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Whole-Person Care — Body, Mind and Spirit | 2021, VOLUME 1

We Do Health Care Differently

The Connection to Care That is a True Family Affair Mother/Daughter Medical Team: Sausan Campbell, MD and Jorjeta Tahtawi, MD

Worth the Extra Miles: AdventHealth ER Was Worth The Extra Miles for a Man in Madison County

Scott Wolfe enjoys a beautiful day in Madison County with his wife, Elizabeth

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THE NEW YEAR GOT OFF TO A ROUGH START FOR SCOTT WOLFE. In early January, the welder and fabricator was heading back home with his son after picking up his toolbox, when he started feeling sick. “I got a little sweaty and started feeling really bad and just had to pull over on the side of the road.” Scott says it was all he could do to get back to his home in Madison County. That was the beginning of a long and painful night. The next morning, he went to see his doctor who said he needed to go to the emergency room. Scott asked the office to call AdventHealth to let them know he was coming. AdventHealth’s ER is twice as a far away as the closest ER to Scott. But he said the extra miles were not an issue because he knew the type of care he wanted. “At AdventHealth I know what kind of care I’ll get there. And I know they’re good and efficient. I like them. So, my doctor sent me there.” Scott’s wife, Elizabeth, drove him the 36 miles to get him to AdventHealth in Hendersonville. “Within 20 minutes I had been triaged with the nurse and was back in a room in the ER.”

What was happening was Scott had a bowel blockage and the doctor was admitting him into the hospital. “They told me they were going to admit me. Two nurses came in to explain the tube they had to put in my nose and how uncomfortable it would be. Then they got me dressed and ready to go upstairs.” The physician in the ER called in AdventHealth Medical Group Surgery Specialist, David Onofrey, MD, FACS. Scott was ready to get a quick fix to the problem. Dr. Onofrey walked him through the options and explained why surgery was not the first choice. Within three days of the treatment Dr. Onofrey recommended, Scott was grateful to have the blockage solved without having to recover from a major abdominal surgery. He was back home in Madison County and taking the next steps to get to the cause of the problems that had been troubling him for about four years.

I’ve already recommended AdventHealth to several people. And I will do it again.

Even though he was still — Scott experiencing the incredible pain, Scott says he did get some relief from the start. “I was relieved when I realized they were listening. I think a person knows his or her own body better than anyone. So, it was a relief when they listened to me.” Scott shares he has been to some hospitals where it seemed they valued their own agenda with not much interest in listening to what the patient had to say. After Scott shared his symptoms and other details, the ER doctor determined Scott needed a CT scan. “I got the scan within 5 minutes of the doctor suggesting it. And it was probably less than 30 minutes after that when we knew what was happening.”


Now, several months later, Scott continues to stand by his decision to travel further to get the emergency care he needed, the way he wanted. “It’s like the old adage you get what you pay for – great care. Efficient, fast and great care. At the follow-up visit with Dr. Onofrey, he said we will get it figured out and get it figured out soon. It was reassuring.”

Scott says he is back to about 90-percent. Instead of struggling to feel up to doing things like going out and playing basketball or riding motorcycles with his son, he is now looking forward to those important moments to make lasting memories. “Sometimes it would make it to feel like I didn’t want to do as much as I normally would. I have a 14-year-old, so you know they’re pretty demanding.” Scott also told us his wife has come up with a new “Honey Do” list now that he’s closing in on a full recovery.


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The AdventHealth ER Experience STORIES INVOLVING ADVENTHEALTH HENDERSONVILLE’S ER, LIKE SCOTT WOLFE’S, ARE BECOMING MORE COMMON. Whether coming in on their own or by ambulance, more patients are learning that in many cases they can choose where they go for their emergency care. “We are honored to have patients request to be brought to our Emergency Department here at AdventHealth,” says Medical Director of the AdventHealth Hendersonville Emergency Department, Byron Dixon, MD, MBA, CHCQM-PHYADV. “This is the ultimate compliment and a testament to the world class emergency care that our team provides our patients.” Patients frequently tell the ER team they really appreciate being seen and evaluated quickly after their arrival. The average wait time at the AdventHealth Hendersonville ER is less than 30 minutes. “We treat each patient as if they are family,” Dr. Dixon shares. “We often hear ‘despite how busy the emergency room was, the doctor and nurse made me feel like I was the only patient there.’” It’s important to point out that Dr. Dixon reminds all of us that some emergencies are time sensitive and require

