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October 23, 2015

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Retirees celebrate service with Team Ramstein Story and photos by Airman 1st Class Lane Plummer 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs The 86th Airlift Wing Retiree Activities Office hosted the annual Retiree Appreciation Day event Oct. 13 to 17 on Ramstein as part of a week-long celebration for retirees. The event’s goal was to thank more than 3,000 military retirees in the KMC and celebrate their service with a variety of activities and provided information. As soon as retirees entered Ramstein’s Officers’ Club, they were greeted by Soldiers, Airmen and Junior ROTC cadets at the front door waiting to escort them in. It was an extra touch of class, according to Luis de Andrade, 86th AW RAO director. “These same volunteers also had breakfast with the retirees to share their time and some conversation with them,” de Andrade said. “The KMC truly showed that they care for our retiree community.” Brig. Gen. Jon T. Thomas, 86th AW commander, was also present to share his gratitude for retirees. “I recognize your contributions to See retireeS, Page 2

James Montgomery waves for the camera during the Retiree Appreciation Day event Oct. 13 on Ramstein. The event provided retirees an opportunity to connect with other veterans and current service members as they learn more about how the Air Force functions today.

721st APS Port dawgs move cargo, reach milestone Story and photos by Staff Sgt. Leslie Keopka 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Cheers of happiness and celebration filled the 721st Aerial Port Squadron when one of their aerial porters reached a significant milestone in his career Oct. 16 on Ramstein. Kasper Chevalier, 721st Aerial Port Squadron aerial porter and native of the Netherlands, reached his 2,000th aerial port expeditor, or APEX, cargo load.

In 2010, after working for the Air Force for only two years, he reached his 500th APEX milestone and only a year later reached 1,000. “When you talk to Kasper, you get the ‘Excellence in All We Do’ feel from him,” said 1st Lt. Denver Barrows, 721st APS ramp services officer in charge. “He definitely loves the mission, loves the Airmen and is always striving for process improvements for the mission and personnel.” The APEX mission is one of Air Mobility Command’s velocity initiatives, created as a way

to expedite cargo loading without the presence of loadmasters. APEX is unique in the sense that the cargo loaders are not traditional loadmasters; they are aerial transporters that are hand-picked to attend a three-week course to learn the APEX mission. Chevalier is one of the few APEX personnel who are qualified on both the C-17 Globemaster III and the C-5 Galaxy aircraft. His dual training and the APS personnel have helped him reach this significant See cargo, Page 3



Remember to set your clocks back one hour on Sunday, Oct.25! Also, please note that most locations in the U.S. do not set their clocks back until Nov. 1.



AF Expeditionary Center commander visits Ramstein, Page 6

Ramstein speaks out against domestic violence, Page 10

'Superheroes' celebrate Red Ribbon event, Pages 20 and 21

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Kaiserslautern American

October 23, 2015

Cybersecurity: Everyone's business


by Lt. Col Brandon Robinson 86th Communications Squadron commander We live in an environment that is made up of ones and zeroes. It is more connected now than ever before. The Internet touches just about everything around us, whether we realize it or not. Your computer, mobile and home phone, TV, game console, watch, car, music player, refrigerator, security system, air conditioning, heating system and almost any other electronic device can now be connected online. While this can be convenient, it can also be scary. You need to make sure you strike the proper balance between an acceptable level of risk and being productive. This applies at work just as much as it does at home. Stressing this importance, the president deemed this October as National Cyber Security Awareness Month. To that end, here are some quick tips to help guide you as you navigate the new frontier — the cyber domain. • Create strong passwords. If you can use at least a two-step verification process, use it. A

number of companies and websites are now asking for extra validation information to protect your accounts. This is to put an extra layer of protection on accessing your information beyond just a username and password. • Use up-to-date anti-virus protection. Using anti-virus software prevents, detects and, in most cases, removes malicious software on your computer. In a lot of cases, it is your last line of defense. • Keep your system’s software up to date. Much like using antivirus software, having all your programs up to date potentially prevents unwanted exploitation of program vulnerabilities. • Routinely back up your data someplace other than the same system your information is already on. Do not allow your computer to be a single point of failure for vital information you could never recover if lost. • Watch out for phishing scams. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Look at the source of the email. Does it look suspicious? When at work, was the email electronically signed? When in doubt, contact the source of the email through other means

to verify its authenticity. • Be careful when using public wireless access points or hotspots. Use a virtual private network, also known as a VPN, or secure application. Without proper precautions, do not conduct important activities such as banking or transmitting sensitive information in the open on public networks. • Limit the amount of personal information you post online and use privacy settings to avoid sharing too much of your personal data. Yes, social media is a very good means of keeping in contact with others, but it can also be used to track or target your activities if you don’t take the proper steps to ensure your privacy. Too much personal information about yourself can potentially allow your information to be used for harmful purposes. • Pay attention to your children’s online activities. Our most precious resource needs to be educated on Internet safety just as much as we do. Stay engaged with how they connect and who they interact with online. • Online banking can be safe if conducted properly. Watch your finances closely for abnormal

RETIREES from Page 1

Ira Costels receives a flu shot during the Retiree Appreciation Day event Oct. 13 on Ramstein. The event served as an opportunity for Ramstein to thank U.S. military veterans living in Germany.

The Kaiserslautern American is published by AdvantiPro GmbH, Kaiserslautern, Germany, a private firm in no way connected with the Department of the Air Force or the Department of the Army, under exclusive contract with the 86th Airlift Wing. This commercial enterprise newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the military services overseas. Contents of the KA are not necessarily the official view of, or endorsed by, the U.S. government, Department of Defense or Department of the Air Force. The appearance of advertising in this publication,

the community and I seek to reciprocate,” Thomas said. “Know that you all are a part of Team Ramstein and are valued as such.” The retirees were happy to hear Thomas’s kind words, according to Robert Belt, 86th AW RAO volunteer and retired Air Force maintainer. “Seeing him in front of us and saying he appreciates us is encouraging,” Belt said. “It helps make us feel like we’re not forgotten and our service was (or is) worthwhile.” Attendees were then invited to explore approximately 40 informational booths that were set up to provide retirees insight on programs and benefits that are still available to them, such as medical, legal and personal finance services. “The most important part of this event is to

including insert or supplements, does not constitute endorsement by the DOD, the Department of the Air Force or the AdvantiPro GmbH of the products or the services advertised. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation or any other non merit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. Editorial content is based on news releases, features, editorials and reports prepared by Department of Defense, Air Force and Army agencies, KMC military units and geographically separated units. AdvantiPro staff reserves the right to edit all submitted material.

activity and know how to take action immediately to protect your investments. Online banking makes the process even easier to combat financial theft or fraud. • Shop safely. Is the site using secure protocols, such as HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure? Are they are reputable sites? What is their privacy policy? These are the questions that should be asked before using them. Whether we believe it or not, cyber security is everyone’s business. As the ways we use technology increase all around us, our lives become easier and more connected. However, being constantly connected brings increased risk. No one is immune to cyber risks. As a country, we face constant cyber threats against our capabilities within the cyber arena. As individuals, without the proper precautions, cyber risks threaten our identity, finances and privacy. Since our way of life depends on technology, cybersecurity is important. We each have a role to play in cyber security as it is a shared responsibility, both personally and professionally.

remind retirees of their benefits,” Belt said. “A lot of retirees have busy lives and forget about what the military still offers them.” While the RAO provided the structure for the event, it was the retirees who filled the building with warmth and character. “Seeing the retirees come together and realize that they have a place to come and rekindle old acquaintances and reminisce, it gives a warm and fuzzy feeling,” Belt said. This event demonstrated Ramstein’s thankfulness for its retiree community. Event organizers hope to see even more people return for next year’s events. If retirees need additional information, the RAO is located on Ramstein, Bldg. 2120, room 108, or can be reached by telephone at 06371-47-5486.

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Oggersheimer Druckzentrum

October 23, 2015 cargo, from Page 1

moment in his career, according to Chevalier. “My work is my hobby,” Chevalier said. “I hope to be a motivator and show my enthusiasm and motivation to those around me and hope they, too, will recognize that this is the coolest job ever.” APEX-qualified personnel

Kaiserslautern American save the Air Force time and money by doing the downloading and uploading of cargo while the assigned aircraft personnel are on crew rest or performing other preflight duties. They are out doing the job while the others are accomplishing other tasks so the aircrew can expedite the alert to takeoff process. Cargo can range from

large vehicles to medical equipment. Loadmasters and APEX personnel are trained on specific qualifications and have a very small margin of error to work with. “Our intentions are to develop Airmen’s qualifications that will ultimately lead to them being considered for the program. We only send our very best to APEX training,”

Page 3 Barrows said. “There are very few slots a year to attend the specialized training, and we rely heavily on evaluators like Kasper to help us determine who we choose.” Chevalier said he plans to continue to train and mentor

the Airmen around him. “This is not a one-man show; it is all about the team,” Chevalier said. “I can’t push pallets by myself. It is truly an honor to help take care of American aircraft, cargo and Airmen.”

Kasper Chevalier, 721st Aerial Port Squadron aerial porter (right), oversees a cargo pallet being loaded onto a C-17 Globemaster III Oct. 16 on Ramstein. Chevalier has worked for the Air Force for eight years and reached a milestone in his career by completing his 2,000th aerial port expeditor mission during this load.

Kasper Chevalier, 721st Aerial Port Squadron aerial porter, shows his wife, Frieda Chevalier, what his day-to-day job on a C-17 Globemaster III entails Oct. 16 on Ramstein. Chevalier completed his 2,000th aerial port expeditor mission during this cargo load.

KMC to hold Fall Cleanup event by Master Sgt. Edward J. Seeley Sr. Facilities Excellence Team superintendent Cleaning our work areas and residences is sometimes neglected due to the busy operational tempo of the KMC. Designating time specifically for the upkeep of our facilities helps to remind us that a clean work and living area improves the working environment and the appearance of our on-base housing to our residents and visitors. This is why the 86th Airlift Wing, alongside U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz, is hosting a Fall Cleanup event scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. Nov. 3 and end at 4 p.m. Nov. 4. A “clean where you work” day will be on Nov. 3 for cleaning administrative and industrial facilities, grounds and common areas across the KMC by facility managers and building occupants. Objectives for this day include collecting litter, pulling weeds, trimming overgrown shrubs, tidying plant beds, removing tree limbs and pine cones, raking, and placing debris into biodegradable bags. Interior suggestions include cleaning stairwells, entries, carpets, and storage rooms, purging old files, washing windows and minor touch-up painting. The standard areas of responsibility extend 100 feet in all directions from buildings, including nearby parking lots and sidewalks. According to Marc Fischer, KMC U-Fix-It store customer representative, facility managers may check out many types of hand and

power tools, weed eaters, hedge trimmers, power washers, rakes, shovels, etc., that can help facility managers get the work done. The KMC U-Fix-It store is located on Ramstein, Bldg. 505, and can be reached at 480-5034. Store hours are from 7 to 11:30 a.m. and 12:15 to 4 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays and from 7 to 11:30 a.m. and 12:15 to 2:45 p.m. on Fridays. A “clean where you live” day will be Nov. 4 and will focus on cleaning military family housing exteriors. Dorm occupants are also included. Goals for this day include weeding, trimming, raking and placing debris into bio bags. “Take the time to attend to your communities, including common areas like playgrounds, walkways and areas around the underground trash containers,” said Staff Sgt. Irina P. Henderson, KMC Facilities Excellence Team augmentee staff. “Though participation is mandatory for housing residents, this is a great opportunity to team with your neighbors to foster community pride in the areas where you live and play,” said Chief Master Sgt. Jeffrey Kernodle, 786th Civil Engineer Squadron. “This model of responsibility not only shows your pride, but models an era of responsibility to your children.” “The KMC Self-Help Store has a variety of equipment, tools and materials available to assist in this spring cleanup,” said Carl Liebhardt, KMC Self-Help Store customer See cleanuP, Page 7

BIO-CLEANING VAT-forms PET ODOR REMOVAL accepted Kaiserstr. 54 a (across from City Hall) • 66849 Landstuhl • Tel.: 06371-61 22 11 Spittelstr. 3 (near Stiftsplatz) • 67655 Kaiserslautern • Tel.: 0631-37 35 60 10

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Kaiserslautern American


October 23, 2015 ed in Bruchmuehlbach-Miesau. 10:41 p.m.: A major traffic accident was reported in Ramstein-Miesenbach. 11:21 p.m.: An assault was reported in Kaiserslautern. Time unknown: Sexual assault was reported at an unknown location.

OCT. 18 OCT. 14

12:45 p.m.: A major traffic accident with injuries was reported in Landstuhl. 5:14 p.m.: A major traffic accident was reported on B270.

OCT. 15

1:09 a.m.: Driving under the influence was reported in Kaiserslautern.

4 a.m.: Driving under the influence was reported in Kaiserslautern. 9:30 a.m.: A major traffic accident with injuries was reported on Vogelweh. 8 p.m.: A self-harm ideation was reported in Landstuhl.

OCT. 16 Time unknown: An attempted break-in was report-


• In an effort to better serve the beneficiaries of the 86th Medical Group, the following is a forecast of clinic closures due to U.S. holidays and mandatory training days: Nov. 11 (Veterans Day); Nov. 12 (MDG training day, closed from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.); Nov. 26 (Thanksgiving); Nov. 27 (Family Day); Dec. 10 (MDG training Day, closed from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.); Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve); Dec. 25 (Christmas); and Dec. 31 (New Year’s Eve). This forecast will be amended when applicable. As the clinic improves its processes, they welcome customer feedback. To provide feedback, contact Maj. Janelle Quinn, 86th MDG practice manager at 479-2687 or janelle.quinn@us.af.mil. • The KMC Housing Office and Furnishings Management Section will be closed Nov. 11 in observation of Veterans Day as well as Nov. 25 and 26 for Thanksgiving. The offices will also close at 11 a.m. Nov. 19 for an office function. • Galaxy Avenue will experience road closures to repair portions of the roadway. The construction will occur in phases: the south half through Nov. 4 and the north half Nov. 5 to 18. Full closures will occur on the south half Nov. 4 and the north half Nov. 18. Traffic will be detoured toward Maxwell and Harmon avenues. Slight traffic delays in the immediate area may be expected. Motorists should plan accordingly and exercise extreme caution due to proximity of heavy construction traffic.

Take Note

ROP Line updated

The Ramstein Out-Processing Line will be consolidating a phase 1 and 2 schedule into one briefing. The ROP briefing is designed to assist members with their transition from Ramstein to their new duty location. This briefing is most beneficial if members attend six months from their date of estimated return from overseas and/or at the time of assignment notification, whichever is earlier. ROP is held every Monday at 8:30 a.m. ROP is not held during shortened weeks due to a holiday or family day. No preregistration is required. For details, email 786fss.ramsteininprocessing@us.af.mil or call 480-6559.

5:10 a.m.: A self-harm ideation was reported on Vogelweh. 7:15 a.m.: Driving under the influence was reported in Kaiserslautern.

OCT. 19

10:22 a.m.: An escort violation was reported on Ramstein. 10:50 p.m.: A missing person was reported on Vogelweh.

No more midnight meals

The Rheinland Inn Dining Facility no longer offers midnight meal service. All personnel requiring ground meal support may utilize the Jawbone Flight Kitchen on Ramstein, Bldg. 3332. The dining facility’s new hours of operation are as follows: breakfast 6 to 8 a.m.; lunch 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.; and dinner 5 to 7 p.m. For details, call the Rheinland Inn Dining Facility Manager at 480-3416 or the Food Service Section at 480-1738.

Vehicle registration payments

The electronic payment system at the Kapaun Vehicle Registration Office is currently inoperable, and patrons will be unable to pay for services with debit or credit cards. All customers should have a check or money order for transactions requiring payment. Cash payments cannot be accepted. The payment system is not expected to be back online until the end of October. For more information, contact the Kapaun Vehicle Registration Office at 489-7729/7542 or 0631-536-7729/7542.

Gen. Douglas MacArthur award

U.S. Army Europe is seeking nominees for the 2015 General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award. Two company grade officers and a junior warrant officer will be selected to compete for the award at the Army level. USAREUR Brigade-level or higher commands should submit nomination packets by Nov. 1 to USAREUR G1 Awards and Actions Branch. For more information, call 537-1147/1148/1141 or visit www.armyg1.army.mil/macarthur.

Vehicle safety inspections

Winter is coming and Pulaski Automotive Center is offering free vehicle safety inspections in celebration of Vehicle Safety Day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Oct. 30 at Pulaski Barracks Automotive Skills Center, Bldg. 2859. Make sure that your vehicle fits all of the safety standards to ensure that you stay safe on the roads. Mechanics will spend a minimum of 10 minutes per vehicle reviewing all components to ensure that your vehicle can properly pass an inspection and drive

safely on the road. Open to all ID cardholders. For more information, call 493-4167 or 0631-3406-4167.

CCAF graduation

The semi-annual Community College of the Air Force graduation ceremony with 244 warriors will be at 1 p.m. Nov. 6 in the Ramstein Officers’ Club. Mandatory graduation rehearsal for all graduates will be held at 9 a.m. the same day and location. Graduates are to be in Service Dress Uniform for both the rehearsal and for the graduation ceremony. For details, contact 86fss.ramsteineducationcenter@us.af.mil.

Specialty care through Telehealth

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center is offering Telehealth for patients who live a far distance away from LRMC and have a referral. Telehealth allows a patient-to-provider visit all while in the comfort of your local Army health clinic. The Telehealth program has bridged geographical distances between LRMC providers and patients at outlying Army health clinics throughout Europe. Telehealth is the use of electronic information and telecommunications technologies to support long-distance, real-time health care. For details or to schedule an appointment with a LRMC provider, speak with your primary care provider or call the Telehealth office at 590-4600 or 06371-9464-4600

Retirees’ updated information

The 86th Airlift Wing Retiree Activities Office has been receiving large amounts of email rejects from its retiree contact list. Retirees who changed their email address since they initially registered with RAO should email 86aw.rao@us.af.mil with updated information, or call 480-5486 or 06371-47-5486.

Sales in housing

Yard and garage sales in family housing are permitted on Saturdays only. Parking issues and disturbance to neighbors are reasons to terminate sales. Residents may not use signs to advertise sales anywhere within the KMC housing areas. For details, call Karen Carbon at 489-7108.


