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January 13, 2012

January 13, 2012

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Volume 36, number 2

Ambassador visits CRSF by Airman 1st Class Trevor Rhynes 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

A warehouses service agency mechanic works on a humvee Tuesday at the Central Regional Staging Facility in Luxembourg. The CRSF is the only military presence in Luxembourg and is responsible for 85 percent of war readiness material.

The U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg, his Deputy Chief of Mission, representatives from the Logistics Readiness Group and the Logistics Readiness Division of U.S. Air Forces in Europe visited the Central Regional Storage Facility in Sanem, Luxembourg Tuesday. Robert A. Mandell, appointed as the Ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg in November, was given the opportunity to see the facility that provides a large part of equipment USAFE contributes to U.S. Africa Command, Central Command and European Command. “Last year the site at Sanem aided in the support of 22 operations in 23 nations, including support to operations Odyssey Dawn and Unified Protector,” said Maj. Wes Wenzel, commander of the 86th Materiel Maintenance Squadron, which oversees site operations. “The partnership between the men and women of the 86th MMS and the team at Sanem directly contributed to the success of those operations.” The CRSF has more than 800,000 square feet of storage where it holds 85 percent of the war reserve material maintained by the 86th Material

evolved from a bombardment wing in 1942, to a tactical fighter wing in 1969, into the 86th Airlift Wing July 21, 1994, that we know today. Established Jan. 13, 1942, the mission of the 86th BG(L) was to provide air support for soldiers who fought in areas like North Africa, Italy and Southern Germany during World War II.

During that time, the 86th earned numerous awards. Airmen from the wing have earned awards such as the Distinguished Unit Citation, earned in World War II, to the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award for Exceptionally Meritorious Service award, earned seven times out of the last 10 years. One of those seven was earned with valor.

Photo by Senior Airman Brittany Perry

Management Squadron. Mandell was impressed with the capacity of the CRSF. “The facility is very impressive,” said Ambassador Mandell. “It provides a large amount of material that troops need while deployed.” The Ambassador also added that he is impressed with the skill level of employees at the CRSF. Employed through the warehouse service agency, they routinely inspect, repair and supply equipment from the facility. Mandell believes the facility is important for a partnership with an allied nation. “It’s good to work with an allied nation concerning something that supports a large mission like this,” said Mandell. “It is a great way to strengthen our relationship with the government of Luxembourg.” The Ambassador was appreciative of the opportunity to see what the only U.S. Defense presence in Luxembourg has to offer. “This visit was important for me because now I have a much better understanding of what this facility is capable of,” said Ambassador Mandell. “With this understanding I am better able to work with the Luxembourg Government on how to manage this space.”


oday, the 86th Airlift Wing hits its 70 year mark at Ramstein. The wing originated as the U.S. Army Air Forces 86th Bombardment Group (Light) during World War II and has gradually

TIP OF THE WEEK Winter Sport Safety: Use a helmet while snowboarding, air boarding and skiing.


by Airman 1st Class Trevor Rhynes 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs


Airlift reaches 70 year anniversary

SFS conducts joint K-9 training, Page 14

Freinsheim hosts red wine hike, Page 18

The awards were able to be earned by participating in support of various operations. The wing’s primary mission now is to provide airlift support to the U.S. European Command and our Joint and Combined partners. In the last 10 years alone, the 86th Airlift Wing has participated in See ANNIVERSARY, Page 3


As of Jan. 10


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Kaiserslautern American

January 13, 2012

No ARIs…no excuses…drink responsibly by Brig. Gen. C.K. Hyde 86th Airlift Wing commander



lcohol-related incidents are a serious issue for our Airmen, families and local community. ARIs directly affect our ability to conduct our military mission, disrupt unit manning and productivity, and create additional burdens on unit leadership. Airmen can and must make responsible choices involving alcohol consumption. ARIs are avoidable ― the circumstances leading up to them are directly shaped by our choices. We must make responsible choices, and our decisions must reflect “service before self.” No excuse can justify the behavior that negatively impacts our mission, people and community. Therefore, our bottom line is: “No ARIs…no excuses…drink responsibly.” Our first pillar for combating ARIs is Mission Focus. ARIs directly impede mission success by creating additional workloads such as investigations, medical attention and disciplinary proceedings, thereby distracting us from our mission. ARIs result in harmful and costly consequences, including the death of our Airmen. We must discuss the negative impact of alcohol abuse on mission accomplishment.

Questions we should all consider: Who depends on me? What is my role in mission accomplishment? Does my alcohol use make me less dependable or impact my unit’s mission? Our second pillar for defeating ARIs is Taking Care of Each Other. We must reinvigorate the wingman concept. A wingman should never be our excuse for irresponsible choices and behaviors. Wingmen must step in before a situation escalates and help ensure right decisions are made in the first place. Most importantly, Airmen should not make choices that put their wingmen in vulnerable or risky positions. Questions we should all consider: Am I a good wingman? Do I make a positive difference as a wingman, leader and warrior? Do I use a wingman as an excuse to abuse alcohol and put my wingman at risk?

Finally, our third pillar for eliminating ARIs is Personal Accountability. Personal Accountability means taking ownership of our actions and adhering to Air Force standards and core values. Using the core values as a guide is essential to good decision-making. On- and off-duty decisions have significant impacts on our mission, units and families. Our nation depends on

responsible and reliable Airmen.

Questions we should all consider: Do I value my profession? Do I live up to Air Force core values? Does alcohol undermine my professionalism and commitment to our core values? We need to be mindful of the high costs of alcohol-related incidents. Last year, our Air Force lost 13 Airmen to fatal accidents involving alcohol, including one Airman from Ramstein. Many Airmen with great potential have ended their careers because they failed to meet their personal responsibility due to poor choices and often-criminal behavior related to the use of alcohol. Our mission, families and communities demand responsible alcohol use. Anything less directly undermines the defense of our nation. One final question: Do you or someone you know struggle with responsible alcohol use? If so, have the courage to ask for help or intervene. ARIs are not inevitable. We can eliminate or significantly reduce them through Mission Focus, Taking Care of Each Other and Personal Accountability. NO ARIs…no excuses…drink responsibly.

TASM-E preps Chinook for contingency operations BELOW: Theater Aviation Sustainment Manager-Europe and U.S. Air Force personnel work together in loading the last remaining German-based U.S. Army CH 47 Chinook helicopter onto an Air Force C-17 Globemaster III aircraft for transport to Afghanistan in support of overseas contingency operations Dec. 28 on Ramstein. RIGHT: The last remaining Germanbased U.S. Army CH 47 Chinook helicopter is prepared for transport.

Photos courtesy of the U.S. Army

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January 13, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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Third time command chief offers philosophy to Airmen by Maj. Paul D. Baldwin 3rd Air Force Public Affairs


hen Chief Master Sgt. Craig Adams graduated from high school in 1985 in Tiffin, Ohio, he spent a little more than a year deciding his job opportunities and college options. Then one day a friend came to his house and asked if he wanted to go to the Air Force recruiter. His brother had already been in the Air Force for almost two years and seemed to enjoy it. So, Adams agreed to go. “Out of high school I had no idea I was coming in the Air Force,” said Adams, the new 3rd Air Force command chief master sergeant since November. “The funny part is I’m the one who ended up coming in the Air Force and my buddy didn’t. And here I am 24 years later and it’s been the best thing that ever happened to me.” The position here is Adams’ third time as a command chief. He previously served as a command chief for the 15th Expeditionary Mobility Task Force at Travis Air Force Base, Calif., and for the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing at Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. Adams traveled all around the world after leaving Tiffin, Ohio, a city with a population just under 20,000. In that time, his success has come from being ready, loyal and doing his best every single day. This outlook is what he believes makes the Air Force great, he said. “I think it’s extremely important that all Airmen are ready,” he said. For Adams, this includes being the technical expert, keeping training requirements current, taking care of personal affairs, being physically fit and completing professional military education. Adams said he believes being ready is important for the Air Force to execute its airpower mission. “We need to be a full up round,” the chief said. “Airmen must be ready to deploy and must minimize potential life stressors.” The ready Airman is also loyal to fellow service members, Adams said. The Air Force calls this being a wingman, and the chief is adamant that taking care of oneself, one’s family and other Airmen is derived from courage. “Being a wingman is much more than just being a best friend or a buddy,” he said. “Loyalty is about knowing when to engage when things may get uncomfortable. It’s about having the courage to step in when something is unsafe, to ask for help for yourself, your family or for somebody else if necessary.” ANNIVERSARY, from Page 1

operations like Iraqi Freedom, where the wing’s C-130s took part in the largest airborne combat insertion since Operation Just Cause in 1989.

Photo by Chief Master Sgt. David Richards

Chief Master Sgt. Craig Adams, 3rd Air Force command chief master sergeant.

One would think Adams’ success in the Air Force came from some huge turning point in his career, a once in a lifetime opportunity, or by being in the right place at the right time. But this is not the case, the chief said. His career path in the Air Force was really made possible by doing his best every day. “Do your best every single day. It’s all you can do, but you have to do it,” Adams said. “Not every day is going to be a banner day. However, if you hang up your uniform at the end of your shift and you can say you did your best, then I think that’s a lot to be proud of.” Adams has seen a lot of changes in the Air Force throughout his 24 years of service. “One thing is for certain: change is constant,” Adams said. “Change is a challenge we all face and will continue to face in the future.” But even though change is the norm, Adams said he believes the current generation of Airmen is ready for whatever comes next. “The reason we continue to succeed and remain the best Air Force in the world is because of the con-

In 2010, the wing participated in Operation Enduring Freedom by supporting the Commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. During Operation Odyssey Dawn, the wing


tributions of every Airman down to the most junior member,” the chief said. “We have the best we’ve ever had right now. And we’re the best we’ve ever been. Even with a smaller force we’re smarter and we’re motivated. No matter what is thrown at our Airmen they are getting it done.” As it turns out, Adams’ brother is still in the Air Force and a fellow chief. One begins to wonder if there wasn’t something in the water in Northern Ohio after all. Adams’ parents have a lot to be proud of. But Adams is hesitant to take too much credit. He insists he got here by doing the little things and staying ready, with the support from mentors, leaders, family and friends. “I’ve never held the key to the next door,” he said. “I just try to do my best every day. I literally take everything one step at a time.” Borrowing a quote from a friend, Adams said this about his service: “There was a time when I was in the Air Force, and then one day I realized the Air Force was in me. It’s changed my life, been my career and I feel very fortunate.”

participated by helping to protect the Libyan people. The wing has built a large foundation of success, which it hopes to continue. “The 86th Airlift Wing has a rich

history spanning 70 years,” said Silvano Wueschner, the 86th Airlift Wing’s historian. “Given our current tempo we will be sure to add significantly to that heritage in the years to come.”

...is the best time of the year! So share your adventures with the community! Your submission must include the name of the photographer, the date of the photo, first and last names of those in the photo and location. Write “Destinations” in the e-mail subject line. E-mail your photos to editor@kaiserslauternamerican.com

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Kaiserslautern American


January 13, 2012 was scratched and a light motion sensor was dislodged. There are no known suspects.

JAN. 10

JAN. 4

4:59 a.m.: A break-in was reported in RamsteinMiesenbach where unknown suspects broke into the front door and removed unknown property. A witness said an unknown male between 30 and 40 years of age wearing a black beanie may have been involved. 5 a.m.: Theft from a motor vehicle was reported in Ramstein-Miesenbach. 6:36 a.m.: A motor vehicle theft was reported in Ramstein-Miesenbach. Items were reported stolen.

nth 19.90 €//Mo

JAN. 5

3:12 a.m.: A major traffic accident with injuries was reported on Rhine Ordnance Barracks. The driver of a POV struck a fixed object and fled the scene, though was later caught and apprehended. Investigation revealed there was alcohol involved and the suspect was too intoxicated to be advised of his rights.

JAN. 6

7:32 a.m.: Theft of an unsecured motor vehicle was reported in Landstuhl. 8:27 a.m.: Theft of a secured motor vehicle was

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for 3.99 € Marktstr. 23, 67655 Kaiserslautern (across McDonald’s) Tel.: 0631-4123412 / info@cableshop-ktown.de - Digital cable TV also possible!

Memorial service

A memorial service will be held for Senior Airman Antonio Melchor, 1st Combat Communications Squadron, 435th Air Ground Operations Wing, at 9 a.m. today at the Ramstein Northside Chapel. All are welcome to attend.

Take Note

Base exchange closed

The Ramstein Base Exchange in the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center as well as the Cherish Jewelry Store and Bookmark store will be closed for inventory Jan. 26. All other operations such as food court, express and concession stores inside the KMCC will be open.

Parade participants needed

The Ramstein Carnival Association Bruchkatze needs American citizens, bands and walking groups dressed in costumes who would like to participate in this year’s Fasching parade Feb. 21 in the center of Ramstein-Miesenbach. Anybody interested should contact the 86th Airlift Wing Host Nation office at 480-2094.

Orientation tour

The downtown K-Town orientation tours resumed and will continue for an indefinite period of time thanks to United Service Organizations, the 86th Logistics Readiness Squadron and the 86th Force Support Squadron.

reported in Landstuhl. There are no known suspects. 1:04 p.m.: Theft from a motor vehicle was reported in Kaiserslautern.

JAN. 7

9:18 a.m.: Theft from a secured motor vehicle was reported in Hütschenhausen. The passenger’s side mirror was shattered and the passenger’s side front window was scratched. 6:22 p.m.: Larceny of AAFES property was reported after a suspect left the gas station without rendering proper payment.

JAN. 8

5:11 p.m.: Theft from a motor vehicle was reported.

JAN. 9

2:32 p.m.: A break-in, damage and larceny of private property was reported in Kindsbach. During the break in, a garden door was scratched, a shutter was dislodged, a balcony door frame

7:18 a.m.: Theft from a motor vehicle was reported in Kaiserslautern. The side passenger’s window was shattered and items were removed.


Reminder to the KMC: Obey all speed limits. Vogelweh Main Base: 40 KPH, Vogelweh Family Housing: 20 KPH, Kapaun: 20 KPH, Kapaun Housing: 20 KPH, Landstuhl: varies, signs are posted, Sembach: varies, signs are posted, All school zones: 20 KPH. These are the speed limits unless otherwise posted.


A civilian was terminated from work and barred from all U.S. military installations in Europe for use and possession of marijuana.


Jan. 6 ― 6 volunteers, 7 calls, 18 lives potentially saved. Jan. 7 ― 9 volunteers, 14 calls, 25 lives potentially saved.

To accommodate attendees’ time requirements, the tours take place on a rotating schedule alternating between Tuesdays and Thursdays. Tours depart at 9 a.m. from the Ramstein Enlisted Club and return at approximately 2:30 p.m. The downtown orientation includes a walking tour led by a professionally trained USO tour guide, a stop at the German-American Community Office, an opportunity to shop at local stores and to experience lunch at an authentic German restaurant (cost is €10 to €12). Commanders and supervisors are reminded that the downtown orientation is day four of base orientation and military members should be given time off to attend. Child care is available through the Child Care for PCS program. For tour dates and more information, call 480-5900.

Military retirement briefing

If you are nearing military retirement, contact your Survivor Benefit Plan counselor to schedule your mandatory briefing. This briefing is for all retiring members, regardless of whether or not you have dependents. SBP was developed to meet the needs of the family for continuous income protection following a member’s death. Well before retiring, contact your SBP coun-

Reported Larcenies JANUARY 4 » Ramstein-Miesenbach: one gray Cannon river coat, one black/blue coat, one orange/ black CD case containing approximately 40 to 50 CDs, one plastic foldable storage box containing an unknown amount of books and CDs. JANUARY 6 » Landstuhl: one name tape and one iPod FM transmitter. » Kaiserslautern: one violin, one GPS, one rug and one pair of Oakley sunglasses. JANUARY 7 » Hütschenhausen: one mirror cover and two headlight washer covers. » Pulaski Barracks Shoppette: 22.75 liters of unleaded gasoline valued at $46.45. JANUARY 8 » Vogelweh: one Sony walkman and one Brahma flash light. JANUARY 9 » Kindsbach: nine bracelets, 44 earrings, 17 rings, one pin, 22 necklaces, six watches and 15 pendants. JANUARY 10 » Kaiserslautern: one gray laptop, one burgundy laptop case, one gray handheld scanner and one hard drive.

selor in order to schedule a pre-retirement briefing for you and your spouse (if applicable). Various handouts are available to assist you in making your decision. For more information, contact SBP counselor Melissa McNeily at 480-5759 or melissa. mcneily@ramstein.af.mil.

RAO database

One of the Retiree Activities Office’s major missions is to pass along up-to-date information that might affect one’s quality of life, well-being and financial situation. The office receives info from various agencies and wants to disseminate it to everyone. The mail is one means to get the word out, but RAO does not have a database with everyone’s mailing address. They would like to forward the info to the retiree as soon as possible from their office via e-mail. Retirees wanting to have information passed and forwarded from the 86th AW/RAO should write an e-mail to james.barrante@ramstein. af.mil. Their address will be added to a group called “KMC Retirees.” E-mail addresses will remain confidential in the RAO computer database. Retirees who do not want to receive updates via e-mail but would rather receive them by mail, should provide their mailing address. For details, call the RAO at 06371-47-5486.

January 13, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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Kaiserslautern American

January 13, 2012

Metamorphosis of a Soldier by 2nd Lt. Chaz Deering 635th Movement Control Team


he 39th Transportation Battalion honored 36 noncommissioned officers during a recent induction ceremony on Ramstein, recognizing a junior Soldier’s accomplishments and evolution as a leader. The rite of passage for newly pro-

moted NCOs is not an easy one, said the 16th Sustainment Brigade’s command sergeant major. “The transition that you are about to make and the journey you are about to embark on is what I consider the most difficult in the Army. This will be an ever evolving process that you will diligently work at,” said Command Sgt. Maj. Ismael Rodriguez. “This metamorphose that you are undertaking, that

of a Soldier to an NCO, a follower to a leader, is the very core of what makes us the back bone of the Army.” Command Sgt. Maj. Walton Jones, the command sergeant major of the 39th Trans. Bn., commenced the ceremony by demanding all the doors in the room be shut in order to prevent the symbolic ceremony from being disturbed. The custom has remained a tra-

dition historically for the NCO Corps. Jones led the final charge of inducting the Soldiers into the NCO corps. “A military ceremony is not ours. It’s not yours even if you are the sole reason for the ceremony,” Rodriguez said. “The ceremony belongs to all Soldiers. This is a simple tradition of our Army, packed with a power stimulus of Soldiers and future leaders.”

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month by Capt. Peter Carra 86th Aerospace Medical Squadron During the month of January, the Ramstein Optometry Clinic will be offering glaucoma screenings to all Tricare beneficiaries. The air puff test, officially known as non-contact tonometry, will be offered on a walk-in basis from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. Mondays. This test is strictly done as a glaucoma screening and does not replace a complete eye exam. Q: What is glaucoma? A: According to the American Optometric Association, glaucoma is a group of eye disorders leading to progressive damage to the optic nerve and is characterized by loss of nerve tissue resulting in loss of vision. Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the U.S. Q: What are the signs and symptoms of glaucoma? A: Glaucoma is a very dangerous disease of the eye because most often it presents with little or no signs or symptoms. Severe cases of glaucoma may present with eye pain, loss of vision, nausea or decreased peripheral vision. The sooner we can detect glaucoma, the easier it is to manage and the less chance for complications, therefore it is important to have complete routine eye exams every one to two years.

the air puff test. This demonstrates why it is necessary to have a complete eye exam performed by an eye doctor routinely. Many other secondary types of glaucoma can be caused by health conditions, eye diseases, previous trauma, etc. Q: What are the risk factors for glaucoma? A: Unlike most diseases, glaucoma is generally not caused by poor diet or environmental causes. Glaucoma can affect any person at any time. Glaucoma is also known to have some genetic components so a thorough family history is often important. According to the American Optometric

Q: Are there any other ways to test for glaucoma? A: Aside from the air puff test, Goldman tonometry and tonopen are alternative ways to determine intraocular pressure. These techniques may be considered more invasive because the eye must be numbed with eye drops first. Also, finger tensions can be used to measure eye pressure by just feeling the outside of the eyeball over the eye lid. However, these measurements are reserved for small children and those who cannot be tested any other way. Beside intraocular pressure, some other testing may also be used to help diagnose glaucoma. Q: How do you treat glaucoma? A: If caught early enough it is fairly easy to treat. Though there is no cure for glaucoma, with today’s advances in medicine, glaucoma can be controlled and managed for a lifetime preventing or reducing vision loss. The normal beginning treatment for non advanced cases could be as simple as using one eye drop every night before bedtime. More severe cases may require multiple medications and surgery to help lower your intraocular pressure. If left untreated, glaucoma could result in peripheral vision loss or complete blindness.

Q: How often should I have my eyes checked for glaucoma? Courtesy photo A: Unfortunately glaucoma is Glaucoma is a group of eye disorders that leads to progressive damage to the optic nerve and is not preventable, however, the sooner Q: Are there different types of characterized by loss of nerve tissue resulting in loss of vision. glaucoma is diagnosed, the easier it glaucoma? Association, narrow angle glaucoma is most com- is to manage. The American Optometric Association A: Yes, there are many different types of glau- mon in Eskimos, Asians and patients who are far- recommends all adults age 18 to 60 have a full eye coma. sighted. It most often occurs in people over age exam completed every year. Primary open angle glaucoma is the most com- 40, although a congenital or infantile form of glauAfter age 60 it is recommended you have your mon type of glaucoma and is caused when too much coma exists. People with a family history of glau- eyes evaluated annually. pressure accumulates in the eye. Angle closure glau- coma, African-Americans over the age of 40, and As you can see there are many factors and tests coma is considered a medical emergency and can Hispanics over the age of 60 are at an increased risk used to diagnose glaucoma. cause permanent vision loss if not treated with a few of developing glaucoma. Ask yourself, “Am I due for my annual eye hours of onset. Other risk factors include thinner corneas, chron- exam?” Normal tension glaucoma can occur even though ic eye inflammation, and using medications like If so, call our appointment line at 06371-86-5762 intraocular pressures are within normal limits. This steroid eye drops that can increase the pressure in or 486-5762 to schedule a complete eye exam, or type of glaucoma is impossible to detect with only the eyes. stop by in January for a quick air puff test.

