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£25 cash/£25 petrol see page 37 p11 Explore WImborne

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Your FREE Guide

Let’s Do Dinner is a brand new Dinner Party and Social Events Club. Join us now to host, cook and have fun!



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Tel: 01202 244888 Email: Web:

20/4/12 10:33:35

PORTIQUE Est. 1971

Jewellers, Silversmiths & Diamond Merchants nc

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As Diamonds are forever...

Member of the National Association of Goldsmiths

© Minster Design

... Portique Jewellers of Wimborne, stands by the criteria that De Beers introduced in 1939. CARAT – Diamond weight is measured in Carats 1 Carat equals 100 points. CUT – Relates to shape and number of facets, all in a well-cut and proportioned Diamond which will reflect light maximally with great brilliance. Diamond shapes/cuts available in Portique include Pear, Round Brilliant, Emerald also Marquise, Asscher, Radiant and Princess etc. CLARITY – This measured scale of size and visibility of natural inclusions within Diamonds ranges from Internally Flawless to lowest grade Pique stones. Portique Diamonds are SI1 to the higher end of the scale, and these Diamonds are of good transparency, clear and bright. COLOUR – Diamond colour is extremely important, measured on a scale from D(top) to Z(lowest). D-F are Colourless, G-H near colourless, and J-Z poor coloured Diamonds. Portiques’ Diamonds range from D to H and no lower. Fancy Coloured Diamonds are available too. Some of the Diamonds at Portique have GIA Certificates confirming their quality. Mr Harkness recommends using a Jewellers eye glass to appreciate the beauty and quality of Diamonds, and buys his Diamonds from conflict free sources, selecting each one individually for its Carat ,Cut Clarity and Colour.

42 East Street, Wimborne BH21 1DX · 01202 884282 · Closed on Mondays WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 2

20/4/12 10:33:36

What We Don’t Know About Resurfacing...

The Only Name to Trust When Choosing a Reliable Company Drives. Car Parks, Pathways, Forecourts, Housing Estates Machine or Hand laid surfacing Specialist hand laying team Block paving to suit contemporary and traditional tastes References available * Local work can be viewed NO SUB CONTRACTORS * FULLY INSURED Advice on sub-base preparation and surface drainage


For expert advice about choosing the right surface for your driveway and FREE design service, call Colin:

01202 602116 07860 715649 © Minster Design Beaucroft, Knoll Lane, Corfe Mullen, Wimborne Recommended, vetted and monitoRed by



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20/4/12 10:33:37

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“ Putting Your Imagination into Printing you can be Proud of �





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, Vinyls

s Safety Flo oring Commerc ial Floor ing Flooring Repairs Supply & Fitting Fit only service Call now

for a no


on quote 01258 85 7300 07 riverfloo 890 8955 ringd 72 www.rive orset@hotmail. rflooring dorset.c Quality flooring at afford able pri ces


April 2012




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ÂŁ25 cash/ÂŁ25 petrol see page 37

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Let’s Do Dinner is a brand new Dinner Party and Social Events Club. Join us now to host, cook and have fun!

...for singlďż˝ new



Tel: 01202 244888 Email: Web:

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This year will be a time of change and we resolve to do our bit to help you with a range of newly sprouted offers this April.



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Spring a time of change!

Health & Bea uty Pictured is


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Check out our smart car promotion - a unique way to get noticed and promote your business! Our top tips on business and marketing can make a difference so check that out in the “Little Guide� - we aim to help grow your business!

Corona tion of

Queen Elizabeth II

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Guide FREEŽŜ Ç Ĺ?ƚŚ YourĆ?Ć?Ĺ˝ Ä?Ĺ?Ä‚Ć&#x; Ĺ?ŜĂ


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‘Little Guide’

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Carpets Karndean

Wet Room

a nce in e nc Roma olesce m and Rhyth London Ad ar Post-W


Friendly independe quality and service nt specialists delive at a pric e you can ring afford Coverin

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ey The K Of oor The D

As we change and grow we will have lots of new ideas and promotions to help you grow as well! Best Wishes,

in Jun e 1953

Pay for One Side & We’ll Pay For The Other.

Printing on one side of your business cards only tells half a story. Just imagine the benefits of being able to put extra details on the reverse, making your card a real selling tool and not just an introduction. Offer limited to quantities of 2,500. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Chris Slocock ‘Growing is a part of it’

FREE QUOTES AND ADVICE Remember us for print design publishing support marketing

Directories, Town Guides Magazines and much more!


Let Your Imagination Drive Away With You.

Experience shows that a high proportion of Model Smart Cars sent out get made, especially if the design is imaginative. And of course each one which is retained works as a silent salesman on the desks of your clients. Why not prove the effectiveness for yourself for less with our exceptional 25% discount. There has never been a better time to experience the power of promotion. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

Environmentally Friendly Printing Doesn’t Cost The Earth.

With our new Nine Lives recycled range you can go green on all full colour products and still keep to your budget. And during March and April looking after the planet is even more favourable to your wallet with an additional 15% off our complete recycled range. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.


The Old Brewery ¡ 14-15 Mill Lane ¡ Just under the Arch ¡ Wimborne Minster ¡ Dorset ¡ BH21 1LN dĎŹĎ­ĎŽĎŹĎŽϴϴώώϳϳÍź&ĎŹĎ­ĎŽĎŹĎŽϴϴϴϹϏϏ͟žĹ?ĹśĆ?ĆšÄžĆŒĆ‰ĆŒÄžĆ?Ć?Î›Ć‰ĆŒĹ?ŜƚĆ?ŽůƾĆ&#x;ŽŜĆ?͘Ä?Ĺ˝Í˜ĆľĹŹÍźtÇ Ç Ç Í˜Ć‰ĆŒĹ?ŜƚĆ?ŽůƾĆ&#x;ŽŜĆ?͘Ä?Ĺ˝Í˜ĆľĹŹ


20/4/12 10:33:45

“News in Brief” HAPPINESS The UK has been placed behind the likes of Costa Rica, Israel and the United Arab Emirates in a global league table of happiness. Despite being one of the richest nations in the world, the UK has been ranked as only the 18th happiest in an authoritative United Nations report, behind much poorer countries. FAKE MONEY The Royal Mint estimates that three in every 100 pound coins in circulation are counterfeit. That’s about 44

million in total. Last year, 374,000 fake banknotes were taken out of circulation. Telegraph A MESSAGE FROM ABOVE Martin Luther (1483-1546), the man who started the Protestant Reformation, was the son of a miner. He was a law student at Erfurt University in July 1505 when he was struck by lightning and thrown to the ground. Seeing this as a sign from God, he vowed on the spot to become a monk, which he did two weeks later. QI


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Please mention the Little Guide when responding to advertisers WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 5

WD Little Guide

20/4/12 10:33:49

W NEW Hinges

NEW Doors & Drawer fronts

open passed 110º helps reduce wear

130 different designs & finishes

Te n

2 SA

O 0% L E rM or OF e F D oo rs


NEW Appliances

most leading makes inc. Bosch, Neff and Whirlpool

NEW Sink & Taps

NEW Worktops

from Duropal & Polyrey all precision mitred at joints

• Save up to 75% of the cost of a new kitchen






01202 570003 kitchen OPTIONS



In O






A Family Business Serving the Local Area For Over 100 Years


&Žƌ enq 012 ĂĚŚ ĐŽ͘Ƶ

We pride ourselves on our workmanship and our ability to form a good relationship with our customers. We offer high quality systems at a competitive prices and offer free quotations and advice on which system best suits your requirements.


Davids of Wimborne carry all necessary public and employers liability insurance. We are contractors for local authority work, and are members of the Confederation of Roofing Contractors. Local Authority & National Trust Contractors

Tel: 01202 882777 Mob: 07831 127934



The David family started roofing as Master Thatchers, and through the years have progressed into all types of roofing systems. The company today is still run by the David Family.



Stone Lane Industrial Estate, Wimborne BH21 1HD

WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 6


• Far less upheaval than fitting a new kitchen

of Wimborne Limited

WD Little Guide





• Choose from over 130 different door finishes

• Local family business

Roofing SyStemS



Carcass sides can be matched

with metal sided “super smooth”



NEW Side panels

NEW Drawer boxes


To advertise ring Mark or CJ at the Advertising Hub on 01202 882277 20/4/12 10:33:52

The E Žƌ ƐŚ in w ŽĨ ƚŚ is in ĚǀĞ to ho ĂƌĞĂƐ Žƌ Ž 'ƵŝĚĞ WƵďůŝ ďLJ Ɛ ƉƵƌĐŚ ĂƌĞ Ě Adve dĞƌŵ


WD Little Guide May 2012

Issue 66

Minster Print · Design · DĂƌŬĞƟŶŐ 4 5



,ĞĂůƚŚΘĞĂƵƚLJ Out & About








Around Verwood





Around Ferndown








Dear Readers,



Camping & Caravanning 40 In Our Community



Pets Corner




Writer’s Corner








&ŽƌĂĚǀĞƌƟƐŝŶŐŽƌĨĞĂƚƵƌĞ enquiries call Mark or CJ 01202 882277 ĂĚŚƵďΛƉƌŝŶƚƐŽůƵƟŽŶƐ͘ ĐŽ͘ƵŬ

to ree f d ibute Guide are distr ǀĞƌLJDŽŶƚŚ





pies of the LiƩle


16, 000 co


WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 7

a re a d cte MIL e l se A B

The Editor reserves the right to amend Žƌ ƐŚŽƌƚĞŶ ĐŽŶƚƌŝďƵƟŽŶƐ ŝŶ ŽƌĚĞƌ ƚŽ Įƚ in with the editorial policy and style ŽĨ ƚŚĞ >ŝƩůĞ 'ƵŝĚĞ͘ dŚĞ >ŝƩůĞ 'ƵŝĚĞ is independently published (by The ĚǀĞƌƟƐŝŶŐ,ƵďůƚĚͿĂŶĚĚŝƐƚƌŝďƵƚĞĚĨƌĞĞ to homes and businesses in selected ĂƌĞĂƐ ŝŶ ŽƌƐĞƚ Θ ,ĂŵƉƐŚŝƌĞ͘ EĞǁƐ Žƌ ŽƉŝŶŝŽŶƐ ĞdžƉƌĞƐƐĞĚ ŝŶ ƚŚĞ >ŝƩůĞ 'ƵŝĚĞ ĂƌĞ ŶŽƚ ŶĞĐĞƐƐĂƌŝůLJ ƚŚŽƐĞ ŽĨ ƚŚĞ WƵďůŝƐŚĞƌ͘ dŚĞŝƌĞĐƚŽƌLJŝƐĂůƐŽĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞ ďLJ ƐƵďƐĐƌŝƉƟŽŶ ŽĨ άϭϱ ƉĞƌ LJĞĂƌ͘ ůů ƉƵƌĐŚĂƐĞƐŵĂĚĞƚŚƌŽƵŐŚƚŚŝƐƉƵďůŝĐĂƟŽŶ ĂƌĞ ĚŽŶĞ ƐŽ ĞŶƟƌĞůLJ Ăƚ LJŽƵƌ ŽǁŶ ƌŝƐŬ͘ Adverts are accepted subject to our dĞƌŵƐΘŽŶĚŝƟŽŶƐ͕ĂǀĂŝůĂďůĞŽŶƌĞƋƵĞƐƚ͘




Wimborne, Merley, Broadstone, Colehill, Corfe Mullen, Gaunts ŽŵŵŽŶ͕ dŚƌĞĞ >ĞŐŐĞĚ ƌŽƐƐ͕ ŚĂůďƵƌLJ͕ >ŽǁĞƌ ZŽǁ͕ ,ŽƌƚŽŶ͕ tŽŽĚůĂŶĚƐΘĚƌŽƉŽīƉŽŝŶƚƐŝŶ&ĞƌŶĚŽǁŶ͕WŽŽůĞΘŽƵƌŶĞŵŽƵƚŚ 20/4/12 10:33:53

