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Vol 81 • Oct 2013

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Kimberley Flying School a mile of highway will take you a mile down the road. a mile of runway will take you anywhere. pilot training for:

also by arrangement:

3 pRIvatE pIlot lIcEncE

3 dangERous goods

3 commERcIal pIlot lIcEncE

3 sImulatoR tRaInIng

3 nIght RatIng

3 EnglIsh pRoFIcIEncy

3 InstRumEnt FlIght RatIng

3 multI tRaInIng

3 InstRuctoRs RatIng

3 tRaInIng on own aIRcRaFt

3 aIRcRaFt typE & class RatIngs

3 RadIo tElEphony 3 onlInE ppl Exam FacIlIty 3 gRound school 3 lIcEncE REnEwals


IntRoductoRy FlIght FoR nEw ppl studEnts t’s & c’s apply

Visit us at our new premises at the priVate hangars: Kimberley airport or contact us: • 053 851 1550 • 082 313 0893 e-mail: facebooK: Kimberley flying school, northern cape

Volume 81- October 2013 • Adverts 4 U

Properties • Eiendomme

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Properties • Eiendomme

Brenda 072 241 9129

Herstel en installeer:

Brenda Langenhoven Eiendomme

Bianca Kaapstadweg 3 Modderrivier 072 987 2173 053 5810795 • Ons bedien die volgende areas vir alle hulp met die koop en verkoop van Eiendom: RitchiE, JacOBsdaL, KOffiEfOntEin, BOshOf, KiMBERLEy En OMLiggEndE dORpE

• Visdam-, swembad-, Boorgat, Druk-, Dompel- en Windpompe • Motorhuisdeur- en hekmotors • Besproeiing-sisteme • Watertenks • Dreineringswerke • Verhitters • Badkamerverwante arikels

Staalwerke: Ritchie 5.35 ha R 1 300 000

Jacobsdal 1606 m² R 777 000

Grasdakhuis: 3 Slpk, 2 Badk, Huis: 3 Slpk, 1.5 Badk, Komb, Sitk/Eetk, Onthaal Komb, Sit/Eetk, Kaggel, area, Balkon, 2 Boorgate, M/H, Boorgat, 2 Slpk W/stel. Dam,Groot stoor. Baie potentiaal!

Koffiefontein R 698 750

Kby Beaconsfield R800 000

Huis: 4 Slpk, 3 Badk, Komb, Sit/TVk, Onthaalarea, Opwas, Wask, M/H, Buite kamer,Lapa, kroeg en Swemb.

Huis: 3 Slpk, 2 Badk, TVk, Komb, Stoep, Wask, Buite toilet, Stoork, Groot erf. Nuut in mark !!!

Jacobsdal R 840 000

Huis: 3 Slpk, 2 Badk, Komb, Sit/Eet/TVk, Dub M/H, 2 Buitegeboue, Lapa en Swemb.

• Afdakke • Ingeboude braaiers/kaggels • Diefwering Bouwerk: • Veiligheidshekke Enige bouwerk • Drukgange

in en om die huis alles op standaard!

Beste pryse vir die beste kwalitet

Kby Beaconsfield R 840 000

Huis: 3 Slpk, 2 Badk, Sitk, Komb, Stoep, Afdak, Stoork, B/toilet, Veilige parkering. Nuut in mark !!!

Kontak ons gerus vir kwotasies 084 548 0525 Portefeulje beskikbaar met foto’s en verwysings

skakel ons vir vERhuRings in die omliggende pLattELand

HOMES@ KIMBERLEY Your Partner in Property!

NEW PARK • R900 000









Tel: 053 831 3528/64 • c/o Memorial Rd & MacDougall Str HILLCREST • R1 664 000

HADISON PARK • R1 820 000


(Plase) 082 829 4373

ROYLDENE • R2 100 000






Netjiese 3 slpk, 1½ badk ‘semi duplex’ huis. Ruim leefareas. Enkel m/huis, afdak en swembad. Naby winkels. Skakel vandag!

Netjiese 3 slpk, 2 badk familiehuis. Ruim kombuis. O/plan leefareas. Enkel m/huis, afdak en 1slk w/stel. Groot tuin met besproeiing.

3 Slk, 2 badk woonhuis. Moderne kombuis. O/plan leefareas. Dubbel m/huis & afdak. Swembad en buitegeboue. Netjies, trek net in.

Netjiese woonhuis met 3 slk, 2 badk. Oopplan leefareas. Moderne kombuis. Dubble m/huis, lapa en swembad.

Netjiese woonhuis met 3 slk, 2 badk. Oopplan leefareas. Moderne kombuis. Dubble m/huis, lapa en swembad.

156 Du Toitspan Road Kimberley • 053-8322591

BELGRAVIA NEENTHUIS R830 000 We belong to Kimberley Listing Services!

3 Slaapkamers - Die moeite werd.

CASSANDRA Skakel vandag indien u wil R850 000 verkoop of koop! U transaksie is verseker! 3 slaapkamer met woonstel en motorhuis.

Hospice Association of Kimberley has an In Patient Unit service and a Home Based Care service. IN PATIENT UNIT: 24 beds. 24 hour nursing care.Palliative Care for all living with a life limiting or life threatening disease. Geriatric Palliative Care. HOME BASED CARE: Covers the whole of Kimberley. 2 Professional Nurses and 13 Caregivers.At present we have 250 adult patients and 200 children. This service is free of charge. CHARITY SHOP: On the premises. We

need white elephant stock e.g. crockery cutlery or any household goods. We can always collect if people can’t bring in. Ester (Principal) Nqf5

082 775 0828

Kathy (Principal) Nqf5

083 680 7723





083 451 1004 079 525 3495 083 649 9964 073 093 1682 082 411 1437 083 395 3551 082 822 9387 079 529 6007 082 756 8928

Ria (Agent) Nqf4

083 718 9366 053 8313 855/082 830 4425 PROUD MEMBERS OF


Choctaw Biltong

We run a “1000”

Betsie (Letting) Nqf4

Volunteers needed!!!





club @ R20 a month with a monthly draw

1st prize R1000.00 2nd prize R250.00




oPeN in Kimberley Graig Jacobs(Technician),Tanya Clarke(General Manager),Cheniel Corns (Admin/Sales)

57 Transvaal Road • Tel: 082 477 8378 (all ours), Tanya 076 770474 •

• Fleet Management • Stolen Vehicle recovery and insurance Telematics Stolen Vehicle Recovery Systems and Basic Vehicle Monitoring Quick Early Alert Trailer Track Comprehensive Fleet Management Fleet Lite Fleet Sat Bike Track Taxi Track Asset track Communicator Happy Button Recovery Warranty - R150 000 Cash Back Lifetime Maintenance Warranty

what we offer:

Accurate Vehicle Positioning due to Superior Coverage Cross-Border Coverage and Recovery Effective Installation and Concealment Free 24-Hour Unit Testing Service Power Monitoring De-Installation/Re-Installation Services Unit and Installation Warranty

Volume 81- October 2013 • Adverts 4 U

Products and Services


Carl 082 560 9254

• Installation & Repairs of: Gate Motors Garage Door Motors Vector Swing Gate Motors • Remote 116 Transvaal Road, & Receiver 076 7935185 Ayub Programming BEST Jimmy Kimberley 061 112 7906 • Intercom Systems Pricing, 40 Campbell Street, CorrugAted steel Back-up FrAMe Houses Barkly West & Service HArdwAre & gAs CeMent - AFrisAM CoMbinAtion steel door & window FrAMes CorrugAted iron & ibr sHeeting interrior & exterior doors rooF And CerAMiC tiles

& building MAteriAls

briCks, sAnd & stone on order


6 Kelvin Road, Kby



Diens NOU jul verkoelers voor die somer!