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you to be seen in the nearest emergency room. “Our local EMS partners do an amazing job at recognizing these time sensitive conditions and will guide you on selecting the most appropriate facility. For patients not using EMS, I would recommend if you are having chest pain or stroke symptoms, such as sudden weakness in an extremity or slurred speech, you should go to the nearest emergency room immediately.” The AdventHealth Hendersonville ER team is fully qualified to care for and stabilize all emergency conditions. AdventHealth is the first in the region to have the GE Healthcare Revolution* Apex CT Scanner providing 4D Imaging to assess chest pain and stroke-related symptoms. Our collaboration with Wake Forest Baptist Health, means direct access to neurological consults as we care for patients with acute stroke symptoms. AdventHealth Hendersonville is one of the first health systems in North Carolina to hold the Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation from the American College of Emergency Physicians. It earned the bronze level in 2020 and is already on its way to silver for its actions to ensure an age-friendly setting for older patients in the ER. This includes design adjustments to increase the comfort for these patients such as comfort height commodes, handrails, dimmable lighting, hush curtains and specific paint colors.

When you’re ready, we’re ready.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you again. And we want you to know — we’re taking every measure to keep you and your family safe when you’re here.


• Social distancing in all our facilities • Masks worn by patients, visitors and team members • Frequent sanitizing of all spaces • Limited visitation • Designated area for those suspected of having, or those who have tested positive for, COVID-19 • Wait Time to See Provider: Less than 30 minutes • Board-certified Emergency Medicine Physicians • Trauma Nursing Core Trained Nurses • GE Healthcare Revolution* Apex CT Scanner providing 4D Imaging – 1st in region • Geriatric Emergency Department Accreditation, Bronze Level

Let’s start healing.


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The Future of Whole-Person Care Looking Ahead for AdventHealth Hendersonville ADVENTHEALTH HENDERSONVILLE IS WELL INTO ITS SECOND YEAR OF CARING FOR PEOPLE IN THE MIDST OF A PANDEMIC. LOOKING BACK OVER THE PAST YEAR, WE HAVE SEEN THE INCREDIBLE STRENGTH AND RESILIENCE OF THIS TEAM. “The heart of our team is incredible. Whatever comes our way, they rise up and take it on to make sure we are taking care of everyone in our health system and our community,” said AdventHealth Hendersonville Chief Medical Officer, Teresa Herbert, MD, MPH, FAAP. For AdventHealth, the plan is to use that strength to bring whole-person care – body, mind and spirit to even more people by building off the innovations that came out of the pandemic and the planning for growth that was well underway before COVID-19 hit. During the pandemic, we saw many changes in the way we accessed health care. Fortunately, AdventHealth Hendersonville, and the more than 50 other hospitals across the AdventHealth network, were in the final phase of development of telehealth care and were able to move up the launch to keep patients connected, even through the height of the quarantines and stay at home orders. “Going forward, we will expand the options for health care when and where you want it,” says Christy Sneller, MBA, AdventHealth Hendersonville Chief Practice Officer. “We are in a position to grow and taking action to shape that growth to meet the changing expectations of health care consumers.” AdventHealth recently conducted a growth plan that included analysis of key care points that the Western North Carolina region will need in the next 10-year span. New care locations, expanded health services, new technology and medical innovations are just part of the plan.

