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How to create a Facebook campaign that generates messages The advertising campaigns for Facebook Ads are very attractive for all page owners. No matter if is a Facebook page of a small business, the page of a blogger or of a large company, the advertising campaigns are very efficient if managed correctly. Considering that there is an increasing interest for Facebook Ads, we will present you a useful tutorial for the ones that want to create a Facebook campaign that has as objective receiving messages. We recommend this type of campaigns for the companies that offer services, because by interacting directly with the possible clients, the enterprises increase their chances of conversions/sales. Because not everybody know how to create a Facebook Ads campaign, their implementation can be a difficult task, and that's why we are going to explain the creating process step by step. 1. Access the advertising personal account

2. The objective of the campaign Depending on the objective you have selected, Facebook will offer different settings and options that will help you obtain the results you want. For the Facebook campaign, you can choose objectives like: application installing, messages, conversions, sales from the sales catalog or visits in the shop. You can choose other objectives as well but you need objectives that really show how efficient the campaigns are and their results. For an efficient measuring of the campaign you need a programmer that will implement the advanced pixel.

3. Selecting the 'Messages' objective In the example we give we chose as objective the attraction of messages. All you have to do is to name the campaign and press 'Continue'. This objective is suited for every company that wants to get information about the target public and to attract more followers for the page. For example, a photographer can create such a campaign. His goal is to attract as many messages as possible from the people that will have an event in the near future.

4. Name the advertising set and choose the destination You have 2 options:

 

Click to Messenger – it means that conversations will be opened in Messenger by clicking on your advertisements Sponsored message – it means sending messages in conversations that already exist

5. Select the audience After you gave a descriptive name to the audience, choose the location where you will run your advertisements. You have the possibility of running campaigns in the entire country, or only in a certain city or area. Also here, you can exclude the locations where you don't want your advertisements to be displayed. For example, if you have a nail salon, you will target women of 18-30 years old. Thus, the advertisements will be displayed to a certain public. Facebook brings at your disposal the option to filtrate the target public depending on the known languages.

6. Target based on interests, demographic data or behavior

Pay attention to this detailed targeting stage where you have the possibility of targeting people based on their interests, demographic data or behavior. By clicking on 'Suggestions' you will receive from facebook helping options that will make your work easier. Moreover, you can create connections that represent an advanced filtration and a specific displaying of the advertisements.

7.Place the advertisements After you saved the audience you have to select the position of the advertisements. It's recommended to leave the automatic position of the advertisements.

8. Establish the campaign budget Choose the budget you are willing to spend daily or the total budget of the campaign. Facebook offers you the possibility of establishing a program in which the advertisements will be displayed. For the ones that got familiar with the platform, they can use the advanced options offered by Facebook for a more precise control.

9. Select the Facebook page and the desired format During this stage you have to select the Facebook page on which the advertisements will be shared. You can associate it with an Instagram account. Also here, you have to choose a format for your advertisements. Our recommendation is to test all the formats in order to determine which one is suited for both your company and your business.

10. Choose proper images Facebook is a network based on the desires of the users and focuses on the visual aspect. In order to have a successful campaign you have to give importance to the images you use.

In the print screen below, on the right side, you have the recommended sizes and the Facebook principle, and that is short texts. The Facebook campaigns are about emotions and ideas transmitted through images. You should take this in consideration when you choose the images you want to use.

11. Create titles and descriptions The last stage is the one of composing the titles and the descriptions of the advertisements. Create an attractive text, suited for the type of business you're running. Don't forget to transmit benefits, advantages and a call to action. For every campaign you have the possibility of selecting a call to action, an element which is very important.

12. Monitoring the campaign After you finished the creation process of a campaign, you can track and manage it very easily with the help of the information offered by Facebook in the platform.

Here you can see how the campaigns are evolving, the advertising set, and each of the advertisements. For creating a new campaign, click on 'Create an advertisement' on the top of the right side. After reading these informations you should be able to create a Facebook campaign more easily and to manage it properly in order to get the results desired. We recommend to verify daily the campaigns and to analyze the data given by the platform, and after a few days to make some changes in order to increase the campaign's efficiency. Author: Mihai Grigorescu I am passionate about everything that digital environment means for over 3 years and I want to give useful information to the ones that want to discover the secrets behind the online marketing. For more information, you can contact me on

How to create a Facebook campaign that generates messages  

Because there is an increasing interest regarding the Facebook campaigns, the advertising agency Promos created a tutorial in order to offer...

How to create a Facebook campaign that generates messages  

Because there is an increasing interest regarding the Facebook campaigns, the advertising agency Promos created a tutorial in order to offer...