January 13, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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AFAFRICA senior leaders visit Rwanda Story and photo by Master Sgt. Jim Fisher 17th Air Force Public Affairs KIGALI, Rwanda ― Air Forces Africa (17th Air Force) Commander Maj. Gen. Margaret Woodward and Command Chief Master Sgt. Michael Grimm led a senior leader engagement team to meet with Rwandan Air Force officials Dec. 14 to 16 here. The team also interfaced with U.S. Embassy officials and their counterparts in the Office of Security Cooperation. The visit was the first AFAFRICA SLE to the central African nation since Woodward took command in June 2010. The visit was also the second of a pair of engagements in the region, with the first stops being Entebbe and Kampala, Uganda, Dec. 12 to 14. Woodward pointed out that while AFAFRICA is in the process of consolidating with U.S. Air Forces in Europe and 3rd Air Force, a full schedule of engagements under U.S. Africa Command continues. “Even though we are in transition, we continue to move our African partnerships forward,” the general said. “Our mission of engagement, capacity building and pursuing shared interests continues and will Maj. Gen. Margaret Woodward (center), Air Forces Africa (17th Air Force) commander, discusses the aeromedical evacuation continue under USAFE.” AFAFRICA is scheduled to inactivate later this capacity of an MI-17 helicopter with Rwandan Air Force Chief of Staff Joseph Demali (left) and AFAFRICA Commander Chief Master year as responsibility for supporting AFRICOM Sgt. Michael Grimm (right) during a senior leader engagement Dec. 15. transfers to USAFE and 3rd AF. air traffic control and pilot training. This has really “We are both very excited about building on The commander and her team were hosted by helped us to grow and organize our young air force.” our relationship and it’s really a pleasure to Rwandan Air Force Chief of Staff Col. Joseph Demali was one of 24 air chiefs who attended work with such a professional air force,” she Demali. In addition to discussing the way ahead for the 2011 African Air Chiefs Conference in Addis said. cooperation between the two air forces, they also Abeba, Ethiopia, in April 2011. His visited the genocide museum and were ferried to an meeting and discussion with Woodward air defense site in an MI-17 helicopter. Though the ultimately prompted the visit, he said. Real watches fo or real people general said she was thrilled to log her first flight in “We met at the conference, which was the MI-17, the gravity of cooperation with the RAF very well organized and very beneficial. was underscored by the visit to the museum. We met many African air chiefs and “It was a great visit. I was honored and grateful learned more about how we can work for the opportunity to spend time at the memorial. together on air space safety and security. Much of the work we do engagement-wise is done We are looking for more engagements to ensure nothing like the 1994 to further this cooperagenocide can ever happen again,” “We met at the conference, tion,” Demali said. Woodward said. “We came here to The U.S. Defense which was very well orga- Attache work with the Rwandan Air Force, to Rwanda, and together with the whole East nized and very beneficial. Maj. Chris Hurlburt, African community, to ensure peace continued cooperWe met many African air said and stability in the region.” ation between the two For Demali, the visit from the chiefs and learned more nations will bear fruit, as AFAFRICA commander was a expeditionary force-oricause for excitement, as his air about how we can work ented engagements like force has benefitted much from together on air space safety the African Contingency engagement with the USAF in Operations Training and and security. We are look- Assistance have boosted recent years. “We have very good cooperation ing for more engagements Rwanda’s capability as a Oris Swiss Hunter Team PS Edition with the U.S. Air Force. Most of us peacekeeping force. Automatic mechanical movement to further this cooperation.” Date display have trained with them,” Demali “We just conducted Screw-in crown Water resistant to 10 bar/100 m said. ― Col. Joseph Demali, our first-ever ACOTA Rwandan Air Force Chief of Staff training The colonel, like many of his key with the staff, has taken part in professional (Rwandan) Air Force, Qualiity + Se ervic ce + Co onfidennce military education in the U.S. ― he is a graduate and the first class graduated about a of the USAF Air Command and Staff College at week ago and will be headed to Darfur Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala. in January,” Hurlburt said. “This visit Stephanie Berberich “The course has helped me to embrace the change is very significant as it builds a lot Watcches & han nd-m made Je ewelry in our air force,” he said. “But we have also received of momentum for cooperation between Schneiderstraße 13, 67655 Kaiserslautern instruction via other AFRICOM engagements, the the U.S. military and the Rwandan Air Ph.: 0631-414 06 54, Fax: 0631-414 06 53 (International Military Education Program) and Force.” Vat Forms accepted engagements focused on air safety, maintenance, The AFAFRICA commander agreed.

Gold dscchm mied de

Page 8

Kaiserslautern American

January 13, 2012

Saving AF dollars…and gallons Airfield assessment teams by Staff Sgt. Warren Spearman 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs In these times of saving money and being environmentally conscious, the Air Force has taken steps to implement both measures at the same time. The 86th Airlift Wing is boldly being proactive in its approach to these measures. One of these approaches is the fuel efficiency program implemented by Air Mobility Command. The program is designed to document and limit the amount of costly overfuels on each air mobility aircraft, yet still safely operates the airplane to accomplish the mission. Air mobility units report their fuel and cargo loads to an online AMC fuel efficiency tracker. AMC’s requirement is data for 80 percent of the missions flown must be uploaded into their sys-

tem. The 86th Airlift Wing C-130s reporting falls between 95 to 100 percent, which ranks among the top in all the Air Force. In 2011, these efforts were recognized when the 37th Airlift Squadron, on behalf of the 86th AW, received the Best C-130 Cargo Accuracy Award. “This award highlights our squadron’s commitment to accurate participation in the fuel efficiency tracking system,” said Maj. Mike Pontiff, assistant director of operations at the 37th AS. When asked how the fuel efficiency efforts benefit the 86th AW’s mission as well the Air Force in general, Pontiff said. “We are able to move more cargo and passengers at a lower cost. It also contributes to reducing our overall environmental impact and saves the Air Force energy costs at a time when saving is so important,” he said.


Use the FREE Find-It Guide App to find the closest ESSO station in your area. Dont know how to get there? Use the “Route” option to get GPS directions from your present position. The Find-It Guide App is available for iPhone, Android or Blackberry

work behind the scenes for successful operations

by Senior Airman Katherine Holt 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs It is made of 12 members each with a different Air Force specialty code ready to mobilize in 12 hours. It includes equipment and manpower to conduct landing zone, airfield, air traffic control and site surveys. It is capable of self-sustained operations for 120 hours to assess and report status of organic command and control, communications, ATC, airfield pavements, infrastructure, force protection and overall airfield conditions to combat commanders to determine suitability for mobility combat operations. It is the 435th Air Ground Operations Wing’s Contingency Response Group Airfield Assessment Team. “We have everything you would need to go into an airfield, whether it is a contingency environment or a previously utilized airfield, to make sure everything is safe for aircraft to come in,” said Tech. Sgt. Stanley MacDonald, 435th CRG air traffic controller and airfield assessment team member. “Our main


See TEAM, next page

January 13, 2012 TEAM, from Page 8

goal is to determine if the runway or landing zone can support aircraft, the type of aircraft and how many times an aircraft can land with the ultimate goal of bringing in follow-on forces.” The team includes an operations commander, a mobility airlift navigator, an airfield operations officer, a civil engineer officer, a logistics readiness officer, security forces, a loadmaster, an air traffic controller, a medic, an airfield manager, a communications specialist and an enlisted engineer. “We act as USAFE’s 9-11,” said Master Sgt. Thomas Franz, 435th CRG contingency airfield manager. “If a contingency arises, whether it be a Noncombatant Evacuation Operation, Humanitarian Relief Operation or any other crisis, planners need to know whether or not an airfield or landing strip can be utilized to open a base.” The airfield assessment team has three means of insertion to get into an airfield to begin their assessment: air-

Kaiserslautern American borne, air land and overland. Based on the size and suitability of the landing zone or runway, the assessment process can take anywhere from two to six hours to complete their assessment. “My primary goal as an airfield manager is the landing surface,” said Franz. “We will make an initial call back once we determine the landing surface is usable.” Another team member who plays a vital role in determining the suitability of the landing surface is the engineer. On the surface, a runway may appear suitable to land aircraft, but until the engineer conducts his test to assess the strength of each layer, underneath the asphalt or concrete, there is no way to know how the landing surface will react to an aircraft landing. “If we land an aircraft like the C-17 without testing the surface it could cause damage to the runway and/or aircraft,” said MacDonald. During a humanitarian mission, it is essential to know what type of aircraft will be able to land in the area. “For a humanitarian mis-

sion we could be bringing in large quantities of supplies,” said Franz. “And if we know that the landing zone can only hold C-130s, that information plays a big part in the Air Force’s planning process.” This airfield assessment team has two new capabilities it brings to U.S. Air Forces in Europe: air traffic controllers and their ability to control aircraft on landing zones. In addition, the CRG has personnel who are able to perform landing zone safety officer duties. “We now have air traffic controllers imbedded in the airfield assessment team. Not only can we assess the runway, but we can bring in aircraft and follow on forces with an air traffic controller,” said MacDonald. Restrictions in AFIs have limited the CRG’s role as far as landing zones are concerned. A recently granted waiver to an AFI has given air traffic controllers in the CRG the ability to land aircraft on any type of surface. Recently, the team was on an off station training in Spain where they were able to employ this new

Page 9

“The CRG is a very capable force and is only getting better. What we bring to USAFE and EUCOM, I see it as invaluable. We are excited to be employed whenever that opportunity comes up.” ― Tech. Sgt. Stanley MacDonald 435th CRG air traffic controller and airfield assessment team member

capability alongside Spanish AF combat controllers. “In Spain, we were able to use our air traffic controllers to land aircraft on the dirt strip,” said MacDonald. “This was a first for us, USAFE and for the Air Force.” Partnering with the 37th Airlift Squadron gives the airfield assessment team the opportunity to train and hone their skills and capabilities. Having a flying unit that is not only collocated but also having a mutually beneficial training relationship with that unit is key to the CRG’s mission. “This past OST gave us the opportunity to not only use our airborne capability, but also gave us the opportunity to conduct an air land infiltration and provide a baseline for future operations,” said Franz. “This is the first time we have practiced the air land insertion and were able to

practice it at night utilizing NVGs.” The team personnel composition is always changing and it is vital that they continue building on the relationship established with the 37th Airlift Squadron training events like this OST will continue to hone their skills. “The vision of our leadership has been essential in acquiring the personnel, equipment and training events necessary to build on this capability,” said Franz “The CRG is a very capable force and is only getting better,” said MacDonald. “What we bring to USAFE and EUCOM, I see it as invaluable. We are excited to be employed whenever that opportunity comes up. We train and train and train so that in the one instance we are needed, we can show our stuff.”

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Kaiserslautern American

January 13, 2012

January 13, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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On the line

Photo by Senior Airman Stephen J. Otero

C-130J Super Hercules cargo aircraft from the 37th Airlift Squadron are parked during preflight inspections Monday on Ramstein. The Hercules family of aircraft has the longest continuous production run of any military aircraft in history, totaling more than 50 years of service.

Photo by Airman Brea Miller

Preflight inspection Airmen from the 86th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron perform a preflight inspection on a C-130J Super Hercules Jan. 3 on Ramstein. The 86th AMXS Airmen ensure all assigned aircraft are 100 percent combat ready prior to take off.

Photo by Airman 1st Class Kendra Alba


Photo by the Ramstein Airman & Family Readiness Center

Air Force family of the week

Maj. Kito Brooks, 86th Medical Squadron podiatric surgeon, and Sgt. Ronald Smith, Charlie Co. acting podiatry NCO in charge, perform a nail removal procedure Tuesday at Landstuhl Regional Medical Staff Sgt. Tyrone Goodgame, his wife Micheala and their son Tyrone recently arrived on Center. The staff at LRMC consists of 1,161 Soldiers, 309 Airmen, 304 Sailors, 12 Marines, 1,279 Ramstein from Barksdale Air Force Base, La. Goodgame is assigned as a tactical data link civilians and four Veteran Affairs civilians. manager to the 603rd Air and Space Operations Center.

Page 12

Kaiserslautern American

January 13, 2012

Photo by Staff Sgt. Michael J. Taylor

Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Michelle Conrad

U.S. Army airborne Soldiers from various units around Germany and Italy, including the 21st Theater Sustainment Command’s 5th Quartermaster Detachment, march through the city of Carentan during a parade in Carentan, France, June 3, 2011. The city of Carentan is home to three memorial sites that honor the 101st Airborne Division for liberating the city during World War II. The airborne Soldiers present took part in a dedication ceremony at one memorial and then marched through the streets to another memorial site to pay tribute.

Sgt. 1st Class Daniel E. Bowen (right), a civil affairs specialist with the 361st Civil Affairs Brigade, 7th Civil Support Command, and Nenad Ristic, a civil military cooperation officer of the Serbian armed forces, work together to build the Secure, Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Satellite Access Point. SNAP provides secure or non-secure internet capability over a satellite communications terminal, which is a critical capability in humanitarian aid and natural disaster missions.

Photo by Staff Sgt. Tramel S. Garrett

Sgt. James Byrnes, a military policeman with the 18th Military Police Brigade, fights his way through a multiple combat scenario course culminating with a combatives tournament during the Best Warrior Competition May 18, 2011, at Lampertheim Training Area in Lampertheim, Germany. Byrnes earned the title of Warrior Leader of the Year for the 21st Theater Sustainment command.

2011: A Year In Review Brig. Gen. Mark Hendrix (on gurney), commanding general of the 7th Civil Support Command, rolls through the decontamination line where he is greeted with trained Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear specialists from the 773rd Civil Support Team out of Kaiserslautern and the 12th Chemical Company from Schweinfurt after a simulated injury during exercise Cobalt Dragon Dec. 8 at a warehouse on Rhine Ordnance Barracks.

Photo by Maj. Todd Buchhem

Airmen from the 615th Contingency Response Wing and Soldiers from the 21st Theater Sustainment Command load a container filled with equipment belonging to the 172nd Infantry Brigade onto a Boeing 747 aircraft scheduled for departure to Afghanistan at the Mihail Kogalniceanu Airfield in Romania, July 19, 2011. The 21st TSC helped ensure equipment originating out of GrafenwĂśhr, Germany, were inspected, secured and transported on to railcars for movement downrange.

Photo by Sgt. Frank Sanchez III

January 13, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

Page 13

Photo by Sgt. Frank Sanchez III

Spc. Winston Cartier III, a parachute rigger with the 5th Quartermaster Detachment, 21st Special Troops Battalion, 21st Theater Sustainment Command, packs a T-10 parachute in a hangar on Soroti Airfield during ATLAS DROP April 12, 2011. Behind him, Spc. Eric Meneses (left) and Spc. Troy Derosiers assist.

From left, Sgts. Stephanie Beachley, Anthony Doriott and Jeremy Rininger, explosive ordnance disposal technicians for the 21st Theater Sustainment Command’s 702nd EOD Company, 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 16th Sust. Brigade, based in Grafenwöhr, Germany, load onto an Icelandic AS332 Super Puma Helicopter Oct. 6 during the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s annual EOD exercise “Northern Challenge,” which was hosted by the Icelandic Coast Guard at Naval Station Keflavik, Iceland.

Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Brock Jones

Photo by Spc. Ashley Keasler

Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Michelle Conrad

Photo by Mike Bowers

Sgt. Mark Korte of the 457th Civil Affairs Battalion, 361st CA Brigade translates and speaks with roll players while conducting a medical aid day Oct. 18 during a three-week long training exercise at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels, Germany. U.S. Soldiers worked alongside their Slovenian and Polish counterparts to provide aid and medical information to German civilians playing the role of townspeople.

Soldiers from the Romanian Army listen to Sgt. Mohammed Echiheb, a civil affairs noncommissioned officer with the 361st Civil Affairs Brigade, 7th Civil Support Command, as he demonstrates how to use the engagement skills trainer shotgun from the training support center Sept. 14 on Panzer Kaserne in Kaiserslautern. The training support center gives Soldiers the opportunity to use different weapon systems during simulated hostile environments.

Staff Sgt. Micah Bowman (left) and Spc. Christopher Porth from the 702nd Explosive Ordnance Disposal Company, 18th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 16th Sustainment Brigade observe munitions stacking by Romanian demolition students preparing for a demolition shot June 13, 2011 at the Jegalia Army Proving Ground. They were part of an EOD team that provided the Romanian armed forces with demolition techniques to help eliminate the country’s excess stockpiled munitions.

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Kaiserslautern American

January 13, 2012

SFS conducts joint K-9 training by Senior Airman Katherine Holt 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs The 86th Security Forces Squadron conducted K-9 training with the 230th Military Police Company and German Polizei Monday on Ramstein. Twenty-two K-9 teams participated in the training that covered four scenarios: building searches, bite work, highrisk traffic stops and detection. “This is the first time we were able to bring these agencies together for training,” said Master Sgt. Duane Stinson, 86th SFS kennel master. “This was a great opportunity to interact and see the different techniques used to train their dogs.” Not only were the agencies able to get daily training in, but the Polizei had the opportunity to practice crowd control with people for the first time. Photo by Airman Brea Miller “We work the FCK socGerman Polizei officers and K-9s conduct a trial control exercise during joint K-9 training Monday on Ramstein. The 86th SFS conducted the training with the cer games and use our dogs 230th Military Police Company and German Polizei. The training consisted of 22 K-9 teams that covered four scenarios: building searches, bite work, high-risk for crowd control,” said Mario traffic stops and detection. Scholz, German Polizei dog handler. “Today we were able to train our dogs with and learn some new techniques,” said Sgt. Edward According to Stinson, the day was successful and actual people making noises and interacting with them.” Pfeifer, 230th MP Co. military working dog trainer. everyone learned a lot from each other. This five-hour training provided teams with a “Personally, I learned to give my dog more slack “We all actually work together,” he said. “Today break from the normal training routine while teach- during detection to let him work more freely. I also we became more familiar with each other and we ing new tools. learned to reward more for making the detection and are all looking forward to more training like this to “We were able to break away from our day-to-day to make it fun for the K-9s.” occur in the near future.”

409th CSB members volunteer in Africa Sgt. 1st Class Portia Hall, a contracting specialist with Combined Joint Task Force-Horn of Africa, finds time to volunteer and visit with children at Goudah Village in Djibouti, Africa. Hall, a member of the 409th Contracting Support Brigade in Kaiserslautern, is deployed in support of U.S. Africa Command and part of a volunteer program arranged by civil affairs that visits different villages every week.

Photo courtesy of the 409th Contracting Support Brigade

January 13, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

Page 15

Photo by Susi Gibbins

Drawing with shape! Kaiserslautern Elementary School fourth-graders August Fields and Alyssa Berger sketch the shape of the human body using a drawing doll in Jennifer Sauceda’s art class. The class is using a drawing doll to help with the shape of a human figure and will be creating an abstract figure drawing using these sketches.

Photo by Holly Freeman

‘Into the Woods’ Ramstein High School freshmen Rebekah Sharpe and Hannah Voyles paint a giant story book for the school’s play, “Into the Woods,” which will show from Jan. 26 to 28 in the great hall at RHS. The play is a compilation of fairy tales, including “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Rapunzel” and “Jack and the Beanstalk.” The play, which is sponsored by Cathy Phillips, is student directed by seniors Karston Fisher and Liam Merkle.

School Notes RHS winter musical

The Ramstein High School winter musical, “Into the Woods,” directed by Karsten Fischer and Liam Merkle, will be performed at 7 p.m. Jan. 26 to 28 in the school’s great hall. Tickets cost $8 for adults and $5 for children. Tickets will be sold one week prior to the musical.

Photo by Holly Freeman

RHS students learn about shoplifting Ken Randell, security manager for the Army and Air Force Exchange Service, gives a presentation to Ramstein High School students about shoplifting at the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center.

Culinary Red Wine Walk January 20 to 22 in Freinsheim on the German Wine Road (about 40 mins drive from K-town)

RMS yearbooks

The Ramstein Middle School PTSA has limited copies of the 2010/2011 yearbook available to students and staff members. The yearbooks are available for $32 until Jan. 31 and will be sold on a first come basis. If books are still available Feb. 1, the price will increase to $35. Copies are limited, and the yearbook sold out the last few years. To ensure your child gets a yearbook, go online to www.internationalmemories.us and buy one before they are gone. For more information, contact Sanja Abshire at RAMSYearbook@hotmail.com.

KMC scholarship program

KMC scholarships are available to graduating high school seniors, continuing university students and spouses of U.S. active duty, retired military and Department of Defense civilians residing in the KMC. Details of eligibility, requirements and deadlines are noted in the scholarship applications available at www.ramsteinosc.org/scholarships. The Ramstein Officers’ Spouses Club, Ramstein Enlisted Spouses’ Association and Kaiserslautern Landstuhl Spouses’ Association provide the funding for the KMC scholarship program.

