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advent house Strategic Plan 2012–2017

Contents A Letter | 2 The Mission | 4 Achieving Our Mission

Brief History | 6 Student Engagement | 9 Regular Activities Our Unique Posture

Student Success | 10 Community Spirituality Service

Long-Range Goals | 12 The Faith Community The Physical Structure

Long-Range Solutions | 13 The Faith Community The Physical Structure

Capital Campaign | 14 Target Date for Completion

Board of Directors | 16 Contact Information | 16

Letter from the Director

Hello Friends & Future Friends of Advent House, Fundraising for major upgrades to Advent House officially began in May 2011. After an Advent House board meeting in which we agreed to move in this direction, I met with a fundraising consultant who walked me through an initial flow of how things could go and I felt energized to move forward. Together, as a board, we have progressed from a tentative plan to having reached over 36% of our $115,600 goal. For a group that hasn’t been part of a systematic fundraising plan before now, this is progress and we’re truly grateful! Now that we’ve learned a lot about the process, part of the challenge is to remain optimistic and continue working to keep this house healthy, both outside and (even more importantly) inside. My focus has shifted from “How can we increase the funds?” to “How can we develop and maintain a healthier, God-centered community at Advent House?” While fundraising continues to be important, our focus should be on our students, their spiritual growth, the relationships they are building together and their ability to interact with the wider Knoxville community around them.

2 | Advent House Strategic Plan

Recent conversations with students have made me even more aware of how much our focus should be on helping students become the hands and feet of Christ—both at Advent House and on UT’s campus. And the way to grow and maintain this focus is to reach out to others. This goes beyond our jobs—it’s reflected in how we interact with each other during meetings, at church, and how we interact with each student. As we honestly adopt this lifestyle, it will be felt by the student body. And as they are impacted by it, it will become the DNA of the ministry. So in the midst of our fundraising journey, I invite you to join me on another journey, a journey toward others. It’s a focus that seeks the best in others, speaks the best about others, encourages and builds up others for the glory of God. It’s not a naive journey—it doesn’t ignore anything that is not going well nor does it gloss over any hurts that we or others may cause or feel. It confronts those prayerfully and with love. I believe it begins with seeking Jesus so much in all things that He becomes our gut reaction to everything. Let’s make this renewed focus on Jesus (and everything he says) the foundation of all we do—the ultimate strategic plan. Michaela Lawrence Jeffery Chaplain/Director of Advent House

Advent House 30th Anniversary Celebration Friday, October 29 to Saturday, October 30, 2010 Advent House Strategic Plan | Celebrate with old friends and chaplains 3 Learn the history of Advent House Make memories for life!

The Mission The Mission of Advent House is to: • Extend the ministry presence of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to the campus of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville • Provide a comfortable & supportive gathering place for students • Provide low cost housing & leadership opportunities for house residents • Support the Adventist Christian Fellowship mission statement (see The Mission of Adventist Christian Fellowship @ UTK: • ACF exists to facilitate an atmosphere of belonging, believing, and becoming for all students: belonging to a community, believing in an unbelievably loving God, becoming a messenger of that love to others. We desire to see each student maturing in their faith, ministering to the needs of others, being involved in mission and exploring leadership opportunities. Achieving Our Mission: ƒƒ What we’re already doing regularly »» Group activities Volleyball, Wednesday Dinner, Friday Worship »» Low cost rental housing Roughly 50–80% savings compared to dorm life »» Atmosphere conducive to study Comfortable living room and reading nook »» On-going physical updates/repairs Basement bathroom tiled, roof and gutters replaced, and more (see page 14) »» Ensuring all who come to Advent House are welcome Student leaders model this to wider student body

4 | Advent House Strategic Plan

ƒƒ What we’re currently focusing on »» Connecting students & church members at the Knoxville First SDA Church Increased invitations to members’ homes »» Plugging students in to local church activities Participating in church service and church leadership »» Assessing what students need from Advent House Student leaders communicate this as a result of their relationships with the wider student body »» Increasing student community connection Connecting to local church outreach activities; inviting UT students to Advent House regardless of religious affiliation »» Staying in regular contact with donors Facebook, quarterly newsletters, website

