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PETS PARADISE Everything & more for all kinds of pets We are specialists Located within suministros RIDAO, Scalibor, Ex-spot, Frontline NOW IN STOCK near Los Gallardos petrol station Open: Mon-Fri: 9am-2pm & 4pm-8pm / Sat: 9am-2pm MERCAMUNDO, El Real Antas T: 626 209 393 E: & A Caballo II Horse Shop, Vera

© bluwater web design Oliver Garcia arranged the handing over of the funds to Vera Orphanage raised at the recent charity event organised by Sean Grew and held at Restaurant La Parata. The original amount of 965€ raised on the day was increased by 40€, raised from a quiz organised by Tony Matthews, and a further 20€ donated by a customer of The Emerald Isle making a grand total of 1025€. Asprodalba will be presented with a donation of 780€ raised from the food sales and the raffle.

The Best Mexican Food South of the Border ! South American Cocktails & Mexican Beers Open Every Day except Mondays

950 478 841


Mojacar Playa, Tito's Complex

For Holiday & Twin Unit Park Homes Cherri Bar Park Homes SL Resale Homes from 29,000€ "La Hierbabuena" Los Lobos, A332, KM-15.5 Tel: 950 396 908 or 629 688 153


POSTCARD FROM BLIGHTY by Phil Naylor ”This month’s image is not strictly “from” Blighty ... We were fortunate enough to be on our holidays in early June & I couldn’t resist the opportunity to show you all the Grand-daddy of all tortoises! Certainly related to the smaller tortoises found in the © Phil Naylor campo around Almeria, this “old boy” is an Aldabra giant tortoise (Aldabrachelys gigantea), from the islands of the Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles, and a bit of a celebrity! Allow me to introduce “Esmeralda” who is officially the world’s heaviest tortoise (the lady is Sue, my wife)! Some say the oldest too but no-one really knows when he, yes he’s a he, was born. There is a certificate in the reception area of Bird Island Lodge, Seychelles (where he lives) giving his year of birth as 1771 … but how would anyone know?! Be that as it may, he’s a big old boy and there’s something quite humbling to be in the presence of an ancient living creature of a race virtually unchanged for 180 million years!!”

PUPPY RESCUE in SPAIN Calle Málaga, Albox, 04800. CIF: G04698817 Caring for abandoned, abused and neglected puppies in the Albox area.

JOEY & SANDY - Please don’t let these 2 dogs spend their final years in kennels. Joey, male, neutered, 6 years. Sandy, female, spayed, 13 years. 2 older dogs desperate to find a new home. They came to Puppy Rescue when their owner died 6 months ago. They both need homes to spend their final years, they don’t deserve to spend them in kennels. Friendly, loving dogs used to being in a home where they are loved. Can you give one or both of these dogs a permanent or long term foster home? We will board them free if you have to go away. Both fully vaccinated and Joey is UK passported. If you can give Joey and Sandy or any of our dogs a good foster or permanent home please ring 667 623 254 or go to


22nd February 1923 – 15TH April 2011 Written by his son Dad, namely Kenneth Archibald Thompson, was born in February 1923 in Birkenhead, Cheshire, the youngest and smallest of 5 brothers. His father was a Pantry man on the ocean-going liners which sailed between Liverpool and the USA. Money was in short supply and his mother used to take in washing and knit gloves for 2d per pair, incredibly, to supplement the family income. He was, however, a bright lad and passed the scholarship to Birkenhead Institute, a good school, which he joined in 1934, aged 11. He was a high achiever, gaining matriculation passes in 8 subjects, 5 with credit. At 16 he joined the RAF Cadet Force - it was then August 1939. Looking through his papers I found a pass giving the 18 year old permission to smoke, but only off base. In 1942 he was accepted for pilot training and 1943 found him in Saskatchewan, Canada, flying Ansons, Harvards and Tigermoths. At this time his nickname was Rodeo Thompson. This stemmed from an incident when his Tigermoth ran out of fuel and he had to land in a field full of horses. He walked to the farm to telephone the base to bring more fuel and when he returned to the field the horses were eating the plane. They apparently found the dope painted on the canvas wings irresistible. When he was posted to India, he flew a motley collection of planes and was awarded the Air Force Cross for conspicuous gallantry - landing a plane whilst badly injured. He once told me that he was shown a map but was not allowed to keep it, whilst flying berween isolated land strips. Flying in India in those days really was on a wing and a prayer. After the war he returned to Birkenhead, married, took me on and had a daughter, Michelle. At this time he was working as an insurance salesman, but decided to embark on a new career in law. He moved to London, lived in digs, studied at London University and Lincolns Inn Fields, was called to the Bar and became a qualified barrister in 1954. Quite an achievement for a working class boy. Using his newly acquired qualifications he joined the Civil Service (the Inland Revenue as I recall). He also joined the Masons, which became an important part of his life for a long period. My recollections of him at this time:Trilby hats (very Indiana Jones) ... A waxed moustache (very Biggles) ... Never let him get near the bathroom before you - he would be in there for hours ... Riding a Vespa down Western Avenue to work - a high-risk occupation - he came off many times. In 1968 he transferred to the Court Service where his law qualifications could be put to better use. It was about this time that he met Robbie and they married in October 1971 (incredibly nearly 40 years ago), extending his family and providing for further adventures (kindred spirits, I think). They moved to Harrow and a period of mid-life holidays and fun ensued. He finally retired some 26 years ago as Senior Clerk to the Court. Dad and Robbie moved to Neston on the Wirral - Parkgate - the posh part, then on to Pentre Halkin, North Wales, halfway up a very cold mountain. Twenty one years ago they moved to sunny Spain and built a house in Enix, finally moving to Mojacar and Turre. My personal reflections:When I was young he rarely lost his temper with me depite my constant provocation. He was always kind and supportive. He had a long, interesting and worthwhile life, but I will miss him, as shall we all.

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