FF Awards 2021 Media Pack

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JUDGES We want the judging to be truly transparent, and data driven. Anyone can become a FF Judge. Whether you are Jamie Dimon, or a student in Palau. Our judges are the leaders in fintech of today and tomorrow. Once registered, an FF Judge. can log in and be able to view each entry for each category. After watching an entry, they must give it a mark out of ten before going onto the next award. The FF Judge’s mark out of ten, is multiplied by the number of videos in each category they have watched and scores. We want our judging process to be open to everyone, but more akin to a meritocracy. The more active an FF Judge is, and the more entries they have viewed, the more weight their vote counts. The total weighted score from each judge is added to each entry. We want our finalists to be judged on merit, so that even if they enter at the last minute, they can still reach the final. The top three total scores, and the top two average scores will proceed to the finals. Voting then resumes on ju Entry Video st the finalists, with the highest average score winning the category.