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December 14, 2012

December 14, 2012

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Volume 36, number 50

Nigerian air force visits CRG, shares ideas by Airmen 1st Class Holly Cook and Trevor Rhynes 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Colleagues from the Nigerian air force Quick Response Force visited members of the 435th Contingency Response Group Dec. 4 through 6 at Ramstein. Five members of the QRF came to the CRG to gain a better understanding of their construct, capabilities and employment. “Our goal is to address their needs and concerns to improve their own airfield assessment, security forces and emergency medical support,” said Staff Sgt. Luis Devotto, 435th CRG air adviser and NCOIC of special vehicle maintenance. “We are also building a plan for future familiarization activities.” Assisting with training and building partnership capacity with air forces from other nations is one of the missions of the 435th CRG. With these partnerships, the U.S. is able to teach and learn new mission techniques from counterparts from other nations. “I am very excited to be here and to learn,” said Air Commodore Benard U. Chiobi, QRF commander. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to come and see how our partners carry out their mission.” Using their experience in combat support training, construction, airlift support, quick response times and air base security, the 435th CRG shared more effiSee VISIT, Page 3

Photo by Staff Sgt. Travis Edwards

Nigerian air force Capt. Anthony J. A. Adagboyi handles an M-4 carbine rifle while asking questions of Staff Sgt. Brandon Bendele, 435th Security Forces Squadron combat arms training and maintenance instructor, during a visit to the 435th Contingency Response Group Dec. 5 on Ramstein. The Nigerian air force came to Ramstein to learn about the 435th CRG quick response force and the weapons they use.

16th SB uncases colors Story and photos by Staff Sgt. Lynne Lantin NTM-A/DCOM-SPO Public Affairs

Col. Darren Werner, commander of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command’s 16th Sustainment Brigade, and Command Sgt. Maj. Ismael Rodriguez, command sergeant major of the 16th Sust. Bde., uncase the brigade colors during a transfer of authority ceremony Nov. 30.

CAMP EGGERS, Afghanistan — The 21st Theater Sustainment Command’s 16th Sustainment Brigade uncased its colors during a transfer of authority ceremony Nov. 30, symbolizing its official start of operations in Afghanistan. The brigade, in the process of transitioning to Baumholder from Bamberg, Germany, is the only sustainment brigade that supports all of U. S. Army


Remain vigilant. During the holiday season there is an increase in pickpocketing, purse-snatching and petty crime. See Polizei tips on Page 8.


Tip of the Week Holiays in the garrison, Page 12

Landstuhl holds 16th Christmas market, Page 22

Europe. It was notified earlier this year by the Department of the Army that its expertise was needed to help the Afghan National Security Forces build and sustain a functional logistics system before the scheduled withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan in 2014. Brigade headquarters personnel deployed to augment the Deputy Command of Support Operations, NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan, taking over mission operations from the 13th Sustainment Command (expeditionary) See CEREMONY, Page 3


As of Dec. 12


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Kaiserslautern American

December 14, 2012

Supporting aircraft generation by Lt. Col. Lou Marnell 86th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron



e’ve all seen the pictures of maintainers launching and fixing aircraft, but there is an important unseen element that makes all of that happen. In the 86th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, the Sortie Support Flight is responsible for equipping maintainers with the tools, equipment and support items that enable us to generate combat airpower every day. These maintainers are also responsible for packing out our UTCs, enabling us to deploy wherever tasked. They also manage several programs, including hazardous waste, bench stock, spare tools, vehicles, aircraft equipment and a number of other areas vital to our success. Support personnel are selected from eight different AFSCs throughout the squadron and typically will be assigned to the section for two years. Here, they will be trained in checking tools and equipment in and out, conducting inspections and assigning programs to conduct daily operations. While checking tools in and out may seem pretty mundane, in the aircraft maintenance career field, every item that goes to the flightline has to be accounted for. If an item is lost on the flightline, it will bring the mission to a halt until the search is conducted and the tool is found. These Airmen are the

last line of defense in making sure we maintain positive tool control. The other big mission of this important flight is to pack up our equipment and deploy it at a moment’s notice. This team can pack out all the tools and equipment we need to support our combatant commanders in a very finite amount of time. While we have exercised this with Operation Readiness Exercises, the team successfully packed out in support of the embassy crisis in Libya. Tech. Sgt. Robert Knowles leads 10 Airmen, covering 24/7/365 operations on the flightline. His team is responsible for the management of more than 30 programs. He was responsible for leading our professionals in packing out tools and equipment to support several real-world operations as well as maintenance recovery teams. They ensured we had everything we needed to generate combat airlift for AFRICOM missions. Additionally, his team manages a 300 item equipment account and more than 1,700 tools. With the winter weather upon us, one of the additional challenges we face is aircraft deicing. Equate this to clearing off your car in the morning and add the challenge of an aircraft with critical flight controls. Staff Sgt. Derek Bennett has filled the role of our vehicle NCO and maintains a fleet of 33 vehicles, including 12 de-ice trucks, which are a critical piece of our winter operations. These