October 23, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

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SAVE â‚Ź 29.95

s et ngs!

free activation for all easyMobile plans in October! For more information visit your local TKSShop. Customers who sign up for an easyMobile postpaid contract between Oct. 1 and Oct. 31, 2015, save the activation fee.




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Kaiserslautern American

October 23, 2015

Air Force Expeditionary Center commander visits 521st AMOW Photos by Senior Airman Nicole Sikorski

Maj. Gen. Frederick H. “Rick" Martin, U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center commander, poses for a group photo with Airmen from the 721st Aircraft Maintenance Squadron Oct. 13 on Ramstein. During his visit to the 721st AMXS, superior performers from the unit explained the aircraft deicing process and their winter execution plan. Maj. Gen. Frederick H. "Rick" Martin, U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center commander, speaks during an all-call Oct. 13 on Ramstein. During the all-call, Martin spoke to Airmen about the future of the Air Force and commended them for their impact on the Air Mobility Command mission.

Maj. Gen. Frederick H. "Rick" Martin, U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center commander, takes a tour of Airmen from the 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing gather for an all-call Oct. 13 on the 721st Aerial Port Squadron Oct. 13 on Ramstein. During his visit, Martin toured different units from Ramstein. Maj. Gen. Frederick H. "Rick" Martin, U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center comthe 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing and spoke during an all-call. mander, spoke at the all-call during his visit to Ramstein.

Maj. Gen. Frederick H. "Rick" Martin, U.S. Air Force Expeditionary Center commander, speaks to Airmen from the 721st Aerial Port Squadron Oct. 13 on Ramstein. During his visit to Ramstein, Martin met with Airmen from the 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing.

October 23, 2015

CleanuP, from Page 3

representative. “We can provide grass seed for bare lawn areas, and we also have biodegradable bags for weeds and leaves.” For additional information, contact the KMC Housing Self-Help stores on Ramstein, Bldg. 859, at 06371-46-39520, or on Vogelweh, Bldg, 1049, at 0631-357-90915. The 786th Civil Engineer Squadron Facilities Excellence Team will pick up tree limbs, bagged leaves and weeds at curbside for later composting. Cleanup participants should separate tree branches and shrubs into two piles at curbside — one for small wood stems up to 4 inches in diameter and another for larger material. Weeds and leaves should be placed in biodegradable bags at curbside away from dumpsters for FET pickup. Nonbiodegradable items should be bagged and disposed of in garbage dumpsters. Items such as batteries, glass, bulk paper and metal should be taken to the nearest recycling center on Ramstein, Bldg. 5146, and on Kapaun, Bldg. 2820. There will be nine staging locations with attendees and bio bags available, but residents are urged to come well equipped with ample supplies. Ramstein will have three staging locations: California Avenue and Columbia Avenue at Donnelly Park; Texas Circle and California Avenue at the park; and Kansas Street and Michigan Avenue in the middle of the park. Vogelweh will have four staging locations: near Bldg. 1191 by the softball field; across from Bldgs. 1070 and 1487; between Bldgs. 2701, 2702 and 1310; and across from Bldg. 1139. The Kapaun staging location will be next to Bldg. 2763. The Landstuhl staging location will be at the corner of Walter Reed Drive and Gorgas Avenue. Take this opportunity to log off of the computer, close the daily planner, leave the meeting room behind, and take up a rake or a broom. When you do, you’re showing pride not only in yourself but also in our installations.

Kaiserslautern American

Page 7

American immigrant identity: Internal conflicts in a foreign land by Airman 1st Class Lane Plummer 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Editor's notE: This is the first part in a threepart series covering Col. Seung Paik's journey from his early years as a struggling immigrant to where he is now and the people who affected his life in between. Col. Seung U. Paik, U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa financial analysis and budget division, handles money. His passion, however, lies in taking time to share stories he has accumulated throughout his life and the lessons they have taught him with his coworkers. Sometimes he’ll even share his story of being an immigrant boy who was born in South Korea but raised 6,500 miles away in a Chicago suburb. Born in Seoul, South Korea, in 1970, Seung was brought into a household with two older sisters, Hui Jung and Hye Jung, and his mom and dad, Sun Ja and Nack Po. His parents were welleducated. Sun Ja was a pharmacist and Nack Po was a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in journalism. They were frugal with the money they had, eating mostly home-cooked meals of rice, seaweed, fish and cabbage. What the family needed was all that was purchased. In 1971, a year after Seung’s birth, the Paik family packed their belongings and migrated to Chicago. The family planted their uprooted origins in the middle of a suburban neighborhood on the outreach of the big city after purchasing a small home. Sun Ja and Nack Po now had to find jobs; however, an obstacle taller than they could climb stood between them and their deserved careers: the English language. By the time they arrived in Chicago, Sun Ja and Nack Po could only speak English at a third-grade level. In the U.S., if an immigrant hadn’t

learned a competent level of English, almost every door to a top-drawer job slammed shut and locked on them. Thus, Seung’s parents began their American lives working at a dry cleaning facility 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Because of this, their kids were left the key to the house and became “latchkey kids,” children who returned from school to an empty home because their parents were away at work or children who were often left at home with little parental supervision. “In this day and age, they would’ve gone to jail for doing that,” Seung said. “When I woke up in the morning to get ready for school, my parents would already be gone, and by the time my sisters and I came home from school, they’d still be gone.” Soon after the school day was over, Seung and his sisters walked home and began the daily routine of completing homework and waiting for their mom and dad to come home, cook dinner and talk with them. Hours would go by before the oldest sister would receive a call from Sun Ja. Answering in subsequent “yeps,” the young girl ran through mom’s daily checkup. “Alright, mom will be home in time to cook dinner.

Col. Seung U. Paik

Love you,” their mom would say, her accent still harboring the dominant Hangul alphabet she carried from South Korea. Despite Sun Ja’s fragmented English, her daughter still understood what she was trying to say. “We didn’t have a baby sitter or a nanny. Mom and dad couldn’t afford them, and occasionally the neighbors would help watch us. That’s how we grew up,”

Seung reflects. “It was three kids fending for themselves. That was our elementary years all the way through high school.” Seung looks out his office window, the bright sunshine of Germany’s sky illuminating his short, black and grey hair. He leans back in his chair, his hands peacefully laid on its arms, and stares down at his desk. His soft See immigrant, Page 8

U.S. Consulate Passport Outreach Day Monday, 2 November 2015 09:30 to 14:00 Ramstein Air Base, Bldg 2402 (RIP Line) Services Available: Tourist Passport Applications and Birth Registrations (Birth Registrations by appointment only) Please send an e-mail to 786fss.passports@us.af.mil (Air Force personnel) or usarmy.rheinland-pfalz.imcom-europe.mbx.usag-r-p-passport@mail.mil (Army personnel) for details and appointments.

Representatives from the Federal Benefits Unit, Social Security Office and Immigrant Visa Services will be on hand to answer questions.

Page 8

Kaiserslautern American

October 23, 2015

Airman answers calling by Senior Airman Damon Kasberg 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Editor’s notE: This is the first of three articles in a series highlighting the accomplishments of Airmen after receiving training from the Air Force. On a pitch black October morning in 2002, the humming of engines from an Ilyushin Il-62 commercial airliner faded as it taxied away from Manas Air Base, Kyrgyzstan. It didn’t get far. The jet crashed and burst into flames after running off the tarmac into the grass and veering into the nearby woods. Within seconds of the crash, alarms roared from hand-held radios throughout the makeshift fire station. Firefighters quickly donned their uniforms and rushed out of their tents to respond to the accident. Nineteen-year-old Jesse Burkhard was among these first responders. “When I woke up and heard ‘plane down’ I was startled,” recalled now Master Sgt. Burkhard, 86th Civil Engineer Squadron assistant chief of health and safety. “I didn’t know what to do, but luckily I had a good crew chief ahead of me who calmed me down and got me to our truck. I had been out of technical training for a year, and this was my very first deployment.” Burkhard was the lowest ranking of three assigned to the only rescue truck on the base. From the back seat he remembers seeing nothing in the darkness but a mushroom cloud of smoke and fire. “It was the biggest fire I’d seen,” Burkhard said. ImmIgrant, from Page 7

voice lowers in volume. “I look back and I think to myself ‘It’s a miracle that we survived,’” he said. Fast forward to high school. Finding the right group of kids to hang out with wasn’t hard for Seung. As he was about to enter John Hersey High School as a freshman, his demeanor was different. He was no longer the shy immigrant boy sitting apart from all the other kids in the classrooms; he was walking in the same groups of white kids that crowded the width of the school halls. He was firm about not letting anything hold him back from fully identifying himself as a white American. The largest obstacle was the Korean culture waiting for him every night when he returned home. Seung wouldn’t let people inside his house, fearing they would smell the starchy, half-sweet and half-

As the team raced closer, he started making out the shape of the jet through the thick, black smoke. A couple hundred feet away from the burning wreckage, the truck’s tires spun furiously but wouldn’t move another inch; it was stuck. The firefighters exited their vehicle, threw on their remaining equipment and sprinted the rest of the way. With 75 pounds on their back, they made it to the site, but their job had only just begun. Their role on the rescue truck was to find and save people, and, if necessary, pull them from the danger zone, treat them and put them safe in the hands of the emergency medical team. “The only gear we put on is our self-contained breathing apparatus packs and masks, and we’re ready to go,” Burkhard said. The team got in position, but walls of flames blocked Burkhard and the others from entering the aircraft. Instead, they performed a perimeter sweep around the jet looking for any survivors. Of the nine individuals who boarded the aircraft that morning, eight had been accounted for. The rescue team needed to find one more amongst the heat, fire and explosions. While others run from disasters, Burkhard was born to a bloodline of firefighters and knew at a young age it was his calling. He followed in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great-grandfather. Originally joining the military to receive world-class firefighting training, he found more. “The Air Force has one of the best fire academies in the world,” Burkhard said. “That’s why I joined.

gluey odor of steaming rice. It was a comforting aroma that tells someone they’re entering a Korean home. He worried they would come across his family and judge him from what they saw. “I remember once my parents opened up the window and yelled outside of it with their broken English,” Seung laughed. “I would want to be a certain distance from them because I didn’t want my friends to hear any of that.” He clarified to his friends and teachers that his nationality was a U.S. citizen born in Chicago. He told them his ethnicity was KoreanAmerican. “Part of me had this identity crisis because part of me was like, ‘I love Korean food. I speak Korean. I go to a Korean church,’” Seung explained. “But all my friends were white, my schools were white and I loved white American culture. Part of me was confused, a bit divided, and a bit ashamed.”

I thought I would only stay four years to receive all my certifications, but I love being in the Air Force and what the fire department is in the Air Force.” From the beginning of Burkhard’s career, the training he’s received from the Air Force and mentorship from NCOs has provided him with the skills to confront disasters and life-threatening emergencies. “The training never stops,” Burkhard said. “It starts at tech school where you learn the basics, and that training is always there. Now it’s great to bring the experience and knowledge I’ve gained from my career to the Airmen. It can mean life or death if we’re not fast enough connecting a hose or can’t get water to the line in a certain time limit.” It was this training that allowed him and his team to locate and recover that final survivor 13 years ago. “It was a scary situation, but we found everyone who was on board,” he said. “It’s a sigh of relief knowing everyone is safe. I’ve known firefighters who weren’t able to get everyone out. I couldn’t imagine the feeling.” With all the survivors safe, the rescue team focused their efforts on supporting the other firefighters. U.S. Air Force and Kyrgyzstan firefighters worked side by side extinguishing the raging flames. Exhausted, the men finally caught their breath after four hours of dragging fire hoses, switching air tanks and dodging explosions, and, as the final embers were quenched, the sun’s light began to break through the darkness.

Seung grew into his American life, and it was right before he graduated from high school that he finally took time to reflect on who he really was. “I went through this period of confusion,” Seung recalled. “‘What are my roots? What is my heritage? What is my ethnicity? Why don’t I embrace it the way I should?’” Seung found ways to keep his mind off the constant deep questions. By the time he was at the tail end of his high school career, his gymnastics skills caught the eyes of many colleges around the country. Amidst his identity crisis, he found that if there was one thing he was good at, it was his agility and balance. One day Seung was approached by a school in Colorado Springs, Colorado, after they had been impressed by his eye-popping gymnastic ability. It was a different college from the others; it wasn’t going to be four to six years of learning

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and then back to find a job in the world for Seung. This school came with a contract that required an oath of office and a pledge to defend his adopted country. The Air Force Academy approached Seung and offered him a chance to join the academy as a gymnast. When Seung sat his parents down and broke the news about joining the Air Force, Sun Ja was shocked. She repeatedly asked him, “Seung, wouldn’t you rather stay closer to home?” Her eyes said everything to him; she was coming to terms with her grown-up baby boy leaving her to defend the U.S. Contrasting his emotional wife, Nack Po sat up, and his mouth stretched subtly into a soft smile. His chest slowly rose. His eyes met with Seung's, and his head gently nodded in approval. It finally came together for Seung; the military would help him discover his identity.

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October 23, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

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Kaiserslautern American

October 23, 2015

Team Ramstein speaks out against domestic violence by Barbara Cox Ramstein Family Advocacy outreach manager Team Ramstein took a stand against domestic violence by participating in the Speak Out Against Domestic Violence event Oct. 8 on Ramstein. The event was held as part of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and featured an all-male panel to not only speak about violence against women but also against men and the effects on children. Capt. Armand Courtemanche, U.S. Air Forces in Europe protocol officer, Chief Master Sgt. Kaleth Wright, 3rd Air Force command chief, Senior Airman Charles Jackson, 86th Medical Operations Squadron mental health technician, and Cesar Alvarez, 86th MDOS Health Promotion coordinator, discussed the different aspects of domestic violence. “One in three women and one in four men have been physically abused,” Courtemanche said. Using data from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Courtemanche explained that people often stay in abusive relationships because their partner has threatened to kill them, their children or their pets if they leave. Wright explained economic abuse and how abusers often control their partners by not allowing them to work or manage any of the household finances.

Photo courtesy of Emily McCormick

Cesar Alvarez, 86th Medical Operations Squadron Health Promotion coordinator, addresses the impact of domestic abuse on children during the Speak Out Against Domestic Violence event Oct. 8 on Ramstein. Alvarez was one of four members on an all-male panel to focus on domestic violence against women. Though men are also abused, the Department of Justice reports that more male offenders are reported than female.

For instance, Wright described a case in which a spouse had to contact a first sergeant because they were unable to purchase food while the military member was deployed. Situations such as this are considered neglect and should be addressed by military leaders and family advocacy.

According to Jackson and the NCADV, one in seven women and one in 18 men have been stalked by an intimate partner during their lifetime to the point which they felt fearful that themselves or someone close to them would be harmed or killed. Finally, Alvarez enlightened the

crowd on the effects domestic violence has on children, even if they do not directly witness the violence. Alvarez said that children who live in households where abuse takes place are more likely to live with anxiety and fear. These children may also act more aggressively because they learn that violence is “normal.” Additionally, according to the West Virginia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, these children may develop sleep problems, headaches, and are at risk for alcohol and drug abuse as they grow up. Though the Department of Justice shows that more male offenders are reported than female, there are men who are victims of violence as well. Resources for individuals and families are available, including Ramstein Family Advocacy, the Ramstein Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate, chaplains, Military and Family Life Consultants, Sexual Assault Response Coordinators, and unit leadership. Those who were unable to attend the event are invited to Resilience University from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday on Ramstein, Bldg. 2104. There will be more than 20 45-minute workshops on topics such as tactical dating, communication, stress management, picky eaters, toddler tantrums and more. The USO will sponsor a free lunch, therefore RSVPs are required in advance. For reservations, call 479-2370 or 06371-46-2370.

Americans donate for refugees

Photo by Sarah Wagner

More than 30 American volunteers help to sort and pack donations for refugees in the Kaiserslautern area Oct. 17 at the Atlantic Academy in Kaiserslautern. Because of the language barrier, the academy helped in collecting items such as blankets, dishes, toys, bags and more from Americans. For the Atlantic Academy, this project was a way to connect the German and American communities, and for KMC members, it was a possibility to engage with their host community.

October 23, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

Helpline gives sexual assault victims additional resource by Holly Logan-Arrington Robins Air Force Base Public Affairs ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. — The Department of Defense has given sexual assault victims a resource that helps them take control of their recovery process. Established in 2011, the DOD Safe Helpline is a crisis support service for members of the DOD community affected by sexual assault. Safe Helpline provides live, one-on-one support and information to the worldwide DOD community. The service is confidential, anonymous, secure and available 24/7 by click, call or text to provide victims with the help they need anytime, anywhere. Lisa Matney, 78th Air Base Wing sexual assault response coordinator, said the helpline will provide an avenue for victims to get additional support and encouragement to come forward and make a restricted or unrestricted report of sexual assault. The helpline provides live, confidential help through a secure instant-messaging format at SafeHelpline.org. The website also contains vital information about recovering from and reporting a sexual assault. Pamela Davis, the sexual assault prevention and response victim advocate at Robins Air Force Base, said the helpline gives sexual assault victims the additional

support they may need. “Some victims need additional avenues of support to obtain the courage to come forward, and this resource can provide that additional support,” Davis said. Safe Helpline also provides live, confidential help over the phone. The telephone helpline staff can even transfer callers to base sexual assault response coordinators, Veterans Benefits Administration coordinators, Military OneSource, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and civilian sexual assault service providers. The phone number is the same in the U.S. and worldwide via the Defense Switched Network. Safe Helpline can also provide referrals via text. By texting one’s zip code or base name to 55-247 inside the U.S. or 202-470-5546 outside the U.S., Safe Helpline will text back contact information for the installation SARC and other resources available on and off base. Message and data rates may apply. In addition to providing information for sexual assault victims, the helpline’s website also offers information for their loved ones to better understand and be able to help in the recovery process. “Individuals can use the web link to search for resources for their installation, so no matter where the person lives they can get help,” Matney said.

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Love our recipes? Let us hear about it! Contact us at ads@kaiserslauternamerican.com for feedback or recipe suggestions. We would love to hear from you!