053 832 9907 053 832 9756 (f) 084 645 7754

Modern Equipment bedien die Noordkaap en Vrystaat in die gebied van Verkoeling en Lugversorging, vanaf 1998

Fairing kits on superbikes! Custom made sticker kits on offroad motorcycles

7 Mckenzie St, De Beers SMS your order!


Winston 076 545 8542 • Mariaan 072 035 4250

• Repairs on bikes • Parts • Accessories

Maintenance • Onderhoud

Al-MAdinA HArdwAre Kimberley Gate Motors

Tania Schmidt 082 338 3518

4 fax: 086 519 8488 •

Elmine van der Merwe 082 330 6685

fax: 086 636 3610 •

Die Markleiers in die Bouhandel

Kantoor: 083 633 3312 Wayne: 083 643 1149 Cliff: 083 633 3363

Large variety of Clay Bricks available

Dakkappe, Dakteëls, Plaatbedekking, Gratis Kwotasies BrinG oF STuur Jou plan na VerMeulenS oF KiMBerleY rooF TruSSeS Vir ’n GraTiS KwoTaSie

For the BeSt priCeS and ServiCe on a large variety of clay bricks ... CaLL uS! DeLivery or SeLF CoLLeCt.



A space to store what you want, for the time you need, whether you area a business person or individual.


SelF-SToraGe SoluTion

EASY TO USE, self service, where you have your own mini-storage space at your disposal from 07:00 - 18:00


SizeS: 12m2 - 18m2 - 24m2 - 36m2

Volume 81- October 2013 • Adverts 4 U


42 -50 George Street, Kimberley Tel: 053 832 9666, Fax: 053 832 1999

Maintenance • Onderhoud


4-8 SaM JaFF STreeT - KiMDuSTria. Tel: 053 841-1122 FaX: 053 841-1121

t’s Wha? Up


082 338 3518 / 082 330 6685 fax: 086 636 3610 / 5

Maintenance • Onderhoud


Central Roof Industries

Supplier of Rooftiles, Rooftrusses & Steelroofs

CRI are specialists in the design and manufacture of timber trusses and suppliers of ancilliary products, such as straps, clips, bracing and infill timbers Supply of Marley & Coverland Roof Tiles MiTek designed prefabricated rooftrusses 7 Delfos Street, Kimdustria, Kimberley 053 841 0335


Business Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am to 5pm Sat: 7:30am to 12pm Serving all your equipment hire needs

Coastal Hire Kimberley!

2012 Winner

for the Award of Excellence in the category: Top Store of the Year - Platinum Class n


n n



Competitive Rates Equipment of the highest quality

Qualified plumber and accredited Installer on the Eskom Solar Programme

Outstanding service Half day and weekend rates available

Tel 053 861 1899 fax 053 861 4210

Special rates for long hire We deliver and collect

12A Schmidtdrift Road, Kby •

053 861 5200 Fax: 053 861 5201

t’s Wha? p 6U

Elke Sat Ongoing Ongoing Ongoing

Tarentaalrand Marrick Kimberley Anti Animal Cruelty

*Also available for Heat pump installations

Leeu-voer 09:00 R30vlw, R20 kind - 083 230 4663 Animal Farm & Game Drives Safari Game drives tel 053 833 7004 Meals on Wheels-Sponsor a hungry person via sms (R15 per sms) - sms “Meal” to 39055 Donations welcome! Maria 051 448 6812 / 051 430 8793

We specialize in:

General enGineerinG Trailer repairs & sTeel sTrucTures

Paula Human 083 680 6736

We Offer:

• Landscaping

professional, custom steel designs for everyday products incl: steel furniture, Trellis Designs, Beautification items, steel Doors, Gates, staircases and Balcony railings.

• Garden maintanance

ruDOlph sTeyn 072 255 7020 email.

• Water features

kimberley electric fencing

Jaco vd Merwe 082 556 4568 Authorized provider of certification of electric fences Installation and repair of:


Gate Motors

Vector swing Gate Motors

Maintenance • Onderhoud


centuriOn d5 eVO at sPecial lOw Price

D2 Gate Motor

electric fence and security centre 29 schmidtsdriftweg, Kimberley tel: 053 861 5631 / 0861 stafiX / fax: 053 861 5630 Outdoor Beams

Quick, effective, reliable, simple perimeter surveilance

et UMPetHa

stafix Owner adriaan

082 373 2393

farmers Perfect for Game, Stock & Problem Animal Control

GsM MOBile netwOrK enaBled MOnitOrinG and switcHinG deVice

Two inputs to monitor two different electrical devices and be alerted via SMS on your mobile phone. Setup via the G-Web online user interface by SMS on your mobile phone 300 user phone numbers may be learned in and recognised High security - password protected & will only respond to recognised phone numbers

intercom systems

solar Panels

electric fencing lcd energiser out and return all energisers: 2 year Guarantee Voltage display

centurion & sentry remotes & receivers

Garage Motors centurion X trac

rdO dOMestic rOll-uP GaraGe dOOr OPeratOrs

Battery backup, Strong lifting capability, Whisper quiet movement Anti-crushing protection, Quick and easy installation Wall mounted controller with courtesy light, Wireless wall pendant.

Ongoing Hotline for parents and children in crisis 0861 585 858 - For donations - Deidre 011 482 2655/083 351 7734 5 Oktober Big Hole Kby Gerlad sing Jim Reeves 11;00 met Trevor Nasser,gerald Meyer - Pret vir die hele familie met kosstalletjies en vermaak vir die hele dag Navrae - 082 925 1488

Volume 81- October 2013 • Adverts 4 U


et 500

t’s Wha? Up 7

Maintenance • Onderhoud

Reduce your hot water bill with up to

75% Rose!

082 496 9222 • N12 na Kaapstad, Agter Engen Garage

Heat Pumps

Kunsmis & alle kwekery benodighede

Cheaper than Solar water heating

Oop vir publiek Maan-Vry: 8.00-17.00 Sat 8.00-13.00 Sondae gesluit

Heat Pumps are not weather dependant - Hot water day, night, rainy and cloudy days

082-770-3814 (Johann Müller) Faks 086-719-1186

Your savings are consistent (R400-R800 per month) SABS approved Rebate applies until Eskom programme discontinue R9,960 all incl (Valid until rebates expire) Important Notice

ESKOM IDM announced that NERSA is pulling the plug on the resedential Heat Pump programme. Take Note, Prices will increase with R4,000.


Saailinge R17

a Cost Effective Non-Solar Way to Heat Your Water at Home or Your Business

Now is the perfect time to buy 0860 10 20 15 your Heat Pump. •


Bosse Standaard Rose Groot hoeveelheid inheemse plante

Vir gehalte diens & gratis kwotasies - skakel ons! For quality work & free quotes - phone us!