trucks allow our squadron to de-ice not only our C-130J fleet, but also the operational support aircraft and any transient aircraft that fly in and out of Ramstein. He helps develop vehicle requirements, liaises with the professionals in the vehicle readiness squadron to keep the winter fleet ready to go and develops training plans for all of our special vehicles. With the importance of mission accomplishment and the stringent host nation hazardous waste laws, it is important that these assets are running at peak performance. Finally, Senior Airman Michael Lasko maintains one of the most critical programs in our operation. He is responsible for the Hazardous Materials Program as the hazardous waste and unit environmental coordinator. His span of operations includes support to 27 assigned aircraft across five different locations on base. He helps ensure we stay stocked with all hazardous materials to accomplish our mission and then dispose of them properly. If he didn’t ensure that we have the sealant, oil, hydraulic fluid, cleaners and other essential materials, it would bring our operation to a halt. As you can see, it takes an amazing team of Airmen behind the scenes to put those aircraft in the air and deliver the beds, beans, bullets and people our warfighters rely on to support our combatant commanders. Thanks for letting me brag about a couple of them, and thanks for all you bring to the fight!

COMMANDER’S ACTION LINE The Commander’s Action Line gives all Airmen, retirees, families and community members a direct link to Brig. Gen. C.K. Hyde, 86th Airlift Wing commander. The Action Line can be used to express constructive points of view on the policies and procedures of the base; discuss safety and security issues; and address problems, concerns, or sug-

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December 14, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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Get a head start to a ‘Right Finish’ by Airman 1st Class Hailey Haux 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

The second Right Finish class was held in the Hercules Theater Dec. 7 on Ramstein. The Right Finish class was started by Airman 1st Class Chiffon Lyles, 786th Force Support Squadron outbound assignments technician. The class offers insight to the basics of assignments including a description of the virtual military personnel flight, the assignment management system and frequently asked questions. “I decided to start this class to save people the time of being concerned about the assignments process,” Lyles

said. “I wanted to set this up to give everyone a heads up on what to expect and how to go about changing their preferred assignments if needed.” The class breaks down the basics of assignments for all Airmen to understand. This class was about an hour long and Lyles explained, in depth, many things in the assignments process. From 12 to 15 months prior to the date eligible for return from overseas date to getting the port call set up, everything was laid out. “This class was very informative,” said Airman 1st Class Teresa Poucher, 86th Airlift Wing knowledge operations manager. “Being a first-term Airman, I

wasn’t sure about a lot of things and this helped me get a better understanding of the assignments process.” Lyles talked about how joint-spouse assignments worked and clarified what the different intent codes mean for those types of assignments. She also touched on what retainability is and who is entitled to it. “I have got some awesome feedback from these two classes,” Lyles said. “I plan on keeping this going for years to come to help out my fellow Airmen.” Lyles is scheduled to brief the 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing at a NCO professional development seminar, Dec. 19. She plans to hold the same briefing for different squadrons throughout the new year.

DOD prepares for potential sequestration by Senior Master Sgt. David Byron Air Force Public Affairs Agency WASHINGTON — The Office of Management and Budget has instructed the Department of Defense to pursue internal planning to meet required budget cuts if sequestration goes into effect Jan. 3. Sequestration is a mechanism enacted by Congress that will initiate severe across-the-government budget cuts if

Congress and the president are unable to pass a budget that meets the requirements of the Budget Control Act of 2011. For the DOD, sequestration would cut the defense budget by $500 billion over the next 10 years. These cuts would be in addition to the nearly $500 billion in cuts, during the same time frame, already directed by the 2011 BCA. DOD officials have already been considering possible effects of sequestra-

tion, including communicating impacts to the DOD work force. “Our focus has been on examining the potential impacts of sequestration,” said Dr. George Little, acting assistant secretary of defense for public affairs, during a Pentagon press availability, Dec. 5. “We know what the potential impacts might be, and that helps us create a baseline for what we need to plan against.” (For the full story, visit

CEREMONY, from Page 1

after a year-long deployment. “From our notification, our Soldiers were trained and ready to deploy in four months,” said Col. Darren Werner, 16th Sust. Bde. commander. “We are proud to join the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines from over 25 different nations contributing to the NTM-A mission — the mission to support the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and generating and sustaining the Afghan National Security Force to develop its leaders and to establish an enduring institutional capacity to enable accountable Afghanled security.” Werner takes over as the deputy commander for the DCOM-SPO, NTM-A mission. Brig. Gen. Clark W. LeMasters, the commander of the 13th ESC and outgoing DCOM-SPO commander, welcomed the 16th Sust. Bde. as he said goodbye to