H e a lth & B e auty

Top Health Tips â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Part 1

With the ever increasing pace of a modern lifestyle, we often forget to pay attention to the needs of our body. These health tips are a reality check - so look no further than these tips. These health tips will keep you fit, sturdy and in a good mental and physical shape. Have a healthy diet. A diet rich in calcium, proteins and vitamins will boost your energy, give your body the nourishment and growth impetus as well as fill up the nutritional deficiencies anywhere in your body. Stay away from baked goods made with white flour and instead go for fibre-rich fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. You must never miss your breakfast nor compromise on the dinner. Have a sound sleep. Sound sleep is a must to give your body the necessary jump start for the next day. A

minimum of eight hours sleep for adults, 10 hours for children and 12 hours or more is required for the infants for whom the normal growth period occurs during sleep hours. Give yourself a stress break Stress significantly reduces our performance and is a serious threat to our health. Failure to deal with stress is a common cause of heart attacks and other mental disorders such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks. The most useful stress coping techniques include self-suggestion, turning your anxiety into energy or taking some time off in the shape of a holiday or a small stretch cum stress break. Part 2 next month

S oul S erenity Complimentary & Beauty Therapies

Aromatherapy Reflexology Hot Stone Therapy Indian Head Massage Eyelash Perming Reiki Shellac

Minx Manicure Pedicure Tanning Waxing Tinting Facials

01202 888133

Unit 11, Mill Lane, Wimborne (by the River)

WD Little Guide

WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 8

30% OFF *



of this advert

To advertise ring Mark or CJ at the Advertising Hub on 01202 882277 20/4/12 10:33:57

Knobcrook Road, Wimborne, Dorset. BH21 1NL




Chiropody & Podiatry

Ch P

Counselling/ Classical Acupuncture Effective Acupuncture performed Psychotherapy



by an experienced practitioner. Sue Lane


Member of theAd.Dip. British Acupuncture Council CP Accredited by the Counselling Society

now available

t Allergies skinofconditions eg. ezcema,Unit psoriasis & Royal and College Nursing Accreditation

IBS Const

t Digestive bowel complaints, Stress Trauma, Anxiety Find ways toand cope with Grief, Anger, Wimborne Clinic is an andThe Depression Relationships, Behavioural issues, Stress/ independent etc. PCOS, usingmulti-practitioner Cognitive & Rational t Anxiety Period Pains, Menopause, medical clinic. ItEndometriosis, offers range of Emotive Behavioural Therapya(CBT/REBT) fertility support and other proventherapies, therapeutic Doctor methods. professional

Th All inde Functio medic ‘Fore profe consu Nutrit an

t Headache and Migraine, and many other Work towards change in a professional, conditions

consultations, Health Screening

safe,and confidential & non-judgemental Diagnostic Services. Gary Hussey LicAc MBAcC environment.


Call 01202 841000


Knobcrook Road, Wimborne, Dorset. BH21 1NL




Please mention The District – Reach 70,000 every mont

ornGeuides for D b orset© im ittle


Chiropody & A Complete Footcare Service Podiatry

PHYSIOTHERAPY Chiropody & Podiatry

by HPC Registered & Chartered Physiotherapists by HPC Registered Chiropodist/Podiatrist Angela Churchill BSc. Pod Med. MChs. now available Professional Treatment for

back neck pain, The pain, Wimborne Clinic isCorns, anand Treatments include Callous, independent multi-practitioner sports injuries In-Growing Toe Nails, Nail Infections medical clinic. It offers a range of and Diabetic FeetPiddock, Physiotherapists Stuart professional therapies, Doctor Richard Goddard and Gina Rose consultations, Health Therapy Screening Low Level Laser andverrucae Diagnosticand Services. (Women’s Health) for warts

Call 01202 841000 Knobcrook Road, Wimborne, Dorset. BH21 1NL



r ict


Chiropody & A Complete Footcare Service Podiatry

Chiropody & Podiatry Media Sales Executive

required Media sales experience required by HPC Registered Chiropodists/Podiatrists Good people skills now available Must be able to meet deadlines The Wimborne Clinic is an Good computer skills independent multi-practitioner InDesign & Photoshop preferrable medical clinic. It offers a range of Making ideal for children Part-timeitconsidered professional therapies, Doctor Good job prospects for the right person consultations, Screening Using lowHealth level laser

New Pain Free Verruca Treatment and 01202 Diagnostic Services. Call 882277

Angela Churchill BSc. Pod Med. MChs.

Send in your CV to Mark841000 or CJ Call 01202 Knobcrook Road, Wimborne, Dorset. BH21 1NL The Minster Press, 14-15 Mill Lane, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 1LN www.the

Please mention the Little Guide when responding to advertisers WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 9


WD Little Guide

20/4/12 10:34:01

H e a lth & B e auty


Eden Hair Home Studio

Wimborne Chiropody


Home Hair Studio in the heart of Broadstone

Brannigan and Emma Goodman 34-36 High Street, Emma Wimborne BH21 1HT

are pleased to offer home hairdressing prices salon service in the comfort of our fully equipped studio.


Anxious, Panicky, Depressed or Short Tempered?

Put your feet in the hands of the professionals!

Emma and Emma would like to welcome Liz to the team.

15% Discount off first visit

Perm services from £25 with Liz on a Tuesday. For more information or free consultation

On presentation of this coupon please contact Emma on 01202 690933 or

Can Hypnotherapy Help You? Find out by talking to Amanda on 07526 415357

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Now Available in Wimborne and Blandford Forum Amanda Holmes DPH, HPD, CBT(hyp), MNCH(reg)

Offer expires 31st May 2012

text 07850093804 or visit our website

W w W s

Wimborne Chiropody 34-36 High Street, Wimborne BH21 1HT

Gift Put your feet in the hands Nail Nail cutting Vouchers cutting of the professionals!at only Available now at only£15 £15

Home Visits Available

01202 841751

Late night and Saturday appointments available.

Botanical Illustration Classes 2012 Courses 0582_WCC-WD 0110.indd 1

16/12/09 11:41:20

(Limited numbers - so book early)

Gift Vouchers Available now Starts Tuesday 24th April 10 - 12.30 for 6 weeks


ly rec

01202 841751

Wednesday 25th April 10 - 12.30 for 6 weeks What a few of my students have said:-

Nail cutting at only ed £15 mend


Brenda “Great fun we really enjoy the painting classes” Helen “Cannot wait for the next class to start” Julia “I enjoy the friendship and learning new things” friends and learned new things”

Sang Soek (from Korea) “I have made new

Late night and Saturday appointments available.

Genevieve “Yayu is great and makes painting and learning to paint easy”

Develop your skills in Botanical Illustration with Yayu Slocock in her studio in the middle of Wimborne. To enrol for the 2012 courses please phone 01202 882277 and ask for Yayu or call 0582_WCC-WD 0110.indd 1 16/12/09 in at The Minster Press shop, 14/15 Mill Lane, Wimborne Minster, Dorset BH21 1LN.


The Courses run for 6 sessions and cost £90.


WD Little Guide

WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 10

To advertise ring Mark or CJ at the Advertising Hub on 01202 882277 20/4/12 10:34:06

W D to W W s W a re m W h fr “p W h h

Take a trip to

Wimborne Minster Wimborne Minster is a Business Improvement District working to make our town the best place to work, live and visit. Whatever you want you are most likely to find it in Wimborne Minster and what’s more you will be supporting our local shops and businesses.

Wimborne Minster is a Business Improvement District working to make our town the best place to work, live and visit. Whatever you want you are most likely to find it in Wimborne Minster and what’s more you will be supporting our local shops and businesses. WIMBORNE serves virtually every need for every age group through a variety of local independent, reputable high street retailers and a famous market. WIMBORNE is fast becoming a “gastro” town and has a wide choice of eating and drinking places from specialist restaurants, cafes, takeaways to “probably” the best local pubs in the country. WIMBORNE keeps you young, beautiful and healthy through its doctors, dentists, opticians, hairdressers, beauticians, holistic practitioners,

WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 11

independent boutiques, men’s outfitters, dress shops, national clothing retailers, shoe shops and jewellers WIMBORNE can improve your home through independent furnishers catering for all tastes and budgets, interior designers, carpets, curtain makers, conservatories, art galleries and builders. WIMBORNE professional advisors encompass accountants, solicitors, banks, insurance brokers, financial advisors, surveyors, architects, travel consultants and estate agents. WIMBORNE entertains all ages through cinema, theatre, museum, model town and the Minster. For more information about our town, check for more information, events and offers.

20/4/12 10:34:07

O u t & Abou t

Out and About is sponsored by

Wimborne Minster Explore with

Tourist Information Centre

National Express Coach tickets Ticket Booking for local theatres,

Enjoy & Entertain

local & national events

29 High Street, Wimborne Minster, BH21 1HR tel: 01202 886116 April to September, Mon-Sat, 10am-5pm October to March, Mon-Sat, 10am-4pm



Letting you know “What’s On” around the District, we are very grateful for the support of the Tourist Information Centre. If you or your organisation would like an event included please let us know. We also look forward to receiving your photos about events and activities as possible entries in our community features. Every Wednesday: Open Doors at the Wimborne 2 Meet the House & Collections United Reformed Church, Chapel Lane, 10-11.30am. Coffee, tea, friendship, second hand books & puzzles Manager for sale, also Traidcraft stall selling coffee, tea, Learn more about the Bankes family, Kingston household goods and gifts. Come along for a Lacy, Wimborne, 12pm-3pm, 01202 883402 browse, have a chat and a cuppa. 4 Concert Every first Wednesday: Wimborne Wine Society at By Canford School Choir, St Stephen’s Church, the Allendale Centre Wimborne at 7.30pm. New Pamphill, Wimborne, 7.30pm members interested in wine should contact Phil Harknett 691428 or Every third Wednesday: New Forest Storytellers’ c l u b n i g h t a t t h e E l m Tr e e , R i n g w o o d . Eat and drink and listen to some professional storytellers or perhaps have a go yourself. For more information visit the New Forest Storytellers On a Wednesday monthly: Moonrakers Writers’ Circle Workshop Contact Veronica 696436 for details First Thursdays: The Probus Club of Wimborne is looking for new members. The Probus Club is for retired men who meet on the 1st Thursday of each month, 12-3pm at Cobham Sports and Social Club, Merley, for lunch followed by a speaker. We enjoy a wide selection of outings, quizzes and skittles matches when partners and friends can join us. Contact Secretary, Derek White on 01202 8747667. Every Thursday: Wimborne Folk Club at the British Legion in Wimborne, at 8.30. Admission is free; collection for our hosts, Wimborne British Legion. Every Saturday eve: Live Entertainment St Leonards & St Ives Club, School La, St Ives. Details 01425 472087 Sunday once a month: Dorset Cyclists’ Network 2 to 3 hours at a gentle pace with lunch stop 01202 880966


WD Little Guide

WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 12

To advertise ring Mark or CJ at the Advertising Hub on 01202 882277 20/4/12 10:34:15


5 Table Top Sale

At Poole Sea Cadets, Sterte Ave West, Poole BH15 2AR. 10am till 2pm. Please come along and support this event.

5-7 Craft & Garden Fair

Who Am I? Who Am I?

To know who you are, who you are, you haveTotoknow know what you are not. you have to know what you are not.

