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Quick and painless food sensitivity test with immediate results! We use a non-invasive method based on biofeedback on your body. You sit at a table and hold a small electrode connected to the EAV machine. The tester uses a probe to touch one of your fingers at an acupuncture point. The EAV machine measures your body response to food substances contained in small ampoules, which are placed in the machine in turn. Once any allergies or food sensitivities have been detected, we offer a simple elimination programme for the offending items, nutritional advice and remedial treatment. Why wait any longer to live the rest of your life pain free?

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“Your health - my passion” by Diana Dudas m.f.h.t. m.i.c.h.t.

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Natural alternatives to deoderants I received an email last week from a lady asking if deodorants caused cancer. There have been many studies on this and nothing says that they do. However it has been over ten years since I last used an over the counter deodorant. It was whilst living in the States that a friend of mine introduced me to crystal deodorants. I loved the fact that no strong aroma was apparent, it was also comforting to know that there was no chance of white shadows appearing on the underarm area of my clothes. My find came at a time when I was showing more interest in my health and well being. I was intent on finding natural alternatives to the chemicals I used on my body. I had wondered whether using chemicals such as deodorants were harmful to my health. The problems Asthmatic reactions and skin irritation are the key health concerns associated with antiperspirants and deodorants. Aerosols, particularly those containing talc, present the greatest risk for asthmatics, but fragrances as well can spark an allergic response in inflamed passageways. In fact, fragrances and preservatives top the list of personal care product ingredients that produce irritation or allergic reactions, but other ingredients also cause problems. Some chemicals such as parabens in deodorants can cause a skin condition known as contact dermatitis. Signs of contact dermatitis include swelling, itching, inflammation, and even blisters. If you've never seen these symptoms, you probably don't need to worry. Avoiding dermatitis-triggering ingredients is a good precaution for people with sensitive skin, even if there are no immediate signs of irritation. Difference between Antiperspirants and Deodorants Antiperspirants contain astringent compounds, usually of aluminium, which close pores and reduce sweat, reducing odour producing bacteria. Deodorants do not reduce wetness, but contain ingredients that fight odour and inhibit the growth of odour-causing bacteria. If you are one of those people who believe that body odour comes from perspiring, you are only partially correct. Body odour is actually a by-product of the perspiration coming into contact with the bacteria on your skin. Eliminate one or the other and you have eliminated body odour.


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by Sharon Brady 

Clinic at Vera Playa and Sum mer San dals Mobile Service to Mojácar, dese rve Sex y Feet !! Vera & Villaricos. Get thos e feet TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEET serv iced soo n!! Professional chiropody for all 7 14 9 659 For appointments call Kim: 63 637 149 Gift Vouchers available


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Colour Treatment, Cut, Blowdry & Scalp Massage ... 45c Gents Cut ... 6c Tuesdays only ' 'Depiltronic 02 Ladies Cuts from ... 10c , ee fr in Pa  Choco Brazilian Blowdry ... from 125c ir permanent ha   including follow up products removal  Reiki by Joyce by appointment  Massage by Rebecca Open Tues, Weds & Fri: 10-6  Acrylic & Gel Nails Thurs: 10-7 (late night by appt)  Non-surgical Facelifts Sat: 10-2  Range of accessories - great 950 472 460  Tel: gifts ... or to treat yourself!  Z-4 or 600 223 664 Find us near Mojacar Estates, along from the Irish Rover, Mojacar Playa

About crystal deodorants The Crystal deodorants are composed of mineral salts which form a topical layer on the skin, creating an environment impossible for bacteria to thrive. They eliminate the odour-causing bacteria and therefore prevent body odour. How is that different from mainstream deodorants? Most deodorants mask body odour with a perfumed scent, contain alcohol to shrink pores, or aluminium chlorohydrate/aluminium zirconium. These compounds enter the pores and physically block or clog them to reduce the flow of perspiration. In essence, they inhibit the body's natural expulsion of toxins. Additional Benefits Crystal body deodorants are completely topical and hypoallergenic. They are also fragrance-free, non-sticky, and will not stain or otherwise adversely affect your clothing (even the most delicate such as silk). They leave no white flakes or residue on the skin. They are environmentally safe and easy to use. I have since tried other natural deodorants but after many disappointments I am now committed to using only crystal body deodorants. P.S. Crystal deodorants can also be used to deter foot odour. PAGE 17

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