Col. Darren Werner, commander of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command’s 16th Sustainment Brigade, addresses guests during a transfer of authority ceremony Nov. 30. The 16th Sust. Bde. officially took over operations in Afghanistan from the 13th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) in support of NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan.

friends and comrades. “You have a new team member now who is equally committed to the same goals, and those are your goals,” said LeMasters as he addressed his Afghan partners in the audience. “I’ve seen great and many accomplishments in the short time I’ve been in Afghanistan. I ask you to continue that momen-

tum. The logistic support you provide enables your security forces to stand between your people and those who wish to destroy all that you have earned in many years of war.” Lt. Gen. Daniel P. Bolger, the commander of NTM-A and guest speaker at the ceremony, said goodbye to the Soldiers of the 13th ESC, praising them for their accom-

plishments over the past year. He also welcomed the 16th Sust. Bde. and expressed his confidence that it will continue the mission with great success. “Today the 16th Sustainment Brigade takes over,” Bolger said. “The 16th motto on their flag is, ‘Logistics: The key to win.’ You’ll see that key right on their unit insignia and it’s partnered with a battleaxe, because sometimes you have to kill some bad guys to get where you need to go. Since it formed, the 16th has both fought and sustained in campaign after campaign to include four deployments to Iraq, and now the 16th is here in Afghanistan. Your mission’s as straight forward as your motto; help the Afghans provide the key and win this thing. That’s why we’re here.” “Although we case the colors of the 13th Sustainment Command, and uncase the colors of the 16th Sustainment Brigade, this ceremony is not just about those two units,”

VISIT, from Page 1

cient methods to complete the Nigerian air force mission. “We need to speak with people who have that experience so we can tap into that knowledge,” said Air Commodore Anthony John Alechenu Adagboyi, QRF regiment director. Using the knowledge of the Airmen who make up the 42 different career fields of the 435th CRG, the Nigerian counterparts received a better understanding of how to complete their day-to-day operations. “My team and I are trying to build the air force unit of the future. My main focus is to get our guys trained and ready,” Chiobi said. “There are many techniques that have been demonstrated for us over the last few days that I think will help. “My team learned how to evaluate needs for personnel and equipment; we saw the strengths of the Contingency Response Group and were not disappointed with what we saw,” Chiobi continued. “I had my personal expectations set very high and I’m happy to say they were met. I’m looking forward to continuing the relationship between our two nations.” said LeMasters during his closing speech. “It’s about the incredible teamwork of the entire DCOM-SPO. It is not just about these Soldiers who stand here today representing these two units. It’s about many nations, many people coming together for a common purpose. And although we wear different uniforms, we work together to accomplish the NTM-A mission every single day.”

Carpet repair & cleaning Free pick up and delivery All credit cards accepted • VAT-forms

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Kaiserslautern American

December 14, 2012

Reported Larcenies


DEC. 6 » Ramstein-Miesenbach: One Garmin GPS, two pairs of Oakley sunglasses, one toolkit, one Esso fuel card, one vehicle registration and one insurance letter.

DEC. 5

6:27 p.m.: A major traffic accident was reported in Siegelbach. Investigation revealed a rental vehicle drove into a ditch due to driving too fast for road conditions.

DEC. 6

10:43 a.m.: A gate runner was reported on Vogelweh Family Housing after a motorist drove through the gate without stopping to identify himself. 7:21 p.m.: A mutual assault was reported in Kottweiler-Schwanden.

in Rodenbach. Damage included a fence pushed inward and an electrical box removed from its cement foundation. 4:27 p.m.: Larceny of secured private property was reported in Kaiserslautern. 10:45 p.m.: A driving under the influence was reported at the Ramstein West Gate. Investigation revealed the owner of two vehicles was observed several times illegally exchanging license plates to two different vehicles.

1:49 a.m.: Drunk and disorderly conduct, assault, and provoking speeches or gestures was reported in Kaiserslautern. 8:40 a.m.: A major traffic accident with injuries was reported in Landstuhl. The accident was caused due to following too closely.

