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Natural Habitat Adventures & World Wildlife Fund Discovering Our Planet Together

hen you travel with Natural Habitat Adventures and World Wildlife Fund, you join us as a force for positive change. Since 2003, Nat Hab has partnered with WWF, the world’s leading environmental organisation, to promote conservation travel—sustainable travel that protects nature and benefits local communities. Nat Hab and our travellers have given more than $10 million to WWF’s global conservation efforts to protect some of the most precious yet imperiled places on Earth. Your tourism dollars become a powerful incentive to help transform the future of the planet’s natural places, flowing to local communities who live with and steward nature, creating jobs and improving livelihoods through the preservation of natural resources. Our alliance with WWF also offers our guests exclusive benefits: WWF guide training and resources, WWF experts on select trips, and a complimentary subscription to WWF’s World Wildlife magazine are just some of the many advantages this partnership provides. You’ll go home not just moved by your experiences, but an informed and enlightened ambassador for conservation.

Since 2003, Natural Habitat Adventures has donated more than USD$2 million to WWF’s global conservation efforts and will continue to give 1% of gross sales plus $100,000 annually through 2023 in support of WWF’s mission to conserve nature and reduce the most pressing threats to the diversity of life on Earth. ® WWF and World Wildlife Fund are WWF Registered Trademarks. © 1986 Panda Symbol WWF. Giant panda, Chengdu Panda Base, China: The Wild Side of China—A Nature Odyssey © H Chihs

10 Reasons to Choose Nat Hab Instead of a ‘Typical’ Group Tour Choosing your travel company is the single most important decision you will make as you plan your long-anticipated adventure. At first glance, some companies may seem ‘cheaper.’ But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll see why travelling with Nat Hab (NHA) ensures that you will have the finest and most valuable nature travel experience possible. In fact, we guarantee it!


World’s #1 Adventure Travel Company


Nature Travel: Our Sole Focus for 33 Years


Award-Winning Expedition Leaders


The Smallest Groups in the Industry


Exclusive Itineraries You Won’t Find Elsewhere

Among the many awards we’ve received over the decades, Outside magazine named Nat Hab the best adventure travel outfitter on the planet! Be sure, when you consider a travel company, to look closely at its reputation and credentials.

For more than three decades, every trip we’ve run has focused exclusively on nature and wildlife—that’s why we’re the world’s premier nature travel company! If you’re a traveller looking for the utmost quality and depth specifically in nature travel, we’re your experts.

Our guides are award-winning professional naturalists and wildlife scientists, vetted by NHA and trained by WWF. In contrast to companies that rely on drivers or tour escorts with limited knowledge, our leaders’ expertise in nature and wildlife guarantees a superior experience.

We are proud to boast the smallest groups—averaging just 8 to 9 guests—for the most intimate nature travel experiences. Compare that to 50-passenger motorcoach tours or giant cruise ships jammed with thousands of other tourists—there is no comparison!

With our decades of experience and unmatched local partnerships, we’re able to craft nature adventures with resources and insight not available to others. Our unique itineraries shun crowded spots in favor of private wildlife reserves, secluded corners of national parks and lessdiscovered nature gems.


Distinctive Accommodations Surrounded by Nature


The Best Vehicles


We Won’t Cancel

Outstanding nature adventures require the quiet and seclusion of small luxury safari camps and remote ecolodges —that’s what we provide! Chain hotels and large, crowded lodges diminish your experience markedly, so we avoid them.

No big tour buses…no crowded mini vans… Our vehicles, carefully chosen for the varied experiences and terrain we encounter, provide the safest, most comfortable ride with the best access for wildlife viewing—and they’re always filled below capacity to maximize your comfort and nature-viewing experience!

If you’ve ever experienced the disappointment of having your long-awaited trip cancelled at the last minute because your tour operator couldn’t fill it, you’ll appreciate our guarantee to never cancel due to low enrollment. Rest assured, if you book, you’re going! Other companies don’t always make the same promise.

WWF’s Travel Partner—Committed to the Planet Nat Hab has been selected by WWF as its travel partner, a prestigious designation from the world’s leading conservation organisation that reflects the quality of our adventures and our unwavering commitment to conservation and sustainability.

Quality & Value Guarantee Our exclusive Quality & Value Guarantee promises that we will meet (and usually exceed) the lofty expectations set forth in our promotional materials. No other travel company we are aware of offers a comparable guarantee!


THE AMERICAS n the Northland, a mosaic of habitats from tundra to temperate rain forest hosts seasonal wildlife events matched by few on Earth. Gray whales make the world’s longest mammal migration up the Inside Passage. Enormous bears congregate in the salmon-rich rivers of British Columbia and Alaska. Further south some of the planet’s most magnificent landscapes and wildlife habitats are found in the United States. If you think you can’t find genuine wilderness—or an escape from mass tourism—in America’s national parks, think again. We travel to spots that are secluded and close to wildlife, just as we do on an African safari. From Costa Rica’s tropical forests to the peaks of Patagonia, Latin America encompasses entrancing terrain for the nature traveller. It also harbours a greater diversity of species than anywhere else on Earth. Within the varied ecosystems of this region, we find millions of monarch butterflies in Mexico’s high-altitude fir forests, hundreds of orchid species in the cloud forest of Costa Rica and a thousand different kinds of birds in the Pantanal, alongside caimans and jaguars. Nowhere is the keen eye and in-depth knowledge of our Expedition Leaders more imperative to a nature adventure than amid the wonders of the Americas. We head deep into places where wildlife abounds and the impact of our small groups is minimal. Remote and distinctive accommodations complement our experience: from our deluxe expedition camp in a remote corner of Greenland to historic national park lodges and thatched-roof whale cabanas.

Melissa Scott


D Russler & B Gent

DISCOVER GREENLAND: THE NATURAL HABITAT EXPERIENCE Explore the Remote Arctic on Land & by Sea from Our Luxury Northern Safari Camp ITINERARY 9 DAYS Day 1: Reykjavik

we’ll convene for an orientation. Through

You are met on arrival at the airport and

presentations and cultural visits during our stay,

transferred to the hotel in Reykjavik. This evening

we also learn about Greenland’s cultural heritage

attend a welcome presentation and dinner with

and aspects of modern life.

our Expedition Leader.


Days 5–7: Base Camp Greenland—Exploring

Day 2: Reykjavik / Kulusuk / Tasiilaq

Sermilik Fjord

This morning we fly to Kulusuk followed by a

On Zodiac excursions, we navigate among

scenic helicopter transfer to Tasiilaq. On arrival,

icebergs, some as big as buildings. Look for

convene at our hotel for a briefing before

whales and seals, both of which are present

exploring the area. Bring your camera: the ice-

depending on the ice. Guided sea kayaking is

Base Camp Greenland Tasiilaq


Reykjavik Keflavik

clad gneiss and granite peaks provide a backdrop

possible for an eye-level view of the frigid waters.

for waterfalls and small lakes fringed by arctic

There will be hiking excursions for all levels.


Traverse mountainsides, wander near glaciers


and look for Arctic fox and birdlife, including

DATES & FEES from $16,925

Day 3: Tasiilaq—Iceberg Cruise & Hiking

eiders, loons and possibly peregrine falcons.



surrounding views. Celebrate an extraordinary

2018 Jul 15-23 Jul 20-28 Jul 26-Aug 3 Jul 31-Aug 8 Aug 5-13

Our exploration starts with a half-day excursion

adventure of discovery, wild beauty and


by motorboat for our first close-up views of

camaraderie over a farewell dinner.

and Kulusuk, helicopter flight between Kulusuk and Tasiilaq (2018 only),

Day 9: Kulusuk / Reykjavik

all activities, accommodation, land transportation, meals from dinner on

Board the return flight to Reykjavik where our

Day 1 to breakfast on final day, wine/beer with dinner while at camp,

Day 4: Tasiilaq / Base Camp Greenland

adventure together ends. From here, a transfer is

services of NHA Expedition Leaders, most gratuities, all permits, entrance

Depart via boat or helicopter for our exclusive

included to the group hotels or airport.