Alle tipes lapas, lodges & huisdakke, asook herstelwerk aan bestaande dakke. All types of lapas, lodges & houseroofs, and all repairs on existing thatch roofs

• Garden Pavers • Stepping Stones • Sleepers • Circular Features • Wall Cladding • Indoor & Outdoor Tiles Visit us at:

t’s Wha? Up 8

36 Landbou Rd, Southridge, KBY Tel/Fax: 053 833 1681

ALZ Dance & Fundraising at Camelot (±6km outside Kimberley).

Great surprises to be won at event. 18 October 2013 Warm meal & dessert plus live entertainment. R100 per ticket. Cash bar available. Contact Adri 083 577 0888 for tickets and info!

Volume 81- October 2013 • Adverts 4 U

Maintenance • Onderhoud

5 Oktober Stillerweë Aftree-Oord

Potjiekos-ete (Hoender/Wilds/Skaapstertjies/Bees/ Afval potte) Ons gaan ook ‘n paar draaie maak. 18:00 - R80-00 Volw R40-00 Kinders tot 10 jaar navrae: 082 8744688

t’s Wha? Up 9

Maintenance • Onderhoud

All your interior needs under one roof!

idné I N T E R I O R S

• Curtains • Upholstery • Wallpaper • Poles & Accessories for Curtains • Blinds • Roman Blinds Call 082 494 2696 Hester Ehlers • Tel/fax: 053 842 1003 22-26 Main Road, Jules Katz Complex, Beaconsfield

Cleaning of Curtains - call us for quotations.

millenium Projects 2B Carters Rd C/o Schmidtsdrift & Carters Rd

083 262 5502 fax: 0866226937

Building Plumbing Painting

t’s Wha? Up 10

tiling Quality work done by Civil Engineer More than 20 year experience Supervised work No job too big or too small

contact willie 082 653 0120 5 Oktober




Instant Lawns Kukuyu, etc!

DuToitspan NG Kerk Mini-Dankfees 09:00 – 13:00 Lekkerste sosaties in Kimberley, pannekoek, poeding Yankees, Kerrie & Rys, Arts & Crafts ens. Moet dit nie mis nie!!! Kom besoek ons op die hv Rose- en Dyerplek, ‘n blok van K&B af.


Pragtige nuwe voorraad potte en plante. Groot verskeidenheid vetplante ook beskikbaar.

• New Trailers • New Locknuts • Own jack & spanner • Own safety triangles

61C Long St, Kimberley • 053 833 3827 •

Wooden & Steel Garage Doors Garage Door Motors

Volume 81- October 2013 • Adverts 4 U

Fabriciaweg 4B oorkant Diamond Pavilion

Maintenance • Onderhoud

071 121 3430

t’s Wha? Up11

8 Oktober William Humphreys Oudito ElCon bied aan: Jaco Powell skyfievertoning en praatjie oor die MAASAI MARA WILDEBEES MIGRASIE in Kenia. Skemerkelkie - 17:30, vertoning - 18:00 - 19:20 R100/persoon Kaartjies :Elizabeth Conradieskool of 053 839 1748

Maintenance • Onderhoud

Kwaliteit, Tel: 053-831 7544 Sel: 082 781 2470 Delfosstraat 1 • Kimdustria

Wye reeks (30 kleure) graniet en marmer beskikbaar vir u droomkombuis. Ons doen ook badkamers, braai-areas, trappe en kaggels. Gemaak volgens kliënt se eie spesifikasies.

diens en


Verskeie kleure kleiner graniet en marmer stukke teen tot 50% afslag te kry vir die gebruik van kleiner oppervlaktes

t’s Wha? Up 12

Ons diens die hele Noord Kaap en Vrystaat


Noord-Kaap Agent vir:

17 Oktober Bikers Church 18-19 okt Mokala 26 Oktober Kimberley

Jeneka VO - Marion Holm - R200-00 (Sluit die opvoering en ete in) 083 633 6446 Sasol Mokala Birding event - 082 898 3805 Pink Walk for Breast Cancer - 053 831 2968

October Specails!

Kimdustria Kimberley - Fax: 086 527 5229 - • Rib & Blok for Double Story Houses • Kerbs • Windowsills • Wall Coupings • Concrete Palisades • Precast Walls

- Housing - Extensions • Unique Wall - devilsfork / solid panel inbetween

• Crazy Pave • Retaining Blocks• Brick Walls & Gates • Paving • Retaining Walls • Rip & Block for Double Story

Conrad Liebenberg 082 819 3526

Maintenance • Onderhoud

NC Beton

Call us for our

Contact: Kittie 082 563 3689 • Enryke 082 497 0458 • 053 832 2273 • Halkettweg 28 •

26 Oct Kimberley

Volume 81- October 2013 • Adverts 4 U

• Blinds: Vertical, Venetian, Bamboo, Wooden Venetian, Roller & Roman Blinds • Interior Decorating • Wallpaper • Quilts • Upholstery • Decor Items • Curtains & Accessories designed to your spesifications • Wooden Furniture, Doors, Windows, Sliding doors, Cabinets, etc We make a House a Home

t’s Wha? Up

Social Responsibility Information - Motivational Talk with Song with Sonja Heroldt in aid of Yonder - Please buy group (R3 600 for 20) or individual (R180ea) tickets - 053 841 0537


Maintenance • Onderhoud



No More Paint, ever again

Dealers Wanted Country Wide Secure your licence today 084 912 9246 082 709 2022

Shaun Gunther Regen Energy Drinks

Join more than 30 of the TOP DOGS in off road racing!!


Dirt Trax•9 Nov


Jurie Botter Meyer, Brian Baragwanath, Danie Senekal, Paul Andray Perufsky, Neels UysL, John-John Henry Aylward, Eric Williams, Thinus Bredenkamp ....

Sprint Race North vs South 9 November 2013

Enter today to be part of this awesome day of racing & fun! Enter on facebook & 082 375 0739

Hosted by

cing Waterrite Raergy & Regen En drinks ORANJE This Memorial Rally Cross Sprint Race is for SA Quad star Shaun Gunther who passed away from cancer in August 2013. Please come out and support the event!

t’s Wha? Up 14

1 & 2 Nov Big Hole

29km from Kimberley on Petrusburg Rd Cash Bar & food available 083 273 6243 • 082 375 0739

Weltevreden Guest Lodge Danie Meijers

turbo cool

Dirt Trax

Beer Festival DJ`s, Bands, Karaoke, Poetry, Fashion, laughter, Lots food and Drinks Rewards waiting: Mr & Miss Festival, The Best Dress couple (cheerful) and many more. See you there.

Supplier • Verskaffer

M arke G N I R t SP


Lavender Lace

Spring country crafts and gift creations 18 -19 OCT 2013 FRIDAY 18 OCTOBER: 09:OO TILL 20:00 SATURDAY 19 OCTOBER: 09:00 TILL 14:00


“Home baked eats, treats and delicious foods. Handmade arts, crafts and beautifull goods...” 5 Angel Street • New Park • Kimberley / Contact us | Tel : 053 8327 542 • Email :

053 832 7542 082 839 7237 5 Angel St Kimberley At Lavender & Lace

Volume 81- October 2013 • Adverts 4 U

24 Nov Du Toitspan NG

18:30 Ons Kerssangdiens van Sondagaand 24 November 2013 beloof om ‘n onvergeetlike aand te wees. Dis heeltemal nuut en anders!!! Besonderse plaaslike talent, soliste, pianiste, violiste, fluitblasers ens ens ens. Moet dit nie mis nie!!!!

t’s Wha? Up 15

Supplier • Verskaffer

Stationery, Shelving & Electrical All the Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ! Fax: 053 832-4904 Material


Bubble Spa

Get R6 500 ready for summer with this NEW Bubble Spa!

