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Nature Notes Summer is coming at last and new life is burgeoning all around us. The trees are coming into leaf and hedges are greening up. Bluebells, primroses, golden dandelions and celandine, it’s lovely to see them bursting into bloom. This morning on Carter’s pond there were five tiny ducklings with a watchful parent. The heron has been a regular visitor this last few days and now we know why. So fingers crossed the youngsters make it.. Five buzzards were wheeling and calling over Carters Way this week – followed later that same day by a red kite. Three house martins passed over too, and one swallow has been reported. Carters Way often seems to be on a favourite flight path. They just need the swifts and they’ll have the set! While attempting to tidy up round our shed we disturbed some tiny frogs under an old builder’s sack, so that tidying will have to wait. There are newts in the pond, and we found two quite large fresh water mussels down by Moonsbrook, obviously washed up by the floods. They were open and had obviously been alive when they were stranded on the bank.. The streams round here are full of life, and surprises. I watched a ring-necked dove perching on the arm of a feeder, with one wing pointing straight up in the air. It was leaning over a little, and it closed the wing and opened it again. Then it leant the opposite way and raised the other one. It was raining, gently but steadily, and I realised it was taking a shower! We also have a bald rook – looking rather like a miniature vulture with no feathers at all on its head or neck, but it seems to be fine otherwise. Slightly less fine is our tame pheasant – he has been deposed. Nature has taken its course and he’s been relegated to the front area with only one faithful female in tow. A very smart young male now struts his stuff among all the others. Our chum is having extra seeds and raisins and seems fairly resigned to his fate - I still feed him on demand, which is pretty much every time he sees me. A peregrine has been spotted again over the quarry in Flexham. And a dormouse, still asleep, was inside a fallen nest in a Lodsworth garden. This was gently placed out of reach of two resident spaniels! Three or four deer are around locally, and one has eaten the leaves on our raspberry canes. It’s such a pretty young male, that it’s hard to be cross, but we’re putting up a few more defences for a while. I do love raspberries! Long-tailed tits have been flitting round our French doors, taking cobwebs for their nests, and the goldfinches are picking up our old dog’s hair for theirs. And starlings are nesting nearby too. They are such characters, with their mimicry and chatter they remind me of a gang of rowdy actors. Even so, we’re delighted to see them back! Sue J 13

Ad Vincula Magazine May 2014  

Wisborough Green's Parish Magazine, Ad Vincula published by St Peter Ad Vincula PCC