Exhibition, demonstration & sale of traditional Sitting Being Sitting in in Being & contemporary crafts, Sherborne Castle, Wed evenings, Wimborne, 7:30 visit Wed evenings, Wimborne, 7:30–– 8:45pm 8:45pm visit Sherborne, 10am-6pm 01202 842407

6 Naming ceremony

Of the New Safety Boat, Dreamboats, Wimborne, 2pm-5pm, 01202 883442

6 & 20 5” Gauge Miniature Trains

Non-duality Meetings Non-duality Meetings Visit

Visit Tel 01202 604340

Tel 01202 604340

Rides are free, donations welcome, Wimborne District Society of Model Engineers, Cobham Sports & Social Club Ground, Merley, 11am – 4pm

6 Cycle Treasure Hunt

Kingston Lacy, Wimborne, 6.30pm-9pm, 01202 883402

7 Blandford Georgian Fayre

A great family day out, Blandford, 10am-5pm,

9 Meet the House Steward

Learn more about the House, Kingston Lacy, Wimborne, 12pm-3pm, 01202 883402

9 Talk by Mrs Earl

‘Embroidery of the Century’, Verwood Arts & Crafts Society, United Reformed Church Hall, Verwood, 7.30pm, 01725 517434

11-13 Volkswagen Festival

By VDUB at the PUB, Wimborne Football Club, Show & Shine, Live Music and Food, 07787825548

Stewart is running the 2012 Virgin London Marathon in aid of Livability’s sparkle appeal. I have set myself a target of fundraising £1500 for this worthy charity. I really need some kind donations. Please donate at (

15 Concert

By Bournemouth Electronic Organ Society, Allendale Community Centre, Wimborne, doors open 7pm for 7.30pm start 01202 590383

16 ‘The History of Deans Court’

Sir William Hanham’s personal & illustrated look at his home, Wimborne Historical Society, Allendale Community Centre, Wimborne, tea & coffee from 7pm, meeting 7.30pm

12 Coffee Morning & Plant Sale

17 Verwood Trad Jazz Club

12 Dorset Hardy Plant Society

18 2012 Brainstretcher Quiz

United Reformed Church, Wimborne, 10.30am, 07751 358611 Spring Plant Fayre, Colehill Memorial Hall, nr Wimborne 2.30pm 01202 882590

13 Mayor’s Civic Service

The Minster, Wimborne, 3pm, 01202 881655

13, 27 Open Garden

For the National Garden Scheme, ‘The Glade’, Woodland Walk, Ferndown, 1pm-5pm, 01202 872789

14 ‘Weeds as Medicine’

by Lucy Jones, Wimborne Horticultural Society, Allendale Community Centre, Wimborne, 7.30pm, 01202 887006

Drusilla’s Inn, Horton, nr Wimborne, doors open 7pm for 8pm start, 01202 813955 Wimborne Rotary Club, Allendale Community Centre, Wimborne, 7.00pm

19 Wimborne In Bloom

Coffee Morning with bring & buy raffle, Wit’s End Corner, 34 Park Lane, Wimborne, 10am to 12pm, 01202 888703

19 New2you Sale

Sale of nearly new childrens clothes, toy, book, and baby equipment. In aid of Spring charity Poole Maternity, 2 til 3.30. Broadstone Methodist Church BH18 8DH

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O u t & Abou t

21 Illustrated Lecture


Lighthouse, Poole, 3pm-5pm, 08444 068666

‘Jean Duc de Berry: Patron & Connoisseur’- by Dr Sally Dormer, Wimborne & Blandford Decorative & Fine Arts Society, Allendale Community Centre, Wimborne 2.15pm, 01725 552225

22 Special access day

For less mobile visitors, tractor/ trailer transfer from car park to the House, Kingston Lacy, Wimborne, 12pm-3pm, 01202 883402

24 Wimborne Decorative & Fine Arts Society

‘Sir Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641)’ talk by Rosalind Whyte, CLaRC, Wimborne, 7.45pm, 01258 840840

25 Knoll Gardens Free Open Day,

Knoll Gardens, nr Wimborne, 10am-5pm, 01202 873931

26 May-10 Jun Dorset Art Weeks,

Over 600 artists open their studios, various locations in Dorset, 01305 853100 or www. 26 May-10 Jun Dorset Art Weeks exhibition, a selection of makers, Walford Mill Crafts, Wimborne, 10am-5pm & 11am-4pm Sundays 01202 841400 26 May-10 Jun Purbeck Art Weeks, various open studios, concerts, films & lectures in the Purbeck area,

26 & 27 Witchampton Open Gardens

Arts & crafts, music, & bottle identification, Witchampton nr Wimborne, 12pm-4.30pm, 01258 841405

27 Dorset County Diamond Jubilee Service

The Minster, Wimborne, 3pm-4.30pm, 01202 884753

27 BSO Benevolent Fund Concert Popular




27 Colehill Scouts and Guides

Grand Jubliee Fayre at St Michaels CE Middle School, from 2-4pm. Includes many exciting stalls, crafts, activities, demonstrations and displays plus an area promoting local craftspeople and their wares. Entrance is £1 (under 5s free) and includes entry to a prize draw.

31 Meet the House Conservation Team

Learn how they care for the House’s historic collections, Kingston Lacy, Wimborne, 11.30am1pm 01202 883402



Friday 18th May 7.30pm GEORGIE FAME IN CONCERT A bona fide Musical Legend! Tickets £20 ~ ~~ Thursday 24th May 8pm CHRIS FARLOW with Norman Beaker Band Special Guest CLIFF BENNETT Tickets £16.50 ~~~ Thursday 21st June 8.00 pm DAVE BERRY with NORMAN BEAKER BAND Tickets £16.50 ~~~ Friday 22nd June 8.00pm GORDON GILTRAP & WOODY MANN A unique opportunity to see two talented musicians together Tickets £14 ~~~ Saturday 14th July 8.00pm CREGAN & CO Jim Cregan & Ben Mills playing the music of Rod Stewart Tickets £16.50

Programme subject to change

Box Office 01202 885566


Desk Space at

April 2012

The Community Learning & Resource Centre • Located in the heart of Wimborne • Fully Serviced space inclusive of utilities • Open plan environment shared with other local organisations

Optional extras include digital telephone, broadband, networked photocopier/printer, franking machine and onsite parking facilities. The Community Learning & Resource Centre is proud to support Voluntary & Community Group, Independent Tutors, Local Businesses and Education Providers. For more information see our pages on the website or call the office on 01202 847600 and ask to speak to Alison Cross the Centre Manager.

Registered Charity No. 1060910


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Company Registration No. 332011

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Mill Lane Farmers Market – 2nd SATURDAY of every month

In celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Wimborne Minster, 9.30am-5.30pm, Sunday 12.30pm-5.30pm, 01202 888703

Wimborne Country Market every Friday morning at the Allendale Centre

2-4 Flower Festival

St Stephen’s Church, Pamphill, Wimborne, 10am-4pm (cream teas at Parish Hall, 2nd & 3rd at 2.30pm-4.30pm)

3 & 17 5” Gauge Miniature Trains

Rides are free, donations welcome, Wimborne District Society of Model Engineers, Cobham Sports & Social Club Ground, Merley, 11am – 4pm

Avon Heath Country Park 01425 478470 Kingston Lacy 01202 883402, Moors Valley 01425 470721


1-5 Mini Flower Festival

Please note some telephone numbers provided are for the organisersnot necessarily the venue. The publishers cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the dates - please check details with the venue

With thanks to the Tourist Information Centre for compiling the dates

Pocket Money Toys a speciality Stocking fillers & Shoe Box items

Good Prices ~ Come and have a look Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm (closed Tues) Unit 8, Mill Lane, Wimborne (Under the Archway)





Urgently Required In Bournemouth, Poole, Wimborne, Blandford Forum & Surrounding Towns

ENHANCED FOSTER CARE Your Local Foster Agency…

is actively recruiting families, couples or single people, to offer a home to foster children of all ages, who need a chance of family life Excellent support package with fees and allowances paid up to £31,000pa Approved Foster Carers wishing to transfer agency, are also welcome to apply For further information contact: Tel: 01985 218505 / email:

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H om e Imp rov e me nt s

Local Independent Family Run Retailer

s& ipper r g e on Fre bars door order every

y at an ! e b l l i We w like quote or like f

漏 Minster Design


199 Lower Blandford Road, The Broadway, Broadstone, Dorset BH18 8DH Tel 01202 691951 路 路


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H om e I mp rove me nts

‘The Best Choice in Decorating in Dorset’ Since 1950

MAJOR BRANDS competitive prices...

Take pride in your home show off your walls this spring WeathershieldTM Masonry Paint protects against all types of extreme weather conditions guaranteed for up to 15 years

· High performance acrylic resin provides · exterior & interior paints · wall coverings · wood stains tiles and much more We can even mix your chosen paint colour for you 11 West Borough, Wimborne

· · · · ·

TOTAL PROTECTION Quick drying Rainproof in just 30 minutes Algaecides to help prevent paint from staining UV resistant to protect against cracking an flaking Available in smooth & textured finishes

01202 882784

Available in 5L, 2.5L and 250ml Testers

Pay us a visit, you’ll be amazed by just how much we do Carpet, upholstery, leather suite, mattress, rug and curtain cleaning • No use of chemicals or detergents • Effective cleaning methods means excellent value for money • Guardsman 5 year stain protection plans available 

 

        


Free Organic itemisedCleaning written quotations • Safe of Carpets, Safe SafeOrganic OrganicCleaning Cleaningof ofCarpets, Carpets, Upholstery, Mattresses, Rugs and Curtains with no hidden extras Upholstery, Upholstery,Mattresses, Mattresses,Rugs Rugsand andCurtains Curtains ‡ ‡‡ ‡ ‡‡

No use of chemicals or detergents No Nouse useofofchemicals chemicalsorordetergents detergents

Effective cleaning methods means excellent value andmeans commercial •Effective Domestic cleaning excellent Effective cleaningmethods methods means excellentvalue value for money for formoney money work ‡ Guardsman 5undertaken year stain protection ‡‡ Guardsman Guardsman55year yearstain stainprotection protection plans available plans plansavailable available ‡ Free itemised written quotations with no ‡‡ Free Freeitemised itemisedwritten writtenquotations quotationswith withno no hidden extras hidden hiddenextras extras ‡ Domestic and commercial work undertaken ‡‡ Domestic Domesticand andcommercial commercialwork workundertaken undertaken

No VAT applicable No VAT applicable No NoVAT VATapplicable applicable

Freephone us on 0808 143 1325 Freephone us on 0808143 143 1325 Freephone 1325 Freephoneus uson on0808 0808 143 1325 OrOrvisit on: visit us us on: Or Orvisit visitus uson: on:

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Why Whynot notvisit visitour ournew newshowroom? showroom? Mon MontotoFri Fri9.30am 9.30amtoto5pm 5pm Sat Sat9.30am 9.30amtoto4.30pm 4.30pm

Book Bookearly early- -don’t don’tget getcaught caughtininthe thecold coldnext nextwinter! winter! • • We We supply supply and and install install aa wide wide range range ofof stoves, stoves, Hunter, Hunter, Cleanburn, Cleanburn, Ecoburn, Ecoburn, Burley, Burley, DiDi Lusso, Lusso, Gallery Gallery collection collection and and Termatech Termatech etc. etc. • • From From woodburning woodburning toto multifuel multifuel and and electric, electric, we we supply supply them them all. all. • • Styles Styles toto suit suit allall tastes. tastes. • • We We can can supply supply flues, flues, cowls cowls and and accessories. accessories. • • We We design design and and build build complete complete fireplaces. fireplaces. • • Complete Complete stove stove and and flue flue installations. installations. • • HETAS HETAS passed passed with with Distinction. Distinction.HETAS HETAS Registered Registered Engineer. Engineer.