Hot or Cold • Indoor/Outdoor Sole agent fo the NC

MakRak Units for: Work shops Baby rooms Offices Garages Wine cellars

Mon-Fri: 08:30 - 17:00 Sat & Pub Hol: 08:30 - 12:30

• Cameras • Watches • Laptops • iPods • Audion-Visual Equipment • Electrical/Gas Household & Kitchen Appliances • Air-Conditioning

10 Black Street, Kimberley 053 832-4987/8

Warrenstraat 58, De Beers, Kby

Soveel beskikbaar by Koki’s Vleismark! Bacon, Wors, Tenderised Steak, Braaipakke, Lamsrib, Skilpadjies, Burger Patties en vele meer!

053 833 3608

Besoek Koki’s Vleismark vir gehalte Ons doen snitte vir Restaurante van alle produkte vleisprodukte teen en verpakking! (Kwotasies op aanvraag) bekostigbare ryse! Kontak gerus vir Rudi of Suzette

ABSA Currie Cup Premier Fixtures October 2013


04 04 05 12

14:00 19:10 14:00 15:00

DHL Western Province Vodacom Blue Bulls GWK Griquas MTN Golden Lions

vs vs vs vs

MTN Golden Lions The Sharks Toyota Free State Cheetahs GWK Griquas

DHL Newlands, Cape Town Loftus Versfeld, Pretoria GWK Park, Kimberley Ellis Park, Johannesburg

Supplier • Verskaffer

117 Barkly Rd Gemdene 053 871 5352



117 Barkly Rd Gemdene

053 871 5352 Corrugated iron 3m .......... R6500 3.6m ....R7795 4.2 m .... R9000 6m .... R12500 IBR Sheets R45 per metre Ceiling tiles R5200/2.2m2

Garlic Ginger Spices Super Gold Continental Marinades 95 Breyani Mixes Frozen Samoosas Pitta Mutton Breads & Roti’s Garlic & Ginger Puff Marsala pastry 95 sprinkles1kg Cake decorating 100g 95 Baking Chocolate 95 400g Baking powder, soda 95 95 300g 1kg Confectioners Sugar Dates Cherries Honey & Rose water Bakers Mix Vanilla &1kg Biscuits 95 1kg Milkshake syrup 95 Basmati500g Rice Dried Beans,95 lentils, peas Dried fruit AishasCurry Cookies Hair color Powder and more 1kg too much 95 to mention!


R5 R15 R37

R59 R32


R25 R8






Pastry 3kg

R5995 1kg

R2195 Icing/ Mazena 1kg





Samoosa Strips 800 g

R3295 95 500g R17 Roti’s 10’s





• Exclusive Gifts & Décor • Corporate Gifts • Jewellery


• FREE Gift Wrapping

Shop 1, 14 Long St 053 832 0440, 082 824 3931 • Mon-Fri: 08:30-17:00 • Sat: 09:00-13:00

12 12 19 19 26

17:05 19:10 14:30 17:00 17:00

Toyota FS Cheetahs The Sharks A1 A2 Winner SF1

vs vs vs vs vs

Vodacom Blue Bulls DHL Western Province A4 A3 Winner SF2

Suppliers of Krayolan Products

Free State Stadium, Bloemfontein Growthpoint KINGS PARK, Durban Absa Currie Cup Premier Division Absa Currie Cup Premier Division Absa Currie Cup Premier Division

Volume 81- October 2013 • Adverts 4 U

• Parking available at the back


Supplier • Verskaffer

Ella Kotze, die nuwe gesig van


Nou mooier as ooit op 51. Ella Kotze gebruik Derma Puur al sedert Februarie 2011 toe dit bekend gestel is. Mense skat haar so 15 jaar jonger en praat met lof van hierdie plaaslike skoonheidsproduk. Ek het ’n droë vel en Derma-Puur het binne 10 dae die vog teruggeplaas sodat my vel nou normaal is. Sy vertel dat die lyntjies om haar oë al ligter word en dat sy net goed voel oor haarself sedert sy die produkreeks begin gebruik het. Ella se bekende sangerman, Phillip, sê hy kon sien hoe haar vel al sagter en gesonder word en die lyne om haar mond merkbaar versag. Hy het self van die room begin gebruik. Die lekkerste was om komplimente van dames te kry wat my al lank ken. Mnr John Gray, besturende hoof van Derma-Puur, sê die produk is na 14 jaar se navorsing ontwikkel. Hy verduidelik dat ’n mens se vel op ’n sekere ouderdom sy natuurlike elastisiteit verloor. Die aktiewe bestanddeel in die Derma-Puur-room is ’n plantekstrak, Anthocyanidin, wat ’n baie sterk anti-oksidant is. Anthocyanidin bring die molekule-struktuur van die vel weer in balans en herstel die vel se gesondheid - byvoorbeeld selletjies wat deur veroudering beskadig is. Die resultaat is ’n sagter, gesonde glans, asook ’n vel wat jonger lyk. Aanvanklik is net die vier-in-een-room bekend gestel. Dit dien tegelykertyd as dagroom, nagroom, nekroom en oogroom. Ella sê die alles-in-een botteltjie is baie gerieflik vir haar as sy reis, omdat sy nou baie minder velsorgprodukte moet inpak. Gray sê die Derma-Puur Booster is ’n wonderwerk in ’n bottel. Die hoofbestandeel is MSM, wat help om beskadigde vel te herstel en om die elastisiteit en die kollageen in die vel te verbeter.

NUUT! Vir ’n droër vel. Moisture Plus

Derma-Puur Lift

It has an amazing improvement in the appearance of deeper lines and wrinkles of the face. Strengthen the elasticity and firmness in the skin of the décolletage and breasts. Breasts appear lifted and firmer.


Die Derma-Puur-reeks bestaan uit ’n reiniger, ensieme (afskilferaar), booster en room. Die reeks is vir alle velsoorte en alle ouderdomme asook vir mans, geskik. Gray sê Derma-Puur, wat hier in Suid-Afrika ontwikkel en vervaardig word, vereenvoudig die velsorg-roetine en bied goeie waarde vir geld. Volgens hom hou die wasmiddel van 250ml tussen vier en ses maande en die gesigroom ongeveer twee tot drie maande. Die Derma-Puur reeks is reeds in talle salonne oral in die land beskikbaar.

Vir meer inligting oor die reeks asook gebruiksaan-wysings en getuigskrifte, gaan na

Die ou staatmaker.

As jy al alles probeer het en niks vir jou werk nie, gebruik Slim Eeze.

Vervang 2 maaltye per dag met Slim Eeze en yoghurt, of yogisip, vrugtesap of Cup-a-Soup en jy sal verbaas wees om te sien hoe jy gewig en sentimeters verloor en dat jou vel krimp terwyl jy gewig verloor.