Though the interior of Greenland is covered by a massive ice cap, a few habitable areas exist

Day 8: Base Camp Greenland / Kulusuk

around the bays and coastal islands. The region

This morning, we make our way back to Kulusuk

we visit enjoys a surprisingly mild summer

and check in to our hotel, soaking up the

climate, earning it the nickname “Arctic Riviera.”

icebergs. Whales are also found seasonally in these waters.

wilderness Base Camp, located on the east side of Sermilik Fjord. After settling in to our deluxe private cabins,

Aug 10-18 Aug 16-24 Aug 21-29 Aug 26-Sep 3 P Aug 31-Sep 8 Sep 5-13

2019 Jul 15-23 Jul 20-28 Jul 26-Aug 3 Jul 31-Aug 8 Aug 5-13

Aug 10-18 Aug 16-24 Aug 21-29 Aug 26-Sep 3 P Aug 31-Sep 8 Sep 5-13

Airport transfers, roundtrip airfare between Keflavik

fees and taxes. P Special Photography Departure Note: 2018 dates and 2019 dates & fees may change slightly. Please Note: This itinerary is meant as a guideline and can change due to weather and ice conditions.


Alex de Vries

BELUGA WHALES & ARCTIC WILDLIFE OF CHURCHILL Come Eye to Eye with Amiable Belugas on Our Northern Canada Summer Adventure ITINERARY 9 DAYS Day 1: Winnipeg

River, plus an opportunity to kayak among

Arrive in Winnipeg and transfer to our hotel. Meet

these inquisitive whales. Through the use of a

your Expedition Leader and fellow travellers at a

hydrophone on board, we can listen to their

welcome dinner.

otherworldly songs.

Day 2: Winnipeg

We will visit the Prince of Wales Fort, where the

Today we explore Winnipeg’s history and natural

Hudson’s Bay Company built one of its original

environs, including FortWhyte Alive, featuring 640

fur-trading posts. A custom Polar Rover vehicle

acres of lakes, forest, marsh, meadow, farmland

conveys us over the tundra to a point near

and a 70-acre bison prairie. Take a step back

Hudson Bay, where we watch for wildlife. We may

in time and paddle a North West Company

see snowy owls, Arctic fox and ptarmigan, and we

voyageur canoe on Muir Lake. We’ll also enjoy a

may even spot polar bears. At this time of year, it

birdwatching outing in the park’s rich wetlands

is not uncommon to find mothers with cubs.

and visit the acclaimed Manitoba Museum.




Day 8: Churchill / Winnipeg


Day 3: Winnipeg / Churchill

Today we’ll meet a local dog sled musher and

This morning, we board our flight to the small

spend time with the lively and affectionate dogs

DATES & FEES from $8,959

northern outpost of Churchill, gateway to

that are such an intrinsic part of winter life.

the Arctic. We’ll spend the day exploring this

Later we will head out to the Northern Studies

hospitable frontier town that was originally a

Center, where scientists are researching the

Hudson’s Bay Company fur trading post. We’ll

Arctic environment, social issues and sustainable

visit Churchill’s Eskimo Museum, with artefacts

resource development on a fragile and extreme

collected from centuries of local habitation. Days 4–7: Exploring Churchill—Beluga Encounters & Wildlife Watching We’ll spend four full days exploring the tundra and its surrounding waters from our home base along the shore of Hudson Bay. Our activities include two Zodiac trips to see the belugas that congregate in the mouth of the Churchill


Hudson Bay

landscape. In the early evening, we’ll gather for a farewell dinner before transferring to the airport for our flight to Winnipeg.

2018 Jul 2-10 Jul 7-15 Jul 14-22 Jul 16-24 Jul 23-Aug 31 Jul 28-Aug 5 Aug 4-12 Aug 6-14 Aug 13-21

13 GUESTS 2019 Jul 2-10 Jul 7-15 Jul 14-22 Jul 16-24 Jul 23-Aug 31 Jul 28-Aug 5 Aug 4-12 Aug 6-14 Aug 13-21

Note: 2019 dates & fees may change slightly.

Day 9: Winnipeg


After breakfast we transfer to the airport for

Churchill, accommodation, all meals, services of NHA Expedition Leaders,

onward flights.

most gratuities, airport transfers, permits and entrance fees, all taxes.

Round-trip transportation between Winnipeg and

Patrick J Endres

CLASSIC POLAR BEAR ADVENTURE The World’s Most Coveted Small-Group Polar Bear Expedition! ITINERARY 6 or 7 DAYS Day 1: Winnipeg

Tour historic Churchill, then head out to the

Transfer to the hotel and meet your Expedition

tundra for bear viewing and dinner aboard the

Leader at a welcome dinner.

Rover. During the day we may explore the coast

Day 2: Winnipeg / Churchill Fly by chartered plane to Churchill this morning. This hospitable frontier town, originally a Hudson’s Bay Company fur trading post, is our base for adventure. This evening enjoy a presentation on polar bears and the northern environment by our professional naturalist staff. Days 3 & 4: Polar Bear Viewing Custom-built Polar Rovers are our mobile means

road on a drive to Cape Merry, often spying Arctic them, as their winter-white coats offer excellent

northern lights.

This morning we meet a local musher and his team and take turns riding behind them on

maximum of 17, ensuring everyone a window

permits, you may be able to pick up last-minute

seat. Our Expedition Leaders know the best

locally made handicrafts or take an optional

places to observe polar bears, which congregate

helicopter tour over the tundra before we depart.

each autumn as they wait for Hudson Bay to

We’ll have a farewell lunch before flying back to

freeze, signalling the start of seal-hunting season.

Winnipeg, where a final reception concludes our

Expedition Leader will explain the bears’ behaviour and how they thrive in such a harsh environment. In the evenings, we meet for dinner and presentations on wildlife and local cultures. Day 5: Explore Around Churchill / Evening on the Tundra


Day 6: Churchill—Dog Sledding / Winnipeg

an exhilarating trot through the forest. If time

mothers with cubs, young males play-fighting,

Polar Bear Habitat

If the skies are clear, our night-time tundra excursion might reveal a chance to view the

for spending time among the bears. Though they

or a lone bear ambling over the tundra. Our


camouflage when the ground is covered in snow.

accommodate up to 35 passengers, we take a

From the warmth of our vehicle, we may see

Hudson Bay

fox and Arctic hare. Keep a close eye out for

adventure together. Day 7: Winnipeg / Depart After breakfast transfer to the airport for flights home. INCLUSIONS:

Round-trip flight from Winnipeg to Churchill,

accommodation, all meals, dog sledding excursion, use of cold-weather gear, services of NHA’s Expedition Leaders, some gratuities, all activities/ entrance fees, evening wildlife and cultural presentations, all taxes and service charges.




DATES & FEES from $9,925 2018 6-Day Trips 7-Day Trips Oct 13-18 Oct 26-31 Oct 16-22 Oct 31-Nov 6 Oct 16-21 Oct 27-Nov 1 Oct 17-23 Nov 1-7 Oct 19-24 Oct 29-Nov 3 Oct 19-25 Nov 4-10 Oct 20-25 Nov 3-8 Oct 23-29 Nov 5-11 Oct 21-26 Nov 8-13 Oct 25-31 Nov 6-12 Oct 22-27 Nov 9-14 Oct 26-Nov 1 Nov 9-15 Oct 23-28 Nov 10-15 Oct 27-Nov 2 Nov 12-18 Oct 24-29 Nov 11-16 Oct 28-Nov 3 Nov 14-20 Oct 25-30 Oct 30-Nov 5 2019 This adventure will be offered on comparable dates in 2019. 2018 dates & 2019 dates & fees may change slightly.


Court Whelan

ULTIMATE ALASKA WILDLIFE SAFARI See More of the Last Frontier on Our All-Encompassing, Small-Group Wilderness Immersion ITINERARY 13 DAYS Day 1: Fairbanks



Our Alaska nature safari begins in Fairbanks.


Meet your Expedition Leader at a welcome dinner

As we voyage through Kenai Fjords National Park


this evening.

keep your camera ready for humpback and orca


Days 2 & 3: Denali National Park—Kantishna

whales, porpoises, sea otters and puffins.

At 6 million acres, Denali is one of the world’s

Day 9: Seward / Anchorage

great wilderness reserves and is home to wolves,

After a last morning on Fox Island, we weave our

grizzlies, moose and caribou. From our remote

way back to Seward, where we’ll have lunch and

base inside the park, hiking, mountain biking,

visit the Alaska SeaLife Center before reaching

fishing and optional flightseeing are available.


