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Pilot your life Welcome to issue no. 3 of Pilot your life. September 2009 This month's newsletter deals with another aspect of focus. When I’m flying, one of the barriers to keeping on track can be a crosswind blowing the plane off course. So, to compensate, I navigate by flying towards a point in the distance, making it a lot easier to maintain heading. By doing that I’m actually focusing on the goal up ahead, not on the barrier, the crosswind. To illustrate this point more clearly have a close look at the photos below. When I was photographing the lions at the Adelaide Zoo, I took several photos both with my standard lens and the telephoto lens. I noticed two things about the photos when I was choosing them for my DVD, A day at the Zoo.

In this photo above, the barrier (the cage) is more prominent than the lion and

in these photos here the lion in the distance is more prominent than the barrier in the foreground (you can hardly see it). The telephoto lens doesn’t see the barrier, it sees only the lion because of the way it focuses.

Pilot your life Sometimes when you’re close to a barrier, problem or challenge in your life, you tend to focus solely on the barrier (like the top photo). But when you change your focus to a goal in the future (or in the distance) the barrier seems to disappear or at least become less important. The focus shifts from something negative to something positive. So, my next great tip for how to pilot your life (personal or business) is: Focus on the goal up ahead not on the barriers to reaching the goal Two of my presentation topics are: Attitude is everything Determination/ Persistence/ Perseverance To have a close encounter with a queen of the jungle, email me at and I'll send you a photo which you can use as your desktop wallpaper. Visit: Phone: 61 8 82706623 Email: for speaking engagements, purchases and the first two issues of the newsletter. To see the lions in their own DVD while you're waiting for the next newsletter, the following is available from my website:

A day at the Zoo: Adelaide/Monarto – DVD Download this sample (29MB) A movie presentation of over 260 photos (without captions) highlighting both this small city zoo and the largest zoological park in the world. The images depict what you can see and do during a visit to the beautiful garden setting of Adelaide Zoo with its wide variety of animals and birds, and the open plains setting of Monarto Zoological Park with its mostly African and Asian animals. This DVD also has background music setting the mood with drums, jungle and African rhythms and the occasional animal and bird sounds. Duration: approximately 26 minutes. Ideal for people of all ages as a present for birthdays or Christmas. AUD $25.00 plus postage and packaging ($2.50 within Australia, $5.00 for rest of world).

Pilot your life You are welcome to forward Pilot your life to others who may be interested. If this newsletter has been forwarded to you by someone else, please contact me at and I'll add you to my emailing list. Bye for now,

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