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September 5, 2014


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3rd AF commander visits Ramstein Airmen Story and photo by Senior Airman Damon Kasberg 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs


he 3rd Air Force and 17th Expeditionary Air Force commander, Lt. Gen. Darryl Roberson, visited 86th Airlift Wing Airmen and saw their capabilities during an immersion tour Aug. 28 on Ramstein. As the new commander, visits such as these allow him to see firsthand Ramstein’s impact on the Air Force mission. “The 86th Airlift Wing’s mission is directly tied to the Air Force’s mission,” Roberson said. “We’re at a strategic location here. Missions flown out of here support Europe and Africa, and the responsibilities and power that is projected from Ramstein will only grow as the mission in Africa grows.” The immersion began with breakfast alongside Airmen of all ranks. He talked to them about leadership and the future of the Air Force. He also addressed the Airmen’s concerns about current topics and gave them insight on what has helped him get to where he is now. “It was a privilege and honor to have the oppor-

Lt. Gen. Darryl Roberson, 3rd Air Force commander, receives a tour of the individual protective equipment warehouse during an immersion tour with the 86th Airlift Wing Aug. 28. Roberson recently took command of the 3rd Air Force, and visits such as these allow him to see firsthand Ramstein’s impact on the Air Force mission. He also spoke with Airmen from throughout the 86th AW and learned how their day-to-day jobs impact the mission.

tunity to sit next to someone who has accomplished so much in his Air Force career,” said Staff Sgt. Brook Jones, 86th Material Maintenance Squadron

resource adviser. “After listening to his opinions and See IMMERSION TOUR, Page 3

Common ground aids in mission, preserves ecosystem by Senior Airman Jonathan Stefanko 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Ramstein and its host nation partners gathered Aug. 27, to celebrate 10 years of preserving approximately 86 acres of forgery and wild life in part of the Mehlinger Heide foundation. According to Brig. Gen. Patrick X. Mordente, 86th Airlift Wing commander, the Mehlinger Heide conservation effort exemplifies civilian and military cooperation to preserve natural surroundings, and demonstrates that the military can be a good steward of the environment while accomplishing its mission. The Mehlinger Heide foundation started as an idea in 2004 to address compensation measures required by German laws that demands that for each impacted habitat or sealed surface used by Ramstein, another habitat of the same type and size must be created near the area where the former habitat was developed

Brig. Gen. Patrick X. Mordente, 86th Airlift Wing commander, gives a speech at the Mehlinger Heide foundation Aug. 27 during the 10-year celebration of preserving approximately 86 acres of forestry and wildlife.

inside the installation. “Any time an area is converted for a different use to fulfill our mission, we’re required to compensate for the impact on the undeveloped natural structure,” Mordente said. “But due to limited installation size,

it’s just a matter of time before we run out of compensation space within our installation. Therefore, the alternative concept which we know today as the Mehlinger Heide foundation was initiated.”’ The idea was to find substitute space outside the installation while staying compliant with the compensation requirements, as well as funds for upkeep of Mehlinger Heide. “The Foundation Mehlinger Heide takes care of the maintenance and development of the third largest European dry heath habitat type in southern Germany,” said Joern Jeblick, 86th Civil Engineering Squadron chief environmental biologist. “The money for the different maintenance measures like mowing, bush removal and grazing with sheep and goats comes from environmental compensation measures for construction projects on Ramstein.” See ECOSYSTEM, Page 3

WHEN: Sept. 18 to 21 WHERE: Ramstein hangars 1 & 2 VISIT: www.ramsteinbazaar.org


until the bazaar!



Airmen conclude operations at Powidz AB , Page 3



Airmen perform air insertion training, Page 12

Airman finds true passion in career, Page 14

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Kaiserslautern American

September 5, 2014

The surgical technologist COMMENTARY

by Master Sgt. Jose Arias-Patino 86th Medical Squadron Surgical Services flight chief


rom its humble beginnings dating back to World Wars I and II, the surgical technologist has occupied a vital role in the surgical environment, which has undoubtedly made a pivotal impact on the successes of military medicine. Surgeons have depended widely on the critical skill, knowledge and competence of the surgical technologist to successfully accomplish the most demanding procedures and ultimately save lives. Most commonly referred to as operating room technicians, their role not only involves technical support during surgery but also meticulous preparation of the operating room before each surgical procedure. They must know the logistics, technique and wound management of each case in order to properly allocate supplies, instrumentation, equipment and dressing required for the surgery. The Air Force OR tech is competent in hun-

dreds of specialized procedures included in orthopedic, general surgery, urology, obstetric/ gynecology, ear, nose and throat, and neurology specialties. The most highly skilled OR technicians are selected to be part of more prestigious teams, such as open heart and major vascular specialties. In recent history, the OR tech evolved from the stalwart professional working in the background of each surgery to the forefront of military medicine. No longer is the OR tech “operating” behind the confines of prestigious medical centers and forward deployed locations. Now they help provide immediate damage control through life saving surgery in the most remote places as members of special operations surgical teams and the latest Tactical Critical Care Evacuation Teams-Enhanced. During the past year, the OR tech helped write the next chapter of military medicine. As surgical innovations grow, so do the ways we employ it — even at 30,000 feet. Stemming from the success of a TCCET rotary mission, a new capability was born, thanks largely in part to the capabilities of the OR tech.

This innovation is called TCCETe and is designed to bring all the resuscitative interventions that regular TCCET provides and adds the surgical component to fixed wing aeromedical evacuation aboard C-130 and C-17 aircraft. This next evolution and addition to the Air Force’s en route care system brings the “new normal” to surgery in the air. Operating at altitude brings unique challenges where the technician works in confined spaces and without the comfort of support personnel; their role could not be more pivotal in increasing the survivability rate. From the days of World War I until now the capabilities of surgical technicians have grown dramatically. They are required to operate at a higher level than ever before, as demonstrated with the latest innovation of the TCCETe. The birth of this concept embody U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa’s “Forward, Ready, Now” mission and is a clear representation of the Air Force continuing to be fueled by Airmen and powered by innovation. There may be no other enlisted medical profession in the Air Force as involved or evolved as the surgical technologist.

Motor vehicle accident reporting policy change A new policy change for reporting on- and off-base motor vehicle accidents will soon take effect to improve flexibility and convenience of reporting while stressing compliance with higher headquarter guidance, Air Force Instruction requirements and German law. U.S. forces and their dependents in the Kaiserslautern Military Community are involved in over 2,000 motor vehicle accidents every year, with many occurring off base as minor accidents. “The new policy is more intuitive to our Airmen and their families, while enabling security forces to prioritize our efforts on mission assur-

ance and protecting personnel,” said Maj. Nick Petren, 569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron commander. “The revised accident reporting matrix provides clear guidance on a driver’s reporting responsibilities if they’re involved in an accident.” The policy change will reflect that Airmen and their families won’t need to immediately report minor traffic accidents involving personally owned vehicles to Security Forces. Minor accidents on base must be reported to security forces within 24 hours of the incident, and minor accidents off base must be reported within 72 hours of the incident. A minor traffic accident is defined as an accident where nobody was injured, there was no disabling damage to vehicle(s), no government property was damaged and damages

can reasonably be assumed to cost less than $10,000 to repair. Accidents involving government owned or leased vehicles require an investigation and must still be immediately reported to security forces. Additionally, any accident involving injuries or disabling damages to vehicles must be reported immediately to security forces. “Due to mission requirements, the 569th USFPS will not respond to every minor traffic accidents off base in the future. This policy change allows servicemembers to comply with German laws by exchanging information with all drivers involved in the accident before leaving the scene and then reporting to security forces within 72 hours,” said Petren. “Drivers can always call the Integrated Defense

Operations Center at 0631-536-6060 with questions or to request assistance 24/7.” Petren stresses that compliance with German law is paramount and it is all drivers’ responsibility to exchange information with other drivers involved in an accident, or they may face a fine or other legal consequences if they fail to do so. Drivers are also reminded that if they are involved in a single vehicle accident, and host nation government property such as a road sign or guardrail is damaged, they must report the accident to German police before leaving the scene by dialing 110 or 112. A vehicle accident reporting matrix will also be available to all


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September 5, 2014

Kaiserslautern American

Ramstein Airmen conclude operations at Powidz AB Story and photo by Staff Sgt. Jarad A. Denton U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa Public Affairs POWIDZ AIR BASE, Poland — Airmen from the 37th Airlift Squadron performed their final flying operations from this rotation at Powidz Air Base, Poland, Aug. 25. For more than 75 Airmen deployed from Ramstein Air Base, this was their home away from home for 60 days. “Throughout this deployment the Airmen here represented America’s forward presence, postured alongside our proven, indispensable European partners,” said U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. Barry King II, 37th AS detachment commander at Powidz. “The visible support we bring to Europe allows us to strengthen our interoperability through regular combined training exercises.” During their time in Poland, Airmen honed their operational skills and worked together to ensure the C-130s were ready and able to conduct low-level flight training at improved and unimproved landing zones, as well as partner with U.S. Army and NATO service members for cargo and personnel airdrops. Aircrews worked around-the-clock, generating 150 flying missions that accounted for more than 330 hours in the air. “This has been a tremendous opportunity for our Airmen to demonstrate their shared commitment to peace and regional security alongside our NATO partners,” King said. “Since 2012, the 37th Airlift Squadron has held training events like this in Poland. We are proud and honored to continue the tradition.” Throughout the training, Airmen on the ground toiled tirelessly to ensure the Super Hercules was in prime working condition. Twenty-nine Airmen devoted countless maintenance hours to keeping an aircraft, which ECOSYSTEM, from Page 1

The land preserved by the Mehlinger Heide foundation also provides a mulch material that is used to deter birds by the Ramstein runways, creating a safer environment for the aircraft and pilots that transit through every day. “There is one more benefit from the Mehlinger Heide. A good part of it can be found on the Ramstein airfield,” Mordente said. “In 2008, we used heather seeds and mulch from the Mehlinger Heide to develop more than 17 acres of European dry heather habitat

A C-130J Super Hercules lands on an unimproved runway at Powidz Air Base, Poland, Aug. 25. Throughout their deployment to Poland, Airmen were able to work with NATO partners to develop and improve forces capable of maintaining regional security.

recently turned 60, in the air. “At any given moment, a C-130 could be called anywhere in the world to take on any challenge presented to it,” said 2nd Lt. Su Johnson, 86th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron sortie support officer in charge. “Maintainers are ready anytime to ensure that the plane is prepped, ready to go and capable of returning safely. We take our job very seriously.” Whether on the ground or in the air, Airmen deployed to Powidz have a unique opportunity to test their capabilities, while integrating themselves with Polish culture and traditions. “Our time in Poland has afforded us a unique opportunity to conduct training focused on maintaining joint readiness, ensuring our collective security and protecting our global interests,” King said. “The benefits of training with other nations in deployed locations, like Poland, far outweigh the benefits that come from training independently. The experience gained by our Airmen alone is absolutely essential to maintaining our commitment to a Europe that is whole, free and at peace.”

in the infield between the two runways. We not only created a valuable habitat, this also helps us increase our flight safety. It keeps birds away from the airfield since they don’t like that kind of ground covering and avoid these areas.” The Mehlinger Heide foundation is a project that brought civilian and military partners together and continues to aid the Air Force in countless operational missions while simultaneously preserving an ecosystem within Germany. “This is a triple-win situation,” Jeblick said. “Ramstein gets rid of the necessity to

sacrifice its land for compensation measures, which might impede the base development, the third largest heather area in southern Germany is preserved and even improved for the next 50 years, which is paid by the interest derived from the foundation capital and of course, the German public has a wonderful recreation area.” It is through this common ground Ramstein and Germany were able to grow another flourishing partnership, not only aiding in countless operations, but helping protect wildlife and the environment.

Page 3 IMMErSIOn TOur, from Page 1

knowledge of the Air force, it motivated me to ... strive to be the best Airman I can be and to let my hard work and determination speak for itself.” After the meal, Roberson toured many Ramstein facilities, including the air traffic control tower, dual bay hangar, precision measurement equipment laboratory and the communications building. He met with Airmen from different units and listened to them explain their jobs. “Being stationed at Ramstein, I’m familiar with the 86th Airlift Wing,” Roberson said. “I see their work on a daily basis, but to get intimate like I did today and really get down and see some specifics of what our Airmen are doing (for our Air Force) is phenomenal.” Roberson’s first assignment was to Ramstein in 1985 as an F-4E Phantom II pilot. The base has seen several changes since then, most notably a flightline filled with C-130J Super Hercules. The command pilot with 5,000 hours in fighter aircraft had his first opportunity to experience the tactical airlift side of the Air Force when he joined an aircrew from the 37th Airlift Squadron on a C-130J training flight. “That flight was awesome,” Roberson said. “I was really impressed with the maneuverability of the aircraft. The power and responsiveness compared to prior C-130s was really impressive.” Just as the quality of aircraft has evolved over the many years, the Airmen have done the same. “The quality of Airmen has never been higher,” Roberson said. “Our mission couldn’t happen without the 86th Airlift Wing. I’m so proud of our Airmen. They’re doing incredible work.”

It’s time to SWING again!

An international music program including marching bands and many live acts on several open air stages and squares. Take a stroll through Kaiserslautern’s strip mall to the sounds of blues, swing, jazz, soul, salsa and rock ‘n’ roll. between Sep 4 and 6. Check it out from 11 a.m. See more at: www.militaryingermany.com

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Kaiserslautern American

September 5, 2014


Reported Larcenies AUG. 28

Ramstein — 55.99 liters of diesel fuel valued at $61.30.

AUG. 26

7:59 a.m.: Fleeing the scene of a minor traffic accident was reported in Obernheim-Kircherarnbach. 8:18 a.m.: Dereliction of duty and indecent exposure were reported on Ramstein. 1:38 a.m.: A major traffic accident was reported on Daenner Kaserne. 3:14 p.m.: Possible self-harm was reported in Kottweiler-Schwanden.

AUG. 27

1:30 p.m.: Fleeing the scene of a minor traffic accident was reported on Landstuhl. 9:20 p.m.: An aircraft lasing incident was reported in Kaiserslautern.

AUG. 28

5:43 a.m.: A major traffic accident with injuries was reported in Kaiserslautern. 10:06 a.m.: Possible self-harm was reported on Landstuhl.

10:30 a.m.: A major traffic accident was reported on Kleber Kaserne. 10:57 a.m.: A major traffic accident was reported on Panzer Kaserne. 3:32 p.m.: Failure to obey a lawful order was reported on Ramstein. 4:07 p.m.: A major traffic accident with injuries was reported in Wallhalben. 7:28 p.m.: A simple assault was reported on Vogelweh. 7:52 p.m.: Larceny was reported on Ramstein Air Base.

AUG. 29

12 a.m.: A house break-in was reported in Mehlingen. 4 a.m.: Drunken driving was reported in Kaiserslautern. 6:30 p.m.: A minor traffic accident and fleeing the scene of an accident were reported on Kaiserslautern.


Düsseldorf — One Garmin GPS.

AUG. 30

8:37 a.m.: A minor traffic accident and drunken driving were reported in Bann. 11:25 a.m.: A minor traffic accident and fleeing the scene were reported on Landstuhl. 7:30 p.m.: Damage to private property and larceny were reported in Düsseldorf.


1:50 p.m.: Driving on a revoked U.S. Army Europe license with failure to report was reported in Hütschenhausen. 5:31 p.m.: Operating a USAREUR-plated vehicle without a USAREUR certificate of license was reported on Vogelweh.


Aug. 30 — 16 calls, 27 lives potentially saved.

The Baumholder Central Issue Facility will be closed for its required 100 percent annual inventory from Sept. 22 to 26.

Diabetes affects the whole body, including the eyes. If you have been living with diabetes for a long time, or were just recently diagnosed, take advantage of this day set aside just for you.

EES/WAPS town hall

Consulate information night

The 786th Force Support Squadron will host a town hall meeting to discuss recent changes to the Enlisted Evaluation System and Weighted Airman Promotion System from 9 to 10 a.m. today in the Ramstein Community Center, Bldg. 412.

9/11 ceremony

A 9/11 ceremony will be held at 5 p.m. Thursday by the base flag pole next to Bldg. 2201 to dedicate a wreath and pay respects to all first responders who died on Sept. 11, 2001.

Munitions inventory

Take Note

AUG. 30

The 86th Munitions Squadron will conduct 100 percent inventory of the munitions stockpile Monday to Sept. 12. During this time, the munitions storage area will be closed to all account custodians; therefore, only emergency issue requests approved by the respective group commander may be submitted. For details, call 480-5725.

Diabetic eye exam day

The Landstuhl Regional Medical Center Optometry Clinic will conduct diabetic eye exams Wednesday. The clinic currently has 28 appointment slots for patients with diabetes. To schedule an appointment, call Central Appointment at 590-5762 or 06371-9464-5762. In an effort to help treat this often complex disease, the clinic is dedicating an entire day to the treatment and management relating to eye care for diabetics.

The U.S. Consulate General is hosting their 2014 U.S. Citizens Information Night from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Sept. 25 at the Consulate General in Frankfurt. The evening will be a fun, casual event intended to inform U.S. citizens about the services the Consulate has to offer, but also about the many German-American organizations and clubs in the area.

Dancers needed

The Ramstein Air Force Association, Chapter 507, will sponsor a “Dancing with the Stars” benefit gala at 6 p.m. Oct. 18 at the Ramstein Officers’ Club. Interested dance competitors should contact Chief Master Sgt. Robert Lovett at robert.lovett@us.af.mil or Sandra Johnson at sandra.johnson.5@us.af.mil by Wednesday. Training sessions will be Wednesdays in the Ramstein Community Center. Price for the black tie event is $30. Funds will support the Wounded Warrior Project.

Dental Assisting Volunteer Program

The Ramstein Dental Clinic will start the next American Red Cross Dental Assisting Volunteer Program Oct. 20. The course is full time for seven months (from 6:45 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays to Fridays). This program is open to dependent ID cardholders with a high school diploma or equivalent. Applicants must attend the mass briefing at 3:30 p.m. Sept. 29 in the Ramstein Dental Clinic, Bldg. 301. Interviews will be conducted Oct. 1 and 2. Notification of

selection will be announced Oct. 3. Participants will in-process Oct. 6 through 17. Applicants need to be dedicated, motivated and up to date on all immunizations. Further information, applications and interview slots will be given at the mass briefing. Volunteers are full time from start date. For more information, call Mater Sgt. Jessica McNabb at 479-2268 or 06371-46-2268.

Donate to CFC

Improve the quality of life of the KMC by donating to the 2014 Combined Federal Campaign by Dec. 15. Donations made to the Family Support and Youth Programs go directly to the installation to fund local programs. To donate, visit www.cfcoverseas.org or contact your unit representative.

Airmen wanted

The Air Force Reserve needs motivated recruiters for the Recruit-the-Recruiter program, which is designed to identify Airmen who have prior active duty Air Force recruiting experience and have what it takes to support the mission of the Air Force Reserve Recruiting Service. There are many benefits to serving as a Reserve recruiter. While serving in ActiveGuard-and-Reserve status, Air Force Reserve recruiters receive the same pay and entitlements as active-duty Airmen, including Tricare Prime and the opportunity to work toward an activeduty retirement. Those active-duty Airmen with prior recruiting experience interested in becoming a recruiter can contact Flight Chief Senior Master Sgt. Roger Haynes at 480-2326 or roger.haynes@us.af.mil. (For more Take Note activities, visit the KA online at www.kaiserslauternamerican.com.)

» Kinsbach: Coppe laptops. » Landstuhl: Tw APRIL 28

industrial counter coo mander, one industrial industrial salad dispe trial drink mixer, one washer, one industria plate, one industrial fl trial fryer, one industri » Ramstein: Copp APRIL 22

Vehicle Readiness Squad sure the snow equipmen ABOVE: Snow equipmen

September 5, 2014

Kaiserslautern American

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Kaiserslautern American

September 5, 2014

OPSEC: Common sense made simple by Marisa Novobilski 21st Theater Sustainment Command Public Affairs Operations security, or OPSEC, is an often heard term in today’s military environment. Officially, the military defines OPSEC as the process by which a person protects information that can be used by the enemy against them with the end goal of ensuring a safe and secure environment. Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines train rigorously on the formal five-step OPSEC process, which includes identifying critical information, analyzing threats and vulnerabilities, assessing risks, and applying countermeasures. However, while OPSEC education and practice is a critical function of all service members in their day-to-day duties, OPSEC behavior is critical, too, for military family members. During an Aug. 21 unit OPSEC inspection at Air Force Detachment 319 in Kaiserslautern, Jim Kelly, Air Force Technical Applications Center’s OPSEC program manager, took time to meet with military family members to discuss OPSEC and OPSEC activities. Dressed in a bright purple sport coat and with a non-traditional, faceto-face approach to teaching OPSEC awareness that included purple dragons, purple dragon eggs, “Fear the

Purple” koozies, purple notebooks, a purple flying monkey and purple “kiss” candies, Kelly educated family members on practical, easy ways to include OPSEC in their day-to-day activities. Since the AFTAC OPSEC Program is identified by the “Purple Dragon,” a theme with roots dating back to the Vietnam War and the start of modern OPSEC methodologies, Kelly ensures the color purple and purple dragon theme are fully integrated into his training delivery and awareness products. Kelly said family members play a critical role in OPSEC. “From a vulnerability standpoint, the adversary or ‘bad guy’ goes for the easy-picking fruit, and the easiest picking fruit out there are the families,” he said. “One, nobody has ever talked to them. Two, nobody has ever briefed them or brought them into the game, but yet, they’re so darn important. If you take them away, we cannot do our jobs. We cannot play the game.” Family members are the most vulnerable OPSEC targets, particularly since they receive little, if any, OPSEC education and training. Though service members participate in required annual trainings, family members receive little education, if any at all, Kelly said. “I’ve been with the government for almost 40 years,” he said. “Not

once has anyone ever spoken with my wife.” By providing common sense knowledge along with practical tools and safety tactics, Kelly aims to make OPSEC behavior second nature for military families through his training. This is particularly important for service members and their families overseas, as blending in with locals can be a challenge. “The next time you’re out, take a look at people’s shoes and feet,” Kelly said. “What kind of shoes are they wearing? What color are their socks? I can almost always spot the Americans in this way.” Good OPSEC practices stress the importance of awareness of the people around you and your surroundings, Kelly said. In his training, he encourages participants to remain aware and vigilant, especially when traveling. He also stresses the importance of blending in, similar to the way a single blade of grass is indistinguishable in a meadow. “Leave no footprint,” he said. “And don’t bring attention to yourself.” Kelly also touched on the importance of using OPSEC online, especially in today’s heavy social media environment. The enemy can easily access open source information on a person, Kelly said, as information on property ownership, real estate transactions, births and marriages, to name

a few, is easily accessible in the public domain. Add to that the information one shares on social media, and the adversary has more than enough personal information to exploit and manipulate. The importance of education and knowledge cannot be overlooked when it comes to OPSEC, Kelly said. This education need not inundate learners with complex military jargon and terminology but should focus on simplicity and practical activities that individuals can do every day to help protect sensitive information about them and their family. The key is to recognize and protect one’s own vulnerabilities. Kelly summarized OPSEC in just one word: common sense. “It’s simplicity; it’s common sense,” he said. “The more awareness and information you have, the safer you will be and the better you can protect your family.” To learn more about OPSEC for families, visit the Department of Defense Education Activity website at www.dodea.edu/offices/safety/opsec. cfm, or take a look at the information available on the Operations Security Professional Association website at www.opsecprofessionals.org. OPSEC Awareness Training for military professionals, civilians and families is accessible at http:// cdsetrain.dtic.mil/opsec.