Torch hike starting Friday, 6 p.m., at the historic Rathaus of Freinshem (city center). Come and enjoy this culinary highlight with delicious wines. More info: www.stadt-freinsheim.de and page 18 in this edition.

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2012 January

Mark Your Calendar

» Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. will host a Martin Luther King Day America’s Potluck Sunday Supper from 2 to 5 p.m. Sunday in the Yellow Ribbon Room on Miesau Army Depot. Come out and support our youth as they celebrate the vision of Dr. King. It’s a family affair. For more information, e-mail rejoshua@yahoo. com. » Tickets are now available for the seventh annual Super Bowl party, hosted by Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers and Service members. The game takes place from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. Feb. 5 at the Kazabra Club, Bldg. 2057 on Vogelweh. For tickets and more information, call the One Stop Shop, Bldg. 3810 on Landstuhl Post, at 486-8943 or 06371-86-8643. » Watch “How I Ended This Summer,” a film by Alexei Popogrebsky, at 6 p.m. Thursday at the Kaiserslautern Library, Bldg. 3810 on Landstuhl. The film is in Russian with English subtitles. Event includes popcorn and refreshments. » Come spend a quality family afternoon playing darts, virtual bowling and shooting pool at Family Fun Days from

3 to 6 p.m. Jan. 22 at Armstrong’s Club, Bldg. 1036 on Vogelweh Housing. Try out the board games, Wii, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360 as well. For details, call 0631354-9986. » Beam yourself up to Armstrong’s Club for a cosmic evening of fun at the Trekki Party from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Jan. 20 in Bldg. 1036 on Vogelweh Housing. Wear a “Star Trek” costume and play “Star Trek” trivia to earn prizes. For more information, call 0631-354-9986.


» Take Off Pounds Sensibly is a weight loss support group that meets from 5:15 to 6:30 p.m. Tuesdays (except for federal holidays or the week of Christmas and New Year’s) on Pulaski Barracks near Vogelweh in Bldg. 2919 in the first floor conference room. Find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Kaiserslautern TOPS. For more information, call 0170800-7205 or 06303-807-708. » Overcome your fear of public speaking at Toastmasters, which takes place at noon the first and third Tuesdays of the month in the Ramstein Northside Chapel conference room. This is a “learn by doing”

January 13, 2012

public speaking club where members hone their speaking, listening, evaluating and presenting skills in a friendly, comfortable atmosphere. E-mail ramsteintoastmasters@ gmail.com for details. » The Rheinland-Pfalz International Choir resumed choir rehearsals on Tuesday. Rehearsals are held from 7 to 9:15 p.m. every Tuesday in Kaiserslautern. For more information on the choir and how to join, visit www.sing-rpic.de or call Sharon at 0171-773-4278. » Rheinland-Pfalz Quilt Guild meetings are held at 9:30 a.m. the third Thursday of each month in the Ramstein North Chapel. Night meetings are held at 6 p.m. the fourth Thursday of each month in the Kaiserslautern Landstuhl Spouses Association building on Pulaski Barracks. Stitch ‘n’ Gab are held from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Fridays at the Kapaun Chapel Annex, Bldg. 2782. » HUGS (Help Us Grow Securely) is an interactional and educational playgroup designed to develop parenting skills, socialization and educational activities. HUGS playgroup is now located at the Vogelweh Community Center. HUGS meets from 10 to 11:30 a.m. and is for children ages 0 to 4. For more information, contact Army Community Service at 493-4203 or 0631-3406-4203 or go online to www. mwrgermany.com.

Support Groups

» The Adoption Support Group hosts a play time for adopted children of all ages from 12:30 to 3 p.m. Monday at

the Kaiserslautern on Ice skating rink on Lauterstrasse in Kaiserslautern. This play time is held to help adopted children meet and get to know other children who were adopted. Entrance for a two hour skate time is €2 per child and €3.50 per adult. Skate rentals cost €2 for children and €3.50 for adults. Bring your own skates if you have them. For more information, contact Shari Dietzel at sharidietzel@ t-online.de. For more information on the Adoption Support Group, visit www. usadopteurope.com. » Join the Army Community Service Exceptional Family Member Program and learn more about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Jan. 31 in the Yellow Ribbon Room on Pulaski Barracks. This session will facilitate discussion between families, special education personnel and EFMP staff pertaining to the services and resources available to support children diagnosed with ADHD. To reserve your spot or for more information, call 493-4094 or 0631-3406-4094. » The Incest/Sexual Abuse/Assault Survivors Peer Support Group meets at 6 p.m. every Wednesday in the Yellow Ribbon Room, Bldg. 2926 on Pulaski Barracks. This group does not discriminate based on age, gender or race, however, children under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. This is a peer support group, not a therapy group. If you need assistance finding a therapist, call Joanie Ralston at 0160-979-78785. For more information, call Ralston or e-mail isas_crossingover@ ymail.com.

DOD leaders: US will remain world’s strongest military by Karen Parrish American Forces Press Service WASHINGTON ― The Defense Department’s new 10-year strategy will ensure the U.S. remains the world’s strongest military power, DOD leaders emphasized in weekend interviews. In an interview with Jim Schieffer that aired Monday on the CBS news program “Face the Nation,” Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta and Joint Chiefs Chairman Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey said the department is changing to respond to a new global reality. The strategy announced Jan. 5 outlines defense priorities for the coming decade, and emphasizes trimming the force while investing in intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance programs, combating anti-access technologies, countering weapons of mass destruction and prevailing in all domains, including the cyber world. “Clearly, we face the constriction of having to reduce the budget by almost half a trillion dollars,” the secretary said. “We developed a strategy that said (the military) is going to be leaner, it is going to be smaller, but it has to be agile, it has to adaptable, it has to be flexible, quickly deployable, and it has to be technologically advanced. That’s the kind of force we need for the future.” The department’s plan calls for priority emphasis on the Pacific and the Middle East, while maintain-

ing a presence elsewhere, Panetta noted. “The bottom line is, when we face an aggressor anyplace in this world, we’re going to be able to respond and defeat them,” he added. The chairman said a popular misconception about the new strategy assumes the nation’s forces will no longer be able to fight more than one conflict at a time. “In fact, we were pretty adamant that we must be able to do more than one thing at a time, and by the way not limit ourselves to two,” Dempsey said. “The threat, and the environment in which we find ourselves in this decade of the 21st century, suggests to us that it’s likely to be more than two.” The strategy aims to build a force capable across the military operational spectrum with the leadership, manning and equipment to provide options to the national command authority, the chairman noted. One point that may have been underemphasized, he added, is that the military has “learned an enormous amount over the last 10 years about how to wage war.” Dempsey said the military has developed strengths unforeseen a decade ago, noting its capabilities in special operations, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and cyber. “What we’re looking to do here is not constrain ourselves to a two-war construct, but rather build a force that has the kind of agility the secretary men-

tioned, that is a learning organization that will adapt itself to what it confronts,” he said. The military has seen a decade of high demand, and defense leaders are working to ensure the force size remains adequate and adaptive to future missions, he said. “We do have a ... significant, capable (National) Guard and reserve component, and we do have an active component that has learned a lot over the last 10 years,” Dempsey noted. “What we’re trying to do is break the template and think about different ways of accomplishing the task, to give more options to our nation’s leaders.” The geopolitical and economic challenges of 2012 demand a shift in military power, the general said. “What we’re trying to do is challenge ourselves to respond to that shift and to react to that strategic inflection point,” he said. Dempsey said his concern is that in light of changing strategy and budget issues, some will see the U.S. as a nation and a military in decline. “Nothing could be further from the truth,” the chairman asserted. “That miscalculation could be troublesome ... it could cause even our close partners to wonder, what kind of partner are we? So what I’d like to say right now is, we’re the same partner we’ve always been, and intend to remain that way.”

January 13, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

Page 17

Joined at the wing by Dr. Marshall Michel 52nd Fighter Wing historian At the beginning World War II in the West, the German Luftwaffe used small gliders, each carrying nine troops, very successfully in Belgium and Crete. The gliders’ success spurred the Luftwaffe Technical Bureau to call for the design and construction of larger gliders, notably the Messerschmitt Me 321, which was more than 90 feet long, had a wing span of more than 180 feet and was capable of carrying 130 troops. There was, however, a major problem. The Luftwaffe lacked an aircraft powerful enough to tow such a large glider. In an almost desperate attempt to find a large enough aircraft, German designers hit on the idea of taking two airframes of its most numerous medium bomber, the Heinkel He 111, and joining them with a new 40-foot center wing section carrying a fifth engine. This twin-fuselage, five-engine aircraft was dubbed the He 111Z “Zwilling,” or twin. It had a crew of seven with the pilot sitting in the left fuselage with the primary mechanic, gunner and a radio operator/navigator. The starboard fuselage carried the co-pilot, a secondary mechanic and another gunner.

Classes And Training

Surprisingly, only the pilot had a full set of instruments, and he also had all the controls for the five engines. The copilot had only essential equipment and a limited set of gauges with no real redundancy. The land- Factory fresh He 111Z aircraft are seen here. ing gear could be worked by either but they were not ready in time. cockpit. Later, in 1942, there was considTwo He 111Z prototypes were built eration given to using the Zwillings and proved to have good handling to help resupply German forces at characteristics, though four 600 liter Stalingrad but the airfields were too drop tanks were installed to increase small, though Zwillings helped evacuthe range. However, later tests showed ate German equipment and dozens that, while the Zwilling could tow a of injured German soldiers personmedium size glider, it did not have nel from the Caucasus region. The enough power on takeoff to tow a Luftwaffe also considered using the fully-loaded Me 321. He 111Z/Me 321 to reinforce Sicily To solve the problem, four exter- after the Allied invasion, but there nal rocket assisted takeoff pods were were no landing zones large enough added, one under each fuselage and for the glider. one underneath each wing. The pods About 20 Zwillings were produced, were released by parachute after take- but most were shot down or destroyed off. In flight there proved to be no on the ground in 1944 by marauding handling problems towing the Me 321. 8th Air Force fighters. By the end of The He 111Z/Me 321 combina- the war, only four He 111 Zwillings tion was to have been used in an were in operational condition. invasion of Malta in 1942 and as Two other versions were proposed, part of an airborne assault on the the He Z-2 long-range bomber and Soviet cities Astrakhan and Baku the Z-3 long-range reconnaissance in the Caucasus in the same year, aircraft, but they never left the

»  If  you’re  nearing  military  retirement,  contact  your  Survivor  Benefit  Plan  counselor  to  schedule  your mandatory briefing. This briefing is for all retiring members (traditional or medical retirement), regardless of whether or not you have dependents. SBP was developed to meet the needs of the family for continuous income protection following a member’s death. Well before retiring contact your SBP counselor in order to schedule a pre-retirement briefing for you and your spouse (if applicable). Since your family’s financial security is at stake, it is important that you and your spouse learn all you can about SBP. In addition to the briefing, various handouts are available to assist you in making your decision. For details, contact SBP counselor Melissa McNeily at 480-5759 or melissa.mcneily@ramstein.af.mil. »  Basic Training for New Parents takes place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. today in Bldg. 2917 on Pulaski Barracks. Learn what to expect as a new parent and what to avoid. This class covers what equipment and supplies you will need for the new baby and discover the importance of bonding and attachment. Additionally, receive information on safety issues and increase your awareness of several common syndromes. Included in this class are hands on practice with life size dolls and a free diaper bag full of handouts and goodies, including “Babies First Year” book. For more information, call 493-4203 or 0631-34064203. »  Are  you  new  to  the  Kaiserslautern  community? Join Army Community Service for Culture College, a free, two part series at 9 a.m. Thursday and Jan. 20 in

Bldg. 2891 on Pulaski Barracks. The first day of class covers instruction on Kaiserslautern, Rheinland-Pfalz, and customs and culture. On the second day, board a bus for a special insider’s tour of K-Town, visiting favorite local attractions and learning the roads. Register in advance by calling 493-4203 or 0631-3406-4203. »  Have  you  walked  into  an  establishment  and  found  yourself  in  a  pickle because you couldn’t figure out how to order something to eat or buy a pair of shoes? Then you need to register for the conversational German class, which teaches the street smart version of the basic German language. Now, with two days and times to choose from, learning German never got easier. Take a lunch or evening class on Tuesdays. Stop by Bldg. 2891 on Pulaski Barracks or call 493-4023 or 0631-3406-4023 for more information or to register for the class.

Photos courtesy of the Bundesarchiv

A Zwilling is seen here in flight.

drawing boards. While the idea of bolting two fuselages together to make a new airplane might seem farfetched at first blush, it was actually a very valid concept. Before the end of World War II, North American Aircraft began to work on a similar two fuselage design of their P-51 Mustang for long range escort duties in the Pacific. The aircraft, the P-82 Twin Mustang, was used by the U.S. Air Force as an escort fighter and night fighter through 1951 and scored the first air-to-air “kill” of the Korean War. (For questions or comments, e-mail Dr. Michel at marshall.michel@ spangdahlem.af.mil.)

including recruiting and training of volunteer staff. Ramstein 0900 Liturgical Service music director ― plans, organizes and supports the Ramstein Protestant Liturgical Worship Service music program as director of worship service music, choir and musicians with input from the worship and music committee chairperson. Ramstein Life teen music director ― will lead the choir and community singing for the Northside 1700 Catholic Sunday Mass, special holidays and feasts, and other special services as needed. The chapel will be accepting bids for all positions until 4 p.m. Jan. 27. The statement of work and bid documents can be picked up Monday through Fridays at the Ramstein North Chapel. For more information on these positions, including further details on the specific positions, call Petra Rausch at 480-6148 or 06371-476148. »  The Catholic Women of the Chapel meet from 6 to 8 p.m. the first Monday of each month at the Ramstein North Chapel. Child care is provided. For details, e-mail Chapel News »  The  Ramstein  Chapel  is  accepting  bids  for  kmcgermanycwoc@googlemail.com. »  The  Catholic  Women  of  the  Chapel host the the  following  contract  positions: Ramstein Catholic 0900 Sunday chief accompanist ― will play piano following events: Daytime Bible Study from 9:30 to and organ and accompany the Ramstein North Chapel 11:30 a.m. every Tuesday (breaking for summer and 0900 Catholic Mass, on Sundays, special holidays and school holidays) at the Ramstein North Chapel Conferfeasts, and at other services as needed. Ramstein 1100 ence Room. Daytime Weekly Bible Study for Moms Traditional Service religious education coordinator ― and Little Catholics from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. evsupports the religious education component of the ery Thursday (breaking for summer and school holiSouthside Traditional Protestant Service and the mission days) at the Ramstein North Chapel Conference Room. statement as identified by the Parish Council. The coor- All ages are welcome. Evening Weekly Bible Study from dinator is responsible for developing, programming and 6 to 8 p.m. every Thursday at the Ramstein Southside implementing the Traditional Service RE Program, Chapel.

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January 13, 2012

Freinsheim hosts red wine hike

by Petra Lessoing 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs


he red wine hike in Freinsheim is the first highlight of the vineyards of the Pfalz in 2012. The historical wine village will offer this hike Jan. 20 to 22. The red wine hike is a guided tour leading on the wine hiking path to a vineyard called “Musikantenbuckel.” The event will start with a torch hike at 6 p.m. Jan. 20. Interested participants will meet near the Baroque town hall, which was built in 1732. Torch sales will start at 5:15 p.m. near the town hall and at a winery near the train station. Activities will continue at 11:30 a.m. Jan. 21 at the historical town hall. Wine Princess Pia I and a local music group will welcome hikers who want to join the guided tours. The first one will begin at 11:30 a.m. after the welcome ceremony and the second one will start at 1 p.m.

by Donald Seltzer Contributing writer

The Freinsheim soccer club will sponsor a folks run starting at 9:30 a.m. Jan. 22. Starting fee is €5. Another guided red wine hike through the vineyards will begin at 11:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. On all three days of the event, local vintners will present various red wines such as Dornfelder, CabernetSauvignon, Merlot, Saint Laurent and Spätburgunder in their wineries and at stands. To be able to warm up in this cold weather, glühwein (heated red wine spiced with cloves and cinnamon sticks) will also be served. Visitors can also taste a variety of food specialties, including cheese soup, potato soup, dampfnudeln, rumpsteak with onions, deer goulash with dumplings, fresh oysters, scampi with spaghetti, oysters, chili con carne, spinach dumplings on salad, bratwurst, red wine cake and red wine muffins. Food and beverage stands will be open from 6 to 9 p.m. Jan. 20, and 11:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Jan. 21 and 22. Freinsheim has a medieval ring

Courtesy photo

During the annual red wine hike in Freinsheim, the local soccer club sponsors a folks run starting at 9:30 a.m. Jan. 22.

wall from the 15th century, which surrounds the old part of town with towers and gates. It is known as one of the nicest and most complete town fortification facilities in the Pfalz. For visitors, it’s worth it to explore Freinsheim with a tour around the

case of a border check.

Limburg an der Lahn (65549) — » Interested in volksmarching but This walk is found in Limburg propnot sure how things work? Send an er and offers old city wandering on e-mail to volksmarch@gmail.com Saturday. Use autobahn A3 toward with the subject “Getting started.” Köln and exit at Limburg-Nord. Cross » The calendar for volksmarching the Lahnbrücke and turn right at the in Germany, Terminliste 2012, is now second street. IVV directional signs available for €2.50 in the start hall will be posted. Writer, Donald Seltzer at most events. This useful booklet Start: Markthalle on Ste-Foylists dates, locations, points of contact and other Straße information for each of the scheduled events in Saturday: 7:30 a.m. to noon (6, 11 and 20 km) Germany. Also provided is an extensive list of and noon to 3 p.m. (11 km Altstadtwanderung) permanent trails. Look for the international ediSunday: 7:30 to 1 p.m. (6, 11 and 20 km) Trail: tion of the IVV calendar to be available soon. Hilly, woods » Readers are asked to pick up extra event Award: From previous events brochures and to mail them via MPS to Donald Seltzer, CMR 467 Box 5533, APO AE 09096. Kappel (55483) — This event is in the scenic » The postal code is included in the listings Hunsrück region west of Bingen, not far from below for those readers using navigation devices Hahn airport. From Bingen, use autobahn A61 and to reach an event. the Rheinböllen exit. Take B-50 toward Simmern » Look for additional event choices at www. and Kirchberg, then use B-421 to reach Kappel. wiesbaden.army.mil/hunion/Takeahike.htm. Start: Gemeindehalle » Thanks goes out to Christopher and Ann Saturday and Sunday: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. (5, 10 McGorrian, Richard and Donna Glenn, and Pat and 15 km) Patterson for sending brochures that help keep Trail: Somewhat hilly trails, fields and woods readers informed of upcoming volksmarching Award: From previous events events. » Readers participating in French volksmarch Menchhoffen, France (67340) — This event events are reminded to bring their passports in is south of Bitche and west of Haguenau. It’ll

town wall, which takes about one hour. To get to Freinsheim, travel on autobahn A6 direction Mannheim, take the Grünstadt exit, and follow the signs to Kirchheim, Dackenheim and Freinsheim.

require a fair amount of driving but there are a number of scenic roads and it should make for a pleasant time. From the KMC, use autobahns A6 and A8 toward Saarbrücken and Zweibrücken. Exit at Zweibrücken-Ixheim to take B-424 south where it becomes D35A in France. Connect with N62 toward Haguenau. At Niederbronn-les-Bains, take D28 to Ingwiller via Zinswiller and Rothbach. Pick up D919 leading to Menchhoffen and the start. Start: Salle polyvalente on Route d’Uttwiller Sunday: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. (10 km) and 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. (20 km) Trail: Unknown Award: None Seibersbach (55444) — This event is west of Bingen and adjacent to the scenic Hunsrück region. The town and its walk are easily reached. Use autobahn A61 toward Koblenz and exit at Stromberg. Follow an unnumbered road 4 to 5 miles in the direction of Rheinböllen then pick up the road to Seibersbach. Start: Dorfgemeinschaftshaus on Soonwaldstraße Saturday and Sunday: 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. (5, 10 and 15 km) Trail: Fairly hilly, fields and woods Award: From previous events (For more events in your area, visit www. wiesbaden.army.mil/hunion/Takeahike.htm.)