DEC. 8

DEC. 10

5 a.m.: A drunken driver and fleeing the scene was reported in Bruchmühlbach-Miesau. The accident was caused due to excessive speed and level of intoxication 3:16 p.m.: A major traffic accident was reported

12:03 a.m.: Larceny of unsecured private property was reported in Lohnsfeld. 12:09 a.m.: A major traffic accident was reported in Kaiserslautern. Investigation revealed the accident was caused due to driving too fast for weather


• The Retiree Activities Office will close up shop at the end of business on Thursday and reopen Jan. 8. If you have a serious situation that just cannot wait, feel free to write the director at • The Kaiserslautern Veterinary Treatment Facility will be closed today and Dec. 24 and 25. For details, call 493-4473 or 0631-3406-4473. • The KMC Housing offices will be closed Dec. 24, 25 and 26 in observation of the Christmas holidays. Normal hours will resume at 8 a.m. Dec. 27.

Take Note

Neighborhood watch training

The next neighborhood watch training for Vogelweh and Landstuhl housing residents will take place at 5 p.m. Thursday in Bldg. 2787 (adjacent to NCOA) 2nd floor, on Kapaun. For questions, contact Ramstein Security Forces at 480-1215/478-2232 or 06371-47-2050/06371405-2232, or Vogelweh Security Forces at 4897501 or 0631-536-7501.

Christmas tree sale

The Christmas tree market in Kaiserslautern will take place Saturday to Dec. 23 on the Messeplatz fairgrounds. Various kinds of Christmas trees will be sold from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays, and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays.

MLK breakfast

DEC. 10 » Lohnsfeld: One log of firewood. » Hütschenhausen: One blue Sony camera, $140 and one diamond ring.

DEC. 9

12:20 a.m.: Vandalism and damage to private property was reported in the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center Shoppette after a Christmas tree was knocked over and ornaments were broken. 1:40 a.m.: Drunk and disorderly conduct and damage to private property was reported at a club in Kaiserslautern after an individual punched a hole in the ceiling after noticing the cigarette machine was out of order.

DEC. 7

DEC. 8 » Kaiserslautern: One burgundy wallet, one military identification card, four credit cards, one U.S. Army Europe driver’s license, one American driver’s license, €90, unknown amount of U.S. dollars and a personal photo.

The 86th Airlift Wing Martin Luther King

and road conditions. 1:04 p.m.: Operation of a U.S. Army Europeplated vehicle with expired registration was reported in Ramstein-Miesenbach. 2:10 p.m.: Larceny of unsecured private property was reported in Hütschenhausen. 4:48 p.m.: Larceny of unsecured private property was reported in Ramstein-Miesenbach. 8:35 p.m.: A fleeing the scene was reported in Kaiserslautern. Investigation revealed a motorist was seen crashing into a parked vehicle and departing the scene without notifying proper authorities. 9:01 p.m.: A mutual assault was reported in Mackenbach.

dedication breakfast will take place at 8 a.m. Jan. 18 at the Ramstein Officers’ Club. For details, call master Sgt. Latasa Tate at 480-4616.

Post offices need volunteers

It’s that time of year when the KMC post offices receive more than 25,000 packages. KMC members over the age of 15 can volunteer at the Ramstein and Kapaun postal facilities now until Jan. 15. If interested, email 435cs.

New hours

Vehicle Registration on Kapaun Air Station will start new hours of operation Wednesday. Every Wednesday will be a training day and the main vehicle registration office in Bldg. 2806 will close at 1 p.m. The Vehicle Inspection and Sub-Station will not be affected by the change but will only conduct the normal day-to-day operations (annual renewals, temporary to permanent plates and plate change when conducting an annual renewal transaction), all other transactions will need to be conducted the following duty day. New hours of operation are from 7 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday; 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Wednesday; and 7 to 11 a.m. the last day of month. For more information, call 489-7729 or 0631-536-7729.

Donations for Pfennig Bazaar

The German-American and International Women’s Club Kaiserslautern will collect donations for next year’s Pfennig Bazaar scheduled

to take place March 1 and 2. Donations will be taken from 9 a.m. to noon Dec. 21 and 22 at the Pfennig Bazaar warehouse, Hackstrasse 4-6 in 67657 Kaiserslautern. Clothes, household items, electrical appliances, toys and books will be needed. Furniture, mattresses, shoes, suitcases and other big items will not be accepted. For details or to volunteer, contact Martina Anctil at martina-daifc@ or call 0631-41239031, or visit

Blues Monday

For all 86th Airlift Wing Personnel: In accordance with the new guidance from the chief of staff of the Air Force and commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe, the uniform of the day for Monday will be flight suit or Airman Battle Uniforms, with one exception. From May to October, the first Monday of every month, blues will be the UOD for all 86th Airlift Wing personnel. Every Airman is expected to maintain serviceable service dress and blues uniforms.

