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Fran West DVDs Award-winning adventurer Fran West presents a series of DVD movie presentations of photos with background music. Designed for easy viewing and listening, the DVDs are a combination of Fran’s aerial and ground images. They have been designed specifically at the request of, and for use by, diversional therapists, to connect people with past lifestyles, bring back memories and provide hours of enjoyment. Suitable for playing on a laptop, personal computer, large screen, TV or DVD player, viewing can be for one or more people at a time. All the DVDs have over 260 images (without captions or narration), an easy listening soundtrack, last approximately 26 minutes and are $25.00 each (P&P $4.00 within Australia, $8.00 overseas). Awesome Aviation The images highlight commercial, civil and military aircraft both big and small. Taken with a backdrop of Edinburgh RAAF Base, Adelaide, and the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia, Sydney, New South Wales, King Island, Bass Strait, and Alaska, USA.

Maritime Mix The images highlight a mix of river and ocean craft and activities, ranging from commercial fishing boats and ferries to houseboats, yachts, kayaks and water skiers. Taken with a backdrop of South Australian rivers and shores, Victorian towns, Tasmania and Sydney Harbour, New South Wales.


Marvellous Machinery The images highlight new and old farm machinery, steam engines and various other machines. Taken with a backdrop of Adelaide, Power of the Past at Mount Barker, and the Agricultural Field Days at Paskeville, South Australia, Avalon RAAF Base, Victoria, and Arizona, Colorado and Utah, USA.

A day at the Zoo: Adelaide/Monarto The images depict what you can see and do during a visit to the beautiful garden setting of Adelaide Zoo with its wide variety of animals and birds, and the open plains setting of Monarto Zoological Park with its mostly African and Asian animals. The background music, setting the mood of this presentation with drums, jungle and African rhythms, is accompanied by occasional animal and bird sounds.

Tasmania’s Overland Track The images highlight the magnificent mountain terrain of the six day eighty kilometre walk from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair in Tasmania’s World Heritage wilderness. Discover the many moods of the track as it passes through forest and moor land, alongside peaks and waterfalls, and reveals delicate wildflowers and secluded creeks. The background music provides a relaxing and peaceful accompaniment to one of the world’s great walks. Ideal for use with high care, palliative care and Sundowner's Syndrome patients.

Beautiful Blooms This DVD will bring back memories of time spent in the garden, walking through botanic gardens and national parks, and flowers seen during overseas travels. There are loads of gorgeous roses, orchids, camellias, daisies and other familiar flowers and trees from the home garden. Desert flora from Utah and Arizona is included along with flowers from Alaska, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Florida. Unique Australian wildflowers also make an appearance, from delicate native orchids to the bold colours of kangaroo paws and wattles. It’s a DVD full of colour and interest yet at the same time it can be used to calm and soothe with its soundtrack of beautiful piano music (similar to Tasmania's Overland Track DVD). Ideal for use with high care, palliative care and Sundowner's Syndrome patients. A day at the Show The images depict what you can see and do during a visit to a royal agricultural and horticultural show. There’s a bit of everything from the farm animals, wood chopping and show jumping, to the rides, displays and different activities. The background music is accompanied by occasional animal and bird sounds. Experience the colour and excitement of the Royal Adelaide Show!

Outback Adventure South Australia's Outback, Gammon Ranges and Flinders Ranges are featured in over 270 images. Wildlife, windmills and wildflowers all make an appearance. Mini adventures like the Pichi Richi Railway journey and the Ridge Top Tour at Arkaroola are there too. Visits to Alligator Gorge, the Ochre Pits and Leigh Creek Coal Field are included as well. Signs, buildings, vehicles, planes and people make an appearance alongside trees, creeks and beautiful scenery. The soundtrack provides a fitting accompaniment to this snapshot of the Australian Bush seen in a year of rain and floods. Wonderful Wheels Guaranteed to bring back memories, this DVD is a feast of cars, trucks and motorbikes from the fabulous 50s, 60s and 70s, plus a few vintage and classic cars thrown in for good measure. There are familiar makes like Ford, Holden, Buick, Dodge, Chevrolet and Chrysler and others like Morris Cowley, Willys Knight, Edsel and Borgwald. Not forgetting BMW, Ariel, Indian, Harley Davidson, Hudson, Austin, Hillman, MG, Morris, Vauxhall, VW and hot rods. Photographed at the Power of the Past at Mount Barker, and the Rock 'N' Roll Rendezvous at Birdwood, South Australia. The 50s style background music encourages toe tapping and hand clapping. A great idea for exercising in the chair or even dancing for the more mobile. Getting Around Different kinds of transport for getting around — trains, boats, planes, cars, bikes, animals and so on from Australia, the UK and the Americas.

Coming in 2013.

Float Planes of Alaska For people who live in North America, especially mainland USA and Canada, this would certainly bring back memories for so many who have flown as a part of life and an easy way to travel from place to place. Photos were taken at Lake Hood, near the main Anchorage Airport, and Trail Lake at Moose Pass, Alaska. The planes are colourful and the background shows the beauty of the mountains, the lakes and their surroundings.

Available from: Fran West 6 Patricia Street, Coromandel Valley, South Australia, AUSTRALIA, 5051 Phone: (08) 82706623 or +61 8 82706623 (from outside Australia) Emails: or Website:

Preview DVDs before purchasing on: Products are continually being developed so suggestions and feedback are welcomed.

To order: Contact Fran by email or phone to place an order. An invoice, including postage and packaging, will be emailed back and once payment has been received, your order of DVDs will be posted to you.

How it all began When Fran visited two aged care facilities in Adelaide, South Australia, residents viewed her Australian coast from the air series. The DVDs contained aerial views of Australia's stunning and varied coast as photographed by Fran during her circumnavigation of Australia and other flights.

Fran’s photos captured the attention of the residents who afterwards told her that they brought back memories of their own trips around Australia. This interest sparked an idea and Fran was then asked to produce some DVDs for the men because of the lack of products available for them. However, changes needed to be made to the format. The two coastal DVDs were only about 13 minutes each (too short). Anything over 30 minutes was too long, so about 26 minutes was just right! Also, captions weren’t required. People could then look at the photos and listen to the soundtrack without having to concentrate on written or spoken words. Since the success of the first 6 DVDs for aged care and dementia patients, by popular demand, the original DVDs have now been reworked into one DVD which is also available for purchase. Australia’s Coast from the Air A movie presentation of over 260 photos (with captions), an easy listening soundtrack, lasts approximately 26 minutes and is $25.00 (P&P $4.00 within Australia, $8.00 overseas). These aren't the usual tourist photos, although there are some familiar places. The images capture more of the essence of Australia from beautiful sandy beaches and rugged shorelines to remote stretches of untamed coast and hidden treasures. Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, the Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania are all represented with at least 26 or more images and the photos follow Fran's anticlockwise path around the Australian mainland and Tasmania. There's also an added bonus of images of inland detours, ground shots and airstrips on which Fran landed. As you can see, following her own dream has now led Fran to improving the lives of others, both patients and carers.

DVDs for Alzheimer's and Aged Care  

Award-winning adventurer Fran West presents a series of DVD movie presentations of photos with background music. Designed for easy viewing a...