179New NewRoad, Road,West WestParley Parley 179 FerndownBH22 BH228ED 8ED Ferndown Tel:01202 01202573084 573084 Tel: Mob:07860 07860734724 734724 Mob: Visit: WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 18

20/4/12 10:34:34


H om e I mp rove me nts F F F F F F F F F





















• NEW INSTALLATIONS of windows and doors • Drafts cured • Velux windows repaired • Patio door repairs • Misted or cracked windows replaced • Sealed units, hinges, locks replaced • EMERGENCY SERVICE AVAILABLE • FREE SURVEYS / QUOTATIONS • Cat flaps fitted Ring Paul Wales NOW on:





























78 Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 3LG F



Window & Door Repairs Co. Ltd.










CRS Complete Roofing Solutions... Need a new roof or a repair? Insurance Work and Assessments Undertaken

• Specialist Re-Roofing Company • Lead Work

• Tiling and Slating

• UPVC Fascias & Soffits

• New Roofs

• Chimney Work

• Flat Roofing

• Guttering

• Roof Repairs

• Timber Work

• Single Ply Systems

• Pointing

Tel 01202 331939

Mobile 07919 418590 Recommended, vetted and monitoRed by



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20/4/12 10:34:38

H om e Imp rov e me nt s

Computer Service

Computer Repair Services (Dorset) Computer Not Working? Does Your Computer Need Virus Checking? Problems with your Laptop?

• For a professional service • Hardware and Software Problems • Virus, Spyware, Malware and Adware Removal • Local collection and delivery service available • Free inspection Contact CRS Service Centre on

01202 699116

Unit 4, 13b Moor Rd Broadstone, Dorset BH18 8AZ 20

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Home Choice Blinds & Curtains

interiors complete A personal service from

Roller blinds



Blackout Roller blinds


Metal Venetian Blinds


Wood Venetian blinds


Vertical louvre blinds


Roman blinds

in Wimborne ‘the shop that comes to you’


To make an appointment call


T.07729 705899

Don’t delay phone today

Evening visits available

FREE measuring & estimating - no obligation - 0ver 30 years experience Samples brought to your Home - fitting service available

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H om e Imp rov e me nt s

THINKING OF LETTING YOUR HOME? At Wo o d h o u s e L e tt i n g s we f u l l y u n d e rsta n d t h at p e rs o n a l s e r v i c e a n d maximum marketing exposure are key to providing a first class service to our clients. So, with fully experienced staff with 14 years combined service in the lettings industry, we can offer a range of services to suit client’s individual needs, together with competitive rates and complete dedication. If you are thinking of moving in the near future, please contact us and one of our experienced members of staff will be happy to visit you and explain the friendly and professional service we offer which get results. Please call us on 01202 848464 or alternatively request a valuation through our website or email us at

Residential Lettings We are a small independent agency offering both Landlords and tenants a complete and professional service. From small town studios to large country homes, we provide a personal and friendly approach to all your requirements. Above all – a reputation for care.

PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE: Email: 12 The Corn Market, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 1JL Tel: 01202 848464

Fax: 01202 848450

Successfully Letting Property since 1998

Specialist in Flat and Tile Roofing, UPVC Soffits, Fascias and Guttering. Est.1983. • Tiling & Salting • Flat Roofing • Repairs • Guttering • uPVC Fascias

• uPVC Soffits • Chimney/Lead Work • CITB Construction

Skills Registered • All Work Guaranteed • Free Estimates

Broadstone: 01202 602142 07973 791050 22

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Up to 40% less than a new fitted kitchen


with made to measure replacement doors

Transform your tired kitchen in just a few days from start to finish Have you always wanted the kitchen of your dreams, but can’t quite justify paying the expensive price tag that comes with it? Now you can by just swapping the doors and worktops.

• Huge choice of Doors, Worktops, Appliances, Sinks & Taps • From doors to complete kitchens • Free Estimating and planning • Installed in 1-2 days by professionals

Visit our Showroom: 185 Lower Blandford Road, Broadstone, Poole, Dorset BH18 8DH

Call Angela for a FREE estimate:

01202 695856 Please mention the Little Guide when responding to advertisers WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 23

View our credentials at

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20/4/12 10:34:51

H om e Imp rov e me nt s


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WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 24

To advertise ring Mark or CJ at the Advertising Hub on 01202 882277 20/4/12 10:34:52

Fully insured professional landscape maintenance at a competitive price. You g ar ¢r Serving dorsetd ¢en hedge Cutting ¢ Garden Clearance ¢ lawn analysis & Care ¢ Tree & Shrub Care ¢ lawn fertilizer applications ¢ Weed Control Spraying ¢ licensed Waste Carrier ¢ lawn moss removal ¢ BTeC national diploma in horticulture ¢ no vaT


Member The British Association of Landscape Industries The ofvery fineST landSCape mainTenanCe

Fully insured landscape Stephen Cheese: professional maintenance at a competitive price.

Freephone: 0800 2476 ¢ Serving dorset ¢ hedge Cutting 292 ¢ Garden Clearance

¢ lawn analysis & Care ¢ Tree & Shrub Care ¢ lawn fertilizer applications ¢ Weed Control Spraying Water Butts licensed Waste Carrier ¢ lawn moss removal I’ve¢ bought another water butt, making four, ¢ BTeC national diploma in horticulture ¢ no vaT

butMember oneof The has a Association leak half wayIndustries up so only does British of Landscape half a job. It’s amazing how quickly they fill Stephen after rain,Cheese: as long as they are collecting water Freephone: from a sloping roof. An empty bucket standing around in the garden may only have half an inch of water in it, but nevertheless the butts will be full. It’s also surprising how quickly I empty them in a dry spell. I tend to concentrate on the vegetables but read last year that my azaleas had few blooms because of a water and food shortage the previous summer, my Rosa ‘Geranium’ had no hips to speak of

0800 292 2476

Garden-Scape in association with The very fineST landSCape mainTenanCe

Fully insured professional landscape maintenance at a competitive price. ¢ Serving dorset ¢ hedge Cutting ¢ Garden Clearance ¢ lawn analysis & Care ¢ Tree & Shrub Care ¢ lawn fertilizer applications ¢ Weed Control Spraying ¢ licensed Waste Carrier ¢ lawn moss removal ¢ BTeC national diploma in horticulture ¢ no vaT Member of The British Association of Landscape Industries

Stephen Cheese: because of a lack of water at the right time, Freephone: and the same was said for our very sad crop of cooking apples. So appropriate watering is vital, and down at the roots of the plant, not just spraying around the bits that show. Thank goodness we can still use a hose. Oak trees apparently take up about 150 gallons of water a day!! No wonder our poor sandy soil dries out so very quickly. Mine has had one hundred bags of mushroom compost added this winter, which should go some way to help hold the moisture. Even though it may not be good for the garden, I’d love a hot summer!

0800 292 2476

Barbara Gooch

Landscaping ~ Turfing Mini Digger Hire with experienced operator 3.5t Tipper truck ~ Hiab with 1t Lift Patios, Paths, brick/block paving drives Fencing, Decking, Pergolas/Arches Shed Bases, Shed Erection


Water Features – from Installing Kits to one off Designs

Tel: 01202 848333 Mobile: 07790 000637 Advanced Bookings Recommended


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20/4/12 10:34:57

You r g ar d en

Tree Surgery / Hedgecutting General Garden Work / Clearance

TPO Applications / Fencing For a free quotation call Ian on

Tel. 01202 621211 or Mob. 07778 277768

Pic: Yayu Slocock Fully Insured / NPTC Qualified

Jon Stokes Garden Services Day Nursery After School & Holiday Club

Garden Maintenance & Landscaping

Corfe Mullen

Lawn & hedgecutting Fencing, walls & decking Weeding & planting

Paths/patios jetwashed

Turfing & patios laid

Gutters cleared/replaced

Fully insured

Estd 15 yrs

Refs available

Call 01202 770774 or 07979 052242

1-rs12 old from


Aims of BRight SparKs

 To provide a fun, secure learning

environment  To encourage happy independent


Dorset Group Saturday 12th May

Annual Plant Sale This is the place to find unusual plants at bargain prices Colehill Memorial Hall, 2.30pm Visitors welcome £2.50

Contact Barbara Gooch 882590


WD Little Guide

WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 26

children  To provide a fun packed nursery room  Ensure children are provided with positive experiences in order to develop a passion for learning  To provide an exciting and stimulating after school and holiday club

What we Offer

 Wrap around care from 8am to

6pm THROUGHOUT THE YEAR for children up to 12 years old  Hourly slots bookable to cater for

all needs  Dance session from footlight dance

academy  Tax credits and employer vouchers

accepted  Cooked dinners “We understand that each child is unique and develops at their own pace”

Call us on 01202 693213 Mobile: 07870 167769 Corfe Mullen Youth Centre Blandford Road, Corfe Mullen

To advertise ring Mark or CJ at the Advertising Hub on 01202 882277 20/4/12 10:35:10

C l are ’ s w e d ding C he ckl ist

Plowmans Garden Centre

Where your garden costs you less!

SUMMER BARGAINS! 75% off selected ceramic pots eg. £19.99 now only £5

Full range of Taylors Summer Flowering Bulbs

Buy 1 get 1 Free Hanging Baskets

from £7.99

Large selection of perenials and alpines Full range of Summer Bedding

Wild Bird Food from 50p a kilo Astro Turf at Cash ‘n’ Carry prices direct to the public Large selection of Clematis and Climbing Plants £4.50 or 2 for £8

Geranium Plants

20 for £2.50 FREE Slow Release Plant Food with this advert

We also supply the trade at very competitive prices

All whilst stocks last!

01202 582 169

Mon - Sat 9.00am - 5.00pm · Sun 10.00am - 4.00pm 392 Christchurch Road, West Parley, Ferndown, Dorset BH22 8SW Please mention the Little Guide when responding to advertisers WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 27

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20/4/12 10:35:11



Celebrating their First Year!

â&#x20AC;&#x153;New Life For Old Kitchensâ&#x20AC;? Dream Doors in Poole is a family run business, yet has the backing of a National company. They offer a quick, easy and economical alternative to replacing a whole kitchen. By replacing the doors and drawers a kitchen can be transformed at a fraction of the cost of a complete new kitchen - often saving you up to 50% - 60%. All their doors are made to measure - simply choose from their extensive range of styles and colours and their fully trained craftsmen will do the rest, saving you time, hassle and stress. Dream Doors also offer a wide range of worktops, sinks, taps, appliances, lighting and flooring, all installed by our own skilled tradesmen.


WD Little Guide

WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 28

With a no obligation, free quotation service where customers are able to see actual samples in the comfort of their own home, allowing them to get a better idea of colours and styles that will suit their tastes. Dream Doors can if needed create CAD (Computer Aided Design) images to show customers what a change of layout or an entirely new kitchen will look like. Members of BCTC, FSB and Checkatrade. You will receive a warm welcome from Angela and Clive. See their advert page 23.