Advent House Strategic Plan |


Brief History Terrace House was purchased in 1980 through the vision of Harold and Beverly Duckett, the Knoxville First Seventh-day Adventist Church, and the Georgia-Cumberland Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. The house belonged to Dr. Ira Childs, a university professor. Dr. Childs often provided housing for worthy students and had stipulated that the house continue to be used to serve the needs of students. Now known as Advent House, this ministry has been a sponsor of the Veritas Forum at UT which “seeks to explore the possibility of truth, beauty and goodness in every aspect of our academic and personal lives…” In the past, Advent House has also been part of other campus programs such as “The Theist Club” which former chaplain Ron Pickell spearheaded along with two other campus chaplains. Advent House hosted the weekly discussion group which was attended by students and staff from a variety of religious backgrounds. Through the years, Advent House chaplains have been members of the Campus Ministers Council at UT, growing in an understanding of the relationship between ministries and the larger university community. Building these campus connections has been integral to Advent House’s ability to be (and desire to remain) a place where any student can feel welcomed.

-Circa 1988-

6 | Advent House Strategic Plan

Student Engagement Advent House is the home for Adventist Christian Fellowship (ACF) at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK). Located on campus at 1918 Terrace Avenue (behind Reese Hall), it is a place to live, meet friends, study between classes, attend a Bible study, enjoy a home-cooked meal, seek counsel, or just hang out and take a nap during a free hour. The residency program provides low-cost housing and leadership opportunities to students. Residents support the ministry of ACF by welcoming those who come, keeping the house in good order, and regularly attending events. They often serve as voted ACF officers: president, treasurer, et al. The university serves roughly 27,000 students, many of which are active participants in one of over twenty ministries on the campus. On a weekly basis we serve 15–20 of those students at Advent House. Advent House’s regular activities ƒƒ Monday night volleyball at 7:30pm (at the Knoxville Adventist School gymnasium) ƒƒ Wednesday night Spaghetti Dinner at 7pm ƒƒ Friday night worship at 7:30pm Advent House’s unique posture ƒƒ We are centrally located in the city ƒƒ We have a house on campus, close to residence halls and other campus ministries ƒƒ We have an active body of students ƒƒ We have a student leadership team that spearheads our activities ƒƒ We are directly connected to a local church

Advent House Strategic Plan |


Student Successes Community Our participants continually seek ways to improve our community for themselves and others. They enjoy being part of a ministry that supports them spiritually and socially, a place that feels emotionally safe. We connect mainly with students but also with young professionals. Spirituality Over the last three years, four new initiatives sprung up: 1. A student-led prayer time each Thursday evening (Spring 2010) 2. An accountability group consisting of a chaplain and two students each Tuesday afternoon (2010–11 school year) 3. A women’s prayer and Bible study group meeting each Thursday evening, led by a chaplain (Spring 2012) 4. A small group study of the Desire of Ages held each Wednesday evening and led by a student (Fall 2012) These spiritual spaces have encouraged students in their walk with God and each other. We also encourage students to get involved in the local church, participating in weekly services and building relationships with the members there. Service In the Community... During Spring Break 2011, through partnership with the Knoxville Leadership Foundation, students built a wheelchair access ramp for a disabled lady, processed food at the Second Harvest Food Bank and painted the outside of an elderly lady’s home. All three activities took place right here in Knoxville. In the summer of 2011, students volunteered at Beardsley Community Farm (a local organic farm) and the local Salvation Army kitchen. And in the fall of 2012, students joined the Knoxville First SDA Church in cleaning up a church member’s home. Service projects like these connect us to our wider community, reminding us that there are simple and meaningful ways to help our neighbors.

10 | Advent House Strategic Plan

Our student’s continue to think of effective ways to reach out the Knoxville community. During the 2012–2013 school year, they spearheaded activities such as helping cook at a local ministry and joined in with our local church to help clean up a church member’s home. On the Campus... During the last few years, student leaders have very intentionally built relationships with UT students through the inVOLvement Fair and one-on-one invitations to Advent House. And some of these students have become regular faces. It’s a reminder that reaching out begins with growing relationships. In the Fall of 2013, student leaders successfully planned and executed a midterm activity, handing out scantrons, snacks and other treats along the Pedestrian Walkway. These timely packets let at least 100 other students know they are thought of and cared for.