Israeli police students tour Ramstein Staff Sgt. Zackery Hons, 86th Security Forces Squadron, showcases the K-9 section during a base tour for Israeli police students Aug. 28 on Ramstein. The 86th Security Forces Squadron and other base agencies gave a view into how security forces works together with local police to ensure the security of Airmen and base assets.

Photo by Senior Airman Armando A. Schwier-Morales

September 5, 2014

Kaiserslautern American

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435th AGOW leaders combine thoughts by Airman 1st Class Jordan Castelan 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Senior leaders throughout the 435th Air Ground Operations Wing gathered at U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden to discuss several aspects of their wing. Wing, group and squadron chiefs, commanders and deputy commanders, and superintendents shared thoughts and ideas to mold new goals that will strengthen the wing. POLICY, from Page 2

incoming Airmen and civilians that describes step-by-step instructions on what to do in case of an accident on-and off-base. “Copies of the accident matrix

“When we only focus on the tasks at hand we fail to take a step back and take a look at the big picture,” said Col. Joe McFall, 435th AGOW commander. “By gaining a better view on our capabilities, we are able to make the organization sharper.” The forum included multiple activities that fostered interactions between the groups and squadrons. “A weakness is a characteristic of your own organization,” said Col. Philip Hamilton, 4th Air

will be available to new Airmen during the Ramstein In-Processing line as well as at the Kapaun Vehicle Registration station,” Petren said. “Included is a ‘point and talk’ section in German and French to help

Support Operations Group commander. “The most important issue is for the wing and leaders to define and articulate the types of missions that the wing is responsible for and in some cases is shared by the diverse collection of capabilities we bring to bear every day.” Those in attendance agreed upon new goals for the wing they believe should promote growth within its ranks and streamline response and action times when requested.

communicate with other drivers that may not speak English.” While the policy has relaxed, military members could still be subject to punishment under the Uniformed Code of Military Justice if the proper procedures are neglected, whereas

dependents may be held accountable under the host nation law. For more information please call the 569th USFPS Police Services section at 0631-536-6004, or the 86th Security Forces Squadron at 06371-74-2050.

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Kaiserslautern American

September 5, 2014

COMUSAFE talks headquarters reductions

USAREUR Soldiers, officers to compete for USAREUR’s best by U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs

Photo by Staff Sgt. Ryan Crane

Gen. Frank Gorenc, U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa commander, speaks to the headquarters staff during a commanders call Aug. 29. Gorenc discussed topics such as headquarters reductions, summer safety and the new “RUfit” campaign designed to help build resilient Airmen.

by Capt. Sybil Taunton USAFE-AFAFRICA Public Affairs In line with the Secretary of Defense’s direction to cut 20 percent of Air Force headquarters budget, and with the creation of the Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center, U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa has lost approximately 346 positions from its unit manning document. Gen. Frank Gorenc discussed these reductions during a USAFE-AFAFRICA commander’s call Aug 29. Approximately 226 positions will be reduced to support establishment of the AFIMSC, and 10 positions will be reduced to support additional workload consolidation to Air Force Personnel Command. Roughly 110 positions have been eliminated for the



required headquarters reduction, and some of these positions are not currently filled. “It is really important for people to understand that these are positions that have gone away and not people,” said Gorenc. “The Air Force has already approved funding to keep civilian and host nation employees in affected positions through Fiscal Year 15, and military personnel will remain in place until their Date Eligible for Return from Overseas [DEROS].” With the combination of transferred and eliminated positions, the USAFE-AFAFRICA headquarters staff is losing a total of 23 percent of its officer positions, 27 percent of enlisted billets, and 23 percent of the civilian positions. See ReDUctionS, Page 16


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Must be friendly, reliable, work flexible hours, must be able to lift bundles of newspapers and enjoy service to the community. Paid in Euros!

Send us your resume today to jobs@advantipro.de

Thirty top Soldiers, NCOs and junior officers from U.S. Army Europe’s major subordinate units will compete in USAREUR’s 2014 Best Warrior Competition and Best Junior Officer Competition Sept. 14 to 19 at the Joint Multinational Training Command in Grafenwöhr, Germany. The six-day event challenges competitors to complete a series of approximately 20 tasks and missions designed to test their knowledge, physical and battlefield skills in hands-on and situational testing and oral and written examinations. Competitors will tackle a day and night land navigation exercise, an obstacle course, a physical fitness test, a hand-to-hand combat tournament, a battlefield medical scenario and other physical activities. Soldiers and officers also participate in a simulated media interview, write an essay, take a written examination, and demonstrate their military knowledge and bearing for a board of sergeants major. The USAREUR-level competitors were previously selected as their organizations’ top Soldier, NCO or officer in local competitions at their units across Europe. While units throughout the Army conduct competitions each year to select their best Soldier and NCO, the Best Junior Officer Competition is unique to USAREUR, and highlights the command’s best lieutenants and captains. This year’s competitors are (in alphabetical order): • Pfc. Kevin Alba, Bavaria Medical Department Activity • 2nd Lt. William Alfonsi, A Company, 24th Military Intelligence Battalion • 1st Lt. Kyle Amonson, D Company, 2-159th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion • Staff Sgt. William Chavis, 7th Army NCO Academy • Sgt. Nicholis Couture, 319th Field Artillery • Cpl. Kyle Craig, C Company, 44th Expeditionary Signal Battalion • 2nd Lt. Kristen Daisy, Service Company, 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery • Staff Sgt. Jessie Darrett, 5th Signal Command • Staff Sgt. Carlos Eggins, USAREUR Headquarters Battalion • Staff Sgt. Miguel Garza, U.S. Army Public Health Command Region Europe • Sgt. Andrew Gunner, A Company, 1st Military Intelligence Battalion • Pfc. Nicholas Hanson, 319th Field Artillery • Spc. Donald Irvine, C Company, Allied Forces South Battalion • Pfc. Paul Islas, D Company, 2-159th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion • Pfc. Brandon Kirk, Service Company, 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery • Spc. Roberto Mendez, Headquarters and Service Company, USAREUR Headquarters Battalion • 1st Lt. Mitchell Messick, A Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry • Sgt. Steven Miles, K Troop, 3rd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment • Spc. Brody Moran, A Company, 24th Military Intelligence Battalion • Sgt. Elliot Pratt, D Company, 2-159th Attack Reconnaissance Battalion • Pvt. Benjamin Ranew, B Company, 1st Battalion, 4th Infantry • Sgt. Ricardo Ruiz, C Company, Allied Forces South Battalion • Sgt. Sean Salter, Service Company, 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery See competition, Page 14

September 5, 2014

Kaiserslautern American

Page 9

Ramstein, Spangdahlem let the dogs out Story and photo by Airman 1st Class Michael Stuart 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs


he 86th Security Forces Squadron on Ramstein held a friendly competition with the 52nd SFS from Spangdahlem Air Base Aug. 29 on Ramstein. Four Ramstein dog handlers and three Spangdahlem handlers participated in the second annual Military Working Dog Competition. The allday event was previously held in Spangdahlem, but this year Ramstein played host. “It’s a great opportunity to get with our sister base to see what kind of training they have to offer as well as it being great competition,” said Staff Sgt. Michael Longero, 52nd SFS kennel master, stationed at Spangdahlem. There were seven stations the teams had to complete while running with a 35 pound rucksack. “One obstacle we encountered today involved searching for an aggressor or decoy hiding in the field,” said Staff Sgt. Bryan Robinson, 52nd SFS military working dog handler. “We wanted to show (off) our dog’s ability to detect and locate the decoy.” The handlers showcased an array of skills, such as detection, searching buildings, scouting and searching for people. The handlers also proved their stamina while completing the 2.8 mile course.

Staff Sgt. Gilbert Lundgren, 52nd Security Forces Squadron military working dog handler, clears a building with his dog during the second annual Military Working Dog Competition Aug. 29 on Ramstein. Four Ramstein dog handlers and three handlers from Spangdahlem Air Base completed seven stations while running with a 35 pound rucksack.

“There are multiple stations to challenge the dog in detection and control as well as to show veterinarian skills,” said Staff Sgt. Bradley Beaty, 86th SFS

military working dog handler. “The competition is designed to stress the military working dog team in an environment comparable to (deployments).”

AF Ball coming soon by Staff Sgt. Travis Edwards 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs The Ramstein Air Base Air Force Ball will be held Sept. 27 at the Ramstein Officers’ Club to honor the 67th anniversary of the Air Force. “We are really excited about this year’s Air Force Ball,” said Andreea Antonesei, Ramstein Air Force Ball marketing committee chairwoman. “This is the first time we’ve secured gifts for attendees from a German artist located in the capital of Berlin. The artist will create personal mementos for each guest with the theme of this year’s ball.” Tickets are on sale and range from $25 to $45 depending on the sponsor’s grade and whether they are a current club card member. Antonesei attributes the ticket cost to the hard work of the fundraising committee, which was able to raise enough money to help lower the price. Members can obtain tickets from unit representatives. The event kicks off at 5 p.m., will be in the theme of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and will feature the 3rd Air Force commander, Lt. Gen. Darryl Roberson. Additionally, the U.S. Air Forces in Europe rock band, Afterburner, will provide entertainment for the evening. To follow up on the planning process and find out more about upcoming ticket information, visit the Ramstein Air Force Ball Facebook page at www. facebook.com/pages/Ramstein-Air-Force-Ball-2014/223347731199978.

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Kaiserslautern American

September 5, 2014

panky’s off-leash tour

September 5, 2014

Kaiserslautern American

Page 11

Capt. Spanky goes to Sweden This past weekend my human took me out to see the second largest city in Sweden: Gothenburg. What a beautiful city by the seaside, where Vikings launched their boats to reach all over Europe and the Americas. My human has recently been infatuated with this selfie craze and took one with me wearing the legendary Viking horns, but did you know they never actually used those horns? Can you imagine standing tall and then somebody just grabbing and pulling you down by the horns in the middle of battle? When I visit a place I like to see all of it, and the best way to do that is from up high, but boy I didn’t learn

my lesson from the “leaning tower of pizza” stairs and my poor little legs. We went up to an old water tower cafe. Climbing up those hills and upstairs was worth the view. Looking out into the city that hosts some of the largest festivals in Scandinavia and seeing a wave crashing against the largest port in Sweden was amazing. I let my tongue fly in the wind, and then I saw it! In the distance, a roller coaster came up and back down. Then, another! I thought, “Oh no.” I looked at my owners and saw a look in their eyes as if Thor’s hammer struck and reflected the lighting! I knew they saw it! I knew where we were going next. My

legs began to quiver, and my stomach began to sink. I tugged on my leash to head to

the city’s Botanical Garden to chase butterflies, or the Kungsportsavenyn shopping and walking district. Anything but the Liseberge amusement park! It’s the largest park in Scandinavia by the number of rides. I walked into the park with my tail between my legs as screams of excitement echoed all around me. There was only one hope. I knew my trip could be saved! As we walked up to the line for the park’s tallest roller coaster, we came up to the measuring stick, and thankfully I didn’t reach the minimal height to ride. I started wagging my tail in excitement, because I knew my vacation had been saved!

Recipe of the week: Tutti Frutti Sheet Cake

Servings: 20

(baking powder), level (=15 grams or 1 packet) INGREDIENTS: » 150 grams sugar » 1 jar pineapple chunks » 1 package Vanillin (580 milliliters with juice) Zucker (vanilla sugar) » 1 jar of sour cherries » 1 pinch salt (720 milliliters with juice) » 1 peel or zest from » 1 jar peach halves (850 lemon, grated milliliters with juice) » 4 medium eggs » 375 grams flour, sifted » 300 grams Saure » 3 teaspoons Backpulver Sahne (sour cream)

INSTRUCTIONS: » Heat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius/390 degrees Fahrenheit. » Grease or spray and flour a baking sheet approximately 32x39 cm and 3.5 cm high (13 x 5 inches and 1 1/2 inches high). » Drain the pineapple chunks, cherries and peaches. Cut the peaches into quarters. Combine the fruit in a bowl. » Sift the flour and Backpulver into a mixing bowl. Mix in the sugar, Vanillin Zucker, one pinch of salt, the grated lemon peel, the eggs and the sour cream. Mix until everything is blended and holds together. Spread the batter into the prepared pan. Evenly spread the fruit pieces onto the dough » Bake for 40 minutes. Cool completely before serving. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream if desired!

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Kaiserslautern American

September 5, 2014

Airmen perform air insertion training Photos by Airman 1st Class Michael Stuart

Airmen from the 435th Security Forces Squadron perform the ground portion of air insertion training Aug. 29.

Staff Sgt. Ritchie Brown, 435th Security Forces Squadron contingency response fire team member, provides security during air insertion training Aug. 29 at the Alzey landing zone, Germany.

A raised airdrop marker indicates the landing zone for members of the 435th Security Forces Squadron and 435th Air Ground Operations Wing’s Contingency Response Group during air insertion training. Anytime forces deploy to a location, the CRG are the first ones to put boots on the ground.

An Airman from the 435th Security Forces Squadron parachutes from a 37th Airlift Squadron C-130J Super Hercules during air insertion training Aug. 29 over the Alzey landing zone. The purpose of the training was to exercise the 435th Air Ground Operations Wing’s Contingency Response Group’s capability to set up a short takeoff and landing strip.

Fire team leaders from the 435th Security Forces Squadron ensure they have accountability of all personnel, weapons and equipment before they press on with their mission during air insertion training at the Alzey landing zone.

September 5, 2014

Kaiserslautern American

Page 13

Page 14

Kaiserslautern American

September 5, 2014

86th Airman finds true passion in career Story and photo by Staff Sgt. Jeremy Bowcock 386th Air Expeditionary Wing Public Affairs SouthweSt ASiA — Let’s face it. Every guy has an inner child screaming to get out. And what little boy doesn’t like ripping apart his toys and making a mess of things? But the older most men get the more expensive and fancier the toys. Christopher Moore, vehicle mechanic from the 386th Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron, is no exception. When it comes to tinkering and fixing things, this man has a passion and curiosity for it all. Now, his toys are much bigger, and they belong to the Air Force. “Working on cars brings a sense of pride when you see what you’ve fixed,” Moore said. “I recently replaced the engine in a truck. It took three days to take apart the entire vehicle, but it felt good to hear the engine fire up and to watch it drive away.” Moore said he likes to challenge himself and feels confident in his skills to try new projects and learn from them. Moore grew up in Lebanon, Missouri, with his dad after his parents divorced. He was 13 when he started working as a floor sweeper at a salvage yard. Throughout his teenage years, he spent his time work-

Senior Airman Christopher Moore, 386th Expeditionary Logistics Readiness Squadron vehicle mechanic, removes the engine of a truck July 18 at an undisclosed location in Southwest Asia. Moore has been a mechanic for the Air Force for three years and deployed from the 86th Vehicle Readiness Squadron, Ramstein Air Base, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

ing at his father’s vehicle restoration shop. There, he developed his skill for working on cars. In college, he worked as a mechanic at a major automotive business where he continued to refine his maintenance skills. “I went to college for two years,

taking classes such as marine biology, science and other subjects, but I was really drawn to auto mechanics,” said Moore, who’s deployed from Ramstein. Moore decided to join the Air Force to continue his education and to travel

and see the world while serving his country. “My grandfather, Peewee, served as a mail clerk in the Air Force and spent time in Germany. I felt it was a good See mechanic, Page 19

competition, from Page 8 • 1st Lt. Steven White, USAREUR Headquarters • Spc. James Simo, Battalion Headquarters, 21st Theater Sustainment Command Winners in the Soldier and • 2nd Lt. Sebastian Smoak, NCO categories of the Best 2nd Cavalry Regiment Warrior Competition will rep• Staff Sgt. Jordan Stipp, resent USAREUR in competi709th Military Police tion at the Department of the Battalion Army level Oct. 6 to 10 at Fort • 1st Lt. Michael Theising, Lee, Virginia. 15th Engineer Battalion For more information and • Spc. Felix Vallegarcia, C updates on USAREUR’s Best Troop, 1st Squadron, 2nd Warrior and Best Officer Cavalry Regiment competitions, visit www.eur. • 1st Lt. Kirk Van army.mil/bestwarrior and Everen, Headquarters and the USAREUR Facebook Headquarters Company, 2nd page at www.facebook.com/ Battalion, 503rd Infantry USArmyEurope.

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September 5, 2014

Kaiserslautern American

Page 15


Photo by Jay Heslen

From left, Miles, Lulu and Lila Bette Heslen pose for a photo inside a water taxi July 25 during a family vacation to Venice, Italy.

Photo by Marissa Jones

Chuck, who’s a big fan of Capt. Spanky (see Page 11), poses for a photo on top of the Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany. Chuck and his human, Marissa Jones, are stationed at Ramstein.

Photo by Joy Fevrier

Patrick and Cordula Richards pose for a photo May 29 on the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia.

ch more. licious recipes and mu ygrounds for kids, de pla fun s, trip y cit at Gre t Get excited about nex r week’s edition of you an! Kaiserslautern Americ

eek’s story Watch out for next w SEASON on “WINE FESTIVAL IN GERMANY”! ities • Jobs

ly Activ vel • Events • Fami

Photo by Jody Standifer

Megan, Eric, Morgan and Logan Standifer pose for a photo in front of I.M. Pei’s pyramid at the Louvre during a vacation to Paris, France, Aug. 17 to 19.

website: Tra Your community, your



Page 16

Kaiserslautern American Your community, your website.


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KMC Assembly of God Church

Reverend Chuck Kackley Phone: 06333-9931838 Cell: 0171-6574322

Services are held at Kaiserstrasse 16 A, Einsiedlerhof WORSHIP HOURS: Sunday 10 a.m., Wednesday 6:30 p.m. Family Night

Heritage Baptist Church Don Drake, Pastor

“Welcome Home!�

4VOEBZT BU BN BN BOE QN t 8FEOFTEBZT BU QN 6km north of the A6 on the B40 in Mehlingen 1IPOF t www.heritagebaptistramstein.com

Kaiserslautern Evangelical

Lutheran Church 8:30 am Worship & Holy Communion Children’s Church available

Meeting in Ev.-Luth. St. Michaelis Church, Karpfenstr. 7, 67655 Kaiserslautern E-mail: kaiserslautern@selk.de or call 0631-64327 for directions. www.KELC.eu Scott Morrison, Pastor A Christian fellowship that gathers to study God’s word verse by verse so we can know, glorify and serve Christ.

REDUCTIONS, from Page 8 “Our Manpower team is currently conducting a survey to evaluate the impact of these reductions,� said Gorenc. “As we collect this data and you realize you can no longer do the job you are being asked to do, then let us know and we will fix it.� To reduce the need for involuntary separation measures for civilian personnel whose positions have not been transferred, Voluntary Early Retirement Authority and Voluntary Separation Pay Incentive options will be available. All efforts will be made to place civilian personnel whose positions have been eliminated and do not qualify for VERA/VSIP. “We want to assure everyone involved with this process that we remain committed to mitigating the impact during this transition, and I will be as transparent as possible with the things we

New Beginnings Christian Church Kaiserslautern


Come grow with us as we serve the LORD!

Stiftswald Str. 60, 67657 Kaiserslautern Tel: 01 76 - 66 07 43 32 Email: nbicc-wiesloch@hotmail.com






r Inte

Worship W hi S Service: i S Sun 11 11:00 00 am Sunday School: Sun 9:30 am Bible Study: Wed 7:30 pm

are doing,� said Gorenc. A town hall led by the 86th Force Support Squadron Civilian Personnel flight chief was held recently for those civilians in identified positions. Briefings were given and followed by a question and answer session to ensure everyone was fully informed. Affected civilian personnel are encouraged to schedule appointments with the 86th Force Support Squadron Human Relations specialists to discuss specific options and details associated with their positions. More information along with a list of frequently asked questions regarding these reductions can be found on the 86th FSS Civilian Personnel website: http://www.ramstein.af.mil/ ramsteincivilianpersonnelflight.asp. Employees can schedule appointments with HR specialists and submit inquiries by email to 86fss.fseciviliancustomerservice@us.af.mil.

