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The tent comes in a high quality compression sack, small enough to fit comfortably even in a daypack

The tent poles are stored in a different compartment, for easy access and repacking.

Details of the dual color Alu 7001 T6 poles. Made of aeronautical grade aluminum, those poles are flexible, resistant and very light.

The main pole fits easily in the apposite holes

A detail of the very solid pole and tent hooks

The second pole is in a different color to facilitate the setup process

This short pole gives some welcome extra living space to the structure

Second pole in place

Side view

The doors can be fully opened

The inner tent can be used alone in warm dry nights as protections from insects and animals.

Internally there are six large side pockets, handy for keeping everything organized

On the roof there is a spotlight hook

As the structure doesn始t necessarily need pegs to stand, you can use it inside longhouses and shelters as protection from insects

The flysheet is anchored at the four corners

The aerodynamic design and the stable structure make this tent suitable for violent storms and heavy rain

The steep walls, noticeable from this side view, will allow the water to run quickly out of the roof

Two sealable ventilation outlets, on the front and back of the tent, will help to reduce condensation on the internal walls

The doors can be partially open for shadow or wind protection

The double door design allows maximum wind circulation and easy access

Thanks to the space between external and internal wall, the inner tent stays dry if some condensation forms on the outer flysheet

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