FF Awards 2021 Media Pack

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In previous years, lending and taking loans would come with interest rates and debt. With recent innovations in lending services, however, such as the advent of Buy Now, Pay Later, it’s never been easier in today’s world to acquire products and money.

ESG needs to be more than just lip service. It needs to be at the heart of why an organisation exists profits for profits’ sake has little meaning, but how that is used can shape civilizations.

Embedded Finance has, despite its name, taken the non financial world by storm. The ability to open up financial services in ways we had previously never thought possible, makes this award truly groundbreaking. From travel agents offering up repayment schemes on the fly to the humble payment within your ride sharing application.

Lending is starting to become available for all; where merchants are charged fees, and where people are leaving a digital trail - to show that they’re a good, reliable borrower. We want to see how that has been pushed further, and the most amazing innovations to come with lending.

We want to see how organisations are rising to ESG beyond public perception and into authentic, passionate long term goals. Whether this is enabling ethical standards, striving for sustainability, or even applying pressure on violators to basic human rights.

Whoever wins this award is not only leading the industry, but also the ways people and businesses understand the very concept of finance.