January 13, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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EVENTS Kaiserslautern on Ice Fri, Jan 13 – Sat, Feb 12 Kaiserslautern Enjoy winter fun for all ages at Kaiserslautern on Ice. Take part in a day of ice skating and cold exhilaration in the event hall of the Gartenschau. For more information: www.kaiserslautern.de ‘Magic Night’ Sat, Jan 14 Theodor-Zink-Museum, KL Theatre in the Museum for Children presents “Magic Night,” the story of an old man with no possessions who, when all wishes were open to him, wished only for the friendship of a dog. For more information: www.kaiserslautern.de Carnival parade Sat, Jan 14 Speyer Parade goers dressed as witches, devils and crazy people will be parading trough Speyer during this Carnival parade. Come and join in. For more information: www.veranstaltungen-in-deutschland. de/Veranstaltung Motorcycle exhibition Fri, Jan 20 Karlsruhe Check out this exhibition, which offers old school and new school motorcycles. This exhibition will have around 200 exhibitors showing the newest scooters, motorcycles and clothing for motorcycle enthusiasts. For more information: www.faszination-motorrad.de/de/ faszinationmotorrad Airliner pilot for a day Tue, Jan 17 Frankfurt Ever want to fly a commercial airliner? Now is your chance. These flight simulations offer you a chance of a lifetime: to be an airline pilot for a day. For more information: www.frankfurter-stadtevents.de/ monate

Wine tasting Fri, Jan 20 – Sat, Jan 22 Roman Baths, Trier Come to Trier and taste wines from different regions, such as the Mosel, Saar and the Ruwer. For more information and tickets: www.aus-lust-am-genuss.de CONCERTS New Year’s concert Sat, Jan 14 Eulenbis Enjoy the orchestra as they brighten up the new year. For more information: www.weilerbach.de The ABBA Show Sat, Jan 14 SAP Arena, Mannheim Want to be the dancing queen or love money money money? We have the perfect place for you to be. For more information and tickets: www.saparena.de Boyz II Men Tue, Jan 17 Wiesbaden This American R&B vocal group, best know for their harmonies, has sold more then 60 million albums. For more information: www.eventim.de Culinaria Thu, Jan 19 Fruchthalle, Kaiserslautern German Radio Philharmonic This concert will take you back in time. You will hear songs from Richard Strauss, Jacques Ibert and Georges Bizet. For more information: www.kaiserslautern.de/fruchthalle Bernard Allison Fri, Jan 20 Kammgarn, Kaiserslautern Bernard Allison is one of the greatest blues guitarists alive, coming directly out of the U.S. to show us what he has to offer. Let your night begin with the blues. For more information: www.kammgarn.de

Jazz meets the Middle Ages Fri, Jan 20 Fruchthalle, Kaiserslautern Enjoy an evening of Middle Age, Renaissance and Baroque music. The internationally prize winning ensemble Ricci Capricci will play replicas of old instruments, constructed true to the originals. Seen historically, this jazz stage realizes the widest of bridges between the Middle Ages and modern jazz. For more information: www.kaiserslautern.de Black Stone Raiders Thu, Jan 26 Kammgarn, Kaiserslautern Jean-Paul Bourelly, one of the world’s best guitarist, Darryl Jones, the Rolling Stones’ bass player, and Will Calhoun, a world famous drummer are here to show you what rock and blues really are. For more information: www.kammgarn.de NIGHTLIFE The Dubliner, Irish pub Fri, Jan 13 Ramstein Our live DJ will bring music to your ears. Come in, meet new people and have a drink. For more information: www.dubliner-ramstein.com/index. html Brauhaus am Markt Sat, Jan 14 Kaiserslautern We are the only brewery in K-Town that offers the best typical German food in town. For more information: brauhausammarkt.jimdo.com/lrkgastro-gmbh/brauhaus-am-markt Filou Sat, Jan 14 Kaiserslautern This club will take you back in time with a variety of soul, funk, ’80s and ’90s music. For more information: www.filou-kaiserslautern.de

Paradox Fri, Jan 20 Ramstein Come and enjoy the variety of rooms we have to offer, including the piano bar, winter garden and cocktail bar. For more information: www.paradox-ramstein.de Copalounge Sat, Jan 14 Kaiserslautern Dance to the best of hip hop music. For more information: www.copa-lounge.com Irish House Sat, Jan 14 Kaiserslautern Enjoy blues, classic rock and reggae. For more information: www.irishhouse.de SPORTS Handball Sat, Jan 14 Sulzbach Ever wonder how a goal is made? Then come check out the mens TVS SV K’Westheim 2. For more information: www.wherevent.com Basketball Sat, Jan 14 Sportzentrum Erbach, Homburg Come check out the Saar-Pfalz Braves take on Paderborn. For more information: www.saar-pfalz-braves.net Bundesliga soccer Sat, Jan 21 Fritz Walter Stadium, KL Come watch the home team 1. FCK take on SV Werder Bremen. For more information: www.fck.de Hockey Fri, Jan 27 SAP Arena, Mannheim Come and see an exciting game between the Mannheim Adlers and the Straubing Tigers. For more information: www.eventful.com

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Was ist Los?

8 p.m. today. Tickets cost €16. • Sväng, a quartet from Finland, presents harmonica music, folk, tango, swing ‘n’ blues, 8 p.m. Thursday. Tickets cost €15. • U.S. guitarist Bernard Allison presents blues rock, 8 p.m. Jan. 20. Tickets cost €20. • The band Coppelius by Petra Lessoing presents metal ‘n’ rock on classical instruments, 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs 8 p.m. Jan. 21. Tickets cost €16. • Black Stone Raiders present rock, blues The following is a list of performances and and funk, 8 p.m. Jan. 26. Tickets cost events happening in the KMC and nearby. €20. Dates are subject to change. • The band The Black Pony presents Indie pop rock, 8 p.m. Jan. 28. Tickets cost €20. For details, visit www.kammgarn.de or call Performing arts 0631-365-2607. Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern: • Soul night with Midnight Mover and guest, • “Nathan der Weise,” a play by Gotthold 8:30 p.m. Mondays in Cotton Club. Ephraim Lessing, in German, 7:30 p.m. today, For details, visit www.midnightmover.de. Sunday, Jan. 20, and 3 p.m. Jan. 22. Fruchthalle, Kaiserslautern: • “Der Betze brennt,” a comedy about a soc• The Orchestra and the female choir of the cer player being kidnapped, in German, 7:30 p.m. Pfalztheater present “Open,” with works by Claude Saturday. Debussy, Wolfgang-Andreas Schultz and Ludwig • “Der Prozess,” a play by Franz Kafka, in van Beethoven, 8 p.m. today. Tickets cost €14 to German, 8 p.m. Wednesday €21. • “Carmina Burana/Astutuli,” a ballet and musi• Jazz Stage meets Middle Ages with cal theater by Carl Orff, 7:30 p.m. Thursday and RicciCapricci Ensemble playing on old instruJan. 27. ments, 8 p.m. Jan. 20. Tickets cost €12. • “Chronicle of the Immortals — Blood Night,” • The Hagen Quartet performs works by Joseph a rock opera by Wolfgang Holbein with the band Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Johannes Vanden Plas, 7:30 p.m. Jan. 21, 25, 28 and 31. • The Friends of the Pfalztheater sponsor a char- Brahms, 8 p.m. Jan. 26. Tickets cost €12 to €20. For details, stop at the Kaiserslautern Tourist ity gala, “If I had a wish...,” with ensemble members presenting their favorite works, 6 p.m. Jan. 29. Office, Fruchthallstrasse14, visit www.fruchthalle. de or call the office of arts at 0631-365-1410. Tickets cost €25.50. SWR radio studio, Fliegerstrasse 36, • “The Return of Shaolin,” a kung fu show about Kaiserslautern: the lives of Shaolin monks, 4 p.m. Feb. 5. • Members of the German Radio Philharmonics For details, call 0631-3675-209 or visit Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern present works by www.pfalztheater.de. Bohuslav Martinu, Arthur Bliss and Sergej Kammgarn Kaiserslautern: Tanejew, 11 a.m. Sunday. Tickets are available • The Pusher, a rock pop band from Sweden, at the door or at info@ drp-orchester.de • The German Radio Philharmonics Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern presents “Kulinaria,” with works by Richard Strauss, Jacques Ibert and Georges Bizet, 1 p.m. Thursday. Lunch will get served at noon. Tickets cost €19 with lunch, and €10 without lunch. For tickets, e-mail kultur@ kaiserslautern.de or call the office of arts at 0631-3651410. JUZ (Youth Center), Steinstrassse 47, Kaiserslautern: Courtesy photo • Back Beat Business presents rhythm and soul music, The Return of Shaolin 8 p.m. today. Tickets cost A kung fu show about the lives of Shaolin monks will be presented at 4 p.m. Feb. 5 in €6.50. For details, visit the Pfalztheater in Kaiserslautern. Tickets cost €24 to €46. For more information, visit www.juz-kl.de. www.shaolin-moenche.de. To get a military discount, use “military” as key word on Eulenbis, Bürgerhaus: www.proticket.de. • New Year’s concert,

KMC cultural highlights

January 13, 2012 8 p.m. Saturday. Landstuhl, Stadthalle: • “Sister Hits Act,” a show with the legendary songs from the musical “Sister Act,” 8 p.m. Jan. 21. Tickets cost €19.50 to €28. • “The Night of the 5 Tenors,” with soloists and the Plovdiv Symphonic Orchestra presenting works from operas, 8 p.m. Feb. 3. Tickets cost €19.50 to €28. For details, visit www.stadthalle-landstuhl.de. Haus des Bürgers, Ramstein-Miesenbach: • “Moscow on Ice,” a family show on ice combined with a traditional Russian circus program, 4 and 8 p.m. today. Tickets cost €22 to €35. • “Der du vom Himmel bist,” songs and piano works by Franz Lizst in honor of his 200th birthday, 5 p.m. Sunday. Tickets cost €12. • “Die Fledermaus,” an operetta by Johann Strauss, in German, 8 p.m. Jan. 28. Tickets cost €26, €29 and €32. For details, visit www.hausdesbuergers.de. Winnweiler, Bistro Max: • Djulia & Trio present a “Tribute to the Beatles” concert, 8 p.m. Thursday. Tickets cost €11. For details, visit www.regio-stage.de. English Theatre, Frankfurt: • “The Who’s Tommy,” a rock musical, 7:30 p.m. Saturdays, Tuesdays to Fridays, and 6 p.m. Sundays. For details, visit www.english-theatre.org. Saarbrücken, Saarländisches Staatstheater, Schillerplatz 1: • “Blue (Creation 29),” a dance night by Marguerite Delon, 6 p.m. Sunday. • “Romeo und Julia,” a concert opera by Vincenzo Bellini, in Italian with German subtitles, 7:30 p.m. Jan. 20. For details, visit www.theater-saarbruecken.de or call 0681-3092-486. Nationaltheater Mannheim: • “Amadis des Gaules,” an opera by Johann Christian Bach, in French with German subtitles, 8 p.m. Sunday and Jan. 28. For more information, visit www.nationaltheater-mannheim.de.


• Kaiserslautern, event hall on Gartenschau area, KL on Ice open to Feb. 12. Skating hours are 9 a.m. to noon, 1 to 3 p.m., 4 to 6 p.m., 7 to 9 p.m. on weekdays; and 7 to 10 p.m. Fridays and Saturday. Admission is €2.50 for children and €3.50 for adults. For more information, visit kl-on-ice.de. • Kaiserslautern, Theodor-Zink-Museum, Steinstrasse 48, display of exquisite Japanese dolls, through Feb. 26.

Flea markets

• Kaiserslautern, Pfalzcenter (across from Daenner Kaserne), Saturdays. • Bad Dürkheim, Saline (salt-works), 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. • Ludwigshafen, Hauptbahnhof (main train station), behind pavilion, Saturday. • Saarbrücken, Franz-Josef-Röder-Strasse, Saturday. • Saarbrücken, Saarmese, Messehalle, Sunday.

Antique markets

• Wiesbaden-Biebrich, Adler Center, Äppelallee, Sunday. • Viernheim, Rhein-Neckar-Center, Sunday. For more information, visit www.troedlerundsammeln.de.

January 13, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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Kaiserslautern American

January 13, 2012

Use caution when using minimalist running shoes by Maj. Zack Solomon U.S. Army Public Health Command In 1974, co-founder of Nike Bill Bowerman created one of the first modern-day running shoes, the “Waffle Trainer” in an effort to create a lightweight shoe that would grip the road. This shoe launched a revolution in running shoe design and probably triggered the explosion in popularity of distance running throughout the U.S. in the 1970s and early 1980s. Innovative shoe designs multiplied out of demand for more foot cushioning and motion control as people from all walks of life took up running. Shoe mid-foot arch construction grew rigid, and heel cushion material was heightened to correct running form and presumably prevent injuries. Three types of shoes emerged: motion-control shoes for runners with low foot arches, stability shoes for neutral arches, and cushioned shoes for high arches. These designs were meant to make shoe selection easy; runners would first identify their arch type, then they would choose an appropriate shoe, and finally they

would begin running injury free. Unfortunately, this system of shoe selection hasn’t lived up to runners’ expectations as running injuries persisted. As well, multiple U.S. Army Public Health Command studies in basic trainees have demonstrated that shoe selection based on arch type does not reduce injuries. Now, a new trend, a departure from control and cushioning, has emerged ― the minimalist running shoe. A minimalist running shoe is extremely flexible and low to the ground to create the sensation of barefoot running. By running in a shoe with minimal cushioning, most runners will naturally reduce their stride length to avoid landing painfully on their uncushioned heel. This change in running form reduces initial joint impact and promotes a return to what some consider a more natural foot motion. The growing popularity of minimalist running shoes in both the civilian and military communities was sparked by the promise of increased running performance and decreased risk of running injuries. Although the jury is still out on whether minimal-

Boxing: Hernandez vs. Cunningham

IBF Cruiserweight champion Yoan Pablo Hernandez (25-1, 13 KOs) and Steve Cunningham (24-3, 12 KOs) will meet again Feb. 4 in Frankfurt. Both boxers met last year in a match on Oct. 1, with Hernandez winning a technical decision in Neubrandenburg. The fight was stopped on cuts, with Hernandez ahead on the scorecards after scoring a first-round knockdown. Team Sauerland General Manager Chris Meyer said the rematch will be a real treat for boxing fans. In the co-featured main event, Enad Licina (21-3, 11 KOs) will face former amateur world champion Alexander Alexeev (22-2, 20 KOs) for the vacant European Cruiserweight Title. European Light Heavyweight Champion Eduard Gutknecht (22-1, 9 KOs) also defends his title against Viacheslav Uzelkov (25-1, 16 KOs). For tickets, call the hotline at 01805-570044.

Bowling tournament

The second annual nine-pin no tap team bowling tournament, sponsored by the Kaiserslautern Military Community Sergeants Major Association, will take place Jan. 21 at the Vogelweh Bowling Center, Bldg. 2060 on Vogelweh. The tournament, which costs $20 per bowler (four bowlers per team), includes three games and shoe rental. The tournament starts at 12:30 p.m. with check-in beginning at noon. Cash prizes will be awarded to the top two teams, as well as awards for men’s and women’s high

ist running shoes will live up to these expectations, the trend will surely grow as shoe companies expand and market their latest minimalist shoe product lines. Soldiers interested in making the switch from a traditional running shoe to a minimalist design should exercise caution in doing so because a sudden change in equipment or training can result in sore muscles and joints, blisters and even injuries such as stress fractures. The calf muscles will require the greatest adjustment, followed by the muscles of the foot and hamstrings. Running impact forces may also increase temporarily as the Soldier adapts to a shortened stride and forefoot strike. The following are a few tips to make a smooth transition: • Soldiers should only perform 10 percent of their normal running distance and volume in minimalist running shoes for the first two to three weeks. For example, if a Soldier runs 10 miles per week, only one mile per week should include the use of minimalist running shoes. Traditional running shoes can still be worn

game and series. Proceeds from the event will support the Kaiserslautern SGM Association Scholarship Drive. To pre-register a team, e-mail KMCSGMA@ hotmail.com or contact Sgt. Maj. Chad McNeish by calling 493-2363 or 0162-260-9613 or e-mailing Chad.mcneish@us.army.mil.

Dodgeball Invitational

Dodge, duck and dive with six to eight of your friends at the Dodgeball Invitational at 11 a.m. Jan. 21 at the Landstuhl Fitness Center, Bldg. 3720. Preregister until Jan. 20. The invitational costs $5 per team and is open to U.S. military ID cardholders (must be 18 or older). To register or for more information, call 493-2088 or 0631-3406-2088.

New! FemFusion

Ladies 16 and older can enjoy a one-hour workout designed just for women. Lift and firm every inch of your body by using a unique combination of mat work and dance. Burn fat, sculpt and tone your muscles. Improve balance and posture. Decrease back pain by increasing core strength and control. FemFusion takes place at 10 a.m. Wednesdays at the Landstuhl Fitness Center, Bldg. 3720. Cost is $4 per class.

Free class! Yoga Sculpt

Learn how to use yoga and innovative resistance exercises with the use of weights for increased muscle endurance at Yoga Sculpt from 9:30 to

the rest of the time. • No more than a 10 percent increase in distance per week is recommended for at least eight weeks after the initial transition phase. Some Soldiers may take up to six months to get used to running in minimalist shoes. • Avoid running two days in a row in minimalist running shoes for the first four weeks. • Run on different surfaces, such as grass, dirt and pavement, to get used to the feel of the shoes. Make sure the running surface is clear of debris and glass. • Stretching will be very important during the first few weeks to alleviate soreness. Focus on stretching the foot, calf and hamstring muscles. As with any change in training, a planned transition phase is critical to limit the short-term soreness and potential complications from an overuse injury. For more information or if problems develop from any change in training or equipment, Soldiers should contact their medical provider or physical therapist.

10:30 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays at Landstuhl Post, Bldg. 3720. For more information, call 486-7172 or 06371-86-7172.

RealRyder cycling class

Get your outdoor cycle training indoors at the RealRyder cycling class from 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. Mondays and Wednesdays at the Kleber Fitness Center, Bldg. 3235. This class is not child friendly. For details, call 483-7610 or 0631-411-7610.

New! Binkies & Babes

Moms and babies ages 6 weeks to 2 years old workout together during this infant stimulation class. Bring baby’s favorite blanket and toy. Binkies & Babes takes place from 9 to 10 a.m. Thursdays at the Landstuhl Fitness Center, Bldg. 3720. Cost is $6 per class. For more information, call 486-7172 or 0631-86-7172.

New! Preggie Power

Preggie Power is a one hour, low impact, high energy, cardio and strength training circuit class. Suitable for all stages of pregnancy. This class is child friendly. A doctor’s note is required to participate in this class. This class is held from 10 to 11 a.m. Thursdays at the Landstuhl Fitness Center, Bldg. 3720. Cost is $4 per class or $6 per class with child. For more information, call 486-7172 or 063186-7172.

January 13, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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Now ShowiNg Gateway Cineplex (Ramstein) Joyful Noise (PG-13) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:45 p.m., 7:45 p.m., 10:15 p.m. Tower Heist (PG-13) 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 4 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 9 p.m. A Very Herald & Kumar Xmas (R) 11 a.m., 1:15 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 5:45 p.m., 8 p.m., 10:15 p.m. Cars 2 (G) 2 p.m., 4:30 p.m. SATURDAY - Joyful Noise (PG-13) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:45 p.m., 7:45 p.m., 10:15 p.m. Tower Heist (PG-13) 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 4 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 9 p.m. A Very Herald & Kumar Xmas (R) 11 a.m., 1:15 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 5:45 p.m., 8 p.m., 10:15 p.m. Cars 2 (G) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., 4:30 p.m. SUNDAY Joyful Noise (PG-13) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:45 p.m., 7:45 p.m. Tower Heist (PG-13) 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 4 p.m., 6:30 p.m. A Very Herald & Kumar Xmas (R) 11 a.m., 1:15 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 5:45 p.m., 8 p.m. Cars 2 (G) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., 4:30 p.m. MONDAY - Joyful Noise (PG-13) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:45 p.m., 7:45 p.m. Tower Heist (PG-13) 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 4 p.m., 6:30 p.m. A Very Herald & Kumar Xmas (R) 11 a.m., 1:15 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 5:45 p.m., 8 p.m. Cars 2 (G) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., 4:30 p.m. TUESDAY - Joyful Noise (PG-13) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:45 p.m., 7:45 p.m. Tower Heist (PG-13) 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 4 p.m., 6:30 p.m. A Very Herald & Kumar Xmas (R) 11 a.m., 1:15 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 5:45 p.m., 8 p.m. Cars 2 (G) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., 4:30 p.m. WEDNESDAY - Joyful Noise (PG-13) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:45 p.m., 7:45 p.m. Tower Heist (PG-13) 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 4 p.m., 6:30 p.m. A Very Herald & Kumar Xmas (R) 11 a.m., 1:15 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 5:45 p.m., 8 p.m. Cars 2 (G) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., 4:30 p.m. THURSDAY - Joyful Noise (PG-13) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:45 p.m., 7:45 p.m. Tower Heist (PG-13) 11 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 4 p.m., 6:30 p.m. A Very Herald & Kumar Xmas (R) 4 p.m., 6 p.m., 8 p.m. Cars 2 (G) 11:15 a.m., 1:45 p.m. TODAY -



)5, -$1 :(' -$1


Galaxy Theater (Vogelweh) TODAY War Horse (PG-13) 7 p.m. SATURDAY - Puss in Boots (PG) 4 p.m. In Time (PG-13) 7 p.m. SUNDAY Puss in Boots (PG) 4 p.m. Editor’s note: Schedules and synopses are provided by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service. Movie times and dates are subject to change by the individual theaters. Please check with the theater to ensure accuracy.

At The Movies

Visit www.kaiserslauternamerican.com/movies.php for details

Joyful Noise (PG-13) ― The small town of Pacashau, Ga., has fallen on hard times, but the people are counting on the Divinity Church Choir to lift their spirits by winning the National Joyful Noise Competition. The choir has always known how to sing in harmony, but the discord between its two leading ladies now threatens to tear them apart. If these two strong-willed women can put aside their differences for the good of the people in their town, they ― and their choir ― may make the most joyful noise of all. Starring Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah. Tower Heist (PG-13) ― Josh Kovaks

has managed one of the most luxurious and well-secured residences in New York City for more than a decade. In the swankiest unit atop Josh’s building, Wall Street titan Arthur Shaw is under house arrest after being caught stealing 2 billion from his investors. The hardest hit among those he defrauded? The tower staffers whose pensions he was entrusted to manage. With only days before Arthur gets away with the perfect crime, Josh’s crew turns to petty crook Slide to plan the nearly impossible ― to steal what they are sure is hidden in Arthur’s guarded condo. Starring Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy.

