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TRAILMARKS Annual Report 2019

The A/U Ranches – Horsemanship

TRAILMARKS This Trailmarks annual report describes Adventure Unlimited’s 2019 accomplishments, operational summary and stories of impact.




WHAT’S INSIDE Executive Director’s Letter


2019 Fiscal Report and Overview


Why We Love to Give Donor Voices 5 DiscoveryBound Outreach


DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council


DiscoveryBound Compass


Bridges to the Future Campaign


A/U Ranches Youth Camp


A/U Ranches Adult & Family Programs


100 Elk Outdoor Center


Valuing and Serving 20s/30s Adults


Foundation President’s Letter



14 BOARD OF TRUSTEES AdventureUnlimited.org/trustees

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@auranches | @discoverybound You can find a digital version of this Trailmarks annual report at AdventureUnlimited.org/trailmarks-2019.

Learning to Love More


2019 Metaphysical Theme “True prayer is not asking God for love; it is learning to love, and to include all mankind in one affection.” – No & Yes, p. 39 Dear friends, What a banner year 2019 has been! We completed our Bridges to the Future Campaign with more than $16.8 million raised for the longevity of Adventure Unlimited, saw a 14.5% increase in Youth Camp enrollment, ran successful programs that exceeded organizational key results overall, surpassed contribution and revenue goals for 2019, and so much more. Our deep gratitude goes to all of you who helped us achieve these benchmarks. While these accomplishments are meaningful, what’s more significant is the way our thought has been elevated to new views of mankind. Turning our focus to learning to love more has blessed our participants, volunteers, donors and staff. And this embrace of a larger community, as outlined in our 2022 Strategic Plan, continues to manifest good in all endeavors. One participant, Sandy, was moved to share her inspiration with us: Love is what we felt continuously.… As I sat at the concluding session, this great feeling of love being the only presence and enveloping everyone poured through me with the conviction that Love was meeting the need of each one present at this program and bringing the healing touch for each one. It truly was the Holy Spirit watching over all… It was this ever-presence of the ministering Love… In the following report, you’ll read how the impact of learning to love more changed perspectives and brought about healings – like Mia, who discovered what true friendship is; Riley, who gained a sense of freedom to try new things through the embrace of Love; or Nico, whose outlook changed when he felt the power of God’s love. We are grateful for everything we learned that encouraged us to love more. That love also extends to our amazing and hardworking staff, dedicated Trustees and National Alumni Board members, hundreds of volunteers and generous friends of Adventure Unlimited. Know that we couldn’t have done any of it without their dedication. Thank you for being a part of this one affection. 2020 Metaphysical Theme

“The inevitable condition whereby to become blessed, is to bless others:” – Miscellaneous Writings, p. 127


2019 FISCAL REPORTS All year, the staff of Adventure Unlimited worked to achieve four key results. This focus has enabled us to stay true to our mission – “Opening Windows to God” – and operate with fiscal responsibility. We’re grateful to report here the successful outcomes of that work last year.



On a scale of 1-5*, participants and others rated the impact of their program in helping them deepen their relationship with God.

On a scale of 1-5*, stakeholders and participants rated the level at which their interactions with Adventure Unlimited made them feel loved and valued.

GOAL: 4.02 FY2019 RESULT: 4.16

GOAL: 4.34 FY2019 RESULT: 4.43

*1 = not at all; 2 = a little; 3 = somewhat; 4 = very; 5 = highly



Meet target enrollment revenue goal of $1.68M and contributions goal of $3.06M (including the Annual Fund and reimbursements).

Manage expenses of the Annual Fund by coming in at or under $5.14M and achieving a balanced budget.