Slim Eeze werk – jy moet dit net getrou doen en vasbyt. Cornel het 16kg verloor van Februarie tot Julie 2013!

O63-OZONE THERAPY is a strong

anti-oxidant that helps to detoxify and cleanse the body at cellular level. It helps restore, regenerate and build cells while boosting the immune system and improving cellular metabolism.

Skakel ons gerus vir meer inligting Ellen Human 082 787 5812 • 053 861 1174 Elmaré Gouws 082 823 5992

Ellen Human gebruik ook


en het tot dusver baie goeie resultate asook baie komplimente gekry

If you are running next to me on the treadmill, the answer is YES, we are racing


Polar Ice Kimberley word onafhanklik bestuur en besit.

Meduim sakkies “cubes” (+/- 3 kg) idiaal vir huishoudelike gebruik

Groot sakkies “cubes” (+/- 12kg) idiaal vir kroeë en funksies

Soliede blokke ( +/- 20kg) idiaal vir groot funksies

N/u: 084 645 7754

Grootste voorsiener van ys in die Noorkaap en Vrystaat! Lewer tot 60 ton ys / dag 100m/2 vrieskamers.

Ons lewer af !

McGregor Gift Shop McGregor Museum Atlas Street 053 832 2457

Shop no 4, Community Centre, Transvaal Road, 073 400 2232

• Herbs & Spices • Confectionery • Home-made Biscuits • Condiments

Party and More Costumes and decor - we’ve got it all!

65 Long Street

053 832 2375 082 492 2353

Hats, Wigs, Fancy Dress Costumes, Accessories for Sale & Hire, Costumes for any occasion!

Whatever you need for your party, wedding, conference, function ... contact us online at

You want it. We will get it! We deliver anywhere in South Africa!

Q: Did you hear about the guy who’s whole left side was cut off? A: He’s all right now.

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053 832 9907

Supplier • Verskaffer



Service • Dienste

Follow us on facebook

Dane 073 933 4073

Handmade Invitations for all occasions

Wedding stationery (Invites, Menus, Boxes for confetti, etc)

For unforgettable themed parties for your little ones at very affordable prices contact Wendy at

071 834 6656

Rentals & Organising of Kids Themed Parties

Summer Special

Dont Lose Out!

Thensessions with us Book your 10 Salon

WACKY Demo Session for October only R150!!! Book Today for your DEMO session! Just wrap and see te difference. Lose up to 25cm FAT per wrap! NO HARMFUL SUPPLEMENTS ! Safe for Diabetes, Cancer, High Blood Pressure.The products consist of natural herbal ingredients, to lose inches of body fat and cellulite within minutes!

Contact Us Today

Start Losing Fat Now!

NOW for only R1 950 and receive 10 FREE in

salon Cellulite treatments! Lose up to 25

cm in one ho

No Burning sensation No smelly odours No harsh diet


08:00 - 11:30 & 12:30 - 17:00 8 Linda Street, Lindene - Salon now open for walk in clients

Natasja 083 654 6360 Salon: 071 112 0280 For more info on this amazing product visit


Hawermoutkoekies: •550 ml hawermout •250 ml klapper •250 ml suiker •250 ml koekmeel •3 ml sout •130 g botter •30 ml heuning •5 ml koeksoda •25 ml melk - Meng die hawermout, klapper en suiker. Sif die meel en sout saam. Roer die hawermoutmengsel by die meel. Smelt die botter, voeg die heuning by en laat effens afkoel. Los die koeksoda in die melk op en meng met die bottermengsel. Voeg die droë bestanddele by en meng goed. Druk die mengsel op ‘n gesmeerde bakplaat vas en bak vir 20 - 30 minute teen 180 °C. Haal uit en sny dadelik in blokke. Laat in die bakplaat afkoel.

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Service • Dienste Really easy lemonade: 3 unwaxed lemons, roughly chopped • 140g caster sugar • 1l cold water Method 1.Tip the lemons, sugar and half the water into a food processor and blend until the lemon is finely chopped. 2.Pour the mixture into a sieve over a bowl, then press through as much juice as you can. Top up with the remaining water and serve with plain ice or frozen with slices of lemon and lime.


Service • Dienste

Susan Esterhuizen 083 660 1762 Adri Labuschagne Bronn 083 274 5484

Certificate for Flower arrangement, Wedding & Event planning from the sA sChooL oF WEDDings

Contact us for any event - we will DAZZLE you!

The name gEM Events is synonomous with 100% service from start to finish!

A weight loss of 20kg or more over 3 months or less has been achived following this programme when used as part of a low Calorie diet.

For a plan as individual as you! On our Core plus Programme you can expect to have three or four Cambridge meals a day depending on gender or height. Please contact your consultant for more details. Region: Northern Cape

Both Men and Women benefit from


Kimberley, Kuruman, Douglas, Suzanne Brunette Jacobsdal, Petrusburg Independent Cambridge Weight Plan SA Consultant 083 445 6025

allowing you to fine tune your weight loss efforts the easy way.


Results 2 months after one CoolSculpture session


Results 2 months after one CoolSculpture session

CoolSculpting now available here! Call today for an appointment 083 445 6025

Albertynstr 8 • 053 832 2010 • Call us for your beauty appointment

• Facials • Waxing • Make-up • Nails • Massages

The past, present and future walk into a bar. It was tense.


The natural way of smoothing deep wrinkles around mouth and frown

We congratulate Lourens Adriaanse Avalon’s favourite Springbok

Why are Avalon clients so impressed with Reshape safe and effective slimming?

Are you Avalon’s next Beauty Therapist?

• Targets fat and weight loss • Increase energy levels • Lose 10% body weight in 1 month

Apply by emailing us your CV


Service • Dienste

Lamelle Dermastamp

T: 053 831 1122 ı ı Block 1, Monridge Office Park, Memorial Rd, Kimberley botox dermal fillers permanent hair removal pigmentation and vein treatment chemical peels collagen induction therapy scar and stretch mark treatment mesotheraphy cellulite & fat removal acne treatments.nails (acrylic & gel & gel on toes) manicures pedicures parrafin wax massages waxing facials

labora Labora concrete Woodshed Manufacturing of works Visit us for:

Built-in & Kitchen Cupboards

* lintels

Restoration 053 831 1003 / 079 1882 158

* bricks we’Ve moVed to stone art landbouweg kimberley


Ons doen ook verstellings en verskaf opleiding 053 831 1003 079 1882 158 Geskenkwinkel Kom besoek ons gerus! We’ve moved to Stone Art Landbouweg Kimberley


Volume 81- October 2013 • Adverts 4 U

Vir Aandrokke, Trourokke en Matriekafskeidrokke

Lapa & Garden Furniture

053 831 1003 / 079 1882 158

* kurbs

Sew Creative


Being honest may not get you a lot of FRIENDS but it’ll always get you the RIGHT ONES


Service • Dienste

Saving towards retirement? The Cumulus Echo Retirement Annuity for Professionals Starting to save for retirement will put you one step closer to achieving your retirement dreams. With the Cumulus Echo Retirement Annuity for Professionals from Sanlam, we will boost your retirement savings with the Echo Bonus – an additional amount of money added to your retirement savings when you retire. • The longer you invest with us, the higher the Echo Bonus will be. • As a professional, you get a higher Echo Bonus percentage. • Even if you retire earlier than planned – we will still add an Echo Bonus. • Affordable – from only R250 per month. • Tax efficient – your contributions are tax deductable from your income, within certain limits. Call me for more information on the Cumulus Echo Retirement Annuity for Professionals.

