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Ea ch

su ccessive sta ge of experien ce

u nfolds n ew views of divi n e goodn ess a nd love. (S&H 66: 14)

New Views of Divine Goodness and Love G ina L indquist, E xecutive D irector

“…This time last year I was a student of Christian Science when I could be, when it was useful…but now I am a 24/7 demonstrator of Divine Science. …It’s easy to say ‘God is love’…but at the end of the day it is not the words that make you a Christian Scientist… It’s demonstrating it in every second of your life…” The preceding gratitude was shared by Michael, a 2015 DB National Leadership Council (NLC) student and soon to be counselor-intraining at the A/U Ranches.

2014 M etaphysical Theme

The above ideas encapsulate what it means to be a participant in an Adventure Unlimited (A/U) or DiscoveryBound (DB) program – to take what we know a step further to deepen our individual relationship to God.

Ea ch su cce ssive sta ge of experience unfolds new views of divi n e good n e ss a n d love. (S&H 66:14)

Reflecting on the past year, we are full of deep gratitude for all the ways we have seen these ideas manifested as we continue to implement our Strategic Plan. Evidence of this progress is throughout the 2013 Annual Report, in addition to the examples below: Our programs are expanding! We graduated two NLC classes for the first time; engaged adults (ages 18-30) through a Spiritual Activists Summit; hosted an unprecedented number of DiscoveryBound regional activities; and served the largest number of students to date through our 100 Elk Outdoor Center program. Partnerships have strengthened our base and keep us on a solid foundation. We are invested in our relationships, whether they are with affiliating organizations, our staff, or you. A broad-based initiative designed to meet the growing demand for our programs and to ensure A/U’s long-term sustainability has been quietly underway; you’ll hear much more about this exciting unfoldment later in the year. Sincere thanks to each of you who have been a part of our success! 2014 promises to be rich in “new views of divine goodness and love”, and we look forward to you being a part of it.

F isca l Report

F unding S ources: Fiscal Year 2013


Other Sources





Total = $4,508,276 E xpenses: Fiscal Year 2013

% 49 A/U Ranches & 100 Elk


% 12

% 24

Support Services

% 15

DiscoveryBound & NLC

A/U-DB Trailmarks 2013


Thank You!

Because of you, young Christian Scientists, their friends and families are experiencing Christian Science in action! It is with profound gratitude that we recognize those who supported us in our last fiscal year (February 1, 2013 – January 31, 2014). We are also thankful for those who donated, but requested to remain anonymous. *Quarterly/Monthly Recurring Gifts

Individual Donors Brian S. Abbott Carol L. Abbott Carolyn Abbott Dorel A. Abbott Harry T. Abbott Melissa Abbott Stephen L. Abbott* Allison Abdelnour* George J. Abdelnour Jennifer W. Abdelnour John Abdelnour* William E. Ables Jan H. Abrams Connie Adams Grant S. Adams Johanna A. Adams Katherine C. Agnew Mark R. Agnew C. D. Ainsworth Miranda Albins Allison Aleshire Amy C. Aleshire David Aleshire Aliona Alexander Nancy Alexander Natalie G. Alexander Cassidy A. Alford Deborah Allen Diana M. Allen Ellen Allen Herbert A. Allen Victoria J. Allen Renee B. Alton Marilan A. Amaroli Pat Amerman Erik Andersen Brooks L. Anderson Joy Anderson* Mary S. Anderson Norman Anderson Peter B. Anderson Prudence F. Anderson* Shirley J. Anderson Mark Andersson Hector Andreos Michael C. Andres Fred P. Andresen 2

Jane Andresen Becky Andrews* Elizabeth Andrews George Andrews James H. Andrews* Jean T. Andrews Sarah C. Andrews Mary Ann Angell Richard J. Angell Pauline C. Angle* Devin L. Anglin Don Appleby* Linda C. Appleby*

Jennifer P. Babcock Keith W. Babcock June T. Backscheider Robert B. Baggs* David D. Bailey Mark T. Bailey Mary Frances Bailey Thomas A. Bailey Carol Baker James E. Baker Linda J. Baker Dona Ball George Ball

Virginia M. Applegren Celeste Archer Bruce R. Armstrong Craig S. Armstrong* Greg Armstrong Laura Armstrong Sheryl J. Armstrong* Elizabeth Arnett Gerald H. Arnold James Arnott Robyn Arthur Thomas G. Arthur Russell E. Atha Rawson Atkin Jeff Atwood Genelle Austin-Lett Bruce and Susie Auten Kyle M. Babbitt*

Brian Bane Sunny Bane Christine Banko Phil Banko Robin Banko Jean Barish Diane L. Bark* Stuart Bark Betty M. Barker Judith A. Barker Jeffrey H. Barner* Shelby B. Barner Susan Barner* Jenny Barr Judith Barr Patrick J. Barrett Penelope Barrett Robert L. Barrett

A/U-DB Trailmarks 2013

Heather D. Barron Sarah M. Barron Murray Sylvia K. Barry R K. Barthelmess Susan E. Barthelmess Sherrilyn O. Bartlett Stacey A. Barton* Stephen C. Barton Leigh Bashor Nancy Battey Marilyn C. Baum Mary E. Baxter Gail H. Bay Howard Bay Kathryn G. Beacham David Bear Elizabeth Bear David B. Beckett Jeffrey S. Beeman Mary Beeman Lucy P. Beers Holly A. Beeson Carol B. Beim-Esche Clark Beim-Esche Carole Beisel* Chris Beisel* David Belcher Jeffrey D. Bell Judith J. Bell Barbara A. Bellafiore Anne C. Bemis Kenneth E. Bemis Richard Benedikt Shirley A. Bennington Galen Benson Joel R. Benson* Laurie Benson* Portia Benson Robert C. Benson Ross Benson John E. Bergstrom Alyssa G. Bernstein Phillip G. Bernstein Svetlana C. Bernstein Marilyn E. Best Ruth Best Nancy Bevens Jill Bicks

Elizabeth Bieck Lori Biesterfeldt Randall P. Biesterfeldt John C. Biggs Lindsey S. Biggs Robert Bilhorn Tina Bilhorn* Susan Billings George Birdsong Lynn Birdsong Mary E. Bistline* Boyd Black Doug Black Jill Black Sharon Black Barbara Blackwell Robert Blackwell Joanne Blair Moira Blake Cecelia M. Blalock Ann Blamey Richard L. Blamey Jean Blandford Richard Blank Bonnie and Norm Bleichman Robert Blohm Sheri Blohm Elizabeth A. Blunk Jacqueline L. Bodenheim Mary J. Bohannan Jody Bol Brian Bolling Elizabeth B. Bonner Robert Boone Andrea Borch Christopher Borch Eileen Bordenave* Joshua J. Borough Holmes F. Boroughf Daniel Bort* Diana Bort* Sherrell Bortman Barb Boss Robert A. Boucher* Shelley A. Boucher* David Bourcier Erin Bourcier Cathy Bovey* Robert D. Bovey* Nathan R. Bowen David J. Bowie JoAnne Bowie Nancy L. Bowman Richard H. Bowman Frederick K. Boyd Josh D. Boyd Sherri Boyd Nathan J. Boyer-Rechlin Heidy Boyman John Boyman

Stephanie Boyman Todd Boyman Alan C. Bradley Susann M. Bradley Joan Bradner Art W. Brandenburg Debra Brandt Race Brandt Marian Breeden Daniel T. Brewer

Janice Brown Jeff Brown Jessica Brown Sally Brown Susana Brown Virginia A. Brown Woodford S. Brown Lucielle Brownell Julianna A. Browning Scott M. Browning

Why Give to t h e A n n u a l Fu n d? Supporting the Annual Fund gives Christian Science youth the opportunity to experience Christian Science in action firsthand. Your gift provides for staff, counselors, ranch hands, facilities, meals and horses which are all part of the A/U Ranches summer camp program. Your gift also provides for the lodging, venues and facilitators which are all critical components for building a community at DB Outreach and NLC events. Your gift provides the opportunity for youth to enroll in each of these programs, when they would not be able to do so otherwise. Percentage of program participants receiving financial support: • A/U Ranches – 46% • DiscoveryBound Outreach – 44% • DB National Leadership Council – 32% Theresa Brewer Colin Brice Kristi Brice Rider Brice Trey Brice James R. Brock Mary Lou W. Brock Jeffrey R. Brooks Margie Brooks Kevin Bross Bertram C. Brown Fred Brown George M. Brown Greg Brown H. J. Brown