Parade participants needed

The Ramstein Carnival Association Bruchkatze is looking for American individuals, bands and walking groups dressed in costumes who would like to participate in the annual Fasching parade Feb. 12 in the center of Ramstein-Miesenbach. Anybody interested should contact the 86th Airlift Wing Host Nation office at or 4802094.

December 14, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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OPERATION “BUY-SAVE-WIN” - A SUCCESS! Our special mission this winter is to save you thousands of dollars on selected BMW/MINI Stock/Demo and Pre-Owned cars at Pentagon Car Sales and also present 5 lucky buyers with an opportunity to win a $3,000 cash prize in our Buy-Save-Win Lottery on January 19 – guaranteed to chase away those post-Holiday Season Blues!




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Vicenza Viale Della Pace 254 36100 Vicenza (VI) Tel: 0444 91 09 38

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Kaiserslautern American

December 14, 2012

773rd CST demonstrates capabilities at open house Story and photo by Sgt. 1st Class Matthew Chlosta 7th CSC Public Affairs Office, 21st TSC


he 7th Civil Support Command’s 773rd Civil Support Team held its second annual open house demonstration partnership building event, Dec. 7, despite the snow and inclement weather. The intent of this event is to “demonstrate the unit’s capabilities, build partnerships and plan future chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear training opportunities,” said Capt. Hubert Little III, event coordinator of the 773rd CST. We will showcase the relationships we have established with the Belgium province of Zaventem and the U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern fire departments, Little added. More than 30 visitors, including Germans, Polish soldiers, Belgian firefighters and members of the U.S. Air Force and Army attended the event, which included a tour of the 773rd CST’s equipment and vehicles. “It was awesome,” said Senior Airman Steven Chamble, 886th Civilian Engineer Squadron. “We definitely need to step up our game.” After the tour the group visited the

Lt. Col. Leslie Dillard, commander of the 773rd Civil Support Team, 7th Civil Support Command, briefs Polish army 2nd Lt. Aleksandra Krzyzanska and Polish army Capt. Lukasz Krzowski Dec. 7 during the 773rd CST’s second annual open house.

Zaventem fire department operations command vehicle. “We have a joint CBRN training mission once a year with (the) 773rd,” said Sgt. Maj. Stephan Vandermissen, a Belgian firefighter with the Zaventem FD. “They

learn from us as well, and we learn from them, and that way we both improve.” After Vandermissen’s speech, the 773rd CST survey and analytical sections were highlighted during an observable clandestine laboratory

scenario exercise. “I think it went fairly well,” said Sgt. 1st Class Clifton Dockery, communications noncommissioned officer in charge, 773rd CST. “I was surprised by the turnout, especially with the weather.”

Sgt. Morales Club helping improve community, Soldiers Story and photo by Staff Sgt. John Zumer 10th AAMDC Public Affairs Soldiers helping other Soldiers reach their potential is a time-honored military tradition. The small but growing chapter of the Kaiserslautern Sergeant Morales Club, however, prides itself on taking that dedication to fellow comrades one giant step further. The club, named after a fictional noncommissioned officer who represents the ideals of soldierly competence, integrity and professionalism, is open to all NCOs in the Kaiserslautern and surrounding military communities. Its main purpose is to help Soldiers personify the highest caliber of Army leadership, which requires an NCO to always lead by example. “A Sergeant Morales member is an NCO who knows how to lead a Soldier. He’s educated, physically fit, and stands out above his peers,” said Sgt. 1st Class Jesus Arellano, the launcher platoon sergeant with Charlie Battery, 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment, 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, and the vice president of the club. The majority of club members belong to units associated with the Kaiserslautern-based 10th AAMDC, and the organization prides itself on

Soldiers from the Kaiserslautern-based Sergeant Morales Club wrap Christmas presents at the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center Nov. 27. The event was one of many projects the self-funding club used to promote its main goals of community service and Soldier professional development.

playing an active part in the community. Being an entirely self-funded organization, various community projects often help to provide the resources needed to assist with Soldier mentoring and other outreach efforts. Recently, the club jumped at the chance to not only spread the word about the club, but to share some yuletide greetings. Knowing the last thing on the minds of many people is to wrap presents after an exhausting day of shopping, the club offered its gift wrapping services to the masses at the Kaiserslautern

Military Community Center. Donations were happily accepted, and will be used to fund upcoming events and professional development. “We wanted to make sure we provided a free service to the community,” said Staff Sgt. Angela Rotondo, the chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear noncommissioned officer for 5-7 ADA. She also doubles as the club president, and cited her primary reasons for being involved were the volunteer opportunities and getting to be a part of “exceptional NCO leadership.” Other community projects underway include a food and toy drive for those less fortunate in the KMC. The SMC meets the first working Monday of each month, U.S. Army Europe holidays excluded, at Kleber Kaserne. All interested NCOs are welcome to join and may contact any member or officer for more information. Starting in January, study groups will be held offering prospective members the chance to brush up on subjects like weapons and leadership that may surface among Sergeant Morales board questions. Another highlight for the club in 2013 will be the opportunity to host the USAREUR conference of SMC chapters in early April. A Facebook website is presently under construction. For questions regarding membership or other matters, email

December 14, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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Members of the Otterberg Flying Squirrels sing holiday music during their performance Dec. 6 at the Christmas market in Kaiserslautern.