First of all, what is a Sauerbraten? Essentially, it’s a beef roast. The best piece will be what a German butcher would call flache Schulter (flat shoulder)

Preparation Cut the vegetables into 1” dices. Prepare a marinade for the meat using the white wine, vinegar, salt, pepper corns, sugar, mustard seeds, carrots, leeks, celery, juniper berries and bay leaf. Make sure you have enough marinade to cover the meat! Let the meat sit in the marinade for 4 to 6 days. Take the meat out of the marinade, and place it in a strainer to let the marinade drip off the meat, then using a paper towel, pat the meat dry before roasting. Save the vegetables and marinade for the sauce. Take a pot big enough to roast the meat and make the sauce in. The best fat to roast the meat with will be ghee (you can also buy it on the economy called Butaris). On high heat, melt the ghee and roast the meat from all sides, put the meat

Ingredients • For four persons : 600 to 700 grams of beef • Salt • Pepper (corns and ground) • Sugar • White wine, Red wine • Vinegar (a simple one will do

• • • • •

- no need to take for example balsamic or any other fancy one)

Carrots, Leeks, Celery Mustard seeds Juniper berries Bay leaf Tomato paste

aside and put some tomato paste and the vegetables in the pot and roast them on medium heat. Add a sip of red wine and let it reduce. Repeat this process 3-4 times. Put the meat in the sauce and let all slowly simmer for about 3 hours. Add some of the marinade bit by bit taking care to stir from time-to-time so it doesn’t burn. Add the desired amount of spices (salt, ground pepper, sugar). Strain the sauce. Cut the roast into slices and serve with salted potatoes and red cabbage as side dishes for a nice fall dinner.

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Saturday, October 24th:

It´s going to be a spooky evening! On a 1.2 mile long trail all kinds of animals, ghosts, witches, monsters and robbers wait for fearless hikers who decided to trace the horrifying path. The trail starts at the sports ground and leads through the village center of Breunigweiler. The hike starts at 6.30 p.m. Tickets are €6. Pre-sale tickets are available from October 13. For ticket reservation please call Mr. Koch from 4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at 0152 – 37 08 45 09. Limited tickets are available at the box office. The hike is not recommended for pets & children under 12 years. Do you dare to participate? Address: Mühlbachweg 1 67725 Breunigweiler

Enjoy y ! l a e o ur m

Photo by Bernd Juergens / Shutterstock.com

Horror Hike in Breunigweiler

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October 23, 2015

Ramstein to host US Consulate, Passport Outreach Day Courtesy of 786th Force Support Squadron The U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt and the KMC Passport Offices are scheduled to host a Passport Outreach Day from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Nov. 2 on Ramstein, Bldg. 2402. USO will also be there to support the event by serving refreshments. This event will serve as an outreach to provide the KMC with expedited service for passport applications prior to the holiday travel season. Consulate representatives will be on-site to accept tourist passport and consular report of birth abroad applications. Representatives from the Federal Benefits Unit and Immigrant Visa Section will also be available to answer questions related to social security and immigrant visas. As a new addition to the outreach event, the consulate will provide a U.S. citizenship and immigration briefing to include a Q-and-A session from 10 a.m. to noon at the Hercules Theater on Ramstein, next to the main event building. Anyone interested in finding out more about immigrating to the U.S., maintaining permanent resident status while living overseas or becoming a U.S. citizen is welcome to

attend this briefing and recieve answers directly from the U.S. Consulate. The Ramstein and Kleber Kaserne passport offices have detailed checklists for tourist passports and reports of birth abroad on their websites to aid in filling out applications prior to the event. For access to these documents, Air Force personnel can visit www.ramstein.af.mil/library/factsheets/ factsheet.asp?id=17152 and Army personnel can visit www.rp.army.mil/directorates/hr.htm. The fee for a report of birth and tourist passport for a child is $205. A tourist passport renewal for an adult is $110, and a tourist passport renewal for a minor under the age of 16 is $105. Anyone over the age of 16 applying for the first time must pay $135. Payment is due with the application and must be paid by money order or cashier check, one for each application. All services will be available on a walk-in basis, with the exception of birth registrations. Contact your servicing passport office to have documents reviewed and to schedule an appointment for birth registration of your newborn. To process applications quickly, passport offi-

K-Town Sunday Shopping O October ctober 25 Stores will be open from 1 to 6 p.m.

cials ask that clients come prepared with all original documents in order, copies of each document and money orders or cashier checks. On-site passport photo support will be available at the cost of $8 for six photos; however, passport officials recommend obtaining photos prior to the event to minimize waiting time. Money orders to cover passport fees can be purchased by military ID cardholders at the Ramstein Northside Post Office by cash or debit card only or at servicing banking facilities prior to or on Outreach Day; on-site service will not be available. Be advised: Existing tourist passports must be turned in for cancellation and will be returned with the newly issued passport. The Ramstein and Kleber Kaserne passport offices will be closed Nov. 2 and will reopen for regular service Nov. 3. For questions, further instructions or to schedule a birth registration appointment, stop by your respective passport office or Air Force personnel can email 786fss.passports@us.af.mil, and Army personnel can email usarmy.rheinland-pfalz.imcom-europe. mbx.usag-r-p-passport@mail.mil. Kaiserslautern will host their Autumn fair at the Messeplatz. You can ride the Ferris wheel, drive the bumper cars, or even just stroll through the fair and enjoy the variety of foods available.

For more events: www.militaryingermany.com

October 23, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

A helicopter flies over the battlefield during the live-fire portion of distinguished visitor day of the German army’s Joint Demonstration Exercise Oct. 9 at the German army training area in Muenster. The German army hosted more than 100 visitors, including key leaders from the Kaiserslautern-based 21st Theater Sustainment Command, demonstrating capabilities of the German land forces. The demonstrations included maneuvers by a combined arms battalion, a presentation at a theater logistics base and a combined arms live-fire exercise.

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German army Lt. Gen. Michael Tempel, chief of the German army medical services, presents opening comments during the distinguished visitor day of the German army’s Joint Demonstration Exercise Oct. 9 at the German army training area in Muenster.

21st TSC leaders attend German army demonstration exercise Photos by Greg Jones

German army snipers reveal themselves from a hide position before stands filled with on-lookers at the distinguished visitor day of the German army’s Joint Demonstration Exercise Oct. 9 at the German army training area in Muenster.

A German soldier scans the battlefield from atop an infantry fighting vehicle during the live-fire portion of distinguished visitor day at the German army’s Joint Demonstration Exercise Oct. 9 at the German army training area in Muenster.

A German soldier keeps watch from the back of an infantry fighting vehicle during the distinguished visitor day of the German army’s Joint Demonstration Exercise Oct. 9 at the German army training area in Muenster.

A German army Leopard tank conducts maneuvers during the distinguished visitor day of the German army’s Joint Demonstration Exercise Oct. 9 at the German army training area in Muenster. On this tank, the gun tube is marked in white and the targeting system in yellow for demonstration purposes.

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October 23, 2015

21st TSC celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by Greg Jones 21st Theater Sustainment Command Public Affairs The 21st Theater Sustainment Command hosted a Hispanic Heritage celebration commemorating the history and culture of HispanicKAISERSLAUTERN



Sun: 10 am, 11 am and 6 pm Wed: 7 pm Mühlstrasse 34 67659 Kaiserslautern Tel. 06 31 - 36 18 59 92 Tel. 06 371 - 46 75 16

Americans with a guest speaker, a food tasting, and music and dance demonstrations at the Kaiserslautern Community Activity Center Oct. 7 on Daenner Kaserne. October is Hispanic Heritage Month and the theme for this year is ‘Energizing Our Nation’s Diversity.’ After a brief historical presentation about Hispanic leaders and military service, guest speaker Sgt. Major Michael Ledesma, 21st TSC G-1 noncommissioned officer in charge, discussed his upbringing in a Hispanic family in Texas where family, even extended family, played a large role. “In our family, and in a lot

Air Force and Army Chapel Schedule Protestant Services POC for Miesau, Landstuhl and Daenner is the USAG R-P Chaplains Office in Bldg. 2919 on Pulaski Barracks. DSN 493-4098, civ. 06313406-4098 Miesau Chapel (Bldg. 3175) Seventh-Day Adventist Worship Sabbath School: 9:30 a.m. Saturdays Spanish Sabbath School: 9:30 a.m. Saturdays Worship: 11 a.m. Saturdays Small Group: 6-7 p.m. Tuesdays Landstuhl Community Chapel (Bldg. 3773) Worship: 11 a.m. Sundays Children’s Youth Church: 11 a.m. Sundays Daenner Community Chapel (Bldg. 3150) Chapel Next Worship Worship: 10 a.m. Sundays Children’s Church: 10:30 a.m. Sundays Ramstein North Chapel (DSN 480-6148, civ. 06371-47-6148) Contemporary Service: 11 a.m. Sundays Ramstein South Chapel (DSN 480-5753, civ. 06371-47-5753) Liturgical Services: 9 a.m. Sundays Liturgical Sunday School: 11 a.m. Sundays Traditional Service: 11 a.m. Sundays Vogelweh Chapel (DSN 489-6859, civ. 0631-536-6859) Gospel Service: 11 a.m. Sundays. Protestant education classes are available for all ages at Vogelweh, Ramstein, Landstuhl and Daenner. For information, call DSN 480-2499/489-6743 or civ. 06371-47-2499/0631-536-6743.

Catholic Services

Daenner Community Chapel (Bldg 3150) Confession: 11:30 a.m. Sundays (Jun-Aug) Sunday Mass: 12:00 p.m. (Jun-Aug) Confession: 12:00 p.m. Sundays (Sep-May) Sunday Mass: 12:30 (Sep-May) Landstuhl Community Chapel (Bldg. 3773) Confession: 8:30 a.m. Sunday Mass: 9:00 a.m. Ramstein North Chapel (DSN 480-6148, civ. 06371-47-6148) Daily Mass: 11:30 a.m. Monday-Friday Sunday Mass: 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Confession 4-4:45 p.m. Sundays Vogelweh Chapel (DSN 489-6859, civ. 0631-536-6859)

Confession: 4-4:45 p.m. Saturday Mass: 5 p.m.

Jewish Religious Services Ramstein South Chapel Synagogue (DSN 480-5753, civ. 06371-47-5753) Shabbat Evening Service: 7 p.m. 1st & 3rd Friday Islamic Services Ramstein South Chapel Mosque Bldg. 2403(480-5753) Jumu’ah Prayer, 1:30 p.m. Ramadan Services at Sunset: June 26 & 27, July 3, 4, 10, 11 & 17 For religious education and daily prayers, check the prayer schedule

Orthodox Christian

of Hispanic families, there’s not really such a thing as an extended family, they’re all just family,” Ledesma said. “Grandmas, uncles, aunts, they were all as important as mom and dad in our family. And with my grandmother, when she talked you better listen!” Ledesma also touched on topics of military service; and not only the role of Hispanics in the service, but the role that leaders of Hispanics in the military can play in the professional development of those Soldiers. “When I was a young Soldier, it was a mark of pride not to need help. Even if I really needed help, I’d never ask,” Ledesma said. “It may not be the best way, but that’s the way I was, and that’s the way a lot of young Hispanic Soldiers are now too. They aren’t going to ask you for help; you’re going to have to know as leaders when they need it.” Ledesma’s comments were followed by a performance of a traditional ‘Cumbia,’ a type of Mexican song, by Angela Chavarria. The formal celebration culminated with a salsa demonstration, after which guests were invited to sample Mexican food provided by a local restaurant.

Courtesy photo

Angela Chavarria performs a traditional ‘Cumbia,’ a type of Mexican song, during the Hispanic Heritage celebration hosted by 21st Theater Sustainment Command Oct. 7 at the Kaiserslautern Community Activity Center on Daenner Kaserne. The celebration included a historical presentation, a guest speaker, a food tasting, and music and dance demonstrations.

Kapaun Chapel (DSN 489-6859, civ. 0631536-6859) Divine Liturgy: 9 a.m. Sundays Confessions by appointment

Chapel Youth Program

Kaiserslautern Youth of the Chapel/Club Beyond, (Religious Youth Center, Pulaski Bks., Bldg. 2869) Weekly activities available for all teens in grades 6-12! For more information about upcoming Clubs and trips or volunteering please email kaiserslautern@clubbeyond.org Protestant Youth of the Chapel Ramstein North Chapel “Vision” Middle School Ministry Tuesdays 3:15-5:00pm “Salvage” High School Ministry Tuesdays 7:00-8:45pm Info: www.ramsteinpyoc.blogspot.com Contact: ramsteinpyoc@googlemail.com

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Universalist Service, 1:30 p.m. second and fourth Sundays (Sept.-May), Kapaun Chapel


7 p.m. first and third Saturdays, Kapaun Annex

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4 p.m. second and fourth Sundays, Ramstein South Chapel

Courtesy photo

Spc. Kentrice Melvin, 21st Special Troops Battalion, serves fajitas during the Hispanic Heritage celebration hosted by the 21st Theater Sustainment Command Oct. 7 at the Kaiserslautern Community Activity Center on Daenner Kaserne.

October 23, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

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16th Sustainment Brigade joins multinational fuel company

British army Capt. Charles Frost, Commando Logistic Regiment, acting as company first sergeant, hands the Modular Combined Petroleum Unit formation over to French army Capt. Mohamed Aboudi, 1st Petroleum Support Company commander, Oct. 7 in Zaragoza, Spain, for the NATO exercise Trident Juncture. Bringing together 36,000 troops from more than 35 countries, Trident Juncture 15 is the largest NATO exercise since 2002.

Story and photos by Sgt. 1st Class Michael O'Brien 16th Sustainment Brigade ZARAGOZA, Spain — Joining French army counterparts near Lyon, France, Oct. 5, 515th Transportation Company Soldiers then completed a 700-mile convoy from Smith Barracks, Germany, to the Joint Logistics Support Group Headquarters near Zaragoza, Spain. “These fine transportation Soldiers have convoyed more than a thousand miles to support almost every nation within the alliance,” said Capt. Nicholas Greco, 515th Transportation Company commander. “The opportunity the 16th Sustainment Brigade has here is to decentralize operations by empowering junior leaders, allowing us to support U.S. Army Europe and NATO.” The 16th Sustainment Brigade demonstrated their adaptability by contributing a platoon to the French army 1st

Petroleum Support Company with mission command of the multinational bulk fuel company called Modular Combined Petroleum Unit. Other countries composing the MCPU include the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy. “As a part of the MCPU, we get to work with fuel units like ours from other NATO countries that we haven't previously had the opportunity to work with before,” said U.S. Army 1st Lt. Stevie Hasenfus, a platoon leader with 515th Trans. Co. “It will be exciting to practice convoy operations with our international allies at the exercise.” The U.S. and French units worked together last month during an exercise testing the interoperability of both units’ petroleum equipment. The convoy continued to build the relationship by introducing both nations’ convoy operations and procedures. “The convoy to Spain with the Americans was a good experience, especially learn-

ing the radio procedures and the vehicle intervals,” said French army 1st Lt. Marie Muller, a transportation platoon leader with 1st Petroleum Support Company. Arriving at the training area near Zaragoza, the convoy of more than 40 vehicles began to establish the fueling site, integrating with the other contributing nations. “This was a good start for us going into the (NATO) exercise,” said French army Capt. Mohamed Aboudi, 1st Petroleum Support Company commander. “I was happy to share the convoy with my U.S. colleagues.” The MCPU will provide a combined bulk fuel capacity of 25,000 gallons of jet fuel and 5,000 gallons of diesel fuel during Trident Juncture 15, supplying both aerial and ground vehicles. Bringing together 36,000 troops from more than 35 countries, Trident Juncture 15 is the largest NATO exercise since 2002.

U.S. Army Sgt. June Baylon, 515th Transportation Company heavy wheeled vehicle operator, and French army Spc. Cpl. Jacob Abam, 1st Petroleum Support Company, work together Oct. 6 near Carcassone, France, before starting the second day of the convoy to Zaragoza, Spain, for the NATO exercise Trident Juncture. The 1st Petroleum Support Company, along with the 16th Sustainment Brigade and soldiers from the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy constitute the Multinational Combined Petroleum Unit. The MCPU is capable of providing a combined bulk fuel capacity of 25,000 gallons of jet fuel and 5,000 gallons of diesel fuel during Trident Juncture 15.

St. Alban's Military Community

God created the first wireless phone. He names it “prayer!”