To advertise ring Mark or CJ at the Advertising Hub on 01202 882277 20/4/12 10:35:15

Tiles - Wet Rooms - Bathrooms Ceramic Wall & Floor Tiles Bathroom Suites - Duravit Etc Wet Room Specialists Underfloor Heating Planning & Advice Large Showroom, Special Needs Free Delivery Service

FULL INSTALLATION SERVICE FOR BATHROOMS WETROOMS & ALL TILING Call now for a free quotation! 01929 551963 or visit - UK Tiles Direct Ltd - Unit 9, Justin Business Park, Sandford Lane, Wareham. BH20 4DY

Please mention the Little Guide when responding to advertisers WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 29

WD Little Guide


20/4/12 10:35:18


DORSET HEAVY HORSE FARM PARK A Great Day out for all (0 to 90 years!) Set amongst splendid countryside this friendly park prides itself on providing a great day out for every age group. There’s lots to learn in the various tours and talks throughout the day. Climb aboard for a Heavy Horse Wagon Ride or Tractor Trailer ride around the park.You can even try DRIVING a real farm tractor! (and they are all FREE!!). Get involved feeding and grooming many of the farmyard animals and meet their friends the Alpacas and Snow Dogs! Explore plenty of exhibits from days gone bye including the Blacksmith’s workshop, Gypsy Caravans and Romany talks, Showman’s vehicles and more! Children and adults can use up there energy in the undercover go cart arena, fun drop slide barn, toddlers play area and pony rides. There’s also a giant We s t e r n t h e m e d bouncy castle and old tyme fairground ride. However you may wish to just sit and relax in the cafe and try out some delicious home cooked food, while the children play safely. If the weathers not so good you will find lots to do undercover. Remember, by visiting the park you will be helping to provide a permanent home for over 20 rescued Heavy Horses. I t ’s g r e a t v a l u e educational fun! Open 10-5 daily, 30 t h M a rc h t i l l 28th October 012 0 2 8 24 0 4 0


WD Little Guide

WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 30

To advertise ring Mark or CJ at the Advertising Hub on 01202 882277 20/4/12 10:35:19


M A L AY S I A N R E S TAU R A N T & COFFEE LOUNGE 11 Leigh Road, Wimborne BH21 1AB Reservations : 01202 84 81 84

Griffs Butchers of Broadstone Griffs Butchers, a traditional butchers in Broadstone, offering finest Orkney islands scotch beef, local Bridport pork and lamb and free range chickens.

Scottish Steak Mince 3lb for only £8.49 3lb of Shop-made Sausages £7.99 3lb of Diced Pork for only £7.99 3lb of Scottish Rump Steak for £17.99 and mnay more packs available or suitable for Freezers

Traditional Butchers of Broadstone

175 Lower Blandford Road, Broadstone. Tel: 01202 605172 Please mention the Little Guide when responding to advertisers WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 31

WD Little Guide


20/4/12 10:35:19

F ood & drink Top Food Tips

– Eat More

It’s time for a new slim-down mantra: Eat more to weigh less. Beef has a reputation as a diet buster, but eating it may help you peel off the pounds. Try to consume local organic beef; it’s healthier for you and the environment. Grill or broil a 4-ounce serving of top round or sirloin; slice thinly to top a salad, or mix with vegetables. Salad - Toss lettuce, carrots, celery, beans, cucumber and vinaigrette in a bowl; transfer to a plate. Thinly slice half of steak on the diagonal. (Let remaining half cool, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate until Tuesday’s dinner.) Top salad with sliced steak and serve. The right foods help you drop up to two pounds a week by increasing your calorie burn and curbing cravings.

GREYHOUND INN Carvery Pub. Bed & Breakfast. North Street, Winterborne Kingston, Blandford DT11 9AZ


Greyhound Inn Carvery Every Saturday evening and all day Sunday ..........£8.95 Every Friday evening ..............................................£7.95 Every Thursday lunchtime ......................................£5.95 Friday Night is Fish Night! Oriental Night - 2nd Thursday of the month ......£7.95 Pie Night - 4th Wednesday of the month ............£6.95 LUNCHTIME SPECIAL OFFERS Mon - Fri ...........£4.99



WD Little Guide

WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 32


nuils. deta me tefor -biPub tact lite Con

SKITTLE ALLEY Available to hire for functions and children’s parties (inc daytimes)

WATCH er Large BeLIVE rden & Ga SPORT n's reBIG Ch ONild OUR ay Area PlSCREEN!

Follow us on Facebook: The Greyhound Inn, Winterborne Kingston, Dorset

To advertise ring Mark or CJ at the Advertising Hub on 01202 882277 20/4/12 10:35:21

Oakley Butchers

Merley 887865 Broadstone 693096 LOOK FOR OUR WEEKLY SPECIALS

5lb Free-range Devon Red Chuck Steak

5lb Free-range Devon Red Shin Beef

WAS £20.95 NOW £17.50

WAS £18.35 NOW £14.46

5lb Free-range Devon Red Minced Steak

5lb Free-range Chicken Legs

WAS £16.95 NOW £13.49

WAS £8.50 NOW £6.99

5lb Free-range 5lb Free-range Dorset Diced Pork Dorse Pork Steaks

WAS £13.75 WAS £23.32 NOW £10.99 NOW £15.90 5lb Farm Fresh Chicken Supremes

WAS £24.93

NOW £16.98 Free Delivery on Any Order Over £25.00

Within A Five Mile Radius of Either Shop Explore The Taste © Minster design

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WD Little Guide


20/4/12 10:35:25

Aroun d F e rn dow n

      


  Opening Times: Mon-Fri 9.00am-5.00pm Sat 9.00am-12.00pm Closed Sun

We all wish to retain our dignity by living an independent lifestyle within our own home. Often people struggle unnecessarily with everyday tasks unaware that there are solutions to improve quality of life. Freedom Mobility Shop can help. We take an empathetic approach by discussing the right products and services to meet the challenges of life. We have a large showroom for you to see and try our products. We look forward to your visit.

Shower Aids • Bathing Aids Rise and Recline Chairs • Profiling Beds Walking Aids • Scooters and Wheelchairs Footwear and Footcare products

Freedom Mobility 17 34

01202 874317

Pe n n y s Wa l k , F e r n d o w n

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1,&+/$6 Âś+$5$ )81(5$/ ',5(&7256



â&#x20AC;&#x153;Our Family Are Here For Your Familyâ&#x20AC;? â&#x20AC;˘ Woodland Burials â&#x20AC;˘ Private Chapels of Rest â&#x20AC;˘ Memorials â&#x20AC;˘ Silver Fleet â&#x20AC;˘ Pre-Paid Funeral Plans





*/%&1&/%&/5 '*/"/$*"-"%7*$& 8FPGGFSUIFGPMMPXJOHTFSWJDFT




Alpha Financial Planning and Wealth Management is a trading style of

1PTJUJWF4PMVUJPOT 'JOBODJBM4FSWJDFT -UEJTBVUIPSJTFEBOESFHVMBUFECZUIF Postive Solutions (Financial Services) Ltd. Postive Solutions (Financial Services) Ltd. is authorised and regulated by the 'JOBODJBM4FSWJDFT"VUIPSJUZ3FHJTUFSFEBTB-JNJUFE$PNQBOZJO&OHMBOE Financial Services Authority. Registered as a Limited Company in England BOE8BMFT/P5IF'JOBODJBM4FSWJDFT"VUIPSJUZEPFTOPUSFHVMBUF and Wales No. 3276760. The Financial Services Authority does not regulate TPNFBTQFDUTPGUBYBEWJDF some aspects of tax advice.

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Photography – WIDE ANGLE PHOTOS Most people have a zoom lens on their camera. This allows control of the view from a wide angle to a telephoto setting. This month I shall deal with the wide-angle setting. View a scene When we view a scene our eyes take in the whole vista but when trying to capture this with a camera, the results are often disappointing. This is partly due to the camera lens not having the same wide view as our eyes and partly due to technique. Both issues can be addressed with a little knowledge and forethought. Capturing the scene You can get a wider picture by taking several photos and ‘stitching’ them together or by using the panoramic setting on the camera to blend them together. This allows the taking of several separate photos of a whole scene and using the camera’s built in features to stitch the photos together to create one large panoramic view. Results can be spectacular. Technique is equally important but is not always perfect. Sometimes the results can be disappointing because the joins show. Possibly due to miss-alignment or sudden changes in brightness usually in the sky tones. To over come this, consider leaving plenty of overlap with each separate image to minimize these problems. There is also, of course, very expensive computer software that can achieve this blending perfectly. Foreground interest Use this as a simple rule. Always include foreground interest. If not, the scene will often look empty leading to a lack of satisfaction with the image. Each of the illustrations this month is a single image taken in different parts of the world. All however have one element in common, there is foreground interest or an object.

Roger Allen All photos on this page: Roger Allen

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Com pet ition

Win £50

Just off The Square,

Mill Lane, Wimborne Looking for T. (01202) 88 22 77 sponsored by and F. (01202) 888 500 help with your Servicing your car’s From every designneed to print 441 Wimborne Road East, Ferndown BH22 to9NA heLp! printing? we are here Tel: 01202 894488


At The Minster Press we provide solutions for people, from business cards to books, to match your budget,

email: satisfaction guaranteed

This month – Identify the six clues Our March winner was Mrs J Anderson in pages 31 – 54! 1 2 3 4 5 6

Answers on a postcard please to: The Advertising Hub 14 Mill Lane, Wimborne BH21 1LN

Photos Balloons Horses Mobility Aids Holiday Parks Wellies

or online: stating your name, address & tel.

Prize is Intermediate £25 cash of Book 1 Sudokuand Puzzles £25 by KrazyDad, fuel at Colonial Garage, 443 Wimborne Road East, Ferndown

Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column and each 3-by-3 block contain all of the digits 1 thru 9. Answers on page 45.

Sudoku #4



8 9 3

9 2 5

3 4 2


3 8 1 2 5 1 7


© 2011


1 9 5

© 2011

Please mention the LittleFill Guide responding toeach advertisers column and WD Little Guide in thewhen blank squares so that row, each each 3-by-3 block contain all of the digits 1 thru 9.

WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 37

Ambition, idly vain; revenge and malice swell her train. -- Penrose

Sud ok u

Send the 6 advertisers’ names and page numbers to The Advertising Hub.

Rules: One prize only. Prize will be drawn from correct entries on 27th April 2012. Normal competition rules apply. No staff of the Minster Press or The Advertising Hub may enter. The publisher’s decision is final. To claim your prize ring The Minster Press 01202 882277 for details.

If you use logic you can solve the puzzle without guesswork.


20/4/12 10:35:51

B usine ss to Bu sine ss

Tell your Consumers What’s new with you How can Facebook help your business? Facebook is a free networking website that easily lets friends to keep in touch with each ŽƚŚĞƌƚŚƌŽƵŐŚĂƌĂŶŐĞŽĨŽŶůŝŶĞƐŽĐŝĂůĂĐƟǀŝƟĞƐ͘&ĂĐĞŬŝƐŽŶĞŽĨƚŚĞƚŽƉƐŽĐŝĂůƚŽŽůƐ that allows you to post short ‘status updates’ about what you are doing or feeling, share ƉŚŽƚŽƐ͕ǀŝĚĞŽƐ͕ƌĞĐŽŵŵĞŶĚŽƚŚĞƌǁĞďƐŝƚĞƐ͕ŚĂǀĞ͚ƌĞĂůƟŵĞ͛ŽŶůŝŶĞĐŽŶǀĞƌƐĂƟŽŶƐ͘ dŚĞĞŵƉŚĂƐŝƐǁŝƚŚĨĂĐĞŬŝƐŽŶƚŚĞ͚ƉĞƌƐŽŶĂů͛ƌĂƚŚĞƌƚŚĂŶ͚ďƵƐŝŶĞƐƐ͛ƵƐĞ͕ŝƚŝƐďĞƩĞƌ ƐƵŝƚĞĚĨŽƌďƵƐŝŶĞƐƐĞƐƚĂƌŐĞƟŶŐĐŽŶƐƵŵĞƌƐƌĂƚŚĞƌƚŚĂŶϮďƵƐŝŶĞƐƐĞƐ͘ ǁǁǁ͘ŵĂƌŬĞƟŶŐĚŽŶƵƚ͘ĐŽ͘ƵŬ