Contributions $3,218,613 | 57%


A/U Ranches & 100 Elk

$2,881,609 | 53%

DB Outreach, NLC & Compass

Other Sources $619,082 | 11%

Revenue $1,847,463 | 32% *Charts represent unaudited numbers and may be subject to change

$1,219,569 | 23%


Support Services $721,420 | 13%

$604,076 | 11%



403 20+ year donors

222 programs days at the A/U Ranches 1

5,352 program participants

33,876 hours volunteered

WHY WE LOVE TO GIVE Donor voices “We, and our family, have loved Adventure Unlimited for many years, but it is an especially happy thing that we were able to attend Family Camp this past August with one of our children and his family. It was such a lovely experience. We appreciate you all so much! We are so grateful our financial person told us of this option, to give donations to organizations out of our required IRA withdrawals! What a good plan... and helps with taxes this way.” – Andrews Society members Jeannie and Doug Brown, who donated with the required minimum distribution for their IRA

Jeannie and Doug Brown and family

supported the DiscoveryBound Endowment toaensure “We“We supported the DiscoveryBound Endowment Fund toFund ensure sustainable a sustainable future forand DB’soutreach programming and future for DB’s programming activities. Ouroutreach family believes in the activities. Our family believes inparticularly the transformational power of on transformational power of education, education that is focused education, particularly education that is focused on spiritually spiritually minded, servant leadership.” minded, servant leadership.”

– Anonymous donor of the Bridges to the Future Campaign’s – Anonymous $500,000 donor of the Bridges to to thethe Future Campaign’sFund challenge grant DB Endowment $500,000 challenge grant to the DB Endowment Fund

DB National Leadership Council Class 2021P service trip to Costa Rica

“Our son is a recent college graduate and we have heard from him and others how it is difficult to make the transition from a college experience with endless opportunities for connecting with friends and various entertainment opportunities to moving to a city where you may not know many others. Additionally, staying connected with other young Christian Scientists and encouraging each other in their practice of CS is so important. I am truly grateful for this program that will help our young adults to connect!” – Katherine Lewis, donor to the DiscoveryBound Outreach 20s/30s program

Katherine Lewis and family

“I was at the A/U Ranches for a 100 Elk school outdoor ed program as a chaperone, and while I was there for the week, I got to see and know the staff and establishment. While my wife and I have taken both of our kids the past few years to Youth Camp at the A/U Ranches and they had nothing to say but good things, seeing first-hand is just better. The camp as a whole is just amazing, with great amenities and scenic views, but that was just a part of it. I got to know some of the staff, and the care and love they showed towards kids was truly amazing… After being there and sitting in those great chairs, I just felt the need to help provide another so that someone else could sit and enjoy what I had.” – Jason Sunahara, a first-time donor who purchased a commemorative chair for the A/U Ranches

Jason Sunahara and family

Find the list of all our generous supporters: AdventureUnlimited.org/2019-donors



Supporting Adults & Families Outreach advanced its work with a wide range of participants in 2019. In addition to offering financial aid to adults of all ages for the first time, Outreach held a well-attended 20s/30s weekend in Arches National Park, as well as three new successful staff-organized events: an adult adventure trip in Maine and two allages weekends – one in Colorado at the A/U Ranches and a second in Georgia at Stone Mountain Park.


$660,816 cost to run DB Outreach programs


participants of all ages – a 20% increase over 2018 (HQ-run and chapter events)

Get Involved • PARTICIPATE Christian Scientists of all ages, their family and friends of all faiths • VOLUNTEER Adult chaperones, chapter workers and event organizers (some expenses reimbursed) 6


financial aid awarded (28% of eligible participants in qualifying/non-chapter events)

