a memorial contribution in Jackie’s name to Connecticut Hospice, 100 Double Beach Rd., Branford, CT 06405. Services were held at the

Mark Leonard Modine, 51, of North Haven, died unexpectedly at his home on Friday, October 15, 2021. Son of Suzanne Modine and Theodore Modine (Wife Sheila) Brother of Michael (wife Christy), Joseph and Nancy Modine and the late David Modine. Brother-in-law of Karen Modine. Uncle of Morgan, Michael, Lauren and Jeff. StepBrother of Anna Houle. Services were held at the

therapist passed into the eternal arms of God on Saturday, October 16th 2021 at his home in Northford. Born in New Haven in 1945 to Louis and Camilla Carbone Franco, he was predeceased by them and his loving brother Donald L. Franco. He served in the U.S. Army Reserve. He is survived by his wife of 50 years, Janis Leach Franco, his daughters Debbie, and Maura Franco, two cherished grandsons, his sisters-in-law, Lorraine Franco and Phyllis Rogovsky, his brother-in-law Dennis Leach, and several nieces, nephews and cousins. The family wishes to thank relatives and friends, and the VNA Community Healthcare & Hospice of Guilford for their care and concern. Services were held at the

Karen Alison Kendall, 68, beloved wife of John Kendall, peacefully passed away at her home on October 18, 2021 after a long courageous battle with ALS. She was born in Milford on September 22, 1953 to Barbara Striby Boardman of Cheshire and the late Richard Boardman. Besides her husband of 45 years, Karen will be lovingly remembered by her daughter and son-in-law, Beth and John Melillo of Cheshire; her grandsons, Jason and Ryan Melillo; and her sister, Janet Boardman of Waterbury. Should friends desire, contributions in her memory may be made to ALS Association-CT Chapter at Services were held at the


Community Services 2021 Thanksgiving Food Distribution North Haven: The Community Services office for the Town of North Haven would like to announce that North Haven residents will be welcome to reserve their names for the 2021 Thanksgiving food distribution. Thanksgiving food pickup will take place on Thurs., November 18, from 12-1pm in the gym the Recreation Center, 7 Linsley St. (next to Town Hall Annex). Parking will be available at the Congregational church, recreation center and street parking on Linsley Street. Please contact Rob Snurkowski in the Community Services office any time between 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday at (203) 2395321, x502 to sign up. Requests must be received no later than 4pm on Fri., November 12. Currently, there is a need for: instant mashed potatoes, stuffing, turkey gravy, canned vegetables, canned cranberries and canned yams. Monetary donations are gladly accepted.

Beyond Thanksgiving, the Food Bank has a constant need for: mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, coffee, tea, tuna, soup, any Chef Boyardee products, instant mashed potatoes, cookies, crackers, macaroni and cheese, protein bars, granola bars, trail mix, nuts, jerky, peanut butter crackers, graham crackers, dried fruit, fruit roll ups, fruit snacks, fruit cups, applesauce, pudding cups, peanut butter, jelly, pop tarts, cereal, oatmeal, pancake mix, syrup, fruit juice boxes and canned fruit. These items can be dropped off to the Department of Community Services office, at the Town Hall Annex Building, 5 Linsley Street, from Monday-Friday, between 8:30am and 4:30pm, from now until Wed., November 18. If you would like to sign up, receive further information or have any questions regarding these programs, please contact the Department of Community Services at (203) 239-5321, x500.

Breakthrough Community Soup Kitchen

Food Pantry at St. Rita Church

Hamden: A message from Mayor Leng and Pastor Carr: “The goal and mission of our Community Soup Kitchen is to help the less fortunate members of our community. This includes helping the elderly, unemployed, underemployed, poor, migrants, and homeless – woman, men and children. The Breakthrough Community Soup Kitchen will provide meals at no cost to our guests and it will be sustained by committed and compassionate volunteers and also, by the generous contributions of donors and partners. We will also seek funding from the county, state and federal government. Our Mission is simple: to feed people in need regardless of their circumstances. Our goal is to provide healthy and nutritious meals to all that come through our doors. We are committed to improving the quality of life and restoring the dignity of those we serve when providing a meal to any member of our community in need of one. Our Vision is to assure that no one goes hungry, that we also can provide resources to help those in need to recover, restart and become self-sufficient. We will be open Monday-Friday from 12-1pm and will start with prepared meals to go due to the COVID-19 restrictions” Anyone wishing to support the program may do so by visiting Breakthrough church/give/ BTCCTtext or by contacting the Community Soup Kitchen directly at the following address: Breakthrough Church, Inc., 481 Shelton Ave., Hamden.