Andrew L. Brownstone Kristin Brownstone Holliday Bruegmann William J. Bruegmann Brad Buchanan Kelly Buchanan Charles Buckminster Nancy Buckminster Alice Bullwinkle David Bullwinkle John E. Bunce Linda Bunce Neil Burghard Virginia Burklund Dorathy Burnett

Jane Burns* Mark G. Burns* Gabriel H. Burnworth Devon M. Burr Ralph Burr and Virginia Aycock Kittie M. Burris Susan C. Burrows Charlotte Lyeth Burton* Bruce Busch Kathleen Busch Bradley C. Bush Karyn Bush Joy Butler Margaret L. Butler Linda R. Cain* Marcena Cain William Cain* John T. Caldwell Nancy Caleffe-Schenck Charles Calhoun Edwin W. Cameron Victoria S. Cameron Colleen Campbell John F. Campbell Mary A. Campbell Gwen Cannon Clifford B. Capp Joyce Capp Kevin B. Capp Krista L. Capp Barbara Carl William W. Carl Patricia Carpenter Rick H. Carr Louise E. Cartter Joan M. Casaletto Corinne Challenger Ellery Chan Lisa Chan Pat Chaps Sheila Chaps Sonia Charles Robert T. Cheatham Cynthia Cheney George C. Cheney Kimberlie B. Chenoweth Nadine Chichester* Steve Chitwood Christian J. Cho Morgan E. Cho Phyllis Christensen Genevieve L. Christianson Heidi Christianson Annabel Cieply Christopher Cieply Anne F. Clarke Richard A. Clarke Carol J. Claypool Andrew Clements Janet Clements A/U-DB Trailmarks 2013


Jeffrey Clements Rebecca Clements Tawny Cleveland Warren Clinton Nancy L. Cobetto Helen Coburn John Coburn Janet Cocciarelli Robert P. Cochran Ellen C. Cogley Diana Colarossi Elizabeth A. Colarossi* Jennifer Colarossi Lewis L. Colarossi Richard L. Colarossi* Albert Cole Cliff Cole Janis K. Cole Jonquil Cole Katherine Coles Diane Collier Robert S. Collier Philip Collins Jennifer Combs Hugh R. Conklin Rebecca Conklin Dorothy L. Conlin Kristina J. Conner Joseph D. Conrad Nancy J. Conrad Alex Cook Anne P. Cook D. S. Coolidge Shelley L. Coolidge Anne Cooling Austin G. Cooling Jon Cooling Caroline Cooper John R. Cooper Wynn Cooper David A. Cornell Linda Cornell Bruce F. Cornett Sharon Cottle William R. Cottle Fay Coulouris Graham L. Covington Anabeth H. Cox* Debbie Cox* Edward R. Cox* Gilbert W. Cox Mary Beth Cox* Ted Cox* Edna Craft David Creighton Kevin M. Cross Michael R. Cross Kenneth Crow Mary E. Crow Peter Crow 4

Thomas Crow Douglas Cuellar* Juli A. Cuellar* Kaye B. Cummings Richard Cummings Amie Cummins Robert Cummins Todd Cummins Linda Cunningham Marci and Chuck Cunningham Dee Curtis

Catherine de Coster Jeane deCoster Lindley H. Degarmo Nicolas M. Dela Rosa Barbara A. Delano John M. Delano Julie G. Denison Thomas R. Denison Elaine S. Dent Barbara DePauw Brenda Derville

No Gift is too S m a ll! If considering a large gift is unrealistic, an easy way to give a little at a time is by creating a recurring gift. A few dollars given each month (think of it as one cup of Starbucks!) can make a significant difference. Recurring gifts help sustain Adventure Unlimited and DiscoveryBound by providing a steady stream of funds throughout the year. It’s easy – just go to the Giving pages on our websites. Those who give in this way join the ranks of our Sustaining Members.

Paul D. Curtis* Richard Curtis Heather Dal Cielo Ariana E. Dale Jennifer Dale William J. Dale Camilla H. Dalton Mark R. Dalton Guy Damecourt* Phyllis L. Daniel Wendell D. Danielson Gerald E. Danner Marcia A. Danner David Dauterman Joel Dauterman Laverta Dauterman Chan Davidson Melanie M. Davidson Jeffrey T. Davies Xenin Z. Davies Catherine E. Davis Isobel Davis Jean C. Davis Mark S. Davis Joanne E. Dawn Donald M. Day

A/U-DB Trailmarks 2013

William C. Derville Denise Despars Kenneth S. D’Evelyn Carol DeVoe Clarence A. Dickey Don Dickinson Janet Dillingham Christine Dissette* Stephen D. Dissette James W. Doll William E. Doll Faith Donavin Richard C. Donavin Herbert Dotterer Cameron S. Douglas Claire M. Douglas James G. Douglas Kathleen O. Douglas* Jack T. Doutrich Lori J. Doutrich Gary W. Drescher Bryan W. Drysdale Laurie Drysdale Justin J. Duffy Gary P. Duke Jan A. Duke

Bruce Dunbar Christine Dunbar Jeanne H. Dunn Virginia F. Dunn Peter A. Durante Judy G. Durning Wilson and Velma Dysart Todd V. Eastin* Julie Eaton Nancy J. Ebel Hugh Eccles Susan Eccles John T. Echols Lisa S. Echols Helen Eddy Doug Edgar Gerald V. Edson Vera C. Edson Daniel Edwards Charles W. Eggert Jan Ehrlichman Peter S. Ehrlichman Winston L. Ellenwood Hans Ellers Carolyn G. Elliott Janice Elmore John Elmore Helen O. Elswit Cynthia L. Engel Parker N. Engel Robert Engel Joel Erickson Rosey Erickson Dana E. Eschenroeder Deborah Eschenroeder Martin E. Evanson Chris M. Evarts Eric Evarts Jennifer Evarts Kami Evarts Mark G. Ewald Virginia J. Ewald Katrin Faatz Marlene A. Fabian Nancy Falconer Barb Falkenberg Barth Falkenberg Alan D. Fanta Carla A. Farrell James W. Farrell Sara Farrell William Farrell Nancy Faunt Carole Feldman Karl T. Feldman* Barbara J. Fenton Richard M. Fenton Miriam Ferdinando Vincent Ferdinando Isabel Ferguson


DiscoveryBound Outreach

DiscoveryBound is a Bridge As outlined in a newly developed 2014 – 2016 Strategic Plan, DiscoveryBound’s vision is to serve Christian Scientists and the greater community through fellowship in a dynamic, loving, healing, and inspiring atmosphere, which encourages growth in an understanding of Christian Science and service to the world. Recently we were asked, “Is DiscoveryBound a final destination or a gateway to other organizations?” DiscoveryBound (DB) activities are offered independently of other organizations. At the same time our activities benefit by engaging the involvement of other organizations. DB’s success depends on the support of these valued partnerships and our team of dedicated volunteers. DiscoveryBound is building bridges among Christian Scientists of all ages, including youth, adults and families across the United States and beyond. DB continues to explore innovative programming for all those we serve, including adults ages 21-35.

Two P rogram Components DiscoveryBound Outreach – “reaches out” beyond camp and church to invite those of all faiths to DB local chapter, regional and national events where they can see Christian Science in action. DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council – a four year servant leadership program for Christian Science high school students, dedicated to fostering spiritual growth, leadership qualities and a service approach to life. (See p. 10 for more information.) With the addition of a new Central Regional Manager, DiscoveryBound Outreach looks forward to solidifying its network of chapters, church contacts and volunteers, to better focus on those throughout the region. In the months ahead we will be sharing some exciting news with you regarding a new program for high school students. Look for DiscoveryBound’s 2014 Calendar on the inside back cover. See you at our next event, as a participant or volunteer!