BELOVED CHAPTER EVENT INSPIRES FAMILIES An annual Florida weekend is filled with fun and healing. Wendy and Rob Landry, along with their children, who has been practicing Christian Science in earnest Logan and Carson, have been participating in the since he joined a branch church three years ago, was DiscoveryBound (DB) Outreach annual camping healed during the weekend of a painful finger. weekend in Jetty Park, Florida, since 2006. “It’s a “While kayaking, I had pain in one of my fingers, and wonderful opportunity to spend time with Christian it was making it difficult to hold on to the paddle,” Science families from around the region that we don’t Rob recalls. “I started wondering how I had hurt it, see often,” Wendy says. “It’s a nice getaway that’s trying to identify what was causing the pain. Then conducive to spiritual inspiration because we’re able I remembered a thought offered to leave our cares behind for the during our metaphysical sharing weekend and be in the company of before the activity – it was the FROM WENDY spiritual thinkers.” Golden Text from the Bible LesWendy is a board member of the son: ‘...nothing shall by any means [The Jetty Park DB Outreach Central Florida hurt you’ [Luke 10:18]. chapter in Orlando and, along with weekend] is a nice “I quickly realized I shouldn’t be three other Florida chapters, has searching for a cause, but rather getaway that’s been a key part of the Jetty Park know that nothing had occurred to weekend planning team for the conducive to spiritual cause me discomfort,” he says. “I last several years. “There are mulcontinued to work with this Bible inspiration because tiple components to the weekend phrase to reinforce the fact that we’re able to leave our that allow folks to participate in there was no cause of discomfort, ways that suit them,” she explains. cares behind for the and I was able to finish kayaking “And we always love the inspirawithout issue. I didn’t think about it weekend and be in tional speaker!” again until I was listening to the inthe company of The speaker has also been a high spirational talk given by Nikki Paulk point for her daughter, Logan – a that evening. She spoke about changspiritual thinkers. DB National Leadership Council ing thought to bring about healing, (NLC) graduate who attended the which echoed my experience that Jetty Park weekend last year. “I morning, and I was full of gratitude really enjoyed spending time with for this small demonstration.” old and new friends,” Logan says. “I A cherished chapter worker for especially enjoyed the guest inspiDB Outreach, Wendy can see the rational speaker, Nikki Paulk [C.S.]. local and wide impact of the events The concepts she discussed were she helps organize, and many so simple, but I think they gave others. “We’d highly recommend everyone a fresh perspective on Jetty Park or any other DB event spirituality and healing in Christian because they are one-of-a-kind CS Science. It was such a great close events!” she says. to the weekend.” Logan adds, “I couldn’t be more The weekend, as it usually does, ingrateful for DiscoveryBound and cluded kayaking, walks on the beach, everyone who makes these events a BBQ dinner, games and more – but happen.” the spiritual atmosphere brought everything together. In fact, Rob, Logan (front) with a fellow kayaker at Jetty Park

Read more stories like this one at AdventureUnlimited.org/harvest-songs



National Leadership Council

Magnifying Good At the January 2020 All Class Retreat, NLC teens discussed how to take control of their thoughts to focus on the good in every situation. Over the summer, senior interns served in ways that supported the cause of Christian Science. Junior service trips visited Grenada and Costa Rica while sophomore adventure trips explored the Pacific Northwest and rafted the Green River in Utah. Orientation summer freshmen learned how to help others.

$849,187 cost to run DB NLC



Get Involved • PARTICIPATE Teens (starting in 8th grade) committed to CS and servant leadership • VOLUNTEER Adult class leaders and mentors to NLC teens who are willing to commit four years to shepherding youth; adults as a local point of contact for trips 8


financial aid awarded (25% of participants)

FINDING HER PLACE IN A LOVING, SUPPORTIVE AND JUDGMENT-FREE ENVIRONMENT NLC teen experiences true friendship, healing and a sense of belonging with her class. When first joining DiscoveryBound’s National Leadership Council (NLC), Mia wanted to be in the program because she is the only Sunday School student at her church. Known as shy, she sought out a way to learn how to be more outgoing and a servant leader. Prior to her engagement with the program, Mia had a small understanding of what NLC had to offer. “Honestly, I thought that NLC was just going to be a program where you have a call every third Sunday of the month and get a bunch of assignments,” she says, “but when you join NLC, it’s like NLC is your family.” Mia’s participation in the NLC program means a lot to her. It started in her 8th grade year – a year in school she says was “traumatizing.”

“The next morning I read two Sentinel articles – one about a knee injury and another about addressing ‘what problem are we trying to solve?’” says Trevor. “It led me to consider, is it a knee problem or a thought problem? The two articles cleared my thought.”


[NLC] is preparing you for the real world, and not only are you prepared, but you have a family by your side.

“To be able to join NLC and be a part of a family who really cares was surprising – it was like, ‘Whoa, this is what true friends are really like.’” She describes the people she is surrounded with in her class as “loving and supportive” and that “there’s no judgment at all.”