Days 4: Denali / Alaska Railroad / Talkeetna

Days 10 & 11: King Salmon / Katmai National

Depart for the park entrance, keeping a close eye

Park—Brooks Falls

out for wildlife. At midday, we board an Alaska

Fly by small plane this morning to King Salmon,

Railroad dome car for a train journey through

then by floatplane to Katmai National Park.

Alaska’s rugged interior. We disembark for the

Katmai is home to the world’s largest population

night in the historic village of Talkeetna which has

of coastal grizzlies, with some 2,200 individuals

been designated a National Historic Site. Days 5 & 6: Talkeetna / Girdwood Leaving Talkeetna, we continue south to Girdwood. Explore the northernmost temperate

inside the park. From the safety of platforms built over Brooks Falls, we get a close look as bears stand in the rushing white-water, trying to catch the salmon.




Girdwood Seward Fox Island/ Kenai Fjords


DATES & FEES from $16,815 2018 Jun 21-Jul 3 B Jun 23-Jul 5 G Jun 26-Jul 8 G Jun 27-Jul 10 B|P Jun 30-Jul 12 G Jul 3-15 G Jul 6-19 B|P Jul 9-22 B|P Jul 11-24 B|P Jul 14-26 G

Jul 16-29 B|P Jul 18-31 B|P Jul 21-Aug 2 G Aug 24-Sep 6 B|P Aug 27-Sep 9 B|P Aug 30-Sep 11 B Sep 1-13 B 2019 Jun 20-Jul 3


Jun 23-Jul 5 G Jun 26-Jul 8 G Jun 27-Jul 10 B|P Jun 30-Jul 12 G Jul 3-15 G Jul 6-19 B|P Jul 9-22 P|G Jul 11-24 B|P Jul 14-26 G Jul 16-29 B|P

Jul 18-31 B|P Jul 21-Aug 2 G Aug 24-Sep 6 B|P Aug 27-Sep 9 B|P Aug 30-Sep 11 B Sep 1-13 B

rain forest in North America or choose an

Day 12: Katmai / Anchorage

optional tram ride to the summit. On Day 6 we’ll

After a last round of bear viewing, we fly back to


explore iceberg-choked Spencer Lake and take a

King Salmon, then on to Anchorage for a farewell

ary, meals from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 13 (except dinner on

float trip down the Placer River.


Days 6 and 9), services of NHA Expedition Leader, most gratuities, airport

Day 7: Kenai Peninsula / Fox Island

Day 13: Anchorage / Depart

Upon arrival in Seward we board a boat to Fox

Our Alaska wildlife safari comes to a close today

Island, a lushly forested private island on the

as we transfer to the airport.

edge of Kenai Fjords National Park.


Day 8: Kenai Fjords National Park—Private

Train, accommodation, internal flights as per itiner-

transfers on Day 1 and final day, permits and entrance fees, all taxes. P Special Photo Tour, 14 Days, price on request G Overnight at Gold Creek Lodge B Overnight at Brooks Falls Lodge Note: 2019 dates & fees may change slightly.

Brad Josephs

THE GREAT ALASKAN GRIZZLY ENCOUNTER Meet the Mighty Brown Bears of Katmai Up Close From Our Private Small Ship ITINERARY 8 DAYS Day 1: Kodiak

Days 4–7: Bear Viewing in Coastal Katmai

On arrival in Kodiak, you are met and transferred

While we’ve all seen footage in nature

to our hotel. Depending on your timing, you may

documentaries of Alaskan brown bears in the wild,

be able to explore some of the island’s Native and

nothing prepares us for the drama of an actual

Russian history. Our grizzly adventure officially

encounter with these magnificent beasts, just

begins this evening, when you meet your fellow

metres away. We go ashore by skiff for an even

travellers and our local guide for an informal

closer view, exploring the beaches on foot. It’s

welcome dinner and orientation.

not uncommon to find massive grizzlies in great

Day 2: Kodiak Island Today we explore Kodiak’s coastal waters and

We watch as they fight to capture salmon in their jaws, trying to seize spawning fish making

past tidal pools and kittiwake rookeries, may

their way up the streams that flow into the tidal

reveal sea lions, otters, puffins, bald eagles and

area. Depending on the time of our visit, we

occasionally whales. We’ll also spend a half-day

may even see bears mating or cubs gallivanting

touring historic Kodiak, with a mix of activities

on the shore. In addition, it is not uncommon

that may include visits to Fort Abercrombie State

for our groups to see wolves and observe their

Historical Park, a local fish hatchery, aquarium,

interesting interactions with the bears. On Day 7,

and/or a drive up Pillar Mountain for sweeping

we plan to return to Kodiak by float plane. Day 8: Homer / Depart

Day 3: Kodiak / Katmai

Our Alaska wildlife cruise comes to a close today

Our day begins with a floatplane flight from

as we depart from Kodiak. We recommend that

Kodiak to Katmai to meet our private chartered

travellers book an afternoon flight out in case

ship, the Natural Habitat Ursus. The Ursus cruises

inclement weather prevents us from flying back

slowly along the coast, where we commonly find

to Kodiak on Day 7.

Since we are mobile, we can cruise to wherever the bears are, following them from bay to bay.


as a dozen of at once.

rocky shorelines on a half-day private boat trip. A

coastal grizzlies, or brown bears, foraging for food.


numbers; our previous trips have seen as many

cruise up a fjord to Kodiak’s protected inner realm,

views over the shoreline and sea.





DATES & FEES from $12,825 2018 Jun 21-28 Jun25-Jul 2 P Jun29-Jul 6 P Jul 3-10 P Jul 7-14 Jul 11-18 Jul 20-27 P Jul 24-31 P Jul 28-Aug 4 INCLUSIONS:

Aug 1-8 Aug 5-12 Aug 9-16 P Aug 13-20 P Aug 22-29 P* Aug 26-Sep 2* Aug 30-Sep 6* Sep 3-10* Sep 7-14 P* Sep 11-18 P*

2019 Jun 21-28 Jun25-Jul 2 P Jun29-Jul 6 P Jul 3-10 P Jul 7-14 Jul 11-18 Jul 20-27 P Jul 24-31 P Jul 28-Aug 4

Aug 1-8 Aug 5-12 Aug 9-16 P Aug 13-20 P Aug 22-29 P* Aug 26-Sep 2* Aug 30-Sep 6* Sep 3-10* Sep 7-14 P* Sep 11-18 P*

Round-trip floatplane flights, accommodation,

meals from dinner on Day 1 through breakfast on the final day, beer and wine on board the Ursus, services of NHA Expedition Leader, airport transfers, permits and entrance fees, all taxes. P Special Photography Departure

* Trips begin and end in Homer

Note: 2018 & 2019 dates & fees may change slightly.


Henry Holdsworth

YELLOWSTONE: ULTIMATE WOLF & WILDLIFE SAFARI An Exclusive Winter Wildlife Expedition Deep into Yellowstone & Grand Teton National Parks ITINERARY 7 DAYS Days 1 & 2: Jackson / National Elk Refuge On arrival we meet for an informal welcome dinner and orientation. The next morning our safari begins as we head into Jackson Hole in search of bighorn sheep, bald and golden eagles, coyotes, bison, mule deer, moose and elk. In the afternoon, we enjoy a horse-drawn sleigh through the National Elk Refuge hoping to get close-up photos of the massive herd that winters here.

Expedition Leader is an experienced tracker. Day 5: Lamar Valley Wolf Safari

a government-sanctioned eradication policy. restored more balance to the ecosystem. If we are lucky, we might see a pack test an elk herd

remain elusive, we’re sure to see plenty of other

The journey through Grand Teton National Park

native wildlife.

snowcoach. We stop at West Thumb Geyser Basin to search for moose, river otters and trumpeter swans before reaching Old Faithful geyser.

Our on-board spotting scope enhances our observation from a distance without disturbing their natural behaviour. Returning to Mammoth Hot Springs, we leave Yellowstone’s frozen silence

Day 4: Mammoth Hot Springs / Lamar Valley /

and continue up the Paradise Valley to reach Bozeman for our final night.

through the Yellowstone’s geyser basins to the white limestone terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs. We spend the night just outside the park’s northern boundary in Cooke City, Montana. An evening drive through the Lamar Valley offers our first chance to search for wolves. Although pack movements are unpredictable, our

Grand Teton Jackson

Day 7: Bozeman / Depart Depart Bozeman at your leisure.