Knight’s Brigade teaches future leaders by Sgt. Daniel L. Wyatt 16th Sustainment Brigade, 21st Theater Sustainment Command Public Affairs

Teaching the village, reaching the world!

We meet Sundays at 11 a.m. For more info call 06371-616793 or visit our website www.CCK-Town.org Industriestr. 50 66862 Kindsbach

September 5, 2014

In back of the formation are Soldiers with odd looking circle emblems where familiar Army rank would usually be located. On their faces, you can see signs of anxiety, excitement, confidence and even a little doubt. These new Soldiers are future officers here to participate in the Cadet Troop Leadership Training Program at Baumholder. The CTLT program places U. S. Military Academy and Reserve Officer Training Corps cadets in Army units for up to four weeks at lieutenant-level leadership positions, helping them develop the attributes of personal integrity, honor and responsibility. “This is an opportunity to understand the duties and responsibilities of an officer that I will be tasked with knowing,� said Cadet Jorge Acevedo, assigned to 1st Inland Cargo Transfer Company, 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion. Acevedo said his branch seems more compelling in light of what he’s seen at Baumholder. “Being here I’ve learned

there are many different fields in ordnance that I will have the opportunity to learn from,� he said. These temporary assignments provide cadets with a better understanding of the fundamental concepts and principles of military art and science. They’re important learning tools cadets can benefit from before becoming officers. The program features opportunities within operational and sustaining force units in Germany, Korea and U.S. Army installations nationwide. “We’re getting the chance

Sunday Worship Gatherings at 9 & 11 a.m.

community church Keeping it real, relational and relevant

August-SĂźssdorf Strasse 8 Ramstein-Miesenbach 06371- 407 808 info@frontlinecommunity.org www.frontlinecommunity.org

to understand the duties of a platoon leader,� said Cadet Margaret M. Johnston, assigned to 702nd Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company, 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion. “The opportunity to get such important training is invaluable, because it’s not available back in Reserve Officers’ Training Corps back in school.� The objective of the CTLT program is to attract, motivate and prepare selected students to serve as commissioned officers in the regular Army, Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve.



Sunday Bible Class 11 a.m. Sunday Worship 10 a.m. Wednesday Bible Class 7 p.m. /DQGVWXKOHU 6WUD‰H ‡ 5DPVWHLQ 9LOODJH

Tel: 0176-85693468 or 0151-57727850 www.ramst-churchofchrist.com

September 5, 2014

Kaiserslautern American

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bulletin r u o t u o k c e Ch events e r o m r o f d n.com boar uternamerica kaisersla



(5-",).' 4(% 3)..%2 %8!,4).' 4(% 3!6)/2 !.$ 02/-/4).' (/,).%33 3UNDAY 3CHOOL !- s 7ORSHIP !- n .URSERY !VAILABLE Pastor Toby DuBose facebook.com/trinityreformedpca WWW TRINITYREFORMEDPCA COM s 4EL +IRCHENSTRASSE A ,ANDSTUHL

Courtesy photo

Bands perform during the Kaiserslautern Barbarossa fest, “Swinging Lautern,� today and Saturday on a stage near Stiftskirche.


Barbarossa fest makes Kaiserslautern Kaiserslautern’s annual Barbarossa fest, under the motto “Swinging Lautern,� started Thursday night and will continue today and Saturday. The City of Kaiserslautern sponsors the event in cooperation with the local sales promotion agency “Kaiser in Lautern,� which translated means “Emperor in Kaiserslautern.� The fest features live performances on open-air stages at Altenhof, Schillerplatz, Stiftsplatz and in front of Stiftskirche, fashion shows, children’s activities and special offers. “Our successful fest has turned into an inherent part of Kaiserslautern’s calendar of events,� said Volker Stephan, “Kaiser in Lautern� chairman. “It offers an international music program consisting of swing, blues, boogie, jazz, soul and salsa combined with a nice atmosphere.�

Today, musical performances start at 11 a.m. with the U.S. Army Jazz Combo playing modern jazz on the stage on Stiftsplatz. The U.S. Air Forces in Europe Band Wings of Dixie will play from noon to 3 p.m. in front of Stiftskirche. Other bands performing in the afternoon and at night will be the Gentlemen of Dixieland, Dirty Boogie Orchestra, Present Art Collection and Uptown Shufflers. On Saturday, the bands Chicago Bounce and uffgeBrassd start playing at 11 a.m. Many other bands and marching groups will entertain the audience until 1 a.m. The Barbarossa fest also features culinary specialties and special attractions by stores and activities in the streets, such as fashion shows. Vendors will present arts and crafts, such as necklaces, bags and oil paintings, on Altenhof. Children can take a ride on the fairytale merrygo-round on Markstrasse, and


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Landstuhl Christian Bookstore

Kaiserstr. 66 * 06371-62988 Mon-Fri 10-6, Sat 9-2 (new)

Don’t know how to get there?

St. Alban's Military Community

Episcopal Services HOLY EUCHARIST Sundays 10:30

Kapaun Chapel For more information please

call 480-6148 or 06372-3163

enjoy a jumping castle, balloons and face painting on Fackelstrasse. A kiddie train will give children free rides through the center of town. The train stops can be found on Marktstrasse (Pallmannstore) and Schillerstrasse (‘Kaiser in Lautern’ stand) today, and Riesenstrasse (Erika leather store) and Pirmasenser Strasse (Picobello store) Saturday. Like last year, visitors will be able to buy the Swinging Lautern hat for â‚Ź5 as well as the Swinging Lautern button for â‚Ź2 to show their support for the event. Proceeds will go to youth agencies. “We want visitors to enjoy this unique event with music and food. They are ‘Emperors in Kaiserslautern,’â€? Stephan said. A pocket brochure listing the entertainment program is available at the Kaiserslautern Tourist Information Office, in stores and restaurants, or online at www.kaiserslautern.de or www.werbegemeinschaft-kl.de.


CHURCH OF CHRIST www.ktowncoc.org

by Petra Lessoing 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Sun: 10 am, 11 am and 6 pm Wed: 7 pm MĂźhlstrasse 34 67659 Kaiserslautern Tel. 06 31 - 36 18 59 92 Tel. 06 371 - 46 75 16

Air Force and Army Chapel Schedule

Protestant Services

POC for Miesau, Landstuhl and Daenner is the USAG R-P Chaplains Office in Bldg. 2919 on Pulaski Barracks. DSN 493-4098, civ. 0631-3406-4098 Miesau Chapel (Bldg. 3175) Seventh-Day Adventist Worship Sabbath School: 9:30 a.m. Saturdays Spanish Sabbath School: 9:30 a.m. Saturdays Worship: 11 a.m. Saturdays Small Group: 6-7 p.m. Tuesdays Landstuhl Community Chapel (Bldg. 3773) Worship: 11 a.m. Sundays Children’s Youth Church: 11 a.m. Sundays Daenner Community Chapel (Bldg. 3150) Chapel Next Worship Worship: 10 a.m. Sundays Children’s Church: 10:30 a.m. Sundays Ramstein North Chapel (DSN 480-6148, civ. 06371-47-6148) Contemporary Service: 11 a.m. Sundays Ramstein South Chapel (DSN 480-5753, civ. 06371-47-5753) Liturgical Services: 9 a.m. Sundays Liturgical Sunday School: 11 a.m. Sundays Traditional Service: 11 a.m. Sundays Vogelweh Chapel (DSN 489-6859, civ. 0631-536-6859) Gospel Service: 11 a.m. Sundays. Protestant education classes are available for all ages at Vogelweh, Ramstein, Landstuhl and Daenner. For information, call DSN 480-2499/489-6743 or civ. 06371-47-2499/0631-536-6743.

Catholic Services

Daenner Community Chapel (Bldg. 3150) Religious Education (grades K-8): 11 a.m. Sundays Confession: 11:45 a.m. Sundays Sunday Mass: noon Landstuhl Community Chapel (Bldg. 3773) Religious Education (following Mass) Confession: 8:15-8:45 a.m. Sundays Sunday Mass 9 a.m. Ramstein North Chapel (DSN 480-6148, civ. 06371-47-6148) Daily Mass: 11:30 a.m. Monday-Friday Sunday Mass: 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Confession 4-4:45 p.m. Sundays Vogelweh Chapel (DSN 489-6859, civ. 0631-536-6859) Confession: 4-4:45 p.m. Saturday Mass: 5 p.m.

Jewish Religious Services

Ramstein South Chapel Synagogue (DSN 480-5753, civ. 06371-47-5753) Shabbat Evening Service: 7 p.m. Fridays

Islamic Services

Ramstein South Chapel Mosque (480-5753) Jumu’ah Prayer, 1:30 p.m. For religious education and daily prayers, check the prayer schedule

Orthodox Christian

Kapaun Chapel (DSN 489-6859, civ. 0631-536-6859) Divine Liturgy: 9 a.m. Sundays Confessions by appointment

Youth Group Kaiserslautern Youth of the Chapel (Religious Youth Center, Pulaski Bks., Bldg. 2869) “Plugged Inâ€? Middle School Youth Group: 2-4 p.m. Sundays CafĂŠ Dinner (for students and their families): 4:15-5:15 p.m. Sundays “The Rockâ€? High School Youth Group: 5:30-7:30 p.m. Sundays More information: www.kmcyouth.com Protestant Youth of the Chapel Ramstein North Chapel "Vision" Middle School Ministry Tuesdays 3:15-5:00pm "Salvage" High School Ministry Tuesdays 7:00-8:45pm Vogelweh Chapel Teen Bible Study Wednesdays 7:00-8:00pm Info: www.ramsteinpyoc.blogspot.com

Episcopal (St. Albans) 10:30 a.m. Sundays, Kapaun Chapel

Korean Service 1 p.m. Sundays, Ramstein South Chapel

Unitarian Universalist Service, 1:30 p.m. second and fourth Sundays (Sept.-May), Kapaun Chapel

Wiccan 7 p.m. first and third Saturdays, Kapaun Annex

Confessional Lutheran (WELS) 4 p.m. second and fourth Sundays, Ramstein South Chapel

Page 18

Kaiserslautern American

September 5, 2014

September 5, 2014 MECHANIC, from Page 14 way to give back,” he said. Moore lucked out when he was guaranteed a position in the Air Force as a vehicle mechanic. “Growing up I used to think the Air Force was cool,” Moore said. “As a kid, you always aspire to be a pilot. But, when I got older, I had a new desire. I wanted to

Kaiserslautern American work on cars. Since joining the Air Force I’ve learned so much more about how vehicles run. Now, I get to work on large trucks and construction equipment that civil engineers operate.” Moore has a strong work ethic and is always willing to learn new things. He said he feels being in vehicle maintenance takes a lot of patience and anger management.

“Little things on the job that look or seem simple can test a mechanic’s patience,” Moore said. “What should be a quick fix can turn into an eight-hour project where everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong.” Moore said he thoroughly enjoys his personal and professional life in Germany. He is lucky to have found a great mentor in Master Sgt.

Page 19 Paul Bohn, he said. “When I first got to Germany, he was my shop foreman and made a lasting impression on my career,” Moore said. “I only worked with him for a few months when I was a new Airman. I made my share of mistakes, but he stood behind me through it all, and he had faith in me.” Moore said he was able to

achieve his goal of senior airman below-the-zone with the help of Bohn’s mentoring. In addition, he still finds time to work on his 2001 Pontiac Trans Am that he calls his baby. He has done a lot of work to upgrade it and keep it running. Most importantly, Moore gets to do the job he loves while serving his country and seeing the world.

Education Notes Theater classes

KMC Onstage is offering theater classes for youth from Monday to Dec. 9. Classes include home-school sessions and after-school sessions and are available for children ages 4 to 18. For more information, contact KMC Onstage, Bldg. 3232 on Kleber Kaserne, at 483-6626 or 0631-3406-6626.

Shakespeare for Young Actors

Shakespeare for Young Actors is an intensive approach to the spoken language of performance using Shakespeare as the benchmark. Students will be taught to speak in “Elevated Standard” or “mid-Atlantic” English with special emphasis on diction and elocution. Students will gain an understanding of the usage of “verse” versus “prose” in literature and performance. Classes will be held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays until Oct. 2. Students will perform in An Evening of One Acts Oct. 3 to 5 and 17 to 19 with possible additional performances on Oct. 10 and 11. Cost is $150 per student and $100 per additional child. Open to students 10 to 18 years old. For more information or to enroll, contact KMC Onstage, Bldg. 3232 on Kleber Kaserne, at 483-6626 or 0631-3406-6626.

E-Degree Plan

Starting Oct. 1, all personnel requesting tuition assistance are required to have uploaded their electronic Degree Plan into their education record in the Air Force Virtual Education Center site accessed through the Air Force Portal. Meet with your school’s academic adviser for your e-Degree Plan, and then take the time to upload your courses. For more information, contact the education center.

KHS inline hockey

Kaiserslautern High School is offering inline hockey as part of its intramural program for the upcoming 2014/2015 season. The program will offer competitive, no-check inline hockey for students of varying skill levels and will be held after school from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays. The competition will take place on the school campus and will be made available to all KHS and Ramstein High School students. KHS is in the process of purchasing a limited quantity of protective equipment to be loaned to players if needed, thanks to donations from both the Ramstein Officers’ Spouses Club and the Ramstein Enlisted

Photo by Linda Shelley

First day of school at RMS Students and parents gather outside of Ramstein Middle School waiting for the opening bell on the first day of school. A large number of parents were able to accompany their children to meet and greet teachers at the RMS Open House. Though excited about their new middle school experience, incoming sixth grade students received reassurance from their parents as they followed a shortened version of their class schedule.

Spouses’ Club. However, it is recommended that each player procure his/her own personal equipment. Those adults who have played hockey or are currently playing hockey and would like to donate any used equipment to the program should contact Coach Ken Robinson at ken.robinson@eu.dodea. edu.

College night

U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz and Ramstein High School present College Night from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Oct. 2 at the Kaiserslautern Special Events Center, Bldg. 237 on Rhine Ordnance Barracks. More than 80 accredited colleges and universities with representatives from the states and across Europe will inform visitors about education opportunities. Food and beverages will be available. Open to all U.S. ID cardholders. No backpacks allowed. Gates 1 and 2 will be open.

For more information, call 483-4123 or 0631-34064123.

Preschool story time

The Rheinland-Pfalz Library holds story time for preschool-aged children from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Wednesdays. This entertaining event includes stories, music and crafts for young children and their parents. No sign-up is required. For more information, contact the RheinlandPfalz Library, Bldg. 3810 on Landstuhl’s Wilson Barracks, at 486-7322 or 06371-86-7322.

Music lessons

SKIESUnlimited offers music lessons in voice, piano and violin for children and youth ages 18 months to 18 years. For details, call Parent Central Services at 493-4516/4122 or 0631-34064516/4122.

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Kaiserslautern American

September 5, 2014


Mark Your Calendar 2014 Events

» Armstrong’s Club hosts Latin Night from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday in Bldg. 1036 on Vogelweh Housing. Enjoy cocktails while dancing the night away to some of the best Latin music, or show off your dancing expertise with salsa, bachata, merengue and the rumba. Open to all ID cardholders, ages 18 and older. No cover charge. For more information, call 0631-354-9986. » The Exceptional Family Member Program back-to-school barbecue for families of all services enrolled in EFMP in the KMC, takes place from 1 to 4 p.m. Sept. 13 at Pulaski Park. Enjoy free food, games, face painting and more. RSVP to the ACS EFMP Office no later than Sept. 5 by calling 493-4094/4091 or 06313406-4094/4091. » Armstrong’s Club hosts Reggae and Hip-Hop Night from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Sept. 19 in Bldg. 1036 on Vogelweh Housing. Food and beverages will be available for purchase. No cover charge. Open to ages 18 and older. For more information, call 0631-354-9986. » Shop until you drop at the Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Holiday Bazaar! This is the perfect opportunity to get your shopping finished before the holidays. Enjoy a variety of treasures from various European vendors, including wine, cheese, antique furniture, Polish pottery, paintings, candles, orna-

ments and more. The bazaar takes place from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Oct. 31, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Nov. 1, and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nov. 2 at the Special Events Center in Bldg. 237 on Rhine Ordnance Barracks. For more information, call 493-4368 or 0631-3406-4368. » The Deutsches Haus restaurant on Ramstein, run by German Armed Forces, offers lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. and dinner from 5 to 9 p.m. Visit www.deutscheshausramstein.de for information about the menu, reservations and special events, or visit the restaurant’s Facebook page. » Armstrong’s Club hosts Open Mic Night from 6 to 10:30 p.m. every Tuesday in Bldg. 1036 on Vogelweh Housing. If you think you have what it takes, bring your gear and be heard. For ages 18 and older. No sign-up required. For more information, call 0631-3549986.


» A USA Jobs Workshop will be held from 10 a.m. to noon Sept. 12 in the computer lab on Pulaski Barracks, Bldg. 2917. Want to learn more about finding a government job? Get the one-up on competition with hands-on instruction and assistance from our training employment readiness expert. Register in advance by calling 493-4203 or 0631-3406-4203. » A networking class will be held from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. Sept. 30 in Bldg. 2917 JOIN WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT® AND OUR on Pulaski Barracks. Learn how to get your NATION’S WOUNDED SERVICE MEMBERS FOR A name recognized, get the attention of poCOMMUNITY CYCLING EXPERIENCE. tential employers and land the job of your dreams. Register in advance by calling 493-4203 or 0631-3406-4203. » A private sector resume writing class takes place from 10 a.m. to noon Sept. 30 in Bldg. 2917 on Pulaski Barracks. Looking for a job in the private sector and don’t know where to start? Take this class designed to help prepare you in your career search. Learn important information SATURDAY, about what an employer might look for on SEPTEMBER 13, 2014 a resume. Register in advance by calling 0800 + Check-in 493-4203 or 0631-3406-4203. Bostalsee, Am Seehafen 66625 Nohfelden-Bosen

0945 + Opening Ceremony 1000 + Ride Begins Community Picnic Following Ride Bring your own bike and gear. A helmet is required.


» The Hispanic Heritage Committee will host meetings at 2 p.m. Sept. 16 and 30 in the USAFE chaplain conference room, Bldg. 562. For more information, call Master Sgt. Delma A. Edwards at 4805862, or Tech. Sgt. Luis A. Montero at 4800977.

Classes & Training Register at soldierride.org/germany *There will be limited day-of registrations available on-site.

© 2014 Wounded Warrior Project, Inc. All rights reserved.

» Basic Training for New Parents takes place from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday. Learn what to expect as a new parent. Receive information on infant safety, feeding your newborn, soothing methods, infant CPR and more. There will be handson practice with life-size dolls and a free organizer with the book, “What to Expect the First Year.” Contact the New Parent Support

Program at 493-4066/4617 or 0631-3406-4066/4617 for more information or to sign up. » KMC Onstage offers theater classes for adults Monday to Dec. 9. Classes focus on scene study and are available for anyone 18 and older. For more information, contact KMC Onstage (Bldg. 3232 on Kleber Kaserne) at 483-6626 or 0631-3406-6626. » A credit report workshop takes place from 10 to 11 a.m. Tuesday in Bldg. 2917 on Pulaski Barracks. Learn how a credit report works, how to manage your credit score, how to get the best loan rates, how to secure your financial future and more. Bring a copy of your credit report by visiting the only free website: www.annualcreditreport.com. Register in advance by calling 493-4203 or 0631-3406-4203. » A class for first time home buyers takes place from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Tuesday in Bldg. 2917 on Pulaski Barracks. Compare your housing options: buying versus renting, and single homes versus condominiums. Discuss how to determine your housing needs. Learn how to negotiate a contract and the signing process. Develop skills in navigating the buying costs and the closing process. Register in advance by calling 493-4203 or 0631-3406-4203. » The 5 Love Languages of Singles series takes place from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 16 and Sept. 23 in Bldg. 2917, Room 205, on Pulaski Barracks. This three-part series examines how you receive and share emotional love as a single. Registration is required. Register in advance by calling 493-4203 or 06313406-4203.

Baumholder Events

» Baumholder Library is celebrating Banned Books Week Sept. 21 to 27. Can you supply the titles of banned or challenged books based on clues? Come and take the quiz at Baumholder Library for a chance to win a tote bag full of books. A winner will be announced Sept. 29. For more information, visit the Baumholder Library in Bldg. 8332 on Smith Barracks, or call 485-1740 or 06783-6-1740. » Come and learn how to cook light and fresh meals using ingredients grown in the BOSS/Warrior Zone garden! This fun and informative class will be taught by Spc. Katarus Moore and will be held at 6 p.m. every Thursday in September. Bring $10, as some items will be purchased from the commissary for the meal preparation. Registration deadline is Tuesday. Open to all BOSS service members. For more information or to sign up, call 485-6228 or 06783-6-6228. » Do you want to be a part of one of the biggest and scariest haunted houses in the area? “The Underworld” is currently looking for volunteers for this year’s event in Baumholder. Every Thursday in October, volunteers are needed to assist with building and decorating the haunted house. On Oct. 14, auditions will be held for “scarers,” who will come in costume on the nights of the scare show and provide a scary experience for all visitors. Those who assist with building and decorating will be chosen first for scarer roles. “The Underworld” will run from 7 to 9 p.m. Oct. 24, 25 and 31. For more information on how to get involved, contact Hilltop Theater, Bldg. 8218 on Smith Barracks, at 485-7244 or 06783-6-7244.