Story and photo by Airman 1st Class Trevor Rhynes 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs Christmas markets can be found throughout Germany and host various food and beverage vendors while providing festive entertainment. The local market in downtown Kaiserslautern is no exception. The German-American Community Office kicked off the festivities Dec. 6 with songs from American and German choirs and bands. One can see, smell, taste and simply experience different things no matter what area of the markets they are in. Glühwein or Glühbeer, a hot, spiced wine or beer, potato soup and crepes make up popu-

lar beverages and foods that can be found during the markets. “We provide entertainment on the first Thursday of December,” said Michael Gannon, event coordinator from GACO. “These events help build relationships within the community. The performance groups here are filled with American and German heritage.” Despite some language and cultural barriers, everyone enjoyed the festive music. “Music is the universal language, it doesn’t matter what language you speak,” said Paula Parks, member of the Vogelweh Gospel Choir. It’s easy to hear a tune and know the music without understanding any of the words.”

Members of the audience were treated to a mix of English, German and other songs as the choir sang holiday songs in various languages. “The singing group is made up of more than 40 members of the German and American community,” said Patrick Casey, member of the RheinlandPfalz International Choir. “We try to sing pieces in English as well as German and other languages on occasion. It’s a wonderful way to exchange cultures with our counterparts.” The GACO office that organized the event is located in downtown Kaiserslautern and is here to help Americans become used to the German customs. For more information contact the GACO at

Countdown to Christmas: 11 days T

is the season of giving! Everyone knows Christmas is the time of year when we invest a lot of our time, energy and resources in giving to loved ones. It is important to many of us to take time during the holiday season to recognize those individuals who mean a lot to

us, but it is also important to remember that it is possible to keep the spirit of giving without spending a lot of money. Let your loved ones know you care about them by giving yourself and your time. Our daily schedules are so packed with activities that free time is a precious commodity. Show how much you care through

thoughtful actions rather than expensive gifts. One way to give of yourself is in making coupon books or gift certificates to perform various chores. You can also make coupons for simple expressions of affection such as hugs or reading a book together. Another winner when it

comes to gifts from the heart is a hand-written letter expressing what we appreciate and treasure about the recipient or even a series of notes or messages. If you have a hard time being creative, borrow a phrase or two from a greeting card. Deliver the note with a batch of freshly baked cookies to make someone feel

loved and special, which is what really matters when it is all said and done. If you would like more information on budgeting for this holiday season, call the Ramstein Airman & Family Readiness Center at 480-5100 or 06371-47-5100. (Courtesy of 86th Force Support Squadron)

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Kaiserslautern American

December 14, 2012

Watch out: Pickpockets like Christmas markets


uring Advent season, most people enjoy a visit to a Christmas market. Pickpockets do the same. The criminal statistics by Polizei shows a total of 120,790 cases of pickpocketing in 2011, which is a raise of 16 percent compared to 2010 (104,145 cases). “Especially in the narrow alleys between booths and in front of stands, it’s very packed,” said Prof. Dr. Wolf Hartmann, chief of the Police Criminal Prevention of the federal states and the federal government. “It’s easy for thieves to reach for valuables. Within seconds wallets, credit cards and (cell phones) will disappear.” Pickpockets usually work in groups. One distracts the victim, while another one reaches for the valuables and passes them on to a third person, who then disappears in the crowd. If they don’t get caught in the act, they are difficult to find, especially since victims don’t notice the loss until later. Pickpockets observe their possible victims for quite a while. They bump into them, ask

flimsy questions, offer their help or smutch their clothes to get into contact. Thieves approach victims from the back, push them until they turn around and thus present their purses or wallets in coat pockets. Pickpockets can get recognized by their searching look. They avoid direct eye contact with the victim and rather look for the haul. To avoid getting pickpocketed, follow these tips: » Only take as much as you actually need. » Carry money, credit cards and ID cards in various closed inside pockets of your clothes, close to the body. » Carry purses with the closing side (zipper) to the body. » Watch your valuables in crowds. Be suspicious if you suddenly get pushed or two people sandwich you. » Never keep your PIN in your wallet. » If you lose a credit or bank card, get them locked. (Courtesy of Police Criminal Prevention of the federal states and the federal government)

Courtesy photo

21st TSC engineers conduct route clearance during exercise Photos by Spc. Iesha Howard

LEFT: Pfc. Michael Weddle, a combat engineer with the 21st Theater Sustainment Command’s 18th Engineer Brigade and a native of Stuttgart, Germany, treks up a hill Dec. 4 during an exercise on Joint Multinational Readiness Center-Hohenfels. The Soldiers conducted route clearance procedures, improvised explosive device searches and casualty assistance during this exercise. BELOW: Weddle scans for improvised explosive devices during a training exercise Dec. 4 on Joint Multinational Readiness Center-Hohenfels.