DATES & FEES from $9,235 2019 Jan 3-9 Jan 3-10 P Jan 10-17 P Jan 11-17 Jan 21-27 Jan 22-29 P INCLUSIONS:

Jan 31-Feb 7 P Feb 1-7 Feb 7-13 Feb 9-16 P Feb 16-22 Feb 23-Mar 1 Accommodation, meals from dinner on Day 1

to breakfast on final day, services of NHA Expedition Leaders, airport transfers, use of parkas and boots, most gratuities, all permits, entrance fees and taxes. P Special Photography Departure, 8 Days, price on request Note: Trip operates in reverse Note: 2019 dates & fees may change slightly.


Lamar Valley


Day 6: Lamar Valley / Bozeman At dawn we continue our search for wolves.

Cooke City Back aboard our snowcoach, we head northward

Mammoth Hot Springs Old Faithful

for a weak or sick animal, or spot lone individuals

Yellowstone National Park—Old Faithful

of Yellowstone, we board an enclosed, heated

Cooke City

Since then, the wolves have flourished and have

foraging on their own. But even if the wolves

above the Snake River. Reaching the boundary


in the 1990’s after a 70-year absence following

Day 3: Grand Teton National Park /

offers a panorama of the mighty Tetons rising


The gray wolf was re-introduced to Yellowstone

Court Whelan

SAFARI AMERICA: UNDER THE DESERT SKY Deluxe Catered Camping & Classic Lodges in Grand Canyon, Bryce & Zion ITINERARY 9 DAYS Day 1: St. George Our southwest canyons adventure begins in the red rock country of St. George, Utah. This evening we meet for an informal welcome dinner.

telescope for a closer view of the stars. Days 6 & 7: Bryce Canyon National Park We depart our Zion camp and cross the Colorado Plateau to the fairyland of Bryce Canyon. Its

Days 2 & 3: Grand Canyon National Park North

pink pinnacles, swirling sandstone and natural


amphitheatres capture our imaginations with

After breakfast we head south and ascend to the

endless geological surprises.

Kaibab Plateau, which lies north of the Grand Canyon. Our first glimpse of the Grand Canyon is just before Jacob Lake, where we stop for an exhilarating view of the west end. We make our base at the rustic and atmospheric 1928 Grand Canyon Lodge on Bright Angel Point. Days 4 & 5: Zion National Park / Nat Hab’s Safari Camp After sunrise at the North Rim, we head north to Zion National Park and Nat Hab’s mobile safari camp. Here, we’ll enjoy classic tents under the stars, but with real beds, excellent home-cooked meals and hot showers.

Zion—NHA Safari Camp

park hotel set amid ponderosa pines on the

Grand Canyon


1920s splendour, it is replete with Old West atmosphere right down to replicas of the vintage hickory furniture. Day 8: Bryce Canyon National Park / St. George We foray into the canyon as our Expedition Leader guides us on a walk into its maze-like depths. Rock walls create narrow channels for our wanderings while whimsical hoodoos—rock spires carved eons ago by erosion—rise hundreds of feet into the sky around us. At sunset, the

exploring the secret recesses of Zion Canyon,

wonder as they turn varying shades of gold,

walking among giant cottonwoods that provide

maroon, peach and purple with the sinking rays.

shade for wild creatures and listening to the

Completing our loop, we return to spend the

tumble of side streams. Gaze upward at the near-

night in St. George.

the glittering constellations, using our camp’s

St. George

canyon rim. Meticulously restored to its original

hoodoos, arches and fins evoke even more

pink, cream and carnelian. Once night falls, scan

Bryce Canyon

We stay at Bryce Canyon Lodge, a classic national

Guided by our Expedition Leader, spend two days

vertical rock walls, admiring their varied hues of


Day 9: St. George / Depart Our southwest desert adventure concludes with a transfer to the airport.



DATES & FEES from $7,855 2018 Jun 8-16 Aug 8-16 Aug 17-25 Oct 1-9 Oct 9-17

2019 Jun 8-16 Aug 8-16 Aug 17-25 Oct 1-9 Oct 9-17


Accommodation, meals from dinner on Day 1

through breakfast on final day, services of NHA Expedition Leader, airport transfers, most gratuities, all permits, entrance fees and taxes. Note: 2019 dates & fees may change slightly.


Emily Deemer

UNDISCOVERED CUBA An Exclusive Small-Group Immersion in the Caribbean’s Most Coveted Destination ITINERARY 10 DAYS Day 1: Fort Lauderdale / Santa Clara /

Day 5: Zapata National Park / Bay of Pigs

Our grand Cuba adventure wraps up with a


This morning we explore the Zapata Peninsula,

farewell dinner.

Our Cuba adventure begins as our group flies

a UN Biosphere Reserve that covers 1.5 million

to Santa Clara. We’ll visit to the Che Guevara

acres and comprises the Caribbean’s largest

Museum before driving to the historic city of

wetlands. Later we stop to snorkel in the coral-


rich waters of the Bay of Pigs—the infamous site

Day 2: Cienfuegos—Botanical Garden /

Day 6: Las Terrazas / Valle de Viñales

Founded by French settlers in 1819, the historic

This morning we drive to Las Terrazas, a scenic

centre of Cienfuegos is a UNESCO World Heritage

rural community focused on sustainable

Site. Late this afternoon we reach the World

ecotourism. We continue through Valle de

Heritage city of Trinidad, founded by Diego de

Viñales, famous for its mogotes, dramatic

Velasquez in 1514.

250-million-year-old loaf-shaped limestone


Bay of Pigs


Cienfuegos Trinidad

mountains laced with caves.

A walking tour reveals Trinidad’s historic treasures.

Day 7: Viñales National Park / Havana As we explore Viñales National Park we are

once the centre of Cuba’s sugar industry and is

accompanied by a local naturalist. Our visit to the

today recognised as a World Heritage Site.

valley also includes a Cuban tobacco farm. Late

Depart Trinidad this morning and drive to Topes

Havana Zapata


This afternoon, we travel to Valle de Los Ingenios,

Day 4: Topes de Collantes / Playa Giron

Havana to Miami.

of the failed 1961 U.S. invasion.


Day 3: Trinidad

this afternoon we arrive in Cuba’s vibrant capital of Havana.



DATES & FEES from $12,685 2018 Apr 7-16 Dec 1-10

2019 Jan 13-22 Feb 7-16 Mar 12-21 Apr 7-16 Dec 1-10 Round-trip flights from Florida to Cuba, all

de Collantes. A morning nature walk highlights

Day 8: Havana

the area’s natural biodiversity, including more

Founded in 1519, we begin today with a walking

than 40 indigenous orchid species, 100 fern

tour of historic Havana.


Day 9: Havana

activities, accommodation and land transportation, meals from dinner

The morning begins with a roundtable discussion

on Day 1 to breakfast on final day except for one dinner, services of NHA

species and some 40 coffee varieties. Birdlife here is also profuse, with several native species of hummingbirds. Our accommodations for the next two nights are with a local family where we experience Cuban life first-hand.


Day 10: Havana / Miami Our Cuba tour concludes today as we fly from

with an economist from the University of Havana.

Expedition Leader, Cuban visa, most gratuities, all permits, entrance fees

Afterward, we visit the Museo Nacional de Bellas

and taxes.

Artes: Arte Cubano accompanied by a curator.

Note: 2019 dates & fees may change slightly.

A Frisch & K Beets

SWIMMING WITH MEXICO’S WHALE SHARKS Swim & Snorkel with These Gentle Giants, Which Are Actually the World’s Largest Fish! ITINERARY 6 DAYS Day 1: Cancun / Puerto Morelos

we travel by motorboat to Isla de Los Pajaros,

Our whale shark tour begins on arrival at Cancun

a protected nesting sanctuary for flamingos,

airport where you are met and transferred to our

pelicans, roseate spoonbills, frigatebirds and

hotel. Enjoy a welcome dinner and orientation


with our Expedition Leader.

Tour / Isla Holbox

After breakfast, we drive three hours north,

A second excursion offers another magical

bound for Holbox Islad. Along the way we stop

encounter with the whale sharks. After lunch, we

at a freshwater cenote, where you may enjoy

discover Holbox Island with our guides who know

a refreshing swim or snorkel. Cenotes, fed by

just where to take us to observe local wildlife and

subterranean rivers, were sacred to the Mayans

tropical birds.

were their only source of fresh water in the jungle. This afternoon we board our boat for the short ride to Holbox Island, a tiny fishing village with unspoiled beaches and abundant fresh seafood.

the mainland and return to the Azul Beach Hotel.