September 5, 2014

Airman & Family Readiness Center

For details or to sign up for a class, call the Airman & Family Readiness Center at 480-5100. MONDAY » Ramstein Spouses Orientation: 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., A&FRC » Key spouse social: 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Woodlawn Golf Course » CAUSE autism support group: 6 to 7:30 p.m. TUESDAY » Reintegration brief: 9 to 11 a.m., IDRC » Extreme Couponing — Military Style: 10 a.m. to noon, A&FRC » Intro to German: 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., A&FRC » Pre-deployment brief: 1 to 3 p.m., IDRC WEDNESDAY » Base INTRO: 7:30 to 11:45 a.m., E-Club » Key spouse training: 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., A&FRC THURSDAY » Pre-separation counseling: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., A&FRC » EFMP afterschool activities (rock climbing): 5 to 6 p.m., Outdoor Recreation SEPT. 12 » New commanders, first sergeants, superintendents immersion brief: 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., A&FRC » MFLC Lunch and Learn — “Recovering from Divorce”: 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., A&FRC SEPT. 13 » EFMP barbecue at Pulaski Park: 1 to 4 p.m.


» 2014 Day for Kids: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday at Donnelly Park. Join this great celebration of children and families. Pledge to spend meaningful time together, to talk, to learn, to listen and to play. Enjoy face painting, carnival games, bouncy castles, picnic lunch and more. The event is free, and everyone is invited. » ON RAMSTEIN: Yoga (season runs September to November); vocal lessons, ages 11 and up; KinderJam, ages 1 to 5; BabyJam, ages 0 to 1; adult dance; movement through dance, ages 18 months to 2 years with parent participation; tap/ballet combo, ages 5 and 6; hip hop, ages 7 to 9; hip hop, ages 5 and 6; homeschool dance workshop, ages 5 and up; entry Irish, ages 8 and up; entry jazz, ages 7 and up; Poms (spirit dance team); salsa funk (Zumbatype dance), ages 7 to 10; entry tap, ages 7 and up; Aikido (self-defense martial art); Okinawan karate, ages 8 to 18; homeschool gymnastics, ages 5 and up; pre gymnastics, ages 4 and 5. » ON VOGELWEH: Entry ballet, ages 7 and up; hip hop; jazz/tap, ages 7 and up; tap/ballet combo, ages 3 and 4; and karate tech. For details and to register for KMC youth instructional classes, visit www.86fss.com, select “Family” and click “Instructional Classes,” or call Ramstein Youth Programs at 06371-47-6444 or Vogelweh Youth Programs at 0631-

Kaiserslautern American

536-6504. Most of these classes start in September and run through May 2015.

Ramstein Youth Center

» BACK TO SCHOOL FUN WITH CLUBS R US: Register now for the new year of clubs for children ages 9 to 12. This afterschool program offers fun and excitement with clubs from outdoor survival to international cooking, painting to warrior fitness challenge, or club tech to mission impossible. The favorites are all back with amazing opportunities in Torch Club, homework help in Power Hour and the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award. Flexible contract options, fullday programs on no school days, and camps for all school holidays make sure you always have something amazing to try. And, as always, Fridays are free. Visit www.86fss.com in the “Youth Programs” section and register today. » JUST FOR TEENS: Stop by the Ramstein Teen Center, and get started. Help us plan our new calendar and make sure we give you all the programs you want! Registration is free for all teens. Visit www.86fss.com to set up your account. To make things even easier, the daily shuttle takes you right to the teen center from Ramstein High School. For more on new classes and events, call 06371-47-6444 or 480-6444.

Health and Wellness Center

For more information, call the Health and Wellness Center at 06371-47-4292 or 480-4292 (HAWC). MONDAY » Healthy Eating: 10 to 11:30 a.m. SEPT. 12 » BOD POD: 8 to 10 a.m. SEPT. 15 » Healthy Eating: 10 to 11:30 a.m. SEPT. 16 » DASH: 10 to 11 a.m. SEPT. 19 » BOD POD: 8 to 9 a.m.

Family Advocacy

To register for classes, call 479-2370 or 06371-46-2370. » EXPECTANT PARENT ORIENTATION (MONTHLY): Orientation is from 8 to 11 a.m. the first Tuesday of every month at the Learning Resource Center, Bldg. 3718 at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. Learn about birth registration, passports and more. For more information, call the New Parent Support Program at 479-2098 or 0637146-2098. » RELAX ALREADY — STRESS MANAGEMENT: From 10 a.m. to noon Tuesday at the Ramstein Health and Wellness Center. Stress is an everyday fact of life, and not all stress is considered destructive. How an individual responds to the stressor will determine the impact in their life. Learn to identify types of stress and signs and symptoms of being stressed out. » PARENTING OF TWEENS AND TEENS: From 5 to 7 p.m. Thursdays until Oct. 2 at Ramstein Middle School. Learn how to turn the challenges of raising a tween/teen

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into opportunities for growth. Develop a positive and healthy relationship through improved communication. » THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sept. 26 at the Ramstein Health and Wellness Center. Participants should bring lunch; beverages will be provided.

Medical Group

» SELF INITIATED CARE KIT, twice a month. Call 4792273 (CARE) to sign up for a class. » ATTENTION: TRICARE ONLINE IS AVAILABLE for your convenience. Schedule your own appointments, home care website, check labs, nurse advice line, medication refills and more. Register online today at www.tricareonline.com.


» ADOLESCENT SUPPORT AND COUNSELING SERVICE is a comprehensive program that provides prevention education and counseling services to 11- to 19 year-old ID cardholders in the military community. Their mission is to provide comprehensive counseling services to adolescents and military families stationed OCONUS while enhancing military readiness and quality of life. In addition, ASACS offers life skills classes that promote health and personal development in the Department of Defense schools. ASACS participates in supportive activities related to military life transitions and provides individual, group and family counseling services. ASACS counselors’ offices are located in Department of Defense schools for the convenience of military families. ASACS counseling services are completely confidential. Hours are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday to Friday; however, flexible appointment times are available to meet the needs of military families. Contact your school ASACS counselor for more information.

Military family life consultants

» MILITARY FAMILY LIFE CONSULTANTS are licensed clinical providers who assist service members and their families with issues they may face throughout the cycle of deployment to reintegrating with their family and community. The MFLC program provides short-term, nonmedical counseling support for a range of issues, including relationships, crisis intervention, stress management, grief, occupational and other individual and family issues. Psycho-educational presentations focus on issues common to the military family, including reunion/reintegration, stress/coping, grief/loss and deployment/reintegration. For more information, call 0152-24211233, 0152-02663352, 0176-69333243 or 0151-5674 8179.


» SAPR STAND DOWN DAY PART 2 will not take place. SAPR annual training will be the three-hour small group discussion training that was offered during Part 1 in May. Part 1 must be completed before Sept. 30. All military and GS civilians must attend a small group facilitator discussion with their trained facilitator and have UTM updated names in ADLS before Sept. 30. For details, contact the SAPR office at 480-5597.

Looking for something to do with your family? One of the biggest complaints of the military families is that there are not many fun events or places to go for families. To make your family experience in Germany more enjoyable check out militaryingermany.com to find fun activities and events for families in the Kaiserslautern region.

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September 5, 2014

Was ist Los? KMC Cultural Highlights by Petra Lessoing 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs The following is a list of performances and events happening in the KMC and nearby. Dates are subject to change.

Performing arts

Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern: • Season opens with theater fest featuring rehearsals, music performances, lectures, food, 2 to 7 p.m. Sept. 13. Opening concert, 8 to 10 p.m. to be followed by disco until 1 a.m. For more informaiton, call 0631-3675-209 or visit www.pfalztheater.de. Kammgarn Kaiserslautern: • K-Town’s Most Wanted — Rapisode I with hip hop and rap by Chief Justice, TFR, Gorrest Fump, Smeil, 8 p.m. today. Tickets cost €12. • The band Herzlos presents punk rock, 8 p.m. Saturday. Tickets cost €14. • Das Pack presents heavy metal, hard rock, punk, 8 p.m. Sept. 12. Tickets cost €15. • No Music in K-Town features Bluesky with blues and rock, Crowd Control with alternative rock, and The Yellow Starfish with cover songs, 8 p.m. Sept. 13. • Irish singer and songwriter Luka Bloom presents songs by John Hartford, Ewan MacColl, Don McLean and Bob Dylan, 8 p.m. Sept. 16. Tickets cost €22. For more information, visit www.kammgarn.de. Fruchthalle, Kaiserslautern: • The German Radio Philharmonics Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern presents “Gold and Silver,” with operetta pieces by Johann Strauss, Franz Lehár and Emmerich Kálmán, 5 p.m. Sept. 21. Tickets cost €12 to €25. For tickets, call Kaiserslautern Tourist-Info at 0631-365-2317. Volksbank Kaiserslatuern, Casino, Fischerstrasse 49, Kaiserslautern: • Swinging Lautern presents “Piano Soul Bar” with singer Andy Kuntz, pianist Günter Wenro and special guest Burdette L. Becks performing a special repertoire from Ray Charles to Queen, 8 p.m. today. Tickets cost €5.

SWR Studio, Fliegerstrasse, Kaiserslautern: • State Youth Brass Orchestra Rheinland-Pfalz presents symphonic brass music under the motto, “Sounds of America,” 7:30 p.m. Sunday. For advance tickets, call the Tourist Office at 0631-365-2317. Bildhaus Music Club, Hahnbacherhof (near 67701 Schallodenbach — go through Otterberg; Mehlbach is closed): • The band Karma presents German rock, 8:30 p.m. Saturday. Visit www.bildhaus-krueger.de/ termine for details. English Theatre, Gallusanlage 7, Frankfurt: • “Strangers on a train,” a bizarre psychological thriller by Craig Warner, based on the novel by Patricia Highsmith, Sept. 12 to Nov. 1. For more information, visit www.english-theatre.org.


• Kaiserslautern Gartenschau, through Oct. 31. Special events: “T-shirts, bags and tensides,” an interactive display on sustainable chemistry, to Oct. 12 in exhibition hall. Flower show, “4 Elements,” to Sept. 14 in flower hall. Sunday: Protestant worship service, 11 a.m. in willow church. Brass music ensemble Blech Pur performs 2:30 p.m. Pumpkin festival under the motto,

Courtesy photo

Last park concert For the last time this summer, the pavilion in the Kaiserslautern Volkspark is the stage for a concert from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sunday. The Arbeiter-Musikverein Jettenbach presents popular melodies from movies and musicals, as well as rock and pop music. Admission is free. Beverages and snacks are available. Children can enjoy an adventure playground. Volkspark is located on the corner of Entersweiler- and Donnersberger Strasse.

Courtesy photo

Charcoal burning, smithy fest Trippstadt sponsors its annual charcoal burner fest and smithy fest from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday. Local associations demonstrate the burning of charcoal. The fest includes presentations of old craftsmanship, displays, children’s activities and live music. The iron works museum takes visitors on a time trip to the Celts. Along Hauptstrasse, which is closed to motorized traffic, food and beverages will be served. Trippstadt is located 12 kilometers south of Kaiserslautern. For more information, visit www.trippstadt.de.

“Swiss Mountain World,” to Oct. 31. The children’s tent in Neumühlepark offers games and crafting for children, 2 to 5 p.m. today, Saturday and Sunday. Sept. 14: Spica fest with LST performing jazz 12:15 p.m.; Uni Big Band performing contemporary music 2:30 p.m.; and U.S. Army Europe Band playing Dixie music 4:45 p.m. Tickets cost €7 for adults; €3 for children. Hours are 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information, visit www.gartenschau-kl.de. • Kaiserslautern, Japanese Garden open through Oct. 31. Hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, visit www.japanischergarten.de. • Kaiserslautern, Pfalzgalerie Museum, special exhibition, “Drehmomente,” with art objects made of car bodies, scooters and miniature cars, and special exhibition “Erstarrte Wirklichkeiten. Worlds Apart” with works by Catalina Pabón, through Sunday. For more information, visit www.mpk.de • Kaiserslautern, center, Barbarossa fest, today and Saturday (read article on Page 17). • Kaiserslautern, St. Martin’s church (bottom of Steinstrasse), carnival, 10:45 a.m. Sunday. • Mölschbach, village carnival, today to Monday. • Otterberg, village carnival, Sunday. Stores open 1 to 6 p.m. • Mehlbach, village carnival, Sunday. • Bruchmühlbach-Miesau, Glanstrasse, Viking fest with show fights, competitions, food specialities, live music, 2 p.m. Saturday and

11 a.m. Sunday. • Kusel, fall fair with carnival, live music, today to Tuesday. Parade is 3 p.m. Saturday. • Hauptstuhl, village carnival, today to Tuesday. • Mittelbrunn, village carnival, Saturday to Monday. • Kirrweiler, Am Schlossweiher (zip code 67489, south of Neustadt), wineland games and medieval market, Saturday and Sunday. • Neustadt-Haardt, wine carnival, today to Tuesday. • Ilbesheim (west of Landau), wine fest, today to Tuesday. • Bellheim (east of Landau), potato fest, Saturday and Sunday. • Zweibrücken, center and Style Outlets, stores open 1 to 6 p.m. Sunday.

Flea markets

• Kaiserslautern, Pfalz-Center (across from Daenner Kaserne), Saturdays. • Kaiserslautern, Messeplatz fairgrounds, Saturday. • Kaiserslautern, festgrounds near BMW dealer on Merkurstrasse, Saturday and Sept. 13. • Kaiserslautern, Toom Baumarkt, Hohenecker Strasse 10, Fridays. • Mehlingen, former Penny market (Tannenstrasse), 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays. • Homburg, Am Forum (near Rathaus), Saturday. • Grosskarlbach (east of Grünstadt), Bürgerhaus, Sunday. • Bad Dürkheim, Saline (saltworks in Kurpark), 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday.

September 5, 2014

Kaiserslautern American

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Kaiserslautern American

September 5, 2014

SAPI builds camaraderie with free bowling event used for everything. “They can’t approve funds for entertainment, such as (wrestling events) or concert tickets,” Johnson said. “The The Ramstein Community Center program will provide transportation to hosted a free bowling night for sinthese places. If we need to take a bus, gle Airmen Aug. 29 at the Ramstein van or whatever, they will pay to the Bowling Center. single Airmen there.” The event was held as part of the Along with tickets for entertainment, Single Airman Program Initiative preSAPI funds also cannot be used for food Labor Day special. All 30 lanes of the or lodging, but funding can be used for bowling center and shoe rentals were developing life skills and purchasing provided for free from 8 to 11 p.m. equipment. “The free bowling night was used to “Outdoor Recreation has hosted a lot build camaraderie and offer some recof ski trips, and they have a lot of equipreation to the single Airmen here in the Airman 1st Class Benjamin George, 86th Vehicle Readiness Squadron, rolls a bowling ball ment that was purchased for the single Kaiserslautern Military Community,” down a lane Aug. 29 at the Ramstein Bowling Center. George and other Airmen took advan- Airmen,” Johnson said. said Darlene Johnson, 86th Force tage of a free bowling event as part of the Single Airman Program Initiative. Johnson said they have even used Support Squadron Ramstein Community Center said. “We try to target the ages from 18 to 25. We funds to help Airmen offset the cost of getting their director. “We are able to do this through the Single don’t disallow any age group, but that’s the age of certification in the scuba diving class taught at the Airman Program Initiative.” most Airmen in the dorms. We try to pull them out Ramstein Aquatic Center. SAPI is an Air Force initiative, endorsed by the of the dorms and show them some camaraderie. To get other events or classes planned and schedchief master sergeant of the Air Force office, whose Free bowling is just one of those activities we want uled, Airmen only need to think outside of the box goal is to provide force support squadrons with the to offer.” and do some research. resources to foster a strong culture, mission and The funds are provided via the Office of the “The sky’s the limit really,” Johnson said. “It’s sense of community for single Airmen. Secretary of Defense. The Air Force Services agen- just a matter of requesting and justifying whether In order to provide similar events, force support cy, by way of the Air Force Personnel Center it is going to be something the single Airmen can squadrons designate a point of contact to work with Services Directorate, enables force support squad- benefit from not only fun wise but also by broadensingle Airmen to determine their needs and interests rons all over the Air Force to offer events through ing their skills.” and develop programs based on both officer and SAPI. For more information about SAPI, call the enlisted single Airmen’s priorities. Events range from free bowling to cooking class- Ramstein Bowling Center at 480-6600 or 06371“It’s for single Airmen with a capital A,” Johnson es to cultural trips. However, funds aren’t able to be 47-6600. Story and photo by Senior Airman Timothy Moore 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Softball sign-ups

The KMC Ambassadors Baseball and Softball Club is holding sign-ups for the upcoming developmental season from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday in the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center food court. The program is open to all Department of Defense, NATO, DOD civilian and contractor personnel in the KMC. Baseball is available to players ages 10 to 18, and softball is available to players ages 9 to 18. Coaches are also needed, and you don’t need to have a player in the program to participate. For details, call Pamela Fiorito at 480-2032 or email pamela.fiorito@us.af.mil.

Run against cancer

The ninth K-Town Run and Walk against Cancer (5 and 10 kilometers) will take place at 10 a.m. Sunday in Kaiserslautern, Schulzentrum Süd (GPS: Im Stadtwald 2). Registration starts at 8:30 am. The proceeds will benefit the work of “Mom/Dad has Cancer,” which helps children and adolescents whose parents suffer from cancer. There will also be a 1K run for children at 9:45 am. There will be German food, live music and children’s activities. To pre-register, visit www. fck-running.de/lebenslauf/anmeldung. Starting fee is €6 for adults and €3 for children. Volunteers are also needed, especially those who are willing to bake cakes for the event. Volunteers should contact Eva Estornell-Borrull, director of the Counseling Center Kaiserslautern Cancer Society, at 06314147230 or evaestornell@yahoo.de.

Red Ribbon Color Run

Join Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation and the U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz Army Substance Abuse Program as they commit to being drug-free at the 5K color run Oct. 18. Pre-registered runners/walkers may pick up their running kits beginning at 9 a.m. on the day of the run at the spe-

cial events center on Rhine Ordnance Barracks. Day-of registration will take place from 10 to 11:15 a.m. The walkers will begin at 11:30 a.m., followed by the runners at 11:45 a.m. The first 1,000 registered participants will receive a free T-shirt, sunglasses and a bag of color. Other participants are recommended to bring sunglasses for eye protection. Pre-register online at http://redribboncolorrun.questionpro.com. No pets will be allowed at this event. For more information about the color run, visit www.kaiserslautern.armymwr. com.

U.S. ARMY WARRANT OFFICER ASSOCIATION RHEINLAND-PFALZ SILVER CHAPTER 4th Annual Fall Golf Tournament Woodlawn Golf Course, RAB on 12 September 2014 Check-in 0730-0845, Shotgun start at 0900 Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams, Closest to the Hole, Longest Drive and Multiple Drawings. ENTRANCE FEE: Members $55.00 / Non-Members $65.00 (per player). Four man team. Individual players welcome. Price includes green fees, cart, admissions to the driving range and meal. $5 Reduced for First Responders in remembrance of September 11, 2001

For additional information, all payments, and to register your team before 5 Sep 14 contact: CW3 Michael Lennon: michael.a.lennon6.mil@mail.mil DSN: 485-8980 / Com: 06783-6-8980 CW4 Brook Turner: brook.j.turner.mil@mail.mil DSN: 485-8834/ COM: 06783-6-8834

All military ranks/services and civilians welcome to play. Proceeds will go to support the Landstuhl Fisher House.

September 5, 2014

Kaiserslautern American

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NOW SHOWING When the Game Stands Tall (PG) 1:30 p.m., 7:15 p.m. The November Man (R) 11 a.m., 4:30 p.m., 10 p.m. Guardians of the Galaxy 3D (PG-13) 11:30 a.m., 4:45 p.m., 10 p.m. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D (PG-13) 2:15 p.m., 7:30 p.m. Let’s Be Cops (R) 11:15 a.m., 5 p.m., 10:30 p.m. Get On Up (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 5:45 p.m. Into the Storm (PG-13) 2:45 p.m., 9:30 p.m. Step Up All In (PG-13) 2 p.m., 7:45 p.m. SATURDAY When the Game Stands Tall (PG) 1:30 p.m., 7:15 p.m. The November Man (R) 11 a.m., 4:30 p.m., 10 p.m. Guardians of the Galaxy 3D (PG-13) 11:30 a.m., 4:45 p.m., 10 p.m. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D (PG-13) 2:15 p.m., 7:30 p.m. Let’s Be Cops (R) 11:15 a.m., 5 p.m., 10:30 p.m. Get On Up (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 5:45 p.m. Into the Storm (PG-13) 2:45 p.m., 9:30 p.m. Step Up All In (PG-13) 2 p.m., 7:45 p.m. SUNDAY When the Game Stands Tall (PG) 11 a.m., 4:30 p.m. The November Man (R) 1:30 p.m., 7 p.m. Guardians of the Galaxy 3D (PG-13) 1:45 p.m., 7:15 p.m. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3D (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 4:45 p.m. Let’s Be Cops (R) 1:45 p.m., 7 p.m. Get On Up (PG-13) 4 p.m. Into the Storm (PG-13) 11:45 a.m., 7:15 p.m. Step Up All In (PG-13) 11 a.m., 4:15 p.m. MONDAY When the Game Stands Tall (PG) 1:45 p.m., 7:30 p.m. The November Man (R) 11 a.m., 4:30 p.m. Guardians of the Galaxy (PG-13) 11:30 a.m., 5 p.m. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PG-13) 2:15 p.m., 8 p.m. Let’s Be Cops (R) 11:15 a.m., 4:45 p.m. Into the Storm (PG-13) 2 p.m. Step Up All In (PG-13) 7 p.m. TUESDAY When the Game Stands Tall (PG) 11 a.m., 4:30 p.m. The November Man (R) 1:45 p.m., 7:45 p.m. Guardians of the Galaxy (PG-13) 2:15 p.m., 7:45 p.m. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PG-13) 11:30 a.m., 5 p.m. Let’s Be Cops (R) 2 p.m., 7:30 p.m. Into the Storm (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 4:45 p.m. WEDNESDAY When the Game Stands Tall (PG) 1:45 p.m., 7:45 p.m. The November Man (R) 11 a.m., 4:30 p.m. Guardians of the Galaxy (PG-13) 11:30 a.m., 5 p.m. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PG-13) 2:15 p.m., 8 p.m. Let’s Be Cops (R) 11:15 a.m., 4:45 p.m. Into the Storm (PG-13) 2 p.m., 7:30 p.m. THURSDAY When the Game Stands Tall (PG) 11 a.m., 4:30 p.m. The November Man (R) 1:45 p.m., 7:45 p.m. Guardians of the Galaxy (PG-13) 2:15 p.m., 7:45 p.m. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (PG-13) 11:30 a.m., 5 p.m. Let’s Be Cops (R) 2 p.m., 7:30 p.m. Into the Storm (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 4:45 p.m. FRIDAY

The November Man Code named “The November Man,” Peter Devereaux is a lethal and highly trained ex-CIA agent, who has been enjoying a quiet life in Switzerland. When Devereaux is lured out of retirement for one last mission, he must protect valuable witness Alice Fournier. He soon uncovers that this assignment marks him a target of his former friend and CIA protege David Mason. With growing suspicions of a mole in the agency, there is no one Devereaux can trust, no rules and no holds barred.

