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Remote Desktop Software – A Technology to share your screen Are you far away from the important documents or applications that you need urgently in your pocket PC? Then have a remote desktop software that allows you to host desktop computer through internet enabled Pocket PC. It is quite obvious that the connectivity would be limited if accessed through Smartphone and the connectivity would be full if connected through computer.

How should such application be installed in Windows? • Download the installer of the application and install it. During

installation it would ask some basic configuration question, you have to also mention your unique name, login id and password so that you could connect at later stage using it. • It would also ask some basic information like desktop authentication

password but it should be different from the login password for added security. • While installing this software disable your antivirus as it considers it as

a Trojan.

Thus after installing the software you could avail following feature for your Window PC: • PC Desktop or Computer: You could access it via any web enabled

pocket PC or computer. • File: It allows you to share and browse the files and folders. • Email and contacts: You could also access and manage your mail

account like Outlook which would be synchronized on your computer. • Wireless: You could even get the notification of your outlook account. • Streaming: You could also have a video chatting if other system has a

webcam connected to it. • Remote: You could print your document located at the remote

computer at your place. • Guest: You could restrict access to other users.

You could also get connected to remote computer even over a dynamic IP address. The most important part is that the passwords are not stored on the server of the software but it would be stored on the host computer. Finally, visit this website to know about such software’s that helps you to complete your task at ease.

Remote desktop software – a technology to share your screen  

Remote desktop software is used to troubleshoot computer problems or perform software maintenance from remote locations.