“My class leaders gave me some [Christian Science] articles about different injuries,” Mia recalls. “Eventually I ended up realizing that mortal mind is just encouraging you that you’re injured and you just have to realize that you’re not really injured, it’s just mortal mind. I ended up being healed the next day. It was just a really cool experience.” Trevor witnessed the healing. “Mia woke the next morning and began to haul logs as part of a service project at the Lost Wonder Hut,” he says. “She was halfway through before she realized she forgot to put on her knee brace and her leg felt perfectly fine.” Mia was then able to fully participate in the rest of the program. “The activities we do are not only really fun but just a great way to learn how to be a leader and a great bonding experience,” she says.

Before arriving at the A/U Ranches for the two-week NLC orientation summer, Mia had injured her knee Only one year into the program, Mia and could not walk or run normally. has found true friends, deepened her Mia (left) with an NLC classmate She arrived at camp feeling afraid and understanding of Christian Science, at orientation summer thinking she wouldn’t be able to hike. and strengthened her leadership But she found this to be quickly addressed by her NLC skills. Her gratitude for what the NLC program has classmates and class leaders, who assured her she was given her already is profound, and she sees it impacting a perfect child of God. her beyond high school. Trevor Snorek-Yates, one of her two NLC 2023S class leaders, says Mia came to orientation summer wearing a knee brace. He and Sue Luther, the other 2023S class leader, discussed the brace with each other, and then Sue spoke with Mia about it the first night.

“Once you get out of high school, I know a lot of people say, ‘You’re in the real world, you have to be an adult now,’ and NLC has a big impact on that,” Mia says. “It is preparing you for the real world, and not only are you prepared, but you have a family by your side.”

Read more stories like Mia’s at AdventureUnlimited.org/harvest-songs



California Bonding Compass collaborated with a family from DiscoveryBound Outreach and DB National Leadership Council this past year when the family hosted an activity for the 2018-2019 group during its third retreat in California in April. The 20192020 group, including two new adult guides, then kicked off its year in California with a fall retreat in Los Angeles.

Get Involved • PARTICIPATE 10th- to 12th-graders ready to dive into Christian Science • VOLUNTEER Adult guides, in a one-year commitment


$90,111 cost to run DB Compass


teen participants (12 in each 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 groups)

$13,329 financial aid awarded (54% of participants)

GRATITUDE FOR COMPASS COMMUNITY DiscoveryBound program brings together teens exploring Christian Science. Each year, DB Compass starts its program with a fall retreat during the DB Outreach National Annual Weekend. Teens in the 2019-2020 Compass group attended the Labor Day weekend in Los Angeles, beginning a day before the Outreach participants arrived Otto played for the to get to know each other in teens during the Los person as a group, along with Angeles weekend. their two adult guides, Katie “KDew” Duntley and Henry Busch. One of those teens – a sophomore named Otto – is candid about why he joined Compass. “Honestly, NLC [DB National Leadership Council] was too much of a commitment for me, and I wanted to see what Compass is all about,” he says. “I joined not really knowing what it was, but knowing that I’d meet some cool kids my age who were Christian Scientists outside of my Sunday School.”

Because of your help, I was able to spend four days getting to know my Compass group and reuniting with old friends. With your aid, I was able to go with my mother, grandmother and sister to experience/tour an extraordinary compilation of L.A. tourist sites. But most importantly, I was able to spend a weekend of fun with a mental lens of good, purity and healing. At the end of the weekend, when everyone was asking for fruitage, I realized that I had no healings. Why? Because I was “standing porter at the door of thought.” I was in such a supportive and fun environment that I never had anything to be healed from….

FROM OTTO [Compass is] an open and free environment for talking, hanging out and growing.