The November Man

For a schedule that may be more up to date, visit the KA online at www.kaiserslauternamerican.com.

Grace Studio

Dance Body & Mind German lessons www.grace-studio.org

Weilerbacher Str. 110 67661 KL - Einsiedlerhof

Ramstein-Süd Ram R Rams Ra am ams am ms stte tein tei eiin ein e in-Sü -Süd -S Sü Süd S üd / L üd Landstuhl and an ands a nd n nds ds d stu stuhl tuh ttuhl uh uhl u hl

to a 151-game winning streak that shattered all records for any American sport. Starring James Alexander Ludwig

Starring Pierce Brosnan and Olga Kurylenko When the Game Stands Tall Inspired by a true story, “When the Game Stands Tall” tells the remarkable journey of legendary football coach Bob Ladouceur, who took the De La Salle High School Spartans from obscurity



Into the Storm In the span of a single day, the town of Silverton is ravaged by an unprecedented onslaught of tornadoes. Most people seek shelter, while others run toward the vortex, testing how far a storm chaser will go for that once-in-a-lifetime shot. Starring Richard Armitage and Sarah Wayne Callies

Puzzle courtesy of http://thinks.com/

ACROSS 1 Stunt 9 Pundits 15 Restrained 16 Pick 17 Meant 18 Large wasp 19 “Vertigo” star 20 Baggage handler 21 Make a mosaic 23 Makes up 27 “”Dies ___”” 28 Circumvent 29 Horticulturist 34 “Dracula” author Stoker 35 Cartridge filler 36 Design style, informally 37 Run through 40 Felis, canis, etc 42 Fountain drink 43 Warning, old-style 44 Refrain from childish behaviour 48 Native New Zealanders 49 Pro wrestling combination 54 Frasier senior 55 Personification of the French Republic 56 Finally 57 Unspoiled 58 Commercial area of Venice 59 Implied DOWN 1 Sister of Ares 2 Shipped out 3 Allude to 4 Again 5 Roman household gods 6 Speech 7 Some legislatures 8 Finale 9 Academic type 10 Like fingerprints 11 Cardiologist’s concern 12 Noted Impressionist 13 Rhone tributary

14 Harden 20 Malaysian state 22 Official seals 23 E.g. e.g. 24 Phoenician seaport 25 Fish with scarlet fins 26 Appellation 30 “Giant” author Ferber 31 Not e’en once 32 Linen hue 33 Be a gadabout 35 Dots in the ocean 38 Casanova, for one 39 Encountered 40 Pioneer cosmonaut 41 Gray, for one 44 Cremona craftsman 45 “Cheers” waitress 46 Absolute 47 Arcade game pioneer 50 London art gallery 51 City near Tulsa 52 Ballerina Pavlova 53 Suitable 54 Blemish 55 Speed measure


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Kaiserslautern American

September 5, 2014

All ads are displayed online!

Take a look at the website to see if your favorite item is listed with photos!


• UNLIMITED, FREE private ads with photos • Available 24/7 • Online & in print

Questions? Please call AdvantiPro at 0631• 30 33 55 31 AdvantiPro GmbH takes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any of the products and services advertised in the KA. Readers are responsible for checking the prices, qualifications, warranty and any other factor that might help decide whether to do business with an individual or company advertising herein.

No finder’s fee


• Inland and foreign moves • Business and building moves • Delivery and assembling of new furniture and fittings • Packing • Furniture Storage

… international moves since 1880 06 31 / 3 57 32-0 www.umzuege-sander.de

Houses near Ramstein for rent From 1,600 up to 3,200 Sq Feet From 3 up 6 bedrooms From 1,025.00 up to 2,200.00 € Monthly rent + util. Tel. 0173/2605037 (Mrs.Nagel)


Real Estate Center In Kaiserslautern

All ads and pics on class-world.com

!!!! Apt 146sqm 15min to RAB or 20min to LRMC 3BR 1.5bath liv rm din rm BIK storage 2 parkspots 2balc laminated €900 + utl Tel. 06383-1885 or 015121067892 !!!!A must see apt, Weltersbach 5min RAB, 2BR, 118sqm + 14sqm laundry + spare rm= a total of 132sqm. BIK, din/livrm, bathrm, parking area, partl. furn, no pets, €650 + util. 2months deposit av now 06371-952395 or 0174-3028999

We will help to find you a house and offer you our full service during the complete rental or buying period.

Dream job: Real Estate Agent -we have room in our office.

Excl. 4BDR-2Floor app. Big garden, very quiet, near RAB, BIK, open-fire, garage, free now, no pets, rent €1820. Tel: 01789187640

2Apts in Otterberg.110sqm, livrm, bik, 2BR, bath, blacony, parksp, basement, €680+util. Apt 90sqm, livrm, 2BR, bath, bik, €540+util. Avail now. 06301-5956

Exclusive big new apt in Kreimbach-Kaulbach, 160sqm, 20min to RAB, ground flr, 4BR, 1.5baths, BIK, pets welcome. 015154607136 / 015143457009

Apt 135sqm 5rms BIK 2baths 2balc garage 1park spot gas heating near A62 in Schellweiler €960+util 06381-6909 or 01606672516

Hütschenhausen, apt. 83 sqm, 3 rooms, BIK, foot floor heating, big balcony, parking place, €500+until, 0162-2359183, Kindsbach, apt, very good location 5min to RAB, LRMC, Vogelweh, approx 95sqm, 2BR, 1.5bath, storagerm, BIK, liv/ dinrm, balc, €700+util. Tel:06371499005 or 01775409677

Robert-Bosch-Str. 10 2 **Mehlingen lrg apt, 120sqm Apt in Ramstein Miesenbach KL-Hohenecken, 115sqm, bedr., combined liv&dinrm, BIK, 2 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach 2BR, liv/dinrm, brand new BIK,

06371-92 88 406

American Housing Referral & Relocati Relocation Office

Pointing You in the Right Direction

PCSing is stressful enough. Relax. We’ll take it from here.

2BR BIK 1,5bath storage rm base1.5baths, utilrm, part furn, lrg log- ment rm big patio 96sqm no pets bath, parking, yard, €800+util gia, garden, SAT/AFN, flr heating, € 650 Avail now Call 06371-52674 0176-22204423 or 0176-22201641 parking spot, €695, Call: 06303- or 0151-56108170 6691 or 0176-70501800 Nice appartment, €450, 0173 3288104 matth-becker@t-onli Apt in Ramstein-Miesenbach, *3BR APT in Baalborn modern ne.de, Landstuhl-Atzel 2min Waldstr. 43 quiet area, livrm, 5min to Sembach or Panzer Kas, RMCL 84m², 2Bedrooms, 1 Living/ 115sqm, floorh., liv+din rm, BIK, dinrm, 3BR, bik, 1.5bath, storm, Dining Room, 1,5 bath, bik, 1.5 bath, SAT+DSL, lrg Terrace, basem, big terrace w/green area, 1Basem, 1 Parking-spot Avail: Carport, €790+util, Ph:0179- 2car parks, 130sqm liv space, no 15.Sep, 450€ rent dogs. €850+util+1month deposit. 2326563 Avail 1 Oct. 06371-465992 Otterberg, 67697, Im Althütterhof *KL-Dansenberg/15min RAB, Nice apt, 115sqm 2BR big liv/din Apt in Ulmet, 10km to Autobahn, 11; apt 150sqm BIK liv/din rm SAT-TV/internet op firepl BIK pan- nice apt with recreational activi- bath extra WC 3BR balcony storatry 1.5bath garage yard 2 terr ties and restaurants.2 BR, BIK, 2 ge tiled+heated floors garage no lrg livrm with din area, 2baths pets €960+utl incl. garage Call: €780+utl av now 0177-7645226 (one shower, one bathtub), stora- 06301-2911 germ, park spot, SAT TV, oil heating, smoke detector, fiberglass inRamstein, 2bedr, 1liv, 1bath, ternet, firplace and lrg panaramic BIK, basement, 74sqm, 450€ + windows leading towards the terutil 150€ + carport €20, Tel. race(insulation glazing) lrg terrace, Visit our website for success at 06371-57871 balc, pets welcome, www.petras-homecompany.de €1170+€350util+one month rent or call us at 06385-99 38 70 deposit, email: WUP.Zimmer Schönenberg, nice apartment, or 0171-2 03 82 70 mann@gmail.com or 0171- 154sqm, 2bedroom, big liv/diningroom, BIK, shower and bathtub, 7770411 storage, basement, car parking Apt new 120m² Obermohr 5km place €950 + util., 01714269249, RAB 3BR L/Drm bik bath wc balc gar no pets €760+ut T.06371- Single apt, 90sqm, terrace, 1BR, 50747 (0171-8365132) kitchen w/ liv/din area, bath, base-

Looking for a home?

Pointing You in the Right Direction Call or email for an appointment today!

American Housing Referral & Relocation Office

*Landstuhl City, 88sqm, 2-level Furn Apt BIK liv/dinrm 1BR w/ kingbed 2bath prkng & stor quiet area 10min RAB & 5min LRMC, 06371-3744/0176-60020851

Apt in KL-Morlautern new area new house 3BR liv/din rm open fireplace kitchen w/dishwasher big !!Weilerbach 5BR liv/din rm patio bathrm w/whirlpool + 1/2 140sqm 2stories BIK 1.5bath stor bath storage rm garage garage €980 + utl + 1mo dep Call: €1050+util (€40 for garage) 06310175-7709141 3709895 or 0176-61341509

Call us first!!!

AKM GmbH Denisstr. 22, 67663 KL Tel: 06 31 / 4 14 08 88-0 realestatecenter-kl@remax.de www.remax-suedwest.de/realestatecenter


Kaiserstraße 1 67661 Kaiserslautern

0631 750 176 28 0631 750 176 37 @ info@ahrro.com

Our office is located inside Pentagon Car Sales.

Find us on Facebook Facebook.com/AHRROGermany

Check out the

REAL ESTATE section on


Apt. 101 sqm, very bright, 2 bedrooms, 1 walk in closet, 1 bathr.w/tub and sep. shower, 1 extra toilet, large balcony, no pets, €650+util.pl. call Mrs Schneider 06371-945364 Comf apt 135sqm lg liv/din rm 2BR BIK pantry 1.5 baths big stor rm in basem terrace parking place 15min to Sembach 30min to RAB Call 0174-1665956, for pics send an email to helli30@aol.com I will answer!

ment. €540+util. 06841-71523 or mgbernd@schlaucom.de or 01633505337 Apt KL-Sembach, 90sqm, 2BR, livrm, new bik w/ dishw, balcony, basement, yard. €460+util. 063033389 Weilerbach 2BR liv/dinrm BIK bath storagerm basem carpk balc floor heating 120sqm livsp €750+util avail now. Tel 01792448400

September 5, 2014

Kaiserslautern American

20 mins. to LRMC - Newer, FSH with 3 Bedrm, 1.5 Bath, living/dining area, large built-in kitchen, All ads and pics on class-world.com hobby rm w/fireplace, garden & dbl garage. Rent is 1290 Euro + !!! Townhouse in Kusel, liv sp util. Finder's fee 1 month rent. Do141sqm, fully furn, 20 min to RAB. ris Drewlow Immobilien, 063710176-23404388 or 06371-60351 5940059


!!!! Modern row house in Queidersbach, 182 sqm, BIK, 3 BR, 2 bath, parking place and garage, Housing approved, 1300 € + util, 0178-1665412 !!!360sqm Lux. small Castle, Obernheim (Landstuhl school) 7BR 4bath 2liv/din sauna 938sqm lot 2300€ +utl + dbl gar, 0157/ 74285394 housing appr !!!Duplex 20 min to RAB, LRMC and Baumholder, 5 bedroom, brandnew builtin kitchen, 2 bath, big Living-Dining Aerea, floorheat, fenced Yard with gardenhouse, Rent 997,00 Euro + Utilities pls. call 06371 15113 or 06383 9289015

Beautiful FSH. SchoenenbergKubelberg, Ramstein School District. Approx 170sqm. 3 or 4 Bedrooms, 2.5 Baths, Fenced Yard, Finished Basement, Ceiling Fans, Garden House, Garage, BIK, AFN/ Satellite Ready, Must See. Rent 1450euro/month (negotiable) plus utilities. Pet negotiable. Email con5min to Vogelweh, KL-Siegel- tact only: pbjprops@aol.com bach. Nice townhouse, 158sqm, 3BR, 1liv-dinrm.1, bik, 1 3/4bath, Beautiful, luxury house, Bruch2storragerm, attic, fenced yard. muehlbach, 5 br, 3 bath, floorhe€1075+util. Please call: 06301- at, gar, yard, prime location E 2180,-; pics avail.Mackenbach: 5 719565, mobil 0172-6785550 br, 236 sqm dpl. 4-bath, floorh, gar, fenced yard E 1720,-; JR Re15min RAB, 250sqm, FloorH, alty - reduced fee - ph: 063715BR, 3BA, GAR, BLK, BIG LR, 71756 or jfr46@outlook.com VDSL, €1775 wa@arcor.de 015234028467 Bechhofen Tannenweg 13, 15 Beautiful freest. house in Oberstaufenbach, 221 sqm, 6 br, 2,5 bath, gar, 600 sqm fenced yard, 225.000,- E. JR Realty ph: 06371-71756 or jfr46@out look.com

200sqm House Heiligenmoschel 4BR 1liv/dinrm BIK stor 2.5bath 1balc 2garage parking space, €1000 +util Herr Leppla avail now 06363-250 speaks english

Dancing over 30

METAXA GREEK Am Lanzenbusch 1, 66877 Ramstein

Tel.: 0 63 71 - 4 06 96 58


min to Ramstein, no through traffic, silent, excellent view, 210 SQM, 3 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, 7 rooms, oil heating, carport, ( no pets ), €1445 + util, Alois Staub 01743224289 or 06841758036, staub.ad@t-online.de

Mon ndayy Open Mic with Keith (every other Monday) Tueesdayy Heineken and Jaegermeister € 2,00 Tu T Wed dnesd day Quiz Night 8:30 p.m. on Thu Th ursdaay Karaoke 9 p.m. on Frid day or Saaturrday Live Music Fr Su Sunday Live Sport Shows


Live Music Declan Daly, 10 p.m.

Mon. - Thu. 4 p.m. - 1 a.m., Fri. 4 p.m. - 3 a.m. M Saturday S 1 p.m. - 3 a.m., Sunday 1 p.m. - 12 a.m.

S Steinstr. 19 • 67657 KL FFussgänger Zone • Parking Garage on Salzstr.r.

All You Can Eat Barbecue Buffet

Brauhaus am Markt n iserslauter SStiftsplatz 2-3 · 67655 Ka

SPECIALS il a t k c o C starting at 7 p.m.

Tue, Thu & Sun from 6 – 10 pm €14.95 per person

Sunday Brunch Sun from 11 – 2 pm €18.90 per person

Biergarten is now open!

Hotel · Restaurant · Café Party hall · Bistro · Beer garden

Hotel Restaurant Krone Owner: Gabriele Demerath

Rathausstr. 6 • 66450 Bexbach www.hotel-haus-krone.de 0 68 26 – 92 140 info@hotel-haus-krone.de




A6 exit KL-Einsiedlerhof Weilerbacher Str. 110

Mon: Mojito

Tue: Caipirinha

Wed: Strawberry Daiquiri

Thu: Cocktail evening

only 3€

only 3€

only 3€


We accept US Dollars!

We offer the best rates!

food specials yet? Do you know about our s! rauhauskl for more special m/b k.co Please visit faceboo

FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS Martin-Luther-Str. 8 | K-Town www.filou-kaiserslautern.de

Couthrysite house, in Oberarnbach 3 BDRM 10min to RAB €1100 +Utilities Phon: 06371495880 or 017646618742

fformerly Thursty Nelly’s • Under new Management!

140qm Duplex in Weltersbach, 4 Bedroom, back yard, 2 Parkingplace, Kitchen, 2 Bath, livingroom, and Basement €1.130,00, Tel: 0162 9305415 15 mins to LRMC - FSH with 4 Bedrms, 2.5 Bathrms, Large living rm, dining rm, big built-in kitchen, walk-in closet, large balcony, patio, garage & garden, near the woods. Landstuhl school. Rent is 1380 + util. No finder's fee!! Doris Drewlow Immobilien 063715940059

66862 Kindsbach, Hirtenpfad 76b, duplex, 163 sqm, carport, yard. 1140€ + util + deposit. 06371-70527

Opening Hours: Mon, Wed-Sun 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. & 5 p.m. - 11 p.m. Tues closed, Sat 5 p.m. - 11 p.m. • Dollars and Euros accepted

!!Nice house for rent in Jettenbach. 6 BR. 2,5bath, livingrm w/ open fire pl, dinrm, bik, 2 storagerms, laundryrm, balcony, garden, 207sqm, ramstein school distr, 15min to RAB, avail. now, €1530.Call 0160-744 1473 *Ramstein school dist. House, 220sqm, 1200sqm property, terrace, family rm, dinrm, BIK, laundry, 2full baths, 4BR, private patio area in the back. Very quiet area, 6miles to RAB westgate, kids and pets welcomed. €1600 +util. w/option to buy. Avail now. Call Owner 06364-175436

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* all you can eat

+ 2 for 1

° half price


br Tel. 0631 - 61944 • www.

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Kaiserslautern American Your community, your website.

militaryingermany.com The best Pizza & Salads in the KMC area

DELIVERY TO ALL BASES AND HOSPITAL FAMILY FRIENDLY RESTAURANT 10 years serving the military community! SPECIAL LUNCH w. salad & bread

Spaghetti with meat balls or Lasagne € 6.-


Am Fleischackerloch 66849 Landstuhl (across from Kaufland)



Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:00 - 15:00 17:00 - 24:00 Sat & Sun 11:00 - 24:00

Parking available



HOUSES FOR RENT All ads and pics on class-world.com

Brand New FSH near Ramstein Air Base, 280 m², 5 BR, 3 Baths, BIK, Liv/Din-Area, Garage, Pets allowed, Avail: Sept. 1, Rent: €2150 + util. Reduced Fee! For more information please contact G.I. Bill Pay Service & Real Estate: 06371465407 or 0160-1065196 or ram stein@gibillpay.com.For further listings please view our website http://www.gibillpay.com/reale state

September 5, 2014 DPLX med size dog or cat allowed, 20min to RAB (Altenglan), RAM school, 138sqm, 3bdr, 2 bath, large livingr, large kitchen (in-built), pantry, storage rooms, fast internet, satelite dish, carport, open parking, small lawn, gas heating, no finders fee, rent €950 plus ut (40 pp/month for water/garbage), 0651 180749, julia neklein.trier@googlemail.com Duplex in 66919 Weselberg 10min to LRMC and A62, 130sqm 3BR 1.5baths, attic, garage, terrace w/small yard €980+util, 01717859082 or 06363-5481



(Mon-Sat starting 12:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.) €7,80 per person & €4,90 for kids


(daily from 6:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.) Mon-Thu: €13,90 per person & €7,90 for kids Fri-Sun and holidays: €14,80 per person & €8,90 for kids Hours: Mon-Sun 11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. and 5:30 – 11:30 p.m. Mainzer Strasse 105 • 67657 Kaiserslautern

Tel.: 06 31-36 15 188 / 36 15 177 • www.asia-kl.de

We have been to Primavera twice and both times we loved it. We have been in this area for many, many years and we enjoyed the ambiance, food and service. We will continue to visit this restaurant. Linda Rocha Mendoza Thank you: Primavera for the perfect service yesterday at our weeding party. We will recommend you also to our people. Guido and Michaela. De Belgian Bistro

Duplex in Obermohr, 5Br, 225sqm, bik, hobby room, garage, terrace, fast internet.€1635 + util.06371-1809527,015254266917 / nina-viktor.lindt@ web.de Enkenbach-Alsenborn Detached House, €1200, 2-story, 3-bed, 2bath, garden, fenced front yard, attached garage, sun room, party room, 1200 sq.ft. 10 min to Kleber/Sembach, 25 min to Ramstein. Call Brian @ 01746510014 First occupancy!!! FSH in Mackenbach 5 min to RAB, 240 m², 4BR 3BA, €2200, 06371 62256 FSH, 16km to Ktown, 210m², perfect for large family, 6BR, BIK, lrg liv/dinrm, 2.5bath, basem w/ laundryrm, park spot, 500m² garden, pets are welcome, separate workshop next to the house €1350 +utl + dep 06322-600403 or 01705723212 House 11,72km from KMC, built in 1997. 207 m², 2stories, 6 BDR, master BDR w/ closet and 2,5 baths, bik. Livrm and master BDR have acces to big terrace. Second bik in the partyroom, an office and a hobbyrm. Call Frau Hertzler 063016081106 or 017659790010 House for Rent, €800,00, Steinalben, 24 min to RAB, 110 sqm, 3 BR w/balcony, 1.5 bath, LIV-RM w/fireplace, DIN-RM, BIK, basement, garage, ceramic tile throughout, SAT-TV, backyard, no pets please, A must see! 015228483802 Luxury house 5 bdrs Otterbach, €1350,0176-55029336 or mail: mho11@web.de,

September 5, 2014

Kaiserslautern American

HOUSES FOR RENT All ads and pics on class-world.com

House for rent, 130sqm, 3 bedrooms, fitted kitchen, bathroom, guest wc, garden small balcony, energy-matching, registered by housing, 650€, 063854150224, cor nelia.molter@hotmail.com,

House in Country near Winnweiler 5BR, BIK, plus storage & utility room. DBL garage, floor heating and Fireplace 260sqm 5 min. to Autobahn €1700+Util. Avail now 017623363020 leave message.

