FF Awards 2021 Media Pack

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WOW moments are created when you compel your customers to involuntarily feel “wowed” by delivering a truly extraordinary customer experience. Going the extra mile, or “plus-ing” for your customers when they least expect it, in ways that are unexpected creates a unique, special moment.

Traditionally retail consumers have all the bells and whistles, with slick front end interfaces and the newest products. Businesses have had the practical side of the stick, with little to no updates and uninspiring interfaces.

No one enjoys the process of going through airport security. You are stopped, have to wait, scanned, searched before being allowed to pass through. The security presence is very visible and not the most convenient.

Business banking needs have not been understood. In reality they need to make larger, more frequent payments, with everything tracked for their accounts. They need to manage cash flows, even across multiple departments, and in multiple currencies. Clearly easy. Banks have offered improved security at the expense of experience.

With banking, we want to feel safe, to know our funds and our data are secure. But we don’t want to have to remember a spreadsheet full of numbers, or where we placed a dongle.

In Consumer Banking, these are the moments that cause customers to evolve into fans. Twenty years ago, if you were shown that you could check your bank balance online; they would have been amazed. Ten years ago, if you made a payment with your phone, they would have been astonished! What are you doing today that makes your customers become your unconditional champions?

Tony Stark asks “Is it too much to ask for both?” How have businesses been enabled by banking? What is out there that will tip someone over the edge into entrepreneurship? What would make someone want to do business banking?

Pull back the curtain - what amazing security products and processes are out there? How does this work at scale? How does the consumer feel safe with a digital SDI defence protecting them?