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“Over the last ten months we have engaged a project management company used across AdventHealth to help us develop a Master Facility Plan,” said AdventHealth Hendersonville Chief Operating Officer, Scott Miller, MBA, MSPT. “This company uses claims data, population growth projections, demographic projections, and our own strategic plan to outline where we need to grow and the services we need to offer to meet the needs of our communities.” Based on the needs such as greater health care demands from a growing population, age-friendly specific care access for the more than 25-percent of the population that is over age 65, and the consumer desire for increased access to state-of-the-art technology, AdventHealth is developing the plans for phased growth between now and 2030. Already in the works is a move to make it easier for people to manage their health care information across the AdventHealth network of care through a universal electronic medical records system. Patients will be able to count on all their care teams from primary care doctors to specialists to imaging and laboratory all being on the same page to collaborate and help them feel whole. This new shared

access to information will be in place across AdventHealth within the next 18 months. The plan also outlines opportunities to expand the hospital to add access to care for surgery and emergency medicine. “The growth plans are in the conceptual stage of a multistep process,” said AdventHealth Hendersonville Chief Financial Officer, Ella Stenstrom, MBA. “We’re able to expand because as a not-for-profit health system, earnings that would be seen as profit in other business models are reinvested into our hospital, physician offices, technology and patient care.” As the plans to meet the needs of our community take shape, AdventHealth is looking forward to the opportunity to invite the community to be part of turning these concepts into reality.

Looking at the current state of health care and what the future can hold, AdventHealth is excited to be on this journey to expand the mission of Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ through whole-person care for every person, every time.

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We Do Health Care Differently The Connection to Care

That is a True Family Affair THE PROMISE TO HELP PEOPLE FEEL WHOLE IS UNIQUE AND AT THE VERY HEART OF THE WAY THAT ADVENTHEALTH DOES HEALTH CARE DIFFERENTLY. We call it whole-person care – body, mind and spirit. Our providers fully understand that powerful connection between the physical, mental and spiritual elements of our lives. For one of our AdventHealth Medical Group teams, that connection to care is a true family affair. Jorjeta Tahtawi, MD and Sausan Campbell, MD bring a unique perspective to the whole-person care they provide at AdventHealth Medical Group Internal Medicine at Hendersonville.

Bruce and Marilyn Mills Patients of Dr. Campbell and Dr. Tahtawi

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Dr. Tahtawi and Dr. Campbell discuss care plans for their patients

Both are board-certified in internal medicine. Dr. Campbell explains “I chose a career in medicine because my parents showed me the value of hard work, the importance of helping others and the duty and honor of being someone’s doctor.” You can still see that influence in Dr. Campbell’s life to this day, because Dr. Tahtawi is her mother. “Working with my mother is a dream come true!! I have always wanted to work together and listen to her wisdom and counsel on how to approach a person’s needs, emotional or physical or spiritual. Her deep sense of faith, honesty and love permeate all that she does,” says Dr. Campbell. That collaborative work ethic is what makes this AdventHealth Medical Group office unique. Patients develop the personal connection with their doctor, but also have the comfort of knowing the other doctor on the team can see them if their primary doctor is not available. Bruce Mills is a patient of Dr. Campbell’s. His wife, Marilyn, sees Dr. Tahtawi. Marilyn shares, “We have been their patients since Dr. Tahtawi and Dr. Campbell got here. And we have each seen the other doctor through the years – it’s worked for us.” Drs. Tahtawi and Campbell joined what is now AdventHealth in 2013. This year, 2021, is a very special year for them personally and professionally. In May, Dr. Tahtawi celebrated her 80th birthday. And she is also celebrating more than 45 years of patient care. “I lived to be a physician from an early age, and I had very good role models,” says Dr. Tahtawi. She had an aunt and sister who went into medicine and now Dr. Tahtawi has two daughters who are physicians. The compassion she has gained through the years of patient care is something her patients love. Juanita Goins explains how Dr. Tahtawi’s experience helps her entire family feel whole, “We moved here from Texas in 2015. We got in touch with Dr. Tahtawi and we just fell in love with her. My husband, myself and my sister-in-law live in the same house. We all see her. She’s so understanding, and she’ll sit and listen to you talk as long as you want to talk to her, and I think that is a great attribute for a doctor.” For Dr. Tahtawi taking that time is crucial, “You listen to the person and consider where this person is coming from to determine what the patient takes seriously and wants from the care. Then you do the best you can for the person.”