2013 Progra m Highlights » 2 national events touched a total of 404 people » 16 regional events drew 644 attendees » 110 chapter activities were reported, up from 75 in 2012 » 3,339 participated in local activities

Janice Ferguson Joseph Ferguson Joanne Fernbach Joan Fiala Kenneth R. Fiala Barbara Field Eugene H. Fischer Corby Fisher Dana Fisher Ronald J. Fitzpatrick Cindy Fitzwater Robert Flanders Gary B. Fleener John Fleming Zemula and John Fleming David Fletcher Margaret Foerster Martha B. Foote Dorene Ford David Foreman Suzan Foreman Judith Forman C. L. Forsyth Margaret Foster* Melissa Foster Tad S. Foster William K. Foster Celeste S. Fowden* Christie L. Francis* Jennifer Francis* Stephen S. Francis Candace M. Frank Julia S. Frank

Norman E. Frank Carolyn Franklin* Jennifer Franklin Selim S. Franklin P. W. Frey Kristen Fricks-Roman Diane Froese

Alan and Phyllis Galt Margaret Gamrath Amanda Gandin Addison L. Gardner Susan Gardner Barbara Garland Paul Garman

Richard A. Froese Jennifer Fronk Rudi Fronk Charles C. Frost Judith Fryberger Michael R. Fullerton* Shirley Gage William B. Gage

Gretchen Garnaas Ann E. Garvey James Garvey Rosemarie Gatehouse Clayton Gates Harley L. Gates Dana L. Gaubatz Betsy Gaudette-Cross

Lucille Gerardo Clara Germani Linda M. Giase-Froese Eric T. Gibian David Gibson Susan Gibson Peggy J. Gideon Judith T. Gilbert Robert C. Gilbert Mary-Lee Gilliland Heidi Gleason Robert L. Glennan Dara Glotzbach Rodney Glotzbach Vivian Glover Memory Layne Gnerre Gregory R. Goebel Lucy L. Goebel Tia M. Goebel James A. Gold John D. Golder Melanie Golder Peter Golder Leslie Goldstein Julian Gonzalez Carson Good Lawrence Goodrich Sue Goodrich Penelope E. Gordon* David L. Gorham Victoria L. Gorman Judith J. Gors Brian Goshert

I n Their O wn Words :

Niklas, a DiscoveryBound Teen Thank you very much for supporting me and my brother, Liam, so we could attend a DiscoveryBound Regional Winter Weekend! During the weekend, I experienced a healing that really proves the power of love is demonstrated at these events.

When I was skiing, another skier unintentionally crossed over my path and I ended up falling and impacting my shoulder. I got up and felt a sharp pain on my collarbone, but gave it some prayerful thought and refuted the pain – I was here to have fun and express joy on the slopes, not to experience turmoil. I kept skiing for the rest of the day and the pain lessened. But that night I couldn’t lift my arm up. I told some of my friends about it, and I immediately

received their prayerful support. When I got home, my shoulder felt much better, and by the next day it was completely healed! This was my last DB event [as I’m graduating], and I can look back and see how much I have changed over the years while participating in DiscoveryBound. These events have inspired me to become a better person, and I feel I have definitely benefitted from the supporting environment they offer. I’m glad my brother is now in the DiscoveryBound family and he can grow and benefit from DiscoveryBound like I have. Niklas Teen DiscoveryBound Outreach Participant

Hilary Goshert Greta Grafton Ruth L. Graser Laurie Graves Clark W. Gray* Edythe M. Gray Helen Gray John D. Gray John L. Gray Barrett L. Green Christina Greene Lee Greene Theodore Greene Carol Greenfield Virginia Gregg Bonnie Gregory Joan Greig Janet C. Greiner Karen E. Greiner Sally Griego* Marjorie and Tim Griffith Deborah L. Grigsby* Jill D. Grimes Paul D. Grimes Linda Griswold Carl Grossman Sarah D. Grossman Andrew Grow Bridget Grow Jorge Guardado Patricia H. Guardado Howard P. Guerber Jeffrey Guerber Marion B. Guerber Mary Lou Gustafson Honor Haase Walter J. Haase Lillyan Haefner Christian W. Hagenlocher Elizabeth P. Hagenlocher Elaine Hair David Hale* Faith H. Hall Jane Hall Thomas D. Hall Jeanne C. Hallam Robert E. Hallam David Hallet Sandra Hallet Barbara Hamilton Elizabeth F. Hamilton Jane Hamilton* Michael W. Hamilton Christine E. Hammond* Janice Hammond Christoph Hanisch Gay E. Hanlon Diane R. Hanover Ashley N. Hansen* John R. Hansen

Peggy Hansen Charles Hanson Rayburn D. Hanzlik Devon Hardwick Edwin Harper Lucy D. Harper Charlene Harris MarySue Harris Stephany Harris Steve Harris Patricia A. Hart Madelyn Harvey Holly A. Harz

Shirley and Wayne Heisserman Carol Helferich William H. Helferich Charlotte Henderson Jerry Henderson Julie Henderson Dale Henn Susie Henn Russell Henry Karee H. Henshaw Ariana Herlinger Ida Herrington Pam Herzer

Bu y-A-Brick Would you like to help “pave the way� for generations to come? Consider this unique gift and order an engraved brick designed to preserve a memory from the Adventure Unlimited Ranches or DiscoveryBound. See our website for more details. Mildred W. Harz Jessica Hascall Elizabeth Haskell John S. Haslam Leslie Haslam Shirley Hassan Amy Hatch Beate Hathaway Mark Hathaway Marilyn A. Haussler Alexandra Hawley Wallace R. Hawley Melissa J. Hayden* Anne Hayes Inez Hayes Martha L. Hayes Neville Hayes Steven Hayes William Hayes Martha M. Head Nancy Hebb Jennifer L. Hebert Terry Hebert John Hedlund Sandra J. Hedlund* Harvey E. Heiges Margaret L. Heimer Otis F. Heimer Caitlin S. Heimerl Barry Heinbaugh Heidi S. Heinbaugh Frederic W. Heinke

Todd Herzer Deborah Hexberg Gregory C. Hexberg Laurie Hickenlooper John R. Hicks Walter Hieronymus Storey Hieronymus Hauck Georganne R. Higgins Catherine V. Hill David W. Hill Earl C. Hill Thomas E. Hill Michael R. Hinton Joan Hoffman Theodore K. Hoffman Deborah Holcomb Jesse A. Holcomb William W. Holcomb Robin E. Hollenberg Kirk E. Holliman

Rachel Hollister Terry Hollister Edward L. Holloway Soo-Yin Holloway Daniel O. Holmes Bruce Holser Kathlene M. Holser Laurie Holser* Steven C. Holser* Carol Hoover Howard Hoover Rodney Hoppe Brian Hopple Samantha D. Hopple Lawrence E. Horner Virginia E. Horner Philip C. Horwitz* John Hoskyn Rebecca S. Hoskyn Charles Hotchkiss* Elizabeth K. Houseman D. R. Houston Roberta Houston James R. Howard Marjorie Howard Georgia Howell Joan Howell John Howell Robert B. Howell Sara E. Hoy Kathryn L. Hoyt Melissa L. Hoyt Murray T. Hoyt Jack E. Hubbell Daren T. Huber Donald L. Huber Elisabeth Huber Anne Huckins Beth H. Huffman* Brett Huffman Scott C. Huffman* Sue Huffman Muriel E. Hufford Judy L. Hughes Harry Hull Elliot J. Hummel David G. Humphrey Debbie Humphrey

A/U-DB Trailmarks 2013


Brett Humphreys Dee Huntington April J. Husak Peter Husak David L. Husung Elizabeth C. Husung Marc C. Hutchinson Patricia Hutchinson Sue Hynek Carol Iannone Donald Ingwerson Lona Ingwerson Marshall Ingwerson Christine Izmirian Douglas Izmirian Amy M. Jackson Kenrick Jackson Lester J. Jackson Misty M. Jackson Wilma J. Jackson Jennifer Jacobs Loren A. Jahn Bruce A. Jamerson Camilla Jamerson Kristin A. Jamerson Robiny R. Jamerson Christina James Mark W. James Nancy James William James Robert R. Jamison Sharon E. Jamison Glen Jansma Kimberly Jansma Elvira S. Jeffcott Robert C. Jeffcott Jordan M. Jenkins Stuart E. Jenkins Tracy Jenkins Audrey Jenney Diane Jennings Barbara T. Johnson Betty Jeanne Johnson Harold W. Johnson Kenneth R. Johnson* Laurel Johnson* Nancy D. Johnson Peggy E. Johnson Shirley Johnson Carol A. Johnston Sapphire M. Johnston Steven Johnston Truth Johnston Abbott Jones Benjamin J. Jones Beth K. Jones Carol Jones Denise D. Jones* Durl E. Jones Eric W. Jones 8

Jeffrey L. Jones Jennifer S. Jones Lila Jones Marjorie E. Jones Nathan B. Jones Wellington Jones Wendy R. Jones David G. Juell Janet K. Juell Jeffrey D. Juell Elizabeth Juell-Pomeroy Kenneth L. Jureit Sandra Justad Georganne Kahler*

Gretchen Kielas Michael B. Kilborn* Paul Kilburn Marvin R. Kilton Mark P. Kimball Donna King Lottie King Russell K. Kinsey Timothy Kirkpatrick* Judith F. Kirsch James Kitchen Karen G. Kitchen Michael Klasing Riley Klasing

Ve hicle Don ation s Do you have a vehicle you are considering trading in, unused or unusable? Consider donating it through Vehicles for Charity! By using this organization, Adventure Unlimited receives a cash contribution to support our Mission and you receive a tax deduction. All types of vehicles can be donated from anywhere in the country, at no cost to you. It’s easy, just call 866-628-CARS (2277).