DATES & FEES from $6,199

A submarine paradise awaits us as we snorkel

2018 Jul 3-8 Jul 10-15 Jul 22-27 Aug 5-10

2019 Jul 7-12 Jul 14-19 Jul 21-26 Aug 4-9


Airport transfers, transportation between Puerto

over the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the secondlargest coral reef in the world, located right in front of our hotel! Along with colourful coral and

After breakfast, we set off in search of the whale

huge schools of fish, we’re likely to see sea turtles,

sharks that migrate to this area between May and

manta rays and sponges. This evening we’ll enjoy

September. When we locate them, we enter the

a farewell dinner together.

Whale sharks aren’t actually whales at all —they are the biggest fish in the world, reaching up to 14


Day 5: Puerto Morelos


us swim within arm’s reach of the whale sharks.

Puerto Morelos

Bid farewell to Holbox Island as we cruise back to

Day 3: Swimming with Whale Sharks / Isla

water two at a time with our guide, who helps


Day 4: Swimming with Whale Sharks / Island

Day 2: Isla Holbox

as entrances to the mythical underworld, and


Day 6: Puerto Morelos / Cancun / Depart Our adventure ends as we transfer to the airport for departing flights.


Morelos and Isla Holbox, accommodation, meals from dinner Day 1 to dinner Day 5, services of NHA Expedition Leaders, most gratuities, all permits, entrance fees and taxes. Note: 2019 dates & fees may change slightly.

metres in length and weighing some 15 tons. We may also spot giant manta rays and bottlenose dolphins during our boat rides. This afternoon


Alex Arias

NATURAL JEWELS OF COSTA RICA Tropical Forests, Jungle Wildlife, Two Oceans & More, on Costa Rica’s Most Diverse Nature Adventure! ITINERARY 10 DAYS Day 1: San Jose

Rica’s species, including scarlet macaws, toucans,

Day 10: San Jose / Depart

Our Costa Rica adventure begins in San Jose with

monkeys, and jaguars.

Our Costa Rica adventure ends with a transfer to

a welcome dinner with our Expedition Leader. Day 2: Tortuguero National Park

After breakfast, we take a 45-minute cruise to Isla

We fly to Tortuguero, where we make our way by

del Caño Biological Reserve where the abundant

boat to our ecolodge. Tortuguero is famous for its

marine life best appreciated from below the

green sea turtles. This afternoon, a private boat


cruise reveals wildlife that may include spider, howler and white-faced capuchin monkeys, tree sloths and caimans.


San Jose

the city and wind our way into Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve which supports 2.5 percent of worldwide biodiversity. We check in to our

jungle which reveals fascinating microhabitats

secluded ecolodge.


Day 8: Exploring the Cloud Forest

Day 4: Tortuguero / Osa Peninsula—Corcovado

The entire day is devoted to discovering the

National Park

verdant recesses of Monteverde which harbours

This morning we fly to the Osa Peninsula via

an estimated 2,500 species of plants and more

San Jose. At the village of Agujitas we board a

than 400 tropical bird species, including the rare

boat and make a wet landing at the beach of

resplendent quetzal and emerald toucanets. We

our luxury ecolodge, Casa Corcovado. From the

may catch glimpses of various monkeys, sloth,

lodge we have easy access to Corcovado National

olingo, porcupine, coati and agouti.

“most biologically intense place on Earth.”

COSTA RICA Monteverde

We retrace our steps back to San Jose, depart

Day 3: Tortuguero

Park, which National Geographic described as the

the airport this morning.

Day 7: Corcovado / San Jose / Monteverde

After breakfast, we take a boat cruise through the and varied wildlife not easily viewed on land.


Day 6: Isla del Caño / Corcovado National Park



DATES & FEES from $8,819 2018 Apr 10-19 Aug 4-13 Dec 8-17

Day 9: Curicancha Reserve / Xandari Our day begins with a nature walk through the

2019 Jan 6-15 Jan 20-29 Feb 10-19 Mar 10-19 Apr 10-19 Aug 4-13 Dec 8-17

Day 5: Exploring Corcovado National Park

Curicancha Reserve, where we may have the


Corcovado National Park, covers 100,000 acres,

opportunity to spot trogon, agouti, coati and the

activities, accommodation and land transportation, all meals from dinner

Airport transfers, internal airfares in Costa Rica, all

includes at least 13 ecosystems and protects a

resplendent quetzal. Later we return to San Jose,

on Day 1 through breakfast on final day, services of NHA Expedition

multitude of endemic wildlife and plant species.

before reaching our destination, Xandari Resort

Leader, most gratuities, all permits, entrance fees and taxes.

This biological stronghold supports half of Costa

& Spa.

Note: 2019 dates & fees may change slightly.

Gretchen Syfert

GALAPAGOS HIKING & KAYAKING ADVENTURE Our Exclusive Catamaran-Based Odyssey is the Most Exciting Way to See the Islands! ITINERARY 10 DAYS Day 1: Quito / Otavalo

swim in the shallow water. After a short snorkel to

This morning we land on Mosquera, a tiny islet

Arrive in Quito and transfer to the market town of

look for sea turtles, we paddle around the shores

that’s home to sea lions and shorebirds before we

Otavalo. Enjoy a welcome dinner with one of our

of Post Office Bay.

transfer to Baltra for our flight.

Expedition Leaders.

Day 7: Santa Cruz—Tortuga Bay / Darwin

Day 2: Otavalo—Hiking in the Andean

Station / Natural Habitat’s Tortoise Camp


The day begins with a visit to secluded Tortuga

The countryside surrounding Otavalo offers an

Bay, a sanctuary for many birds, iguanas and

ideal introduction to hiking in Ecuador.

bright orange Sally Lightfoot crabs.

Day 3: Baltra / North Seymour

After lunch we visit the world-famous giant

Transfer to Quito airport, where we board our

tortoise-rearing centre at the Charles Darwin

flight to the Galapagos. Upon arrival transfer

Research Station before we ascend into the

to the S/C Nemo III, a deluxe motor sailing

misty highlands to NHA’s private Tortoise Camp


where these ancient, amiable reptiles wander.

Day 4: Isla Lobos / San Cristobal—Cerro Brujo This morning we begin with a shallow-water snorkel with the resident sea lion colony and look for feeding marine iguanas. Day 5: Española—Gardner Bay / Punta Suarez On a paddling excursion along the north shore

Santa Fe Floreana Española

platform tents and treehouses. Day 8: Santa Cruz Highlands / Santa Fe Spend the morning exploring the highlands. On a short hike through a forest of prickly pear cacti, look for the endemic land iguanas.

Sailing on to Bartolome, we snorkel with

snorkelling—keep an eye out for gentle

enormous schools of fish under attack by

hammerhead sharks that swim here.

Galapagos penguins. A paddle through the

follow a trail where sea turtles lay eggs and rays

North Seymour San Cristobal

DATES & FEES from $10,575

giant cacti and birds. Next, we go deep-water

This morning we land on Floreana, where we

Santa Cruz


Day 9: Bartolome / Sombrero Chino

Office Bay



Accommodations are in safari-style raised

of Española, we follow a cliff where we observe

Day 6: Floreana—Punta Cormorant / Post


Bainbridge Rocks reveals more of the Galapagos’ fascinating marine life. Back on board, it’s time for cocktails and a farewell dinner. Day 10: Mosquera / Baltra / Quito / Depart

2018 Nemo III Apr 6-15 Apr 20-29 May 4-13 INCLUSIONS:


May 18-27 Jun 1-10 Jun 15-24

Jun 29-Jul 8 Jul 13-22 Jul 27-Aug 5

Aug 10-19 Aug 24-Sep 2

Activities, accommodation and land transportation,

airport transfers when using our hotels, roundtrip flights between Quito and Galapagos, Galapagos National Park Fee and Transit Control Card, meals from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on final day, local beer and house wine with dinner aboard the Nemo III, services of Natural Habitat Adventures professional Expedition Leaders, most gratuities, taxes and service charges.