Episcopal Services HOLY EUCHARIST

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Sundays 10:30

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For more information please

call 480-6148 or 06372-3163

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Lutheran Church 8:30 am Worship & Holy Communion

Sunday School Following Meeting in Ev.-Luth. St. Michaelis Church, Karpfenstr. 7, 67655 Kaiserslautern E-mail: kaiserslautern@selk.de or call 0631-64327 for directions. Scott Morrison, Pastor www.KELC.eu

Sunday Worship Gatherings at 9 a.m., 11 a.m. & 5:15 p.m.

community church Keeping it real, relational and relevant

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We meet Sundays at 11 a.m. For more info call 06371-616793 or visit our website www.CCK-Town.org Industriestr. 50 66862 Kindsbach

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October 23, 2015

Hiking the Zugspitze: A walk up Germany’s highest mountain by Karl Weisel U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Marketing Office WIESBADEN, Germany — We couldn’t have asked for a more glorious day as we neared the summit of Germany’s tallest mountain. After two days of hiking up from Garmisch-Partenkirchen through the Partnach Gorge, a gentle breeze reminded us that concentration was still needed to make it safely up the rock to face the last several hundred meters to the top. Our trip began two days earlier with train rides to Munich and on to Garmisch where we had fortified ourselves with a hearty meal and a couple of beers before vowing to get up early the next morning to start the roughly 10-hour trek. With our water bottles filled and our gear stashed securely in our packs, we headed out across the valley toward the site of the 1936 Winter Olympic ski jump stadium. Another 20 minutes of walking took us to the entrance of the over 700-meter-long Partnach Gorge where our breaths were taken away, not by the exertion, but by the awesome splendor of a mountain carved open by the gushing waters of a glacier-fed river. From there the views continued to dazzle as we began the initial ascent along the Partnach River up to the Bock Hut and then on through the Reintal Valley for a short lunch break at the Reintalanger Hut. It was a pleasure to sit for a few minutes, enjoy a bowl of hot soup and to get a look at some of the other hikers we would encounter again during the ensuing climb up the Zugspitze. The bells of mountain sheep accompanied our footsteps as we began the last stretch of the day up through the Brunntal to the Knorr Hut where we were destined to spend the night. By early afternoon, we had ascended from about 730 meters at the ski jump stadium to 2,057 meters at the hut on the eastern edge of the Zugspitze Plateau. For those of us who had never experienced spending the night in one of the alpine huts, it was a treat to discover they are well-supplied, by helicopter. While the sleeping conditions at the Knorr Hut are a bit like a sleepover, large bays where one shares space with other hikers both washed and unwashed, the kitchen and staff ensure guests are well-fed with traditional German fair. We were awakened the next morning by the sun’s first rays edging their way up the valley and painting the mountain flowers, patches of snow

Courtesy photo of outdoorpixel/Shutterstock.com

and cliffsides with soft pastels. As we grabbed a quick coffee, admired the view and rounded up our gear, the first hikers headed up the trail eager to make summit. The ever-present sheep, scrabbling for sparse vegetation among the rocks, accompanied us as we made our way up into the Zugspitze Plateau before beginning the final and most challenging stretch adjacent to the cable car which runs between the Sonn-Alpin lodge and a platform at the top. As we gazed up the steep slope, about 400 meters high in elevation of loose rock and cable-guided cliffside, we prepared for the most spectacular views of surrounding Germany and Austria. After joining the hundreds of tourists who had arrived by cable car at the top, we made the last short climb up a ladder to the cross at the 2,962meter mark. From the summit, we could see hikers making their way up other routes and the Eibsee far below. As our group leader observed after the hike, “Reaching the summit creates a euphoric feeling of flight, camaraderie and serenity. You begin each summit with some degree of doubt, and each step skyward is a step toward overcoming both the physical and mental obstacles in your path.” Our group leader, an experienced alpine hiker who wrote the book “Following Whispers” about his adventures in the Himalayas, said hiking for him is like meditation, “aligning the mind, body and spirit to the

cadence of your boot striking the trail … it’s hugely refreshing.” While there are plenty of opportunities for hitting the trail, the Garmisch area offers a wealth of spectacular areas to explore with well-marked trails. A good hike can still be enjoyed without having to climb Germany's highest peak. The Edelweiss is a great base camp for a hike to the Hohental, another gorge in the area located above Hammersbach. It’s recommended that hikers start with easier walks and make sure they are in good shape before tackling the Zugzpitze. Maps with information are available at the Alpine Adventures in the Edelweiss Lodge. “I was not in the best shape when I first climbed the mountain,” our group leader said about a previous Zugspitze hike. “A fast heart rate, shortness of breath and exhaustion are all possibilities if one hasn’t trained at least a few times a week before the climb. One has to respect the mountain and yourself when gauging whether or not to attempt a summit. If you get winded on a flight of stairs, the Zugspitze is not for you. But the good news is that you can develop a goal-oriented fitness plan ahead of time and reward your days of push ups, running or biking with amazing views from atop Germany’s highest peak.” Hikers should be prepared for anything, from slippery slopes due to rain

or snow, and gusts of wind to sunburn. “In the summer, light rain, dampness and chilly fog are more likely at lower altitude, with snow at higher altitudes,” our group leader said. “That makes it absolutely essential to pack for a variety of weather and temperatures. It adds some weight, but layering can help.” Carrying plenty of water is also essential, although refills are possible at huts along the route. Making reservations at the mountain huts, hotels in Garmisch or the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort well in advance is recommended considering weekends are usually busier than weekdays. Doing a little research in advance, such as picking up a good map or searching online, can help one choose which hut or huts to reserve space for a Zugspitze ascent. The huts are marked along with their names which can be easily searched on Google. Email can be used to make reservations. Conveniently many lodge operators speak English. For more information about hiking in the German Alps and arranging overnight accommodations in the mountains, visit the German Alpine Association website at www.davplus. de/huetten. To find out more about the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, visit http://edelweisslodgeandresort.com or Edelweiss Lodge and Resort on Facebook.

October 23, 2015

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Kaiserslautern American

Was ist Los?

October 23, 2015

KMC Cultural Highlights

by Petra Lessoing 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs The following is a list of performances and events happening in the KMC and nearby locations. Dates are subject to change.

Performing arts:

Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern: • “Penthesilea,” a tragedy by Heinrich Kleist, in German, 8 p.m. today, Wednesday, Nov. 6, 14 and 21. • “Everyman,” a rock mystery with the progressive metal band Vanden Plas, 7:30 p.m. Saturday and Nov. 5. • “Fruehlings Erwachen,” a children’s tragedy, in German, 7:30 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 30, Nov. 3 and 11, and 3 p.m. Nov. 29. • “My Fair Lady,” a musical by Frederick Loewe, in German, 7:30 p.m. Oct. 31, Nov. 7, 14, 21, and 6 p.m. Nov. 15. • “Nur noch kurz die Welt retten,” a Europe revue, 8 p.m. Nov. 4 and 20. • “Herzog Blaubarts Burg” and “Der Zwerg,” two operas in German, 7:30 p.m. Nov. 4, 13 and 27. For details, call 0631-3675-209 or visit www.pfalztheater.de. Kammgarn Kaiserslautern: • The band Phrasenmaeher presents electro pop and rock, 8 p.m. today.

Courtesy photo

Little horror shop The “Active for Hochspeyer” Association offers the “Little Horror Shop,” a Halloween haunted house for the entire family, 6 to 10 p.m. Saturday and Oct. 31. Vampires, ghosts and monsters can be found in dark rooms acting out spooky scenarios. Food and drinks will be served. Saturday, a costume contest will be at 7 p.m. and a disc jockey will entertain visitors throughout the night. Admission fee is €3 for adults and €1 for children. Proceeds go to community projects. The horror shop is located on Kirchstrasse 5 in 67691 Hochspeyer.

Tickets cost €16. • The band Swiss & Die Andern presents hip-hop, punk and rap, 8 p.m. Saturday. Tickets cost €18. • Friend ‘n Fellow present jazz, blues and soul, 8 p.m. Thursday. Tickets cost €21. • The Jaworek Reinhardt Ensemble presents magic gypsy sound, 8 p.m. Oct. 30. Tickets cost €17. • Hommage a Edith Piaf, Pauline Ngoc performs French chansons, 8 p.m. Oct. 31. Tickets cost €17. For more information, visit www.kammgarn.de. Fruchthalle, Kaiserslautern: • Jazz Stage meets Hildegard Knef, 8 p.m. Nov. 6. Tickets cost €14. For tickets, call Kaiserslautern Tourist-Info at 0631-365-2317. JUZ (Youth Center), Steinstrasse 47, Kaiserslautern: • The band Forty Eight presents rock music from the 1960s and 1970s such as songs by Deep Purple, Dire Straits, The Rolling Stones and Joe Cocker, 8 p.m. Nov. 6. Tickets cost €7.50. For details, visit www.juz-kl.de. Ramstein-Miesenbach, stage in front of Haus des Buergers: • “Das grosse Halali,” a murder mystery dinner, in German, 7:30 p.m. Nov. 6. Tickets including a threecourse dinner cost €69. • The unplugged band “Die ueblichen Verdaechtigen” and guests present songs of the last decades in a living room atmosphere, 8 p.m. Nov. 7. Tickets cost €14. For more information, visit www.hausdesbuergers.de or call 06371-592-220. Landstuhl Stadthalle: • Christina Rommel presents her concert “Schokolade” while the audience receives chocolate specialties, 7:30 p.m. Saturday. Tickets cost €23, €28 and €32. • The band Mister Slowhand performs the very best of Eric Clapton, 7:30 p.m. Oct. 30. Tickets cost €10; standing room only. For more information, visit www.stadthalle-landstuhl.de or call 06371-92340. Saarbruecken, Saarlaendisches Staatstheater, Schillerplatz 1: • “The Rocky Horror Show,” a

Photo by Stefan Layes

Ramstein hosts Wendelinus market The annual Wendelinus market with more than 80 exhibitors presenting arts, crafts and other merchandise takes place Saturday and Sunday in the car-free center of RamsteinMiesenbach. All stores are open Sunday from 1 to 6 p.m.

musical by Richard O’Brien, in German, but songs in English, 7:30 p.m. Saturday and Tuesday, and 8:30 p.m. Sunday. For more information, visit www.theater-saarbruecken.de or call 0681-3092-486. English Theatre, Gallusanlage 7, Frankfurt: • “The Glass Menagerie,” a memory play by Tennessee Williams, 7:30 p.m. today and Saturday. • “The Life,” a musical by David Newman, Ira Gasman and Cy Coleman starts Nov. 7 through Feb. 16. For more information, visit www.english-theatre.org.


• Kaiserslautern Gartenschau, through Oct. 31. Flower show, “Autumn Time,” in flower hall, pumpkin display under the motto, “Sports,” and Lego display through Oct. 31. Closeout event with Tuxedo Swing Bigband, 4 p.m. Oct. 31. Opening hours are 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tickets cost €7 for adults and €3 for children. For more information, visit www.gartenschau-kl.de. • Kaiserslautern, Japanese Garden open through Oct. 31. Opening hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. For more information, visit www.japanischergarten.de. • Kaiserslautern, Messeplatz fairgrounds, October carnival, today to Monday; closeout fireworks display is 9 p.m. Monday. • Ramstein-Miesenbach, fest tent on Prometheusplatz, October fest with music and Bavarian food specialties, today to Sunday. The Satur-

day night show is sold out. Admission for Sunday show is free. For more information, visit www.oktoberfest-ramstein.de. • Ramstein-Miesenbach, Haus des Buergers, model train swap meet, Sunday. • Otterberg, chestnut carnival with rides and vendors, Sunday. Stores open 1 to 6 p.m. • Reichenbach-Steegen (Albersbach), village carnival, Saturday to Monday. • Oberarnbach, village carnival, Saturday to Monday. • Rockenhausen, Donnersberghalle, Obermuehle 1, arts and crafts market with 30 vendors presenting Danish embroideries, jewelry, painted tiles, hats, wood carvings, noon to 6 p.m. Saturday and 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday.

Flea markets:

• Kaiserslautern, Pfalz-Center (across from Daenner Kaserne), 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. • Kaiserslautern, Toom Baumarkt, Hohenecker Strasse 10, Fridays. • Mehlingen, Abtstrasse 25a, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays. • Bad Duerkheim, Saline (saltworks in Kurpark, Gutleutstrasse 48), 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Oct. 31. • Worms, Kaiserpassage Parkdeck U2, Korngasse 8, 7:30 to 10 p.m. Saturday. • Neustadt/German Wine Street, Decathlon parking lot, Louis-Escande-Strasse 30, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. • Saarlouis-Lisdorf, IKEA, Im Hader 1, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday.

October 23, 2015

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Kaiserslautern American


'Superheroes' soar to c Red Ribbon Week 5K Photos by Staff Sgt. Brian Kimball

Participants of the Red Ribbon Run Superhero 5K event begin running Oct. 17 at Sembach Kaserne. The 5K run was in support of Red Ribbon Week, which is the oldest Members of the Ramstein Junior ROTC pe and largest drug prevention campaign in the United States.

U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Ashley Sangret, a vocalist with the U.S. Army Europe Band and Chorus, sings to an audience during the Red Ribbon Run Superhero 5K event.

Runners participate in the Red Ribbon Run Superhero 5K event. The run was stroller friendly.

The Musik Brigade, the Red Ribbon Run

r 23, 2015

celebrate K event

Kaiserslautern American

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Runners participate in the Red Ribbon Run Superhero 5K event Oct. 17 at Sembach Kaserne.

erform for an audience during the Red Ribbon Run Superhero 5K event.

, Soldiers with the U.S. Army Europe Band and Chorus, perform for an audience during n Superhero 5K event.

Sembach Kaserne hosted the Red Ribbon Run Superhero 5K event Oct. 17.

Members of the Ramstien Junior ROTC display the colors for the audience during the Red Ribbon Run Superhero 5K event.

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Kaiserslautern American

October 23, 2015

Mark Your Calendar

October 2015

Photo by JeniFoto/Shutterstock.com


» American-style haunted house and cemetery light show available for all who dare. Children 10 and older and adults can request a less-scary experience. Handmade cemetery props and tombstones will be animated by lights with Halloween music playing. The event is free. Any donations received will support the local USO and Landstuhl Orphanage. The cemetery light show will be from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, weather permitting. The haunted house times will be from: 6:30 to 8 p.m. Thursday; 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Oct. 30; and 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. Oct 31. Both events will be held at 48 Pirmannsgarten, Siegelbach. Limited residential parking. Overflow parking will be at the Siegelbach Zoo. » The Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Holiday Bazaar will take place Nov. 6 to 8 at the Special Events Center on Rhine Ordnance Barracks, Bldg, 237. Get your shopping finished before the holidays and enjoy a variety of treasures from various European vendors including wine, cheese, antique furniture, Polish pottery, paintings, candles, ornaments and more. Times: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Nov. 6; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Nov. 7; and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nov. 8. For more information, contact 493-4146 or 0631-3406-4146. » Celebrate Military Family Appreciation Month from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Nov. 7 at the Rheinland-Pfalz Library at Landstuhl, Bldg. 3810. Crafts, activities and refreshments will be available for all to enjoy. Following the celebration, the library will kick off Dinovember with a dinosaur movie. Open to all ages. No signup required. For more information, call the Rheinland-Pfalz Library at 486-7322 or 06371-86-7322. » Donate to the 2015 Combined Federal Campaign and improve the quality of life in the KMC, open through Nov. 20. Donations made to the Family Support and Youth Program go directly to CFC’s installation to fund local programs. To donate, visit www.cfcoverseas.org or contact your unit representative.

KMC Onstage

KMC Onstage is located in Bldg. 3232 on Kleber Kaserne. For more information, contact Nate Records at 483-6252 or 0631-411-6252 or via email at nathan.d.records.naf@mail.mil. To reserve tickets, visit www.kaiserslautern.armymwr.com, visit KMC Onstage from 1 to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays, or call 483-6626 or 0631-411-6626. » KMC Onstage “Thom Pain (based on nothing)” cancelled: Both show dates, Nov. 6 and 7, have been cancelled for this stage performance. » KMC Onstage presents “Dracula”: Show dates: 7 p.m. today, Saturday, and Oct 30 and 31; 3 p.m. Sunday and Nov. 1; space is limited; advanced reservations are recommended. » KMC Onstage presents “Magic Tree House: The Knight at Dawn KIDS”: 7 p.m. Nov. 20 and 21 at the Kaiserslautern Community Activity Center on Daenner Kaserne, Bldg. 3109. Performance by talented youth from KMC Onstage’s After School Learning Program.

Armstrong’s Club Events

Armstrong’s Club is located in Bldg. 1036 on Vogelweh Family Housing. Call 0631-354-9986 for details. Unless otherwise stated, events have no cover charge and are open to all ID cardholders and their guests, 18 and over. » Not So Spooky Costume party: 3 to 6 p.m. Oct. 31. Family event features dance music, character meet and greet, candy stations and a light meal. Show off your costumes. Cost: adults, $14.95; children ages 3 to 12, $9.95; children 2 and under, free;

special family package, family of four, two adults and two children, $45. Tickets available online via WebTrac or from any Java Cafe in the KMC. Purchase deadline: today. » Traditional Thanksgiving buffet: Nov 26. Three seating times are available: 11:30 a.m., 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Cost: adults, $22.95; children ages 5 to 16, $11.95; children ages 4 and under, free; Better Opportunities for Single Service Members, free. Advance registration required. Tickets are available online via WebTrac or at any Java Cafe in the KMC. BOSS tickets may be picked up at the BOSS Office on Pulaski Barracks, Bldg. 2925, room 222, or through your unit BOSS representative. » Halloween party: 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Oct. 31. The night will feature a live disc jockey and a costume contest with a $100 grand prize. » Small Tab Tuesdays: 5 to 10 p.m. every Tuesday play a game of pool or pick your favorite jam on the jukebox while enjoying specials. » Trivia Wednesdays: 6 to 10 p.m. every Wednesday. » Throwback Thursdays: 7 p.m. every other Thursday, listen to hits from the ’80s, ’90s and today. » Karaoke Fridays: 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. every Friday show off your singing skills and socialize in a fun environment. » Latin Fusion Saturdays: 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. every other Saturday.

Kazabra Club Events

Kazabra Club is located in Bldg. 2057 on Vogelweh. Call 489-7261 or 0631-636-7261 for details. Unless otherwise stated, events have no cover charge and are open to all ID cardholders and their guests, 18 and over. » Oktoberfest: 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Saturday. Free pretzels with every purchase while supplies last. Cover charge: $5. Wear a “Dirndl” or “Lederhosen,” Bavarian-style clothing, and get in free. » Halloween party: 7 p.m. Oct. 31. Evening includes live music, featuring Voice of Warning and Delta Stone. Cover charge: $5. Costumes are encouraged. » BBQ Night: 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Nov. 21. Takes place in addition to Country Night. The biggest and best country party in K-town with plenty of great food. » Country Karaoke: 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. every other Friday. Sing your favorite country hit and take a spin on the mechanical bull Tornado. » Texas Hold ’em: 8 p.m. to midnight every Friday. Buy-in is $25. Register and buy-in by 7 p.m. » Country Night: 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Saturdays. Dance lessons take place from 7 to 9 p.m. There is a $5 cover charge. » K-town Coverall Bingo: 3 p.m. every Sunday play progressive bingo to win up to $7,500. New players get a free card with the purchase of a bingo pack or bring a new player and both players receive a free card with the purchase of any bingo pack. » Sunday Sports: 6 p.m. to 1 a.m. Sundays. Enjoy 50 cent wings and $1 hot dogs and take part in fun sports trivia.


» A Private Sector Resume Writing class takes place from 10 a.m. to noon Thursday. This class is designed to prepare you in your career search. Learn important information about what an employer might look for on a resume. Class meets on Pulaski Barracks, Bldg. 2917. For details, call 493-4203 or 0631-3406-4203. » A Rheinland-Pfalz Job Fair will take place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Nov. 17 at Kazabra Club on Vogelweh. The job fair will allow job seekers to make contact with employers who have open positions to fill. Local employers and Department of Defense contractors will be present. For more information, contact Pascalina Bonnin at 493-4029 or 0631-3406-4029.

