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Find a genuine Lappish pearl

Kemijärvi is a small unique town in the Arctic Circle, not yet discovered by the masses.

It is located on the shores of Lake Kemijärvi, hence its name. Water, in its different states, dominates the town; in the summer, waves shimmer right next to the town centre, while in the wintertime, snow and ice bring an air of light and spaciousness to the landscape. If you are looking for harmony and a high quality of living to offset the hectic pace of modern life, Kemijärvi is your answer. Traditions thrive strongly alongside modern services and conveniences in the villages on the shores of the lake and river. Nature is always close by in the town. The surrounding forests and fells, and the changing seasons pace people’s lives and also leave their mark on local culture.

Northern lights, snow and room to Breathe


Eventful experiences in the Lapland of tales and stories

In Kemijärvi, the winter is long, and many consider it the best time of the year. Nature is adorned in its white gala dress, and under the starlit sky, not even the darkness of the polar night interferes with outdoor activities – nor does the cold, as long as one has the right equipment.

Snow, cold and the northern lights brought Marek Kozmic and his sleigh dogs to Kemijärvi. He discovered the Lapland of magnificent landscapes and stories, which he had dreamed of in his native country, at the foot of the Suomu fell. The dogs enjoy the space and arctic climate, and Marek can offer the customers of his event company exhilarating experiences with man’s best friends.

Suomu Fell provides a magnificent setting for a variety of activities. The sheltered slopes invite downhill skiers and the well cared for ski tracks attract one to the deep forest. The high-quality accommodation and restaurant services fulfil the wishes of even the most demanding tourist.


Sointu is an oijus through and through

Meet a Lapland legend

The reindeer is the bestknown animal of Lapland, and meeting one is the highlight of a visit to Lapland for many.

At Kemijärvi, you can encounter this graceful animal on a reindeer safari or by visiting a reindeer farm. Before sitting down in the sleigh, you will hear colourful stories of the reindeer and its role in Lappish culture. And there are plenty of stories to tell: every reindeer pulling the sledge has a name and enough temper to write a book about.

Sointu is my special reindeer, an oijus* through and through. He is determined, tireless and incredibly beautiful. Sointu has maintained his wildness and has a very independent nature, but over the seven years we’ve spent together, we have learned to work together. Hopefully, we still have many, many years together ahead of us.” Mia Lappalainen, Off-Piste Adventures

* a reindeer that gallops straight and keeps to the road

At Kemijärvi, you can enjoy Lappish nature in a sleigh pulled by reindeers or sleigh dogs as well as by riding a Finnhorse or in a sleigh pulled by one. The Finnhorse is a reliable, calm and resilient breed that was irreplaceable on farms and for forest harvesting in times gone by. With its furry winter coat, it is well adapted to the northern conditions and moves reliably in any terrain.

The amount of light increases all spring long and reaches its apex in midsummer, when the sun does not set at all.

In the light of the midnight sun

A canoe trip on the lake can continue all night long without even noticing it. Every other year, artists from all over the world carve Lappish wood under the midnight sun at the Kemijärvi Wood Sculpting Symposium. The warmth and scent of the wood used in the carvings is an integral part of the town’s history – after all, Kemijärvi has always derived its living from the woods in one way or another. In the summer, Kemijärvi also offers somewhat more extravagant experiences for those with wilder tastes. The water ramp built near the town centre rises to a height of 14 metres, and the distance from the top to the water is over three metres. Freestyle skiers and snowboarders practice on the ramp, allegedly the best in Finland, for the winter, but anyone who has the guts is free to try it.

Impressive jumps attract a keen audience ranging from young people to local pensioners to the shore. We have a lot of Facebook followers who want to know when the next training sessions at the ramp will take place.” Pasi Vierelä, Avalanche Ski Club

Inviting villages The 16 highly individual villages of Kemijärvi offer tourists experiences emerging from nature and the local way of life.


Old-time atmosphere enjoyed at breakfast with the hosts

NiittyWilla in the village of Luusua provides accommodation in an attractive traditional log setting and bathing in the relaxing warmth of a peat sauna. Other well-being services are also available. You can have breakfast with the hosts in the comfortable main building.

The oldest building in our courtyard is the kiln from the 1890s. It has also been used as a residential building, and we have converted it into a sauna.

Asko Severinkangas, NiittyWilla

At the Metsola sheep farm in the village of Juujärvi, Helvi Juujärvi makes traditional roukos* and other skilled handicrafts from wool and sheepskins. A tourist staying at Metsola has a chance to learn about life at the farm and give felting a try, among other things. * Rouko is a blanket assembled from sheepskins on one side while the other side is felted or woven.

Tight lines... Kemij채rvi has been renowned for its good fishing waters and particularly large pikes throughout history.

They were important as a source of food and item of trade in ancient times: dried Kemij채rvi pike was exported to European courts in the 17th century. Pike was also utilised in various other ways. A pike kept in the well ate any small animals living in or falling into the well and thereby kept the water clean. A special pike week is held every year in Kemij채rvi, with a pike seminar, delicious pike meals and, naturally, trying to catch the biggest pike in a fishing competition.


Guided fishing trips all year round

Pure Lappish flavours Reindeer, fish, vegetables, game and berries...

Kemij채rvi has a lot to offer for gourmands who appreciate good taste, healthiness and food of ethical origin. The menus of the local restaurants include delicious local foods with the flavours of the midnight sun, clean waters and Lapland forest.


Pike week in Kemij채rvi in July

Arc tic C ircle

Kemijärvi Rovaniemi Kuusamo

Finland Helsinki

Kemijärvi is easy to reach: this centre of eastern Lapland is located at a main road junction, a train stops at the very centre of the town, and two airports are only a little over an hour’s drive away. Helsinki - Kemijärvi 911 km Rovaniemi airport - Kemijärvi approx. 80 km Kuusamo airport - Kemijärvi approx. 140 km More information and stories Vapaudenkatu 8, 1st floor FI-98100 Kemijärvi, Finland tel. +358 (0)40 1892 050 email: We are open Mon–Fri 9:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Design & text: Advertising Kioski Photos: Juhani Maukonen


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