Cara’s, the new Irish Bar on Mojacar Playa opened its doors on 9th June.

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Pet Stop

Exposure to heat can kill your pets very quickly, be they dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, tortoises/turtles or fish. The humidity level plus the air temperature can make it difficult or even impossible for mammals to reduce their own temperatures. HEATSTROKE/HYPERTHERMIA - occurs when the normal body temperature of approximately 101deg F rises to 105deg F and above. At 106deg F plus, the internal organs will start to breakdown, over 106deg F you have only minutes to save his life. Quick cooling must be started but even if death does not occur, there may be irreversible internal damage, or damage which will need lifelong treatment. SYMPTOMS OF HEATSTROKE - rapid/excessive panting, bright red tongue, red or pale gums, thick/sticky saliva, swelling of the throat, depression, weakness, dizziness/ disorientation, vomiting - sometimes with blood, diarrhoea, shock, coma, any behaviour not normal for your pet whilst doing normal things. CAUSES OF HEATSTROKE - NEVER leave pets - in a car even for a minute, even with the windows open (the inside of a parked car can easily reach 140 degrees), confined to a concrete/asphalt run, kennel or crate without shade and water. Wearing a muzzle or even being muzzled at the grooming parlour is dangerous as is excessive activity on hot days or being left or living in hot rooms in the house. AVOID heatstroke by exercising early mornings and/or later in the evening, keep pet in a well ventilated or air-conditioned room. Outside dogs must have shady areas to lie, cold water to drink and spray with water periodically, provide a paddling pool to cool down in if he likes water. Dogs do not sweat through their skins, they reduce their body temperatures by panting, and sweating through the foot pads and noses. PETS AT GREATEST RISK - puppies and kittens up to 6 months, older pets - large breeds over 7 years, smaller breeds over 14 years, cats over 12 years. Pets who over exert during play. Short nosed breeds, they have narrow respiratory systems that are easily overwhelmed in hot and humid conditions such as Bulldogs, Pekingese, Pugs, Boston terriers, Shar Pei, Cavalier and King Charles spaniels. etc. Double coated breeds such as Chow Chows and those bred for cold climates - Malamutes, Huskies, Newfoundlands. Pets that already have health problems such as heart conditions, poor circulation, dehydration, obesity, breathing problems, those on certain medications. TREATMENT - take your pets temperature if you have a thermometer handy, by placing it in the pet’s rectum, the reading will show how life threatening the situation is. Keep checking the temperature and stop cooling when it reads 103deg F. There are various ways to reduce the temperature but your location will determine which method you choose. Move the pet out of direct sun, offer water to drink but limit the amount he drinks, never put water in the mouth, it may be inhaled into the lungs. Attempt to reduce the body temperature with cool/tepid water either by immersion in a bath, gentle spraying from a garden hose or applying cool wet towels/ cloths to the body and especially to the foot pads and around the head - NEVER LEAVE WET TOWELS ON THE PET AND NEVER USE COLD WATER, both prevent the pet from cooling himself. Move the pet to a room with air-conditioning or stand him in front of a fan, or use an air-conditioned car. Whilst trying to cool your pet down, telephone your vet, explain the situation and carry out any additional treatment they suggest before taking him to the clinic. Even if your pet appears to be ok after your treatment he still needs a thorough check-up as internal damage may have taken place. PLEASE NOTE - extreme cold can cause the blood vessels to constrict preventing the body’s core from cooling and actually causing the internal temperature to rise further, in addition over cooling can cause hypothermia, introducing a host of new problems. Much the same treatment can be applied to cats suffering from overheating. Guinea pigs, rabbits and tortoises, etc. living in hutches or outside runs require cooler, shadier spots too. NOTE - the above is for advice only and is not intended to replace the expert diagnosis and specialist treatment of your veterinarian whose advice is always the best.


FULLY AIR CONDITIONED COLD BEERS ON DRAUGHT Guinness - Strongbow Carling - Amstel San Miguel

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Friday 15 July, starting at 8pm. This year there will be a small entrance fee of only 5€ for able-bodied adults over seventeen. All net proceeds go to the participating charities. Tickets will be on sale from Saturday 2 July from Vera Tourist Office, the Convento de la Victoria, Vera and from various outlets in your pueblo. Look for the posters! AMONG THIS YEAR’S PERFORMERS ARE: ‘Aire del Sur’ (Flamenco dance troupe); ‘Los Gringos’, (the newish rock band that everyone is talking about); ‘Menta y Canela’ a Spanish/Cuban duo who perform a wide range of Spanish language popular music. Tom Lee has an exciting six piece band 'VENZAL' to back him and guest singer, Emily Lee, Tom’s internationally acclaimed singer daughter. Another big band performing will be the newly enlarged Jam Factory led by Denis Hauke. With an eclectic mix of jazz, rock and Caribbean they’ll have you all dancing. The GIG will be their first public appearance. Andy and Nadine Highfield will be on the bill again this year offering a mix of American Country and Bluegrass. Andy is one of the finest flat-picking guitar players you’ll ever hear. ‘Funky’ Pete Fleming is bringing his Almeria based group, ‘SPECTRUM’ to give a whacky Caribbean sound to the programme. And by popular request, the enigmatic Lawrence Burton will be mesmerising the audience again with his recorders, whistles, flute, drums and chants. The Julie Bruce Dance Academy will be springing a few surprises as will piper, David Weir. With one or two acts and soloists still to confirm we already have twelve acts playing music for every taste. What a night it’s going to be. TRANSPORT: Costa Almeria Tours are offering a bus service from and to the outlying pueblos. Give them a call on: 646 760 389. There’s a regular bus service to Vera from Mojacar, Garrucha, Puerto Rey and Vera Playa. The BÚHOBUS (mini train) service will be extended to include the Recinto Ferial for the GIG. Final buses from Vera run at midnight, 01.00 and 03.00 going to Vera Playa, Puerto Rey, Pueblo Laguna, Garrucha and Mojacar Playa. If you’re driving there will be ample parking above the riverside parque and just 100 metres from the GIG. There is a chiringuito in the parque selling drinks and cooked tapas. There will also be a ‘food court’, serving baked potatoes, churros and similar fiesta food. This year as well as supporting all participating charities from Vera and the surrounding pueblos we’re also inviting clubs, associations and other social groups to rent a site, for a modest fee, to raise awareness of their activities and recruit members. Email Harvey at: or phone: 678 682 574. Vera Council will take full responsibility for the event. They will collect all entrance money and fees and distribute the proceeds between the participating charities.

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07 The Advertiser 2011  

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