Carla Kaizen Hilarie D. Kane Joanna B. Katz Harve Kaufmann Sandi Kaufmann David Kay Kristen E. Kearney Neil D. Kearney Eleanor A. Keasey Robert Keasey Nancy Keene Carol Keeney Frank Keeney Janice Kelley* Guy M. Kelly Paul L. Kennedy Janis Kenny Mark W. Kenny William Kenny David Kenyon Mary Kenyon Julie Kercher Katherine G. Kerr Wayne A. Kerstetter Nancy L. Kidd Ann G. Kidson

A/U-DB Trailmarks 2013

Donna Klehm Keith Klehm Allan W. Klein Dorothy J. Klein Earl R. Klein James M. Klein Richard E. Klein Wallace G. Klein Ann Kneeland J. S. Kneeland Susan A. Knight* Joan Knoll John Knoll Lucinda L. Knudson William C. Knudson Glade Koch Larisa K. Kolesnikova Margie Komninos Nick Komninos Janice E. Konter Kim C. Korinek Richard Korinek Richard H. Korn* Phyllis Koropp Brenda Krachenberg Louis H. Kramer

Nancy Krause Jeannine Kremer Carrie Krieger Ronald W. Kuhl Donald I. Kuhs* Glennette Kuhs* Jean Kumler Donald R. Kurtz Helen Kyneur Henry B. Lacomb Jeff Lagaly Julie Lagaly Cheryl M. Lahr* Douglas L. Lamb Fae H. Lamb Gregory Lamb Richard F. Lambert Peter B. Lambert-Cole Susan Lamm Ginger Lane Marilyn Langley Mary D. Langworthy Timothy H. Langworthy Rachael A. Laningham Nora Larimer Preston Larimer Robert B. Larsen Matthew Lauria Michelle Lauria Jean Laverty Terry Laverty Benjamin D. Lawler Jessica Ledbetter Steven Ledbetter Brad J. Lehnigk Barbara J. Leichty St. John Carol Y. Leon Manuel Leon Daryl A. Leonard Edwin D. Leonard Richard F. Leopold Stewart A. Levin Carol D. Lewis Jessica F. Lewis Laurie Lewis Heather K. Libbe Robert Libey Irma K. Lichtendahl Jeff J. Linder Joan E. Linder Brandon Lindley Gina Lindquist Pamela Lindquist Van A. Lindquist Jeffrey S. Linehan Kathy A. Linehan* Malcolm J. Linehan* Nicole M. Linehan Peter J. Link Carrie C. Lipsey

Richard Lipsey Ann Little Gaylen Little Margaret Little Stephanie Little Jeanette M. Livingston Salvatore A. Lobbato John M. Lochen Laura J. Lochen William O. Lockett Sally M. Loether Sally B. Logan Joy E. Long Travis Long Beatrice D. Loos Erik Loose Brigitte Lord Carolyn Lord Elizabeth Lovell Glenna Lovett Robert Lovett Tiffany W. Lovett John W. Lowe

Sybil Lowey Patricia Lufkin David H. Lund H. W. Lurton

Karin MacBride Marcia C. MacCready Linda Mace Dannalou Machi

James J. Lustig Karen J. Lustig Scott J. Lustig Lawrence Luther Susan B. Luther Beverly A. Lyle* Dutton MacBride

Nancy R. Mack J. W. Madocks Bonnie J. Maehlmann Gene F. Mag Nancy B. Mag Kristine P. Maine* Annette Mallow

Cindy Malone James W. Malone Ruth M. Malone* Thomas S. Malone Ruth Manley Telma Mares P. W. Marlowe Robin Marlowe Allan W. Marquardt Lois Marquardt Cale Marthens* Katie M. Marthens AnnieSue Martin Charles J. Martin Janet Martin Kevin Martin Nancy L. Martin* Nicole Martin Philippe Masiee Randy Mason Brian Matheny John S. Mathews Teresa Mathews

I n Their O wn Words :

Jon, a DiscoveryBound Volunteer Jon had never attended a DiscoveryBound (DB) event as a teen, but he was asked to volunteer as a chaperone at a national DB program. He felt so inspired after that event, he paid over $400 for an airplane ticket to join a DB young adult weekend in Lake Mead. Jon said he seemed to be lacking a sense of direction, and over the weekend he literally found his path!

Peacefully, and still listening, they continued their hike. When they reached the next fork in the road, his friend asked, “Jon, which direction should we go?” Jon turned to God for direction and responded, “Let’s go left.” This turn led them to yet another fork in the road! Again, prayerfully, his friend asked, “Which direction should we go?” Jon again listened to God and decided they should walk left. Just around the bend was their group having the most beautiful church without walls in the crevice of Red Rock Canyon. What a demonstration!

On Sunday morning the group drove to Red Rock Canyon to experience a church without walls! Jon and a friend were taking care of some last minute errands and were late joining the group. They thought they’d be able to call the group and find out where to meet, but once they arrived they realized there was no cell phone service.

These weekend events are so powerful for young adults! They give them opportunities to get together with likeminded individuals, to practice Christian Science in a safe environment, and to leave with a renewed sense of connection for this faith and practice. Many people left that day with a deeper appreciation for Christian Science. The following weekend Jon drove five hours to attend his third DB event as a teen chaperone.

With dozens of trails to choose from, they started off into the canyon, just listening to God. As they were hiking with this calm sense from the weekend, they saw a group in the distance and decided to cross an expanded section of bushes and bramble, hoping it was their friends. Unfortunately, the group was just a group of rock climbers.

Written by Stephanie Creighton DiscoveryBound Western Regional Manager


DiscoveryBound National Leadership Council

Service to Mankind DiscoveryBound’s National Leadership Council (NLC) keeps students in Christian Science by teaching them more than just how to fit in. It helps them belong to a community of like-minded thinkers that can benefit the world. Students apply to the program in 8th grade and bond with their classmates through their senior year in high school. The program curriculum focuses on different criteria each year including: individual goal setting, a summer camp experience, studying servant leadership, participating in the Congressional Award, preparing for service and adventure trips and praying for the world. There is a growing diversity in the internships and capstone projects fourth year students are pursuing in the field. Students are broadening their outreach to support all corners of the Christian Science community. Such service may involve assisting branch churches and reading rooms, CS care facilities, organizations serving CS constituents, schools, The Mother Church, ecumenical leaders and much more. Clearly the success of this program is dependent on the quality and commitment of our class leaders. Ideal candidates have worked with youth as teachers, coaches and counselors. Much time and prayer goes into the selection process. Each student must choose a mentor. Mentors are often humbled by the experience. They help the students with life’s lessons. Graduates from the NLC are enrolling in higher education programs at Principia, Lake Forest, West Point, the Naval Academy, Cornell, Harvard, University of the Pacific, James Madison, Cal Poly, Claremont McKenna, and serving in the military. As students are beginning to graduate from college, we’re exploring ways to keep the Alumni connected. If you know Christian Science students currently in 6th or 7th grade, we encourage you to share details about NLC, or let us know about the students and we can contact them about this life changing program. Call 888-416-7348 x135 or email

NLC Progra m Highlights » NLC teens provided over 20,000 hours of local community service applied towards their Congressional Awards » Student participants have been recognized with the following Congressional Award medals – 91 Bronze, 28 Silver, 11 Gold » Almost 100 NLC teen articles published in the Christian Science periodicals