FOR SALE: Round dining room glass top table with pedestal, and 6 leather chairs, black, brand new condition $750 or best offer. Must sell. (203) 2397676 •

Hamden: The St. Rita Food Pantry, of Divine Mercy Parish, at 1620 Whitney Avenue, is open on the first and third Saturday of each month from 10am-11am. Enter from the parking lot doors and go down the stairs into the Parish Hall. There is an elevator to the left of the door if needed.

Hamden: Mae’s Closet, the new durable medical equipment loan closet based in Hamden, is seeking donations of the following: wheelchairs, travel chairs, knee walkers, rollators and bath benches. If you have any of this equipment that is no longer being used, please consider donating it to the Closet. This is a non-profit organization founded to recycle durable medical equipment. Items can be donated, sanitized, and then lent out to anyone who needs it for a $1.00 charge. To contact Mae’s Closet, call (475) 414-8333 between 9am-12 noon, Monday-Friday, or email: maesclosetct@ You can learn more about Mae’s Closet at www.carenew


FOR SALE: Elvis with pink Cadillac diecast $60; Herman Survivors, new in box, 12 wide $40; (203) 7100340 • FOR SALE: Two cemetery plots, pair of stones, St. Lawrence Cemetery $1,000 or best offer; call (203) 6712459 •

WANTED: Comic books. Collector seeking to buy FOR SALE: 4 ft. artificial bulk comic collections. All Christmas tree decorated years considered. No colwith Spanish motif, pre-lit lection too small or too with skirt $35; (203) 234- large. Call Tom, (203) 645• 7964 • 9741


Vivienne Marie (Amendola) Chambery, 75, of North Haven,

passed away peacefully on Sunday, October 17th, 2021 at the Connecticut Hospice, Branford. She was the beloved wife of 52 years to Raymond A. Chambery. Vivienne was born in New Haven on October 2nd, 1946 and was the daughter of the late Carmen and Florence (Sinard) Amendola. Beloved mother of Denise Romano and her husband Michael. Loving grammie to Anthony Romano. Sister of Yolande Eldridge and her husband Howard, Armand Amendola and his wife Jeannine. Vivienne is also survived by several loving nieces and nephews. Should friends desire, at the family’s request contributions may be made to the Alzheimer’s Association, 200 Executive Blvd, Suite 4B, Southington, CT 06489 in memory of Vivienne M. Chambery. Services were held at the


Donations of Medical Equipment Urgently Needed

October 26, 2021

Joan Treloar Tarquino 77, of North Haven, beloved wife of 59 years to Sisto J. “Butch” Tarquino, passed away on October 18, 2021 in Yale New Haven Hospital Saint Raphael Campus. Loving mother of John (Cheryl) Tarquino of Northford, Joseph (Shirley) Tarquino of Meriden, Jeffrey Tarquino and Christine (Scott) Leighton all of North Haven. Joan is also survived by seven grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Sister of Shirley Roberts of North Haven, Carol Ferraro and Doris Appleby both of Florida and Robert (Catherine) Treloar of North Haven and the late Sylvia Cicarelli and John and Kenneth Treloar. Joan was born in New Haven on February 20, 1944 daughter of the late John and Louise Coutts Treloar.

A Spiritual Experience Called Alpha

Hamden: Divine Mercy Parish, 1620 Whitney Avenue, extends an invitation to join a spiritual experience called Alpha. Alpha is a series of sessions conducted on Zoom which explores life and the Christian faith. The talks are designed to meet you where you are on your faith journey, to engage and inspire conversation related to faith, to unpack the basics of Christianity and to address questions such as Who is Jesus and How can we have faith? The ten week program will begin on Thurs., Oct. 28. Sessions will meet on Thursday evenings from 6:30-8pm, with breaks for Thanksgiving and the Christmas holidays. Please consider this invitation to join us via Zoom from the comfort of your home or from wherever you are able to connect with us. To register please go to www. and look for the Alpha registration or call (203) 248-5513. Registration is now underway and close on October 18.


No obligation pre-arrangement consultation available. We specialize in traditional and cremation funeral services. Veteran’s Benefit Assistance and Medicaid Apporved Prepaid Trusts Available Please visit our website at to download a free copy of our Funeral Planning Guide.