Puzzle courtesy of http://thinks.com/

ACROSS 1 Family men? 5 TV’s Winfrey 10 Clerical clothing 14 First president of South Korea 15 Establish as fact 16 Denuded 17 Breaking with tradition 19 “___ See Clearly Now� 20 My friend in France 21 Rhett’s love 23 Sassy 25 Arab rulers 26 Of yore 29 Aerial 31 Trials and tribulations 32 Stage signal 33 Wobble 36 Capital of Switzerland? 37 Show after lunch 39 Gershwin brother 40 Get involved 42 Roman household god 43 Coconut husk fiber 44 Gigantic statues 46 Numbskull 47 Align, in a way 48 Comely 50 More stylish 52 Author Greene 56 Saxophone type 57 Supernova remnants in Taurus 59 Claim on property 60 Musical based on a comic strip 61 Spinks of the ring 62 Digital displays 63 Former West African capital 64 Jittery DOWN 1 Make a rhythmic sound 2 Cry of dismay 3 Light gas? 4 Bright wraps

5 Biblical land rich in gold 6 Career athlete 7 Fishing gear 8 Long-legged shorebird 9 Six-foot line 10 Chisholm Trail destination 11 Jagged tear 12 Tiny terrors 13 Shipped 18 Capone’s adversaries 22 Actress Zellweger 24 Lacking slack 26 Has debts 27 At sea 28 Profaned 30 Sedaka and Simon 32 Authoritative 34 ___ the Red 35 Steak style 37 League divisions? 38 Artless 41 Toxicologist’s concerns 43 Having a good prognosis 45 Breastbones 46 Dreadful 47 Stan’s sidekick 49 Actress Moorehead 50 Pay a visit 51 Used a bell 53 Shaded 54 Sleep like ___ 55 Umpteen 58 Brief life?

Solutions to the Jan. 6 puzzle

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Kaiserslautern American

January 13, 2012


www.class-world.eu Questions? Please call AdvantiPro at 0631• 30 33 55 31

AdvantiPro GmbH takes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any of the products and services advertised in the Kaiserslautern American. Readers are responsible for checking the prices, qualifications, warranty and any other factor that might help you decide whether to do business with an individual or company advertising herein.

Two Men & a Hammer

• Property Repair • Construction • Commercial & Residential • Remodeling

Call 0151 588 45 555


Please contact: Petras Homecompany at 06385-993870 or 0171-2038270 or visit us at www.Petras-Homecompany.de

APTS FOR RENT All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

! ! ! ! ! ! Apt Steinwenden 5min RAB Must see luxury chalet style 145sqm 2BR BIK dinrm lg livrm office utilityrm bath top flr firepl. 2balc luxury fixtures recently renov w/pking no pets â‚Ź1000 +util Bernd 06371-952395 or 01743028999

! Bright & Sunny furnished or not, short-long term rental contract possible, 2Bdrm, 2baths pets welcome, Weilerbach - Erzh. Call 0179-6601752 ! Oberstaufenbach 2BR Apt BIK terrace quiet area nice view carport no pets 15min to RAB â‚Ź870 incl. heating, garbage disposal, carport 06385-6392 or 017662758373

!! Attention! K-Town 10min Vogelweh 150sqm large Apt 2Bdrm tiled floors, bik, balcony, high ! Big 3/4Bdrm Apt in Hßtschen- speed internet, garage great view, hausen, 168sqm, BIK, 2baths, sto- Call: 0179-6601752 after 4pm rage, high speed internet, yard !!! 0 ₏ finder’s fee. Very nice fursunroom. Pls call 0179-6601752 nished and fully equipped Apts.

%86,1(66 $662&,$7(6 )25 5($/ (67$7( ),1$1&( ,19(670(17 3/$11,1* <RXU 4XLFN 6WRS IRU +RXVHV DQG $SDUWPHQWV ZZZ JÂż LPPR GH


Quiet area near wood/lake. Close to RAB. 1-2BR, large living room with open BIK, balcony, bath, guest WC, free WIFI Internet, 65sqm 550â‚Ź or 82sqm 750â‚Ź, All incl., Housing Approved 06371598420


1 Apts 120sqm Erzenhausen 3BR 1.5baths bik liv/dinrm garage laundry balc yard â‚Ź600+utl 01709483592 or 0170-3621320 3-4 Bedrm apt near Landstuhl Hospital avail now 955â‚Ź incl garage & util, exc electr. Doris Drewlow Immobilien Tel: 063715940059 3rm, BIK, bath, storage, 75sqm, pool â‚Ź480+util 01511-6579808 leave message 4km from RAB, nice ren. 2 bedr apt, BIK, balc, garage, park. lot, 90 sqm, 715â‚Ź incl. util. 06371/ 57256 or 017632621459 Apartment 120 m2; 6 km to RAB; 1 BR; 1 Office-Room; BIK; Liv/DinRoom; 2 Bath; 1 Garage; Rent: 1,055.00 EUR incl. utilities except electricity; 1 cat allowed; Avail.: February 1, 2012. For more info please contact GI Bill Pay Service Real Estate, 0160-1065196 or 06371-465407, E-mail: ramstein@ gibillpay.com

Real Estate Center K/S Immo Agency In Kaiserslautern Freestanding

Call us first!!!


We will help to find you a house and offer you our full service during the complete rental or buying period.




2.500 of


%XLOG <RXU 'UHDPV ZLWK 75(00(/+$86 Tremmel Haus GmbH | DenisstraĂ&#x;e 12-14 | 67663 Kaiserslautern | Office: +49 (0) 631 316 03 70


Apt 80sqm KL-East, partly furn, 2BR, lrg livrm, BIK, bath, 2balc, basem w/ laundry, no pets â‚Ź500+utl Tel. 0631-48406 Apt in Linden, 130sqm 3BR liv rm new BIK w/din area 2bath 1office, laundry rm SAT TV park-spot garage av (â‚Ź30) Av now â‚Ź720; 063071801 Apt. in Vogelbach: 8 min from base, modern, sunny apartment, 2 Br, bik, liv/din rm, office area, bath, garage, basement, â‚Ź650, call 06372-4999 or 0177-5522328 or 0162-4131-878 Big nice Apt. in a quiet Area, 3 Bedr, Liv-Dinnr, Bath, Guest, 2Panties, BIK, Balc, AFN, DSL-Internet, small pets ok, Between Ram+Baumholder, Finders free, avail now. â‚Ź500 063847067 or 01638150865 michaelx-xbraun@ web.de Erzenhausen-10 min to RAB: 4 rooms, BIK, bathroom, balcony, pets & kids welcome, 500 euro + util. â‚Ź500 06383-928968 or 01794768717, juergen.mueller@mail de.de Niedermohr, 5 min to base, 3bm apartment, bik, balcony, E800, ImmoT.016096096498

Alsenborn, 300 sqm, 6 bedr., 3 baths BIK, chimney, garage â‚Ź 1.710,00 rent + util 1 rent finders fee

Dream job Real Estate Agent


AKM GmbH Denisstr. 22, 67663 KL Tel: 06 31 / 4 14 08 88-0 realestatecenter-kl@remax.de www.remax-suedwest.de/realestatecenter

MORE HOUSES AND APARTMENTS AVAILABLE, CALL US FOR MORE INFO Mannheimer-Str. 25, 67655 Kaiserslautern Tel: 0631/3619963, Cell 0174/4166662 www.immo-agency.biz, ks@immo-agency.biz

-we have room in our office.

Proudly presented to you by

5 km to Ramstein, 97 sqm, BIK, 1 bath 2 BR â‚Ź 600,00 rent + utilities + 1 rent finders fee


( N C )

info@immobilien-gs.de • www.immobilien-gs.de Tel: 06371-613942 • Cell: 0171-2180962 Fax: 06371-613945 INVEST IN YOUR FUTURE Use your LQA to build or buy your own home! We’ve been through the process & can easily answer questions + concerns! • 109% financing, low interest rates, NO DOWN PAYMENT Germany wide • Build your own home with a 5 – year warranty • Architect and interior designer costs included • Solid, energy efficient construction • We help you with every step of the way to make this an easy process • References available • Over 100 houses for sale • Individual planning • Available to servicemembers, government civilians and contractors

Downtown K-Town

Buy now, before German property taxes are being raised from 3,5% to 5%, starting March 1st, 2012. I can help you to buy any real estate from RE/MAX worldwide. Jim Jenet Tel: 0160 - 96 99 74 61 jim@immobilien-gs.de

Friedrichstr. 7 • Kaiserslautern Tel: 0049 631-41 41 06 10 brigitte.koelsch@remax.de www.remax.de/PropertyAgents

January 13, 2012

APTS FOR RENT All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

Hallgarten near BHR and Ktown, 118sqm Apt, 2BR, complete kitchen w/cabinets stove, oven, and fridge, large living room with fireplace, 1 ½ bath, utility room, garden, single car garage, for 600.00 Euro + Utilities. 06758803061, andyharvey1@gmail.com 06758-803061 / andyharvey1@ gmail.com Kaiserslautern:quiet location close to the center, 3 Bed-Apt, 2 Baths, large living and diningroom, kitchen, balcony, 160 sqm livingspace â‚Ź 1.150,-- on all ads please insert the RE/MAX sender below. RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 U, Landstuhl, Kaiserstr. 4, 06371/ 6129262 or 0170 6850060 ask for Wolfgang, email wolf gang.wiedmann@remax.de

Kaiserslautern American New renov Apt 115sqm in Landstuhl 2BR bik big livrm 1.5baths big balc 1garage incl 1 prk space, â‚Ź880 (incl. heat) + 85,-utl (fixed) 06371-2110 or 0170-8015491

10 Min to Landstuhl hospital, 260sqm., 5 bedrms., 2 baths., b.i.k., yard, garage 2.100 â‚Źuro+ util Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372803641 or 0173-8317162

Queidersbach: new 2BM apartment, bik, patio, garage, E 800 all 10 Min. to Landstuhl, freestanincl except electric, Im- ding house, 180sqm., 4 bedrms., 2 baths., b.i.k., basement 2 garamoT.016096096498 RAM Area Apt 3BR 150sqm (great Autobahn accessibility), nice view on lake, BIK, 1.5bath, cpks +carport balc no pets â‚Ź900 +util Call Walter Klinck 0176-62758373 Ramstein: 2BR Apt. ready to move in. Price 560â‚Ź RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 U ask for Sonja Gray 06371/6129262 or 0160/ 3807277 Sonjagray@ymail.com

ges, 1.200 â‚Źuro + util please call under 0173-8317162 Immobilien4you Anne S. Neumann

10 Min. to RAB, Brand new freestanding house, 280sqm., 5 bedrms., 3 baths., floor-heating, open-fire-place, attic, terrace, garage, 2.500 â‚Źuro + util Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you tel: 06372-803641 or 0173-8317162

179sqm Beautiful Apt, like bungalow, 10 min to KL-East/Sembach, on 1 level, like new, 3BR, 1.5bath, BIK liv/din beautif lg terr, no pets, 1200â‚Ź +util Call 06301Ramstein-city: Nice first-floor- 719565 or 0172-6785550 Apartment, 125sqm, 3BR/1,5BA, 1Fam House Imsbach, ca. balcony, garage, â‚Ź 900,- + util 20min KL, 4BR, livrm, dinrm, kitKindsbach, Apt, garage + par- 06371/943315-16 www.Germa chen, 1full bath + ž shwr bath, king space, bik, 2BR, livrm, dinrm, Wild-Immobilien.de balc, lrg garden, dbl garage, 750â‚Ź

bath, laundry/stor, terr, garden, nice quiet loc, laminated floor, tiles in kitchen+din rm â‚Ź740 +util + 1mnth dep avail1March 017632307796 call evenings.

Ramstein: 3Bedrm Apt liv rm, din rm, BIK, bath, storage rm, balcony, 100sqm, directl avail, â‚Ź550,+ util. Call: 0151-191-67416

Reichenbach-Steegen, 5rms big Ph. 089-528244 (until 10pm) BIK garage balcony â‚Ź750+utl. 1Fam House Reifenberg 1506385-1515 or 0175-6200108 20min Landst/RAM 15min PS Rodenbach: Very nice, new re- 3BR 167sqm quality int tiled oven tiled flrs & wood flrs new bath & BIK & heat covered terr BBQ carport-fits 2, basem WC & show â‚Ź1250 +utl av 1Feb 0179-9485711

Landstuhl-Atzel (close to the hos- nov 1BR-Apt, office, 370â‚Ź + util www.Germa pital): Apartment, 97sqm, 3BR/ 06371/943311-16 1,5BA, balcony â‚Ź 550,- + util Wild-Immobilien.de 06371/943315-16 www.Germa HOUSES Wild-Immobilien.de

4BR house BruchmĂźhlbach, 190sqm renovated BIK, liv/dinrm, FOR RENT open firepl, finished loft 1.5baths All ads & pics can be viewed @ garage balc av 1Feb â‚Ź1400+utl www.class-world.eu Please call 06306-7010070 or ! ! ! Fst Modern House in Wies- 0172-4919227

Landstuhl-Melkerei, apartment, 90sqm, 3 bed, BIK, garage, singles or couples only, 720 â‚Ź incl. ut. REstate-KKA Immobilien, Tel. 0172-6642692 bach 3BR, 2bath, BIK, Fenced Landstuhl-Melkerei: apartment Backyard, Garden, AFN Sat Dish, for single person, 90sqm, 3BR/ DSL ready, US W/D Hook-ups, 1BA â‚Ź 500,-+ util (garage possible 130sqm, â‚Ź750+utl, No Fees, Housing Approved, 0178-1665412 for 40,- â‚Ź) 06371/943315-16 ******Homes.. Ramstein, 240sqm, www.GermaWild-Immobilien.de

4BR livrm 1.5bath BIK pantry 130sqm BBQ garden. Dreamhome in hist. 200yr old mill Katzweiler, 11min RAB â‚Ź990 incl. util (+sep electr) 0151/17970031 / 06322-909461

Queidersbach: 1Bm 100sqm apartmt, balc, open-fire-place, bik, E 700 all included, ImmoT.016096096498

Kaiserslautern, 5 bedr, 1.5bath, new kitchen, open fire, garage, â‚Ź1500 +util Real Estate Metzler 0175-9855251

5BR, no pets, â‚Ź1250, Kollw. 200sqm, â‚Ź1250, Erzenhausen, classy, 200sqm, â‚Ź1350, Call Realtor Erica 016096697945, florida0001@gmx.de

St. Alban's Military Community

Sunday Worship Gatherings at 9 & 11 a.m.

Episcopal Services +2/< (8&+$5,67 6XQGD\V



Keeping it real, relational and relevant

August-SĂźssdorf Strasse 8 Ramstein-Miesenbach 06371- 407 808 info@frontlinecommunity.org www.frontlinecommunity.org

Winter Clearance Sale 30–70% off selected items

Page 25 5 Bedr. House in KottweilerSchw. (10 min to RAB) 4 baths, 2 living rm, dining rm, kitchen, yard, garage & carport. Rent â‚Ź2100 + util. Call Tel. 06371-406884 after 7pm. Airbase: 25 min luxury house in Winnweiler, 7 br, 3 bath, yard, gar -avail. March E 2450,- ; Waldmohr area: 228 sqm h. 4 br firepl E 1700,- ; Neumuehle: freest newer house 4 br, yard E 1200,-; Waldmohr: 3 br dplx, gar, yard, E 900,; JR Realty - reduced fee - ph: 01703159692 or jrrealtykmc@ya hoo.com Altenkirchen: FSH, 4 bedr., 2 bath, big fenced yard, 2 garages, â‚Ź1.060,-- + util., Mackenbach: FSH, 5 bedr., 1 bath, 2 WC, garage, big yard â‚Ź 1.250,-- + util., Weilerbach: FSH, 6 bedr., 2,5 bath, 2 garages, 2 fire places, next to horse farm, â‚Ź1.650,-- + util., I.B.u.Immobilienservice Thomas SouriĂ&#x;eaux 06374-995694 Thomas.sx@ t-online.de Attention - Several 3 + bedrm houses for rent in RAB, Landstuhl & Vogelweh & Sembach School Distr. Doris Drewlow Immobilien, Tel: 06371-5940059 Kaiserslautern, 5 min downtown No.5, 4 houses, rent â‚Ź1000-1200, ZIAI Immobilien 06371 57888

Availalble with GP Residences: Beautiful Spesbach House, 4 BR, 2 baths, office, very nice bik, liv/ din rm, garage, yard, basement, storage, quiet location, â‚Ź1,060. New Miesenbach House, 4 BR, 2 baths, bik, liv/din rm, yard, garage, storage, â‚Ź1,200. New, modern Waldmohr House, 5 BR, 2 baths, bik, liv/din rm, private yard, double garage, â‚Ź1,780. Reduced fees, call 0631-22328 or 01775522-328 or 0162-4131-878 Bann: Duplex, 151sqm, 3BR/ 1,5BA, balcony, terrace, yard, carport â‚Ź 1.100,- + util 06371/ 943315-16 www.GermaWild-Immo bilien.de Beautiful house in Landstuhl Center, 120sqm, 2BR, lrg bath, nice BIK w/ din area, liv rm, big terr â‚Ź750, av now, call 06372-1586 lv msg Brand new freestanding house, 5 Min. to RAB, in RAB school, 5 bedrms., 2 baths., b.i.k., floor-heating, garage, yard 2.300 â‚Źuro + util Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372803641 or 0173-8317162

Brßcken: freestanding 3 bedr., 1 ½ bath, living-diningrm., built-inkit., basement, patio, yard, garage, 900,--+ util www.AGRA-Immo bilien.de 06371/57656

KMC Assembly of God Church

Reverend Chuck Kackley Phone: 06333-9931838 Cell: 0171-6574322

Services are held at Kaiserstrasse 16 A, Einsiedlerhof WORSHIP HOURS: Sunday 10 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Family Night

A Christian fellowship that gathers to study God’s word verse by verse so we can know, glorify and serve Christ.

Teaching the village, reaching the world!

We meet Sundays at 11 a.m. For more info call 06371-616793 or visit our website www.CCK-Town.org Industriestr. 50 66862 Kindsbach


Landstuhl Christian Bookstore

Sunday School 9:30 AM – Nursery Available Sundays: Corporate Worship 10:45 AM Weekdays: Men’s, Women’s and Small Group Bible Studies / Prayer Meetings www.trinityreformedpca.com

Kaiserstr. 66 • 06371-62988 Mon – Fri10 – 6,Sat9 – 2(new)

Kirchenstrasse 2a, 66849 Landstuhl, Tel: 0 63 71 - 61 81 38 (across the street from European Country Living)

Kaiserslautern Church of Christ Mßhlstrasse 34 • 67659 Kaiserslautern Schedule of Services Sundays 5$067(,1

&+85&+ 2) &+5,67




Bible Classes (all ages) 10:00 a.m. Worship 11:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m. Devo. & Bible Study 7:00 p.m.

Contact Information

Tel. 06 31 - 36 18 59 92 Web: www.ktowncoc.org • E-mail: info@ktowncoc.org Herb Doyle 0 63 71 - 46 75 16 • John Phillis 01 60 - 6 42 79 95 “The churches of Christ salute you.â€? - Romans 16:16

Page 26

Kaiserslautern American

HOUSES FOR RENT All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

Bungalow 130 m2; 20 km to RAB; School-District Ramstein; 2 BR; 1.5 Bath; BIK; Liv/Din-Room; Storage; 1 Garage; Yard; 1 Cat allowed; Rent: 1,000.00 EUR + 40.00 EUR garage + utilities; Avail.: February 1, 2012. For more info please contact GI Bill Pay Service Real Estate, 0160-1065196 or 06371-465407, E-mail: ramstein@gibillpay.com Bungalow in Oberstaufenbach; 160 m2; 15 km to RAB; SchoolDistrict Ramstein; 4 BR; BIK; Liv/ Din-Room w. fireplace; 2 Bath; Double-Garage + single garage; Yard; No pets; Avail.: January 15,2012.For more info please contact GI Bill Pay Service Real Estate, 0160-1065196 or 06371465407, E-mail: ramstein@gibill pay.com Erfenbach bright freest house 145sqm, BIK, 3BR+bath+living rm, balcony, basement, offroad parking, 5min to Vogelweh â‚Ź890 0172 6706133 or 0176 38067449 Ramstein 15 min No. 4, 4 houses, 4 - 7 BDR, rent â‚Ź1100 - 2000, ZIAI Immobilien 06371 57888

Duplex-Half; 217 m2; 18 km to Sembach; 3 BR; BIK; Liv/DinRoom; 1 Bath; Heated conservatory/winter garden; Garage; Pets allowed; Rent: 1,560.00 Euro + utilities+ 40.00 Euro garage; Avail.: Now; For more info please call: GI Bill Pay Service & Real Estate, Tel.: 06371-465407 or 01601065196, E-mail: ramstein@gibill pay.com Fehrbach-Pirmasens, 15 min to Landstuhl: nice 6BM free-stand house, 3 baths, basement, garage, open-fire-place, patio, yard, E1520, Immo T.016096096498 Freest. House w/garage 155sqm renovate, 650sqm yard, 18min from RAB, 66919 Hermersberg, Ringstr.2, BIK w/dwasher, 2 newbath, livrm, dinrm, 3BR, studio, basem. fully tiled garage / elect., new heating, DSL + SAT, Call: 06333-63510 or 0151-56616011 Freest. House, Mehlbach. 260 sqm, 5 bed, 3 bath, large BIK, fireplace, double garage, yard, â‚Ź 1960 + ut., av. 15. Jan. REstateKKA Immobilien, Tel. 01726642692 Freest. house, Schmalenberg, renov, 200sqm, 15min Kl / Vogelw 5br, lrg liv-dinrm, new bik, 2bath furn, 3cellar rms, lrg balc, carport, SAT-TV, â‚Ź1470 +util 01726836244

The best Pizza & Salads in the KMC area

DELIVERY TO ALL BASES AND HOSPITAL FAMILY FRIENDLY RESTAURANT Special salad with fish, chicken filets and beef steak filets




Am Fleischackerloch 66849 Landstuhl (across from Kaufland)

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:00 - 15:00 17:00 - 24:00 Sat & Sun 11:00 - 24:00

WWW.PIZZERIAďšşSALVATORE.COM 66849 Landstuhl, Von Richthofen Str. 30 www.restaurant-grumbeer.de Tel.: 06371-406881 or 0152-28815678 (please call for reservation)

New: Open for Lunch Lunch to go!