Carol Mathiott Nick Matteson Robin L. Matteson Carol Mattson* Jonathan Mattson* Peter Mattson Madelon Maupin Carole May Lloyd May Steve May Mary O. Mayor Barbara McAloney Molly J. McBride Laurie McBrier Peter McCandless Anne H. McCauley Brian J. McCauley Hannah L. McCauley Carol A. McCollum Ann McCook Charles McCook Debra McCook Peter McCook Doug McCormick Kristen McCormick Lynde D. McCormick Katherine B. McCoy* Fawn McCullough Nancy R. McCullough Shawn G. McCullough Frederick McDonald Phyllis McDonald Robert A. McDonald Shirley McDougall-Dauterman Clifford McElrea Ludy McFall Paul W. McFall Connie Wram McFarland Merrilee E. McFarland Mary Lee McIntyre Deborah McKeown Melinda McLean* Aubrey N. McMullin Catherine J. McNeill* Patricia McNeill Ron McNeill Pamela McNutt Mary McVay Michael L. McVey Phoebe J. McVey Joy A. Mee William R. Mee Andrea Meeks Evan Mehlenbacher Kathy Mehlenbacher Elaine Melloy William Merritt Adam Messer* Kristin A. Messer Rose M. Mets

Keith Meyer George F. Michael Brent Midyett Cheryl Midyett Abigail M. Mietchen Lisa Mietchen Scott Mietchen Alexandra Miller Catherine C. Miller Chloé N. Miller David Miller Gail J. Miller Gail Miller

Adelaide Moretti Peggy Moretti Robb Moretti Shirley S. Morgan Bruce Morrison Elizabeth A. Morrison Patricia L. Morrison Mary H. Morrissey James E. Morrow Jeffrey Mortner* Heather Moser George Moss Julianne Moss

En dow m e nts Endowment Funds provide future sustainability for Adventure Unlimited (A/U) and DiscoveryBound (DB) and are vital to our financial strength. We have four unique Endowment Funds: General, A/U Campership, Facilities Maintenance and DiscoveryBound. They support ongoing activities for our campers and DB participants in perpetuity. Contact us to find out more.

Jean Miller Kyle Miller Matthew Miller Melissa Miller Nathalie D. Miller Valorie Miller Charles W. Mills Katherine Milner-Hieronymus Gerald Minear Julia H. Miner Cornelia Minium Elizabeth P. Mitchell Samuel L. Mitchell Sydney L. Mitchell Stacey Mizaras Dustin Monie Andrea B. Moon Bill Moore Orah Moore Patricia W. Moore Wanda Moore Michael D. Mooslin Nancy Mooslin Nancy Moothart Arthur Morath Carol Morath Bruce Morehardt

Meghan B. Moss David C. Mueller Marilyn Mulholland Marcia R. Muller James W. Munch Elizabeth H. Murphy Michael K. Murphy Paul B. Murphy Bradford L. Murray Dan L. Murray Donald W. Murray Karen Murray Laura M. Murray Liz Murray Michael L. Murray Peter Murray Sandra Murray Stephen W. Murray Barbara R. Murrish Dana K. Murton* Sheila Muters Barbara Myers Paul Nager Nancy L. Nall W. D. Nall Bryn Narcisian Paul Narcisian

Lillian Nawman Craig Naylor Cynthia Naylor Marilyn Needham* Michelle Nelson Scott Nelson Harold D. Neptune Steve Neptune David R. Nethero Roy Neutz John A. Newsome Linda Niermann Ginny L. Nilsen Joseph R. Ninesling Judith Nofsinger Lauren Nofsinger Robert Nofsinger Rowland L. Nofsinger Elaine M. Nomina John Nomina Craig Noville Lorraine Noville J. N. Nowak Patricia Nowak David Oakes Susan Oakes William J. Oakes Katherine W. Oakley Ed O’Brien Keith G. O’Brien Maria O’Brien Rhonda O’Brien Gail O’Connor Bob Odell Diane Odell Kimberly M. Odenwald Roland Odenwald Deborah A. Offenhauser* David A. Ogden Nancy Ogg Nancy Olsen Cathleen ONeal Allen G. Orcutt Ashley Orcutt Nancy Orcutt Willa D. Ordway James Orlet, Jr. James Orlet, Sr. Jessica M. Orlet Marcia Orlet Cassidy Orth-Moore John H. Ott* Julie J. Ott* Margaret Ott Robin M. Packer Suzanne Paddock Barbara R. Page Douglas R. Pagett Eric D. Pagett* Kate K. Pagett A/U-DB Trailmarks 2013


Beverly Pallady Debra L. Palm Douglas Palm Jonathan Palmer Pamela S. Palmer Randal R. Palmer Susan Palmer Phyllis Parker Mary J. Pate Charles Patterson Judith Patterson Robb Pattison Jeff Patzlaff Marjorie Paulley Amanda C. Paulson Christine Paulson Dick and Shirley Paulson Henry M. Paulson Timothy Paulson Wendy Paulson Mark Pecheck Wynne Pecheck Frances J. Pedley Henry F. Peesel Jennifer Pellegrini Nat Pellegrini Marina A. Pendleton Sharon A. Perlis Fred Perryman Nancy Perryman Harriet Pesante David Pescosolido Jill Pescosolido Maritell Peters Richard Peters Courtney C. Petersen Paul Petersen Alison Peticolas* Brian C. Peticolas Kelly K. Peticolas Carolyn Petty Jack Petty Ruth Phair Charles S. Phelan John L. Phillips Caroline Phillips-Stevens Kathleen B. Pierce Eric Pierpont Julie Pierpont Scott Piette Nancy S. Pihl R. K. Pinson Kim Plumridge Rich Plumridge David M. Pocklington Sue Pocklington Susan Pocklington Tina Poff Al Poindexter Carole Poindexter 12

Willie R. Points Russell A. Pomeroy Clifford Ponder Michelle Ponder Edwin H. Poole Kay Poole Joyce Popendorf William J. Popendorf Joyce R. Potter* Timothy F. Potter* David W. Powell Erin Powell Sierra B. Powell Bruce and Susan Powers

Edward W. Reap Penelope B. Reder* Richard M. Reder* Heather Reekstin June K. Reich Anne Relph Christiane Relph Andrej Remec Dionne Remec Crystal C. Reynolds John Reynolds Carolyn K. Rhodes Cecil M. Rhodes Alan H. Rice

M atchi n g Gifts Many employers, large and small, will match your donations to a nonprofit, such as Adventure Unlimited, dollar for dollar. Simply submit a form to your Human Resources Department. If you are unsure if your company offers a Matching Grant, check with your H.R. Manager or call us at 888-416-7348 x107.

Kevin M. Powers Lauren B. Powers Aaron P. Pratt Leanne Pratt Meredith Pratt Dean Preising Paula Preller Marcia Preston Cameron T. Price Jeannette Price Steven R. Price Tracy J. Price Carolee M. Priddy Gary Prior Joseph G. Prior Rebecca Prior Jon Proctor Kris A. Proctor Gwen Putnam* Scott Putnam* Tom Pyle Catherine Raffles Mark Raffles Bruce Raine Gigi Raine David Ramsey Sarah Rand* Spencer Rand Philip S. Ratliff

A/U-DB Trailmarks 2013

Albert C. Rich Katherine N. Rich Susan Rich Sharon Richards Keith E. Richardson Laurie Richardson* Linda C. Richardson Jenny Richert Amy Richmond Barbara Richmond* Scott C. Richmond* Jacquelyn Riegel Joan R. Ripley Catherine Ritchie George S. Ritchie D. A. Rittenhouse Lois Y. Rittenhouse Janice L. Ritter Joseph M. Ritter William C. Ritter Michelle Ritter-Taylor Gene E. Roberts Lydia D. Roberts Don L. Robertson Jeffrey M. Robertson* Kate M. Robertson* Patricia R. Robertson Helen Robinson Jack Robinson

Mary L. Robinson David Rockabrand Marsha D. Rockabrand Alexander A. Rockwood Andrew H. Rockwood Carol S. Rockwood Richard M. Roeder Charlene Rogers S. Sue Rohde Jill Rohrer Michael R. Rohrer Robert Rohrer Josh Rollins Mary Alice Rose Benjamin J. Rosensweig Daniel E. Roth Don K. Rothenflue James C. Rowe Carolyn Royale Don Royale Barbara E. Russell Susan C. Russell Robert G. Rutishauser Adele Ryan Sandra J. Rygel Cindy L. Safronoff Ross Safronoff Ed and Jennifer Sammons* Tyler Sammons Edward Sanden Katherine B. Sanden Julie Sanderude Scott Sanderude Roy Sargent Elizabeth L. Schaefer Megan A. Scheeline Elizabeth Schelle C. W. Schellenger Suzanne W. Schellenger Cleve Schenck Cherie Scheppner Beth Scherer Kurt Scherer James K. Schiller Bonnie Jean Schlaepfer Matthew W. Schlaepfer Victoria M. Schlaepfer Grant W. Schleich Joan A. Schlemmer Andrea Schloemer James H. Schloemer Jay Schmitt Cosanne Schneberger Scott L. Schneberger Byron Schneider Daniel E. Schneider Harold F. Schrage Phyllis Schrage Charles Schuck Russell W. Schutt

