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Summer To Do List Explore your local Coast The coast, not the beach. Take a walk along the cliff tops, discover lighthouses and keep an eye out for Sea Birds, seals and porpoises.

Why don’t you…… Take a whole day without turning anything on. You’ll need to make fire for hot food, walk anywhere and everywhere and find something other than a screen to entertain your brain.

Go Kayaking Whether sea kayaking in the Algarve or sit on tops around your local reservoir, Kayaking is an excellent pastime and nothing beats jumping off for a mid session swim on a hot day. You’ll explore places inaccessible by foot and get a bit of a work out at the same time.


Go to an Adventure Festival There’s festivals for everything. Weekends full of your favourite things; Trail running, climbing, walking, paddling, cycling or all of them in one!

Climb a hill Not a mountain. There are so may amazing hills around that we often ignore on the way to the bigger ranges. Explore your local hills , they may surprise you. Think the Malvern Hills, The Ridge way or the Yorkshire Dales.

Name: Rigsby

Breed: Marbled Bengal Loves: Playing fetch with his favourite straw, Adventuring out on hikes, the boat or just to the shops. Rigsby was raised with a Doberman and a Jack Russel so doesn’t know any different. He is the PURRRfect sidekick to his owner Klare on all of their adventures. Currently Road tripping through Scotland.

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Adventures Mag Summer 2018  

Summer Adventures to inspire you to get outside

Adventures Mag Summer 2018  

Summer Adventures to inspire you to get outside