FF Awards 2021 Media Pack

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Entering the Awards

INTRO When it comes to awards, we found the tricky part to get right is entry. What exactly is being judged? How much detail can and should be added? How relevant is that piece of information? For the FF awards, we want to be clear - we simply want to see a wow moment; something that makes people in the fintech industry get so excited about it, that they have to show it to a friend not in the industry... and even they go “WOW!” The entry format is a video. With a maximum run time of 4 minutes, you need to show us enough information, need and solution, that a judge can give it a defined mark out of ten. The monetary cost to enter is zero. The only barrier to entry is to be able to produce a 4 minute video. Once a video has been submitted we will review it for quality control, before sending it on to be judged.

To produce the four minute video, we would love you to work with the FF team to create this (in the interest of transparency, this is how we are monetizing the awards). This will have zero bearing on the judging process. The entries can of course be produced in house, via other third parties, or even from fans of the entry!