Gabriela R. Schwenker Joy Schwentker Robert Schwentker Robert A. Scofield Christopher N. Scott Gregory and Marianne Scott Janice G. Scott Jennifer Scott John B. Scott Robin Scott Walt Scott Martha K. Scroggin Felice Seaman Ann M. Sebring Cliff Sebring Nancy Sebring Thomas Sebring Gerald V. Seger* Sharon Seger* Cheryl S. Sekura Carolyn B. Self Helena M. Seltzer Margaret L. Seusy Ann M. Sever Joan Severa Brook A. Severance Fleurette E. Sevin Barbara A. Shaeffer Dale Shaw Luke J. Shaw Lynn B. Shaw Mark Shaw Christopher Shays Mary Shays Chelsea Sheasley Christopher J. Sheasley Peggie Shedd

Cameron J. Sheehan Harrison P. Sheehan Ingrid M. Sheehan Rodger Sheehan Margaret Shekell James Shepherd John L. Shipman Lara S. Shisler Janet E. Showalter

Mary Sipe* Michael Sipe* Martin Skala Christopher R. Slaughter Linda D. Slaughter Betsy Slaughter-Oliveira David Slusser Barbara Smith Dorothy C. Smith

Michael P. Showalter Behram Shroff David F. Shutler Kathryn Shutler Brent Shyer Carolyn E. Sigurdson Edward Sigurdson Diana Simpson Richard Simpson Cassie H. Sinichko* Justin M. Sinichko Mark D. Sinichko* Barbara Sipe

Heidelinda Smith Kimberly Smith Lamar S. Smith Pamela J. Smith* Susan N. Smith Helene T. Smith Harrison Jennifer Smucker Tim Smucker Georgia Snead James E. Snead G. A. Snodgrass Kathryn C. Snodgrass Bill Snyder

Jeanne W. Snyder F. D. Sollberger Susanne B. Sommer Traci Sontheimer* Alice B. Sorrels Jonathan S. Southworth Laura J. Southworth G. R. Sparling Carolyn Spaulding Charles Spaulding Steven Spaulding* Susan Spaulding Drew Sprague David Staehlin Jackie Staehling* David Stafford Richard L. Stafford S. T. Stagg Shirley B. Stalcup Lisle S. Staley Sally Stamper Julie Stauder Charles R. Steadman Jewell W. Steadman Alan R. Steckler Deborah Steckler Donald H. Steckler Libby Steckler Marcia Steckler Philip H. Steckler Richard D. Steele Erick Steen Susan Steen Marlene J. Stegora Al Steindorf Sondra Steindorf Nick Steph

I n Their O wn Words :

Isabel, an NLC Graduate One of the first times I felt like I contributed to a healing was on our NLC Adventure Trip in California. We were kayaking on a river with our guides, enjoying great rapids and having a harmonious time. When we reached the campsite, one of my classmates ran into a poisonous oak bush. The effects seemed to spread quickly. I sat down with her and brought the week’s Bible Lesson on Life. We started reading slowly, calming our thought. One of the phrases that stood out was “no power can withstand divine Love.” Once we started to

understand this and we were focused less on what was going on with the physical picture, all sense of irritation went completely away. It was a very immediate healing for my friend and for me, for I witnessed how completely re-directing your thought can heal. This opened up a whole new world to me of being a practitioner for friends – not only for my NLC classmates, but for people in my own church and family. I gained a new confidence I needed to start that work. Isabel 2014 NLC Graduate


Adventure Unlimited Ranches

Lives Transformed The A/U Ranches are a timeless treasure. Throughout the year we are thankful to hear from alumni how their lives have been transformed because of experiences as campers, counselors and staff. The loving and inspiring atmosphere at the Ranches cultivates confidence and develops moral courage. Learning how these experiences shape the character of individuals as they leave our gates and enter their professions, communities and relationships encourages us to fortify our mission of “Opening Windows to God.” The spiritual component continues to be a fundamental cornerstone of our programming. We are continually exploring ways to strengthen this foundation. Skill building for Youth Campers is focused on program progression and character education. In the coming season, we will emphasize Bible Lesson Study as a vital tool for young Christian Scientists in helping them handle life experiences. As an organization, we are committed to supporting adults ages 18-35. An important way to keep them engaged in Christian Science is to provide opportunities to live it. At the A/U Ranches we employ these spiritual seekers and help them develop skills that will be beneficial in their next steps in life. Our family programs and reunions are a meaningful way for us to engage followers of all faiths in A/U activities. The Ranches’ 100 Elk Outdoor Center is another cherished outreach program that serves a diverse group geographically and economically. To better serve growing programs and to enhance all participants’ experiences, Wyly Lodge was renovated to make it a year-round resource. Larger groups and gatherings can now be comfortably accommodated. Under the watchful supervision of the Facilities team, maintenance and upgrades keep our operations safe while continually improving the Ranches, a precious asset. Look for the A/U Ranches 2014 Calendar on the inside back cover. We look forward to you and your family attending our programs. Welcome home – you are also invited to stop by and visit the Ranches anytime!

2013 Progra m Highlights » Provided programs for 800+ CS youth, adults and families » Employed over 160 Christian Scientists during the year as seasonal staff » Served almost 1,600 individuals from public and private schools through our 100 Elk Outdoor Center at the A/U Ranches

Sarah J. Steph Andrew Stephen Katherine Stephen Bob Stephens Catherine Stephens Jerry D. Stephens Mildred Stephens Chad Sterrett Craig Stevens David F. Stevens Ginger Stevens Laurel E. Stevens Philip L. Stevens Robert Stevenson Helen Stevermer Carl M. Stewart John Stewart Martha Stewart James W. Stigler Carla Stillman William E. Stillman Kathleen Stilwell Kara Stinson Malcolm M. Stitt Carol Stocking Charles A. Stocking Jill Stolz Otto Stolz Bob and Carley Stone Ruth I. Stone Joy Strickland Mark Strickland Susan H. Strickland Sally P. Strickland-McAleenan Harrison E. Stroud Joan Sundstrom Ragnar N. Sundstrom Jill Sutherland Leslie Sutherland Jodie Swales* David M. Swank Penny Swank Christie Swanson Daniel Swanson Emily C. Swanson Dan F. Sweet Olive C. and Wesley H. Swift, Jr. Mary U. Sylvester Robert Sylvester Timothy J. Sylvester Maree H. Sytsma* Lindsay E. Tamm John D. Taylor Lisa Taylor Susan Taylor Suzanne Taylor Kay Teel Sabrina Teel Barbara Tegtmeyer Christine M. Telthorst

Susana Terrell Allison Terry* Laurel Terry* Margaret S. Terry Sara Terry Timothy Terry* Steven Terwilliger Verlee Terwilliger Kaaren J. Teuber Carmen L. Thomas Dale Thomas Melissa E. Thomas Suzanne Thomas Tamara V. Thomas Heidi I. Thompson

Tom Trapp Suzanne Travers Daniel J. Treadwell Michael A. Trevail Jan True Richard E. Trueman* Ian Tucker Barclay J. Tullis Gardner L. Turner Rhonda Turvey Peter V. Ueberroth Virginia M. Ueberroth Scott Uehlinger Tina Ullrey Max Ulrich

Virginia Voell Earl P. Voigt Joy F. Voigt John F. Volz Lynne Von Plutzner Julia H. Wade Pamela L. Wade Bonniesue B. Wadleigh George Wadleigh Reid Wagstaff Susan Wagstaff John W. Waite Robert M. Waldo Deborah L. Waller James A. Waller

Joan D. Thompson Justin X. Thompson Sheldon Thompson Paul J. Thoms Valia Lee Thoms Billie K. Thornton Celeste L. Thurman Linda Thurman Michael Thurman James D. Thursby Dorothy Tielens Robert Tillotson Monte L. Tinkham Rose M. Toebbe Robert Toevs Stacey Toevs Edward H. Tonkin Deborah Toro Christopher D. Towle Ellwood Towle Laura Towle Robin Towle Gaylan W. Townsend Betsy Train Jack D. Train Barbie Trapp