Support Groups

» Baby Bumps series takes place from 3 to 5 p.m. Wednesday and Nov. 4 and 18. Join the New Parent Support Program for this “Socialize and Learn” series for expecting women and meet other moms to be. The rotation allows you to come to any and all sessions that interest you. Taught by NPSP registered nurses. No registration required. For location details, call Army Central Service at 493-4203 or 0631-3406-4203. » Newborn Network meets from 1 to 2:30 p.m. every Thursday. Come and socialize in a coffee shop setting and meet other moms of newborns and infants up to age 1. Discuss ages and stages, community resources and other parenting related topics. No preregistration necessary. Newborn Network meets at Java Cafe on Rhine Ordnance Barracks, Bldg. 273. For more information, contact the New Parent Support Program at 493-4659 or 0631-3406-4659.


» The Rheinland-Pfalz Quilt Guild meets from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Friday at the Ramstein South Side Chapel for a “Stitch and Gab.” Participants can join in and bring their latest projects while spending time with fellow stitchers and getting some “quilt therapy.” For more information, visit www.rpqg.eu. » An Emergency Placement Care informational meeting is from 1 to 2 p.m. every third Wednesday of every month on Pulaski Barracks, Bldg. 2917. Join Army Community Service for this informative discussion on becoming an EPC provider and learn about the program and its basic requirements. For details, call 493-4203 or 0631-3406-4203.

Classes and Training

» Commanders and senior leaders training is from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m the first Thursday of every month. This training is a mandatory requirement within 45 days of assumption of command for all commanders and senior enlisted advisers, E7-E9. Receive information on the Family Advocacy Program, the Exceptional Family Member Program and the Army Emergency Relief Program. Participants will receive a certificate upon completion. Class meets on Pulaski Barracks, Bldg. 2917. Registration is required. For more information and to enroll, call 493-4203 or 0631-3406-4203. » Conversational German courses are offered in two levels: beginner and intermediate. Participants will gain a better understanding of the written and verbal German language. All course materials are provided to students free of charge. Classes run in sixweek semesters. Advanced registration is required. For details, call 493-4203 or 0631-3406-4203.

Baumholder Events

» Spooky Town Bash takes place 8 p.m. Oct. 31. The Rheinlander Convention Center is turning into a haunted party for this zombie-themed ball. The night will feature ghoulish finger foods and beverages, a disc jockey and a costume contest. Open to adults ages 18 and older. Reserve your ticket in advance. Cost: $20 in advance; $30 at the door. For details, contact the Warrior Zone on Smith Barracks, Bldg. 8106, at 485-7339 or 06783-6-7339; or the Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation One Stop shop on Smith Barracks, Bldg. 8661, at 485-8215 or 06783-6-8215. » A Christmas Wreath Project class will be held from noon to 4 p.m. Nov. 21. Using tree ornaments, you will create a beautiful Christmas-inspired holiday wreath. Come create a personalized holiday wreath using beautiful tree ornaments. The class costs $30. For more information, contact the Arts & Crafts Center on Smith Barracks, Bldg. 8104, at 485-8606 or 06783-6-8606.

October 23, 2015

Airman & Family Readiness Center

For details or to sign up for a class, call the Airman & Family Readiness Center at 480-5100. MONDAY » Ramstein Spouses orientation: 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., A&FRC » Military Life Cycle briefing: 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., A&FRC TUESDAY » Reintegration briefing: 9 to 11 a.m., IDRC » Intro to German: 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., A&FRC » Spouse employment: noon to 2 p.m., A&FRC » Pre-deployment briefing: 1 to 3 p.m., IDRC WEDNESDAY » Base INTRO: 7:30 to 11:45 a.m., E Club » Capstone: 8 to 10 a.m., A&FRC THURSDAY » EFMP bowling event: 5 to 7 p.m., Ramstein Bowling Center » Deployed family event: 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., KMCC Movie Theater OCT. 30 » Parenting Skills workshop: 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., A&FRC


For details and to register for KMC Youth Instructional Classes, visit www.86fss.com, select “Family” and click “Instructional Classes” or call 06371-47-6444, Ramstein Youth Programs, or 0631-536-6504, Vogelweh Youth Programs.

Kaiserslautern American

Health Promotion

For more information, call Health Promotion at 06371-47-4292 or 480-4292 or stop by Bldg. 2117. THURSDAY » BOD POD: 1 to 3 p.m. OCT. 30 » BOD POD: 8 to 10 a.m.

Family Advocacy

To register for classes or for more information, call Family Advocacy at 479-2370 or 06371-46-2370. » RESILIENCE UNIVERSITY: 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Saturday on Ramstein, Bldg. 2104. The event is designed to help improve individual and family relationships. Workshops offered include: 5 Love Languages; Tactical Dating; Anger and Stress Management; Post Deployment Reintegration; Picky Eaters; and Toddler Tantrums, Kids and Divorce. USO will provide a free lunch. To register and for details, call 479-2370 or 06371-46-2370. » EXPECTANT PARENT ORIENTATION (MONTHLY): Every first Tuesday of each month, 8:30 to 11 a.m., Learning Resource Center, Bldg. 3718, at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. Learn about birth registration, passports and much more. No sign-up needed. For more information, call the New Parent Support Program at 06371-46-2098 or 479-2098. » DADS 101: 8 to 10 a.m. the first Monday of every month, Bldg. 2117 (Health Promotion). The class is designed to teach fathers to become more effective parents. It allows dads to ask questions about labor and delivery,

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teaches them how to calm a crying baby, teaches role adjustment and other infant care issues. To register or for more information, call the New Parent Support Program at 479-2098 or 06371-46-2098. » DOMESTIC ABUSE VICTIM ADVOCACY SERVICES: Family Advocacy provides a new service which offers immediate support and service for men or women affected by abuse. The Domestic Abuse Victim Advocacy program is available 24/7. Victims of domestic violence can call 479-2370 during duty hours or 0173-628-4624 after duty hours for a variety of support and advocacy services. Trained personnel stand ready to help. DAVA can provide assistance by helping to develop a safety plan, assessing imminent risk of harm, connecting with helpful services and arranging follow-up care.

Military Family Life Consultants

For details, call 0152-24211233; 0152-02663352; 0176-69333243; or 0151-5674 8179. » MILITARY FAMILY LIFE CONSULTANTS ARE LICENSED CLINICAL PROVIDERS who assist service members and their families with issues they may face throughout the cycle of deployment to reintegrating with their family and community. The MFLC program provides short-term, nonmedical counseling support for a range of issues including: relationships, crisis intervention, stress management, grief, occupational and other individual and family issues. Psychoeducational presentations focused on issues common to the military family including: reunion and reintegration, stress and coping, grief and loss, and deployment and reintegration.

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Kaiserslautern American

October 23, 2015

October 23, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

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Education Notes

Kids pre-Halloween celebration

Celebrate Halloween early at the RheinlandPfalz Library from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. today. Children of all ages are invited to come out for a kids Halloween that includes a movie marathon, DIY makeup and costumes. No registration required. For more information, contact Landstuhl Library, Bldg. 3810, at 486-7322 or 06371-86-7322.

LEMS celebrates Fire Prevention Month

Preschool Halloween storytime

Join the Rheinland-Pfalz Library at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday for a special preschool Halloween storytime at Landstuhl Library. Celebrate the holiday with some spooky fun. Children are encouraged to wear costumes. Open to preschool-aged children, ages 3 to 5. No registration required. For more information, contact Landstuhl Library, Bldg. 3810, at 486-7322 or 06371-86-7322.

Youth sports winter registration

Registration for winter Child, Youth and School Services Youth Sports is open Nov. 2 through Dec. 4. Sports offered: basketball, ages 5 to 15; cheerleading, ages 5 to 15; wrestling, ages 6 to 14. For details or to register, contact Parent Central Services on Pulaski Barracks, Bldg. 2898, at 493-4516/4122 or 0631-3406-4516/4122; or call Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation One Stop shop in Landstuhl, Bldg. 3810, at 486-8943 or 06371-86-8943. You can also register online at webtrac.mwr.army.mil.

Courtesy photos

Firefighters Carsten Beberich, Patrick Stephan and Marcel Kolb visited Landstuhl Elementary and Middle School recently to talk about fire safety. Students in Julie Wittenberg’s class were excited and captivated by Sparky the Fire Dog.

Bambino Basketball registration

Registration for Child, Youth and School Services Bambino Basketball for 3 to 4 year olds is Nov. 2 through Dec. 4. START SMART Basketball’s goal is to teach each child the motor skills necessary to eventually play basketball. Cost: $20 for six 45-minute sessions. Sessions begin in January. For more information or to register, contact Parent Central Services on Pulaski Barracks, Bldg. 2898, at 493-4516/4122 or 0631-3406-4516/4122; or call Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation One Stop shop in Landstuhl, Bldg. 3810, at 486-8943 or or 06371-86-8943. You can also register online at webtrac.mwr.army.mil.

Dinovember storytime

Join the Rheinland-Pfalz Library for a special preschool Dinovember storytime at 10:30 a.m. Nov. 4. November is the month of dinosaurs at the library, and this is the perfect kickoff celebration. Open to preschool-aged children, ages 3 to 5, and their parents. No registration required. For more information, contact Landstuhl Library, Bldg. 3810, at 486-7322 or 06371-86-7322.

Gymnastics classes

SKIESUnlimited offers gymnastics classes for toddlers, children and youth. For class offerings, times and prices, call Parent Central Services on Pulaski Barracks, Bldg. 2898, at 493-4516/4122 or 0631-3406-4516/4122; or call Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation One Stop shop in Landstuhl, Wilson Barracks, Bldg. 3810, at 486-8943 or 06371-86-8943.

Landstuhl Elementary and Middle School students in Julie Wittenberg’s class learn about the different parts of a firefighter’s mask.

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Flag football championships

Unit-level flag football teams from across Europe will face off in the Installation Management Command Europe flag football championships Oct. 30 through Nov. 1. U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz has the pleasure of hosting the championships at the Kaiserslautern Army Depot Field near Daenner Kaserne and the Vogelweh Fitness Center flag football fields. A mandatory coaches meeting will be held at 9 a.m. Oct. 30 followed by the opening ceremony at 10 a.m., both at Kleber Fitness Center, Bldg. 3235. For more information, call 544-9517 or 0611-143-544-9517.

Triple Threat Fitness Day

Slim and tone three common trouble zones at once. The Triple Threat Fitness Day will combine 30 minutes of spin, 30 minutes of muscle conditioning and 30 minutes of yoga to give you a total body workout. The event will be held from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Nov. 14 at Sembach Fitness Center, Bldg. 105. Open to ID cardholders ages 18 and older. The event costs $4. Preregistration is required no later than Nov. 7. To register, contact Sembach

Kaiserslautern American

Fitness Center at 496-7530 or 06302-67-7530.

Turkey Bowl flag football

A Turkey Bowl Flag Football Tournament will take place at 9 a.m. Nov. 21 at the Kaiserslautern High School football field. The deadline to sign up is Nov. 18. For details and to sign up, call the Vogelweh Fitness Center at 489-7329 or 06371-536-7329.

Youth Sports coaches needed

Are you interested in coaching? Youth Sports is currently seeking coaches for various youth sports. For more information or to get involved, call 486-8375 or 06371-86-8375.

‘Take a Hike’

“Take a Hike,” the KMC’s guide to volksmarching, is now available to view online. For more information and to read more about upcoming volksmarching events in the area, visit www.kaiserslauternamerican.com.

Wrestling officials needed

The Department of Defense Dependents Schools’

October 23, 2015

wrestling season will soon begin and there is a serious shortage of officials to support the upcoming season. Anybody with officiating experience and interested in becoming a wrestling referee, contact Cesar Alvarez at 480-1799 or Brian Augsburger at 480-6172.

Recreational soccer Sundays

Play soccer from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. every Sunday at the Miesau Army Depot soccer field and at the Pulaski Barracks soccer field. Open to U.S. ID cardholders, Department of Defense Civilians and retirees ages 16 and up. For details, contact Robert Michels at 486-8939 or 06371-86-8939; or email robert.j.michels2.civ@mail.mil.

Unit Level Basketball sign-ups

Units wishing to participate in Unit Level Basketball must sign up no later than Nov. 5. Unit Level Basketball is open to all ID cardholders, including Soldiers, family members and Department of Defense civilians ages 18 and older. The season runs from November to February. For more information or to sign up, contact Coleman Swinton at 493-2087 or 0631-3406-2087; or email coleman.o.swinton.naf@mail.mil.

October 23, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

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SHOPP IN G OCTOB ER 25, 13:00 18:00

VAT at selected stores | 130 shops | mon - sat 9:30 - 20:00 | convenient in-house parking | easy to find – follow the signs (city-center) | www.saarpark-center.de | Stummplatz 1 | 66538 Neunkirchen

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Kaiserslautern American

October 23, 2015

Now ShowiNg Editor’s note: The movies listing was the most current at the time of publication. Dates are subject to change. Please check with your local theater for the most up-to-date schedule.

Bridge of Spies (PG-13) 11:30 a.m., 2:45 p.m., 6 p.m., 9:15 p.m. Jem and the Holograms (PG) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension *3D* (R) 11:15 a.m., 8 p.m., 10:30 p.m. Goosebumps (PG) 3 p.m., 5:45 p.m. The Martian *3D* (PG-13) 11:30 a.m., 8:30 p.m. The Visit (PG-13) 1:45 p.m., 7:15 p.m. Crimson Peak (R) 4:30 p.m., 9:45 p.m. Saturday Bridge of Spies (PG-13) 11:30 a.m., 2:45 p.m., 6 p.m., 9:15 p.m. Jem and the Holograms (PG) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension *3D* (R) 11:15 a.m., 8 p.m., 10:30 p.m. Goosebumps *3D* (PG) 11:30 a.m., 2:15 p.m. The Martian *3D* (PG-13) 5:45 p.m., 9:15 p.m. The Visit (PG-13) 1:45 p.m., 7:15 p.m. Crimson Peak (R) 4:30 p.m., 9:45 p.m. Sunday Bridge of Spies (PG-13) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. Jem and the Holograms (PG) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension *3D* (R) 11:15 a.m., 8 p.m., 10:30 p.m. Goosebumps *3D* (PG) 11:30 a.m., 2:15 p.m. The Martian *3D* (PG-13) 5:45 p.m., 9:15 p.m. Hotel Transylvania 2 (PG) 11:45 a.m., 1:45 p.m. Monday Bridge of Spies (PG-13) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. Jem and the Holograms (PG) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension *3D* (R) 5 p.m., 8 p.m. Goosebumps *3D* (PG) 11:30 a.m., 2:15 p.m. Maze Runner (PG-13) 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m. The Visit (PG-13) 5 p.m., 7:45 p.m. The Perfect Guy (R) 2:15 p.m. tueSday Bridge of Spies (PG-13) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. Jem and the Holograms (PG) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension (R) 5 p.m., 8 p.m. Goosebumps (PG) 11:30 a.m., 2:15 p.m. Maze Runner (PG-13) 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m. The Visit (PG-13) 5 p.m., 7:45 p.m. The Perfect Guy (R) 2:15 p.m. WedneSday Bridge of Spies (PG-13) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. Jem and the Holograms (PG) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension *3D* (R) 5 p.m., 8 p.m. Goosebumps *3D* (PG) 11:30 a.m., 2:15 p.m. Maze Runner (PG-13) 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m. The Visit (PG-13) 5 p.m., 7:45 p.m. The Perfect Guy (R) 2:15 p.m. thurSday Bridge of Spies (PG-13) 11 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 8 p.m. Jem and the Holograms (PG) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m. Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension *3D* (R) 5 p.m., 7:45 p.m. Goosebumps *3D* (PG) 11:30 a.m., 2:15 p.m. Maze Runner (PG-13) 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m. The Visit (PG-13) 5 p.m. 7:45 p.m. The Perfect Guy (R) 2:15 p.m. Friday

Ramstein-Süd / Landstuhl

For reservations & information call 06371-937037 For all movies and showtimes visit

w w w. b r o a d w a y k i n o . c o m / k m c

Grace Studio

Dance Body & Mind German lessons www.grace-studio.org

Weilerbacher Str. 110 67661 KL - Einsiedlerhof Puzzle courtesy of http://thinks.com/

At The Movies Jem and the Holograms (PG)

Courtesy of Movieweb.com

As a small-town girl catapults from underground video sensation to global superstar, she and her three sisters begin a one-ina-million journey of discovering that some talents are too special to keep hidden. In Universal Pictures’ Jem and the Holograms, four aspiring musicians will take the world by storm when they see that the key to creating your own destiny lies in finding your own voice. Starring Molly Ringwald and Juliette Lewis. The Visit (PG-13)

Courtesy of Movieweb.com

Shyamalan returns to his roots with the terrifying story of a brother and sister who are sent to their grandparents’ remote Pennsylvania farm for a weeklong trip. Once the children discover that the elderly couple is involved in something deeply disturbing, they see their chances of getting back home are growing smaller every day. Starring Kathryn Hahn and Ed Oxenbould. Courtesy of Graphit/Shutterstock.com

Across 1 Get-ready work 5 Stirring tales 10 Divulge a secret 14 Nebraska neighbor 15 Biblical gift 16 “Othello” villain 17 San Juan is its capital 19 Burgeoned 20 Go fast 21 Models of excellence 23 Christmas song 25 Flaw 26 Lowdown 29 Baloney 31 Art medium 32 Era 33 Bear witness 36 Cytoplasm material 37 Blast furnace input 39 Virgo’s predecessor 40 Ruminating 42 Smidgen 43 Potter’s material 44 Fall guys 46 Afrikaners 47 Brown pigment 48 God of thunder 50 Diminish 52 Outmoded 56 Samoan capital 57 “The Name of the Rose” author 59 Haze 60 Biblical weeds 61 Thai currency 62 Crown of the head 63 Sound asleep? 64 Choir part Down 1 Domino spots 2 Overwhelming defeat 3 Ablutionary vessel 4 Mom and Pop 5 Fire indicator 6 Scottish seaport 7 Film crew member 8 Coin-op place

9 Toward land 10 Most important 11 Seaport on the Bay of Biscay 12 FBI employee 13 Fiddlesticks? 18 New Mexico resort 22 “___ worse than death” 24 Construction toy 26 Shape 27 Hokkaido native 28 Latin lover, perhaps? 30 “Fiddler on the Roof” matchmaker 32 Fleece seekers 34 Char 35 Santa’s sackful 37 ___ fell swoop 38 Drying kiln 41 Repeat 43 Monetary unit of Nicaragua 45 Meter reader 46 Cloth unit 47 Brownish photo tint 49 Neigh sayer 50 Moist 51 River of Spain 53 Cure 54 Eight in Essen 55 Baum canine 58 Always in verse


October 23, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

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Photos by Ratselmeister & Ksenya Savva / Shutterstock.com

Find 15 differences

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Kaiserslautern American

Draw a line from dot number 1 to dot number 2, then from dot number 2 to dot number 3, 3 to 4, and so on. Continue to join the dots until you have connected all the numbered dots. Then color the picture!