Dr. Tahtawi earned her medical degree in Bulgaria in the late 1960s. She and her husband, also a physician, moved their family to Kuwait to practice medicine until the early 1980s. That is when the family decided that she and their two daughters should move to the United States to avoid the imminent political unrest and ensure educational opportunities for the girls, who are now both physicians. Once in the US, Dr. Tahtawi worked to pass all her medical exams again and even completed a new residency that included time working alongside her daughter, Sausan (Dr. Campbell), who was also completing her residency. Dr. Tahtawi’s other daughter, Samira Tahtawi, is an OB/Gyn who practices in Cary, North Carolina. Dr. Campbell explains that was the beginning of a love of working together that continues to this day. “Her knowledge and confidence served to boost me, we studied together and admitted together - truly a very special time for me and so grateful to her for it!” At 80 years old, Dr. Tahtawi continues to hold herself to a high standard of keeping her patients safe and helping them feel loved. “She keeps up to date on medicine and she listens to my family. She doesn’t try to rush us in and rush us out,” says patient, Phyllis Goins. “She treats us as a family.” Her patients are quick to say they don’t want her to retire. And after talking to Dr. Tahtawi, it’s clear she has no plans to do that right now. “I’m grateful for all I have and all the good that is to come. I hope that God will continue to give me good health and that I can work for more years to be useful to the work that I am doing for the patients.” For the big birthday, Dr. Tahtawi celebrated in her favorite way. Dr. Campbell and her family took her out for a hike in the beautiful mountains and a celebration of her loving compassion and willingness to help people – whether they are patients, family or friends. “I believe I am the person I am today largely thanks to my mother (and my father who passed away 10 years ago) my drive to be the best I can be as a parent, physician, wife and sister is influenced by much of what I saw in my mother in her roles - she is a wonderful parent, quick to forgive, sees the humor in difficult situations and has unshakable faith in God. Her persistence, perseverance and strength are my pillar - the “rock” on which I know I can rely on 100% should I need it. She loves unconditionally and gives her all to our family.”

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Whole-Person Care Connecting for a Lifetime of Wellness

Being truly known is one of the greatest joys in life — having someone who sees you for who you are, knows what’s going on in your life, and cares for your health and wellbeing. This is what you can expect from primary care doctors at AdventHealth. Developing an ongoing relationship with your primary care physician helps you build a strong foundation for your wellness. This relationship helps establish preventive care as a priority and maintain steady care of chronic conditions. The primary care providers at AdventHealth are ready to help you start down a path leading to a lifetime of wellness in body, mind and spirit. We are excited to introduce you to some of the newest members of our Primary Care Team who are sharing why they chose AdventHealth.

WELCOME NEW PROVIDERS Denise Stretcher, MD is welcoming patients at AdventHealth Medical Group Family Medicine in both the Brevard and Mills River offices. She is board-certified in family medicine. With nearly three decades of patient care experience, Dr. Stretcher knew what she was looking for when she was considering joining a new health system. WHY I CHOSE ADVENTHEALTH… “I was immediately impressed by the warmth and friendliness of all of the AdventHealth team members that I met. It felt, from the start, like a good match for me and for my patients. I recognize that I do best in a small practice with a personal touch for each of my patients. This opportunity gives me a small practice environment even though I am still part of something larger. It feels as though this larger part still has that individualization that I desire!”

Evan Jones, MD has always known he wanted to be part of a care team in a small-town setting, a setting like Black Mountain. Board-certified in family medicine, he is now welcoming patients at AdventHealth Medical Group Family Medicine at Black Mountain. WHY I CHOSE ADVENTHEALTH… “I was drawn to working with AdventHealth due to the desire to work for an organization which shared my values regarding patient care (whole-person care – body, mind and spirit). I said yes to AdventHealth when it became clear that the same consideration is given to the wellbeing of their employees as well.”

James Marnock, MD is a familiar face to families in Western North Carolina. In April 2021, he began caring for patients at AdventHealth Medical Group Family Medicine at Black Mountain. Board-certified in family medicine, Dr. Marnock spent the past two decades working in private practice in the Black Mountain and East Asheville areas. WHY I CHOSE ADVENTHEALTH…. “After 20 years of working as an independent physician, I began looking for an organization that also treated patients and staff as family, with the advantage of additional teamwork and excellent health care resources. I feel like AdventHealth checks off all the boxes.”