December 14, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

Seasonal adventures with Outdoor Recreation by Senior Airman Caitlin O’Neil-McKeown 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs


he 86th Force Support Squadron’s Outdoor Recreation is providing some outstanding travel and adventuring opportunities in December and January. “We offer these trips as a service to the military community at large,” said Nicholas Erhardt, outdoor recreation assistant. “It’s a healthy way to release some energy, explore Europe, and try something new. Besides, if we weren’t taking folks out on rock climbing, skiing, and hiking trips, we would be out there rock climbing, skiing or hiking!” A few upcoming events include family trips, Christmas and New Year’s outings as well as a variety of day trips. A casual outing for all ages, Erbeskopf is a family and beginner friendly area and a perfect place for first time skiers and snowboarders or for anyone who is preparing for big ski adventures later this season. The $49 ticket provides transportation and the optional ski and snowboard rental. The Erbeskopf Ski day trip will be Saturday. It will also be hosted twice more in January for those who missed it. Looking for a Christmas getaway? The big hit this season is the Austria Ski Trip. From Dec. 21 to 26, this trip will give you the opportunity to hit the slopes in a big way. This Christmas ski trip will be visiting Landeck, Austria, placing you close to top rated ski resorts and a variety of great res-

taurants and activities. The ticket price of $349 includes accommodation, rentals, transportation, two breakfasts and a guide. “I can’t wait for trip to Landeck, Austria. Landeck is getting a ton of snow right now, so the conditions should be perfect,” Erhardt said. “We’re booked into an amazing Tyrolean style hut. And there are about a dozen ski areas within 30 minutes that offer everything from beginner to advanced expert terrain. Sounds like a recipe for a sweet ski trip over the holidays.” Celebrating the new year? Join Ramstein Outdoor Rec as they kick off this year’s January Winter Adventure Week with a trip to Garmisch for a week in the Alpines. Held Jan. 20 to 27, this trip will provide seven nights accommodation, along with package rentals for all your snow adventures. If you’re looking for a day trip to experience the holiday season, outdoor recreation provides a variety of day trips to local Christmas markets every Saturday in the month of December, the events paired with a hike provide you the opportunity to see local culture as well as to experience local views of the land. “These events are all about getting out there and enjoying what you’re doing,” said Dennis Alexander, recreational assistant. “These events fill up fast, so I would recommend signing up as early as possible.” For more information on tickets or travel requirements, visit the Ramstein Outdoor Recreation in the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center or contact them at 4805707 or 06371-47-5707.

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Finance opens doors to advance pay by Staff Sgt. Travis Edwards 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs


n effort to better serve the Airmen at Ramstein, the 86th Comptroller Squadron has opened its doors to only those who need to drop off advance paperwork. The hours to drop off advance paperwork only are from 9 to 11 a.m. Mondays through Fridays on normal workdays. “We recognize the need to process advances for overseas housing allowance and security deposits as soon as possible,” said 2nd Lt. Adrianna Perez, 86th CPTS financial services flight commander. “This is just another avenue for our Airmen to utilize.” Customers still have the option to send an email to customer service at 86cpts.cs@ramstein. The 86th CPTS suggests putting the word “Advance” in the subject line to be easily identified for quicker action. Three types of advances will be accepted during the walk-in hours: advance dislocation allowance (have a copy of PCS orders and a port call date), military pay (have DD Courtesy graphic 2560 and a copy of PCS orders) and advance housing allowance (have the AF 1039, front and back, and a copy of PCS orders). “With these measures in place, we hope to alleviate the time between when Airmen submit their paperwork and when they get paid, and ease some of the stress of getting settled in Ramstein,” Perez said. For questions about what finance can do for you, visit Those who need to pay back previous advances can still do so from 9 to 11 a.m. Mondays through Fridays.