2019 This adventure will be offered on comparable dates in 2019. Fees may change slightly.



JAGUARS & WILDLIFE OF BRAZIL’S PANTANAL A Small-Group Expedition into the Rich Biodiversity of South America’s Grandest Wildlife Realm ITINERARY 10 DAYS Day 1: Rio de Janeiro

for glimpses of the stealthy cats from our small

hotel where our Brazil adventure begins with a

open skiff.

welcome dinner. Day 2: Rio / Cuiaba / North Pantanal

Days 5 & 6: Porto Jofre—Jaguar & Wildlife Our skiff excursions in search of jaguars also

Ecolodge. Declared a World Heritage Site and

reveal a panoply of waterbirds, reptile and plant

Biosphere Reserve in 2000, the Pantanal is

species that thrive in the endless lagoons, rivers

South America’s primary wildlife sanctuary.

and marshes.

With rhythmic regularity, the Pantanal floods recede in the dry season, they leave a mosaic of pools and marshes where life flourishes. Some 3,500 different plants thrive here, and the Pantanal is home to 10 million caiman, 650 bird species, 400 kinds of fish, and more than 100 mammal species. Day 3: Exploring the North Pantanal Covering 75,000 square miles across Brazil, Bolivia and Paraguay, the Pantanal is the world’s largest wetland. Our immersion begins with a nature walk where we’ll hope to see Brazilian tapir, panther, maned wolf, giant otter, giant armadillo, capybara and the jaguar. After dinner we’ll head out on a night safari. Day 4: North Pantanal / Porto Jofre After breakfast, depart for Porto Jofre via the Trans-Pantanal Highway. After lunch we set out



Fly to Cuiaba and transfer by road to Araras

submerging most of its environs. As the waters


on our first jaguar watch, scanning the riverbanks

Arrive in Rio de Janeiro and transfer to our

North Pantanal Cuiaba Porto Jofre South Pantanal Campo Grande Sao Paulo

Rio de Janeiro

Day 7: Porto Jofre / South Pantanal This morning we fly via chartered small planes directly to Caiman Ecological Refuge. Deep in the green recesses of the South Pantanal, this renowned ecolodge lies at the heart of a 130,000acre sustainable cattle ranch that exudes the distinctive local cowboy culture.


DATES & FEES from $14,299

behaviour on safari.

2018 Jun 22-Jul 1 Jul 6-15 Jul 20-29 Aug 3-12 Aug 17-26 Aug 31-Sep 9 Sep 14-23 Sep 28-Oct 7 Oct 19-28

Days 8–9: Exploring the South Pantanal Wildlife abounds in the vicinity, including jaguars, and the refuge is the site of the Onçafari Jaguar Project which aims to promote wildlife ecotourism in the Pantanal by habituating jaguars to vehicles in order for people to witness their

10 GUESTS 2019 Jun 21-30 Jul 5-14 Jul 19-28 Aug 2-11 Aug 16-25 Aug 30-Sep 8 Sep 13-22 Sep 27-Oct 6 Oct 11-20

Day 10: Campo Grande / Sao Paulo / Depart


Transfer by road this morning to Campo Grande,

through breakfast on final day, services of NHA’s Expedition Leader,

where we fly as a group to Sao Paulo.

private charter flight, internal commercial flights as per itinerary, some

Accommodation, meals from dinner on Day 1

gratuities, airport transfers, park entrance fees and permits, all taxes. Note: 2019 dates & fees may change slightly.

AFRICA n African safari will touch your spirit and move you for a lifetime. But not all safaris are the same­­—what’s right for one style of traveller is not neccessarily right for another. Our focus is on authentic, close-up safari experiences in remote private reserves where premier wildlife encounters are complemented by the highest-quality and most intimate camps and lodges. Despite the out-of-the-way locales we visit, you’ll enjoy surprising luxury in the bush, with amenities and personalised service that will exceed your expectations. You won’t find large lodges in our collection, as seclusion and privacy are paramount for our African safaris. As always, our guides are the key to an amazing adventure. Over the years, we have assembled a collection of Africa’s top safari Expedition Leaders, who expertly guide our private groups into the continent’s most exciting wildlife destinations. If you’re looking for an exclusive experience combining classic safari ambience with an exceptional level of comfort, you’ve found it!

Giraffe, Amboseli National Park, Kenya © W Davies


J Shawn

SECLUDED BOTSWANA SAFARI Our Flagship Safari—A Truly Exclusive Adventure into the Heart of Wildest Africa ITINERARY 13 DAYS Day 1: Livingstone — Zambezi River

Days 9 & 10: Okavango Delta

Our Botswana trip begins just over the border in

Leaving dry land behind, we transfer by light

Livingstone, Zambia, where you’re met on arrival

aircraft to a Pelo Camp, located in the Okavango’s

and transferred to your hotel. We’ll enjoy a classic

watery heart. We explore by dugout canoe,

sunset cruise before a welcome dinner.

offering a chance to observe wildlife at eye level.

Day 2: Victoria Falls / Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park Explore Victoria Falls on a walking tour. A wildlife drive in Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park offers our

Islands and wetlands among the channels are home to many rare birds. We may also spy water-

Days 11 & 12: Moremi Game Reserve—Hunda Island

Private Reserve By road and ferry we journey to Chobe National Park, known for its vast elephant population. Waterbirds abound, and hippos and crocodiles are prolific along the muddy banks. This afternoon, we fly to the Linyanti private reserve,

DATES & FEES from $19,299

Reserve. Activities focus on drives in open 4x4

2018 Jun 19-Jul 1 Aug 9-21 Sep 26-Oct 8 May 8-20 Jun 22-Jul 4 Aug 15-27 Sep 29-Oct 11 May 12-21  Jun 25-Jul 7 P Aug 18-30 Oct 2-14 May 14-26 Jun 28-Jul 10 Aug 21-Sep 2 Oct 6-15  May 17-29 Jul 1-13 Aug 25-Sep 3  Oct 8-20 May 20-Jun 1 Jul 5-14  Aug 27-Sep 8 P Oct 11-23 May 23-Jun 4 Jul 7-19 Sep 2-14 Oct 14-26 P May 26-Jun 7 Jul 11-20  Sep 8-20 Oct 20-Nov 1 May 30-Jun 8  Jul 13-25 Sep 9-18  Oct 23-Nov 4 Jun 2-14 C+ Jul 19-31 Sep 11-23 Oct 26-Nov 7 P Jun 5-14  Jul 26-Aug 4  Sep 14-26 P Oct 29-Nov 10 Jun 7-19 Jul 26-Aug 7 C+ Sep 18-27  Jun 13-25 Jul 28-Aug 9 P Sep 20-Oct 2 Jun 16-28 Aug 4-13  Sep 21-Oct 3 C+ 2019 This safari will be offered on comparable dates in 2019. Fees may change slightly.

vehicles in search of elephant, lion, zebra, red lechwe, giraffe, tsessebe and wildebeest. Night drives reveal nocturnal species such as civet cat and caracal, plus large predators that hunt in the dark. Day 13: Maun / Depart Our Botswana trip finishes when we depart by air for Maun.

Concession Fly by light aircraft to Gomoti Tented Camp in the heart of the Santawani Concession. The Gomoti features a stunningly diverse range of habitats.


Activities, accommodation and internal flights as

detailed, arrival airport transfer, meals from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on final day, house alcoholic beverages in camps, services of NHA Expedition Leader, most gratuities, all permits, entrance fees and taxes.



We travel by boat or 4x4 to Little Tubu and/or

wild dog.

River is a year-round lifeline for animals and


Tubu Tree, on the edge of the Moremi Game

home to lion, leopard, spotted hyena and African

Days 6–8: Okavango Delta—Santawani


the grasses.

are accompanied by a local guide and rangers

Days 3–5: Chobe National Park / Linyanti


Okavango Delta

Victoria Falls

adapted antelope such as red lechwe browsing in

only chance to see a white rhinoceros where we tasked with guarding the rhinos around the clock.