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Long-Range Goals We aim to foster a healthy environment within which students can continue to grow. This environment is twofold: the faith community and the physical structure. The Faith Community While students are at Advent House, we want them to enjoy the social nature of our group and also grow with each other spiritually and emotionally. In addition to the focus areas listed on page 14, here are some desired areas of improvement for the future that will aid in our students’ growth: 1. Stronger visible presence of Advent House on UT campus 2. 100% Adventist student participation (Freshman through to Graduate students) 3. Deeper spiritual and social/emotional student growth 4. Better connection with our local church family The Physical Structure There are many areas of the house and its landscape that need to be upgraded. 1. Physical plant should be GOLD. (See Capital Campaign on page 14 for more on this.)

12 | Advent House Strategic Plan

Long-Range Solutions We will begin addressing the previously stated long-range goals by adopting these steps: The Faith Community 1. Increased awareness of Advent House on UT Campus through organizational fairs and student outreach 2. Help Freshmen move in to dormitories and increase Advent House student participation in UT activities 3. Deepen student understanding of what it means to be Adventist and how that impacts how we live and connect to the campus 4. Increased communication of Advent House activities and purpose to the Knoxville First SDA Church The Physical Structure 1. Fundraising (See Capital Campaign on page 14 for more on this.)

Advent House Strategic Plan |


Capital Campaign Our Spanish-style house was built in the 1920’s. The $115,600 fundraising target will enable us to completely improve the problem areas listed below. We have begun by tearing down the east deck area, patching the outer wall and beginning to patch basement walls in preparation for painting. We still have some moisture problems in the basement so in 2013, we hope to excavate and fully seal the walls and create sufficient drainage. Once it is fixed, we will finish the basement so that residents can experience a new prayer room and an improved media room. Description

Approx. $




Tear down, add deck, expand living room, add stairs

Living Room Furniture


Add furniture to expansion

Basement Bathroom


Patch walls, install ventilation, install shower

Excavation & Drainage


Dig up ground and seal east basement outer walls

Basement Update


Paint, furniture, carpet, theatre seating

Walkway Rebuild


Demo front walkway/steps and rebuild



Add banking, rock inlay, clean beds, replant



Redo stucco on exterior

Operating Expenses


Increase amount

Increase Reserves


Increase savings for future projects


$115,600 $110,600

14 | Advent House Strategic Plan

Target Date for Completion While faith community goals are ongoing, many of the goals for the physical structure will have clear end dates. However, end dates for physical upgrades are highly dependent on when funds come in. We met our Fall 2012 goal of improving the basement bathroom. Residents now have two fully functioning bathrooms to use in the house in addition to the full en suite off of the assistant chaplain’s room and the powder room on the main floor. upgrades since fundraising began: Landscaping


Basement bathroom plumbing (for tile work)


Basement bathroom tiling


Dumpsters (for deck demolition)


East porch wall sealing (after deck demolition)


Basement painting prep (for media and prayer rooms)




Notable previous upgrades: 2011—Attic insulation increased


2010—Cleaned basement mold


Back entrance awning


Breezeway cleaning


Back entry ceiling rebuild


New downspouts


Raised pads, dryer vents, add duct in basement


2008—New windows throughout house






Advent House Strategic Plan |


Board of Directors Michaela Lawrence Jeffery, Chair & President/Director Daniel Goodge, Vice President Vicki Lounsberry, Secretary Beverly Duckett, Treasurer Krystal Barnes, Advent House Assistant Chaplain Sharena Domingo, UTK Student Representative Ed Martin, Maintenance & Safety Officer Sally McMillan, UT Faculty/Staff Representative Edgar Alquinta, Senior Pastor, Knoxville First Seventh-day Adventist Church Rob Lang, Georgia-Cumberland Conference Youth Director

Contact Information Thank you for journeying with us at Advent House. Please use the following methods to stay in touch with us. Send donations to: PO Box 3067, Knoxville, TN 37927 T 865.522.3193 F 865.247.6664

Prepared by: Advent House Board Members Last update: October 21, 2013

16 | Advent House Strategic Plan

We desire to see each student maturing in their faith, ministering to the needs of others, being involved in mission and exploring leadership opportunities.

Advent House Strategic Plan--2012-2017 [Updated]  

Advent House is a ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to students at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK). Our Board is ded...

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