Photos by Ratselmeister, Iva Villi & VanDenBlind / Shutterstock.com

October 23, 2015

19 16 15

October 23, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

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APT FOR RENT All ads and pics on class-world.com

!!! Landstuhl beautiful new high standard 4BR apt for rent, AFN+DSL, BIK, open fireplace, patio, no pets, please call 015774612556, perf for single/cpl, no fee

Bann Apt 160sqm 3BR parquet flrs livrm dinrm BIK 2bath storage basem terr balc garage €920+utl pets neg. avail now 06371946060 or 0157-56039758 Beautiful 170sqm apt. in Höheinöd, 15min RAB, w/lrg din/livrm, 3bdrms, new bath, guest-WV, balcony, garden, opt.garage, €980+util., call: 06333-2908 or 0151-18426485

!!!Apt. in Niedermohr, all newly renov., 95smq, 2bdrm, livrm, lrg.BIK, full bath, lrg.terrace w/ backyard, private park.+entrance, no pets, preferably long-term NATO singles. €550+util., call Chris 063837760

Mackenbach: nice 2bedr. apartment, living-dingrm., new built-inkit., bath, 610€+util. www.agra-im mobilien.de 06371-57656

Ramstein - Miesenbach Apt 65sqm 5km RAB fully furn avail now ideal for single TLA possible Weilerbach Apt., can also be used as office-space, modern 06371-50456 ground floor apt., 110sqm, 2bdr, lrg.dinrm/livrm, office, guest-WC, Weilerbach ground-floor apt. parking avail., €750+util., apprx. 120sqm, 3bdr, lrg.dinrm/ avail.now, call 0170-3332044 or livrm, BIK, bath + guest-WC, bal06374-2151 cony, quiet nbh, €695+util., avail.now, 0170-3332044 or 06374-2151 Ramstein city first floor apt 80sqm partly furn., BIK, balc, Ramstein: fully furnished 3bedr. 2brd, lrg.livrm, garage, €430+util apt., liv/dinrm, BIK, 2baths, 1250€ Call: 06371-52386 incl. util www.agra-immobilien.de, 06371-57656 Ramstein: 2 bedr. apartment, liRodenbach apt. 100sqm, 2bedr., ving-dingrm., built-in-kit., bath, 1.5baths, big liv/dinrm, BIK, stora- 580€ + util www.agra-immobili ge, balcony, sep. entrance, avail en.de 06371-57656 now, call 06301-33050 or 015119404850

!Oberstaufenbach 2BR Apt, BIK, terrace, quiet w/view, carport, no pets, 15min to RAB, €670+util, carport, avail.now, call 06385- Beautiful Apartment in Matzenbach, 10min to RAB, Kitch, livrm, 6392 or 0176-62758373 4BR, 2baths, garden for bbq 7min from Sembach gate, gert.lin 170sqm. Good for families, denau@yahoo.com, furnished fenced playground w/equip, no 56smq, BIK, bath, washer/dryer, dogs please, 42sqm underroof terSchwedelbach apt, 3bdr, 1liv/ wintergarden, garage, in Warten- race. €1.080+utilities, 06383-235 dinrm, 1BIK, 1guestWC, cov.balc, berg-Rohrbach, €550, call Mr. Lin- from 5pm on. Available 15 Novemlaundry, hall, 87sqm w/basement, ber come to the best landlord! denau, 0174-809-8000 1park.spot, no pets, €560+util. Apt Mackenbach 3BR liv/din, Kaiserslautern City: 2bedrm apt., 06371-404202 or 0151-59490889 BIK, balc, bath, no pets, sgls only bath, BIK, living-diningrm., 600€ + www.agra-immobilien.de, Trippstadt - Beautiful Apt. pls. €500+util., deposit €1000, util., 110sqm. BIK, 3 bdr, 1.5 bath, 2 06371-57656 Avail Nov 1. 06374-1877 balconies, view of mountains, seApt. in Mackenbach, 78sqm, Landstuhl / Atzel: 3bedr. apt., liv/ parate entry, very quiet, liv/din rm, 2Bdr, 1.5baths, BIK, open livrm/ dingrm., built-in-kit., bath, bal- quiet town, bakery, butcher, grodinrm area, util.rm, basement, no cony, garage, yard, 675€+util, cery stores, Italian/German restaupets, €490+util., call 0160- www.agra-immobilien.de, 06371- rants, town pool, soccer, hiking/bi57656 1845933 or 0177-4590400 king trails. available now Perfect for singles or young couple. Euro apt. 105sqm, 700+util. Bann 145sqm 3BR livrm, dinrm, Mackenbach 06306-2791 or BIK, bath, w/shower, storage, at- 3bedr, 1bath, big liv/dinrm, BIK, 01717579465 tic, 2balc, 2priv.parkspots, storage, balc., carport. Rent €900+util, 06371-946060 or 0157- €600€+util.+1month deposit. Call: 06374-5669 or 01578-8701436 56039758 Bann, beautiful 1 person apt, Mackenbach: 3 bedrm.apt. livingnew BIK, furn., 1bedrm, 72sqm, dinrm. kitchen, bathr. no pets, €450+util 06371-16868 750€ + util. 06371/52868

!!!360sqm lrg house, Obernheim (Landstuhl school) 7BR 4bath 2liv/ din sauna 938sqm lot 2000€+utl+dbl gar. Option to buy the house. 0157/74285394 housing appr 1-Fam. House for Rent, appr. 220 sqm., four Bedrooms, bik, big garden, gardenhouse. Rent 1300€ + extras in Schmitshausen near Landstuhl. Tel. 06375993070 har tenstein@freenet.de

Big House in Kindsbach, 3bdr, balc.+lrg.terrace, 2.5baths, BIK, 200sqm w/storage basement & hobbyrm, no pets, avail.now, Schindelacker 24, call 0637162571, 4pm-8pm

Duplex in 66882 Katzenbach, Schusterstr. 43, 5min to RAB, 200sqm liv space 5BR livrm dinrm BIK w/dishw. 2.5bathrm attic balcony garden €1350+util. 01713829729

Storage rooms from 10-160sqft 24hrs entrance Easy & safe storage for every one Robert-Bosch-Str. 10 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

06371-92 88 406

Robert-Bosch-Strasse 10 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach 06371 - 9 28 84 08

You PCS we manage your property! Property Management Tenant Change, In and Out Inspections, Quarterly Inspections, Annual Accounts Our knowledge available for you! Construction Management Consulting Services Translation Services Oliver Harrouche

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Beautiful 6-bedroom/3-bath 250 sq meter home for rent in Dansenberg avail Dec 1, €1780/mo. Huge backyard, next to forest at the end of a cul-de-sac. American owned. Perfect for families. Call Mrs. Bierhoff at 0631-54111. Any questions, email trasimullin@me.com

Self Storage

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15min RAB Hermersberg, A62, Nice New Freest House, 180sqm, 4BR, 1.75baths, liv/dinrm, BIK, floor-heat., util.rm, attic, 3garages, patio, firepl, yard, €1340+util, avail 1 Dec. 063335095 / 0173-7365566

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www.petras-homecompany.de or call us at 06385-99 38 70 or 0171-2 03 82 70

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Very nice Apartment, 110sqm, 3 Br, 1 1/2 Bathr, 2 Liv/Din R, BIK, Features: basement, yard, PRK, terr, €600+ util, 06371/52161 or 0172/9155260

Phone: +49.163.6338740 oliver.harrouche@hrcs-consulting.com

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Kaiserslautern American

HOUSES FOR RENT All ads and pics on class-world.com

Duplex in Winnweiler, 180smq, 3BR, 1liv/dinrm, BIK, fireplace, 2levels, 1.5baths, studio on 2nd floor, garden w/shed, 2car carport, €1370+util., call 015787663127, avail.1Nov Exclusive Brand New House/ Waldmohr/ 142sqm/4Bdr/ 2,5Bathr/Garage/Yard-€1180 + util./info@udo-bernd.com FSH 240sqm livespace in Spesbach, build year 2002,4BR, 2bathrm, 2storagerm, laundryrm, liv/dinrm, BIK, fireplace, terrace, garden, garage, studio, €1850, 0160-8469098

House in 66904 Brücken, Petschwiesen 23, 10miles to RAB, for rent: Living area 160sqm: BIK, livrm, 2baths, 3BR, laundryrm, garage, big storage. Terrace+meadow behind the house. Basement w/many uses. School bus shuttle to RAB. €1200+util. avail 1Nov. Call Klaus: 06386-6577 Cell: 01792438947 House in Country near Winnweiler 5BR, BIK, 3 bathrm, plus storage & utility room. DBL garage, floor heating and fireplace 260sqm 5 min. to Autobahn €1700+Util. Avail now 017623363020 leave message. House in Weselberg 15min to RAB, 185sqm, 3BR, BIK, 2bathrms, floor heating, garden 2carports, avail. now, €1100+util. 0160-97457966 or 06371-13908

KL-Hohenecken, refurbished, 5mins-Vogelweh, 20mins-RAB, v good Ger-US neighborhood. 4Bdr, BIK, open din/liv area, fireplace, castle view. Small garden, patio, balcony, add.1-bed app. on gr floor w/BIK+bath incl in rentideal for teenagers/guests. Kids welcome. 2 parking lots. No pets. Call Ute 0179-4887982 or Ulrike No finders fee! New 1fam house 0179-7213864 in Steinbach a. Glan, 200sqm Landstuhl: new renovated, livsp, 3BR, BIK, 2bath, liv/dinrm, 5bedr., 3baths, BIK, living-di- caport, floorheat., eletr shutters, nimgrm., patio, balcony, garage, school distr. Ramstein. €1.480+util. www.agra-immobili €1500+util. 0160-96284596 en.de, 06371-57656 Queidersbach: Modern Duplex, Matzenbach, 3BR, liv/dinrm, 4bedr., 2½baths, BIK, liv/dinrm., BIK, 2bathrms, 140sqm, patio, yard, balcony, 1.350€+util. €800+util, 0176-95853474 www.agra-immobilien.de, 0637157656

FSH Linden 11km to Landstuhl House Queidersbach, Hasenhue107sqm, 900sqm nice garden BIK bel 5, quiet area avail now - 5BR, no pets €750+util 06307/401995 3.5baths, liv/dinrm, kitch, walk-incloset, office, 3basemrms, terr, Herschberg: Freestanding garden, courtyard, 0173-3600694 3bedr., 2½ baths, living-diningrm., BIK, hobbyrm, patio, KL-Hohenecken 15min to RAB 2carports, garage, yard, 3bdr, liv/dinrm, BIK, 1.5baths, Newly renovated house in Bruchrm sunroom, garden, mühlbach-Miesau, 15min to RAB, €1.450+util. www.agra-immobili stor 100sqm, 2Bdrms, livrm, dinrm, €900+utl, no pets, 0631-77660 en.de 06371-57656 BIK, bath, storage, garden, unfurn.€700+util + furn.€750+util., no pets pls, 0151-21795639 or 06383-5996


Bauernstube German Schnitzel at its best! … and more! Open: Wed.-Sat. 6-10 pm, Sun 11 a.m. - 10 pm Flexible opening hours for groups from 15 people.

Make your reservation for weekends.

Moorstraße 11 ■ 66909 Matzenbach : 06383 / 235 or 06383 / 99 91 67

PALATINATE & MEDITERRANEAN SPECIALTIES Delicious desserts / home delivery / Schnitzel Taxi Daily lunch specials

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PARTY WITH US - separate rooms avail.!

Hauptstraße 45, 67685 Weilerbach (free parking) • Tel.: 06374-4180 | www.bauer-schmidt.com

October 23, 2015

Nice house in Queidersbach (can be used for family-businessgrandpa/ma house) 7bdr, 2BIK, 5baths, terrace, fireplace, garage, 272sqm, 1600€+utl. No finders fee, English Spoken, call 0637164521 Obermohr: Freestanding 6 bedr., 3 bath, 2 built-in-kit., 2 living-diningrm., yard, patio, carport 1.610€ + util www.agra-immobili en.de 06371-57656

Queidersbach: nice duplex, no fee, 190sqm, 3BR, 1,5BA, BIK, livdin, open firepl., Basement, Patio, Yard, doublegarage, €1300 +util 0171-8587323

Apt Mackenbach 86sqm fully furn big liv/din big bath BIK terr garden carp. dishw dryer washer DSL TV DVD radio, etc. €35 per day all incl. 06374-6407 Kaiserslautern-Erfenbach furn. apt, 149sqm, 1bedr, 1.5baths, big liv/dinrm, BIK, lrg.winter garden&balcony, avail now, call 06301-33050 or 0151-19404850

AUTOS All ads and pics on class-world.com

Caution: Some Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash.

**FWD 2002 AUDI A4 Auto/ Tiptronic**, $4750, only 82,000mi. 2.0L Engine. Summer & winter tires plus rims. Upgraded stereo w/ USB. Grt MPG. Breaks changed. Rodenbach: Duplex 5bedr., New oil. Call 015161517164 or 2½baths, BIK, living-diningrm., pa- email transistir@gmail.com today tio, yard, garage, 1.370€ '05 Opel Corsa Passed Insp., www.agra-immobilien.de 06371- $4000 OBO, German spec, 96k 57656 miles, manual, dark blue. Excel-

TLA/TDY All ads and pics on class-world.com

!!!!!1-5 bed luxury apts & houses for TLA/TDY personnel in Ramstein/Mackenbach/Bruck muhlbach. 2min to RAB. Short walk to shops/restaurants. 100% equipped, TV, AFN, English satellite, free phone, high speed internet, free calls to USA+Eur. good library+movie selection. Pets welcome Off street secured parking. Call Jennie 0171-2679282. or luxuryapts09@yahoo.com

lent condition. Tinted windows, sport muffler, digital climate control, AC, ABS, fog lights, 15' rims. Call/text 016096737383 lisa.an ne.brown@gmail.com 1 PT Cruiser, 2.2 Diesel, 2003, Green Plate, 5-speed, 4-door, new TÜV, Air Cond, 2 sets of tires, summer/winter, ABS, power stearing, elec windows and locks, keyless entry, price €2400, ddundkk@hotmail.de 2003 SAAB 9-5 Linear Sport Sedan, $6,995, US Spec, Automatic, Leather, Sunroof, Cruise Control, Power Seats, Alloy, Excellent Condition, New Service, Call: 017622730967, Email: info@european motors.org, Web: www.european motors.org 2004 Ford KA, standard, 60hp, 5liter/100km, clean, pet-free car, AC, 120K mileage, summer & winter tires, €1700, 0152-45261009

SERVING AMERICANS FOR 25 YEARS Outside terrace • More than 50 ice cream dishes • Coffee & drinks Kaiserstr. 28 | 66849 Landstuhl

Hamp Synergy, $18, oil filters. H1540-PFB-004, isabell_1_98@ya hoo.com / 017622987498 traditional and modern choir

verein Gesang usen a Erzenh riends & F

invite you to a

with musical surprises (instrumental and vocal)

ns welcome* Free admission, donatio Saturday, October 31 Saturday 31, 2015 7:30 p.m. Light refreshments from 6:30 p.m. at the large hall of Sängerheim Erzenhausen

Schulstraße 9 67685 Erzenhausen

*Proceeds go to local family in need Für Stefan e.V. / Stefan Scheuermann

October 23, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

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2003 VW Sharan 7 seats/cargo mid-size van, Turbo Diesel, TÜV April 2016, German specs, 230,000 kms/141,000 miles, €4750/$5500, 2 built in child safety seats, 4 winter tires, in GlanMünchweiler: e-mail jm.kotecki@ gmail.com for phone no. (English)

2012 VW GLI Sport Sedan, $18,695, US Spec, Manual, Leather/Cloth, 4 Doors, Touch Screen Radio, Security System, Traction Control, Perfect Condition, Call: 0176 22730967, Email: in 2005 Infinity FX35 4X4 SUV, fo@europeanmotors.org, Web: $15,495-, US Spec, Automatic, http://www.europeanmotors.org Leather, Sunroof, Cruise Control, Power Seats, Alloy, Excellent Con- 2014 MINI Countryman JCW dition, New Service, Call: 0176 ALL4, Blue, $34900, 12821 miles, 2273 0967, Email: info@european Manufacturer Warranty, Automamotors.org, Web: www.european tic, Panoramic Sunroof, Leather, Navigation, Auto Climate, Xenon motors.org Lights, Heated Seats, Rain Sense 2006 BMW 650Ci, 167k miles Wipers, Upgraded Sound System. Convertible 6-SP Man. 2-tone Call or text 017680420465 bronze wrapped over(Grey), All Opt. Full Pwr. Navi, Bluetooth/Aux BMW 316i, 4-Door, 5-Speed, winter/20"Summer Wheels extras blue met, power stearing, elec $15,075. gontano@hotmail.com windows FT, sunroof, ABS, air 2007 Ford Focus SES, $4850, 70715miles, EU spec radio, M+S tires, very good condition, very reliable, inspection current till March 2017, contact Eric at 01739208379, eyates9761@ aol.com 2007 Honda Civic LX Sport Coupe, $10,695, US Spec, Automatic, Cruise Control, 18" Alloy Wheels, ACC, Sport Bucket Seats, Power Locks, Perfect Condition, Call:0 176 22730967, Email: info@euro peanmotors.org, Web:http:// www.europeanmotors.org 2010 Dodge Challenger R/T Coupe, $25,995, US Spec, Automatic, Cruise Control, Power Glass Sunroof, Power Seats, 20 inch Alloy Wheels, Perfect Condition, Call: 0176-22730967, Email: info@euro peanmotors.org, Web: http:// www.europeanmotors.org 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee "Laredo" 4X4 SUV, $23,995, US Spec, Automatic, Leather, Cruise Control, Power Seats, Alloy, All Wheel Drive, Perfect Condition, Call: 0176 22730967, Email: info@ europeanmotors.org, Web: http:// www.europeanmotors.org 2011 Opel Meriva 1.4 Edition, 45000km, Cruise Control, Bright Red, A/C, ESP, daytime lights, accident-free, Airbags, June'15 insp, Parking sensors, ABS, power win/locks, MP3/AUX/CD Radio, backseat tables €9500 the kaiserisintown@gmail.com 2012 BMW 640i 2D Coupe (MSport Package) / 19K miles (Very Clean Condition), $50,000.00, 0172-7332688 (Call for more information) / ebsmith4u@outlook.com 2012 BMW R 1200 GS AdventureTriple Black, Fully Loaded, Safety Package, Comfort Package, Touring Package, Complete Aluminum Case Set w/Inner Bags, Navi, Charger, 8050km, €12,500 email: rjchapman73@gmail.com or call: 0160-9633-2688 2012 Ford Mustang, red, 2-door coupe, 3.7 liter V-6, excellent condition, 21K miles, $16,500 obo, call: 0176-61836398 2014 VW Jetta SE, $14500, 28K miles, 1.8L Turbo, purchased in Germany, registration valid thru Aug'16, must sell due to PCS. Contact cawalters68@yahoo.com