Daily changing Lunch Menu incl. appetizer and dessert .......₏ 6,90 Wednesdays: Steak specials starting at ..................................₏ 5,90* Thursdays: Schnitzel, Schnitzel ‌ starting at ........................₏ 7,80* *(all w. salad and dessert)

Celebrate your party with us ‌ (up to 60 people)

Freestanding house in MĂźnchweiler, 137sqm, 4BR, BIK, garden, near to Sembach 935â‚Ź + util. Freestanding house in BruchmĂźhlbach, 4 BR, 140sqm, 1025â‚Ź + util. â‚Ź935 claudia 01713411339 Freestanding house in RAB school, 300sqm., 3 baths., 5 bedrms., b.i.k., floor-heating, garage, low energy house, 2.700 â‚Źuro + util Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372803641 or 0173-8317162 Freestanding house, 213 sqm., 4 bedrms., + studio, 2 baths., b.i.k., terrace, garage 1.650 â‚Źuro + util Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372803641 or 0173-8317162 FSH; 240 m2; 15 km to Ramstein; School-District Ramstein; 4 BR; BIK; Liv/Din-Room; Loft; Storage; Garage; Small garden; Pets negotiable; Rent: 1,700.00 Euro + util.; Avail.: Now; For more info please call: GI Bill Pay Service & Real Estate, Tel.: 06371-465407 or 0160-1065196, E-mail: ramstein@gibillpay.com Geiselberg rowendhouse, quiet loc, 120sqm, 5rms, BIK, 2 baths, guest WC, hobby rm, floor heat, carport, garden, avail now â‚Ź 887 + util 0631-12307 (after 14h) or 0179-5112877 Hefersweiler: Freest. House, 315sqm, 7BR/3BA+3toilets, yard, balcony, terrace, garage, wonderful view â‚Ź 2.300,- + util (Without Finders fee) 06371/943311-16 www.GermaWild-Immobilien.de House 67735 Mehlbach, Haupt Str. 107, 138sqm, 4BR, liv/dinrm, BIK, 2bath, basem, attic, garage, 2balc, sm garden, cleaning possible. 950â‚Ź +util +2mnth dep 01726903147

January 13, 2012 House Rodenbach HĂźbelstr. 13, 165sqm 6BR livrm BIK w/din area 2bath sunroom balc garage â‚Ź1000 +util +2 mnth dep 063742316 or 0176-23952035 HĂźtschenhausen: nice House, 110qm living space, BIK, dining and living room, 4 BR/1,5BA, Balcony. Rent 720â‚Ź + util. ask for Dieter at RE/MAX Dremhomes 4 U in Landstuhl 06371/6129262 Kaiserslautern brand new house, 245 sqm, 5 bed, 3 bath, garage, garden, â‚Ź1850+ ut., av. 20. Jan. REstate- KKA Immobilien, Tel 0172-6642692 Kindsbach: Townhouse, 185 sqm, 3 bedrms, bik, 1 ½ bath, garden, garage. â‚Ź 930 + util. Av. 01.Feb. REstate- KKA Immobilien.Tel. 0172-6642692 Kollweiler: Duplex, 297sqm, 5BR/ 2,5BA, balcony, terrace, yard, carport â‚Ź 2.020,- + util 06371/ 943315-16 www.GermaWild-Immo bilien.de Kottweiler: brand new freestanding house, 5 bedr., 3 bath, livingdiningrm., built-in-kit., laundryrm., patio, yard, garage, 1.900,-- + util www.AGRA-Immobilien.de 06371/ 57656 Ksln near V'weh, nice Row House, 110sqm, 3 bedr, BIK, living room, basement, terrace, small yard, garage, gas heat rent â‚Ź 870.No pets. Avail. 15 Jan 12. Call Real Estate Deitrick 06371-913425 or 0171-1943717 Labach, 10 min to Landstuhl: 3Bm duplex, garage, yard, basement, E800, ImmobilienT.016096096498 Landstuhl Melkerei, FSH, 3 BDR, 2 baths, carport, small yard rent â‚Ź 900, ZIAI Immobilien 06371 57888

Landstuhl Atzel-max 10 min to RAB. Nice house with 110 sqm. 3 bedrooms, BIK, terrace, garden, full bathr, 2 guest WC, garage for 2 cars. â‚Ź1000+util, Quiet area. Call your realtor Kurt on 01709966359 or email to rodehorst@ abaco-weinstrasse.de Landstuhl city freestanding house brand new reconstructet 8 rooms build in kitchen 2 bath quiet area nice yard 017670527758 â‚Ź1950 Landstuhl: duplex 4 bedr., 3 ½ bath, living-diningrm., built-in-kit., laundryrm., patio, yard, garage, 1.500,-- + util www.AGRA-Immobi lien.de 06371/57656 Large spacious house in a quiet area. Build 1988. 5 Bedroom, Living-Dining-Area, Built-in-Kitchen, 2 Bath, laundry room, storage room, Garage, open fire place, big terrace Living Space 230 m² Property 980 m² 1710â‚Ź call: 01702427998 Mackenbach: duplex 4bedr., 2 ½ bath, living-diningrm., built-in-kitchen, laundryrm., patio, yard, carport, 1.510,-- + util www.AGRA-Im mobilien.de 06371/57656 Mehlbach (Kaiserslautern School): Very modern House, huge living/dining area, 260sqm, 4BR/3BA, 2 toilets, open-fireplace, garage, yard â‚Ź 1.930,- + util 06371/943311-16 www.Germa Wild-Immobilien.de Nanzdietschweiler 120sqm dplx 2BR 1.5bath liv dinrm lots of space â‚Ź810 +util +1mnth dep no pets 06383-6118 New 5Bm house/apartment in HĂśheinĂśd, 10min to hospital, open-fire-place, garage, E1420, ImmoT.016096096498 Nice big House 228sqm completly furnished, 4bed room, big living room, 11/2bath room, kitchen with complete inbuild furniture, extra basement, patio big and nice garden 1000sqm, all fenced in with electric gate opening , 2 garages with electric door openers, 2 miles from base and bus stop in front of the house available on January 15, 2012 office 06371-5331 or home 06371-953017

Open: Tue – Sat 17.00 – 23.00, Sundays 11.00 – 14.00 + 17.00 – 23.00, Mondays closed


'4/#0'06 '4/#0g 6#.+#0 +6%*'0 (41/ ENUNN #/ h EFUNN 0110 (41/ EFTNN 0110 h FTNN 2/ 1(('4+0) F /'07'5

4'5* %#-'5X 2+'5 #0& 6146'5 '8'4; &#;

'56+8+6+'5 EN h ENN 2'45105 '07' n $7(('6 #(6'4 #)4''/'06


2'0+0) *1745U 8'4; &#; (41/ ENUNN h FHUNN / '$'0*Ăœ$'. JKJLJ #%-'0$#%* '.U NJGKHgLN FK NN


HOUSES FOR RENT All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

Nice separate 1BR House in Kindsbach, BIK, 60sqm €320 w/o utl +1mo dep avail now, for quiet people, 06371-913900 Noo Fee Houses, RAB school, wonderful house, 193sqm., 3 bedrms., 2 baths., attic, basement, yard, garage 1.380 €uro + util please call under 01738317162 Immobilien4you Anne S. Neumann Otterbach: freest. 3 bedroom house, 3 bathrooms, b.i.k., yard 1200,- € + util KD-Baubetreuung 06371-619033 €1200 06371619033 / kd-baubetreuung@t-onli ne.de Otterberg, 20 min. to Ramstein Air Base, 15 min. to Sembach, 5 BR, BIK, 2,5 BA, Terr., Garage, 165 sqm, Rent: 1.200,00 EUR + util., Call Mike Münchschwander, RE/MAX Real Estate Center Kaiserslautern, 0631/4140888-0 or 0176/32367432 Queidersbach: exclusive freestanding 4 bedr., 3 ½ bath, livingdiningm, open fire-place, built-inkit., patio, yard, 2 garages, basement, 2.530,-- + util www.agra-im mobilien.de 06371/57656 Quirnbach: Country home very quiet. 3BR/2BA. Ready to move in. Rent Price 1250,-- € RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 U ask for Sonja Gray 06371/6129262 or 0160/ 3807277 Sonjagray@ymail.com RAB school, 170sqm., 4 bedrms., b.i.k., 1 ½ baths., floorheating, b.i.k., garage, yard 1.100 €uro + util Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372803641 or 0173-8317162 Ramstein area 10 min bruchmühlbach, freestanding house 4 br, garden, bik, 1025.- + util sembach area, freestanding house, bik, garden, old villa, 138 qm, 1010.-+ util. call real estate Volker Würtz, 0171 3435936 Ramstein-city: Freest. House, 2BR/2BA, living, dining, 100sqm, € 700,- + util 06371/943311-16 www.GermaWild-Immobilien.de

Kaiserslautern American Ramstein, dplx new renewed, with garage+garden, 4br, 2,5bath, 210 sqm, BIK, € 1400+u. av. 15. Jan. REstate-KKA Immobilien, Tel. 0172-6642692

Steinwenden: Freest. House, 5BR/2BA, 225sqm, open-fireplace, 2 car garage, wonderful quiet area € 1.680,- + util 06371/ 943311-16 www.GermaWild-Immo Ramstein, Duplex, 5min. to air bilien.de base, master BR w/ bath, 5 other Town House; 182m2; 12 km to BR, 3 half baths, lr/dr, BIK, garaVogelweh; 4 BR; BIK; 2.5 Baths; ge, 2 balconies, terrace, laundry, Liv/Din-Room; Large studio; SAT TV & fon in all rooms, MediSauna; Basement; Carport; Avail.: terranean style, about 235 sqm January 1, 2012; Pets negotiable; (2500 sf), avail 1 Feb ‘12. No pets. Rent: 1,400.00 EUR + utilities + €1775 + util. Call 06249-2689 / 25.00 EUR carport. For more info robincad@aol.com please contact GI Bill Pay Service Rodenbach: Different rowhou- Real Estate, 0160-1065196 or ses, rowendhouses from 168- 06371-465407, E-mail: ramstein@ 226sqm, 4-5BR/2-2,5BA, carport, gibillpay.com yard or terrace, € 1175.- till € 1525.-+ util 06371/943315-16 Very nice Duplex in Wolfstein, 3 bedr., big living-diningrm., built-inwww.GermaWild-Immobilien.de Schmittweiler (Ramstein scool kit., laundryr., storage, sauna, atarea): freest. 311 sqm 5 bedroom tic, floor heat (low consumption house, 3,5 bathrooms, b.i.k, gara- costs ), garage, carport, DSL, Sat ge, yard 2000,- € + util KD-Baube- TV. Call: 0177-6213532, 06131treuung €2000 06371-619033 / 8869505 or alexander-muellerweb@web.de €1150 0177kd-baubetreuung@t-online.de 6213532 Schönenberg: 20 min from A.B.R Av.01 Feb.Ap. 171 m². 4BR, L/D/ Waldmohr, FSH, 290sqm, 5 K 1.1/2BaRo, Wintergarten, Gara- BDR, 2,5 baths, big garage, nice ge, Yard. Rent €1150 +util. yard, rent € 2000, Ziai Immobilien 01706370657 06371 57888

FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS Martin-Luther-Str. 8 | K-Town www.filou-kaiserslautern.de

Wallhalben, 10 min to Landstuhl: Between KL and Mannheim: Gre4BM house, garage, yard, E1000, at House in very quiet location, BiK, 3-4 bedr, 1 ½ Bathr., Carport ImmoT. 016096096498 Wartenberg-Rohrbach, 5 min. to storage, 10 years old € 298.000,-Sembach, 4 BR, BIK, 1,5 BA, RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 U, LandKaiserstr. 4, 06371/ Terr., 125 sqm, Rent: 900,00 EUR stuhl, + util., Call Mike Münchschwan- 6129262 or 0170 685 0060 ask der, RE/MAX Real Estate Center for Wolfgang, email wolf Kaiserslautern, 0631/4140888-0 gang.wiedmann@remax.de or 0176/32367432

Big house in Landstuhl-Melkerei, Weilerbach, 5bedrs, 2,5bath, bik more than 180 m², bik, wintergar2firepl, 2garages, hobyrm, next to den, full basement, 2 garages, horsefarm, 275sqm €1650 01711000 m² garden, available now; 4237078 please call Werner for an appointment! €325000 0173-4616514 / fi HOUSES / APTS nanzberatung-klein@web.de


All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

Altenkirchen, 20min RAM, 12Fam House 7Rms, BIK, bath, renov, €70.000 neg. 0151-12241659 Attention: Effective 1 March 2012 the property purchase tax (3.5% of the purchase price) will go up to 5%. If you are looking to purchase, do it Now, do not wait until it costs you a lot more money. Doris Drewlow Immobilien, Tel: 06371-5940059 www.dorisdimmo.de

Steinbach near Glan-Münchweiler: Large house 5-6 bedr., 3 Bathr., familyroom, BIK, livingroom w open fire place, large covered patio, balcony, garages € 1.800,-- RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 U, Landstuhl, Kaiserstr. 4, 06371/ 6129262 or 0170 685 0060 ask for Wolfgang, email wolf gang.wiedmann@remax.de

se Pho

Try our original Vietname

Saigon Restaurant

Enjoy authentic fresh Vietnamese specialties in a cozy atmosphere!


Mon-Sat: 12 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. Wednesday closed, Sun: 12 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.

Eisenbahnstrasse 68a, 67655 Kaiserslautern Tel.: 0631-4126329 In the x of the city, close to C&A


Big house with great garden in Landstuhl-Atzel (100 m to the hospital), 170 m², bik, fireplace, garden 950 m², availbale now please call Werner for an appointment! €295000 0173-4616514 / finanzbe ratung-klein@web.de Brand new freestanding house, 10 Min. to RAB, 260sqm., livingspace, 5 bedrms., 2 baths., b.i.k., floor-heating, garage, yard Price 380 000 €uro Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372803641 or 0173-8317162

OFF GmbH Publishing • Advertising • Media Design

Europaallee 3 67657 Kaiserslautern Tel: 0631 - 30 3355 30 www.advantipro.de

Dancing BRAUHAUS over 30 AM MARKT FRIDAY’S HAPPY 24H:0O0Uh R 21:00 – € 2,- OPEN DRINKS

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January 13, 2012

on your order* in 2012, on LOGOS BUSINESS CARDS LETTERHEADS SIGNS ADS BROCHURES FLYERS WEB BANNERS, ETC. … * Valid from January 15 to April 15, 2012. Only one coupon per customer. Offer is not combinable with any other offers or discounts and is not applicable to past purchases. Please bring in this coupon.


WE A » The only brewery in K-Town CCEP T U S D » Home brewed beer OLLA RS » Seasonal beer » Next to the famous Stiftskirche (12th century) » The best typical German food in town

Brauhaus am Markt Stiftsplatz 2-3 · Kaiserslautern • www.brauhausammarkt-kl.de

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Kaiserslautern American

HOUSES / APTS FOR SALE All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

Build Your Own House To your own specification 15 min to airbase No real estate fee 100% financing in most cases ZIAI Immobilien 06371 57888 For Rent or Sale Between Baumholder and Ramstein Duplex in GlanMuenchweiler 179.000,-€ 0171/4783904 www.immobilienHelga-Stenschke.de Geiselberg rowendhouse, quiet loc, 120sqm, 5rms, BIK, 2baths, guest WC, hobby rm, floor heat, carport, garden, for sale by owner 130.000€ obo 0631-12307 (after 14h) or 0179-5112877 Glan-Münchweiler: Duplex, 4Bedr., 2 Bathr., living/dining, bik, balcony, patio, quiet living area, available now, very energy efficient € 185.000,-- RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 U, Landstuhl, Kaiserstr. 4, 06371/6129262 or 0170 685 0060 ask for Wolfgang, email wolfgang.wiedmann@remax.de Kindsbach: nice duplex with garage built 2006, 145sqm, 4bm, 2 baths, E200000, ImmoT.016096096498

Home For Sale Duplex - half in Mackenbach Perfect spot, 195m² living space double garage, kitchen 6 years old, ready to move august 2012 Price: 360k€ Contact: martin.sattelberger@mlp.de Kaiserslautern Zentrum rare historical 2 levels super location easy downtown B 40 access quite renovated 3 balconies views 2 kitchens 8 rooms summer kitchen garden shop keller sell by owner, reduced. Charles DSN 634-7554 Ilona 0173-302-5189 €279000 caustin@alice.it Nice house in Herschberg with 5 bedrooms, 2 bath, bik, big liv.room, 175 m², available now please call Werner for an appointment! €255000 0173-4616514 or fi nanzberatung-klein@web.de

Obermohr, 4BM duplex with garage, built 2001, E224000, ImmoT. 016096096498 Ohmbach 20min. RAM 1Fam House, 5BR, 2baths, 3garages, 149.000€ neg. 0151-12241659 Ramstein: in excellent location you find 3-4 bedr., 1 ½ bathr, large living w open firepl., covered patio, bik, Garage € 288.000, RE/ MAX Dreamhomes 4 U, Landstuhl, Kaiserstr. 4, 06371/ 6129262 or 0170 685 0060 ask for Wolfgang, email wolf gang.wiedmann@remax.de

LOOKING FOR A COZY PLACE Wonderful freestanding house, TO SPEND THE WEEK OR A MONTH? 260 sqm., living-space, excl.

We can help! TLAs in Ramstein New apt for 1 bedroom for 2 people & also for families. Apts have: full furn Sat TV microw. phone comp w/DSL private parking pets OK wash/dryer also avail. Call 06371-5432 or 0171-3256002

Steinwenden-Obermohr charming home, 4-5 bedr, 2 bathr, Wintergarden, BiK, Livingr, Open fire place, great landscaping w/ gardenhouse and patio € 278.000,-- RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 U, Landstuhl, Kaiserstr. 4, 06371/6129262 or 0170 685 0060 ask for Wolfgang, email wolf gang.wiedmann@remax.de Use your Housing Allowance to purchase your home - buying in Germany is not complicated. We will inform you about all the details and give you advice in financing. We will help you step by step to get your own home. RE/ MAX Dreamhomes 4 U, Landstuhl, Kaiserstr. 4, 06371/ 6129262 or 0170 685 0060 ask for Wolfgang, email wolf gang.wiedmann@remax.de

January 13, 2012 Home from Home - Luxury 4 bed TLA house. Fully furnished / equipped. TV / DVD / Internet / Free calls to US. Close to Vogelweh / Landstuhl / Ramstein. Pets Welcome. 01603311344 / 063719469448 or tomsalmimi@ya 100% equipped 1-2BR Apts, hoo.com Free internet, AFN, Phone to USA, offRoad parking. 10min to RAM, Ramstein TLA 3BR2Ba house all LAND, LRMC, Contractors also inclusive furnished, linens, dishes/ welcome. Info: 0177 1955959 or pots, wash/dryer, AFN, tel, DSL, carport 0174-3995224 or 0152www.housinglandstuhl.com 33584979 email: tla@gmx.com or 1-4 BR TDYHomes.com Lux fully www.tla-ramstein.com furnished, free phone calls, in KaiTLA in Ramstein: 3 bedrm., livinserslautern, Landstuhl, Ramstein, groom, built-in-kit., 2 bath, fully Kindsbach more. Modern, close furnished, basement, call 06371to all bases. Kitchens, washer/ 57656 dryer fast internet. www.tdyho mes.com for pictures and info tdyhomes@me.com 0170 939 AUTOS 4463 !!!! 1-2BR TLA, fully equipped, free phone, AFN, internet, large back yard, quiet neigborhood, pets welcome, 10 min. to RAB and Vogelweh. Call 0179-5310274

1-4BDR (14) American-owned TLA / TDY Luxury TLAs near Vogelweh, RAB, Kleber. Free DSL, AFN, LoAll ads & pics can be viewed @ cal +US Calls. Free Househunting www.class-world.eu ASST/Airport PU Pets Ok ! ! ! ! 1 & 2 Bedroom Ramstein Lu- www.tlakmc.com 0176-31600012 xury Temp Apts for incoming/out- or tlakmc@yahoo.com. VAT, VIgoing families & TDY. Air Base 2 SA, MC mins, walk to restaurants & 2-3 Bdrs suites in Ramstein villashops. Beautifully furnished, ge & 5 bedroom house nearby. 100% equipped including AFN Sky, AFN, PC, wireless internet, TV, DVD, free Internet, plus was- phone, washer / dryer in unit, gas her/dryer. now available! Free grill on patio / balcony, king size phone calls to a landline in the American beds, complete kitUSA! For reservation or questions chens, yard, parking, We offer pricall: 0151-46501528 or mail to vate and comfortable living. Kids info@ramstein-tla.com www.ram love our place. Write to stein-tla.com and www.face- temp_house@hotmail.com Call book.de/ramsteintla 0179-1456657 anytime

b.i.k., 4 bedrms., master bedrms., with sep. baths., + dress rm., dining- living rm., garage, terrace, fenced yard Price 360 000 €uro Anne S. Neumann ! ! TLA/TDY Comfortable 2BDR. Immobilien4you Tel: 06372- Apt. in Mackenbach, 5min. to 4 & 6 Bdrm houses in Ramstein. 803641 or 0173-8317162 Ideal for large families, flexible ra-

NEED TIRES? Contact us today, we speak English!

