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Adrians Top Kit Tips

Lets Talk Kit Undoubtedly the item of gear I get asked about most is footwear especially approach shoes versus boots. I prefer shoes which combine the advantages of a rock shoe, the lightness of a trainer and are extremely comfortable. There are a bewildering range of shoes available but since 2008 I have worn only Scarpa. This was purely down to luck and a bargain priced pair of Quests; the resulting fit and comfort converted me from boots. I have since had more pairs of Scarpa Quests, Zodiac and Cruxes and have just got my hands on a pair Mescalitos .These look fantastic and combine Vibram Megagrip soles for traction on rock, a smooth zone under the toe to facilitate climbing on small holds, an EVA midsole for comfort and support and an overall design geared for prolonged mountain use. I have only used them briefly but they seem the ideal ridge footwear.

Light is right so think carefully about what you take especially if doing it in a day. 

A 35 metre rope is long enough for all the climbs and abseils.

Take a small rack of a few nuts, slings, a belay device each.

Lightweight waterproofs and spare warm clothing.

As small a pack as you can get away with.

Gloves both for warmth and to protect your hands from the rough gabbro.

If doing it over 2 days, consider pre placing bivi gear to save carrying too much.

Water can be problematic but a bit of research will show you where there are springs and thus reduce the amount needed to be carried. Isotonic tablets etc are a real benefit.

The ridge is very complex so checking out some parts beforehand will be well worth while.

Above: Adrian’s Scarpa collection Right: The new Mescalitos

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