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as you age. Geriatricians go through special training and are typically board-certified in internal medicine or family medicine. This background gives geriatricians a unique understanding — and appreciation — of the challenges you or your parents may be facing. AdventHealth Medical Group Geriatrician, Marianna (Tina) Benson, DO made the choice to focus on caring for older people early in her medical career. She was working as a nurse assistant while in college. “I worked in the hospital and my patients were all geriatric. That’s when I realized I wanted to be in a nurturing element of medicine. I knew I liked working with people and caring for older people.”

Dr. Benson taking time to make sure she knows what matters to her patient

The Right Care at Every Age and Every Stage of Life How a Geriatrician Meets Our Changing Health Needs as We Grow Older The number of people making up the 65+ population in our country is growing. In 2020, the US Census Bureau reported in the previous decade, this population group grew by more than 34-percent. That is a major change and for the people who make up this group, change is a dominant theme. It’s no secret that as we age, our bodies change — and so do our health needs. Things don’t seem to work quite as they used to in our youth. Another complicating factor comes into play when we reach the age when we also see our parents begin to experience changes in their own health and need help managing more than one chronic health condition. In both situations we can discover how a geriatrician can help. Geriatric medicine is a specialty that focuses on senior health, and in preventing and treating disability and disease

Dr. Benson joined AdventHealth in 2020. Like other geriatricians, Dr. Benson takes all aspects of her patients’ health into account, including their medical history, current diagnosis and health care goals. More importantly, she looks beyond the physical health to assess spiritual, mental and social health. “Each patient is different. I enjoy the first patient visit a lot because that’s when I spend the most time with them and I always ask them questions.” Dr. Benson says it’s important to learn about their background and what they do or did for a living. She also takes time to learn about their family, their hobbies, if they have pets – all the details that add up to making them who they are. “I really like to get to know the non-medical things about them. That is so important.” That approach to whole-person care carries over to the patients’ families and caregivers as well. Dr. Benson points out the importance of keeping caregivers informed and empowered to be advocates for their loved ones. She helps make sure they all understand what matters to the patient and shapes the care plan around that. “I spend extra time educating the family and caregivers so they can have a plan ahead of time. I ask, ‘if this happens what would your loved one want?’” Choosing to see a geriatrician doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up your primary care provider. Dr. Benson is board-certified in both family medicine and geriatric medicine. While she offers primary care for older patients, she also works in partnership with the patients’ primary care physicians to help meet their specific age-related health needs.

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Benson or schedule an appointment with her, please visit myPCPnc.com or call 828-761-7221.

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Living life to the fullest sounds like a wonderful way to exist. The secret to making this happen may be in a prescription for wellness known as CREATION Life. CREATION Life is a faith-based wellness plan for those who want to live healthier and happier lives and share this unique, whole-person health philosophy. CREATION Life outlines eight principles to help us shape our daily routines. These are based in biblical truths God gave us regarding our physical and mental wellness.






Trust in God

Interpersonal Relationships



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N IS FOR NUTRITION Nutrition is one of the CREATION Life Principles AdventHealth Medical Group Physician Assistant, Nicole Drake, PA-C uses to help her patients feel whole and take control of their health and wellness. “I have witnessed in my practice both positive and negative outcomes of nutritional choices made by patients,” says Drake. “Healthy food choices nourish our bodies and help us heal from the inside out. When we consistently choose convenience over nutrients, over time it can have negative effects on our mental and physical health.” Understanding the relationship between food and your body can lead to better choices and improved wellness. Understanding that nutrition is nourishment for the body and energy for the mind, can empower us to have a healthy life. So how do we start or keep this decision to put the power of nutrition to work in our lives moving forward? Drake shares it begins with small changes that eventually lead to lasting improvements. “Taking it one step and one day at a time will lead to success long term. I never recommend any of my patients completely give up all their favorite foods or jump into a ridiculous exercise routine as this is often unsustainable.” Instead Drake helps her patients understand that life is about balance. “Finding that balance between enjoying

foods that you love in moderation with daily portion control and doable exercise is the key. Find something you love to do such as walking or hiking. Start small but be consistent.”