Large nice Farmhouse in 66904 Brücken, House with 3 floors:230 square-meters, 4-6 bedr., 2 bathr, 1 built-in-k., livingr., diningr., storager., new big balkony.300qm area behind the house. In front 4 parking-places.Bakery, Butcher, Ice-cream-shop... €1670, 017661306300/reachable at 6.30 pm, Friday-Sunday all day.or Email: christa-dahl61@t-online.de Lots of space with double garage and large fenced yard for kids and pets.06371-945222 kapourellus@ aol.com

Mittelbrunn: nice freestanding house, 6 bedr., 2 1/2 bath, livingdiningrm. built-in-kit., garage, yard, basement, 2.250,-- € + util www.agra-immobilien.de 0637157656 Nanzdietschweiler, Hügelstr. 4a: 290sqm liv space 8BR 3baths BIK liv/dinrm carport €1500+utl 063726964 or 0175-2480414 Near Ramstein, Pretty House128qm, big Kitchen, laundry, living and Dining r., toilet, big bathroom, 4 Bedrooms, Garage, Attic, nice view, new renovated, no pets €960, call me 015776429915

Low Energy Townhouse in KLHohenecken 2miles from Vogeweh4 Bedrooms 2,5 Bath Nice Duplex-Half 4 km to RAB, yard 2 Carport Castleview 1125.- 175 m²,5 BR, 2.5 Baths, BIK, Liv/ Din-Area, Storage, Basement, € Call Lisa 0157-31441334 Carport, Yard, Patio, Balcony, Mackenbach, duplex 180sqm, 3 Pets neg., Avail: September 1, bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, BIK, Rent: 1315 Euro + util.Reduced fireplace, walk-in closet, huge stu- Fee! For more information please dio loft, patio+ yard, garage, € contact G.I. Bill Pay Service & Re1370+ut. Av. 08. Sept. Call 0172/ al Estate: 06371-465407 or 01606642692 or info@kka-immobili 1065196 or ramstein@gibill en.de pay.com.For further listings pleaMehlingen, townhouse, 168sqm, se view our website http://www.gi 3BR, liv/dinrm, BIK, 80sqm gar- billpay.com/realestate

House in Herschberg rent by owner 1470,00€ + util., 215sqm, 5 bedr., large yard, storage in- and outside, quiet area, call Heike: 0157-70230062 House in Kusel! 15min to RAB, 110sqm livspace: 2BR, livrm, dinrm, BIK, bath, guest WC, storagerm, all at ground level. 850sqm property w/ yard and terrace. New renovated. Partly furnished. Please no smokers! €650+util. Contact 06381/8862 or 0177/ 3378967 den, 35sqm, terrace, basement, Queidersbach, 6BR, duplex, gaHouse in Schwedelbach, 3miles room for 2 cars, housing appr. rage, 3baths, patio, €1680+util. to airbase, 140sqm, 4BR, livrm, €1180+util. 0176-22201641 Immo T. 016096096498 2baths, kitchen w/electric appliances, basement, €950+util. Phone: 06304-919272 House Kottweiler-Schwanden, 160sqm, 3BR, spacious livrm, w/ open firepl., garage, BIK, pets welcome €950+util. 06371-51952 House With Big Sunny Orchard, €1100 +util., 2 bathrooms, 5 bedrooms, bik, living, dining, basement, sauna, ready to move in. 10 min to RAB east gate or Vogelweh, bus stop 300yds. klaus@kjun kermann.de or 0631351630, ask for Hilde Hütschenhausen: Freestanding brandnew exclusive 5 bedr., 2 ½ bath, living-diningrm., open-fireplace, built-in-kit., double garage, yard, 3.000,-- € + util www.agraimmobilien.de 06371-57656 Kaiserslautern city, Rowhouse, 145sqm, open flr plan, liv/dinrm, BIK, 1full bath, guest bath, 4BR, park spot, terr, no pets. Avail now. €1050+uti. Tel: 015251845653 Kaiserslautern: Duplex 4 bedr., 2 ½ bath, living-diningrm., built-inkit., yard, patio, 1.730,--€ + util www.agra-immobilien.de 0637157656 Katzenbach (5 min to RAB) lovely renovated farmhouse, 7BR, 260sqm, €1.950, NoFinders Fee!!! call 0637162256 Krickenbach: duplex 3 bedr., 1 ½ bath, living-diningrm., built-in-kit., garage, patio, yard, 1.040,-€ + util no finders fee, www.agra-immobili en.de 06371-57656

the best party in the area with DJ’s Every Friday or live 1€ = 1 $ music

We have a pool table, darts and table soccer! Danzigerstr. 12 Open Fri + Sat from 10 pm


We accept dollars, no credit cards, only

Like us on Facebook music cafe weilerbach

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Monday to Friday Lunch Buffet €12,50

with soft drinks and Nan bread. Refill drinks free.

Our Dollar rate: 1€=0,80$

Weilerbacher Str. 85 | 67661 Kaiserslautern | Tel: 06 31 - 350 25 40 Mon-Fri 11 am - 2 pm & 5 - 10 pm, Sat 2 - 10 pm, Sun 4 - 10 pm

Enj beaoy ou BEE r R G utiful AR DEN

Quick Lunch 10,-Q

((Roast R pork with dumplings & red cabbage, Schnitzel variations, Cordon b Bleu, Schnitzel Sandwich, Goulash w. Spätzle), complimentary bread, butter & tap water - Mon-Fri 1100 - 1400

Celebrate your party with us: C Room for up to 130 people in charming R llocation...

Hotel rooms/luxury TLA H apartments a with kitchen

Tel. T l 0631 0631-56041 56041 Schlossstr. 1 • Kaiserslautern-Hohenecken (10 mins from Vogelweh) www.burgschaenke-kl.de • Credit cards • Free parking • Barrier-free entrance

NEW in Weilerbach Chicken Wings, Burgers and more LIVE Sport Shows on Football, Golf, Tennis and Formula 1 on big screen!

Open Tue - Fri from 5 pm Sat from 2 pm + Sun from 10 am

Like us on Facebook Sportheim Libero




Gaststätte Libero Falltor 43 67685 Weilerbach

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Kaiserslautern American

WALSH AGENCY www.walsh-adac.com

Read your newspaper online: www.kaiserslauternamerican.com




Kaiserstr. 6, KL-Einsiedlerhof Tel. & Fax: 0631 • 57750

located on B40 across ”Nick’s Fried Chicken“

HOUSES FOR RENT All ads and pics on class-world.com


Nice FSH in Ramstein-Miesenbach, 245 m², 5 BR, 2.5 Baths, Liv/Din Area, BIK, Basement, DouFor FREE rate request, contact us at: Yard, No pets, ktown@atlantictrust.de • Tel. 0631 - 351 70 19 ble-Garage, Avail:Now, Rent: 1850 Euro + SPECIALIZED IN MILITARY MOVES WORLD-WIDE util.Reduced Fee! For more information please contact G.I. Bill Pay Service & Real Estate: 06371465407 or 0160-1065196 or ram stein@gibillpay.com . For further listings please view our website www.gibillpay.com/realestate Ship Cars / Containers to or from USA


Hauptstr. 6 • 67734 Katzweiler

Dealership Body Repair + Paint

We repair all makes and models • Engine tuning • Tires/Tire service • AC service/repair • Body Work • Brake-, Clutch-, Muffler Service & more...

New built luxury duplex in 67661 Breitenau (67705 Stelzenberg), first occupancy, high class equipment., €1995 monthly. 4 bedroom, walk-in closet in master bedroom, large living room, built in kitchen (high class equipment including large side-by-side refrigerator), 2.5 bathroom (high class equipment), huge habitable basement with large hobby room, guest room including bathroom. High efficiency house with low heating cost due to modern residential air compression heating system and excellent thermal insulation.Large yard with great view to a large green area behind the house. Walk through available by appointment. (Call 015788093673) E-Mail: simal1@hot mail.de

Nice FSH in Sippersfeld, close to Sembach, 265sqm, 4BR, 2 1/2 bath, sauna, jacuzzi, lrg WI closet, open fire pl, garage & car port, fencedin yard, BIK. Avail mid-Oct, Nice House in Weselberg, 10min Eng speaking.€1,500. Call 06357- RAB 5min LRMC 180sqm 4BR 1249 new 2baths guest WC BIK lrg open liv/dinrm, lrg terr & lrg garQueidersbach, 300sqm, 6BR, den carport. €1100+util. Call: 4bath, open firepl, garage, €1900. 06307-1272 / 0151-19469063 / Immo T. 016096096498 0160-95132448


CAR REPAIR Tel : 06301 Tel.: 06301-1355 1355 Mail: m.henn@toyota-henn.de Web: toyota-partner.de/henn-katzweiler

September 5, 2014






Ahrens Agency

Profes Servic sional e at fa ir rates!


Nice FSH in Steinbach am Glan, 15 km to RAB, 162 m²,3 BR, 1.75 Baths, Liv/Din-Room, BIK, Yard, Patio, Pets allowed, Avail: Now, Rent: 1170 Euro + util.Reduced Fee!For more information please contact G.I. Bill Pay Service & Real Estate: 06371-465407 or 01601065196 or ramstein@gibill pay.com .For further listings please view our website www.gibill pay.com/realestate

No finders fee! New 1fam house in Steinbach a. Glan, 200sqm livsp, 3BR, Bik, 2bath, liv/dinrm, caport, floorheat., eletr shutters, school distr. Ramstein. €1500+util. 0160-96284596 Obernheim-Kirchenarnbach (auf ot neumühle) freestanding house 3/4BR, 2baths, yard, balc, kids and pets ok, €1100+util. 015110645546 Queidersbach, 4BDR, 210sqm duplex, garage, open firepl, patio, yard. €1490. Immo T. 016096096498 Queidersbach: freestanding 4 bedr., 2 ½ bath, living-diningrm., studio, office, built-in-kit., yard, patio, garage, carport 1.280,--€ + util www.agra-immobilien.de 06371-57656 Ramstein: duplex 4 bedr., 2 bath, living-diningrm., open fire-place, built-in-kit., garage, balcony, yard, 1.535,--€ + util www.agra-Im mobilien.de 06371-57656 Ramstein: Duplex 4 bedr., 3 bath, built-in-kit., living-diningrm, balcony, garage, yard, 1.170,-- + util www.agra-immobilien.de 06371-57656 Ramstein: freestanding 5 bedr., 2 ½ bath, living-diningrm. with open-fire-place, built-in-kit., garage, yard, 2.400,-- € + util no finders fee www.agra-immobilien.de 06371-57656

Bahnstraße 98 • 66849 Landstuhl • Tel. 06371-150 61

Reichenbach - Steegen, duplex, 6 bedr., 2,5 baths, bik, 235sqm, garage, €1380+util 017652410130 or 017652431592 Schönenberg: Town house, 4 bedr., 2,5 bath, open floor plan (living/dining/kitchen), garage, low energy costs, € 1.100,-- + util., verbrauchsorientierter Energieausweis, Endenergieverbrauch 40,6 kWh/(m² a), Heizung: Erdgas, Gebäudebaujahr 2002, Energieeffizienzklasse A, I.B.u.Immobilienservice Thomas Sourißeaux 06374 995 694 Thomas.sx@t-online.de

Special Tax Free PCS Rates (with VAT form) 1 week from €130 or €140* 1 month from €330 or €390* * selected models only

Schopp, large cozy family house, 291sqm, 6BR, 4bath, balc, wintergarten, garden, gardenhouse & carport, BIK, €2183+util. 063076922 or 0151-12216678 Schwedelbach new built 2007 for sale also for rent duplex 224sqm BIK garden balcony terrace €1650+utl 0175-1559648 only ger spk, 0152-21615388 egl spk



Sembach, nice Townhouse, 180qm, 4bedr, liv.-din., bik, 1 ½ bath, balcony, terrace, elec. garage, free Sept. 20. No finders fee (privat) Rent: €1125+util, Mobil: 0171 5272027 Ph. 06301-1641, email: Anspach-Olfers@t-online.de www.immobilien-anspach-ol fers.de Spesbach: duplex 5 bedr., 4 bath, built-in-kit., living-dingrm., patio, yard, fenced yard, 1.840,-€ + util www.agra-immobilien.de 06371-57656

September 5, 2014

HOUSES FOR RENT All ads and pics on class-world.com

This house will make you very happy! Can't get better!, €2600, er winweissmantel@aol.com, Weilerbach: Duplex, 4 bedr., 2 bath, garage, low ernergy costs, € 1.430,-- + util. Verbrauchsorientierter Energieausweis, Endenergieverbrauch 58,4 kWh/(m² a), Heizung: Nahwärme Heizwerk reg. und fossil, Gebäudebaujahr 2007, Energieeffizienzklasse B, I.B.u.Immobilienservice Thomas Sourißeaux 06374 995 694 Tho mas.sx@t-online.de

HOUSES/APTS FOR SALE All ads and pics on class-world.com

Exclusive Alpine House for sale by Owner, €249,000, 4 bedrooms, huge 3-4 car garage, 2 bathrooms, custom built house and fireplace, walk in closet master bedroom, landscaped 880 sq meter yard with rock garden. A must see! No relator fee.schifferskim@ gmail.com, or call 01709321604. House For Sale, €190,000 obo, christa@merwitz.de 01785267103, Hauptstr.24 66882 Altenglan-Patersbach. House 180 m² Lot Approx. 4000 m²

Kaiserslautern American Apt / TLA close to RAB & LRMC fully furn wshr/dryer, TV, internet oppt. Long term rental possib. Avail Oct 1. €25/day / €650 mnth 0178-3492565

1996 BMW 735i, $3000, Used as daily commuter. Just passed inspection, German spec, automatic, leather interior, heated seats, six disc changer, navigation option (no disc), premium sound sysBeautiful TLA House, www.beauti tem (10” sub woofer);(49) 01515 ful-tlf.jimdo.com, 5min to RAB, 740 4928 4bedr, fullyfurnished, 0176/ 39755130, beautiful-tlf@web.de 2000 Volvo S80, $4,500.00, excel Landstuhl: 5***** Apartment, Apt sior.grad@gmail.com, Great engiNo. 2, perfectly located and furnis- ne, AC, 5-spd, CD player, very hed Whirlpool, Steamshower, Dol- good condition and highly reliaby Surround, Boxspring beds ble. Two sets of tires. German www.ferienwohnungen-pech specs. Call Ed 0176-4041-4033. tel.de €100 info@ferienwohnun gen-pechtel.de


Call us now: 0 63 71 - 70 182

All ads and pics on class-world.com

uttiion Allll--iin--oone--ssollu

Landstuhl, 500sqm hall, with offices, w/ open plan for selling and 2500sqm fenced in property for parking for rent. Ideal for churches or selling, €2500 monthly. 0171-7776544 or (06371-71523 from 8pm).

Bodywork / Paintjobs

Repairs of all makes and models

Towing Service Muffler Service A/C Service Tire Service Tune ups

Break Service Detailing Rental Cars / Trucks

Opening Open Op enin en in ng ho hour hours: urs: urs: ur s: Mo-Fri: 8:00-18:00 Mo-F Mo -FFri -Fri ri:: 8: 8:00 00-1 00 -18: -1 8 00 8: Carl-Zeiss-Str. 7 66877 Ramstein Email: RAagency@aol.com www.rolandscarrental.com

AUTOS All ads and pics on class-world.com

Caution: Some Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash.

You finally found your new home!Ready to move in. 4BR, Liv.Din.BIK, Bath, Garage, nice 147000 km, 106 hp, Euro4, Year yard, Balcony&more.Call r Realtor 01/2007, Black - metallic, Manual, Erwin 0176-61204301 or sent AC, Electric. Windows front and Email erwinweissmantel@aol.com rear, Power steering, ABS, ESP, rain sensor, Electr. Mirrors, Bluetooth, board computer, CD player, cornering lights, light senTLA/TDY sor. eve_mallard@hotmail.com All ads and pics on class-world.com ! ! ! ! 1 & 2 BDR Luxury Temp Apts TLA/TDY in Ramstein. 100% equipped including TV, DVD, free Internet, washer/dryer, free calls to USA. reservation / questions call: 0151-46501528 / mail:info@ ramstein-tla.com / www.ramsteintla.com / www.facebook.de/ramsteintla

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TRANSMISSION • Exchange Units • Complete Overhaul • Trans-repair • Trans-parts

1975 Cadillac Eldorado Convertable, White w/maroon leather interior. One of the last remaining in Origional Condition worldwide. €21000, rocstar@live.de 0176 32778953,

Lindberghstr. 5 2000 Mercedes C180 Wagon (EsHeidelberg prit), 69,000 original kilometers, 5 speed, A/C, Power windows and Tel: 0 62 21-76 61 67 mirrors, radio and much more. AsTel: 0 62 21-76 61 02 !!!!!1-5 Bed luxury apts & houses king $5000 OBO. Please contact Fax: 0 62 21-76 61 64 for TLA/TDY personnel in Ram- 0171-3842998 stein, Mackenbach & Bruckmuehlbach. 2 minutes to RAB and short walk to shops & restaurants. 100% equipped, TV, AFN, English satalite, cable high speed internet. Free phone to USA and Euro$FFLGHQW UHSDLUV pe, good library and movie selecti&DU UHQWDO VHUYLFH on. Pets welcome. Off street secu3DLQW ZRUN red parking. CallJennie, 0171:H DFFHSW 9$7 9,6$ 2679282. Email: luxuryapts09@ya hoo.com

.$5266(5,( /$&. . $5266(5,( /$&. %2'<:25. 3 3$,17 6DVFKD /HQKDUG

1-3Bed 3Mi RAB Free Phone 0,.( 6$1'(5V &DYLW\ 6HDOLQJ Calls Internet Furn Pets Ok W/D Auf dem Immel 12 Tel. 06374 / 2538 US Own 01742430124 67685 Weilerbach Fax: 06374 / 4889 lackiererei.lenhard@t-online.de nbm4rent.com

TIRES & RIMS FACTORY OUTLET YOUR HIGH-TECH FACTORY OUTLET T WITH 400,000 TIRES RES SA AND ND D RIMS IN STOCK • Passenger car tires • Offroad tires • Light-alloy wheels • All-season wheels (all brands & dimensions) ns)) * Hans-Geiger-Str. 15 * 67661 Kaiserslautern * zentrale@asa-tec.com



* Fon: 06301 / 7997-277

67661 KL-Einsiedlerhof

• Opening hours: • Mon - Fri 08:00 – 18:00 & Sat 09:00 – 12:00

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Kaiserslautern American 2003 BMW 320 Automatic, $3000.00 obo, two sets of tires, All ads and pics on class-world.com good engine, reliable starter vehicle. AM/FM, call Ed at 0176-40412000-Mercedes SLK200 conv. 4033 or email: excelsior.grad@ ~92000km heated leather seats, gmail.com need to sell. AC, elec windows, DE Specs, incl 2003 BMW 330ci Coupe U.S., winter tires, 5-speed manual, ga- $12000, 6 Cyl / 5 Spd 73,000 mi, rage kept, inspection til March'16, Premium/Cold Weather/Sport normal wear&tear, As-Is $13900 Packages, Xenon, Hi-Fi St/CD obo Contact Rodney@ rwbol- Changer Heated Leather, P/L, P/ tonjr@gmail.com 01602559496 W, M Spoilers, Perf Software, Lowered, New Insp jhef1966@ya 2001 Ford Taurus SEL, Blue, 4dr, hoo.com 0176-88196112 James 118K, $2500, passed inspection 2003 Lexus ES300 Auto V6. August 2014, new tires, contact Champagne on Tan Leather. AC, for additional information. tommar Power Seats, Locks, Mirrors & cum@live.com. Moonroof, Alloy Wheels, Cruise, 2010 Mercedes-Benz C-Class CD Changer, Airbags, ABS and C300 4MATIC, €20000, More. For just $10,999, 06371 613 177 / john@usedcarguys.net, brownlucy740@yahoo.com,



Call us: 06221 - 750050 Email us: info@pjsnet.com Visit us: www.pjsnet.com

Your Full Communication • Telephone/Internet DSL lines with fast activation! • Flatrate calls to USA • Support and Software in English • Cell Phones w/o contract

BMW 320 d 015117610336,



www.frank-korbwaren.de Ambiente & Design

September Special

9,50 € while stocks last


approx. 33.5” x 33.5”

6,95 €

Hours: Mon - Fri: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. • Saturdays 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Pirmasenser Str. 70 • 66994 Dahn • Tel.: 06391-3100

September 5, 2014 2010 Audi A5 Coupe Quattro V6 US $ 27,495- Blue with Black Leather, Automatic, Glas Sunroof, Heated Seats, Power Seats, Miles:34212, Perfect Condition! Call: 0176/22730967 Visit: http:// www.europeanmotors.org for pics, video and info!

