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Healing Happens at Camp Camp is an amazing place where healing occurs in an “atmosphere of Love divine” (Hymn 144) as a result of continual prayer. All year long, campers, counselors, staff, practitioners, parents, donors, and alumni are adding to this uplifting mental atmosphere that enables all who come here to leave seeming limitations at the gate. This yearround support of camp is tangibly felt by the campers and staff when they arrive. Healing happens because campers and staff are encouraged to establish the foundation of their day spiritually. Each morning, the collective stillness is felt at Lesson Study time. Knowing that campers and counselors are spiritually preparing for a day of challenge and adventure is heartening. This preventative work is critical to a happy peaceful day of facing fears, challenging

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limitations, and overcoming obstacles that would stand in the way of discovering the fullness of being. Through this work, campers and staff approach these experiences as opportunities to use the spiritual ideas and inspirations from the morning. Building on this daily preparation, healings happen readily at camp because camp cultivates and encourages childlikeness. Healing requires it. “Willingness to become as a little child... renders thought receptive of the advanced idea.” (S&H 323:32–324:2) Camp remains a healing place as we cherish and value the childlikeness in everyone. It is accomplished through a loving obedience which naturally brings out our innate innocence, purity, meekness, and childlike receptivity. Finally, healing happens at camp because campers and staff expect it. Mary Baker Eddy named this Science ”Christian Science” since following the Christ, Truth is what Jesus did. He proved his words with his works, and he healed. And that’s what happens at camp, too. Campers and staff are not just receptive but expectant of healing. We’re ushering a Christian Science Movement where our children learn to expect quick healing and gratefully, at the A/U Ranches, they find it.


Mountain Memo

Living Generously A Note from Alison Peticolas, Ranch Director


Generously Living generously is what camp is all about. In so many ways, camp opens the door (or window) to a view of life that is focused on the other, on giving. I remember during my first years on staff, this passage from Mrs. Eddy becoming my guiding focus, “…blessed is that man who seeth his brother’s need and supplieth it, seeking his own in another’s good.” (S&H 518:17-19) I loved the opportunity to serve that camp offered and continues offering today.

The Fruits of Camp Year-round BY TAMARA SHEASLEY BALIS

Being surrounded by so many people sharing the ins and outs of daily life, camp creates natural moments of giving to others. Living generously shows up in the small things like sharing your toothpaste or loaning an extra jacket, passing the last Churro to your friend at the table, offering the first chance at a canoe to a fellow camper. Sometimes we make it to the top of the mountain because someone else supported us or because we were focused on supporting someone else. Each of us has been the recipient of this kind of care and has shown this care to others.

Thirty years ago, I began as an 8th grade camper at the A/U Ranches. As the child of a government employee who moved every 2–4 years, the sense of home and love cultivated at 14,000 feet, instilled a new understanding and value for myself. This discovery was spiritual, and fueled me through challenges and changes in my life throughout the year. All year long I thought about camp – writing to my camp friends and waiting impatiently to again join this community so deeply committed to love and growth. The A/U Ranches was the summer gift that gave to me all year long.

We live generously because all that we have comes from God and our connection to all good. I absolutely love this translation of this year’s metaphysical theme, “God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others.” (NLT 2 Cor. 9:8) What an awesome promise!

Somehow, I didn’t expect the same magic 33 years later when sending my own daughter to camp. Yet she came home stronger as well, with a new found poise that lasts throughout the year.

Camp can be demanding – asking us to work hard and play hard, explore new ideas, push our limits, try all kinds of new things. How can we do all that? This passage gives us the answer. God is going to give us everything we need – generously. Not just enough to get through, but so much that we’ll always be able to be there for each other. That is the spiritual foundation, the undeniable promise of living generously. That is what we get to do at camp!

The expenditure of camp is not one we take on lightly – it is a significant investment for our family but we’ve discovered that although camp is only two weeks long, it’s magic and love last all year. We’re now sending our 8-yearold this summer – well before we planned to - because she, too, deserves the gift of camp and the full exploration of herself in this profound way. And now not a week goes by that we don’t talk about camp; looking forward to the adventures and growth the A/U Ranches offers.