BMW 320i, 4-door, 5-speed, ABS, power stearing, elec windows FT, green met, and we deliver anywhere, call 0175-3213199, $1450, ddundkk@hotmail.de

Page 33 Daihatsu silver met, 4-door, 5speed, 1.0 LTR, year 2002, air MOTORCYCLES cond, summer tires and winter tires, cd player, ABS, air bags, All ads and pics on class-world.com $1400, and we deliver anywhere 2008 GSX-R 1000 for Best Offer, with cash in hand, ddundkk@hot $8000, ryanreis18@yahoo.com, mail.de Bike comes with a flush mounted TaylorMade exhaust with a Power Commander along with front & reBMW 318i, blue, combi, automaar stands and a cover. Will provitic, leather, power stearing, ABS, de more photos if requested. +32 winter tires, alloy rims, and we de0474 800 706 liver anywhere with cash in hand, my phone is 0175-3213199, €1750, ddundkk@hotmail.de


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2013 Subaru Forester "Limited" 4x4 Wagon, $24,795, US Spec, Automatic, Leather, Sunroof, Cruise Control, Power Sunroof, Alloy Wheels, Excellent Condition, Call: 0176-22730967, Email: info@euro peanmotors.org, Web: www.euro peanmotors.org

We buy cars / all makes! Accident, broken down, Honda, Toyo- Basketball & Wrestling Officials ta - great prices! Open Mon-Sun Clinic coming soon!!! dfmj42@ call until 10pm 0172-7670100 al- gmail.com so What's App or 0631-3579286 or E-Mail: tonicars56@yahoo.de

Opel Omega 2.0 LTR, silver met, ABS, all weather tires, air cond, bags, and we deliver anywhere $1150, ddundkk@hotmail.de cash in hand, $1450, ddundkk@ Mercedes-Benz C-200, (Black) hotmail.de Sport 1999, 126692Km, AutomaTwo seat convertible with remo- tic, Air Conditioned, Central vable hardtop, European specs, Locking, New Tüv (Tech Passing), excellent condition, burgundy co- €2500, tariqkamalbutt@gmail.com lor, heated seats, alarm, power BMW 525i Model 2000, new Gerwindows/seats, cd player, A/C. man inspection, power steering, Merc Benz, C-180, white, auto- power locks, air cond, leather ausmatic, €1900, car has new Ger- stattung, seat heating, power winman TÜV, no rust, in mint cond, dows, alu rims w/ new summer ticall 0175-3213199 or email res, new battery and brakes. ddundkk@hotmail.de €1800. 0152-06467728

Adopt while stationed overseas! www.adopt-abroad.com Adoption Intl & foster care, home studies. Hague accredited. Caseworkers in Germany. US 001-888526-4442


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Nissan Almera TINO Diesel 2002, manual, 2nd owner, great condition, 220000km, no rust, Michelin all season tires, new AC, 5-seater, big storage space, TÜV 1 year, US inspection guaranteed €2200 OBO, call 0151-45261009

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Daycare K-town area full or part time, nights & weekends. Open for all ages. Also Schopp & Trippstadt Call 0151-41281576 or 06328-8229

Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins!

of ” farm h r e h c s t i H “ Come to the season! mpkins and enjoy 50 sorts of pu • • • •


more than en” Choose from our “Hoflad ecialties from sp … in tle pk as m C Pu Straw Corn maze, up, Family fun: , Pumpkin so 1-6 pm) ee ff co & ke om fr n Su t/ Pumpkin ca Sa twurst (only Pumpkin Bra


Open Mon - Sun: 1 - 6 pm Hitscherhof 66506 Maßweiler

0 63 36 - 83 99 89

between Rieschweiler and Thaleischweiler

w w w. h i t s c h e r h o f . c o m

Tel. 0631 - 61944 Brauhaus am Markt Stiftsplatz l t 2-3 2 3·K Kaiserslautern i l t • www.brauhausammarkt-kl.de b h

The only brewery in K-Town Home brewed beer Seasonal beer Next to the famous Stiftskirche (12th century)

er the We off

ept We acc rs! lla US Do


l uhausk m/bra o .c k o acebo

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Kaiserslautern American

The 86th Force Support Squadron at Ramstein has licensed providers on and off the installation. Providers who provide more than 10 hours a week of care must be licensed. Please use good judgment when choosing child care services. For more information please contact DSN 478-7420 or civ 06371405-7420 or email 86FSS.FCC@ramstein.af.mil

Play Academy ChildCare. I am a licensed & certified child care provider. I live in Rodenbach, 10 min Vogelweh & 10 min RAB. I have years of experience & references. My home is warm & cozy. Warm home cooked Lunch is provided for the children every day. Your child will have its very own indoor playground & fenced in backyard for the summer as well as weekly field trip outings. If you are in need, I am here for you MondayFriday. Age 2-5, Mon-Fri 7-5. 0176-83550843

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BaByliss, curl machine, 1 year old, rarely used, 100€, s.vogl75@ SmackDown vs. Raw 2010, Wii web.de game, like new!, €12, ccopon gracz@gmail.com **See pics on BBQ Gas Grill NEW, $50.00, ne- class-world.com ver been used, must be picked up by buyer, timboney_52@hot mail.com Stearing wheel "Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback" for your Metal Slug Anthology, Wii game, PC! Love to play auto games? played once, perfect condition - liWanna feel like yr r driving for reke new! €15, copongracz@ al? Then dont miss this!, pics on gmail.com **See pics on classclass-world.com, €20, copon world.com gracz@gmail.com **See pics on class-world.com The Bigs Baseball, Wii Game, perfect condition, like new! €8, coemser@gmail.com **See pics Super Mario Galaxy, Wii game, on class-world.com perfect condition, like new! €15, **See Treadmill - Proform 635 CW, copongracz@gmail.com $450.00, timboney_52@hot pics on class-world.com mail.com, well maintained/functioning treadmill. Adjusts for speed & slope. Cross fit ski poles adjustable for tension. Emergency situation stop.


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Rayman Raving Rabbits, Wii game, perfect condition, like new! €10, copongracz@gmail.com, **See pics on class-world.com



October 23, 2015


All ads and pics on class-world.com

Caution: Some Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash.

220 volt transformer. 1 X 75 watt for $20. Contact Eric and Mia at 063759949674. 35mm slide projector 110v, $20, with 230v xmfr + spare lamp + 18 long magazines 60/80 in new pilots case + 42inch tripod screen. call before 18:00 0631-3103088 ex.leroi@googlemail.com

5 Teak Dining Room chairs, tweed upholstery, $20.00 each, Beautiful hand-made felt shoul- needs upholstery cleaning in soder bag in purple with flower de- me areas. casa.rewis@t-online.de, sign, medium size, jenniferwil call 0171-363-0906 king@hotmail.com 2 each 120V Cisco Wireless-G Internet Home Monitoring Cameras Model WV54GCA, with manual and CD. $40.00, spvendor@ gmail.com

2 wheel trolley dark blue, 30 1/1 inches tall 49x19 1/12 wide, 3 compartments (xl and medium) used only once, brand new condition. asking $100. 06332-41560 call between 8am to 9pm. Can deT-Eumex 220PC, for fast and liver to RAB! comfortable internet communication. Isdn $15, isabell_1_98@ya AFN Receiver 30$ located in Kaiserslautern 0172-6627501 hoo.com



Aeropostale long sleeve. Pink. On the front are pictures of peaces signs and the label name is shown. Size M. Barley worn. Good condition. For pics see www.class-world.com. €9. jani na.wuttke@gmx.de Art Nouveau furniture over 100 years old. A variety of items, grandfather clock (Harmonium), crystal glasses, Murano glasses, Meisner porcelain figurines, 200 years old, coffee and Tea set. Call: 0177-5211480 Beautiful hand-made purple / pink felt flower brooch, perfect gift, can be pinned on jackets, scarves, bags and more! €12, for pics see class-world.com jennifer wilking@hotmail.com





Micha’s Autoservice August-Süßdorf Str. 12 66877 Ramstein Phone 06371/614824 www.michasautoservice.de Repairs - all makes & models Tune-ups, Brake service USAA accident repairs Free towing Ramstein Area Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday 8:00 – 17:00 hrs Saturday according to agreement

American mechanics serving Americans!

October 23, 2015

Kaiserslautern American


Collection of leather bound, signed by the author, 1st edition books, mint cond. Over 100 diffeFOR SALE All ads and pics on class-world.com rent books. Authors include: Norman Mailer, William F. Buckley, Bible study books etc, $20, Joseph Heller, Elie Wiesel, Donald isabell_1_98@yahoo.com Mc Dunne, John Updicke, Tom Wolfe, etc. $ 15.000 - serious inBlack casual sweater - H&M, siquiries only! Call: 0631-940213 or ze M, 5€, pics on class0151-270-19822 world.com, s.vogl75@web.de E

Foxy lady, small felt shoulder bag with fox design. Discover your wild side! All bags are completely environmentally friendly made with wool, soap and water only! €25, for pics see class-world.com jenniferwilking@hotmail.com

Page 35 Handbag "clutch style": Love to go out and dont want to use a big handbag? Dont miss out on this small, black bag. Perfect for going out at night! €3, pics on classworld.com, copongracz@ gmail.com

Hollister strapless top. White color, size M. With ribbons to tie a bow on the back. €15. For pics see www.class-world.com. Contact janina.wuttke@gmx.de Like new AFN satellite receiver d9834, $200, hairston@tksnet.com

Green wedges, size 40, never worn. Paid €50, asking $40. Kookai dress, size 40, $30, chif- Like New Poker Chips with carryfron material, purple, pink, and ing case, $20.00, spvendor@ 017622987498 beige, worn once, 017622987498 gmail.com Black knitted pullover. Size XS Dark green Roxy Jeans. Size 30. Find pictures at www.classH&M blouse white/rose stripes, but fits also for size M. €5. See www.class-world.com for pictu- world.com. €10. janina.wuttke@ size 36. See pics on classgmx.de world.com, s.vogl75@web.de res. Janina.Wuttke@gmx.de

Bracelet - Brown, handmade! Beautiful accessory for any ocation, any outfit. Treat yourself to something nice or bring a smile to your best girl friends. €10, copon gracz@gmail.com, pics on classworld.com Bracelet - Gray/Black, handmade. Beautiful accessory for any occation, any outfit. Treat yourself to something nice or bring a smile to your best girl friends. €10, copon gracz@gmail.com, pics on classworld.com Brass plated Bed, $120, Please call 0160-512-2448

Special Tax Free PCS Rates Call for a quote and find out more about our weekly & monthly specials!

Designer Hand bag. George Gina and Lucy. Used twice. Beige color. Paid 160 euros for the bag. €50 017622987498

Handbag "Alexander": Brown, leather bag, hardly used, perfect condition! €8, pics on classworld.com, copongracz@ gmail.com Different belts - different sizes and colours (black, brown, red, wite) See pics on class-world.com, Handbag "Esprit brand": Small bad, black leather, ideal if you ons.vogl75@web.de ly need to carry few things around Felt bag, gorgeous hand-made with you like purse, cell phone felt bag with blue design, medium etc., €5, pics on class-world.com, size, €30, for pics see class- copongracz@gmail.com world.de jenniferwilking@hot Handbag: Classy black leather mail.com bag. Hardly used, perfect conditiMirrored Bedroom Schrank, on!, pics on class-world.com, $100, Please call 0160-512-2448 €15, copongracz@gmail.com

t t t t t t

Accident Repairs Body Work HONDA & ACURA Maintenance Warranty - Work www.honda-ecker.de Damage Estimates haupstuhl@honda-ecker.de Tax Free Mon-Fri 0800 - 1700 t Sat 0900-1300 06372-4609 ÷ Kaiserstr. 79, 66851 Haupstuhl

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October 23, 2015

Photo by Jens Goepfert / Shutterstock.com

Stuttgart’s Stadtmitte (Downtown) is What’s Going On!

By Wendy Payne It was so hard to begin this blog, I didn’t know where to start. Having lived here for over a year now, I can say Stuttgart has been one of my favorite places to live in 23 years of military moves. There is always a fest, concert or an event going on. When I first started blogging, my husband joked that I would run out of things to write about in Baden-Württemberg! Ha… how wrong he was! Today, I am going to write about some of my favorite spots to see in downtown in Stuttgart. Some of the tips are on-going and some are seasonal, but all have been worthwhile even if it is only a trip on the train.

Where to Shop?

By taking the train to Stadtmitte (downtown) instead of the Hauptbahnhof (main train station), you can pop out right at the shopping square. On Saturday, follow this path and you’ll run right into Stuttgart’s Farmer’s Market. While you are there, stop by the famous “guillotine like” elevator at the (modern) clock tower. I emphasize the “modern clock” because there are three city clocks on this one square.

Farmer’s Market

My friend and fellow blogger, Janice Neil-Abad, told me about this wonderful Farmer’s Market. This Saturday market is held every Saturday on Marktplatz and Schillerplatz, which is located by the church in Stuttgart. This market is the place to find seasonal and fresh flowers, local produce and cheese and is open from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. every week.

Karlsplatz Flohmarket (Flea Market)

A flea market is also held every Saturday at the city’s Karlsplatz. Sometimes there are other scheduled events, but a few weeks ago we visited for the first time! Treasures abound, our teenage son was overwhelmed with all the vinyl, antiques and cool memorabilia for sale.

Seasonal Flohmarkets (Flea Markets)

Every spring and fall Stuttgart is host to some big Flohmarkets, also located on Karlsplatz and Schillerplatz.


Whether you shop on Königstrasse or in Markthalle, the choices are endless. I try to have a pretty good idea of what I’m shopping for before I head downtown, otherwise my Visa takes a hit. If you see a large % sign in the windows, this means a “sale” is going on. I have found deals in the downtown H&M and C&A stores, including my Dirndl during fest season.


The Landkreis Museum of BadenWürttemberg always has something going on. This museum hosted last spring’s Lange Nacht der Museen (long museum nights) in which the royal crown and jewels of Württemberg were exhibited. Also on the second floor of the museum are interactive and fun stations for young children. One in particular my tween enjoyed was the “shooting the deer” station with a digital video screen and archery. She got a few bucks. The third floor had a Picasso and a Pollock, which my artist college daughter adored. Be careful not to touch anything on this floor as it is “verboten” (forbidden). In September a the special event was “Mord im Museum” (murder in the museum).

Annual Fests

One of the best things about missing a fest in Germany is that most of them are either annual or bi-annual. This means you have a pretty good chance of going the next time around. The downside is there are so many good fests that it’s hard to hit them all. Stuttgart is no exception.

Sommerfest (Summer Fest)

If you were like me and missed this year’s Sommerfest, take heart that it will be here again next August. The reports from this year’s

fest was that it was amazing with frolicking in the fountain to really good food and beer!

Hamburger Fischmarket (Fish Market)

The Hamburger Fischmarket is held every year at the Karlsplatz, within walking distance from the old Schloss (castle). The varieties and flavors of different seafood cuisine will transport you to the coast. We had so much fun at this fest with pirates on a boat, a traveling lighthouse and Irish music playing gleefully. Some of the tents are very ornate and classy. Others had a walk-up stand to get fried calamari, shrimp, scampi and of course fish and chips. Unexpectedly, a delightful fest, Stuttgart’s fish fest should not be missed.

Christmas Market (Weihnachtsmarkt) & Ice Rink

Last year we went to Stuttgart’s Christmas Market several times with family and friends. For me the different puff pastries, cocoas (try the white hot chocolate) and large beers makeStuttgart’s Christmas Market so much fun. What is also popular during the holiday season is the ice rink, which was really liked by my children. For a small rental fee, you can try your skating legs out. Of course, for those of us “older in bones,” there is a nice stand where we sipped “Glühwein” (heated spiced red wine drink) while watching the younger ones. The Christmas Market has many artisans and craftsmen who sell hand-made gifts and painted ornaments. By following the crowd to the old city area (Schillerplatz), there you will find the older Christmas market. It seems with every turn the fest continues to go on and on and on. The Christmas Market begins Thanksgiving weekend and goes until Christmas, so enjoy! read the full story at... http://militaryingermany.com/ stuttgarts-stadtmitte-downtown-is-whats-going-on

Great city trips, fun playgrounds for kids, delicious recipes and much more.