2010 Toyota Camry LE 4dr Sedan 6A, €12000, brownlucy740@ yahoo.com, 2013 Mercedes C250 Sport SedanAutomatic. 1.8TL. Black on Black Leather. Sport Trim, Sunroof, Harmon Kardon Sound, Alloy Wheels. Stunning Sports Sedan. 18300 miles. $31,999 $2,276 under NADA. contact: 0631 98 741 / nathan@usedcar guys.net

2011 Mercedes Benz C300 Sport Sedan, $27,495- Black with Black Leather, Automatic, Navi, Sunroof, Heated Seats, Miles: 34212, Perfect Condition. Call: 0176/ 22730967 Visit: www.europeanmo tors.org for more pics, video and 4 new 235/55 R17 103V NEXEN info! WinGuard Sport (103=Weight In2011 Mercedes E350 Auto All dex which is up to 875 Kilograms, Wheel Drive 4Matic Sedan with V=speed up to 245 km h). Bought Navi. 3.5L V6/286hp. Power Sun- last year, never put on my Muroof, Alloys, Blue Tooth, Memory stang. The next winter is coming. Seats, Premium Package. 46300 Be prepared. Tel.01781687425 miles. $33,999 - $1,525 under NADA. Contact: 0631 98 741 / jab 4 x Opel winterTires mounted on by@usedcarguys.net ENZO 6 1/2 J X 15 EH2+ Alu 2012 Ford Mustang, V6 Coupe Wheels. Good Year Ultragrip 7+ premium, 17,000 mi/27,358Km 195/65 R15 M+S Reifen. Look $19,500 or €16,000. US specs. New! Around 8-9 mm profile., Premium Package, Shaker Audio $400.00, omarrstanley@aim.com, System, Premium 19” Wheels. Registration good until July 2015. Also avail: snow tires mounted on Auto Battery 12v 47ah, Good alloy rims, car cover, and all wea- Condition. Bought in Late 2011 ther floor and trunk mat. umbrella on base. only used for 6 months. 6 year warranty. No longer need. photo@aol.com $30, ss2day@gmail.com 2012 Lexus IS 350 Auto All Wheel Drive Sedan with Navi. Black on Ivory Leather. 3.5L V6/ Available immediately, highly re306hp. Premium & Luxury Packa- liable 2006 Honda CRV for $7500 ge. Factory Warrenty. Stunning obo. automatic, 130K miles, no Condition. $34,499 - $4,326 un- rust (from HI!), US spec, passed der NADA. Contact: 06371 613 inspection. In Stuttgart. Call/text 01624261026. 177 / john@usedcarguys.net

2004 Corvette Coupe, Commemorative Ed, 25,500 miles, Exc. Cond., LeMans Blue, New Michelin Tires, 4 sp. Auto, Comfort Access, Leather, Cruise, Power Everything, Dual Airbags, Moon Roof/ Targa, HUD, Bose CD, ABS, Traction Contrl, Active Handling, Dual Climate, Sport Exhaust. $25,000 obo. slutz2004@gmail.com or 0711 722 48 680 2004 Ford Escape Sport Limited 4X4, $6,100, KBB $6,800.. 103,000 miles, excellent running condition, towing package, loaded, glass sunroof, black leather interior. Will service prior to selling. Call 0162-2549026 2006 Toyota Solara Convertible Auto V6L. Light Blue on Grey Leather. Pwr Convertible Roof, Remote Entry, AC, Power Windows, Locks & Mirrors, ABS Brakes and More. 8400 Miles for Just $12,499. Contact 0631 680 31 2013 BMW X5M For Sale (A real 210 / nathan@usedcarguys.net M; not an M Sport), Asking 2007 BMW X5 4.8 V8 Fully Loa- $80000.00, patlee62@live.com, ded with 3rd ROW $27,495- Blue loaded, perfect combination of luwith Black Leather, Automatic, xury, handling and power (555 HUD, Navi, Sunroof, Sport Pack, HP), BMW dealer maintained onMiles: 34212, Perfect Condition! ly, under 20K miles. A must see. Call: 0176/22730967 Visit: http:// patlee62@live.com www.europeanmotors.org for pics, video and info 2013 Ford Focus Wagon, 2008 Jeep Compass Limited Ma- $19,500, susan.dean@ya nual. Black on Black Leather. hoo.com, German specs, 11,500 2.4L/173hp. 18" Alloys, CD, miles, 6-speed manual, 4 snow tiPower Windows, Locks & Moon- res with wheels included, auto roof. Cruise, Airbags and More. parallel parking, A/C w/dual conExcellent Condition for Just. trols, heated front seats, navigati$11,499. Contact: 0631 98 741 / on system, AM/FM/CD/MP3, 35 Jabby@usedcarguys.net mpg

BMW Z3 1999 (chrome pkg) $7000 Excellent condition in the exterior and interior. 116k miles. Manual Transmission, Metallic black paint, car alarm, power lock & windows.Leather & heated seats. phyzon88@gmail.com / 017672227898 Come test drive Ideal Sperry 61-609 Digital Multimeter Auto-Power Off It's in good working condition. Low cost, multi-function Convenient pocket size Overload protection on all ranges Diode Test Built in test stand $15, ss2day@gmail.com,

Don’t miss the Car & Bike Exhibition of the Century! Cars, motorcycles, Harley Custom Bikes, E-bikes, Segways & Parcours, Tuning, Live Musik, Childrens Entertainment, Food & Drink and much, much more! When you have room… Come & Enj Fun!

September 13 & 14

Sat 1p.m. to 6p.m., Sun 10a.m. to 6p.m.


Merkurstrasse 45, 67663 Kaiserslautern

September 5, 2014

AUTOS All ads and pics on class-world.com

Kitcar replica Lotus 7 Caterham, Westfield, etc.Built/ registered in 2003. Only 3,7000 miles. 1300cc Crossflow engine, Weber carb, sports seats, 4-point harness. UKplate & papers. No TUV. Adictive fun. €6,999. Email: smccullo61@ gmail.com

Kaiserslautern American Game Store Grand Opening! 23 August 2014, Magic the Gathering tournament with over 1,000 Euro in prizes Contact Mike@UglyCow Gaming.com for information.

ELECTRONICS All ads and pics on class-world.com

2 each 120V Cisco Wireless-G Internet Home Monitoring Cameras Nollywood films in Frankfurt. Da- Model WV54GCA, with manual te Sept 11-14. Nollywood Daily and CD. $40.00, spvendor@ Film Screening. Saalbau-Hessen- gmail.com Center.Borsigallee 40,60388 Frankfurt. Time 8pm til dawn.Nige- 220V Power Adapters, $2, I have rian star Olamide, actress Mama 3 plug and 6 Plug 220v power adG, www.ehizoyafilms.com. Call apters. Selling 3 plug for $2 and 6 Volvo V50 T5 AWD, 015210200103/01718571556. plug for $4. half the price of re 2007,140,000km(86k miles), extail.ss2day@gmail.com, cel. cond., fully equip., 220HP, 6 spd. man., Just drop me a mail Join the Baby Basar in the Mehr- Belkin Surge Protector 220V, It for more photos etc. homp898@ya zweckhalle Mehlingen on Septem- has 6 plugs. In good working conhoo.de ber 20 from 2pm to 5pm. For ex- dition.$10, ss2day@gmail.com, pectant mothers the doors will Mercedes E 200, Model 2000 Au- open at 1.30 pm. Cell Phone HTC S1 works workd tomatic, leather, power steering, wide no contract required. breaks, windows, doors. Cruise €150.00, spvendor@gmail.com, control, Xenon lights, ABS, Stero, Visit Winnweiler's Baby Basar in fully loaded. new oil change & bat- the Festhaus on September 13 terie.new winter tires. none smo- from 2pm to 4 pm. For expectant king car - Garage kept- good con- mothers the doors will open at dition - only € 3.250 obo call 1.30 pm. 0172-676 2717 VW Golf 111, 1997, 4 Door, Burgery, 5 Speed, air Cond, Elec Windows FT, ABS, KMS 156,427, $ 1750. My Ph 0175-3213199 and Email Address, ddundkk@hot mail.de

Want to Know More About the Catholic Faith? The Ramstein Chapel Catholic Community offers a free class on the Catholic faith every Thursday from 6-8pm starting 11 Sep. For more information, contact Mr. Tony Baralt at tonybaralt@gmail.com

MOTORCYCLES All ads and pics on class-world.com

Caution: Some Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash.

ADOPTION All ads and pics on class-world.com

Adopt while stationed overseas! www.adopt-abroad.com Adoption Intl & foster care, home studies. Hague accredited. Caseworkers in Germany. US 1-888-687For Sale Yamaha Majesty 125, 3644 €775, corazonenrique@hot mail.com,



All ads and pics on class-world.com

All ads and pics on class-world.com

A huge flea market will take place from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Festplatz (fairground) at to BMW Euler store in the industrial park West in Kaiserslautern on September 6, 2014. For more info see www.flohmarkt1.info Don't miss the large flea market in Bad Dürkheim "An der Saline" on September 6 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. More info see www.flohmarkt1.info. Find little treasures at the flea and antique market around the town hall "Homburger Forum" on September 6 from 8 am to 4 pm. Find some treasures at the antique flea market at the Bürgerhaus (town house) in Großkarlbach on September 7. For more info call:0631-40477 oder 01709341443

The 86th Force Support Squadron at Ramstein has licensed providers on and off the installation. Providers who provide more than 10 hours a week of care must be licensed. Please use good judgment when choosing child care services. For more information please contact DSN 478-7420 or civ 06371405-7420 or email 86FSS.FCC@ramstein.af.mil Play Academy ChildCare. I am a licensed & certified child care provider.I live in Rodenbach, 10 min Vogelweh & 10 min RAB.I have years of experience & references.My home is warm & cozy.Warm home cooked Lunch is provided for the children every day. Your child will have its very own indoor playground & fenced in backyard for the summer as well as weekly field trip outings.If you are in need, I am here for you Monday-Friday. Age 2-5, Mon-Fri 7-5.06374-944828

Find some useful things at the Baby Basar in the Alte Grundschule (old school) in Börrstadt's city center on September 21 from 10.30 am to 1 pm. For expectant mothers the doors will open at 10 Qualified am. 015755148645


Page 33 Canon Legria HFR26 PAL HD Camcorder 28X zoom, It's in mint condition never dropped or scratch. I am selling because I barely use it. It has 2 SD card slots. Battery life is alright but you can pick up a 2nd cheap $200, ss2day@gmail. Zelda Twilight Princess, Wii game, perfect condition, like new!, €15, copongracz@gmail.com

Roza’s Fine Handmade Carpets Original Flemish Tapestries.

Open every Friday + Saturday 8 am – 4 pm Ramstein, R i Fl Flurstr. 4 Tel. 0163-1 90 57 17 · Handmade Carpets · Authentic Kilims · Pashminas, large variety · Silver Turkish Mirrors · Evil Eye Jewelry · Carpet Mouse Pads & bags · Turkish Mosaic Lamps · Hand painted Turkish ceramics · Place Mats & Table Runners

Landstuhler Str. 13 | 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach Cell: 01 70 - 6 40 45 47 | Phone: 0 63 71 - 94 32 27 | E-Mail: rozascarpets@yahoo.com Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 10:00-18:00 | Closed Sunday

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Kaiserslautern American

Rayman Raving Rabbits, Wii game, perfect condition, like new! €10, copongracz@gmail.com, **See pics on class-world.com

Massages, ffacials, M i l manicures, i pedicures?

Check out the beauty section on FindItGuide.com

Sagem D15t Cordless Phone (220v), Never used! Just sat in the box. It includes everything. $10, ss2day@gmail.com, Sony S890 Bass Reflex Speakers, 2 Sony Bass Reflex Acoustic Lens 4 way 4 speaker system. Price is negotiable. $200, omarrstan ley@aim.com


Electric guitar amp for sale; Rocktron Rampage, ideal for practice in your home and beyond.Fantastic gain characteristics, AGX noise reduction, 8`` speaker with lots of volume asking $120.- call 0172 35 64442


ELECTRONICS All ads and pics on class-world.com

Metal Slug Anthology, Wii game, played once, perfect condition - like new!, €15, copongracz@ gmail.com **See pics on classworld.com


All ads and pics on class-world.com

Caution: Some Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash.

*Laney GH50L all valve top guitar amplifier and 4x12 Laney speaker cabinet. Brand new, never left the living room. Amazing sound possibilities. Serious offers and details Super Mario Galaxy, Wii game, at 01723564442 perfect condition, like new! €15, copongracz@gmail.com **See 2 yellow sun loungers w. yellow blankets and yellow pillows, $40, pics on class-world.com 01703432129,2 yellow sun umbrellas w. stands for water, $15



on Visit us Facebook Königstr. 13 - 67655 Kaiserslautern Tel: 06 31 / 1 34 51 E-Mail: graeme_mahony@yahoo.com | www.davestattoo.de


Please call for appointment


01 76 • 62 19 77 28

Open: Mon-Fri 11:00 – 19:00 | Sat 9:00 – 17:00

M&M’s Hair Studio Specializing in Ethnic Hair & Skin

Chemically tre treated eated hair sc chool dos Back to school Hair weaving Healthy hair Natural hair Hair repair Hair

American Dental Care Services offered: • Family Dentistry • Certified Orthodontics • Crowns and Veneers • Implant Surgery • Zoom Teeth Whitening • Wisdom Teeth Surgery • Nitrous Oxide • Saturday & Evening Appointments Caring, Friendly American staff LOCATIONS


EINSIEDL ERHOF M&M’s Hair Studio Im Haderwald 4 67661 Kaiserslautern 06 31 - 89 29 36 73

Wiesbaden Dental Care 0611-9887 26 50 Bahnstrasse 14 65205 Wiesbaden-Erbenheim www.wiesbadendental.com Ramstein Dental Care 06371-40 62 30 Poststrasse 1 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach www.ramsteindental.com

Certified American Dental Hygienists Tricare Preferred Provider

September 5, 2014 Aeropostale Hoodie. Turquoiseblue. Lettering "aero" and zipper at the front. Size M. Barley worn. For pics see www.classworld.com. €13. janina.wuttke@ gmx.de Aeropostale long sleeve. Blue with colored letters in pink, yellow, green showing the label name. Size M. Barley worn. Good condition. For pics see www.class-world.com. €9. jani na.wuttke@gmx.de An adjustable full-size bassinet allows you to keep baby closer longer. Diaper changing table with wipe clean fabrics that resist mess during changes. Easily converts to a portable playard. Signature Graco® push-button fold makes closing your playard quick and hassle-free. Airy mesh on all sides for maximum ventilation. Convenient carrying bag for nofuss travel and storage. New price: 129.99, selling for $95, 06374944368 or 0176-55247077 or email Doris.Koenig@gmx.de Art Nouveau furniture over 100 years old. A variety of items, grandfather clock (Harmonium), crystal glasses, Murano glasses, Meisner porcelain figurines, 200 years old, coffee and Tea set. Call: 0177-5211480 Baby Buggy , Baby Buggy in good condition, with additional baby carrier. , $50.00, spvendor@ gmail.com Bike, Boy's, 16 Inch, $50, Includes training wheels. tommarcum@ live.com Bitburg Beer Glasses, €1 ea, 3 different styles, 18 glasses each style, will sell separately !!! quantity discount if you buy all :-) Pictures can be viewed on www.Jumb lebox.net conniec2310@ gmail.com, GAP Sweatshirt: Perfect condition, like new. Size small., €8, coem ser@gmail.com

JADE MASSAGE Relax • Shiatsu • Ayurveda

0160-91 91 38 23 Please call for appointment

Philipp-Reis-Str. 9 66849 Landstuhl





ACNE TREATMENT · Free consultation · English spoken · Weekend & evening appointments available


CUSTOM FITTED SLEEP APNEA ORAL APPLIANCES Providing Dental Care for the us Military for more than 25 years; LRMC Dentist for more than 10 years


Sonnenstraße 41e • 66849 Landstuhl • Call 06371 18169 Fax 06371 912947 • Email: Doryumu@t-online.de or visit us at www.drdoryumu.de

1€ =* 1$ *with this ad, valid till Sept 30, 2014

Ramstein / Landstuhl Kaiserslautern / Pirmasens

Tel: 0 63 32 - 20 91 92 Cell: 01 71 - 4 93 33 69 www.phil-cosmetics.de


Bracelet - Brown, handmade! Beautiful accessory for any ocation, any outfit. Treat yourself to something nice or bring a smile to your best girl friends. €12, copon gracz@gmail.com, pics on classworld.com Bracelet, gold plated and silver with small stones between. Worn once for a Xmas party. €10, for pics please see class-world.com, s.vogl75@web.de Coffee Cup Wonder Woman perfect as a present for your girlfriend, mother or close friend who is the "wonder woman" in your life! €6, coemser@gmail.com Collection of leather bound, signed by the author, 1st edition books, mint cond. Over 100 different books. Authors include: Norman Mailer, William F. Buckley, Joseph Heller, Elie Wiesel, Donald Mc Dunne, John Updicke, Tom Wolfe, etc. $ 15.000 - serious inquiries only! Call: 0631-940213 or 0151-270-19822 Cross Trainer 55 from Proform.As new Hardly used. But no handweights are included. €400,01711805105 Fender type Telecaster electric guitar. Masterbuilt, professional instrument. Excellent sound spectrum and tonal qualities. Must see and try! Tom at 0172 35 64442 Handbag "clutch style": Love to go out and dont want to use a big handbag? Dont miss out on this small, black bag. Perfect for going out at night!, €3, pics on classworld.com, copongracz@ gmail.com Hollister strapless top. White color, size M. With ribbons to tie a bow on the back. €15. For pics see www.class-world.com. Contact janina.wuttke@gmx.de Homemade wooden Bows, archery, the best 3 books in english how to built a wooden hunting bow $35,00, Jjkl1948@gmail.com, GSM: 0179-5181825 ask for JJ I am selling a Sunbed from Dr. Kern Modell NGR 241. The light tubes were exchanged and ran for approx. 300 hours. Also have avail 300 hours light tubes. (The new tubes run up tp 600 hours.) I am selling the sunbed for someone. The light tubes can be bought at ebay or directly from Dr. Kern. One or two tubes are possibly defect and need to be replaced. Bought for 3500 to 4000 DM. If you are interested please contact us, the sunbed is located in Kaiserslautern, Tel: 0176-55 24 70 77 06374-944368 (Doris) Interested in becoming a certified sports official? Sports officials are wanted in football, flag football, volleyball, basketball, softball, baseball and soccer. Contact Doswell Makle at dfmj42@gmail.com or 01515258745 Kettler Axos Treadmill, Perfect Condition €600, Measures time, distance, speed, & energy consumption. Pulse-rate measurement by hand sensors. 7 training programs, Speed 0 - 16 km/hr Call: 017640406057/jeff.jennifer@ gmail.com Leather bomber jacket for boys, fake. worn once.EU size 134., $10, isabell_1_98@yahoo.com Pore Cleanser from Tchibo, €5, coemser@gmail.com

September 5, 2014



All ads and pics on class-world.com

Mega Crane, with remote control. Large size all functions works over 50 in. tall. $15., spvendor@ gmail.com, Necklace with a cross pendant, color is bronze/brown, for pics please see www.class-world.com, €5, s.vogl75@web.de Nice necklace with heart-pendant in silver. New, nether worn. For picture please see classworld.com. €5, s.vogl75@web.de Org.Thomas Sabo Charm, price new was 49€, never used, was a bday present, selling price €20, for pics please see classworld.com, s.vogl75@web.de Porcelain dolls, over 100 to choose from, all dressed. Price Obo Call: 0176-90796039 Power Wheels, Fisher-Price, Jeep Hurricane, $100, includes charger and two batteries. Owner's manual, FM Radio. tom marcum@live.com,

Kaiserslautern American Selling two Fender Stratocaster electric guitars. Never left the house, top condition. One is a collector's item. Serious offers and details at 01723564442

Various music CDs for sale, all from the 2000er years. Single CDs from Nelly Furtado, Christina Aguilera etc. for €3, music samplers like Bravo Hits and The Dome €4. For a picture of the selection Sentry Safe Fire Protection, $10, see www.class-world.com. Con2 keys, Its in condition its small. tact janina.wuttke@gmx.de Its good for holding personal stuff or watches, jewelry. Selling in AA- Wetsuit - Shorty, Women, black/ FES for $15. I am selling because orange, size small, fast drying, I no longer need it. ss2day@ €15, for pics please see classworld.com s.vogl75@web.de gmail.com, Shamballa Bracelet - Purple/white, handmade, adjustable in size, fits almost every wrist. Beautiful accessory for any ocation, any outfit. Treat yourself to something nice or bring a smile to your best girl friends. €12, copongracz@ gmail.com

Swarovski Crystal - Attention collectors! All retired pieces reduced to half their value, All pieces over 40years old! Prices greatly reduced! Great gift for any special occasion! Private collection!The last two Retired pieces., whale, turtle. Call for info: 06332-41560 between 2pm to 8pm. Can deliver to Roller Girls of the Apocalypse RAB! Dodgeball Tournament, €20 per person, www.brownpaper Transportation Box “Skudo IAtickets.com/event/780412 to re- TA”, Size 4 (L 68cm, B 48cm, H gister. Teams of 6. 6 Sept at 51cm) Brand NEW, still in box not Unisport in Kaiseslautern. rgader- even opened as I ordered 2, $50, by.org or facebook.com/rgaderby for more details go to http:// www.petobel.de/nobby-transport for more info! Fun and Prizes! box-skudo-iata-grauROTJ Imperial Shuttle, This is a no000210032401 s.vogl75@ vintage 1983 / 1984 Boxed Unu- web.de sed Complete article.The box has been opened but that's it. No play Various size New Gym bags use of any kind, its complete. $10.00 each, spvendor@ gmail.com omarrstanley@aim.com

Wine Rack/Holder, holds six bottles, attractive metal finish, fits perfectly in a small, narrow space. $10; 0163-330-5535 or john@ad vantipro.de

FURNITURE All ads and pics on class-world.com

!!! A beautiful German white shrank with glass vitrine and lighted bar (best offer gets it) and a complete set of Black Leather Bound 1987 Encyclopedia Brittanica (make an offer) 01704019648 Antique bookcase/showcase, France from about 1900, cherry tree wood, glass door with faceting, can be completely disassembled. Hight: 228cm, Width: 180cm, Depth: 53cm. €1100 obo. 0179-1115963 Antique wall tree $100. See KA classified web site for photo… Call Rex at 01602137652 Beautiful softwood cabinet for clothes, dishes or TV/Stereo für pick-up in Kaiserslautern €800, 01703432129,

FLEXIBLE DEGREES Start Here in Germany

At American InterContinental University our online degree programs go wherever your military career takes you, whether you are here in Germany, moving to another base or traveling somewhere in between.