1 · · · ·

3 · · ·

2 &ĂŶƉĂŐĞͲŵĂŬĞƚŚĞŵŽƐƚŽĨŝƚх · tŽƌĚŽĨŵŽƵƚŚŝƐƚŚĞŵŽƐƚƉŽǁĞƌĨƵůĐƵƌƌĞŶĐLJ on facebook · tŚĞŶLJŽƵƌĨĂŶƐŵĂŬĞĂĐŽŵŵĞŶƚŽŶLJŽƵƌĨĂŶ page wall, all of their friends will see it too your page to share the latest news about · Use your business and products · /ŶĐůƵĚĞůŝŶŬƐƚŽǀŝĚĞŽƐ͕ǁĞďƐŝƚĞƐĂŶĚďůŽŐƐ ͲĂŶLJƚŚŝŶŐƚŚĂƚŵŝŐŚƚŚĞůƉƚŽďƵŝůĚLJŽƵƌ

ĞĨŽƌĞLJŽu start >

ĞĨŽƌĞLJŽƵũŽŝŶŝŶǁŝƚŚƚŚĞ&ĂĐĞŬ ĐŽŵŵƵŶŝƚLJ͕ƚƌLJƚŽĚĞĐŝĚĞǁŚĂƚLJŽƵǁĂŶƚ ĨƌŽŵŝƚ͕ĂŶĚƚŚĞĂŵŽƵŶƚŽĨƟŵĞLJŽƵĐĂŶ allocate to it: ƌĞLJŽƵůŽŽŬŝŶŐƚŽďĞĚŝƐĐŽǀĞƌĞĚďLJ people searching for you products? or ƌĞLJŽƵůŽŽŬŝŶŐƚŽƉƌŽŵŽƚĞLJŽƵƌƐĞůǀĞƐ or your brand? dŚŝƐǁŝůůŚĞůƉLJŽƵŐĂŝŶƌĞůĞǀĂŶƚŵĞŵďĞƌƐ








‘Like’ us on Facebook We’ll keep you up to date with our monthly offers and products and are happy to help you




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Search engines will put your fan page in front of ůĂƌŐĞŶƵŵďĞƌƐŽĨƉĞŽƉůĞŽƵƚƐŝĚĞŽĨ&ĂĐĞŬ͘ dŚŝŶŬǁŚĂƚƐŽŵĞŽŶĞǁŽƵůĚƚLJƉĞŝŶƚŽĂƐĞĂƌĐŚĂŶĚ use these key words and phrases in your headings and content You can also engage with users on the fan pages ŽĨƌĞůĂƚĞĚďƵƐŝŶĞƐƐĞƐĂŶĚŽƌŐĂŶŝƐĂƚŝŽŶƐ͘:ŽŝŶƚŚĞŵ ĂŶĚĐŽŵŵĞŶƚŽŶƚŚĞŝƌǁĂůůƐ͘/ĨLJŽƵĐĂŶĞƐƚĂďůŝƐŚ credibility, people will trace you to your fan page





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..computing and networking solutions for business & education security • hosting • databases• workshop repairs

Unit 3, Stone Lane Industrial Estate, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 1HB Tel: +44 (0)1202 885520 Fax: +44 (0)1202 886641 Email:




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Relax · Put your feet up · Enjoy How to plan for a stress free holiday with the family





Organising the tent: Organise the tent as much as possible and try to only bring what you need. If you are camping with a car plastic boxes to stop things getting lost. Stuff bags are great storage solutions they are compact and can be filled with just about anything you can think of.

Cleaning: Take kids camping and one thing is guaranteed…they will get dirty. If you are away for longer definitely choose a site with shower facilities. To make it easier babies and toddlers can be bathed in a plastic box with water heated from your stove.


What clothing do they need: Waterproof jacket and trousers & wellies/ walking boots are really essential for camping in the UK. You don’t want to be stuck in the tent for hours with hyperactive children if it rains. Bring comfortable preferably quick drying clothing, fleece jumpers and trousers are brilliant. Also a head torch is a really good idea, helps them go to the loo in the dark.

How do I keep them warm at night: Two things are key, a camping sleeping bag and sleeping mat. In general stick to good quality “mummy shaped” synthetic bags and give them an extra layer of fleece clothing if it is cold. A good sleeping mat is what really helps keep warmth in when camping. A price worth paying to prevent being woken in the night by “mummy I’m cold”.


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WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 40

6 8

...keep an eye out next month for more tips!

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golf courses, licensed clubhouses, entertainment teams and the hugely-popular Sammy Seahorse children’s club.



THE HOBURNE STORY The Hoburne story began on May 7 1912 when John Burry, a man in his late 40s, walked into a crowded London auction room and began bidding for ‘Hubborn Farm’. He had been the tenant farmer there for 14 years. This was his big chance to become a landowner – and he took it. Eight years on, in 1920, he bought nearby Naish Farm in New Milton, which was once a favourite haunt for smugglers. With its fantastic location – 100 acres on the cliff top with stunning views across the Solent – it’s perhaps not surprising that one by one people applied for permission to put up temporary holiday homes, including disused railway carriages and old buses, around the edge of the fields. By the time he died in 1947, there were some 400 holiday homes at Naish and with following generations purchasing more Parks and investing heavily in them, the rest, as they say, is history. Today, there are seven Holiday Parks in the Hoburne family in some of the most picturesque coastal and countryside locations the south has to offer. There are timber lodges, state-of-the-art caravans, fun pools,

Hoburne has produced a book to commemorate its centenary. The scrapbook-style, coffee table book is the result of a year of research, pulling together the history of Hoburne, the caravan industry and the family holiday. It tells the tale of the world’s first leisure touring caravan, the early holiday parks and the effects of both World Wars on the industry through to Hoburne in 2012. Memories from people who have stayed on the Parks as far back as the 1930s bring the story to life as do the many fascinating old photographs. Also, as part of the centenary celebrations, Hoburne has pledged to raise a minimum of £100,000 for children cancer charity CLIC Sargent. At the moment, due to lack of funds, the charity can only help two out of three children and young people who need its care and support. The £100,000 Hoburne raises could help the charity to improve the lives of 26 young cancer patients, providing physical, social, emotional, psychological, educational and practical support. A £1 donation from every book sale will go to CLIC Sargent and a number of fund-raising events are planned throughout the year, including a sponsored parachute jump and two members of the Hoburne team taking part in the London Marathon. Swimmers from Hoburne Torbay are planning to swim 100 lengths of the outdoor pool every day for 100 days, Hoburne’s managing director James Continues on page 42

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20/4/12 10:36:04

CA M P I N G & CA RA VA NNING Lapage is cycling more than 350 miles between all seven Parks and the general manager of Hoburne Doublebois will spend the night in Bodmin Jail (as seen on TV’s Most Haunted). And there will be lots of families on the parks to help this family business make the most of 2012. The popularity of the UK holiday hasn’t waned. Hoburne has seen holiday booking figures increase year-onyear since 2008 and was named the KPMG Company of the Year in the 2011 Dorset Business Awards. “What a fantastic start to our centenary year. I was so proud to collect our Award in front of 600 local business colleagues. The Award went to the company that demonstrated all-round business excellence, and we were competing against all other business types, not just tourism-based ones, so it is a great accolade to our extraordinary Hoburne team,” said Chairman Rosie Kennar, John Burry’s great-granddaughter. “As fourth generation Chairman, and a member of the Burry family, Hoburne has always been in my life - my earliest memories of it are of walking through a field of kale – now the site of the Hoburne Farm Estate opposite Hoburne Park at Christchurch – and of dear Mr Punch, the carthorse, who lived and worked at Naish. Picking up litter and working in the coffee shop at Bashley was my first work experience in the 60s (I am not sure how I escaped the toilet cleaning done by some of my sisters!) My Dad, also John Burry, used to go off to work saying he was going to the office ‘to play with the ink’, so it was some time before I realised what he was actually doing! “When I became fully involved in the business in 1986, I quickly learned that the Hoburne philosophy was to reinvest in quality locations, facilities, accommodation and customer care, to provide the very best holidays and holiday homes for sale, for families and couples, at prices that offer true all-round value for money. At the heart of the Hoburne brand is integrity, and to this day it is our hard-won reputation for quality, fairness and honesty that I, and my senior management team, work to protect in all we do. “I am immensely proud of our product, our eversupportive customers, and of course our extraordinary, professional and committed teams who bring the Hoburne brand to life. Together we have come a long, long way in 100 years – who knows how far the next 100 will take us!” The book ‘100 Years of Happy Holidays’ is available from Hoburne, RRP £12.00. Order at or call 0844 288 2012. ISBN 978-0-9571543-0-8


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The Caravan Shop Main A31, Wimborne Bypass, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 3HA

01202 842808 Accessory Shop packed full with products from Leisure Batteries to Caravan Covers and Spare Parts

Mike Southwick inside the accessory shop An Aladdins Cave for all camping and caravanning enthusiasts

Over 50 Caravans in Stock Prices from £1,500 to £15,000

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Invited guests enjoyed Champagne Cocktails and Canapés in the early evening sunshine before The Mayor performed the cutting of the celebration cake.

I n o u r comm u ni ty

The Waterside Cafe is open Monday to Saturday from 9.00am serving a great selection of freshly

Mayor of Wimborne Minster re-opens

prepared meals, snacks and drinks. James Waterfield, The Allendale’s catering manager explained, ‘All

The Waterside Cafe at The Allendale

of our food is freshly cooked, baked and prepared in our own riverside kitchens. In addition to our standard menu we offer a range of home-cooked specials everyday. We also bake all of our own cakes,

Invited guests enjoyed Champagne Cocktails and James added, “One of our single biggest investments during the refurbishment was our new coffee Canapés in the early machine. We have sourced a fantastic coffee bean roasted and blended in Dorset and all of our staff evening sunshine have undergone Barista training to make what we believe to the best coffee and hot chocolate in town.” the allendale before The Mayor performed the cutting of the celebration James and his team welcome you to join them soon on the waterside for breakfast, lunch or just a cup cake. of our great coffee and a freshly baked cake or cookie. The Waterside Cafe is fully licensed and offers 2 April 2012Monday - For Immediate The Waterside Cafe is open to use free WiFi, it is pushchair and wheelchair friendly and with riverside seating and water bowls, dogs are Saturday from 9.00am serving a great Mayor of Wimborne Mins welcome too. Left to right: selection of freshly prepared snacks at Themeals, Allendale James Waterfield , Robin Cook (Mayor) and Wayne Parsons. and drinks. James Waterfield, The Allendale’s ENDS ‘All of our foodofficially is The Mayor of Wimborne officially marked catering manager explained, The Mayor of Wimborne marked the Further information:of James 01202 887247 cooked, baked and prepared28inMarch. our own Wednesday, the re-opening The Waterfield, WatersideCatering Cafe atManager, The freshly riverside kitchens. In addition to our standard Allendale Centre on Wednesday, 28 March.

Pic: Beatrice Dopita

muffins and cookies.’

continues on page 45 Invited guests enjoyed Champagne Cocktail

Mayor performed the cutting The Allendale Community Centre, Hanham Road, Wimborne Minster, Dorset BH21 1AS of the celebrati

F: 01202 848225 E:

Managed by: The Wimborne and District Community Association

Red Squirrels By Judy Godsall Britain’s only native, the red squirrel, has seen its population on a steady decline. It is estimated that as few as 140,000 live in Britain as opposed to the 2.5 million greys. These squirrels are typically distinguished by their long, bushy tails, ear tufts and russet red fur. However, the colour of their fur can range from black to red, causing confusion in identification. The colour of an individual may also vary with the time of year, as thicker winter coats appears darker. The fur on a red squirrel’s belly is always white. Reds are smaller and more delicate than their grey brothers. Their bodies measure between 19 and 23cm and their tails are between 15 and 20cm. There is little difference between the sexes, making it difficult to distinguish between males and females. Sciurus (Latin for ‘squirrel’), are nimble creatures and spend the majority of their time in the treetops. They live in a range of habitats, from conifer forests to broadleaf woodlands. Look out for their large nests (dreys), which consist of twigs, moss, grass and soft hair. They may appear in the forks and hollows of trees. The diet of these rodents consists of seeds - they love the seeds in conifer cones - as well as fungi, nuts,

shoots and berries. They forage for food throughout the year and will create stores in the ground during autumn to prepare themselves for winter.

prepared meals, snacks and drinks. James

of our food is freshly cooked, baked and pre

standard menu we offer a range of home-co muffins and cookies.’

