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PAWS - patas GENERAL ENQUIRIES 678 490 217

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BRITT - is an active adolescent, playful and sociable. She is attention seeking and tries to engage you for play and companionship. She can be a little mouthy when she wants to get your attention and for this it is not recommended she go to young children. She can be dominant at times with weaker dogs as well. FLORENCE - What a sweet and good natured dog is our “Flo”. In fact, she is such a gentle animal that she is a submissive “smiler”, meaning she gives the appearance of showing a canine smile with her teeth when approached. Florence really likes human contact though she may be a little unsure at first due to her submissive nature, but once she knows you mean her no harm, she likes to remain close to you. She is easy to handle and causes no trouble at all with the other dogs in her living and play groups. VEGAN & PAPI These two gentle brothers were dumped in a garden when 2 months old – the owner has cared for them and now, at 8 months, it is time they found a good family home together, because they love each other so much and have so much love to give, they would make wonderful companions. Both very sweet and friendly, they have been vaccinated, castrated and microchipped and are both house-trained. If you would like any further information on Vegan and Papi, please contact Diane on 950 617 643 or Manuela 659 884 479.


Escape from your TV set !

Escape from your TV set !

Life Beyond Your Lounge Mojácar

Life Beyond Your Lounge Elsewhere



Alvaron: Merry Maidens Quiz 8pm

Bar Lepanto: Quiz 8pm (3rd Monday of month for Puppy Rescue)

Cowboy Cocina: Conversational Spanish Classes. Beginners: 5.30pm, Intermediates: 6.30pm (5€) Irish Rover: Entertainment & Karaoke TUESDAY Beachcomber: (Every 2nd of month) Book, CD & DVD Sale 11am Irish Rover: Entertainment & Karaoke Tai Ji: Mojacar Beach opposite Rusty Nail 5.45pm (at Indigo Gym if weather bad) WEDNESDAY Bar Med: Quiz 9.30pm Emerald Isle: Live Entertainment (see boards for guest acts) Irish Rover: Entertainment & Karaoke (see boards for guest acts) Lemon Lounge: Quiz 9pm The New Kimrick: Jam Session with Jonathan Payne & Guests (every other Wednesday)

Sophia Wellness Centre: Tai Ji class 3pm TUESDAY Miraflores: Whist WEDNESDAY El Naranjo: Darts 8.30pm Millionaire: Fun Poker Night 8pm Miraflores: Darts, Dominoes, Pool The Piano Bar: Tai Ji class 9.30am THURSDAY El Naranjo: Quiz 8.30pm Miraflores: Line Dancing 8pm Mo’s Music Bar: Live Music FRIDAY El Naranjo: Karaoke 8.30pm SATURDAY Bar Stop: Karaoke 9pm

Hacienda: Flamenco Show 8.30 pm

Miraflores: Live Music Dinner Dance or BBQ

Indigo Gym: Tai Ji class 3pm


Irish Rover: Entertainment & Karaoke

El Naranjo: Live Entertainment 8.30pm

FRIDAY El Gaucho: Live Flamenco Show Irish Rover: Entertainment & Karaoke (see boards for guest acts) SATURDAY

Pictured above - A Dutch couple await the delivery of a PAWS dog they have come to adopt at a rescue shelter in Holland.

Trufibar: Live Music from 2pm


Piano Bar: Line Dancing with Pamela 7.15 pm

Arriba: Get Fit & Healthy Day 11am

Bar Med: Live Entertainment


Miraflores: Quiz 8pm


PAWS is now beefing up its efforts to find new homes for Spanish dogs abroad. The animal rescue charity, which survived a financial crisis earlier this year, is back on its feet again but re-organising the way it works. Three Rescue organisations in Holland have all agreed to take a variety of PAWS dogs, and since March 58 animals have already departed for new homes in the Netherlands. PAWS are also working with three different organisations in Germany. And the established relationship with Ibizan Hound Rescue in the north of England sees a continuing flow of Spanish hunting dogs going to new homes there. PAWS has now partially relaxed its ban on taking in new animals, although the shelter is nearly full again, and there is a never-ending queue of dogs needing to come in. As we go to press the result of the Mojacar Council election is still not decided – but PAWS has firm commitments from the three parties who secured the most votes to provide the charity with continuing support.

678 490 208

Miraflores: Aerobics/Aqua-aerobics 9am

678 490 217

Emerald Isle: Live Entertainment Irish Rover: Entertainment & Karaoke Mesa: (Last Saturday in month) Live Music and Special Menu - tlf: 662 639 535 Tai Ji: (First Saturday of month) Mojacar Beach opposite Rusty Nail 10am - 12pm SUNDAY El Patio: Live music Emerald Isle: Quiz & Play Your Cards Right with DJ Ian 8pm Irish Rover: Entertainment & Karaoke


(some venues may be last minute)

MONDAY EVENING THE PIANO BAR, TURRE (Air con’d) 7.15pm 'til late 3€ per Dancer ALL LEVELS NEW BEGINNERS ... easy step by step lessons IMPROVERS ... moving from beginners into more interesting dances INTERMEDIATES/ADVANCED ... Zipping away until late

La Parata - call for details

Bookstall and Coin Collection for Pancreatic Cancer and free magazine swap always present at all lessons and events!

The New Kimrick - regular weekend entertainment

Telephone Pamela 950 398 076


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