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Native or Cross Platform, Which is Best for your Business?

Planning to hire a Mobile App Developer? But, don’t know how to select a good developer and/or not sure between native development and cross platform?Let us Help you to understand these better-

Native App Development: A Native app is an Application program, that has been developed to use on a particular device. These apps are written for a specific platform to interact with and to take advantages of particular operating System like iOS or Android.

Advantages of Native App Platform   

Performance User experience Offline usability Security

Cross Platform: The Cross-platform software can run on most or all systems with little or no modification, Also called multi-platform. We can divide it into two types of Cross platform - one requires individual compilation for each platform that it supports, and second can be directly run on any platform. Major Cross Platform Development Tools are - Phonegap, Titanium, and Adobe Air.

Advantages of Cross Platform App:

  

Save time Less costly One code — all platforms

A cross-platform app can be built faster across multiple mobile platforms and cost less compared to native app development. However, if your app has a complex feature set, you should consider building a native app to keep your product experience strong. It also depends on your cost, quality, user experience and responsiveness of the application.

Ultimately, the whole discussion comes down to one simple question —  What is important for your business? It is depending on your Organization's needs or Who is your target Audience? What is your intent to develop an App? What is your number strength in terms of the users? What design considerations/constraints does the Mobile App have to work within? What is the Budget? If you are planning to build an App from Mobile App Developers then you land at the right page. Our Mobile App Development team will understand your business and will suggest which approach suits to your requirement. For More Info Call us at +1-4084719219 or feel free to reach us at, we would be happy to answer your questions.

Native or cross platform app development