We count our blessings that there’s a place for our daughters that so simultaneously elevates and grounds us all. We offer heartfelt thanks to those who continue to make the gift of the A/U Ranches available to us all!

The A/U Ranches was the summer gift that gave to me all year long.

Spring 2018


Meet the A/U Ranches Summer Management Team Ranch Director

Alison Peticolas

Horsemanship Director

Lachlan Clarke

Round-Up Ranch – Camp Directors

Andrew Lambert-Cole Holly Valentine

Sky Valley Ranch – Camp Directors

Steve Creighton Shea Orth-Moore

CIT Trainer

Shane Witters Hicks

Enrollment Coor. Operations Coor. Administrative Coor.

Linda Clarke Cami Jamerson Joy Strickland

Facilities Director Facilities Foreman Facilities Technician Facilities Technician

Drew Heimerl Steve Murray Mike Trathen Nathan Gregory

Food Service Manager Food Service Asst. Mgr.

Matthew Leon Chad Heeter

100 Elk Director 100 Elk Asst. Director

Steve Creighton Becky Holmes

I Spy at the Ranches...

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2018 Metaphysical Theme

...God will generously provide all you nee have everything you need and plenty left

ed. Then you will always t over to share with others. —II Cor. 9:8 (NLT)


Mountain Memo

100 Elk – Come Stay With Us! Now in its 19th year, the 100 Elk Outdoor Center at the A/U Ranches is a growing part of our year-round programming. For years, 100 Elk has provided outdoor education, team building, and experiential learning to the public, mostly for schools and non-profits. Starting in 2018, 100 Elk is expanding its outreach to the broader community by making spaces available for event rentals in the spring, fall and winter. Rental opportunities include corporate retreats, groups and workshops, weddings, reunions, overnight stays and much more. The idea for 100 Elk Events has grown organically over the years, with a few groups renting the facility in the offseason and the occasional wedding on property over the past 10 years. “This location and inspired environment are tremendous assets,“ shared Alison Peticolas, ranch director. “We feel this is a meaningful way to share this resource with the community and 100 Elk is a great way to do this.” 100 Elk rentals provide a range from full-service rentals, complete with lodging, dining and activities - to simplified self-service options, such as renting a cabin for a week to explore Buena Vista and the vast wilderness in our backyard. Our current offerings include:

Weddings Getting married at the A/U Ranches is a unique, memorable experience – whether at Valerie Lodge or outdoors with the Collegiate Peaks in the background. The most popular time for outdoor weddings is weekends in late August through late October. and winter/spring weddings can be held in any of our indoor locations, based on availability.

Groups & Workshops 100 Elk has a variety of activities and spaces for groups of all sizes and budgets. With room for up to 350 guests, it’s an ideal location for hosting family and alumni reunions, group retreats and hands-on trainings and workshops. Past program examples include dance workshops, Wilderness First Aid courses, and recovery retreats for women veterans. An example of an upcoming workshop rental is: • Photography Workshop, September 28-October 1, 2018

Overnight Stays

Corporate Retreats 100 Elk offers a unique, refreshing environment for corporate meetings and retreats. Valerie and Wyly Lodges have ample space for large meetings, panel discussions, and speakers while 100 Elk-led activities, such as the ropes course and rock gym, promote team-bonding and opportunities for participants to venture outside their comfort zone.

If you’ve ever wanted to stay at the A/U Ranches outside of summer camp, this is your chance! Families, friends and individuals can rent cabins and rooms on a daily or weekly basis. Guests can explore Buena Vista and nearby towns, or enjoy outdoor activities off-property while enjoying the natural beauty and inspired setting of the A/U Ranches. • Spring Break, March 2019. Gather your friends or family to build your week while staying at the A/U Ranches! The A/U Ranches are beautiful in the summer and equally peaceful and pleasant in the off-season. Consider us a location for the above events and rental opportunities. Visit:

100 Elk has rolled out a new website,, to showcase venues, lodgings, activities and options for guests to reserve. We encourage alumni to reach out if they’re interested in hosting their own event or to spread the word to employers, friends, and families. 100 Elk is excited to welcome you!