Claudette Visser

Sanlam CI0846RS1435BPE

Financial Adviser 053 802 6711 071 154 7163


14 Hobson Crescent, Southridge

Kimberley Gate Motors Carl 082 560 9254

• Installation & Repairs of: Gate Motors Garage Door Motors Vector Swing Gate Motors • Remote & Receiver Programming BEST • Intercom Systems Pricing,

Back-up & Service


The Ultimate Venue for Year-End Parties, Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Award Ceremonies, Gala Dinners, etc.

• Capacity for 300 people • State of the art sound equipment • Fully air-conditioned • Catering to suit your individual needs • Easily accessible • Fully equipped bar facilities • Dance floor & 2 x Breakaway areas • Secure parking For bookings call Rachelle on 072 648 7543

Boys & Girls under 7 cut .........................................R60 Gents cut ................................................................R80 Gents cut & col/highlite ........................................R200 Ladies : Short hair Blowdry - includes oil treatment ............R80 Long hair Blowdry - includes oil treatment .............R80 Ladies cut & treatment ..........................................R150 Short hair cut, blowdry & treatment .....................R170 Long hair cut, blowdry & treatment ......................R200 Short hair cut, blowdry, treatment & col/highlite .R400 Long hair cut, blowdry, treatment & col/highlite R450-R500 Short hair colour & blowdry .................................R180 Long hair colour & blowdry ...................................R250 Pensioner cut & blowdry .......................................R120 Pensioner cut, blowdry & col/highlight ................R300

NEW Perm Technique : Short hair perm, colour shampoo, cut & blowdry R400 Long hair perm, colour shampoo, cut & blowdry ..R500 Spiral perm, colour shampoo, cut & blowdry .......R600 Pensioner perm, cut & blowdry .................R200 - R300 Brazilian Treatment Brazil Treatment Short hair .................................R600 Brazil Treatment Medium long hair ......................R800 Brazil Treatment Long hair .................................R1 000 includes cut & colour plus treatment Human Hair extentions Order on consultation R1 500 - R4 000

Coming Soon!

NEW Redken Diamond Oil NOW IN STOCK at NEXUS! ELUMEN Hair colour in : 053 831 2628 Pink Blue Purple Red 072 236 5437 and Turquoise


22 - 26 Main Road Beaconsfield Kimberley Tel: 053 842 1334

Diamond Oil delivers a nourishing blend of coriander, camelina and apricot oils that target all layers of the hair to strengthen, replenish and protect with each use. Hair is fortified and sparkles with intense shine.

Living on earth may be expensive, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun.

*Want to BOOST your Investment immediately from 7% to 26% with Discovery Invest? Guaranteed by Deutsche Bank

*Want your

LIfe COver in CASh for retirement or sickness?

*Want to get up to 60% of your Life Policy Premiums PAID BACK to you every 5 years or 30% yearly TAx free from Discovery Life?

*Want 25% CASh BACK on groceries and products from

*Want to get up to 50% of your fUeL SPeND PAID BACK with Discovery Insure?

*Do you want to get

Service • Dienste

Nominated by FIA as Best-Life Insurer -Invest Platform -Medical Aid In South-Africa


Go from BLUe to GOLD status in ONe hour!


Contact Charlie heathcote at 053 831 2161 / 083 653 2467

wANT The ABOve & mOre? Contact Financial Adviser Charlie Heathcote for an appointment to get more information and quotations on these products

Charlie Heathcote CFP , BA, BEd 053 831 2161 / 083 653 2467 ®

Email: Discovery Offices, Ground Floor 72 Long Street, Kimberley, 8301

Money isn’t everything… But it sure keeps the kids in touch.

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*Limits, Terms & Conditions apply


Service • Dienste

Vetkoek / Roosterkoek

Plain Mince Plain Mince, Bacon, Cheese Curry Mince Curry Mince, Bacon, Cheese Plain Mince, Mushroom Sauce Beef Biltong, Cheese Beef Biltong, Cottage Cheese Bacon, Cheese Bacon, Banana Bacon, Egg Russian

Med 24.50 29.50 24.50 29.50 29.50 29.50 29.50 29.50 29.50 29.50 29.50

Large 29.50 35.50 25.50 35.50 35.50 35.50 35.50 35.50 35.50 35.50 35.50

Vetkoek Burger Cheese Burger Hawaiian Burger Chilli Burger Mushroom Burger Egg Burger Chicken Burger

Med 31.50 31.50 31.50 31.50 31.50 31.50 31.50

Large 39.50 39.50 39.50 39.50 39.50 39.50 39.50

Vetkoek Burgers


Med Plain Mince & Rice 24.50 Curry Mince & Rice 24.50 Served with Optional Banana & Chutney

Chicken Fillings

Med 24.50 29.50 31.50 31.50

Chicken Mayonaise Chicken Mayonaise, Bacon Chicken Mayo, Bacon, Cheese Chicken Mayo, Russian

Vegetarian Fillings

Cheese Cheese, Jam

Sweet Filling

Med 16.50 18.50

Large 18.50 21.50

Med Large Jam (Apricot, Strawberry, Fig) 16.50 18.50 Syrup 16.50 18.50 Caramel, Banana 18.50 21.00 For Order Of 6 And More Place Order Before 10am

Cocktails Only on order Plain



Egg 6.50 Cheese 6.50 Banana 6.50 RUSSIAN RUSSIAN & CHIPS 2 VIENNAS & CHIPS CHIPS

Price per dozen With Filling 59.00

Mushroom Sauce Chilly Sauce Pineapple


6.50 6.50 6.50 12.00 28.50 28.50 18.00

For orders of 6 and more place order before 10am

Large 35.50 35.50

65-67 Swanns Rd, Hillcrest Like us on Facebook

Large 29.50 35.50 39.50 39.50

053 861 2668

Aflewering R10 Bestellings oor R50 gRAtIS aflewering

Kleinkind Ontwikkelingsentrum,


Nasorg & Babakamer

Nasorg kan lekker wees!


Kinders word gaan haal by die skool en kry heerlike etes. Spesiale middagprogramme, uitstappies en aktiwiteite word gehou met baie speel en pret! Vakansiesorg en verlengde ure vir u gerief!


_ Nasorg

Tuiste vir lekker kindwees en pret

Schalk 082 762 9838 •

Eureka leerlinge gr 1- 7. Uitstekende huiswerk hulp.


Biblioteek/Library Tel: 053 830 6242 Kimberley Library South Africa Monday Dinsdag Wednesday Donderdag Friday Saterdag

8:30 8:30 9:00 8:30 8:30 8:00


18:00 18:00 18:00 18:00 18:00 13:00

Stand a chance to win a prize!

Present this advert next time you take books out.


Almarie 082 575 3636 •

Anlie 071 641 6785

Kimberley, Northern Cape

I wonder if earth makes fun of other planets for having no life.


Service • Dienste


Northern Cape Aquatic Sports Association

Every child a swimmer!

NOCASA is the Provincial Federation for aquatic sports in the Northern Cape, and is affiliated to the Northern Cape Sports Confederation and Swimming South Africa.