James added, “One of our single biggest inv

machine. We have sourced a fantastic coffe

The mating season begins in February and March, have undergone Barista training to make wh at which point reds may be spotted chasing one another through the trees. Red you to join the James and his team welcome squirrels tend to produce their young in the spring. coffee and a freshly baked cake A second litter may follow ofinour thegreat summer. Females and wheelchair frien usually have 2-3 kittens, butfree canWiFi, haveit is uppushchair to 6. These are born after 45-48 days. welcome too.

Their survival in England is threatened primarily by the grey squirrel, which competes for their food and ENDS also carries the squirrel pox virus. Greys are largely Further James unaffected by squirrel pox, but it isinformation: lethal for reds. InWaterfield, Cater southern England, red squirrels can be found only on the Isle of Wight and on the islands of Poole Harbour, especially Dorset Wildlife Trust’s Brownsea Island The Allendale Community Centre, nature reserve, on the National Trust owned island, which is now open daily to visitors until November. T: 01202 887247 F: 012

by: The Wimborne and District Com For more information aboutManaged Brownsea Island nature reserve or to adopt a red squirrel and help with conservation of their habitat, visit dorsetwildlifetrust. or ring 01305 264620.

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Registered Charity Cafe No. 277027 The Waterside is open Monday to Satu

Pic: Monique Vanstone

T: 01202 887247

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P e ts corn e r

WIMBORNE PET CENTRE Tel: 01202 884124 18 Eastbrook Row · Crownmead · Wimborne Minster · Dorset · BH21 1HN

• FREE local delivery to a wide area • Friendly knowledgeable staff • Regular special offers • Pets and pet food • Flea and Worm treatment for all domestic pets • Premium Cat/Dog Foods such as James wellbeloved, Burns, Royal Canin and Forthglade etc • Licensed to sell live animals • Popular pet birds and supplies • Hamsters, Rabbits, guinea pigs and accessories • Dog/cat toys & treats • Bedding • Pet carriers • Hutches/runs • Selected kittens when available • Free local delivery to a wide area • Regular special offers • Friendly knowledgeable staff • Medicines and Flea & Worm treatment for all domestic pets

Horse Bits Dorset Ltd

Reg Charity No. 203644

Open your door to a heartwarming purr every day and you will be making a cat’s dream come true

Tel 03000 120 175 or pop in to 51 Cobham Road, Ferndown Industrial Estate BH21 7QZ


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The showing season is now underway, The Wimborne riding club held a showing demonstration recently to help people understand what they need to do and how to prepare to show their horses to their best advantage. I hope everyone found this useful, showing can be great fun but can be a mine field i.e. what classes to put your horse in, what to wear in different classes, what tack to use, should you plait or not. There are books available but I think going to a demonstration like this is much nicer as you can ask all the questions you have and get the right answers so let’s hope they hold more of these events to help us all get it right; but most of all have fun. You can join the W.D.R.C. by phoning Diana on 01202 738066 for a membership form. Trish 01202 600550.

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Dedicated, Fairly Priced, Out of Hours Veterinary Service

What you need to know...

MondayPuzzles – Friday: 7pm – 8am Intermediate Sudoku by KrazyDad, Book 1

#1 3

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3 7 4

Weekends: Sat 12pm – Mon 8am Bank holidays: All day and night

Sudoku #2 Find us at: 101 North Rd, Parkstone, Poole, 7 5 9 1 8 2 1 7 4 6 BH14 9 50LT3 We will5provide best care at our 6 8 2 7 9 your 6 pet8 with1the 3 7 2 4 surgery, but we can also arrange house visits 2 4 3 6 7 ...Why 4 3not2check 5 out 9 our8 website 6 1 3 7 5 2 4 6 5 9 8 7 1 3 2 5 We 1 are 4 9 here to help when 9 1your 7 3vet 2 is 5 closed 4 8 6 —”–‡ƒ‘ˆˆ—ŽŽ›“—ƒŽ‹ϐ‹‡†˜‡–•ƒ†—”•‡•ƒ”‡ƒŽ™ƒ›•‘•‹–‡ˆ‘”Š‡Ž’ƒ†ƒ†˜‹…‡ 4 3 6 8 2 3 8 4 6 1 5 9 7 8save 6 our 7 5 number, just in case... 6 5 01202 4 1 3 382843 8 2 7 9 1 9 8 4 3 7 2 5 9 4 6 1 8 menu we offer a range of home9 2 specials 1 3everyday. We 1 8 9 6 7 2 3 4 5 cooked For the


Emergency VetCare

Sud ok u Press

also bake all of our own cakes muffins and cookies.’ Answers to puzzle on page 37. James added, “One of our single the allendale Sudoku #4 biggest investments during the refurbishment 2 April 2012 - For Immediate use 4 our 2 new 7 coffee 3 machine. We have 1 9 2 3 7 4 6 was Mayorsourced of Wimborne Minster re-opens The Waterside Cafe at The Allendale a8fantastic 4 6coffee 1 bean roasted and blended 5 7 4 1 8 6 2 in Dorset and all of our staff have undergone 1 9 training 8 5to make what we believe to 8 3 6 9 2 5 4 Barista the best coffee and hot chocolate in town.” 9 7 5 2 9 8 7 5 6 2 1 James and his team welcome you to join them 5 on 6 the1waterside 9 for breakfast, lunch or just 4 2 3 8 1 9 5 soon a cup of our great coffee and a freshly baked cake 6 8 3 4 6 5 1 4 3 7 9 or cookie. The Waterside Cafe is fully licensed and offers free 2 WiFi,6it is pushchair and wheelchair 3 1 7 6 8 2 5 1 3 friendly and with riverside seating and water 7 3dogs9are welcome 8 3 4 5 6 9 8 7 bowls, too.

5 7 6 3 3 7 8 9 1 2 7 5 4 2 6 1 1 8 9 T2he5 4Water 7 side

#5 6 7



The Mayor of Wimborne officially marked the re-opening of The Waterside Cafe at The Allendale last Wednesday, 28 March.

Invited guests enjoyed Champagne Cocktails and Canapés in the early evening sunshine before The Mayor performed the cutting of the celebration cake.

The Waterside Cafe is open Monday to Saturday from 9.00am serving a great selection of freshly

prepared meals, snacks and drinks. James Waterfield, The Allendale’s catering manager explained, ‘All of our food is freshly cooked, baked and prepared in our own riverside kitchens. In addition to our

standard menu we offer a range of home-cooked specials everyday. We also bake all of our own cakes, muffins and cookies.’

James added, “One of our single biggest investments during the refurbishment was our new coffee

machine. We have sourced a fantastic coffee bean roasted and blended in Dorset and all of our staff

have undergone Barista training to make what we believe to the best coffee and hot chocolate in town.” James and his team welcome you to join them soon on the waterside for breakfast, lunch or just a cup of our great coffee and a freshly baked cake or cookie. The Waterside Cafe is fully licensed and offers free WiFi, it is pushchair and wheelchair friendly and with riverside seating and water bowls, dogs are welcome too.

C afe at The Allendale ENDS


1 9

Further information: James Waterfield, Catering Manager, 01202 887247


4 3

The Allendale Community Centre, Hanham Road, Wimborne Minster, Dorset BH21 1AS

T: 01202 887247

F: 01202 848225 E:






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Sudoku #6 Please mention the Little Guide when responding to advertisers WD Little Guide 8 1 9 4 5 1 3 8 9 5 4 6 2 7 45 WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 45 4 6 7 2 3 9 4 6 3 2 7 1 5 20/4/12 8 10:36:26 Managed by: The Wimborne and District Community Association

Registered Charity No. 277027

I nd e X to a dv e r tis e rs Builders & Surveyors Marshfield 48 Harry J Palmer 48 Ian Speirs 49 Symonds & Sampson 54 Camping/Caravanning Dorset Caravan Services 49 Hitch n Pitch 40 Hoburne 41 The Caravan Shop 42 Computing Colehill Computers 32 Computer Repair Service 20 Net Response 39 Southern Logic 39 Robin Wells 48 Drives & Paving CW Stanley 3 Dorset Soils & Aggregates Back cover Eating Out Greyhound Inn 32 Hibiscus 31 Lets Do Dinner Ltd front cover Estate Agents Morgan Hampton 51 Richards Estate Agents 51 St Quintin Property 53 Funeral Directors Nicholas O’Hara 35 Garden Services Coppice Tree & Garden 26 JR Elcock 25 Garden Scape 23 Jon Stokes 26 Hairdressing Eden Hair 10 Health & Fitness Holmes Hypnotherapy 10 Soul Serenity 8 Terri Ann Laws 34 Wimborne Chiropody 10 Wimborne Clinic Chiropody 9 Wimborne Clinic Counselling 9 Wimborne Clinic Physiotherapy 9 Home Maintenance & Improvement CMTV 20 Colourcraft 17 Cozy Stoves 18 Dream Doors 23 Fix It Windows 19 GardenScape 25 Interiors Complete 21 Kitchen Options 6 Marsden Flooring 16 Safeclean 17


WD Little Guide

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Select PVCu Sewing World Test Inspect UK Tiles Direct Wimborne Aerials

24 48 49 29 48

Motoring Longham Motor Engineers 37 Wimborne Tyres 52 Nursery Schools Bright Sparks 26 The Old School Nursery 17 Pets Cats Protection 44 Emergency VetCare 45 Wimborne Pet Centre 44 Photography Roger Allen 36, 49 Wimborne Photo Centre 21 Plumbers All Angles Plumbing 50 Andy’s Plumbing Service 49 John Abbott 50 Ryan Newman 50 Print, Design, Publishing and Marketing The Minster Press 4, 47, 50 Roofing Complete Roofing Solutions 19 M C Roofing 22 Taxis CMC Taxis 48 Toms Taxis 50 Theatres The Tivoli 14 Shopping Balloon a Room 29 Dacombe & Renaut 5 Freedom Mobility 34 Griffs Butchers 31 The Little Gift Room 28 Oakley Butchers 33 Portique 2 Riverside Toys 15 Miscellaneous Dorset Community Action 14 Dorset Heavy Horse Centre 30 Plowmans Garden Centre 27 Stephen Price IFA 35 Woodhouse Lettings 22 Wimborne BID 11 Wimborne Tourist Information Office 12 WTFC 12 Yayu’s Art Classes 10

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f The World o elor John Batch


The Minster Press is delighted to be working with local Illustrator John Batchelor. John is world famous for his technical illustrations on a wide range of subjects.

of transport our to all forms tor m suits of arm lance illustra ld, ranging fro has been a free around the wor and ed ies lish ntr pub cou n s for 45 tions have bee strated stamp John’s illustra . John has illu rs. ttle yea Shu 50 ce ctly Spa for exa including the ate of Excellence tific phic Arts ~ Cer ard erican Inst. Gra Excellence · Am Club ~ Gold Aw ual ~ Award of · Art Directors rit Ann Me ign for Des ate tific Awards: strators ~ Cer Society of Illu

He has also illustrated stamps for 45 countries. The Minster Press is currently working on John’s autobiography and the story of his stamp illustrations which number 891 so far. John has had many books published around the world on a variety of subjects.