October 23, 2015

Kaiserslautern American



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Must sell 65 year old flawless solitaire .45 carat diamond ring set in white gold. Will accept $ or €. Call: 06332-41560 from 9 - 18:00. Necklace, fashion jewelry, black, different pearls & stones, $5, s.vogl75@web.de Only Jeans - different sizes and models. See pics on classworld.com, s.vogl75@web.de Org. Thomas Sabo Charm, price new was 49€, never used, was a bday present, selling price €20, for pics please see classworld.com, s.vogl75@web.de PCS Sale, Misc. TV/stereo entertainment center, med.brown wood, €100. Will accept dollar equivalent. Crib w/mattress+high chair. Like new. Used once. Sheets incl. €500. Will accept dollar equiv. Dark wood patio table+6 chairs. €100, or dollar equiv. Various 220V electronics, a few light fixtures. Ms.C. DSN: 4934132 (day) 06783-9008484 (home after 6pm) PCS Sale, Misc. Solid pine, German-made, diningrm table w/6 chairs. Like new. Table convertible from 4-to 6-person table. Matching commode also for sale. Table&chairs, €700 Commode, €50 // Solid pine, German-made bed, Schrank, commode, bedside table. Like new. Bed is single-size w/adjustable head and foot elevations, includes convert. (winter/ summer) mattress, 2sets sheets, new cond., down-filled duvet, 80x80cm pillow and cases. Bed, €750 Schrank, €200 Commode, €50 Bedside table, €40. Will sell all together for €1000. Bed, mattress, linens, schrank, commode, bedside table. Ms.C. DSN: 4934132 (day) 06783-9008484 (home after 6pm)

Piano, german model, good con- Shamballa Bracelet - Lilac/white, dition, recently tuned to sell for handmade, adjustable in size, fits 590 euros, phone 0171 31 35 004 almost every wrist. Beautiful accessory for any occasion, any outPorcelain dolls, over 100 to choo- fit. Treat yourself to something nise from, all dressed. Price Obo ce or bring a smile to your best girl friends. €10, coemser@ Call: 0176-90796039 gmail.com Pumps, black, hardly worn, great condition, size 9M!, €5, pics on Shamballa Bracelet - Purple/whiclass-world.com, copongracz@ te, handmade, adjustable in size, gmail.com, pics on class- fits almost every wrist. Beautiful accessory for any occasion, any world.com outfit. Treat yourself to something Sandals "Anne Klein": Classy nice or bring a smile to your best Sandals "Anne Klein": Classy girl friends. €10, copongracz@ shoes, brown leather, great to we- gmail.com ar at work or for going out at night. Only slight signs of usage. Size 9M, €5, pics on classworld.com, coemser@gmail.com Selling at 1 half the value given by the Swarovski companySwarovski Crystal - Attention collectors! All retired pieces reduced to half their value, All pieces over 50years old! Prices greatly reduced! Great gift for any special occasion! Private collection!The last two Retired pieces, whale, turtle. Call for info: 06332-41560 between 2pm to 8pm. Can deliver to RAB! Shamballa Bracelet - Black/Gray, handmade, adjustable in size, fits almost every wrist. Beautiful accessory for any occasion, any outfit. Treat yourself to something nice or bring a smile to your best girl friends. €12, copongracz@ gmail.com Shamballa Bracelet - Brown/Creme, handmade, adjustable in size, fits almost every wrist. Beautiful accessory for any occasion, any outfit. Treat yourself to something nice or bring a smile to your best girl friends. €15, copongracz@ gmail.com

Page 37 White winter hooded jacket - Si- Antique reproduction secretary ze S, See pics on class- desk. See photos on KA classiworld.com, s.vogl75@web.de fieds web page. Contact Eric and Mia at 063759949674, €120, Wine Rack/Holder, holds six botteyates9761@aol.com les, attractive metal finish, fits perfectly in a small, narrow space. $10, 0163-330-5535 or john@ad Blue rug with Janosch design for little boys room. Paid €50 from vantipro.de Mobil Martin. Asking $20. 017622987498


Coffee table, beechwood/glass, $30, sikari@aol.com

All ads and pics on class-world.com

Antique 100 yr.old German china cabinet, matching dining table with 4 chairs. See photo on KA classifieds web page. Contact Small grey felt shoulder bag with Eric and Mia at 063759949674, mushroom design, perfect gift, €950, eyates9761@aol.com €20 jenniferwilking@hotmail.com Antique Bench, with cushion seSofa sleeper, $1, Otterbach, at, storage space and wheels. nealk52@aol.com, cell 0162- See photo on KA classifieds web 2973582 page. Contact Eric and Mia at 063759949674, €600, Striped hand-made felt shoulder eyates9761@aol.com bag, large, trend colors, perfect gift, €30, for pics see class- Antique corner desk. See photo world.com jenniferwilking@hot on KA classifieds web page. Contact Eric and Mia at mail.com 063759949674, €150, T-Shirt "America", perfect condi- eyates9761@aol.com tion, like new, size small! €5, co pongracz@gmail.com ***pics on class-world.com

Various music CDs for sale, all from the 2000er years. Single CDs from Nelly Furtado, Christina Aguilera etc. for €3, music samplers like Bravo Hits and The Dome €4. For a picture of the selection see www.class-world.com. Contact janina.wuttke@gmx.de Various size new $10.00 each, gmail.com

For Sale: Hudson Leather Sofa & Love Seat (Like New), $2000, kosher121@outlook.com, Cell: 0176-31634600


Call us: 06221 - 750050 Email us: info@pjsnet.com Visit us: www.pjsnet.com

Your Full Communication

Open every Friday + Saturday 8 am – 4 pm Sunday open during Wendelinus market

• Telephone/Internet DSL lines with fast activation! • Flatrate calls to USA • Support and Software in English • Cell Phones w/o contract

Ramstein, R i Fl Flurstr. 4 Tel. 0163-1 90 57 17

gym bags spvendor@

Washer A+++ & Dryer 6 Months old. Located in Kaiserslautern PrePark. 550$

What’s going on at...

White H&M Blazer - Size XS - S. Short black faux leather jacket - See pics on class-world.com, Size S, See pics on class- s.vogl75@web.de world.com, s.vogl75@web.de

JADE MASSAGE OASE MASSAGE American Dental Care We care for your skin! Philipp-Reis-Str. 9, €35 66849 Landstuhl

Relax Station * China, Japan & Thai massage *Thu & Fri 60 min massage Please call Yoko for an appointment

Please call for appointment

0160-91 91 38 23

01 76 • 62 19 77 28

Akazienstrasse 1a • 66849 Landstuhl-Atzel

Services offered: • Family Dentistry • Certified Orthodontics • Crowns and Veneers • Implant Surgery • Zoom Teeth Whitening • Wisdom Teeth Surgery • Nitrous Oxide • Saturday & Evening Appointments Caring, Friendly American staff LOCATIONS

Wiesbaden Dental Care 0611-9887 26 50 Bahnstrasse 14 65205 Wiesbaden-Erbenheim www.wiesbadendental.com Ramstein Dental Care 06371-40 62 30 Poststrasse 1 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach www.ramsteindental.com

Certified American Dental Hygienists Tricare Preferred Provider

Great advice, product samples, perfect solutions. • Radiofrequency Therapy • Botox and Fillers • Chemical Peeling • Microdermabrasion • Hyperhydrosis-Treatment • Cellulite treatment • Cosmetic Face and Body Treatments • Medical Anti-Aging Therapy • Acne Treatment • Meso lift therapy

Monika Weber-Müller MD, specialist for Dermatology Medical Institute for Aesthetic surgery and cosmetics 66914 Waldmohr Weiherstr. 2 Tel.: 06373/829318 Web: www.dr-weber-mueller.de


Please like us on Facebook

Open: Monday-Friday 8 am - 6 pm, Saturdays and weekends after 6 pm with appointment only

10% * OFF all treatments

Relax Station • Shiatsu • Ayurveda

*Bring in this coupon.Valid till Nov. 30, 2015

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Kaiserslautern American

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German Sideboard and Highboard for Sale. Oak-rustic color, solid wood. Great condition! New €1200 each, now selling for €200 each! Call: 0176-907-96039

Glass couch table 1meter width, 14 cm height, €60, coffee house table with marble top and iron feet w/2 chairs, €60. 06374-1717 or 0157-72670561

Wooden bookshelf. See photo on KA classifieds web page. Contact Eric and Mia at 063759949674, $150, eyates9761@aol.com

Everything goes! Office & computers, sports equipment, home interior, kid's toys, lawn & garden, furYARD SALES niture, FREE - coffee and Snacks. All ads and pics on class-world.com Saturday and Sunday Oct 24th and 25th from 7am-11am rain or PCS Sale, Misc. TV/stereo entershine. Brucknergasse 14, Mackentainment center, crib, 110 & 220v bach, 67686 small appliances, TV cabinet, recliner, Weber grill, fire pit, Xmas tree & decor, 220v portable AC plants, and more. 0800-1400, Sat. 24 Oct. Im Bangert 13, 67686 MaJOBS ckenbach. All ads and pics on class-world.com

D E D EE ! N R MC O T U HE K Ad AdvantiPro vanti is looking B I R (part-time). for a Distributor Distribu T IN T S I D Mustt be M b friendly, f i dl reliable, li bl work flexible hours,

must be able to lift bundles of newspapers, be familiar with the local area and enjoy service to the community. Paid in Euros, Tax Free!

Send us your resume today to jobs@AdvantiPro.de

Responsibilities/Duties • Provide active leadership in procurement and growth of financial and other in-kind resources necessary for center operations. • Recruit, supervise, train, develop, and recognize staff and volunteers. • Oversee the successful planning, coordination, and execution of daily morale-enhancing programs within an established budget. • Seek, develop, maintain, and improve relationships with the US military and with persons, organizations, and groups that support the center’s many programs. • Ensure that the center always remains clean, safe, welcoming, and well-maintained and that all assets are functional and up-to-date. • Prepare, review, and deliver financial, operational, and statistical reports within established deadlines. • Interact with patients and familiarize them with the center and its many offerings.

A Military Food Broker firm is looking to fill a temporary full time office position. Applicants must be proficient in both English and German. Position will be a local hire, 40 hours per week with a 1 year contract. Interviews are scheduled to begin the first week of November. Please send resume to BTilley@acosta.com or call 0637161370-10 for more information.

Part-time office clerk needed for car-rental agency in Ramstein. Must speak and write German and English fluently. For afternoon only. Please call 06371-70182 or 0171-7794793

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Are you 38y/o m, 6.74 tall who loves someone's voice, scarfs and letters? Bananasplit isn't just something sweet but reminds you of a wonderful time? Then you are the one! Looking forward to hear from you mailbox@secure.direct box.com

Lookin for friends, female/male who likes harleys, works on them, who are into Rock music, good food, havin fun, BBQ, beeing outside and enjoying a good time together. Just email me and we will when we can meet. Gryphon Environmental is see- see king an environmental professio- 2wheelmechanic@web.de nal for Ramstein AFB.Candidates must have a minimum of 6-10 Looking for you! I'm a single woyears of directly applicable techniman, 5'7 and 41 years living in cally related experience since reMannheim. I'm looking for you: ceiving degree. 8 years directly reSingle man 6'0 or taller and arlated experience in the subject round my age. Please write or call field can be substituted for a me. kirsten_holst@web.de / 0162Bachelor's Degree.Technical certi7753906 fications can be substituted for three years experience.Must have a degree in Civil or Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science or Natural Science.Must IN GERMANY demonstrate previous experience working with directly related environmental programs at or for Uni- Your community, your website. ted States DOD Installations. Must have a Secret Security Clea+ event calendar + movie schedule rance.Send resume to ryohn@gry + travel articles & videos + more phon-env.com


Center Manager, USO Warrior Center Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

Description/Job Summary: The Center Manager will manage all aspects of the day-to-day operations of the center to ensure firstclass support of wounded, ill, and injured service members at LRMC.

October 23, 2015

Required Qualifications: • Bachelor’s Degree in business or related field. • 3-5 years experience in a supervisory role. Ability to effectively manage, lead, motivate, mentor, and develop employees and volunteers. • Exceptional interpersonal and customer service skills. • Demonstrated initiative/self-motivation, attention to detail, and organizational and time management skills. • Demonstrated proficiency in written and oral communications as well as knowledge of various software programs including but not limited to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. • Willingness and ability to regularly work non-standard hours (late evenings, holidays and weekends). • Must be a strong advocate of the USO’s mission to support active duty military and their families. • Public speaking experience is preferred. • Must be able to lift and carry items weighing up to 50 pounds. • Must have valid USAREUR driver’s license. Details: This position is located on Landstuhl Regional Medical Center. Preference will be given to local candidates within commuting distance. Relocation assistance is not provided for this position. Resume and cover letter are required for full consideration.

Please apply online at: http://www.uso.org/ careers/ and click on “Search USO Careers”

Looking for experienced tax preparers for Wiesbaden & Ramstein, preferably H&R Block trained. Contact Frank at eclemons@ hrblock.com

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Our mission. Your passion. Careers that matter The USO’s mission is to lift the spirits of US troops and their families. A career at the USO is unlike any other you will find. You will be joining a team of passionate and enthusiastic professionals in an organization with a solid history of success that spans more than seven decades. The USO has over 160 locations worldwide — some of which are located in Germany. We currently have the following positions open in Spangdahlem: • Center Manager • Programs and Volunteer Coordinator • Center Operations Specialist For immediate consideration and to review more details about the positions listed above, please submit a resume online through the Careers page at www.uso.org/careers. To learn more about the compelling mission of the USO, the inspiring work both past and present, and other available opportunities, visit www.uso.org. AA/EEO

October 23, 2015

Kaiserslautern American

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I'm selling my snake she very fri- Clock repair & antique clock saendly likes to be handled she eats les. Hermann Lieser, Ludwigstr. live rats come with tanks and ac- 32, Landstuhl 06371-2637 WANTED PETS johansenbanerga@ All ads and pics on class-world.com All ads and pics on class-world.com cessories, gmail.com Translator / Interpreter Certified KL., near Vogelweh. Reasonable Babysitter needed to teach my 2.5-year-old daughter English in a There have been reports of rates. Call: 0631-54440 PROFESSIONAL playful way while taking care of pets being sold from breeSERVICES her at my place (near Pirmasens). ding facilities that are not maAll ads and pics on class-world.com naged at the highest profesTanja's Pet hotel - day and vaca- The person interested should be sional standards. Please tion care for cats and dogs - no an English native speaker and hachoose your pet carefully. outside kennels! tanjajungbluth@ ve a car. Minijob. Call 0176Professional Services are ofMake sure you check the cregmx.de, 0171 6072 118 or 06306 78022575 fered by registered businesdentials of the people selling 311 111 ses as well as private peothe pet, and get proper paple. To ensure a satisfactory perwork showing shots and/ The Darmstadt Retired Military service experience, please alor other proof of healthy conWeekly - BI-weekly & PCS Clea- Group is looking for members. If ways ask for credentials and dition. For further advice, ning Cell: 0160-91948691 Insp- you are a Retired U.S Military Serdeny payments up front. For consult your Veterinarian. Guaranteed E-Mail cthompson@t- vice Member or surviving spouse cleaning services, arrange online.de www.cthompson-clea and interested please contact Larfor payments after a final ning.com ry at lemery1366@yahoo.com walk-through and inspection A male Ball Python for sale. Enof the clean house. closure for snake plus heat lamp, U.S. & GERMAN ATTORNEYS water bowl, heat pad and Ranco US & German Divorces • Support Issues Electronic Temperature Controller- Almost painless waxing, slimWills and Probate • Employment • EEO • MSPB He is a normal Ghost faced Py- ming treatments w/cellulite wrapPersonal Injury • Contractor Issues • Tax thon. Sorry, female has been sold. ping, relaxing massages & more! FULL SERVICE LAW FIRM johansenbanerga@gmail.com call 0151-45261009 CALL 069-299-2069-0

Read your newspaper online: www.kaiserslauternamerican.com

email: maiss@up12legal.de

Beauty Salon /space for rent, fulHamster cage, used, asking $5, ly furnished 0173-9729-320, must pick up in Rodenbach bigmoe171@yahoo.com 67688 017622987498 Eva's cleaning service, let us clean your house, we guarantee Shipping Box "Skudo IATA", con- you will be satisfied, 06371firms the IATA standards/regulati- 976660 ons, Size 4 (L 68cm, B 48cm, H 51cm) Brand New, still in box not even opened as I ordered 2, $50, Pedicure, Manicure, Naildesign, for more details go to http:// Hairdressing, African Weave, Afriwww.petobel.de/nobby-transport can art, Mag's Nail Studio, call: box-skudo s.vogl75@web.de 0162-5966852 or 0631-84270230


We’ve been making loans of up to $10,000 to Active Duty Military for over 64 years.

Click Today...Cash Today® www.omnimilitaryloans.com “We love to say yes”®

THE TOP CHOICE OF SERVICEMEMBERS. People talk. And right now, they’re talking about AMU. Built upon student referrals, AMU is the global leader in education for the U.S. military. Since we offer more than 90 online degrees, from Business to Transportation and Logistics, you can do anything you set your mind to — whether in the military or transitioning out.



*As reported by Military Times/Edge Magazine

We want you to make an informed decision about the university that’s right for you. For more about the graduation rate and median debt of students who completed each program, as well as other important information—visit www.APUS.edu/disclosure. Image Courtesy of the DoD.

No take away guarantee. Sale only as long as stock is available.


Washing Machine WAP 28420 | Item no.: 1982682 • End-time preselection and remaining time display • VarioPerfect: time and energy saving programs • Spin cycle class B • Yearly consumption based on 220 standard wash cycles: approx. 9240 liters of water and 158 kWh electricity

Washing Machine WA 6840 | Item no.: 1486163 • End-time preselection and remaining time display • Spin cycle class B • Yearly consumption based on 220 standard wash cycles: approx. 9416 liters of water and 146 kWh electricity




1400 RPM





A +++


1400 RPM

Built-in Oven Freezer KUF 22606 NF | Item no.: 1629094

• Volume: 195 lters • Color: white • Dimensions (HxWxD):

Höhe 161 cm


• Yearly consumption: approx. 211 kWh electricity



A ++

GREEN CHILI SET 4 | Item no.: 1941366 • Capacity: approx. 67 liters • Cooking: with extra large and two-ring cooking fields • Incl. 2 oven grills • Energy consumption: approx. 0.86 kWh during fan forced use






Dishwasher G 4203 SCU BRILLANTWEISS Item no.: 2038561 • Dryer class A • Yearly consumption based on 280 standard wash cycles: approx. 3780 liters of water and 299 kWh electricity


ALSO AVAILABLE Stainless front for €749


A +


Heat Pump Dryer LAVATHERM T 67680 IH3 | Item no.: 1887086 • Silent System Plus: for extremely quiet drying • AbsoluteCareTM: Ideal drying for delicates • Yearly consumption based on 160 standard drying cycles: approx. 177 kWh electricity

649.8 KG LOAD


A +++


ONLINE SHOP SATURN.DE Lassen Sie uns Freunde werden: über 1,6 Mio. Fans facebook.com/SaturnDE über 100.000 Abonnenten youtube.com/turnon über 100.000 Follower twitter.com/SaturnDE




Offers valid on 23-10-2015. Sold in standard household amounts only. Subject to errors and technical adjustments.



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