Otto was right. He’s also found that the program’s format – running generally August through April with monthly web hangouts on topics chosen by the group and three in-person retreats – is encouraging his practice of Christian Science. “Compass has mainly helped me think about the assignments and Christian Science outside of Sunday School,” he explains. “It has enabled me to think critically through a CS lens, whether it be in school or in sports, or with family and friends.” He adds that he has a greater awareness of the many writings of Mary Baker Eddy now, too. Thanks to DiscoveryBound donors, Otto and his family received financial

aid through the DB Outreach & Compass Scholarship Fund to attend the Los Angeles weekend. He shared this gratitude with them:

My favorite two events were the Warner Bros. tour and the pool party. While at the WB studio, I had a constant feeling of interest and honor to be witnessing the places of some of cinema’s greatest creations…. And then, to top off the day, we went to the lovely pool party at Tiffany Lovett’s residence. This evening couldn’t have been more perfect!...

Going in to this weekend, I had never met my Compass group before the first monthly call. By Monday, we were all so comfortable around each other, it was like leaving camp. I’m super grateful for a great group of Compass kids who are deep thinkers, have fun personalities and are nice people.... What does Otto like best about Compass? “I love how easy it was to bond with the kids at the LA weekend, and how much fun KDew and Henry are,” he says. “The calls are always interesting, but best of all, it’s an open and free environment for talking, hanging out and growing.”

Otto (back row, left) with his Compass group in Los Angeles

Read more stories like Otto’s at AdventureUnlimited.org/harvest-songs


Bridges to the Future Campaign

Campaign Completed Thanks to 976 donors and the loving prayer of many supporters, Adventure Unlimited’s Bridges to the Future Campaign ended on January 31, 2020, having exceeded its $16.5 million goal. This generous community contributed $16,894,896 to fund program expansion, capital projects, capacity building and endowments, which positions Adventure Unlimited to have a long-term impact on all who engage with the A/U Ranches and DiscoveryBound.


We are deeply grateful to everyone who made possible the many accomplishments highlighted on this timeline. Looking ahead, we will keep you informed about additional capital needs – such as completing the Hub, renovating Valerie Lodge and growing our endowment funds.


LEGEND Program Expansion


Capital Projects

Capacity Building

$5,451,459 $4,759,493 $3,518,102 $3,165,842

F Opened in time for 60th Reunion, the new two-level, multi-element ropes course offers visitors a range of challenge and activity. It’s used in all Youth, Family, and Adult programs at the A/U Ranches, as well as the 100 Elk Outdoor Center.


C The renovation was completed in time for the first DB NLC All Class Retreat that served two classes in all four years of the program. The addition of four restrooms, a rock gym, a reconfigured stage, an ADA ramp and full winterization were some of the changes that now allow year-round programming at the A/U Ranches in this building.

Dick and Ginny Voell’s year-long matching challenge helped fund this important long-term source of campership support


M At 4,420 square feet, the A/U Ranches’ new office building will be significantly larger than the existing Hub, giving the staff members private and collaborative space to work; it will also be energy independent and offer a spacious foyer for guests, complete with fireplace. Funding is still needed to complete this structure.

I A generous donor’s challenge raised the DiscoveryBound endowment fund by $1 million, positioning the DB Outreach, National Leadership Council and Compass programs to grow and thrive for generations.


K J Engagement of 20s/30s adults has grown significantly, filling weekend programs and increasing participation in this demographic by responding to a one-year research project on how to better serve them.

This much-needed structure provides space away from the outside elements for horse care, shoeing, and repair of saddles, tack and other corral equipment for the herd of 50-80 horses.


First Choice: Camp Both campers and seasonal staff found the choice easier to spend their summer at the A/U Ranches, thanks to two developments in 2019. Principia College’s strength and conditioning coach worked with participants during Youth Camp to give coaches confidence their athletes were not missing workouts; and increased funding from donors allowed staff wages to be doubled. The funding also permitted more camperships to be granted, resulting in more campers and longer stays.