Tel: 06305-7154101

Mon-Fri 08:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 , Sat 09:00-12:00

All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

Caution: Some KA Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash. $0 deposit financing + warranties and inspections on Quality Used cars at www.ramsteinused cars.com Also Second chance finance available. $3000 obo - 1996 BMW Dark Green 520i, German Spec, automatic trans, 214K km, new winter tires, extra set of rims, new radiator, new windshield, a/c needs work $3000 Dan sdanielcolton80@yahoo.com

RAB, fully furnished, TV SAT, $4500-OBO. 2007 Hyundai Atos. DVD, free phone, Internet, Gara- tes. See our website for more deWhite Color. German Spec. 40K tails http://ramstein-oasis.com ge; phone: 06374-1777 or 0151km, No A/C, Excellent conditions. 23263824 email: TLAapp@web.de 06371-463369 Set of winter tires with rims. 0170Available, Now! 1-3BED, Beauti- Comfortable, fully equipped apt, 8371532 or josemarrero10@ya ful! All inclusive. nbm4rent.com free phone/internet, Rodenbach hoo.com 01742430124/nbm4rent@hot conniec2310@gmail.com 017202 VW Beetle, green, mail.com 9061183 88,000miles, power sunroof and windows, 6 disk changer, only 1 WE OFFER: owner, cloth int., great cond., allALL CAR SERVICES season tires, flowers incl. $5400 TRANSMISSION REPAIR ELECTRICAL REPAIR 0151-525-064-69 USED CAR SALES BODY WORK WE BUY ALL CARS FREE TOWING SERVICE 07 VW Jetta GLI US Spec, Auto, WE BUY JUNK CARS (by business) Garage kept, leather, 62k, power everything, dealer maintained, MASTER MECHANIC • SERVING MILITARY 15 YRS Stock w/summer tires, Alloys w/ NP AUTOCENTER HANDELS GMBH winter tires $17500 mattpeck63@ PARISER STR. 287 • 67663 KAISERSLAUTERN VAT FORM ACCEPTED NICE PRICE 0631 • 310 7640 WWW.NPAUTOCENTER.DE VISA / MASTER CARD hotmail.com

January 13, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

2011 VW Tiguan SE, 30000KM US Spec, Triptronic, Blue MetalAUTOS lic, Charcoal Leatherette Interior, 17" Alloy Wheels. All Season TiAll ads & pics can be viewed @ res. Very good condition. $24995 www.class-world.eu ymart1@umbc.edu or 0151 / 4312 2000 Alfa Romeo GTV. 95,000 0008

Miles. 6 Speed Manual. Leather. All Power. 17" rims w/all season tires and 19" rims w/summer tires. Car is a must see ! $6000 016098270870 / jzimmerman92@ gmail.com

3 Series BMW 4cyl. new model, one owner, orig 110K miles, 4doors, 5sp, great gas mileage, sunroof, all season tires, exc cond passed mil inspection, €1950.obo acc state side cheque. T. Honda CR-V SE AWD, 06301-719500

2000 141000mi one owner, black leather interior, auto trans, 4cyl engine, new front brakes/starter, AM/ FM/CD. Great winter vehicle $6000 grmhens@yahoo.com

4 Continental Extreme Contact DWS Ultra High Performance M+S Tires 215/45ZR17 w/17K miles. W Rated 168mph/270kph 2000 Mercedez A class German Purchased Aug 10 for $440 $300 Specs. Safe fun, 4 door with sun nrahter@yahoo.com roof, new winter tires and set of 90 Ford Deluxe 4dr autom only summer tires both with rims. Runs 85K POV-INSP exc heater 1475€ great. 150,000 mi $6900 pmnts taken €600 down! Call jewelcsiszar@gmail.com Frank 0631-9797 2001 Dodge stratus. currently non op, auto shop says it will pass inspection just needs winter tires. take as is, make me an offer chttdol@aol.com 017673927851 2001 Ford Transit FT 350L TDE, 374.652km, diesel, 125HPS, AC, blue met., ABS; electr. windows, rear view mirrors, etc., ESP, center locks, heated windows, fog lights, spare tire and car lift incl. Kusel area. More pics: http://profile.imageshack.us/user/FordTransitCall: 0163-4460883

2005 Toyota Rav4 2x4, 1.8l, 123HP, 56K mls, dealer maint. manual shift, su-wi tires, trailer hitch, german specs. $13500 OBO 0157-84335151

BMW 318i automatic trans., just 68kmiles, 2owners, Modell 1993, pwr. doors/sunroof/mirrors, radio, winter tires, summertires, great condition $2900 0176-764-58720 Fiat stilo 1.4 16V active, 2005, stylish and sporty! black metallic, interior grey/blue, 2-door, glass "sky window" stretches across whole roof -- convertible feeling! 71,000km, 95 PS, 6 gears, unleaded fuel, air condition, bord computer, RDS high-class radio/CD with 6 speakers, power steering plus city steering, airbags, central locks, set of summer and winter tires, non-smoker car, only one owner, in excellent condition, no accidents, german tüv till march 2013. € 6,000 (neg.) call 015158216091

For Sale BMW 318i, 1992. Vehicle just past german inspection without any problems. Vehicle is good condition. Vehicle comes with a JVC, CD, MP3 pl. €2700 01708128934 NEG, 2009 Chevy Colorado 2LT Z71 4X4, Lots of options, <25k Miles, Great small truck for small German roads, kraven420_05@ya hoo.com or call after 5pm $22000 063726242285

les, dlr maint 33+MPG, fact warty. Excel cond, $14450 hooteman@ gmail.com

Opel Corsa, 2009, orig. 1280km, cool & sound package, AC, €10.500 obo Call: 0152-53699038



All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

Caution: Some KA Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash.

American/German playgroup for parents with children ages 1 month-4 years meet in Hochspeyer every Tuesday. Please contact: andy_sprott@hotmail.com onlineAD: yes

Cleveland Browns fans are invited to join the Browns Backers Worldwide chapter in Kaiserslautern hosting watch parties every gameday in Otterbach Live!! AJ 0151-40417872 Lookin for Harley and parts, brownsbackersinktown@ya Opel Corsa, manual 5 speed, 99 mostly for Sportster or E Glide. hoo.com Kmiles, 1996, new brakes/tires/ Sportster in every cond. too, even shock absorbers, inspection gua- when not runnin. Pay cash. Plea- Considering having your baby off-base in a spa-like setting? ranteed, 35 MpG $2000 Ralf 0171- se wrrite:gszf03@web.de Please contact us for obligation1673 256 01626409207 free advice! american.ge power wheels escalade black burts.team@google.mail.com 015125207361 $200 English speaking meetings of AlReliable Automatic, 85 K miles, coholics Anonymous available in electric windows, power lock, inthe Kaiserslautern/Vogelweh spection guaranteed $2900 Ralf Area. Our contact information is: 0171-1653256 AA Hotline-01803-224-357, Sard Oil Catch Can. Brand new www.aa-europe.net/countries/ger still in box. Bling for your engine!! many.htm $100 isabell_1_98@yahoo.com/ 017622987498 pics on www.class-world.eu OBO, 96 Red Opel Station Wg 5 Sd 254km, Runs Great, Great work car clean new all season tires, Struts shocks, bks Must sell PCSing! $1300 01719223022/ waltmarkwas@yahoo.com

2009 BMW GS 1200 ABS brakes heated grips, many extras, only 5000 miles, $15500 Call: 01622766420

CHECK OUT www.finditguide.de

Selling Brand New in the box lift kit for 07 and up Toy FJC. Bought two just need one. Enhance your FJC with this new kit. $600 wanjurui02@yahoo.com TODA K20A Valve Spring Set. Original price $400.TODA racing parts. Never used Asking $275 Ph.017622987498 / isabell_1_98@ yahoo.com

2005 Toyota Rav4 2x4, 1.8l, 123HP, 56K mls, dealer maint. manual shift, su-wi tires, trailer Focus 11 Red 4dr, AT, AC, PW/L/ hitch, german specs. Next TUEV Toyota Master Ace Caravan for Inspection March 2013 $12000 M, AM/FM/CD/Aux, remote entry, sale. email for information $2000 tilt, cruise, traction control, 30k mi01578 433 5151 myloss_biz@yahoo.com

2006 Fiat Punto special edition. 67,000 miles. great condition, 5 speed manual. metallic orange. Euro spec. Please call to arange for a view $6000; 017671758182/ r0nalddelacruz@hotmail.com

Page 29

Read your newspaper online to get the latest news:


2011 VOLVO XC 60 2.0 D3 DriveE Summun Eurospec!! Diesel 163 PS FWD Milage: 13000 km. Automatic Seashell metallic leather. Sunroof and more €29950 017658392708

A3 1L9 TDI, 147000 km. €5000 a.catteaux@laposte.net


For info pls. call 06371-57888

Professional Service for

JEEP Independent Workshop

Full factory authorized dealerships for Dodge, Chrysler and Volvo.

HONDA Independent Workshop

Page 30

Kaiserslautern American

ANNOUNCEMENTS All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

Free English Speaking Open House & Tour for Expecting Parents at Landstuhl St. Johannnis Krankenhaus! February 7; 5:30pm E-mail us for more info! ameri can.geburts.team@goo gle.mail.com Hochspeyer American Social Club. Meet your fellow neighbors from Hochspeyer & neighboring towns. Info on FB or email: hasc2009@googlemail.com www.amcreurope.com Reichswaldstr. 1c 66877 Ramstein

06371 - 61 41 55

KMC Center Ramstein

06371 - 80 205 20

» 24-hour Service

All Cars and Vans with winter tires! No extra costs!

Reiki: Interested in forming a Reiki Share Group? Please contact Jerry or Lorraine @ jerlor@t-online.de

January 13, 2012 Just found out your pregnant? Want to develop a relationship with one doctor for the term of your pregnancy? Considering having your baby off-base? ameri can.geburts.team@google.com

Water Birth...considering having a water birth? Please contact us for obligation-free advice! ameri can.geburts.team@goo gle.mail.com

Quit Smoking Today! The Army Public Health Nursing is offering Tobacco Cessation Classes for civilian and military personnel in the Kaiserslautern Military Community Area. Classes will begin the 2nd of March 2011 from 1130 -1230 hours. The classes will be held at the Kleber DFAC, Back Dining Room Bldg. 3206. New classes begin on the first Wednesday of every month and last for four weeks. Advance registration is required. To register or for more information call Army Public Health Nursing at DSN: 486-7002 or CIV: 06371-86-7002



For sure the best catch. ask for our


All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

KA advertisers living on base/ post and offering child care services are on the approved list of Family Child Care (FCC) providers. Those living off base/post offering these services in the KA are not screened by FCC. Use good judgement when choosing off base/post child care services. Qualifications should be checked and references requested before placing any child in the custody of child care providers who have not been screened.***Anyone providing more than 10 hours of care per week, on a regular basis, MUST be licensed by the FCC office. If you do not have a license and provide care, you could possibly lose your base housing privileges.***

! ! Experienced Child Care provider (engl spk) has openings for ages 0-10, very flex. 7min RAB Pls call 0163-2943479

Call 0631 - 3517019 for low rate car shipping

German daycare provider has openings full- or parttime, every age is welcome. Call Dagmar: 06385/993240




66877 Ramstein 66849 Landstuhl 67661 Kaiserslautern 55483 Airport - Hahn

Air Base, KMC Center Kaiserstr. 108 Kaiserstr. 22 Building 600

Tel. Tel. Tel. Tel.

(0 63 71) 802 034 0 (0 63 71) 611 211 (0 63 1) 414 868-0 (0 65 43) 508 720

BUY, SELL, TRADE your personal stuff on www.class-world.eu

Kaiserstr. 6, KL-Einsiedlerhof Tel. & Fax: 0631 • 57750

located on B40 across ”Nick’s Fried Chicken“

Meet the publisher of the KA www.advantipro.de

January 13, 2012

FOR SALE -- MISC All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

Caution: Some KA Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash.

Kaiserslautern American 12 playstaion 3 games for $20 a peace or a group price of $200 & plastation 2game (okami) Pc CD sims game packs chttdol@ aol.com 017673927851 2 Antique brsets: pine/oak w/3 dressers, inlaid wood bed w/2 dressers; children's IKEA desk white; 2 twin beds. Ph. 0631270641

Page 31 Beautiful silver coffee - cutlery 17 pieces, brand hildesheimerrose in the decoration suit-case. phone 06303-807227 â‚Ź59 azierke@gmx.de

Big mirror made from solid wood, please call 017661349395 between 7 and 9pm. (number 06) â‚Ź100 franzi.queling@google mail.com

Beautiful wool jacket pink size. 38/40 of German Alba Fashions/ beads embroidery. Back length 58 cm. 50% virgin wool, 40%, angora 10 %, polyamide. Hardly Beautiful antique sofa, hand-car- worn â‚Ź21 sweilacher@t-online.de ved and made from solid wood, Beautiful, antique cupboard, please call 017661349395 bet- hand-carved and made from solid ween 7 and 9pm. (number 03) wood, please call 017661349395 â‚Ź500 franzi.queling@google between 7 and 9pm.(number 02) â‚Ź2300 franzi.queling@google mail.com Beautiful hand painted german mail.com

Big tents, 2, white, excellent condition, each: 114ft. length, 59ft., width, 28ft. hight, for sports or shows or exhibitions, made in 1993 - like new 0152-25194313 (David Frank)

Antique table plus 4 matching hand-carved chairs, all made from solid wood, please call 017661349395 between 7 and 9pm.(number 01) â‚Ź1200 fran zi.queling@googlemail.com

Antique Tin Pot - very old - passed down from my grandfather. $40. See pictures at www.classworld.eu E-mail s.vogl75@web.de

2 Blankets downs 155x200 with 2 pillows 80x80, 900 gr. brand Webschatz. weight 1140 gr. !!!Playstation 2 Games!!! 6 Ga- downs 90% / feathers 10% â‚Ź249 mes in Original Covers for a Dona- azierke@gmx.de tion to KidsCare Cambodia e.V 2 Decoder for AFN TV. Scientific (Donations may be tax deductible) Atlantic D9835. 110-240v and free clock, wonderful gift for one that Beautiful, very antique cupboard Infos per Email $22 auroraute@ TV and 3 extra transformers $300 you really care about, gold leaf, for your livingroom, made from sogmail.com rosario_vo@yahoo.com wind up clock w/ chime, can be

!!!XBox Games!!! 9 Games in Original Covers for an Donation (30) to KidsCare Cambodia e.V.(Donations may be tax deductible) $35 auroraute@gmail.com

AFN Receiver HD 9865 AFN Re- placed on table or hung on wall ceiver AN 9835 for 150 email if in- with individual stand. Has to be seen to be appreciated. $900. terested myloss_biz@yahoo.com

Almost new! Atco Suffolk electric reel mower, in-built roller for a pro!11 VCR children Movies!!! For a fessional "checkerboard" pattern Donation to KidsCare Cambodia on your lawn! Easy turndial height e.V. More Infos per Email adjustment. $300 investatec@ aol.com auroraute@gmail.com

Saturday, January 14 8 am – 4 pm Ramstein, R i Fl Flurstr. 4 Tel. 0163-1 90 57 17

1(: $''5(66






quite the best bike shop in K-Town! We accept: VAT-Forms & Trippstadter Str. 125 67663 Kaiserslautern


Mon-Fri: 10:00 - 12:30 14:00 - 18:00 Saturday: 10:00 - 13:30

Nov. - March closed on Mondays

,17(51(7 6(59,&(6

Call us: 06221 - 750050 Email us: info@pjsnet.com Visit us: www.pjsnet.com Are you interested in placing an ad in the Kaiserslautern American? Please contact: ads@kaiserslauternamerican.com or call 0631- 303 355 36

Your Full Communication • Telephone/Internet DSL lines with fast activation! • Flatrate calls to USA • Support and Software in English • Cell Phones w/o contract

Vodafone Shop Landstuhl Great Deals on Cell phones with Contract or Prepaid

Phone, DSL + Internet Hookup Flatrate for calls to the USA #BIOTUSB•F t -BOETUVIM t 5FM 'BY t & NBJM IBCFMJU[!WPEBGPOF EF


Big wardrobe made from walnut tree wood, please 017661349395 between 7 9pm. (number 10) â‚Ź40 zi.queling@googlemail.com

solid call and fran

Black Keys Concert Tickets Available! 40 Euro a piece for the concert in Berlin on the 28th of lid wood, please call Jan. e-mail for more information! 017661349395 between 7 and kakikaba@yahoo.com 9pm. (number 04) â‚Ź2300 fran Blue & Yellow curtains for bezi.queling@googlemail.com droom/livingroom. Satin like mateBestecke Solingen 23/24K Gold rial. $15 See www.class-world.eu pics. 017622987498/ Plated Flatware Set. Model 1280L for with 72 piece. New only two piece isabell_1_98@yahoo.com

Children bike. 12" Puky wheel for small children, not used often, with support wheels. â‚Ź79 azierke@ have very light surface scratches. Large mirror with gold frame. Liâ‚Ź320 azierke@gmx.de ke new ! $30 gmx.de

Page 32

Kaiserslautern American

January 13, 2012

FOR SALE -- MISC All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

Bought blue chair 4 my son but he is too big for it. I purchased this chair from Bed Bath and Beyond. Asking $80 paid $99, Still in box. 06374944804 Bow-Flex Blaze practically new, comes together with everything except the cardboard. Amazon list 779. Save yourself some time and money, buy mine. $650 06371468287/craig.melder@ gmail.com

99$7 )2506

Couch table with green marble top, adjustable heigth, solid brown wood base $100



Physio Balance Kindsbacher Str. 39d 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

½ &28321 )25 67 &$5(

Want to lose weight? Mon – Fri 08.00 – 20.00 Failed your PT? Sat 10.00 – 16.00 www.physio-balance-neubert.de Use our special

8/75$621,& 75($70(17 2) )$7 5('8&7,21 )25 +(5 $1' +,0 %2'< :5$33,1* 5HMXYHQDWLRQ ‡ 6NLQ 7LJKWHQLQJ 5HPRYDO RI 6WUHWFK 0DUNV E\ 1DQR /LJKW

PT program: • Miha Bodytec • XSam • Altitude Training • Personal Training


Dr. Peterson

K-Town: 0631.89 29 122 0631.62 56 211



Mothers FREE in company of at least 1 kid from 1 year old

nter Prices Wi

For 1 bed plus 2 matching bed stands and 1 dresser, all made from solid walnuttree wood, please call 017661349395 between 7 and 9pm. (number 09) â‚Ź80 fran zi.queling@googlemail.com

Four upholstered brown wood dining room chairs. finthen6@ya hoo.com

Fur jackets, ladies in light brown sheepskin, size medium, worn very little, $100. Men's gray sheepskin with matching hat, size medium, $50. Walnut wall unit (livingroom Schrank) 79" wide $110; 4-seater couch in olive and black, $100; coffee table scene oil paintings with gilded, wooden frame each $90 by Glaserl. Call 06374-1277 Futon bunk bed. Bottom part folds out to a queen size bed. Offer includes bed and cream colored futon matress for the bottom part. $100; 01756588338 or 063017983666 Phillip67410@ya hoo.com

Now offering Orthodontics

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS trainer. Used only 2 or 3 times. All parts/CD in box it came in - like new! Original cost $200. d4dargen@gmail.com German Handmade! Oculti Cultus Secreti 2nd Military Intelligence Battalion Unit Insignia Wood Picture Inlay. Pair 37x25 cm. â‚Ź120 sweilacher@t-online.de

Fathers FREE

Ticket for 10 visits / Kids ₏ 50.Ticket for 10 visits / Adults ₏ 25.Open: Mon – Fri 2 p.m. – 7 p.m. 2 kids & 2 adults Sat, Sun, Holidays and ₏ 12,- ONLY (bring in this ad) German school vacation 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. Hauptstr. 86 • 67678 Mehlingen • Info-Hotline: 06303-80 60 69

Fine English table-ware set with 1 coffee pot, 1 milk jug, 1 sugar bowl, 1 soup tureen, 1 sauce tureen, enrichment plate, each 6 pices of messkit. â‚Ź249 azierke@ gmx.de

*starting at (GOĂ„), valid till Jan. 31, 2012; free consultation

How to find us: Fro m east take the B40 Kaiserslautern direction Mehlinge Sembach. Or tak e the A63 and tak n/ e exit Mehlingen. Enter Me signs direction Sp hlingen and follow ortzentrum Mehlin gen.

in company of at least 1 kid from 1 year old Offers not valid during school breaks and on holidays

F55 camera AF Nikon 28-100 f/ 3.3-5.6G lens Neck strap green camera bag $200

Futon couch that folds out into a queen size bed. Including red and black futon matress. $50 0175/ 658338 or 06301/7983666 or email to Phillip67410@yahoo.com

* Prices subject to change.




7XMV NZWU I U ¡ X U Kids from 1 year old â‚Ź 6,Adults â‚Ź 3,Seniors from 65 years old FREE

CALL 06371 - 59 80 770



5):<16 4=<0-: 316/ ,)A 2)6

Miha Bodytec - the revolution in EMS applications - is enjoying great success by Physio Balance Neubert.