• • • •

Anywhere, Anytime, 24/7 Flexibility 5-Week Classes Regionally Accredited Reduced Tuition for Military Servicemembers

aiuniv.edu/military AIU cannot guarantee employment or salary. Find employment rates, financial obligations and other disclosures at www.aiuniv.edu/disclosures. 0754019 129-07100427 7/14 231 N. Martingale, 6th Floor, Schaumburg, IL 60173

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Kaiserslautern American

September 5, 2014

Have fun with the locals Orchid exhibition

Fri, Sep 12 – Sun, Sep 14 Merzig, Stadthalle Come to Merzig from September 12 to 14 to see the beautiful orchid exhibition. You will be able to see rare, colorful orchids. You also have the option to purchase orchids that you like. Bonsai trees will also be part of the exhibition. The exhibition is open from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. Entry is €4. For more info visit www.orchideenfreunde-saarland.de

EVENTS Egypt exhibition now – Sun, Feb 22, 2015 Völklingen, Völklinger Hütte Don’t miss the stunning exhibition ‘Egypt Gods, Humans Pharaohs’ in the Völklingen ironworks. The world cultural heritage site is an exceptional location for this exhibition, which is a stark contrast to the blower machines that surround it. The exhibition is open from 10 a.m. until 7 p.m. and tickets cost €15. On Tuesdays admission is free after 3 p.m. For more information visit www.voelklinger-huette.org

Street festival Sat, Sep 6 Trier, Domfreihof The Viez festival on September 6 is a special street party and will be celebrated under the sycamores at the cathedral square in Trier. The topic of this festival is Viez (apple wine). You can try delicious side dishes, such as Dippelappes (potato casserole) and Teerdisch (sauerkraut casserole). Street singers and bands will provide entertainment. For more information visit www.trier-info.de

Fall fair Fri, Sep 5 – Tue, Sep 9 Kusel, Messeplatz Enjoy the tradtional Herbstmesse (fall fair) at the Messeplatz Kusel starting on Friday, September 5 - 9. Listen to a variety of concerts in different party tents, enjoy a range of fair rides and discover offers from several traders selling toys, accessories, sweets and more. For more information see www.kuseler-messe.de.

Viva Brazil Summer Nights Sat, Sep 6 Hassloch, Holiday Park Come to Holiday Park in Hassloch where you can see the Viva Brazil Summer Nights show. Every Saturday from August 2 to September 6, you will be inspired by the colorful show that offers a samba show, limbo dance, capoeira, cool drinks and exotic rhythms. A gigantic fireworks display promises hot nights at the Holiday Park. Entry tickets are €28.50 (or book them online for €26.50) For more information visit www.plopsa.be/holiday-park/de

Wine Tasting Sat, Sep 6 Trier, Vereinigte Hospitien Discover the wines of Trier on the 6th of September. One of Germany’s oldest wine cellars invites you to join the tour where you can see one of the historical wine cellars and taste up to three different wines. The tour is approximately one hour long. The tour starts at 1:30 p.m. and meeting point is the “Pforte” (gate) in Windmühlenstrasse. For more information call 0651-9450 or visit www.trier-info.de

The Journey into Space Wed, Sep 10 Mannheim, Planetarium Experience the history of space flights at the Planetarium Mannheim on September 10 from 7.30 p.m. Watch the movie ‘The Journey into Space’ on the full dome screen showing the evolution of rocketry from the cold war to future missions to Mars. Entry fee is €7 for adults and €3.50 for children up to 12. For more information visit www.planetarium-mannheim.de

Fall market Sat, Sep 13 – Mon, Sep 22 Landau, Messeplatz The traditional Herbstmarkt (fall market) in Landau takes place from September 13 to 22 at the Messeplatz. The event is one of the most famous folk festivals in Southern Palatinate and includes wine villages, a fairground with raffles and rides, a huge variety of culinary specialties and concerts. For more info see www.landau-tourismus.de Zoo Tour Sun, Sep 14 Landau, Zoo Come to the 110 year anniversary of the Landau zoo and celebrate with the animals. You will take part in a tour of the zoo with zoo director Dr. Heckel. Topic for the day will be the zoo’s history from past to present and future. This will be a perfect day for children to learn more about the animals and the organisation of the zoo. For more information visit www.zoo-landau.de English guided tour Fri, Sep 19 Kirchheimbolanden, city center Experience a special city tour through Kirchheimbolanden on September 19 at 5 p.m. During the three-hour tour, the English speaking guide will show you the medieval city with its towers and ancient city walls. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy a three course dinner with a nice glass of wine. Tickets are €35 per person. For more information and to register in advance call the Verbandsgemeinde Kirchheimbolanden at 06352-1712.

More events on: www.militaryingermany.com

SPORTS Marathon Fri, Sep 12 – Sun, Sep 14 Pirmasens Come to Pirmasens from September 12 to 14 and join the Pfälzerwald Marathon. Each participant will be asked to donate €1 for a local cause. For more information visit www.pirmasens.de Hockey Fri, Sep 19 Mannheim, SAP Arena Grab a ticket and come see the Mannheim Adler play against the Iserlohn Roosters on September 19 in the SAP Arena in Mannheim. The game starts at 7:30 p.m. Tickets cost €12. For more information visit www.saparena.de CONCERTS Musical entertainment Fri, Sep 5 Mussbach, Schwimmbad See a sensational concert on September 5 in Mussbach. Songs by Phil Collins and Genesis will be performed by Jürgen Mayer. The event starts at 8 p.m. Tickets cost €15.80. For more information visit www.neustadt.eu Lenny Kravitz Fri, Nov 7 Frankfurt, Festhalle Lenny Kravitz will be in Frankfurt on November 7 at 8 p.m. Get your tickets soon! Ticket prices start at €76.50. For more information visit www.eventim.de

military IN GERMANY

September 5, 2014

Kaiserslautern American

FURNITURE All ads and pics on class-world.com

Beautiful roll top computer desk, €3000, Originally built for Apple IIe (also available!). Front right opens to slide outcompartment for printer or fax etc. 1,62 m wide, 92 cm deep, 1,30 m high. Contact 015736124923 francuml@ya hoo.com

German Sideboard and Highboard for Sale. Oak-rustic color, solid wood. Great condition! New €1200 each, now selling for €200 each! Call: 0176-907-96039 If you are PSCing and need to get rid of your furniture please contact me, I would be happy to take them off you. 0151-66903253

Mantel Clock, Mantel clock from the 60 era. Key wind chines on Belgium Oak Buffet - Circa 1920. the half and full hour., $70.00 Hand carved, with Brass Handles, spvendor@gmail.com Leaded Glass, and Inlaid Tiles. A beautiful addition to any home. Nice glass desk + 4 matching Call Bill @ 0151-511-90027. Containers (greey) for pick-up, liBlack wooden coffee table w. ke new $75, 01703432129 glass top for pick-up, $35, 01703432129 Nice softwood cabinet for clo-

Your German-American flea market! - online and in print!


YARD SALES All ads and pics on class-world.com

Yard Sale in Bruchmuhlbach-Miesau, Buchholzstr 13. Saturday 09/ 13 (Sept. 13th) from 9:00 A.M to 2:00 P.M. This is a "multiple person" Yard Sale with something for everyone! Phone 06372-509-299: e-mail nttrt@gmx.de. Bargains galore!


US & German Divorces • Support Issues Wills and Probate • Employment • EEO • MSPB Personal Injury • Contractor Issues • Tax

CALL 069-299-2069-0 email: maiss@up12legal.de

ST. HUBERTUS APOTHEKE/PHARMACY www.st-hubertus-apotheke-ramstein-mb.de th b t thh k t i bd

mitted We are com h! alt to your he Pharmacist Christine Fippinger Landstuhler Strasse 2 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

Tel: 06371-50708 Fax 06371-71431

thes etc, w/h/d about 42x67x18, Café house table with marble €350, 01703432129, top. 50cm diameter with metal table-leg. €60. 06374-1717 or 0157Nice softwood cabinet, W x H x 72670561 D = 36x76x18 in €300, Cherry tree cabinet. Louis Philip- 01703432129, in Kaiserslautern pe from about 1850, solid wood, can be completely disassembled. Old softwood chest, €80, great Hight: 205cm, Width: 150cm, for storage, toys for pickDepth: 55cm. €990 obo. 0179up....01703432129, 1115963 spvendor@ Pine wood wardrobe. Good condition only normal traces of usage. Massif construction. Width: Coffee table, round w/glass top, 263cm, Depth: 60cm, Height: chrome table-legs. €60. 06374- 225cm. Side and middle parts are 1717 or 0157-72670561 30mm thick. 2double leaf doors and 1 normal door. Cloth rails in Couch / Daybed, nice and com- the two big parts of the wardrobe. fortable, only used for guests in In the middle part is one original past. Perfect condition, from a shelf and 4 self built-in shelves. non-smoker, pet-free household. €100 obo. Wardrobe is dismantNeed to sell because we will have led and can be picked up in Winna baby & need the room! Pick up weiler. Pics are online at only. €60, copongracz@ www.class-world.com. 06302gmail.com, 7556 after 6 pm or klaus.wuttke@ gmx.de Eagles Pray. By Robert Taylor. A very fine print, carfully stored.$600 obo contact at rankeway Sleeper Sofa, Queen size sleeper sofa, must pick up at Luxemne@aol.com or 06333-1825 bourg American Cemetery. Knives/Daggers from WW2, €, $50.00, cahilldd@yahoo.com or (00352)26361883 sayonarahappy7@gmail.com,

Page 37

E-mail: chr.fipp@t-online.de TriCare/Champus - Pharmacy

Practice Dr. Matthias Christ MD, DDS

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery • Certified in Oral Implantology and Aesthetic Facial Surgery Hölzengraben 2, 67657 Kaiserslautern • Tel: 0631-371170 • E-Mail: mchrist65@web.de • • • • • •

Clock, $170.00, gmail.com,

• We speak English

• • • • •

Openings: Mon, Tue, Thu 7.30 – 11.30 Mon, Tue, Thu 14.00 – 16.00 Wed + Fri 7.30 – 12.00

Oral Surgery Dental Implants Computer Implant Planning Periodontics Dental Hygienist Service Comprehensive Dental Service in General Anaesthesia Regional Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery for Facial Skin Cancer Laser Treatment Laser Hair Removal Traumatology In- and Outpatient Procedures 3D X-Ray

Over Here or Over There,

We’ve Got You Covered GEICO could insure your vehicle and personal property abroad with affordable overseas coverage. See how easy it can be. Contact GEICO Overseas for a free quote today.

SPECIAL CATHOLIC MASS SCHEDULE 6 & 7 SEPTEMBER Saturday – 6 September 1700 Vogelweh Chapel Sunday - 7 September NO 0900 Mass at Ramstein North Chapel 1030 Mass at Pulaski Park 1700 Mass at Ramstein North Chapel Join us for the Parish Picnic Sunday, 7 Sept - Pulaski Park 1030 Mass BBQ to follow

Come and sign up for: - Religious Education - Ministry (Lector, EMHC, Usher, Altar Server) Food and games to follow If your last name begins with “A – M”, please bring a DESSERT. If your last name begins with “N – Z”, please bring a SIDE DISH or SALAD.


GEICO OVERSEAS BENEFITS • Flexible payment plans • Worldwide claims service in English • Maintain a continuous driving record • Coverage in most countries

geico.com/overseas Europe: 0049-631-41463100

Family Law - Traffic Law - Real Estate Law Call 06371-57000 or email lehne@lwj-anwalt.de Am Neuen Markt 7 | 66877 Ramstein

USA: 800-248-4998






Representing AIG Europe Limited (NL), AIG Europe Limited , AIG, Mirascon Versicherungsagentur GMBH through GEICO Financial Services GMBH. Some discounts, coverages, payment plans and features are not available in all states or all GEICO companies. Motorcycle and ATV coverages are underwritten by GEICO Indemnity Company. Homeowners, renters, boat and PWC coverages are written through nonaffiliated insurance companies and are secured through the GEICO Insurance Agency, Inc. GEICO is a registered service mark of Government Employees Insurance Company, Washington, D.C. 20076; a Berkshire Hathaway Inc. subsidiary. GEICO Gecko image © 1999-2014. © 2014 GEICO

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Kaiserslautern American


September 5, 2014


A N D O N S AT U R N . D E Ż Ż



Win on saturn.de/niceprice Concert tickets including an exclusive Soundcheck for Hamburg and Berlin

2 CDs


The new LIVE Album Limited Special Edition--Only at Saturn With 4 CDs + 2 DVDs! Already online at saturn.de/maffay Pre-Order now or get at your Saturn store starting 10 October 2014

Chakuza Magnolia

2 CDs

Santana Corazon

Justin Timberlake The 20/20 Experience 2


TECH-NICK PRESENTS: Bring Me The Horizon Sempiternal


Alicia Keys Girl On Fire

Johannes Oerding Für immer ab jetzt

Offers valid on 05-09-2014. Sold in standard household amounts only. Subject to errors and technical adjustments.

All prices shown in Euro. You can also pay us with US Dollars, GPC and VAT Form

Broken Bells After The Disco

2 CDs

NO TAKE AWAY GUARANTEE. SALE ONLY AS LONG AS STOCK IS AVAIL ABLE. Saturn Electro-Handelsgesellschaft mbH Kaiserslautern

Merkurstraße 62-64 67663 Kaiserslautern

Tel.: 0631/4142-0



Kaiserslautern American


PERSONAL All ads and pics on class-world.com

Brauche Sprachpartner, foxone22@gmail.com, Ich spreche Englisch, aber Deutsch zu lernen. Ich möchte einmal in der Woche, Ramstein oder Landstuhl oder..., über Kaffee zu treffen. Muttersprache Deutsch bitte. foxone22@gmail.com



All ads and pics on class-world.com

Professional Services are offered by registered businesses as well as private people. To ensure a satisfactory service experience, please always ask for credentials and deny payments up front. For cleaning services, arrange for payments after a final walk-through and inspection of the clean house.

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There have been reports of pets being sold from breeding facilities that are not managed at the highest professional standards. Please choose your pet carefully. Make sure you check the credentials of the people selling the pet, and get proper paperwork showing shots and/ or other proof of healthy condition. For further advice, consult your Veterinarian. Metal Dog Kennel, $100.00, ca hilldd@yahoo.com, 2 meters X 2 meters X 1.3 meters, galvanized metal, gate and roof, expandable, comes apart for shipping, must pick up at Luxembourg American Cemetery Transportation Box “Skudo IATA”, Size 4 (L 68cm, B 48cm, H 51cm) Brand NEW, still in box not even opened as I ordered 2, $50, for more details go to http:// www.petobel.de/nobby-transport box-skudo-iata-grauno000210032401 s.vogl75@ web.de W ANY



Weekly - BI-weekly & PCS Cleaning Cell: 0160-91948691 InspGuaranteed E-Mail cthompson@tonline.de www.cthompson-clea ning.com

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Needed for my 14-year-old who is a beginner. You should have a teaching certificate or experince or at least a convincing method of teaching. 2-3 times a week at your place or mine in Landsuhl. Pls contact via ozdemirciserkan@ gmail.co Seeking a dining table and chairs for 4 or 6. Please contact: ora wro@yahoo.com


Kids from 1 year old € 6,Adults € 3,Seniors from 65 years old FREE EVERY TUESDAY* Motherʻs Day EVERY THURSDAY* Fatherʻs Day

Mothers FREE in company of at least 1 kid from 1 year old

How to find us: Fro m east take the B40 Kaiserslautern direction Mehlinge Sembach. Or tak e the A63 and tak n/ e exit Mehlingen. Enter Me signs direction Sp hlingen and follow ortzentrum Mehlin gen.

Fathers FREE

in company of at least 1 kid from 1 year old Offers not valid during school breaks and on holidays

Ticket for 10 visits / Kids € 50.Ticket for 10 visits / Adults € 25.Open: Mon – Fri 2 p.m. – 7 p.m. 2 kids & 2 adults Sat, Sun, Holidays and € 12,- ONLY (bring in this ad) German school vacation 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. Hauptstr. 86 • 67678 Mehlingen • Info-Hotline: 06303-80 60 69

National Ski Patrol European Division

Cleaning Lady available in Ramstein- or Weilerbach area. Service weekly or every 2 weeks. Call Anita: 0152-27550250 Clock repair & antique clock sales. Hermann Lieser, Ludwigstr. 32, Landstuhl 06371-2637

Open from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Voice lessons (experienced professional singer, BM) 06372508747 or ellen@iocanto.com

Classes start in September!

Make a difference

Join now! Garmisch Ramstein Stuttgart Wiesbaden Vicenza Zurich





KMCC’s 5th Anniversary Celebration Specials


Eva's cleaning service, let us clean your house, we guarantee you will be satisfied, 06371976660

Wanted FSH, I am looking to purchase a home in the KaisersGerman all levels, Mr. Vollmer, lautern area. Prefer country setRamstein, call: 063719524381, ting. No Realtors please. Please www.deutschvollmer.de contact Kim @ 01605502380 or email at;Sanderskim7@googlemail.com Psychotherapy & Coaching Evaluations and Reports Further info, see online ad or Info@DrKoppel.de Translator / Interpreter Certified KL., near Vogelweh. Reasonable rates. Call: 0631-54440

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Results – Guaranteed. At H&R Block, we

stand behind our work. If we make a mistake, we will pay any additional interest and penalties. Plus, if the IRS should call you in for an audit, we will explain your audit notice and the documentation you need to provide, at no extra cost. We have experts on hand year around to help you. All prior years can be done as well.

Can your tax services give the same Guarantee? Kaiserstr. 71 • 67661 Kaiserslautern Tel: 0631-3554711 or 30396446 Email: hrblock.ktown1@yahoo.com

Kennedy Allee 28 • 55774 Baumholder Tel: 06783-981041 or 1850880 Email: hrblockbaumholder@yahoo.com


We’ve been making loans of up to $10,000 to Active Duty Military for over 64 years.

Click Today...Cash Today® www.omnimilitaryloans.com “We love to say yes”®

* Prices subject to change.

September 5, 2014

KMCC Bra Branch an onl anch only. o y

Visit us at our KMCC Branch between September 12th and September 15th to take advantage of these great specials.


LIVE PERSON SERVICE 24/7 • 00800.4728.2000 • SERVICECU.ORG/ka *Rate terms and conditions subject to change without notice. Loan subject to credit approval. $50 offer does not include refinances on Service Credit Union (SCU) loans. Offer available on loan amounts of $5,000 or more. Not valid with any other auto offer. **SCU will give each approved applicant a $50 Visa Gift Card when the applicant is approved for a Visa Credit Card. Gift cards are subject to applicable law, beginning the 13th month after there has been no activity on your card, a monthly inactivity fee of $2.95 will be assessed to your card. This fee will be assessed to your card as long as there are funds remaining on your card. If your card is lost or stolen, there will be a fee of $5.00 to replace it. Visa is a registered trademark of the Visa International Service Association. Visa gift card issued by Metabank™ pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. ***Offer can be cancelled at any time. A tax return may need to be filed for children 17 years of age and younger who earn $950 or more in incentives or dividend income within the calendar year. Contact your tax advisor. One coupon per member. If total income reportable equals $600 or more in a taxable year, the credit union may issue you a 1099-MISC. Must be a member of Service Credit Union or eligible for membership. Offers valid at KMCC Branch only 9/12/14 through 9/15/14.


H T N O M R E P T IF G 5 .9 9 7 â‚Ź E! 1

FRE 90 U.S. TV CHANNELS FOR VAT-free services *% LQWHUQHW Ă DW IXOO SKRQH PRELOH Ă DW 2 unlimited SMS 90 U.S. TV channels on your mobile devices

easyMobile Premium

Ä„ 59.95

get easyMobile Premium use high-end communication – get the max!

For more information visit your local TKSShop. Only valid in combination with new easyMobile Premium contracts and only available on mobile devices. Offer valid from Sept. 01 to Sept. 30, 2014. 2 Includes all German networks and non-geographical numbers FDOO WR 8 6 À[HG PRELOH QHWZRUNV Ą Ą 9$7 IUHH




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