Spring 2018



Camp is Unlimited

Camp isn’t just for kids. Regardless of your age, you can experience the healing atmosphere of camp at the A/U Ranches. We have programs for every age. Whether it’s a family or an adult program, we embrace Christian Scientists, their friends and family of all faiths.

Service Weekend | By Elizabeth & Dave Bear We look forward to Service Weekend (over the Memorial Day holiday weekend) every year. The four days are filled with friends – new and old – amazing food and a list of projects throughout camp. It’s a big, fun crowd. We work hard during the day, with people supporting and cheering each other on. At night the lodge comes alive with everyone chatting, playing cards and having fun. Being in the mountains at the A/U Ranches is something my husband and I love and say, “Yes” to whenever we can. It is a special place. Come join us!

Family Camp | By Holly Johnson This was our family’s second time at Family Camp. When we arrived the kids remembered exactly where the trampoline was and ran right to it! Our 7-year-old and 4-year-old felt completely comfortable participating in Kids’ Camp while my husband and I mountain biked, rafted, hiked and had quiet study time. I loved the talks with the practitioner and the opportunity to have all of the prayerful time I wanted without the distractions of work and home. And you can’t beat their three meals a day!

Adult Mini Camp | By Scott & Shelley Faunt Adult Mini Camp offered us all the things we needed, right when we needed them the most – friendship, fellowship and fun. We met amazing, inspiring people who quickly became friends and shared morning Bible Lesson study, pre-adventure inspiration and evening gratitude. Our adventure allowed us to peak one of the 14,000 foot mountains and ride our bikes over mountain passes! At the heart of all camp activities you find love and Christian Science being lived. Not bad for one week!

Adult Bible Study | By Suzy Seibert Our teacher, Bible scholar Kristy Christian, effectively linked Biblical healings with passages from Mary Baker Eddy’s writings and she made the Bible come to life! We learned the meanings of important Hebrew and Greek words and considered Bible translations and commentaries. An amazing topic, taught by a brilliant scholar, located in a beautiful setting, hosted by loving staff members and attended by “honest seekers for Truth,” made this an unforgettable experience! I have already signed up for November 2018!

Christmas Camp | By C ynthia Hansen Our family is geographically-separated and Christmas Camp provided us time together in new ways, like horseback riding and visiting hot springs in the snow! We enjoyed downhill skiing in the Colorado mountains, making new friends and the evening programs – from fiddle music to a delightful gingerbread house-making competition. The experience exceeded our expectations – we enjoyed the broader blessing of this larger family at Christmastime.

A/U Ranches P.O. Box 20136 Buena Vista, CO 81211-2036

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Enjoy All of Our Programs!

2018 Program Dates Service Weekend May 25–28 Summer Youth Camp First session* 2 weeks: June 21–July 5 1 week: June 21–28 * All Ages at Sky Valley Second session 2 weeks: July 7–July 21 Third session 2 weeks: July 23–August 6 1 week: July 23–30 Family Camp June session (at Round-Up): June 21–27 August session August 11–17 Adult Mini Camp Full session Half session

August 20–26 (with Wrangler Reunion) August 20–23 or 23–26

Adult Bible Study

November 1–5

Christmas Camp

December 22–28 (New Dates) 888.543.4849 Adventure Unlimited provides recreational adventure, leadership, service, education and community activities that foster spiritual growth and healing in an environment where Christian Science is lived. – The A/U Ranches is a Division of Adventure Unlimited – All or part of this operation is conducted on public lands under Special Recreation Permits from the Dept. of the Interior’s BLM, Colorado State Parks AHRA, and Dept. of Ag. USFS.

A/U Ranches Mt. Memo Newsletter | Spring 2018  
A/U Ranches Mt. Memo Newsletter | Spring 2018