Harry Donald Berry, 89, of Middletown, formerly of Wallingford, husband of the late Frances (Greco) Berry, passed away October 19, 2021 at Connecticut Hospice in Branford. Harry was born in Cambridge, MA on June 23, 1932, a son of the late Ralph E. and Margaret (Okaomitis) Berry. Harry served in the United States Army during the Korean War from 1952-1954 in the 25th Infantry Division. Harry is survived by his sons, Richard Smeriglio and his wife, Bernadette, of Raleigh, NC, Edward Smeriglio and his wife, Cheri, of Wallingford and Christopher Berry and his wife, Kristin, of Wallingford; his grandchildren, Richie, Nicole, Ben, Jackie and Jessie; and his companion, Lori Shamock. Should friends desire, donations in his memory can be made to Connecticut Hospice, 100 Double Beach Rad, Branford, CT 06405.

“Pie Day” at St. Paul’s Church

Wallingford: “Pie Day” at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 65 No. Main Street, will be held on Sat., Oct. 30, from 10am-2pm. Featuring our award-winning Mile High Apple Pies. Regular and no sugar large pie $15; mini pie $10. Buy one for yourself - Donate one to Master’s Manna. Stop by and try a dish of our apple pie a la mode $3 and pick up a pie or two for Thanksgiving.


All Souls Mass

North Haven: Please join Archbishop Blair for a Memorial Mass offered for our dearly departed loved ones on All Souls Day, Tuesday, November 2 at 10am in the Mausoleum, located at All Saints Cemetery, 700 Middletown Ave. Questions? Please contact our Outreach Coordinator, Barbara Gode, (203) 780-8418, office or email her at


James J. Pascarelli, 84, of Hamden, passed away peacefully on Sunday, October 17, 2021, at Connecticut Hospice, Branford with his family by his side. He was the beloved husband of 58 years to Lynn Greshko Pascarelli. James was born in New Haven on March 29, 1937 and was the son of the late Domenico and Anna Piscitelli Pascarelli. He proudly served his country faithfully in the US Marine Corp in Vietnam and was a special force, green beret in the US Army. Beloved father of Kenneth (Lauren), Keith (Kim), and Kevin (Roberta) Pascarelli. Loving grandfather of Brett, Kylie, Kristina, Dominic, Tia, Kolby, and Mila Pascarelli. Brother of Rose Cicarelli, Anna Corso and the late Harry, Frank, and Margaret Pascarelli. Should friends desire, memorial contributions may be made to the Wounded Warrior Project, 370 7th Avenue, Suite 1802, New York, NY 10001. Services were held at the

Changes in Church Services

North Haven: St. Elizabeth of the Trinity Parish has now opened all three locations for worship - St. Barnabas Church, 44 Washington Ave.; St. Therese Church, 555 Middletown Ave.; and St. Frances Cabrini Church, 57 Pond Hill Rd. The worship schedule is as follows: Daily Mass at 8am takes place Monday thru Friday at St. Barnabas Church. Weekend Mass schedule is as follows: Saturday Vigil Mass is held 4pm at St. Barnabas Church. Sundays - 8am Mass is held at St. Frances Cabrini Church; 9:30am Mass is held at St. Barnabas Church; and 11am Mass is held at St. Therese Church. Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) is held on Saturdays, 3pm-3:45pm at St. Barnabas Church. Holy Day schedules will be

William Henry Marks, 81, beloved husband of Priscilla Crosson Marks, died peacefully on October 16, 2021 at Cascades-Verdae in Greenville, SC his home for the past ten years. He was born in New Haven, CT on March 11, 1940 and lived in North Haven, CT for most of his life. He grew up on the Marks’ Dairy Farm. He graduated from North Haven High School where he played on the varsity baseball team. He taught U.S. History and Contemporary Issues at North Branford High School, was department head and coached baseball over a 37-year period. He was voted teacher of the year at North Branford High School twice and was inducted into North Haven High School’s Sports Hall of Fame in 2002. Besides his wife, Bill is survived by three daughters: Carolyn Marks of North Haven, Jennifer Northcutt (Tim) of Greenville, SC and Julie Mehrotra (Ashish) of Meriden, CT. He has eight grandchildren: Grace, Kathleen, Travis, Emille, Luke, Justin, Nathan and Anjulle. They were a total joy to him. Services were held at the

Need Help Preparing for the Holidays?

North Haven: All Saints Cemetery: The Catholic Cemetery Assoc. will be sponsoring a Remembrance Service on Tuesday, November 9, beginning at 6pm until 8pm for those who have lost a loved one. Our small-sized group will meet at the main office in North Haven. Seating is limited. Anyone interested, please register by calling Barbara at (203) 780-8418. Please check our website for an option to register via the Events Calendar. You may also email her: Masks are encouraged.


noted on our website: www.steliz Also refer to this website for all current events and schedules.


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