FF Awards 2021 Media Pack

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ENTERING & ENTRY VIDEO How do I become a Finalist?

What needs to be in the entry video?

In the first phase of judging (15th October to 15th November) we will be taking the top three TOTAL scores (advantage to enter early) are nominated and enter the final... AND the top two AVERAGE scores. Note: we will be manually keeping an eye on sneaky say a sneak trying to enter at 1 min before closing and giving themselves 10/10... likely to be an average score of 10/10.

This can be whatever you want it to be - We simply want to see a WOW moment.’ We want you to put together an ‘elevator pitch’ to convey your message. Why you should win in your category, summed up in an easy way to understand. So even if the judges weren’t an ‘expert’ in that space, they would even watch it and think ‘WOW, that’s pretty cool!’ Whether you wanted to keep it a simple and direct message to the camera or include a bunch of graphics, edits and b-roll is completely up to you.

When is deadline to enter? We will stop accepting entries right up to the 15th November. One of the most negative comments we have heard about award programs in general is missing the close of entry date. There are advantages to entering as soon as possible, as it gives you more time to accumulate more total points.

Does my entry need to be created in the past 12 months? No. Can we do a joint entry/case study or bring in a third party? Yes.

Can I enter/win in more than one category? Yes.

Can I use a previous video? Absolutely - as long as it is four minutes or under. If you have a five minute explainer video, then if you can edit this down to four minutes - submit away! If you have a three min case study video, do submit it. The important thing is that it is clear to understand your process or product, and it showcases a WOW moment!