Get Involved • PARTICIPATE Sunday School students 2nd –12th grade • WORK Christian Scientists age 17+, as seasonal staff • VOLUNTEER Adults, as bunkhouse parents



$2,089,594 cost to run Youth Camp


participants – a 14.5% increase over 2018

$374,776 financial aid awarded (78% of participants)

DECLARING THE TRUTH DURING HALF MARATHON Teenage camper’s exclamation of the truth transforms his experience from fear to joy. It was Nico’s sixth year at camp when he decided to feeling creeping up from the small of my back,” he join a program that was outside his comfort zone. relates. “In a few more minutes it had completely He joined Conquerors – an intense, higher-level taken over me. I don’t ever cry – I couldn’t tell you mountain program at Round-Up the last time I cried before that – Ranch (for high school students). and this emotion was so powerful As a swimmer, he had always felt that I was feeling that I couldn’t help FROM NICO more comfortable doing water but cry. I was bawling on the side of programs at the A/U Ranches, but Yale [mountain] in the middle of this It felt like I was getting he wanted to follow in his brother’s run. I felt it had to be what it feels a hug from God. footsteps and push himself to try like to feel God’s true love in all of something new. its presence. It’s always there, but in this moment it was so clear, it felt “I was not the kind of guy you like I was getting a hug from God. It would catch running a half marawas amazing.” thon,” Nico says. Nico’s declaration of the truth changed his whole During the program, the group went on a 13+-mile mindset. He was enjoying the activity instead of trail run called the Denny Creek run. Nico says he disliking it. was “terrified” leading up to this rigorous day; he felt like he had something to live up to when compared “I love the way you live in Christian Science here [at with his brother, and he just wanted to finish. the A/U Ranches],” he says. “You are so distant from what the rest of the world is always yelling at you. At first, he says, it was tough, There are always things pulling and he felt tired and sore. Then you in every different direction, something happened that combut here at camp you’re just pletely changed Nico’s experidoing things that you love to do ence. “Once we got above tree the whole time. There’s never a line, everything started to get moment when you’re not having a really pretty, which was a nice great time at camp.” thing, but I was still struggling,” he recalls. “There was this With his eyes lit up and a smile one moment out of nowhere beaming across his face, Nico where I said to myself out loud, says, “If it wasn’t for the spiritu‘I love this!’” ally elevated mindset that camp holds in sharing inspiration every It was the turning point. “That morning and taking everything was a declaration of the Truth, you do at camp with you, I don’t which is always what I’ve seen think I would’ve ever had that exa healing as – the recognition Nico during a quiet moment at camp perience. First of all, I would’ve of what God’s truth is, and that never gone on the run, and I was what I did in that moment,” Nico says. wouldn’t have had that pure connection I felt in that moment. For that, I am extremely grateful for everyThe impact of this quick recognition of God’s truth thing camp has done for me in my spiritual journey was huge for Nico. “I started to feel this really pure and growth.”

Read more stories like Nico’s at AdventureUnlimited.org/harvest-songs



Financial Support for Adults Camperships, once available only to youth campers, were granted for adult and family programs in 2019, thanks to generous donors. This assistance made a difference for those attending June or August Family Camp, Adult Mini Camp, Bible Study and Christmas Camp. Participants also made a difference at the A/U Ranches during Memorial Day Service Weekend.

$772,864 cost of adult & family programs

339 participants

Get Involved • PARTICIPATE Christian Scientists, their families and friends of all faiths • WORK Christian Scientists age 17+, as seasonal staff (can be one week of any family or adult program) • VOLUNTEER Individuals age 16+ can volunteer in any of these programs 16

$38,925 financial aid awarded (5% of participants)

GRATITUDE FOR FAMILY CAMP By Leslie Welles Dear Alison and all the A/U Ranches staff, Our family had such a wonderful time at Family Camp this August! We always love to be back at the Ranches because it is such a unique and special place we hold dearly in our hearts. It’s difficult to put into words the joy we feel as parents to see our daughter, Riley, embraced in such pure love that she feels the confidence to open herself up to trying new things, making dear friends, and simply feeling and expressing the freedom to explore new opportunities!

Camp: “Cared for, watched over, beloved and protected, Walk thou with courage each step of the way.” I truly feel that was our family’s experience every day!

The guidance, love and support from the staff is immeasurable! What a wonderfully grounded, loving group of individuals. The joy and enthusiasm they feel at FROM LESLIE being part of such an amazing place just radiates when they talk about The guidance, love the activities they’re involved in, or and support from how they ended up coming to the A/U Ranches for the first time. It the staff was really special to hear many of is immeasurable! their stories of coming to camp, or coming back to Christian Science (or coming back as staff) and finding home at the Ranches.