PRINT SOLUTIONS from The Minster Press



Free consultation Free quotes Free advice

Tel: 01202 882277

START WRITING YOUR BOOK • Individual face-to-face guidance • A writing development programme • Constructive feedback • Affordable alternative to classes • FREE initial consultation • Professional editing service

email or call Sally 07876 481447

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WD Little Guide


20/4/12 10:36:47

S ervice g uid e K.J. Forward


Marshfield Construction

Sewing machine repairs

Free collection & delivery in all areas

Building – Groundwork – Landscape Construction – Extensions Garden Walls – Patios – Paving – Fireplaces & Features – Foundations – Drainage – Drives Plastering & Artex – Alterations Renovations

All repairs guaranteed Main agents for all leading makes


Building since 1980

Sewing World 308-310 Wimborne Road, Winton Banks

Freephone 0800 026 77 76

A Wide Selection of Services Available to Improve & Increase the value of your Home

Landscaping – Pond Building & Water Features – Shingle & Mediterranean Gardens Pergolas & Decking – Fencing & Turfing

For your free no obligation quotation, or daywork labour charge only, please contact Keith:


Complete Garden Makeovers

Phone: 01202 881632 Mobile: 07712 319954

31 Marshfield, Colehill, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 7AS

Family Builders since 1916

 Computer Services


     

  

The true family run business established for over 20 years, offering quality workmanship with all work insured and guaranteed.

* Top quality equipment used * All types of digital and DAB aerials * Digital satellite installed or re-installed * NO VAT PAYABLE 24 hour answering service



WD Little Guide

WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 48

Building Work



All aspects of building work undertaken Family run business established over 70 years providing quality workmanship and attention

28 Old Road, Wimborne Minster BH21 1EJ

Tel: 01202 842224 email:

To advertise ring Mark or CJ at the Advertising Hub on 01202 882277 20/4/12 10:36:51






16 Casterbridge Road, Ferndown, Dorset BH22 8LN

For details Tel 01202 882277

Tel: 01202 893800 Fax: 01202 855436 Mobile: 07918 070724

Website: Email:

Near town centre shops and car park

Ian C. Speirs & Associates

Chartered Surveyors

Chartered Surveyors

Chartered Surveyors Building Plans & Contract Administration

Building Surveyors · Quantity Surveyors Expert Witness Reports • Building Surveys PartyWall Wall Surveyors Party Surveyors Eur. Geo., MRICS, FCIOB, FASI


Call 07710 227216


Caravan Servicing

  


ROGER ALLEN PHOTOGRAPHY Weddings; Christenings Digitally Restore Photographs Commercial Commissions

 

Ian C. Speirs

7 The Square · Wimborne Minster · Dorset · BH21 1JA Telephone +44 (0)1202 884582 Fax +44 (0)1202 882727 Mobile 07850 297 150 e mail

For all your Electrical requirements

     

  This space could be yours!

 

 


Advertise in this space from £29 per month Ring CJ or Mark on 01202 882277

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WD Little Guide


20/4/12 10:36:56

S ervice g uid e

TOM’S CAR SERVICE Stations Hospitals Shopping


General Gardening

General Taxi Service



AIRpORT RATES AIRPORT Gatwick Heathrow Southampton Bournemouth Exeter

Single £ 80.00 £ 70.00 £ 38.00 £ 18.00 £ 90.00

Return £ 160.00 £ 140.00 £ 76.00 £ 36.00 £ 180.00

DOCKS Southampton

Single £ 35.00

Return £ 70.00


Plumbing & Heating

Taxi Services

Competitive Rates




Call TOM to make a booking on

T: 01202 876978 M: 07743 166519


01202 880895/07831669214

ALL ANGLES FOR A SUPERIOR SERVICE All plumbing work undertaken from a dripping tap to a complete bathroom Leadwork, guttering work and tiling also undertaken

Highly competitive prices Senior citizen discounts


WD Little Guide

WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 50

Gas Fires • Gas Cookers Gas Central Heating and Maintenance Gas Appliance Safety Checks Boilers Exchanged / Installed Bathrooms and Underfloor Heating

Mob: 07775 766 741 Email: Tel: 01202 885061

Just under the Arch 14/15 Mill Lane, Wimborne Tel.: (01202) 882277 Fax: (01202) 888500

Boiler Installs and Landlord’s Certificates

01202 604932 07846 749928

• • • • •

Gas Safe registration number: 506192


Plumbing & Heating


JOHN ABBOTT Plumbing & Heating



From Ideas to Reality Yo u r B o o k i n P r i n t Visit our shop or visit

To advertise ring Mark or CJ at the Advertising Hub on 01202 882277 20/4/12 10:36:58

Pro per ty




are you a looking for a letting property? Morgan Hampton are having a Buy to Let evening on thursday 17th May 5pm – 7pm.




We will have specialist advisors on hand to discuss Buying and Letting - so call in for a chat. Do you own a property up to £250,000? Why not market your home at this special event. Cash and buy to let investors will be attending so call the team now to discuss having your property ready.




– LandLords we guarantee your rent for free!

Due to our best letting month ever we urgently require properties in all price ranges. Call us – we need your property!

01202 886680 Wimborne Office 3 East Street Wimborne BH21 1DS 01202 886680

Westbourne Office 129a Poole Road Westbourne BH4 9BG 01202 540400

London Office 121 Park Lane Mayfair WK1 7AG 0207 7079 1447

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Christchurch Office 128 Purewell Christchurch BH23 1EU 01202 470 007

WD Little Guide


20/4/12 10:36:59

Use f u l t e l e phon e nu mbe rs BT Faults (Residential) Buses (Wilts and Dorset) Citizens Advice Bureau-Fern Citizens Advice Bureau-Wim Colehill Parish Council Corfe Mullen Parish Council Consumer Advice Crimestoppers Dorset - Highways Dorset/SSE - Lighting East Dorset District Council Electricity - Power cuts Ferndown Town Council Gas Escape Hospital - Bournemouth Hospital - Poole Hospital - St. Leonards Hospital - Wimborne (new:) Library - Broadstone Library - Colehill Library - Corfe Mullen Library - Ferndown Library - Wimborne Mailing Preference Service NHS Direct (only 8 digits!) Police Poole Borough Council Rail Enquiries Samaritans Telephone Preference Serv. Tourist Information Centre Vet - Emergency VetCare Victim Support Dorset Water - Bâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;mouth & W.Hants Water - Wessex Water Wimborne Town Council

0800 800 151 01983 827005 01202 893838 01202 884738 01202 887786 01202 698600 0845 404 0506 0800 655 111 01305 221020 0800 0684145 01202 886201 0845 770 8090 01202 892249 0800 111 999 01202 303626 01202 665511 01202 584200 01202 856410 01202 693504 01202 886676 01202 659755 01202 874542 01202 882770 0845 703 4599 0845 46 47 01202 222222 01202 633633 0845 748 4950 0845 790 9090 0845 070 0707 01202 886116 01202 382843 01202 606200 01202 590059 0845 600 4600 01202 881655


Find a Cat a Home Camping & Caravanning Business to Business If you would like to be part of these features or would like a feature on your own business, anniversary or event please contact us. email: adhub@ or phone Mark or CJ 01202 882277 DISCLAIMER: Whilst every care has been taken to ensure that data in this publication is accurate, neither the publisher nor its editorial contributors can accept, and hereby disclaim, any liability to any party for loss or damage caused by errors or omissions resulting from any cause. The District Directory does not officially endorse any advertising material included within this publication. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in any retrievable systems or transmitted in any form without prior permission of the Publisher.


Unit 3, 28 Brook Road Industrial Estate, Wimborne, Dorset BH21 2BH


WD Little Guide

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Prop e r t y Independent Estate and Letting Agents Land and Planning Consultants RICS Chartered Surveyors Property Management

Pr ice

re du c



Mortgage Advice

Hurn Longham

£775,000 £225,000

 5/6 bedrooms• 4/5 2/3Bedrooms reception rooms set in 3/4 acre  Beautiful gardens  • 1/2 Reception rooms • Tastefully re-modelled  Self contained annexe  Large driveway  Chalet style 

£775,000 £239,950

Stunning 3/4 bed detached character property  Master bedroom with en-suite • Sought after location • 2 bedrooms • Summer room • and balcony  Conservatory  Detached double garage  Delightfully landscaped • 2 patio areas and gardens Conservatory and car port • gardens  Set•in 0.6 acres 

Pr ice

re d




Double glazing • Gas central heating • Parking •

Avon Castle Colehill



£499,950 £264,950

Detached Georgian Style House  Set in .375  Spacious & Flexible •3 Bedrooms • Detached chalet • Acres Detached garage Accomodation  Double Garage  Beautiful Garden  Kitchen Diner  Lounge • Quiet Neighbourhood • Woodland Doors Opening onto Gardensurroundings •


£800,000 £324,950


• 3 detached Double Bedrooms 3 Reception • Detached Family Large family home •  4/5 Bedrooms Rooms (2 en-suite)  2/3 Reception rooms Home • Detached Snooker/Games • OfftoRoad Parking  Double garage  Offered with 1 acre of land  Room Opportunity purchase 5 acres of neighbouring land • Excellent links for Numerous Vehicles Double commuter Glazed Throughout • 

• Conservatory • Modern Decor •

Ne w



ru c



Avon Castle




Detached home  5 Bedrooms  3 Bathrooms (2 en-suite)  Large kitchen • Five family double bedrooms •Two Bathrooms • Stunning modern & utility area  Double garage  Large garden  Open fire  Cul-de-sac location

property •En-suite from master bedroom •Garage •

01202 877 123

Avon Castle


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Offers in excess of £800,000

 6 bedrooms  6 bath/shower rooms ( 4 en-suites )  Indoor swimming pool • 2 En-Suite Reception Rooms • Solid complex  DoubleBathrooms garage  Set•in2/3 1 acre  CCTV and security alarmWood systems  Gymnasium  Beautiful grounds  Sun terrace Burner • Semi Rural Location • Detached Pitched Roof Garage •

WD Little Guide


20/4/12 10:37:03

SAS097 Symonds & Sampson 128x93 QXD:Layout 1



Page 1

Looking for Expert Advice? Use a Chartered Building Surveyor...

T: 01202 639409

SAS136 Symonds & Sampson 195x140 AD qxd v2:Layout 1

11:38 Page 1


SAS097 Symonds & Sampson 128x93 QXD:Layout 1



Looking With you every step of for the Expert way... Advice?

Use a Chartered Building Surveyor...

T: 01202 639409


WD Little Guide

WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 54


To advertise ring Mark or CJ at the Advertising Hub on 01202 882277 20/4/12 10:37:05

Prop e r t y

We always help more people move in Corfe Mullen than any other Estate Agent, so you know that youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll be using the local experts when you

buy, sell or let. For a free, no obligation, valuation

Please call

(01202) 602121 Or pop in 147 Wareham Road, Corfe Mullen, Wimborne BH21 3LA

Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re here to help you move. If you have instructed another agent on a sole agency and/or selling rights basis, the terms of those instructions must be considered to avoid a possible liability to pay two commissions.

Please mention the Little Guide when responding to advertisers WDC66 p4 56pp.indd 55

WD Little Guide


20/4/12 10:37:06


District Iss. 65 April 2012 Wimborne & District Little Guides for Dorset©

‘Affordable advertising with an extra pinch of design’ Give us a try · call Mark or CJ on 01202 882277 or email us:

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20/4/12 10:37:08

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