When it comes to knowing whether you’re getting the right nutrition to feel your best, talk to the experts. “Having regular exams with your primary care provider can help prevent disease from progressing. Detecting early signs and symptoms of disease through blood work and physical exams can help create awareness and educational opportunities, including nutrition options, so you can work on staying healthy.”

• 1 large sweet potato

As a wife, mother and licensed physician assistant, Drake knows first-hand the challenge of taking time to make good nutrition and exercise a priority. But she encourages herself and her patients with this truth, “This decision is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and for your family. Never think it is too late to start a new healthy habit!” Nicole Drake, PA-C is welcoming new patients at AdventHealth Medical Group Family Medicine at Biltmore Park.

To learn more about the Nutrition Principle of CREATION Life and schedule an appointment with Nicole Drake, PA-C, visit myPCPnc.com, call 828-761-7183 or scan this QR code.

• 1 package extra firm tofu, marinated (see marinade recipe below) • 1 large handful of spinach per serving • 1 cup chickpeas • 1 cup shelled edamame • ½ cup diced red bell pepper • 2 tsp cumin • 1 tsp salt • Hemp seeds, for salad garnish 1 large sweet baked potato sliced to your desire. Bake for 45 minutes at 425°. Toss chickpeas, edamame, and bell pepper with cumin and salt. Add more to taste. Build salad with spinach as the base, add cup of chickpea edamame mix, top mix with sweet potato and tofu. Drizzle with Creamy Tahini dressing and sprinkle with hemp seeds.

SMOKEY DIJON MARINADE • ¼ cup dijon mustard • 1/3 cup white vinegar • ½ tsp salt • ½ tsp pepper • ½ - ¾ tsp liquid smoke • 1 package extra firm tofu cut into 1” cubes Marinate overnight or use right away in skillet. Cook over medium to medium high heat in nonstick pan until marinade is absorbed and tofu pieces are browned. 15 to 20 minutes, turning tofu pieces regularly. If you prefer to skip the marinade, simply brown plain tofu pieces in skillet.

CREAMY TAHINI DRESSING • ¼ cup tahini • ¼ cup extra virgin olive oil • 2 tsp dijon mustard • 2 tsp maple syrup • ½ tsp sea salt • Ground pepper to taste • 2 Tbsp ice cold water – more as needed • 2 Tbsp non-dairy, un-sweetened yogurt – OPTIONAL Set aside water with ice cubes at the start. Whisk everything but water and non-dairy yogurt together. Add water and whisk again adding more for desired consistency. Ice cold water makes this dressing creamy. For creamier dressing, add non-dairy yogurt.

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A New Connection to Care – Beyond the Walls of the Hospital

Limited in mobility from the time she was a toddler because of polio and facing even further challenges after suffering critical injuries in a car accident, you would think JoEllen Morris wouldn’t have much to make her smile. But even with a mask hiding her grin, she beams because of her faith in God and in the kindness of a community that cares.

FaithConnect partners praying with JoEllen

JoEllen is one of the most recent people to be on the receiving end of an AdventHealth Hendersonville FaithConnect project. AdventHealth Hendersonville started FaithConnect in 2019. It connects AdventHealth to the faith community and church partners. The program establishes care coordinators with the churches to discover opportunities for partnered outreach in a variety of ways. The outreach to help JoEllen began after her cancer diagnosis. She was receiving her chemotherapy at AdventHealth Hematology Oncology Infusion Services Hendersonville and asked her nurse if she knew of anyone who could replace a ramp for her scooter and wheelchair. Her husband had put in a ramp, but it was too steep for her to use safely. “And one day one of the girls came out and said, ‘JoEllen, JoEllen, JoEllen, we got somebody for you to put in a ramp.’ And I was elated.” JoEllen’s nurse had reached out to Todd Gothberg, who leads the FaithConnect program. He immediately took a look at the list of church partners and knew exactly who to contact – Redeemer Community Church Pastor, Jeff Parsons. “We were excited to have the opportunity to get connected with people in the area who have some needs that we may have gifts and ability to meet,” said Pastor Parsons. Members of a men’s Bible study group at the church showed up at JoEllen’s home and got to work. Within a matter of hours, they had replaced the old ramp with a new one that was safe for JoEllen to use. It gave her a way to get in and out of her home. It also restored 14 | EXPERIENCE AdventHealthNC.com