Riley has always loved horses and horseback riding so we spent quite a bit of time down at the corral and I just have to say that the staff this summer was AWESOME! Shelby, Cassidy, Ella, Mimi, Andrew and Lachlan were so loving and thoughtful, and clearly very passionate about the work they are doing with the horses. They took extra time to explain things in detail no matter how many times they had to repeat themselves. It was a really fun, encouraging group. I am just amazed at how the corral program has grown and expanded! It’s very exciting!

A line from one of my favorite hymns (278) continuously came to my thought throughout our time at Family

Scott and I have always felt at home at the A/U Ranches and our hope and goal is that we will continue to visit, to be part of the various programs offered, and to start our girls attending camp regularly during the summers. We look forward to seeing you next summer. Much love, Leslie, Scott and Riley Welles

Riley and Leslie enjoying a ride during Family Camp



Good Growth In 2019, the secular programming arm of the A/U Ranches grew the number of organizations, students and chaperones it served. Its fall and spring seasons added seven new schools, a corporate retreat, a fly fishing event and a grant, which was applied toward scholarships. Staffing was full as well and exceptionally high-quality, including a fall photographer.



• WORK Christian Scientists age 17+, as seasonal staff • RENT Open in the off-season for workshops, corporate retreats, weddings and overnight rentals


1,769 participants

Get Involved • PARTICIPATE Students, teachers and parents from schools, sports teams, after-school programs, Boy/Girl Scouts and other organizations

cost to run 100 Elk

$3,500 financial aid awarded (16% of participants)

KIDS SAY THANK YOU Students who participated in 100 Elk’s outdoor education this past year discovered ways this programming could “reveal the possibilities within” – 100 Elk’s mission. Here are some of their handmade notes of gratitude.


Valuing and Serving 20s/30s Adults Programming for and with 20s/30s adults continued to expand in 2019. In addition to one staff-organized and two stipend (volunteer) DiscoveryBound Outreach 20s/30s weekend events, as well as 23 local activities with 268 participants, these adults stayed connected with Adventure Unlimited by chaperoning teen DB Outreach events, serving as DB Compass guides and working at the A/U Ranches (including 100 Elk) as seasonal staff. As part of the support for all our participants, several 20s/30s adults received financial aid to attend DB Outreach events in 2019. Here’s one letter of gratitude from a scholarship recipient, who shares how the weekend event supported and inspired her.

Dear Donor,

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Dear friends, Now that you’ve reached the end of this 2019 Trailmarks annual report, I hope you are struck, as I am, with how much there is to be grateful for – the accounts of healing, overcoming of limitations, deep spiritual growth and extraordinary generosity. As we were inspired by our metaphysical theme to love and include everyone in that love, it became evident just how much each of us has been blessed. That blessing translates to every part of the organization. In addition to the completion of the Bridges to the Future Campaign, it has provided the resources to achieve our Annual Fund goals again this year and meet our budget for the fourteenth consecutive year. As we have learned to “feed the famished affections,”* God has provided us with our “daily bread.” This would not be possible without the generous spirit of our donors, who have lovingly supported the Campaign and Annual Fund. They understand the vital impact of their gifts and how meaningful that support is to our participants. This year, we promised you that a donation to Adventure Unlimited would be your most important gift of the year. We hope the healings and accomplishments in this report show that to be true. Here are a few more, thanks to our many donors:

Our donors understand the vital impact of their gifts and how meaningful that support is to our participants.