Phyllis Ulrich Elizabeth Underhill James R. Underhill Romona Upfield Kevin Valentine Mary Valentine Ace Van Horne Tracy J. Van Houten Jennifer Vandersmith Virginia Vaquero Casey Oscar Vargas Piper Vargas Elizabeth Varhaug Mark Varhaug C. Vausbinder Judith A. Vaz Ruth Veneris William Veneris Allen B. Venner Linda Verhoeven* Christine Villaman* Ray Villaman* Diana Virgil Hall Virgil Phyllis S. Vivian Richard Voell

Connie Wallingford* Donald A. Wallingford* Joyce Walpole Bessie M. Walsh Byron A. Walter Joy F. Walter Katie Walter Diane E. Wanger Sunny Wangler* Thomas Wangler* Bonnie Warne Wayne Warne Patti Waterson Louise E. Watson Don C. Watters Sue Watters Debbie N. Waymire Earl A. Wayne Pam Wayne David P. Weber Mary J. Weber Cara Webster Katy Webster The Honorable William H. Webster William H. Webster, Jr. A/U-DB Trailmarks 2013


Elizabeth H. Weiss Amanda Weitman* Barbara L. West Mary Kay West* Alice R. Westfall Harriett G. Westman Claire M. White Ridgway White William S. White Anna Whiteway Bruce J. Whiteway Kathryn C. Whitmore Richard S. Whittemore* Barbara S. Williams James D. Williams James K. Williams Kate and Norm Williams Patricia A. Williams Randal C. Williams Susan Williams Gordon R. Williamson Norman B. Williamson Victoria Williamson Spencer Wilmarth Camilla Wilson* Mary J. Winquest Heather H. Winslow Deborah Winterroth Jeffery A. Winterroth Kirk Winterroth Sarah E. Winterroth Carol Witcher Loftin Witcher Mary S. Withington Lothar F. Witt* Diane Witters Howard D. Wixson Jennifer Wolf Robert Wolf Laurel J. Wolfe Joan H. Wolsiefer* Antoinette Wood Caroline M. Wood Laura Wood Leonard Wood Robert L. Wood Dana Woodall James F. Woodley* Kristy Woodley* Charmaine Woods* Vince Woods* Zella M. Woods Benjamin B. Woodworth Donald Workman Timathea Workman Eileen Wright Grayson Wright* Robert D. Wright Christian Wyser-Pratte Michelle L. Yates 16

LuAnn Yeaman Julie A. Yee Beth M. Yost Christopher B. Young* Shirley A. Young Dwayne Zajic Leigh B. Zaremba Sharon A. Zaremba Brian Zdan Sandy Zdan Amy Zeppelin Peggy Zumbrunnen Alan Zwick

George Birdsong Heidy Boyman John E. Boyman David Bullwinkle Charlotte Burton Sandra F. Callaway Warren Clinton Anabeth H. Cox Kaye B. Cummings Barbara DeNisi Nick DeNisi Denise Despars Judy G. Durning

Joi n ou r Su m mit Society You are invited to join our Summit Society. Many of the significant gifts to Adventure Unlimited and DiscoveryBound come through wills, trusts and other planned gifts. Those who give using one of these methods become a valued member of our Summit Society and play an important role in providing for the long term sustainability of the organization. Contributors who are unable to make a substantial gift today can leave a deferred gift in their estate plans. Visit the Planned Giving pages on our websites.

Allison Zwick Cindy W. Zwick* Peter Zwick Tyler C. Zwick

Summit Society Members Katherine C. Agnew Mark R. Agnew William R. Alexander Renee B. Alton James H. Andrews Don Appleby Linda C. Appleby Virginia M. Applegren Robert B. Baggs John Bailey Betty M. Barker Jeannette Bemis Paul J. Bermel

A/U-DB Trailmarks 2013

Jennifer B. Dyck Nancy T. Elmer Jennifer Franklin Barbara Gordon Ira John Gorman Kathleen Gorman Penny Hanson Edwin Harper Lucy D. Harper MarySue Harris Todd Herzer Alanson P. Holly Kathlene M. Holser Suzanne Houcke Scott C. Huffman Barbara J. Hurwick William J. Hurwick Donald Ingwerson Lona Ingwerson Suzanne Jacobs Carol Keeney

Frank Keeney Marvin R. Kilton Donna King Lottie King Susan A. Knight Wilfred R. Konneker Alex Kraft Jane Kraft Bruno Lambert Kathy A. Linehan Malcolm J. Linehan Karen J. Lustig Seth Marshall Madelon Maupin William D. Morales Peggy Moretti Robb Moretti Laura M. Murray Craig S. Musselwhite Kathleen A. Nafie Kathleen B. Pierce Timothy F. Potter Daniel Powell Andrej Remec Dionne Remec Jennie Roberts Dona Romaine Carl S. Safstrom Robert S. Scheldrup Cleve Schenck Christopher Spaulding Steven Spaulding Carolyn S. Stillman Wesley H. Swift Richard Tradewell Michael A. Trevail Martha Van Camp Karen Van Nort Peter S. Van Nort Mary A. VanDillen Richard Voell Virginia Voell Diane E. Wanger Mary J. Winquest Carol Witcher Loftin Witcher Beth M. Yost Carole A. Yourl

Churches & Associations Christian Science Assoc., Charles M. Carr, C.S.B. Christian Science Assoc., Joseph G. Heard, C.S.B. Christian Science Assoc., Herbert E. Rieke, C.S.B. Christian Science Assoc., Edward Williams, C.S.B. Christian Science Society - Coos Bay, OR Christian Science Society - Des Plaines, IL Christian Science Society - New Bedford, MA Christian Science Society - Solvang, CA First Church of Christ, Scientist - Cedarburg, WI First Church of Christ, Scientist - Columbus, OH First Church of Christ, Scientist - Corvallis, OR First Church of Christ, Scientist - Creston, IA First Church of Christ, Scientist - Denver, CO First Church of Christ, Scientist - Durango, CO First Church of Christ, Scientist - Irvine-Laguna Hills, CA First Church of Christ, Scientist - Issaquah, WA First Church of Christ, Scientist - Laguna Niguel, CA First Church of Christ, Scientist - Lakewood, CO First Church of Christ, Scientist - Lancaster, PA First Church of Christ, Scientist - Lexington, KY First Church of Christ, Scientist - Long Beach, CA* First Church of Christ, Scientist - Miami, FL First Church of Christ, Scientist - Monterey, CA First Church of Christ, Scientist - Omaha, NE First Church of Christ, Scientist - Palo Alto, CA First Church of Christ, Scientist - Paradise, CA First Church of Christ, Scientist - Petaluma, CA First Church of Christ, Scientist - Phoenixville, PA First Church of Christ, Scientist - Quincy, MA First Church of Christ, Scientist - Salem, OR First Church of Christ, Scientist - Shreveport, LA

First Church of Christ, Scientist - Sunnyvale, CA First Church of Christ, Scientist - Torrance, CA First Church of Christ, Scientist - Visalia, CA First Church of Christ, Scientist - White Plains, NY First Church of Christ, Scientist - Wichita Falls, TX Second Church of Christ, Scientist - Birmingham (UK) Second Church of Christ, Scientist - Lincoln, NE

Second Church of Christ, Scientist - Salt Lake City, UT Second Church of Christ, Scientist - Spokane, WA Second Church of Christ, Scientist - Worcester, MA Third Church of Christ, Scientist - Liverpool (UK) Fourth Church of Christ, Scientist - Houston, TX Fifth Church of Christ, Scientist - Long Beach, CA Twelfth Church of Christ, Scientist - Seattle, WA

I n Their O wn Words :

Rachael, an A/U Alumna I attended A/U (both Sky Valley and Round-Up) in the 90s and was a part of the Detroit Michigan A/U Chapter throughout all of middle school and high school. The programs had a big effect on my life, and made me the adventurous spirit I am today. I have dedicated my life for the past 10 years to humanitarian volunteer work with non-profit organizations. I currently travel the world shooting humanitarian documentaries and doing photography. I have been all over Africa, India, Europe, etc. working with education for kids, drug education, drug rehab, criminal rehabilitation, human rights education and disaster relief work. My time at A/U was training for how to do what I do now, how to approach traveling all over the world,

helping kids in third world countries, post-war zones, remote villages, and big cities, inner-city zones, and everything in between. I wanted to tell everyone at A/U how incredible the program was and let anybody involved know that I want to acknowledge them for their work and encourage them to keep up the good work. It should be known that these programs not only benefit the youth going through them, but continue to benefit the future of our world, making it a better place because there are more strong, brave, confident, moral, ethical, spiritual, caring individuals in it because they were a part of A/U. Rachael A/U Ranches & Chapter Alumna