We are TRICARE preferred provider

Epson Picture Mate Printer. Includes a package of printer paper; and new printer cartridge. Available for local pickup. $30 mark.oppel@gmail.com

Free Cleveland Browns fans are invited to join the Browns Backers Worldwide chapter in Kaiserslautern hosting watch parties every gameday in Otterbach Live!! AJ 0151-40417872 brownsbackersinktown@ya hoo.com


/26( <285 )$7 12:


Bureau, made from solid oak wood, please call 017661349395 between 7 and 9pm.(number 07) â‚Ź60 franzi.queling@google mail.com Cabinet for TV, Bassett (Pine), 65" Ht, 30" Wd, 20" Dp, Exc Cond, TV also for sale (see Sony Trinitron 25"), $165 OBO, Call 0163-330-5535, Lv Msg Collection of leather bound, signed by the author, 1st edition books, mint cond. Over 100 different books. Authors include: Norman Mailer, William F. Buckley, Joseph Heller, Elie Wiesel, Donald Mc Dunne, John Updicke, Tom Wolfe, etc. $ 15.000 - serious inquiries only! Call: 0631-940213 or 0151-270-19822 Metal bakers rack with wooden drawers. d4dargen@gmail.com

www.ramsteindental.com Poststrasse 5 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

0 63 71-40 62 30

PS3 Game-NCIS, played once $25 giovanny79@msn.com

OASE SPA RELAX THAI, FOOT & OIL MASSAGES Please call for appointment


01 76 • 62 19 77 28

Mon-Sun 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

more customers. more sales. more business.

• • • • • • • • •

Military Haircut Highlights / Color Kids Haircut European Hair Relaxer • Updo Hair-Extensions Eyelash-Extensions Gel & Acryl Nails Pedicure

• Manicure • Facial • Ulra Sound Treatment (Facial) • Massage • Waxing • Fruit Acid Peeling • Green Peel Treatment • Body Wrapping

OPEN: Mo - Fr 10.00 - 19.00 Sa 9.00 - 17.00 We accept VAT-Forms

Im Haderwald 19 - Kaiserslautern (next to Pulaski Gate - Vogelweh)

Phone: 0631-3516955


Morlauterer Str. 15 Tel.: 06301 - 71 85 704 67731 Otterbach Cell: 0176 - 87 00 52 16 www.thaimassage-otterbach.de b hd


January 13, 2012

FOR SALE -- MISC All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

German Washer and Dryer with connectors -Good condition- call 0160-806-0553 $250 rosario_vo@ yahoo.com

Kaiserslautern American If interested in a beautiful table for yout telephone, made from solid oak tree wood, please call 017661349395 between 7 and 9pm. (number 12) €50 fran zi.queling@googlemail.com

If interested in a hometrainer, brand "Kettler", please call 017661349395 between 7 and 9pm.(number 13) €80 fran Giant Antique Warehouse Sale, zi.queling@googlemail.com Sat & Sun the 14th & 15th Jan On- If interested in a wardrobe made ly!, 10am-3pm Schneeweiderhof from solid walnut tree wood, plea11, 67754 Essweiler Map: se call 017661349395 between 7 www.schoolhouse-antiques.com and 9pm. (number 11) €30 fran

Large Antique Dark solid wood. 3 pull out draws, 3 cabinets above and below to store goods in. 7 feet tall. Price: $2900 017622987498. class-world.eu pics

Page 33 Ms. Corona@serendipityart moved to landstuhl and needs to sell a few things. Love seat sofa and chair fireplace, curtains, large ornate mirror, table and chairs, motor bike, please call 0631-17258 or 01776036101

Loveseat in good condition. Oversize, tan. Free rattan rocking chair nice teak commode / tallboy in (needs new cane seat). $75 very good condition for sale. Solid wood with 4 drawers. width: d4dargen@gmail.com Mens 48L Black w/faint pinstripe 4 button Italian made suit. Pants 38/40-33L. Can be tailored. Also have Grey, Dark Purple, & Taupe color, €75 each.

house season 7 or big bang theory season4 $30 chttdol@aol.com 017673927851 House season 7/ the big bang theory season4 the ren & stimpy show $30 chttdol@aol.com 017673927851

I have 2 unused knee braces. Size small. Perfect condition. $10 Haley1067@gmail.com Older Grundig TV w/SAT receiver (no flat screen) works great €80 for both obo Call: 06386-6711

Satellite Dish and mounting bracket; Works with AFN and Sky. Available for pick-up only in Siegelbach. $70 mark.oppel@ gmail.com

60cm / depth: 40cm / height: 110cm €400; 0179-9100405 / Selling a Desk with Hutch. In tdlenhard@t-online.de good condition. $100 Also selling

Old doll, by the brand "Schildkröte" please call 017661349395 betGreen suade handbag. With zi.queling@googlemail.com ween 7 and 9pm. (number 05) three compartments. Zipper top. Mens Black XXL Winter Jacket. €120 franzi.queling@google Iiyama 19" computer monitor, $20 0176-22987498 please leave quite some years old but still wor- 70% wool, 10% cashmere, 20% mail.com polyester. Five button front with a a message if I do not answer. king. Probably you have a good

High-quality ladies clothes size 46-50. Shoes size 42-43. Dresses size 36-38, daily cushions with feather/spring filling, basis for negotiation azierke@gmx.de

PS3 Fat 40 GB+2 controllers. $225 Red Dead Redemption $25 MW2 - $20 COD World At War - $20 Little Big Planet - $25 $225 Haley1067@gmail.com

Orient carpets, Mir Indien red. versatile front zipper sweater inuse for it...50$ or best offer. 0179Very beautiful handmade pieces. sert. Only worn once. €75 9100405 / tdlenhard@t-online.de size: 1x170x122 1x180x122, nick_carl66@yahoo.com 1x260 round about 30 years old. Kids adidas soccer shoes, US siwashed. €890 ze 1, EU 32, black & red, worn a Micro Suede Couch (w/ pull out professional few times. Non marking. $35. full size bed), Chair and Ottoman azierke@gmx.de 0176-22987498, pics on class- for sale, asking $600 obo. Buyer Pink and white snake skin purse, must pick up furniture. $600 world not real. pics on www.class032212282656 world.eu isabell_1_98@yahoo.com Lace dress, eggshell/offwhite, size 6, never worn. For wedding/ Moving Sale: Tons of baby items, playstation games Deus EX, Resiprom/summer night out. $50; furniture, stroller, childrens/and stance 3 & fall of man, guitar hero 017622987498 or isabell_1_98@ya adult winter attire. Ikea closets, 5, majin, guitar hero smash hits, hoo.com Pic on www.class- refrigerator, dresser, childrens be- prostreet, modern warfare 2, world.eu does not do justice. Be- droom set. audj26@sbcglobal.net bloodstone 007, grand theft auto autful dress. chttdol@aol.com New DVD series for sale multiple $20 Living room Cabinet 2m 2 long al- titles Desperate housewives sea- 017673927851

3 Cabinets (2with Doors, 1 with Draws) each 50$ 2 Living/Diningrm Lamps each 20$ 017674144711 Sheepskin seat covers (pair), off white. 100% New Zealand Long Wool High Back. Used for only 1 month. Excellent condition. €150 017681180184 Sony Trinitron 25" TV, traditional (not flat screen), 7 yrs old, kept in spare office, barely used, $50, Call 0163-330-5535, Lv Msg

Swarovski Crystal - Attention collectors! All pieces over 20years old! Prices greatly reduced! Great gift for any special occasion! Private collection! Retired pieces. Penguin mother & baby, koala bear mother and baby, Panda moder wood TV compartment glass son 4&5 Ugly Betty season 2&3 Sunbeam Table Top BBQ porta- ther & baby, turtle. Call for info: showcase good cond €500 06385- Jill scott Lady detective season 1 ble Grill used once $10. Can deli- 06332-41560 between 2pm to Army wives $30; 0151 4641 2770 ver to RAB Call: 06332-41560 415150 9pm. Can deliver to RAB!



OF PART-TIME. When you make the transition to part-time service in the Air National Guard, you’ll continue to receive the military benefits you’ve come to depend on. Find out how you can achieve your civilian career goals while you live life your own way. Talk to your in-service recruiter today.



Page 34

FOR SALE -- MISC All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

Swarovski Pegasus-From the 1998 "Fabulous Creatures" Series. Retired in 1998, Asking $500.Ph. 06374/944828 Swarovski SC Isadora & Antonio, from the trilogy (magic of dance) 2002 & 2003, w/crystal signs & displays) will sell separately, Price 299 â‚Ź each obo Call: 01622762421

Kaiserslautern American TV base/foot for 46" Philips TV (46PFL 7605H) originally sealed. No use for it because my TV is mounted to the wall. â‚Ź70; 01799100405 / tdlenhard@t-online.de

Wee Ride Co-Pilot Tag-along bike hardly used. My kids want to ride their own bikes now. Great for smaller kids. Mine is silver with red stickers $70 06371468287/ Tyler Perry's Madeas Big Happy craig.melder@gmail.com Family. DVD Never opened still in Wine Rack/Holder, holds six bottplastic. $5 Haley1067@gmail.com les, attractive metal finish, fits perUSA and CSA documents, coins fectly in a small, narrow space. of Germany and China, private $10; 0163-330-5535 or john@ad collection, for sale piece by piece. vantipro.de

Call between 4-7pm 25194313 (David Frank)

0152- Wood frame picture. From Ashfield Arts. Made in the UK. Paid Very beautiful, 1xcoffee and $500. see class-world.eu for pics. 1xtee set, color silver, newly, pho- email.isabell_1_98@yahoo.com ne 06303-807227 â‚Ź179 azierke@ Yard sale: Niedermohr, lead Swarovski, silver, crystal, trilogy gmx.de glass, antique household selectimasquerade, 1999-2001, w/cryVery nice coffee / cocktail table on, clothes, furniture and more, stal signs & displays, 899â‚Ź obo as solid steel frame construction please make an appointment! Call: 0162-2762421 with glass sheet cover. Size: 100/ azierke@gmx.de The Swarovski Pierrot mesasu- 100/43cm, 150$ or best offer. Zune HD 16gb plus car charger res 8". This is the first edition of 0179-9100405 / tdlenhard@t-onli and car adapter, docker, and co"Masquerade" series. Retired in ne.de ver $130 aphallenbeck@gmail.com 1999. Pics on www.classWedding dress, white with veil, world.eu isabell_1_98@yahoo.com tiara, gloves and wedding pillow, PETS Tray table plus 1 matching ser- size 40-42. 350 euros obo. Flower ving tray, both made from solid girl dress size 152, 80 euros. All ads & pics can be viewed @ oak wood, please call Flower girl dress size 92-98, 86www.class-world.eu 017661349395 between 7 and 92, each â‚Ź60, white with wine red 9pm. (number 08) â‚Ź40 fran flowers. 06753-3071 please call There have been reports of after 14:00 zi.queling@googlemail.com pets being sold from breeding facilities that are not managed at the highest professional standards. Please choose your pet carefully. Make sure you check the creOnly 4 miles from dentials of the people selling Ramstein Air Base 7HO the pet, and get proper pa+DXSWVWUDVVH E perwork showing shots and/ Spesbach Ramstein HĂźtschenhausen or other proof of healthy con +Â WVFKHQKDXVHQ dition. For further advice, Free delivery to Kaiserslautern, Spangdahlem, Wiesbaden, consult your Veterinarian. Mon-Sat from 10:00 to 18:00 (closed Wed.) Heidelberg...

Exclusive Antique )UHGG\¡V Furniture $17,48(6

January 13, 2012 2 Female Shi-Tzu pups for sale. All shots/papers incl. $700 each. Puppy avail. for pick-up mid January. in Ktown area. Call 0152-23359371 or email. $700 blanbr920@ yahoo.com Are you stationed in Germany and looking for a puppy? I'll help you to find the right breeder near you. Contact me! â‚Ź20 nawroth.e@ googlemail.com Gorgeous Akita Inu girl, 13 weeks young, black brindle with white paws, is looking for a new home. Dewormed, up to date on shots. Contact me. â‚Ź850 na wroth.e@googlemail.com

Need Handyman to do home repairs. Must speak english. Call: 0162-2766420 New Challenge for Baseball / Softball Coaches!! The River Bandits Baseball and Softball Team, located in SaarbrĂźcken (A6, 30min from KL) is looking for coaches for both teams and also players. Please contact: ste fan.frantz@sfr-consult.de or call 0171-8634083

Professional need min. 2bdrm, fenced in yard, dogs allowed, highspeed internet in Landstuhl. Have dogsitter / putzfrau. Can move anytime 2012/2013, flexible. Maltese puppy 10weeks. Male â‚Ź1100 ArsenoVentures@ chipped, dewormed, all shots & gmail.com registered. If you have the right home please make an offer. 950â‚Ź Seeking dishwasher for new obo 06302-981850 or haylors@ apartment. Used German-style would be great! Can pick up. gmx.net anytime

jessebarlow2@yahoo.com PCSing 3yr old lionhead bunny, free with all accessories. chttdol@ Seeking Video8 camcorder or VTR to transfer old home movies aol.com 017673927851 to digital format. Willing to rent or buy equipment 0162-276-5161


All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

Teacher, foreign languages buying dictionaries all languages and foreign language guides. Call 0152-25194313 or 0160-69439449

am looking for a PowerVu receiver with valid subscription for afn Vodafone interntet stick $20 chttdol@aol.com 0176-73927851 tv ptech@gmx.co.uk please: gently-used I am moving and losing my room Wanted mate in January, so I am looking items to Donate! to the Landstuhl for someone to share an apart- Thrift Shop (proceeds go to Wounment with. Please e-mail me if ded Warrior Program, USO etc). pick up. Thank you! you are interested â‚Ź300 Will tweetandmore@gmail.com april082008@live.com

Check out the new Find-It Guide 2012 www.finditguide.de

January 13, 2012

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

Kaiserslautern American Guitar Lessons for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Lessons are tailored to the student. Call Skeeter 0175-8702507

H & I Service: You need help around your house, we do all work personally and perfect. PCScleaning, house-cleaning, yardwork, painting and repairs, trash hauling, carpet cleaning Call 0179! ! PCS cleaning, weekly, experi- 7418078 enced team over years INSP guaranteed 0160-91948-691 or Home & Maintenance Service. PCS, regular & carpet cleaning w/ cthompson@t-online.de ref., painting, repair, trash remo!!AaronHouse cleaning & trash val, bulk & yard waste 06383hauling servs reg PCSing yard927372 or 0172-6693714

! ! ! ! ! Bridge cleaners - cross the bridge into a cleaner world! We offer all services around your home! www.bridge-cleaners.vpweb.de 0173-3683830

work, repairs, painting & all other duties, avail @ 0173-8273480 insp Professional Massage tailored to guaranteed your needs. Monday - Saturday

!!PCS Cleaning pass insp guaran- 10a.m. til 8p.m. Check out my teed on/off base Ampi 0176- website: www.sanyo-balan 87076932 ce.vpweb.de €30 Mobil: 0177 Country code: Certified translations. Reasona- 3838285 ble rates. Call 06374-4113 or 00491773838285 0179-531-0274. Chinese/English Translation. Chinese lessons and tutoring. English teacher. Call Min Sun, 49-631343-19899, Web: drjamesgw@ amginstitute.com 49-631-34319899 Computer Service - support, consulting & education at your house! All Windows systems, ISDN, DSL, network, security, and more! MH Computer Service 0171-6561773

German Cleaning Lady for final PCS cleaning flex, last minute & references! With Invoice! No ID card! 06374-994854 Translator/Interpreter Certified KL., near Vogelweh. Reasonable rates. Call: 0631-54440




BBC/SKY Free-View and more...

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Tutoring and Teaching AMG Institute, Inc. Dr. James T. Grier, PhD., MS, MBA, BSEE, TEFL Tutor: Math, Physics, Science, English, Engineering Office: 49-631842-47076 Cell: 49-631-34319899 Web Address: www.amgin stitute.com E-mail Address: drjamesgw@amginstitute.com drjamesgw@amginstitute.comi


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• SCAR SPARING breast REDUCTIONS – even in large reductions! No T-shaped scars! • NEW breast LIFT techniques – reshaping your breast – providing a perky look! • Breast AUGMENTATION procedures


We accept 19% VAT forms • TRICARE preferred provider Dr. Bianca Knoll • Savignystr. 61 • 60325 Frankfurt • Fon: 069-7422-7979 Email: info@dr-bianca-knoll.com • www.dr-bianca-knoll.com

Dr. Matthias Christ MD, DDS

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Certified in Oral Implantology & Aesthetic Facial Surgery Oral Surgery Dental Implants Computer Implant Planning Periodontics Dental Hygienist Service Comprehensive Dental Service in General Anaesthesia Regional Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery for Facial Skin Cancer Laser Treatment Laser Hair Removal Traumatology In- and Outpatient Procedures 3D X-Ray

We speak English Openings: Mon, Tue, Thu Mon, Tue, Thu Wed + Fri

7.30-11.30 14.00-16.00 7.30-12.00

Practice Dr. Christ Hölzengraben 2 • 67657 Kaiserslautern Tel: 0631-371170 • E-Mail: mchrist65@web.de

INSTALLATION SERVICE-SALES quality service since 1991

0179-3437297 10 am to 6 pm


BUY - SELL - TRADE your private stuff at


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Kaiserslautern American

January 13, 2012

We Help Secure the Future for More Than Just Our Country N AT IONAL SECURI T Y This could be your journey. If you are dedicated, competitive, courageous, and a team player, SAIC is the place for you. Over 10,000 former military professionals found us to be their employer of choice. We hope you will too. Whether you are a transitioning military professional or an active reservist, you view serving America as an honor — protecting her citizens and society at large, and helping make the world safer. Smart people solving hard problems. Join us at saic-military.com


Š SAIC. All rights reserved.


January 13, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

Licensed Practical Nurses needed in Landstuhl, Germany Great JOBS Compensation! Live and Work Overseas! Contact Nichol at 513All ads & pics can be viewed @ 984-1800 ext. 152, fax 513-984www.class-world.eu 4909, or email nmulligan@sterling Job Announcement: Territory medcorp.com Manager, Sales Representative for a Military Retail Service Organi- The Resa Thrift Shop is accepzation. Must live near Kaiserslau- ting applications for a Manager, tern Military Community and be Bookkeeper and a Cashier. Prior able to travel to outlying bases. experience helpful, but not requiMust have basic computer skills red for all positions. Applications to include Outlook, Excel, Word. Prefer that candidates have some available during business hours at retail experience. Base Salary. Lo- the Thrift Shop, located adjacent gistical support is not offered. to the Ramstein Commissary. For EMAIL resume and/or Inquiries to: more info, call 06371-47-5492 larmagno@sksales.com







Serco Inc. has an opening for a Victim Advocate Coordinator at USAG Kaiserslautern. This position provides 24/7 crisis intervention and advocacy services to Soldiers and Family members affected by domestic violence and sexual assault, to include safety planning, and case management services. Position requirements: BA/BS in social/behavioral health field and two years of direct advocacy experience in the field of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. Please go to www.sercona.com and apply for position No.39753. mary.b.hale.ctr@ mail.mil

OVERSEAS AUTO INSURANCE We are now accepting applications for Sales & Service position available Feb. 2012. On the job training. No experience or insurance license necessary.

Working hours: Mon-Fri 8:30 to 17:00 Salary in EURO For further information, please contact Dennis Snider at 0631-414-63100 or 0800-100-8687

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LOST & FOUND All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

Lost anniversary crossover yellow/white gold ring. Lost in vicinity of Landstuhl Thrift store on Thursday Nov 3. 200$ reward for return. Ph. 0172-6813727

PERSONAL All ads & pics can be viewed @ www.class-world.eu

BBW, German lady, 50 yrs, outgoing, great humor, seeks male for friendship. funperson4555@ya hoo.com

I am new to Germany and looking for a down to earth and outgoing lady to spend quality time with and enjoy all types of activities. I am a great friend, love to stay active, travel, honest, respectful and sincere. I am a black male, 42 years old, in good shape and read to meet that special person. Please e-mail me if you are serious. talk_m_gw@rocketmail.com - Rick Looking For My "Angel", Single woman, 46 looking for an American (caucasian) my age, who can speak German because my English is not so great. Only Singles! 0160/6737687

Warm-hearted, great humor, well-kept 33yrs single black lady seeks to find an exciting relationship. I am outgoing, friendly and honest merryjap@googlemail.com

Enlist our tax expertise.

H&R Block knows the specific tax benefits for personnel serving in the military and civilians working overseas.We can help you get all the deductions you’re entitled to. AAFES KMCC Mall 2nd floor, Ramstein Airbase


Advertise your job opening in the Kaiserslautern American!

Contact us today at 0631-30 33 55 36 to place your display ad.

Tel: 06371-8020410, E-Mail: eclemons@hrblock.com Web: www.hrblockwiesbaden.com

9,(:65: ;6 */66:, 6450 &OLFN WRGD\ FDVK WRPRUURZÂŽ ^^^ 4PSP[HY`3VHUZ JVT



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Live Person Service 24/ÇÊUĂŠäänää°{ÇÓn°Ă“äääĂŠUĂŠĂƒiĂ€Ă›ÂˆViVĂ•°ÂœĂ€}/ka

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Kaiserslautern American

January 13, 2012

January 13, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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Kaiserslautern American

January 13, 2012



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a TKS digiCABLE 70 digital channels f 10 HD channels f digital audio and picture quality f on screen program guide f




. S . Uhannelst


c nten & co


and K