Swimming can have many positive outcomes, least of all being an essential life skill.

Swimming South Africa and NOCASA, requires the following from Swim Schools / Centres / Clubs:

• • • • • •

Centre Accreditation Registered & qualified Learn To Swim instructors (with valid LTS Certificate) Valid First Aid Certification Police Clearance Annual Registration Personal Indemnity Insurance

Learning to swim well from an early age provides lifelong benefits. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death among children ages 1-4.

Children need to

Please ensure that your swim school / club and Instructors are registered - your child’s safety depends on it.

Learn to Swim.

However, don’t entrust your child to just anyone for swimming lessons.

Only registered swimmers from registered clubs will be eligible to represent the Province at inter-provincial galas to achieve NC Colours.

Please contact Mr Deon Steyn (NOCASA President) on 083 281 4043, or Mr Deon Human (Provincial Records Officer) on 082 470 3703 for more information on duly accredited and registered swimming facilities in the Northern Cape. Alternatively send an e-mail to

Help NOCASA save children from drowning - one swimming lesson at a time!

Tru Face® Line Corrector The power of peptides

When you look in the mirror, do you focus on your imperfections?

Intelligent exercise - Profound results

Shareen Methven - Internationally certified STOTT Pilates instructor 7 Cam Kiddie Street, Rhodesdene Kimberley

We’re ing celebrat st our y! Birthda


082 667 5822

Cortitrol Cortitrol® is a unique dietary supplement that helps you stay calm and relaxed through a proprietary blend of ingredients shown to

promote healthy cortisol levels. Cortisol, sometimes referred to as the fight-orflight hormone, is manufactured in the adrenal glands in response to emergency situations. The sporadic release of cortisol is both normal and essential to human health. The too frequent release of cortisol results in elevated cortisol levels, which can have a multi-factorial effect on human health.

Results after 70 days. Treated with

ageLOC Transformation twice daily, and the



ageLOC Galvanic Spa and Facial Gels twice per week

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Pilates @ Studio 7

Tru Face Line Corrector features revolutionary pro-collagen peptides that help soften moderate to deep lines around your mouth, eyes, and forehead in just four weeks. Medical science has recently discovered that peptides have the ability to send agereversing signals to collagen-producing cells, promoting younger-looking skin.

Contact your local distributor to shop at Wholesale price!

I know some jokes about unemployment but they need some work.


Service • Dienste


Open for Milk, Bread, Koopkrag, Gas, SERviCE STATiOn Fire wood, Flowers, Snacks and the Best Friendly Service in Town ever present MIDNIGHT Cravings! 65-67 Swanns Rd, Hillcrest, 053 861 2710 even Slimmers low GI choices! Fuel, Shop, Take Aways Lotto machine available!


Mon to Sat 7.30 - 17.00 Sun 8.00 - 14.00 OPEN WASH & GO SEVEN Pre wash, Foam wash, No dry DAYS WASH & DRY A WEEK Pre wash, Foam wash, Dry Sit-down waiting area, Take away food court Jungle gym for the kids! Biggest Carwash in town!



Double Cab SUV Kombi










Motor bike Quad bike Trailer


Boat Caravan


R50 R160

Pre wash, Foam wash, Dry, Windows, Tyre & Dash treat, Vacuum Vacuum Only

by Annette Wall

Wedding Cakes Cup Cakes Birthday Cakes Kiddies Cakes Special Christening Cakes

053 861 2710


Matric Girl 2013 Date: 12 October 2013 Venue: Bikers Church

082 868 1477

Timeless Wedding

Affordable wedding dresses Wedding and bridesmaid dresses for sale or hire All dresses are fully lined and boned Tuxedoes & Waistcoat rental Shoes and shirts Situated in Kimberley Only by appointment

Breast Cancer:



Maryke 074 497 5559 or 083 375 7100

Tickets available at CANSA office at 11 Chapel St, CBD or contact 053 831 2968 for more information

Wedding and shower cupcakes and cakes Contact us for more onformation

1 in 29 women in South Africa will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Many breast lumps are harmless, but they should all be checked. It is important to examine your breasts regularly and if you are over 40, to go for a mammogram (a special x-ray to detect lumps in the breast).

Events & Decor

Cell: 082 926 5438 •

Service • Dienste

Nigel Londt

Volume 81- October 2013 • Adverts 4 U

Wedding & Event planning with Decor & Flowers

Symptoms include - difference in size breasts | lumps | unusual swellings | puckering of the skin | sores | pain | discharge. If you have these symptoms go to a health professional without delay.


Kom gerus vir ’n gratis demonstrasieklas!



a good beginning never ends


We SPECIALIZE in: SELLING and BUYING of houses COMMERCIAL Properties Going Concerns Rentals URGENTLY LOOKING FOR HOUSES TO RENT! Lettie Van der Merwe (Principal) NQF5: 082 491 8744 • • • •

Die sleutelwoord is PRET!

•Verbeter growwe EN fyn motoriese vaardighede. • Kindermusik kindertjies se taal-, wiskunde-, en legkaartvaardighede asook hul ruimtelike oriëntasie toets beter as ander kinders.

• Vanaf 1 maand tot 7 jaar.

Kindermusik as Geskenkbewys NOU beskikbaar! Gee die ideale geskenk vir ma of kind.

Mammas met babas en “terrible Rozanne Botha: two” kinders word veral uitgenooi. 073 198 2819 Kom kyk watter ongelooflike dinge Skole kan my kontak vir meer besonderhede. kry ons met hulle reg!

R290 per kwartaal vir klasfooi - registrasiegeld vooruit-betaalbaar

B A C TRANSPORT Wouter Kotze - 082 455 6038

251 Omgea Street Pomona Kempton Park, 1619

Tel no: 011 963 1315 Faks no: 086 511 4595

Loads å General Goods å Full

Distance å 07 – 28 Tons

å Long

Skoonmaakdienste Cleaning Services Gebruik die beste span vir al u skoonmaakbehoeftes! Contact us today!

Eenmalige Skoonmaak Once-Off Cleaning Kantore Offices Ons Toesighouer Huishoudelik Weekliks by elke span WAS ook Matte Homes weekly teenwoordig

083 9292 951 Ansa Buys


Fabricia Weg 14, Fabricia

Slegs Suiwer Vleis word gebruik vir al die produkte Geen semels, meel, soja, senings, kliere word bygevoeg nie. Ons spesialiseer in wors en worsprodukte soos: 087 310 7699 Deli Salami, Kaasworsies, Biltong, Spaanse wors, 083 230 4226 Tom Bruwer Hollandse Rookwors, Pekan Droëwors, ens. Tye 08:00 tot 17:00 Ander Deli Produkte soos, Carpaccio, Ham, elke weeksdag Beskuit, Mostert, Dronk Dadels, ens. (Deel perseel met Willmore’s)

special only

R195 per


pRevent costly dents, scRatches and scuff maRks Attach polymer strip to garage wall or pillars to absorb impact from cars

Available at bolt & Hardware centre Shop 5, Choy Centre, Heuwelsig - 65 Swanns Rd 053 861 1563 / 084 038 6177

Skoonheids & Naelsalon 082 400 1007

Kimberley, Koffiefontein en Jacobsdal - Na ure en slegs op afspraak

Annique & Hannon produkte

Wimper en Wenkbrouversorging Waksbehandelings Naelbehandelings Hand- en Voetversorging

Van Venter Treilers tot Beeswaens te huur

Cupcake Creations

Eliezer SwemSkool

Any Cupcake is a Creation for any Occasion

Tel: 053 831 7730 Fax: 053 832 1614 • The Lemon Tree, Angel Street

Internasionaal gekwalifiseerde swemafrigter Irma: Spesaliseer in babas vanaf 8 maande 072 5451 372 Kleuter Veiligheid Beginners Stylafrigting DVD ouer-inligtingsaand (verpligtend) “Not your average method... not your average Swimming School’

It’s been scientifically proven that too many birthdays can kill you!