Linyanti Santawani


P Special Photography Departure, price on request C+ Special Classic-Plus Upgraded Camps, price on request  10-Day Itinerary, price on request

D Martinson

BOTSWANA: KALAHARI, THE DELTA & BEYOND On This Green Season Safari, Fresh Grass Draws Prolific Wildlife & New Babies Abound ITINERARY 12 DAYS Day 1: Livingstone — Zambezi River A sunset cruise offers a chance to admire the scenery before a welcome dinner. Day 2: Victoria Falls / Mosi-oa-Tunya National

leopard and hyena on the prowl. Days 6–8: Okavango Delta—Santawani Concession Fly by light aircraft to Gomoti Tented Camp in


the heart of the community-owned Santawani

Our day begins with a guided tour of Victoria

reserve in the Okavango Delta. A mix of riverine

Falls, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of

woodlands, acacia scrub and open floodplains

the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. After a

provide ample food for a large array of browsers

visit to a local village, we’re off on our first wildlife

and grazing species as well as predators. Regular

drive in Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park where we

sightings include leopard, lion, wild dog, hyena,

might see a rhinoceros.

cheetah, giraffe, elephant, impala, kudu, zebra,

Day 3: Chobe National Park / Okavango Delta

Days 9–11: Central Kalahari Game Reserve

National Park, known for its enormous elephant

Today we fly to the Central Kalahari Game

herds. On a Chobe River cruise, expect to see

Reserve. Keep watch for wildebeest, red

plenty of elephant, hippo, crocodile and perhaps

hartebeest and springbok, as well honey badger

the elusive puku and Chobe bushbuck. Up to

and mongoose. Predators follow these large

400 bird species reside in the park at this time of

congregations of desert animals with their young

year. This afternoon we fly to the centre of the

into the broad pan, creating natural drama we

Okavango Delta for a 3-night stay. Earth’s largest

may be privy to observe. Star attractions include

inland water system, the Delta became UNESCO’s

the famous Kalahari black-maned lions as well

1,000th World Heritage Site in 2014.

as some of the Africa’s best cheetah viewing.

This is dramatic big-game country, home to buffalo, blue wildebeest, giraffe, zebra, bushbuck, tsessebe, and water-adapted antelope like red



wildebeest and buffalo.

Travelling by ferry to Botswana we enter Chobe

Days 4–5: On Safari in the Central Okavango

Victoria Falls Okavango Chobe Delta Qorokwe Maun

Our time will include cultural experiences that offer insight into the history and traditions of the Bushmen clans of the area. Day 12: Maun / Depart

lechwe and the rare sitatunga. And where game

Our Botswana trip ends when we depart by air for

thrives, so do predators—keep watch for lion,

Maun to connect with onward flights.



DATES & FEES from $17,234 2018 Nov 27-Dec 6 P Dec 1-12 Dec 13-24 Dec 18-27 P Dec 22-Jan 2, ‘19


2019 Jan 20-31 Feb 7-18 Feb 12-21 P Feb 22-Mar 5 Mar 7-18 Mar 12-21 P

Mar 24-Apr 4 Nov 27-Dec 6 P Dec 1-12 Dec 13-24 Dec 18-27 P Dec 22-Jan 2, ‘20

Accommodation, airport transfers, meals from

dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on final day, house alcoholic beverages in camps, services of NHA Expedition Leader, some gratuities, all permits, entrance fees and taxes. P Special Photography Departure, 10 Days, price on request Note: 2019 dates & fees may change slightly.


Franco Morao

EPIC BOTSWANA & NAMIBIA SAFARI An All-Encompassing Adventure Featuring Southern Africa’s Most Diverse Wildlife & Scenery ITINERARY 16 DAYS Day 1: Windhoek

Days 8 & 9: Okavango Delta —Moremi Game

Day 16: Victoria Falls / Depart

We meet our Expedition Leader on arrival in


Victoria Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Windhoek and enjoy a welcome dinner.

Today we fly to the Okavango Delta, a green maze

and one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the

of canals and lagoons, sustaining a profusion of

World. A guided tour of Victoria Falls and the rain

Days 2 & 3: Kulala Wilderness A morning flight delivers us to the 90,000-acre Kulala Wilderness Reserve, where dunes rise over 300 metres from the desert floor. Wildlife gems include springbok, gemsbok, oryx, ostrich, hyena, bat-eared fox and aardwolf. Days 4 & 5: Palmwag Concession Fly north to Desert Rhino Camp in the heart of the private million-acre Palmwag Concession. Freshwater springs around this reserve support healthy wildlife populations, including the rare

forest-clad rim provides a fitting finale to our epic

Moremi Game Reserve. There is water here year-

exploration. Say farewell when we transfer to

round and we glide silently in a mokoro spying a

Livingstone airport.

host of animals and birds along the banks.


Days 10 & 11: Chitabe Private Concession Depart by light aircraft for our deluxe bush camp


in the heart of the Delta. The wildlife in this


Linyanti Victoria Falls Moremi Chobe Okavango Delta



renowned corner of the Okavango is as diverse as it is prolific, including elephant and impala to lion


and wild dog.

desert-adapted black rhino. We also find desert-

Days 12–14: Linyanti Private Reserve

adapted elephants, zebra, giraffe, oryx, springbok

A flight by light aircraft brings us into the Linyanti

and greater kudu. Namibia’s second-largest

Reserve, one of the best game-viewing regions

predator population thrives here, which includes

in Botswana. From our base at Savuti Camp, day


and night game drives may reveal large predators

DATES & FEES from $30999

as well as impala, zebra, giraffe, wildebeest

2018 May 27-Jun 11 Jun 21-Jul 6 Jul 20-Aug 4

lion, cheetah, leopard and hyena. Days 6 & 7: Ongava Private Reserve—Etosha National Park This morning we fly to Etosha National Park, an ancient lakebed where perennial springs draw a plethora of game. The Etosha Salt Pan, offers Namibia’s best wildlife viewing, with elephant, black and white rhino, lion, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, hartebeest, springbok, oryx, kudu and the diminutive dik-dik.


wildlife. We stay in solitude at Xigera Camp in the

lechwe and tsessebe. Day 15: Chobe National Park / Livingstone Fly to Chobe National Park famous for its vast elephant population, which numbers to 70,000. The park is also home to feline predators and plenty of hoofed game. We’ll have lunch on a private boat safari down the Zambezi River.


7 GUESTS Aug 22-Sep 6 Sep 6-21 Sep 26-Oct 11 Oct 11-26

2019 May 27-Jun 11 Jun 21-Jul 6 Jul 20-Aug 4

Aug 22-Sep 6 Sep 6-21 Sep 26-Oct 11 Oct 11-26

Activities, accommodation and internal flights as

detailed in itinerary, private international charter airfare Namibia to Botswana airport transfers, meals from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on final day, house alcoholic beverages in camps, services of NHA Expedition Leader, most gratuities, all permits, entrance fees and taxes. Note: 2019 dates & fees may change slightly.

D Allen

THE GREAT NAMIBIA WILDLIFE SAFARI Search for Desert Rhino & Other Rare Wildlife on an Exclusive Fly-In Adventure ITINERARY 10 DAYS Day 1: Windhoek

rocks and deep gorges. Within these stark

Day 10: Windhoek / Depart

Our Namibia wildlife safari begins on arrival

environs, freshwater springs support healthy

Our Namibia safari concludes as we fly from

in Windhoek. Namibia’s capital is a modern,

numbers of wildlife, including Africa’s largest

Ongava back to Windhoek to connect with departing flights.

walkable city featuring both contemporary and

population of free-roaming black rhinoceros.

colonial architecture. Over a leisurely dinner, get

We’ll track this endangered icon in the company

acquainted with fellow travellers and meet our

of rhino experts from the Save the Rhino Trust

Expedition Leader.

and researchers. To search for rhinos on foot is

Days 2 & 3: Kulala Private Reserve—Sossusvlei Fly by light aircraft this morning to Little Kulala, a luxurious retreat inside the private 90,000acre Kulala Wilderness Reserve on the edge of Namibia’s great sand sea. Wildlife drives at sunrise take us into Sossusvlei, a salt and clay pan surrounded by shape-shifting sand dunes.

a rare and exhilarating experience On 4x4 drives,

Etosha Palmwag

we also find desert-adapted elephant, endemic

NAMIBIA Windhoek

Hartmann’s mountain zebra, giraffe, oryx, gemsbok, springbok and greater kudu. Namibia’s


second-largest predator population thrives here, including lion, cheetah, leopard and hyena. Days 7–9: Ongava Private Reserve—Etosha

Framed by intense blue skies, the world’s tallest

National Park

dunes glow deep carnelian at dawn, changing

We take to the skies once again, bound for the


minute by minute as the sun climbs, to rose,

Ongava Game Reserve on the border of Etosha

DATES & FEES from $14,889

burnt orange and ochre. Remarkably, these

National Park. Within this private concession,

dunes are home to a host of desert species,

wildlife is plentiful and visitors are few. Our focus

including oryx, ostrich, springbok, spotted and

is the Etosha Salt Pan, the remnant of a huge

2018 Apr 9-19 P Jun 12-21 Jul 7-16 Jul 22- 31 Aug 6-15 Sep 16-25

brown hyena, aardwolf and bat-eared fox. Days 4–6: Palmwag Fly north to private million-acre Palmwag Concession. Our destination, Desert Rhino Camp, lies at the heart of this vast reserve in the Damaraland region, one of Africa’s last great wildernesses. The raw landscape is defined by ancient riverbeds, open plains, stacked granite

lake that existed here two million years ago. Bare and dry today, the depression offers Namibia’s best wildlife viewing, with elephant, black and