• A/U Ranches Campership, DiscoveryBound (DB) Outreach & Compass Scholarship and DB National Leadership Council Scholarship fund goals all met • $223,254 raised for the Annual Fund through an unlimited #GivingTuesday match • More than $10,000 given to the 20s/30s program from donors who believe in DiscoveryBound Outreach’s commitment to serve these adults • Andrews Society members – those who gave $1,000+ to the Annual Fund during FY2019 – provided 89% of our funding needs • Adventure Partners increased their recurring giving by 14% over last year Every opportunity a donor creates for a participant, volunteer, alum or staff member to engage in our community is a direct result of all of our prayers. We feel encouraged and connected in the many ways you all support us daily, and we hope you feel this love when you engage with Adventure Unlimited. With deep love and gratitude for each of you,

*Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, Mary Baker Eddy, p. 17



You Can Help Open Windows to God for a Child Young people who participate in A/U Ranches and DiscoveryBound programs are finding healing in their adventures. Your financial and prayerful support are necessary to continue these spiritually based activities. HOW CAN YOU PROVIDE THIS SUPPORT? Donate at AdventureUnlimited.org/give or send a check payable to: Adventure Unlimited, 5201 South Quebec Street, Greenwood Village, CO 80111 Become an Adventure Partner. Set up a recurring monthly or quarterly gift with a credit card or direct debit. This allows you to give a substantial gift in comfortable increments. Buy a commemorative brick. Capture a DB or A/U Ranches memory or pay tribute to someone. The brick will be on permanent display at the A/U Ranches. Make a gift of stock or a vehicle. Provide flexibility in your budget and still make an impact with nontraditional giving options. Ask your company to match your gift. Find out if your employer matches donations to a non-profit organization such as Adventure Unlimited. Join the Summit Society. Include Adventure Unlimited in your estate and/or establish a planned gift to help sustain the longevity of the organization while honoring your legacy.

DONATE TODAY! Learn more about our convenient, secure online giving options at AdventureUnlimited.org/support-us 22

Adventure Unlimited Foundation, serving DiscoveryBound and the A/U Ranches, is the fundraising arm of Adventure Unlimited, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

2020 Programs

For more than 65 years, Adventure Unlimited has provided enriching activities for thousands of Christian Science young people, adults and families at the A/U Ranches. The practical and effective application of Christian Science is as much a part of our mission today as it was at our founding in 1955.

DiscoveryBound provides local activities, seasonal weekends and an annual event for Christian Scientists and their friends of all ages, as well as one- and four-year national teen programs. Come join us!


Youth Camp

20s/30s Retreat Crystal Lake Camps

May 15–17

Session 1 (15 days) June 18 – July 2 (8 days) June 18–25

National Annual Teen & Adult Event – CedarS Camps

Session 2 (15 days)

July 4–18

20s/30s Iceland Adventure #1 Sept. 12–18

Session 3 (15 days) July 20 – Aug. 3 (8 days) July 20–27

20s/30s Iceland Adventure #2 Sept. 20–26

Sept. 4–7

Adult Trip – Western Region TBD

Adult & Family Programs Service Weekend

May 22–25

Adult & Family Camp June 18–24 Aug. 8–14 Adult Mini Camp & Mountaineering Reunion Full session Aug. 16–22 Half session Aug. 16–19 or 19–22 Adult Bible Study

Nov. 5–9

Christmas Camp

Dec. 21–27

Register today! AURanches.org

7th- through 12th-grade Teen Fall Weekend – Western Region


National Leadership Council Summer Experiences


Application Available Aug. 28 – Oct. 11 New Classes Announced All Class Retreat

Nov. 11

Jan. 15–18, 2021

Compass Registration opens for 2020–2021 group First Retreat CedarS Camps

Apr. 1 Sept. 4–7

See what else is coming! DiscoveryBound.org/events 23

Adventure Unlimited 5201 South Quebec Street Greenwood Village, CO 80111

Thank you for supporting our programs!

PLANNING YOUR GREATEST GIFT “What greater gift can we give to our movement than provide a situation where our youngest Christian Scientists are learning to practice the most valuable resource in the world… I am happy to be providing for Adventure Unlimited in our estate and on a regular basis.” – Steve Spaulding, Summit Society member

A planned gift to Adventure Unlimited can help you shape the future for the next generation of A/U Ranches and DiscoveryBound participants. Learn how by contacting Rob Blackwell, Foundation president, at 888.416.7348 x104 or rblackwell@adventureunlimited.org.


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2019 Adventure Unlimited Trailmarks Annual Report  

2019 Adventure Unlimited Trailmarks Annual Report