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Summer 2013


Put your projects on display with vintage style. Our new Project Hangers let you clip your tags, photos, layouts, quilts and canvases to your walls. Change them out for the seasons or after you create a new favorite work of art. Get a few and start your personal gallery today.


Project Hanger cos68242

show it off on our 10" wide vintage display hangers. 1 hanger per pack. Sold in sets of 3. msrp $6.99

Creative Canvas Canvas on one side and smooth board on the other, these canvases are perfect for little paintings or collages.

Hexagon cos68237

Tag cos68238

Heart cos68239

Banner cos68240

creative canvas comes in four different shapes and measures approximately 6" high. 1 canvas per pack. Each shape is sold in sets of 3. msrp $2.99 3

Show Toppers


Put a message here.

White Lid with Clip

Green Lid with Clip




Embellish canning jars with these super cute lids. The clip top lids let you create centerpieces featuring photos, display momentos and attach notes onto gifts. The knobbed lids are just plain cute! Every lid has a hook underneath just in case you want to hang something inside.

Hang the Mini Mobile or other little projects from this eyehook.

Green Lid with Knob

White Lid with Knob



you’re gonna love ‘em Vintage knobs and display clips in two color options make jar projects pop with charm. Designed to fit all wide mouth jars. 1 topper per pack. Sold in sets of 3. msrp $7.99 5

Mini Mobile cos68231

Create whimsical scenes and decor with our Mini Mobile. Our Wood Charms make great hanging accents too. 1 mobile per pack. Sold in sets of 3. msrp $3.49

Canvas Brads cos68229

new brads wrapped in canvas with decorative printing. Use them with Creative Girl papers, or on their own. 12 brads per pack. Sold in sets of 3. msrp $5.99


Silver Shimmer Trim cos68232

Gold Shimmer Trim cos68233

shimmer trims Glitzy fun for the holidays. These trims shimmer just enough to be festive. 1 yard of each trim. Sold in sets of 3. msrp $3.99

Gem Cabochons cos68241

who doesn’t like a little sparkle? Use these lovelies on cards, jewelry and more. 4 each of three different shapes, 12 cabochons per pack. Sold in sets of 3. msrp $3.99


Glitter Sheets Our adhesive glitter sheets do not shed glitter, at all. Simply cut your shape, stick it in place and never clean up a glitter mess again! Tinseltown cos68234

Starlet cos68235

Crystal Lake cos68236 6" x 9" sheets of adhesive backed glitter. 3 colors per pack. Sold in sets of 3.

msrp $6.99


Wood Charms String them together, use them as buttons or hang them from jewelry. And we included the matrix because they are awesome as an embellishment, a tag, layer over paper or glitter to make shine.


36 pcs per pack cos68247


44 pcs per pack cos68248

Snow Flakes

58 pcs per pack cos68250


68 pcs per pack cos68249

Sold in sets of 3.

msrp $4.99


Simple Surfaces Simple Surfaces 12" paper decks feature dierent stocks giving the designer new freedom to create, layer and accent projects. 6 pages of printed vellum, 2 of which feature glitter. Use it to mute busy design and add textural interest. 12 pages of designer cardstock, 4 of which feature glitter. The subtle designs throughout make great foundations for projects, layouts and cards. 10

18 papers per pack. 6 printed vellum (2 glittered) and 12 designer cardstocks (4 glittered).

Sold in sets of 3. msrp $14.99

cos682251 1

Creative Girl


mini deck cos68226 mini deck paper pads contain 36-8"x8" papers, 18 designs total. Sold in sets of 3. msrp $8.99 Coordinating Brads on pg. 6 13



mini deck cos68224 mini deck paper pads contain 36-8"x8" papers, 18 designs total. Sold in sets of 3. msrp $8.99 Coordinating Tiny Text on pg. 17 15



j u s t b e cau s e

life story

de a r d r e a m s

cou n t ry g i r l

dear faith




cos68218 16



cowg i r l cos68220



pretty stuff

chalkboard cheer

fa i t h



cos68105 17




lov e



c h r i s tm as



costx904 18

black numbers costt769



Tiny Text & Tiny Type

are printed on quality adhesive cover-weight stock. Most sold in sets of 6. msrp $1.49 cos68213-cos68223 are sold in sets of 3.

clea r n um b e rs costt767

g l ü b e rs 1 ” COSGLU868 (32 per pack)

b u t t e r n um b e rs costt768

glübers 1.5” COSGLU869 (18 per pack)

glübers 2” COSGLU870 (12 PER PACK)


The foundation for the perfect flower or embellishment strip. Sold in sets of 6. msrp $4.99

glübers multipack COSGLU871 (16 per pack)

glübers strips COS68120 (24 PER PACK)



COS68208 CHA Winter 2013 Catalog Advantus Corp

Cosmo Cricket CHAS 2013  

Cosmo Cricket CHA Summer 2013 Catalog

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