Institutions & Foundations A/U Columbus Chapter AA Asbestos Testing Albert Baker Fund Alexander-Bernstein Family Fund Asher Student Foundation Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund Belvedere Scientific Fund Benjamin J. Rosenthal Foundation Borch Foundation Burgdorff Foundation Carol and Abbott Jones Charitable Gift Fund Carolee and Russell Atha Gift Fund Charles Stewart Mott Foundation Christian and Anne Wyser-Pratte Fund Cirrus Securities, Inc. Communities Foundation of Texas Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, Inc. Conoco Phillips 66 Daniel T. & Theresa R. Brewer Family Foundation Daycroft School Foundation Donald E. Baker Family TUA Dorothy D. and Joseph A. Moller Foundation Ewald Family Fund

Fidelity Charitable Fund Field Stephen Foundation Fitzgerald Charitable Fund Fronk Family Foundation, Inc. Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund Goodsearch H & B Elkins Trust Harper Family Fund Hexberg Family Foundation Hoffman Terryberry Gift Fund Indian River Community Foundation Isabel Foundation J. Calvin and Mildred H. Jureit Fund J. R. Howard Enterprises, Ltd. Jam Handy Character Building Foundation James Garvey Family Charitable Trust James Ranch Grands Fund Jay Schmitt Family Giving Account Joan Greig Gift Fund John and Helen Gray Charitable Fund Kathleen B. Pierce Charitable Lead Trust Libby and Don Steckler Gift Fund Llandaff Family Foundation Lucielle Brownell and John R. Brownell Fund

Alumni Pay it Forward Countless lives have been impacted by camp experiences at the A/U Ranches and DiscoveryBound activities across the country. Gratitude for the endearing friendships and lasting memories of adventures big and small grows with time.

For those who want to help this organization provide the same meaningful experiences that impacted your life, there are simple ways you can lend your support. Serve as a church contact and share news with your congregation about A/U, DiscoveryBound and the National Leadership Council. Host a camp show, be a bunkhouse parent or an NLC mentor and be a chaperone at a DB event. Volunteer as a practitioner, speaker or transportation provider. Set up a fund at your branch church to help students take part in these life changing programs. Highest Number of Alumni Givers Ever! Last fall, Daniel Powell generously provided an Alumni Matching Challenge for 2013. Thank you to all who participated! We are pleased to share our alumni giving increased 50% from the previous year, for a total of 1,158 donors. This is the highest number of alumni donors we have ever had in one year. Of this number, 282 were first

time donors. Daniel was excited by the number of new donors and has agreed to match the full amount of gifts from these contributors. Alumni 60th Reunion – Save the Date: Aug. 21–24, 2015 The National Alumni Board is actively planning a 60th Reunion for Adventure Unlimited – DiscoveryBound. We would appreciate hearing your ideas for this event. Join the A/U–DB Alumni Facebook Group and share your suggestions. Let everyone know if you’ll be there. We also encourage you to register on our websites so we have your current contact information. Regardless of your current faith, we want to stay connected with you! What a joy it is to “pay it forward” for Adventure Unlimited and DiscoveryBound!

Laurel Terry President, National Alumni Board

Margaret L. Butler Endowment Fund Mary Sue Harris Charitable Trust McCook Family Giving Fund at East TX Communities Fndn McVay Foundation Miami Foundation N.J. Falconer Gift Fund Neale Charitable Fund Ned and Jill Bicks Fund New York Life Giving Campaign Nor Mont Equipment Company O & J Stolz Charitable Foundation Oregon Community Foundation Pasadena Community Foundation Paulson Family Fund Poole Family Charitable Fund R. K. Pinson & Associates, Inc. Richard and Virginia Voell Family Fund Richard L. and Ann E. (McCallum) Blamey Family Fund Romart Development Rowe Family Foundation, Inc. Rutishauser Fund Sandra J. Rygel Fund Sunnyside Foundation, Inc. Susan C. Burrows Charitable Gift Fund T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving Tenacre Foundation The Bailey Family Foundation

Hon or Ot h e rs wit h a Tribut e Gift Some contributors choose to honor friends and family with a gift “In Honor of…” or dedicate a gift “In Tribute to” those who have passed. Is there someone you would like to recognize? Contact us to find out more.

In Honor of... Amy C. Aleshire Janet and Bill Broussard Alice and David Bullwinkle Heidi Gleason Marie Reynolds Hartline Cindy and David Martin Scott Putnam Alexander A. Rockwood Mark D. Rowley Jeni & Ed Sammons NLC Fund

In Tribute to...

The Head Foundation The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust The C. LeRoy Miller Charitable Foundation The Edward Sanden Honor Fund The New York Community Trust The Patrick and Penelope Barrett Gift Fund The Powell Crown Foundation The Revocable Trust of Kay Laird John Richardson Operator The Robinson Foundation The Tiny Tiger Foundation Towle Family Foundation Ueberroth Family Foundation United Way - San Jose Webster Productions Willard E. Smucker Foundation Williams Properties, Ltd YCF-Stallard Family Fund Zajic Rental Properties

Mary F. “Janie” Andrews Peter Bagdol William R. Brandt Marquita S. Griswold Chris Honicky Phil Spingola Waldo E. Stewart Bill Swan Peter Van Vleck Bruce G. Wachtel Kevin P. Watters Donor information is accurate to the best of our knowledge. However, if we have mistakenly omitted or incorrectly written any names, we would like to hear from you. Please send corrections to:

A/U-DB Trailmarks 2013


Making a Real Difference!

Robert B lackwell , A/U–DB F oundation P resident As you can see from these pages of our Annual Report, it has been another year of progress and unfoldment. The fruitage and stories of accomplishment and spiritual growth are inspiring, and we are deeply grateful to our supporters for helping us provide challenging and meaningful programs. Thanks to our 1,670 donors, including 282 new donors, we were able to meet our 2013 contributions budget of $2,145,000. This is the third consecutive year we’ve reached our contribution goals, and the seventh consecutive year our expenses have come in under budget. This fiscal responsibility, combined with generous support, has enabled us to provide for growing programs and expanded outreach. Adventure Unlimited’s mission for the past 59 years has been “Opening Windows to God.” We accomplish this by: Providing activities that push our participants beyond their comfort zone and show them they are capable of accomplishing much more than they thought possible by turning to God. Surrounding them with a loving atmosphere where they can witness and experience the healing effect of Christian Science. Giving them the support and encouragement that allows each person to be themself and feel good about who they are and what they have to give. Most importantly, program participants take their experiences home and live the principles in their daily lives in a way that blesses them, their families, the Christian Science movement and the world. Our goal for 2014 is to raise $2,250,000 for the Annual Fund, which includes funding for the A/U Ranches and DiscoveryBound Outreach and National Leadership Council. We need your continued financial support in order to provide these impactful activities and high quality programing. Thank you for your support that truly makes a difference.


A/U-DB Trailmarks 2013

The Future of the Christian Science Community is in Our Y outh! You play an essential role in our mission. Today’s Adventure Unlimited and DiscoveryBound programs are the result of almost sixty years of engaging young people in experiencing “healing in action.” It takes your financial and prayerful support to make these programs happen. There are several convenient ways you can give to Adventure Unlimited – DiscoveryBound: • Donate online or send a check payable to: Adventure Unlimited 5201 South Quebec Street Greenwood Village, CO 80111 • S ustaining M ember – set up a recurring monthly or quarterly gift with a credit card or direct deposit. This is an easy way to give a substantial gift spread over a period of time. • B uy-A-B rick – capture a DB or A/U memory or pay tribute to someone. It will be on permanent display at the A/U Ranches. • S ummit Society – establish a Planned Gift and you will become a member. This level of support honors your legacy and sustains our longevity. • G ifts of Stock or Vehicles – consider nontraditional gift options as well. They are just as valued. • Matching Companies – speak with your employer about matching your donation to a non-profit organization such as Adventure Unlimited.

Q uestions: Contact us at 888-416-7348 x107 or

D o n at e To d ay ! Visit our website for convenient, secure online giving options: Adventure Unlimited – DiscoveryBound is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. A/U-DB Foundation is the fundraising arm of Adventure Unlimited.

Adventure Unlimited 5201 South Quebec Street Greenwood Village, CO 80111

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Adventure Unlimited Purpose To provide inspiring recreational, leadership, service, educational, and social activities for Christian Scientists and their friends, which nurture healing and a sense of community, in an atmosphere conducive to practical reliance on Christian Science.

2013 Trailmarks Annual Report  
2013 Trailmarks Annual Report