Conference and Wedding Centre bied u nou die


konferensie fasiliteite in die


27 MacDougal Street Monument Heights 053 802 7980

Memorial Road 053 831 2377 053 832 5267

Dickenson Avenue Cassandra 053 831 2377 053 832 5267

Ons kan 1 300 persone per dag akkommodeer Konferensiefasiliteite by die Horseshoe Inn - 14 en by die Country Club - 4

Book your Year-End Function with us

and be part of the Horseshoe Inn, Conference and Wedding Centre & Country Club Conference and Wedding Centre

2013 Wedding & Function competition All weddings and functions of more than 100 people taking place during 2013 at any of the two facilities will stand a chance of winning the competition. A draw will take place in the first week of each month to determine the winner of the previous months competition. The winner of the monthly competition will win a Horseshoe Inn Voucher of R500.00. Each of the monthly winners will be entered into a draw for the grand prize at 31/12/13 of: 1st Place: R10 000 • 2nd Place: R5 000 • 3rd Place: R2 500

Wenner van die PMR Toekenning in 2012 en 2013 vir die beste konferensifasiliteit in die Noord-Kaap

Gesels met ons oor jou doelgemaakte funksie.

Volume 81- October 2013 • Adverts 4 U


Accommodation & Restaurants

Die Horseshoe

053 832 5267 Formula one 14 15 16

Korean Grand Prix Korean GP Korea International Circuit, Yeongam 6 October Japanese Grand Prix Japanese GP Suzuka Circuit, Suzuka 13 October Airtel Indian Grand Prix Indian GP Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida 27 October


083 406 6269 16 Bottomley St, New Park

Cut, Color, Hi-lites, Perm, Upstyle, Brazilian Cacau Treatments

Hair Crystals, Funky Colour extensions available,

All upstyle prices includes pins and grips. Mon/Wed 08:00-19:00 Tues/Thurs/Fri 08:00-17:00 Sat 07:00-13:00 Kredietkaart fasiliteite nou beskikbaar


P ie

• Partytj ie


Markdag 16 November Jannie Roux Kinderhuis Kerskonsert

le tha


2 November


99-111 Transvaal Road Tel: 053 833 1541 William 083 468 2707 Werner 083 484 3222

kniek • Lekker sp

8 Km uit op Griekwastad-pad. E-pos: Vrydag - Saterdag: 09:00 - 17:00 Sondae: 10:00 - 16:00 • R15/Volw en R10/kind

Kontak Jasmyn vir meer inligtig by 082 852 7971

Venetian, Vertical, Roman Roller en Bamboo Blindings. Panel Blinds! Vir Gratis Kwotasies Riaan of Erika Moller 079 904 0502 / 072 172 8124

Ons Woord Is Ons Eer, Ons Diens Is Ons Trots

Casper Trading


All kinds of sewing and overlocking machines:

24hrs Spares and accessories Sales and Repairs


Pick up and delivery on a charge

Call Casper at 072 640 3409 081 063 3812

Accommodation Listings Ambassador Lodge

20-22 Heerengracht St, Kimberley Tel: 053 831 7937

Bateleur Guest House

4 Van Der Stel Street, Kimberley e-mail: Telephone: 053 861 1022 cell: 082 446 8107

Carters Rest Guest House

Just pick up the phone,we’ll clean your home

30 Carters Rd,Kimberley e-mail: • 071 174 9001

We specialize in: •Once off Cleaning

Dankie Pa Gastehuis 1 Harvey St, Rhodesdene, Kimberley e-mail: Tel: 053 861 1313 cell: 076 101 4570

Leona’s Cleaning Services •Weekly/Monthly Cleaning Services •Office Blocks and Buildings NOW ALSO • Carpet Cleaning Services

All services are done professionally and with care. For a free quote contact Leona : 083 678 7608 or :

Geluk Safari’s en Gasteplaas

Jungnickel Guest House 12 Park Rd/Memorial Rd


e-mail: • Tel: 053 832 5630 cell: 073 588 7600

Kandirri Game Lodge 32

60km Suid van Kbly op N12

e-mail: : Tel: 083 234 5206

N8 Kimberley to Bloemfontein e-mail: • Cell: 082 781 4444

Elmarie 071 576 0645 Antoinette 073 296 2580 44 Memorial Rd - 053 832 9562

Any Catering at the Gallery Cafe or your own venue Meal of the Day Cake, Coffee & Light Meals Local ARt for sale

Tel 053 861 3331 Jason 082 555 7888 erich 082 447 4546

Quality is remembered long after price forgotten. we buy cars cash from the public.

Book your

Group Breakfasts can be booked by arrangement

Year-End function at the Gallery Cafe today!

Monday - Friday: 10:00 - 17:30 closed on saturdays

Open by arangement for group Sunday Buffets

Experience our unique

Dinners in the Lapa Bar

Pub Lunches

Our is open to the public every day from 15:00 Except Sundays

Fridays & Saturdays from 12:00 Steaks, Baskets, Fish & Chips - All freshly prepared

Heerengracht St 20 - 22 Royldene, Kimberley 053 831 7937

Book now for your

yEAR EnD FunCtiOnS

Complete wedding packages available - contact us for quotations

Luxury Accommodation Standard rooms R650 Single room Bed and breakfast incl

R950 Double room

Bed and breakfast incl

Volume 81- October 2013 • Adverts 4 U

2a Smidtsdrif Road (old HQ Building)

Accommodation & Restaurants

The all new

Moto GP 15

11.10.2013 Malaysian Grand Prix Sepang 33



Boutique Hotel

vir hulle wat gerief en styl verkies

Victoria Manor

Ongelooflike Aanbod

• Kontak ons gerus vir ons nuutse

Spesiale Naweek Aanbiedinge Ontbyt ekstra: vanaf R50/p - R120/p

Deftig Upington

Besprekings kontak Sel 082 925 3029 Tel/Fax 054 - 332 4323, 054 - 331 1188 GPS Koördinate: S28 27.053/E21 15.259

R500 - R900 per eenheid.

River Boutique Hotel Upington

Gewildste destinasie vir ons sakemanne sedert 2009

Algemene wenner van die PMR Diamond Arrow Awards 2009 / 2010 / 2011 / 2012 / 2013

AA Accommodation Awards Winner for 2011!


Beperkte Salonbehandelings vir volprys kliënte slegs tussen 14:00 - 17:00 Vanaf R1 000 - R2 000 per eenheid

die“Wit Huis”

Kliënt is ’n Spesiale Persoon GPS Koördinate: S28 27.791/E21 14.523 Links van Auto Luxus (BMW garage)

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