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Helping you get more life out of life

Our beliefs We believe that wealth should empower you not hold you back We believe that money should always be doing good things We believe that you should live life with purpose We believe it’s not about how much you have, it’s about how well you live

Our history Mike Marigold, founding CEO, established Montgomery Charles in 1996 with the aim of providing independent, unbiased advice to affluent Business Owners, Dentists and Private Clients. Being one of the first fee based IFAs from the start has meant that our advice has always focused on our clients, without commission blurring the lines. We don’t work with thousands of clients, so you will always feel valued and personally known by us.

Talk to us on 01225 777999 to see how we can help you with your particular circumstances.

Our purpose Is to enable you to get more life out of life. We do this by encouraging you to dream of your ideal life and then by applying our expertise of money and planning, we make your aims and goals a reality. You will find us passionate about smart financial planning where your aims and goals become our motivation. Our aim is to get to know you, understand your priorities and see your future through your eyes. Our approach centres around you. We focus on long term relationships, integrating all aspects of your finances – whether business, personal or both. This approach enables us to give you relevant and timely advice about your money.

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” PAUL J. MEYER

Our planning process Our strategic approach to financial planning is to start with the objective in mind. We wish to ensure that your money works for you, and not the other way round. We spend time understanding your aims and goals, getting to know what is really important to you in life. We understand that this process may feel like a big step to take. Be assured that we will make this as easy as possible. Most of our clients who embark on this journey wish they had started 10 years earlier. Of course, if there is anything at all you would like us to clarify before you agree to begin this process, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and talk through your concerns with one of our advisers. Call us on 01225 777 999. This is about a lifelong relationship, so we encourage you to take the time required to be completely comfortable with each step.

“There is a real relief in knowing what our future looks like. I am now confident that I’m doing the right thing with my money.� M O N T G O M E R Y C H A R L E S C L I E N T, 2 0 1 8

Your client journey with us STEP







Discovery meeting At a location of your choice, 2 weeks after you first make contact with us We help you identify your aims and goals and encourage you to dream a little. Gaining an understanding of your current financial situation and how you would like to live life in the future is the starting point to creating your effective plan. This is a no obligation 3 hour meeting with both you and your life partner should you have one. Provided we believe we can make a significant difference to your future, we will offer to create an all encompassing Financial Life Plan report. We will agree a fixed fee based on the work required for your plan. The amount of this fee will be known at the end of the Discovery meeting with the first half to be paid at the end of the Discovery meeting and the other half to be paid when we deliver the Financial Life Plan report at step 3 below.

Gathering information 2 to 6 weeks after you first make contact with us We assist you with gathering every insurance policy or investment you hold, even contacting your providers direct to critique each plan. We then assess its relevance to your aims and goals and ensure that we truly understand your willingness and ability to tolerate risk through the use of psychometric profiling. We take this extremely seriously as we know we are dealing with your financial future.

Financial Life Plan meeting At our office, 8 weeks after you first make contact with us We present your Financial Life Plan report which is a complete diagnostic of your current financial situation and our recommendations for how we will help you reach your aims and goals in the future. It will include a life time cash flow profile that provides a visual illustration of your income and outgoings both now and in the future. It will highlight peaks and troughs that may need to be addressed. You will have a strategic plan for your future. We will then agree a fee to implement your plan.

Implementation meeting At a location of your choice, 10 weeks after you first make contact with us Having worked out and agreed the best strategy to achieve your aims and goals, we then help you implement your plan. This involves signing documents to get investments bought, sold or transferred, completing applications forms where required and liaising with your accountant or solicitor to co-ordinate a successful strategy.

Regular review At a location of your choice, frequency to be agreed – online meetings are most popular These meetings, scheduled at intervals convenient to you, will provide us with an opportunity to review any major changes in your personal or financial situation and determine if these changes necessitate adjustments to your investment plan. We will also review your overall progress towards your long term financial goals.

Email us at advice@montgomerycharles.co.uk to arrange a conference call with one of our advisers to discuss your needs

Our investment strategy and how we can help you In brief, we believe money should be a tool – a means to achieve peace of mind and a better quality of life. With this in mind, we apply investment management techniques that have been shown, over time, to optimise returns while minimising risk.

A safe pair of hands Helping you sleep well at night

We personalise our approach to suit you. Where one person may be interested in our investment process, another person may prefer to leave it all to us. We won’t bore you with our investment philosophies if you would rather not know! But you can take comfort in the knowledge that we do follow a well considered philosophy that is backed up by our investment processes which are regularly reviewed. Briefly, for those who are interested, our goal is to construct an “efficient frontier” of optimal portfolios offering the maximum possible expected return for your predetermined level of risk. This theory was pioneered by Harry Markowitz, who was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. By adopting a mix of active and passive investments we are able to reduce the annual management charges that apply to your funds, meaning your money will grow faster over time.

A specialist service

For Business Owners, Dentists and Private Clients Since 1996 Montgomery Charles has enjoyed unrivalled specialist knowledge, working with Business Owners, Dentists and Private Clients.

The top four ways we help

Business Owners:

The top four ways we help


The top four things we will achieve for

Private Clients:

1. Bringing focus and strategy that helps guide your future

1. Maximising the value of your practice

1. Wealth preservation

2. Helping to coordinate all of your professional advisers in delivering your aims and goals

2. Improving your profits by pricing review advice

3. Investment growth

3. Becoming more tax efficient in both your business and your private life 4. Maximising the value of your business should you wish to sell it

3. Advising you on when you can afford to comfortably retire 4. Growing and preserving your wealth

2. Sustainable rising income 4. Taking care of the next generation by projecting your wealth to look after; you, your family both now and in the future without any concerns or worries

View our upcoming events at www.montgomerycharles.co.uk One final thought – It takes a small step to start a transformational journey. For a friendly chat about your future call us on 01225 777999 or email us at advice@montgomerycharles.co.uk

Montgomery Charles Financial Management Ltd. 8 Wicker Hill, Trowbridge, Wiltshire BA14 8JU t: 01225 777 999 f: 01225 755 355 advice@montgomerycharles.co.uk www.montgomerycharles.co.uk Montgomery Charles Financial Management Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Firm Reference No. 586392. Registered in Cardiff No. 03180985.

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