her mobility so she could go out to enjoy the beautiful creek that runs along the back of her property. This was something she had been missing. “We started kind of small with a vision and a mission to connect with the faith community and to serve the faith community,” said Gothberg. “Now, our endeavor is to continue to increase the number of church partners and serve the community – the needs of the community outside the walls of our hospital and our health system.” Pastor Parsons admits, “It was surprising to know that there was a health system that was not just concerned about the physical health of its patients but also their spiritual well-being and trying to get churches connected to them to minister that way and on a deeper level.” For JoEllen, the new ramp and new mobility it provides her are answers to her prayers. “We’re all Christians and we love one another. There are good people out there that will help if you just ask.”

To learn more about the AdventHealth Hendersonville FaithConnect Initiative, visit AdventHealthNC.com.

AdventHealth nurses - stepping up to meet every challenge of the pandemic with uncommon compassion

Answering the Call

AdventHealth Nurses Face Historic Pandemic with Courage and Dedication No one saw COVID-19 coming. And when it arrived, no one was safe from uncertainty – about how it spread, who was in danger, and how long it would last. With celebrations canceled, shelves wiped out, and roads eerily empty, hospital teams pushed through widespread fear to continue going to work. “Nurses were called to be at the front lines – to take care of people when we understood little about how the virus affects the human body,” says Shanna Myers, BSN, RN, a clinical nurse supervisor at AdventHealth Hendersonville. “Nursing is a highly respected career, one in which people train and educate themselves to a higher level of awareness. The COVID-19 pandemic has put this calling to the ultimate test.” While most of the world sought shelter at home, nurses were dedicated to providing care without interruption. And with some victims of the virus requiring simple treatment while others were gravely ill, the COVID-19 pandemic awakened many questions with quickly changing answers. “For a time, we could expect that information and procedures would change hourly, and as a result, we all felt anxiety and mistrust,” Myers adds. “The famous leader Winston Churchill once stated, ‘We should never let a crisis go to waste,’” shares AdventHealth Hendersonville Chief Nursing Officer Roland Joy, MSN, BSBA, RN.

“This statement seems to ring true with our team, as evidenced by the many workarounds and ingenious adaptations for patient care that the AdventHealth nursing team has implemented.” As the pandemic became part of daily life, a heartbreaking reality was setting in for hospital caregivers: Patients were facing their last moments of life with family members unable to visit. And once again, with dedication and courage, nurses rose to the opportunity. Another AdventHealth team member shared this story: “I worked with [an ICU nurse] who made it her priority to care for a patient who was passing due to complications from COVID-19. Wearing all the required PPE, she shared her time with him in his room. When the patient’s time was imminent, I heard her singing to him. The family expressed their appreciation for the peace [this nurse] offered to him by inviting her, along with the chaplain, to a time of prayer that afternoon.” In the midst of unimaginable circumstances, our nurses have met uncertainty with bravery, challenges with creativity, and heartbreak with compassionate service. “We thank them for answering the call.”

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I know a person is more than his or her diagnosis. — Sausan Campbell, MD

We do health care differently.


Being truly known is one of the greatest joys in life — having someone who sees you for who you are, knows what’s going on in your life, and cares for your health and wellbeing – this is what you can expect from our primary care physicians. Developing an ongoing relationship with your primary care physician and making it a priority to keep up with preventive care and steady care of chronic conditions, is the best thing you can do for your long-term health.

myPCPnc.com | 828-600-5016

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Dr. Campbell discusses care plans with patient Bruce Mills

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Experience Magazine - 2021 - V1  

Experience Magazine is AdventHealth Hendersonville's seasonal publication dedicated to the communities of Western North Carolina. In this i...

Experience Magazine - 2021 - V1  

Experience Magazine is AdventHealth Hendersonville's seasonal publication dedicated to the communities of Western North Carolina. In this i...

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