FF Awards 2021 Media Pack

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Payments are literally the vital infrastructure of any financial institution. They are the core pillar which everything revolves around - money in and money out.

With around one billion people in the world without any form of ID, the opportunity to unlock this immense population is vast. Equally, this level of digital identity needs to be secure and protected.

AI has the potential to shape the world, in every aspect of every industry, especially financial services. There is the potential to enable solutions that were in the realms of sci-fi.

Very few people on the planet are able to distinguish a real passport from a high-end forgery; so how can we use technology to uncover the baddies and give people and companies a safe digital record that they can trust?

We want to see how AI today is changing the way that we operate. Whether that be hyper personalization, reconciling billions of transactions, security detection - we are looking for moments in financial services that would have been unthinkable 5 years ago.

We want to know what has enhanced payments and truly brought them to the next level. Whether it be innovative approaches to utilising physical cash and the cash network, or enabling frictionless data rich transactions at a quantity that would be untenable twenty years ago. What processes, what products and what partnerships exist to propel payments further forward?

We want to see how a mixture of inclusion and trust can be deployed to everyone. How can these one billion people, who live in every country on the planet, be able to hold a digital identity?

(in a crazy cool way)