7 GUESTS Oct 13-22 Oct 28-Nov 7 P Nov 21-Dec 1 P 2019 Apr 9-19 P Jun 12-21

Jul 7-16 Jul 22- 31 Aug 6-15 Sep 16-25 Oct 13-22 Oct 28-Nov 7 P Nov 21-Dec 1 P

white rhino, lion, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, zebra,


wildebeest, hartebeest, springbok, oryx, kudu

arrival airport transfer, meals from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on final

and the diminutive dik-dik drawn to its many life-

day, house alcoholic beverages in camps, services of NHA Expedition

Activities, accommodation and internal flights,

sustaining waterholes. Birdlife is prolific, and we

Leader, most gratuities, all permits, entrance fees and taxes.

may see ostrich and raptors.

P Special Photography Departure, 11 Days, price on request Note: 2019 dates & fees may change slightly.


WILD ETHIOPIA: THE ROOF OF AFRICA Discover the Wonders of an Ancient Land Where Nature, Culture & History Are Equally Magnificent ITINERARY 11 DAYS Day 1: Addis Ababa

city in northern Ethiopia is famed for its 17th-

vast highland region has an average elevation of

Meet your Expedition Leader at the airport and

century stone castles and fortresses, this UNESCO

nearly 4,000-metres. The plateau supports the

transfer to our hotel where we gather for a

World Heritage Site was once the royal capital of

largest remaining population of Ethiopian wolf,

welcome dinner.


Day 2: Gondar / Simien Mountains National

Day 6: Lalibela


We fly to Lalibela, the cradle of Ethiopian

Day 11: Gaysay Grasslands / Addis Adaba /

Transfer to the airport for our flight to Gondar. As

Christianity and renowned for its rock-hewn


we drive on to Simien Mountains National Park,

churches. Christianity in Ethiopia dates to the

Via a scenic 3-hour drive, we reach the airport for

the road winds through wild high country. Hike

1st century A.D., the only pre-colonial Christian

our chartered flight back to Addis.

to see geladas, a species of monkey found only

presence in sub-Saharan Africa.

in the Ethiopian Highlands and the only primates that are exclusively grazers. They are highly social, rambunctious, and comfortable allowing us to approach at close range.

cliff face, the monastery’s setting is spectacular.

stunning panoramas of the distant lowlands. Look

After our visit, we’re treated to a coffee ceremony

out for lammergeyers—giant birds of prey with

in a local home.

Reaching Chennek at 3,600-metres, this is the

Day 8: Bale Mountains National Park We fly back to Addis this morning, then continue by chartered plane to Bale Mountains National Park. It is the best place for viewing Ethiopia’s

best place to spy the endangered walia ibex,

unique wildlife, including Ethiopian wolf, rare

found only in this isolated region. The area is

mountain nyala, giant forest hog, cape hyrax,

also home to the very rare Ethiopian wolf, where

colobus and vervet monkeys.

fewer than 400 remain.


to a little-visited 13th-century rock-hewn monastery near Lalibela, at an altitude of nearly 4,000-metres. Carved out of a cleft in a vertical

more than 450-metres.


After a leisurely breakfast, we make an excursion

Days 3 & 4: Exploring the Simien Mountains

Jinbar Falls, one of Africa’s highest waterfalls at

Simien Mountians

Day 7: Lalibela—Asheton Maryam Monastery

Driving along the escarpment edge, we enjoy

a 3-metre wingspan. We also stop for a vista of


which we hope to spot on wildlife drives. Back at Bale Mountains Lodge, we enjoy a farewell dinner.


Addis Ababa

Bale Mountains



DATES & FEES from $15,435 2018 Oct 24-Nov 3 Nov 18-28 Dec 1-11 INCLUSIONS:

2019 Feb 21-Mar 3 Mar 5-15 Oct 24-Nov 3

Nov 18-28 Dec 1-11

Airport transfers, internal flights as per itinerary,

accommodation, meals from dinner on Day 1 to dinner on final day, ser-

Days 9 & 10: Sanetti Plateau & Harenna Forest

vices of an NHA Expedition Leader, some gratuities, all permits, entrance

Day 5: Gondar

Spend two days exploring the wild wonders of

fees and taxes.

Depart early for the drive back to Gondar. This

the Sanetti Plateau and Harenna Forest. This

Note: 2019 dates & fees may change slightly.

Wendy Klausner

MADAGASCAR WILDLIFE ADVENTURE A Small-Group Exploration of the Planet’s Most Unique Biodiversity Hotspot ITINERARY 13 DAYS Day 1: Johannesburg

to southern Madagascar. Stop at the Anja

Day 13: Antananarivo / Johannesburg / Depart

Arrive in Johannesburg and gather this evening

Community Reserve to see rambunctious ring-

After a leisurely breakfast, we fly to Antananarivo

for a welcome dinner.

tailed lemurs. Continuing south, we enter a region

for connecting flights to Johannesburg.

Days 2–4: Antananarivo, Andasibe-Mantadia National Park Upon arrival in Antananarivo we drive past rice paddies and rural villages into the rainforest to reach Andasibe-Mantadia National Park where

of mountainous plateaus and eroded canyons. Several varieties of lemur live among the cacti,


aloes and palms, in particular the resident ring-


tailed lemur. The 200,000-acre park is the sacred homeland of the tribal Bara people.

we’ll look for lemurs, primitive primates found

Day 9: Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park /

only in Madagascar. There are approximately


100 species and subspecies of lemur; the world’s

Drive west to Zombitse-Vohibasia National

largest, the indri, is found in this park. On night

Park, home to some of Madagascar’s finest

walks, look for tree frogs, chameleons and palm-

birdwatching, with a number of endemic species

sized brown mouse lemurs. We also visit Lemur

including the very rare Appert’s tetraka which is

Johannesburg Antananarivo


Ranomafama Isalo

Island, a small sanctuary where lemurs rescued

native to this forest alone. Among the park’s eight

from captivity are thriving. Habituated to visitors,

lemur species, we spot Hubbard’s sportive lemur,


be prepared for close encounters.

a prize sighting found only in this park.

DATES & FEES from $16,685

Days 5 & 6: Ranomafana National Park

Days 10–12: Anjajavy Private Reserve

Return to Antananarivo and take a chartered

Board an early-morning chartered flight north

2018 Jun 20-Jul 2 Jul 4-16 Jul 12-24 Jul 25-Aug 6 Aug 8-20 Aug 22-Sep 3


Sep 12-24 Sep 25-Oct 7 P Oct 3-15 Oct 10-22 Oct 17-29 P Oct 24-Nov 5

2019 Jun 20-Jul 2 Jul 4-16 Jul 12-24 Jul 25-Aug 6 Aug 8-20 Aug 22-Sep 3

Sep 12-24 Sep 25-Oct 7 P Oct 3-15 Oct 10-22 Oct 17-29 P Oct 24-Nov 5

flight to the hilltop town of Fianarantsoa. From

to the 17,000-acre private coastal nature reserve

here, we take a scenic drive to Ranomafana

of Anjajavy. This vast protected area of secluded

National Park. The park is home to 12 species of

forests and empty beaches is reached only by

lemur, 120 frog species, 90 butterfly species, and

flying into the private airport. The seaside lodge

the fascinating but rarely seen fossa. A night walk

fronting the cerulean waters of the Mozambique


may reveal brown mouse lemurs and various

Channel is our base for exploring. From our

transportation as detailed, meals from dinner on Day 1 to lunch on final

amphibians active after dark.

lodge, explore the mangroves by kayak, snorkel

day, services of NHA Expedition Leader, most gratuities, all permits,

Days 7 & 8: Isalo National Park Enjoy the changing views on a scenic drive

Activities, accommodation, charter flights and land

over a coral reef from the beach or explore the

entrance fees and taxes.

subterranean cave.

P Special Photography Departure Note: 2019 dates & fees may change slightly.


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