New process improves household goods shipments by Donna Miles American Forces Press Service SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. — A system being implemented at U.S. Transportation Command is making permanent-change-of-station moves more convenient, while reducing lost and damaged shipments and saving the government money. The Defense Personal Property System, introduced in 2009 as a pilot program at 17 installations, now supports 90 percent of all military moves, said Jill Smith, personal property division chief at Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command. The web-based system automates many of the steps involved in military moves: pre-move counseling, sched-

uling, tracking, invoicing and claims filing for household goods shipments. “The beauty of DPS is that customers can do all this from the comfort of their own homes. They can do it early in the morning or at 11 o’clock at night, whatever works best for them,” Smith said. “Plus, all the information they might want, whether it’s about gypsy moths or weight allowances, or just tips about how they can have a smoother move, is right at their fingertips, a click away, and available 24/7.” DPS also gives customers the opportunity to track their shipments online. If their shipment is lost or damaged, they can file a claim online and settle directly with the moving company. Moves not yet covered by DPS, generally those involving long-term

storage or moves within an overseas theater, will be included as new features are added to make the system fully operational by September 2017, Smith said. Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command, Transcom’s Army component, processes about 600,000 personal property moves each year for Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, Coast Guardsmen, Defense Department civilian employees and their families, Smith reported. About one-third of these moves take place during the summer, and almost 70,000 include privately-owned vehicle shipments. Collectively, they cost the Defense Department about $2.2 billion a year, Smith said. But with DPS, she projects between $117 million and $136

million in annual savings, while providing customers with better service. That’s because rather than relying on “low-bid” transportation providers to conduct military moves, DPS provides “best value” services. This, Smith explained, factors in not just cost, but also variables such as timeliness, reliability, the incidence of lost or damaged shipments and ease in providing reimbursement for claims. “We want to provide carriers that are not only qualified, but fully capable of making sure that they protect the members’ household goods, provide a great quality move and communicate with that customer,” she said. (To read the full story, go online and visit or www.

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December 14, 2012

December 14, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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Photo by Airman 1st Class Hailey Haux

AFN spirit drive Army Sgt. Eugene Müller (left), American Forces Network broadcaster, Col. Mike Monson (center), 86th Mission Support Group commander, and Senior Airman Victoria Secrist, AFN broadcaster, broadcast a live remote Dec. 7 in the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center food court on Ramstein. The 2012 AFN Kaiserslautern Holiday Spirit drive was done to help holiday relief programs for the Army, Air Force and Marines.

Photo by Senior Airman Caitlin O’Neil-McKeown

NASCAR drivers visit Ramstein Photo by Airman 1st Class Trevor Rhynes

Club 7 Airman 1st Class Leah Burke, 24th Intelligence Squadron geospatial analyst, and Senior Airman Caleb Smalley, 86th Communications Squadron postal specialist, exchange a video game controller for a common access card Monday in Club 7 on Ramstein. Club 7 is a place for Airmen to meet other Airmen, go on trips together and have a place to meet for holidays.

Senior Master Sgt. Kevin Eason, 52nd Communication Squadron flight chief, and his son Keiju, 8, have their picture taken with NASCAR drivers Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Joey Logano Sunday at the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center on Ramstein. The United Service Organizations tour was arranged for Stenhouse and Logano to meet and greet with military members and their families.

Photo by Airman 1st Class Holly Cook

Resiliency Day Lt. Col. Patrick Hilgendorf, 1st Combat Communications Squadron commander, speaks to Airmen of the 1st CBCS for the second portion of Resiliency Day Dec. 5 at the 1st CBCS compound on Ramstein. The 435th Air Ground Operations Wing Resiliency Day focused on how to embrace change, prioritize your life and help fellow Airmen.

Photo by Airman 1st Class Jordan Castelan

Food service Airman 1st Class Dan Farrar, 786th Force Support Squadron food services journeyman, prepares a sandwich for a customer Dec. 10 in the Rhineland Inn Dining Facility on Ramstein. Farrar prepares sandwiches regularly for lunch and dinner.

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December 14, 2012

Photo by Rick Scavetta

ABOVE: U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern staff and families gathered at Pulaski Barracks to light a Christmas tree, enjoy holiday music and take pictures with Santa. RIGHT: Santa Claus, a saint and native of the North Pole, leads children in singing “Jingle Bells” during this year’s 21st Theater Sustainment Command tree lighting ceremony Dec. 6 on Panzer Kaserne in Kaiserslautern. More than 200 Soldiers, civilians and family members attended the tree lighting ceremony as holiday music was played by the U.S. Army Europe band’s brass quintet and songs were sang by the Kaiserslautern Elementary School’s Honor Choir.

Holidays in the garrison Photo by Staff Sgt. Michael J. Taylor

Photo by Rick Scavetta

Photo by Rick Scavetta

PHOTOS CLOCKWISE FROM BOTTOM LEFT: Maj. Gen. Aundre F. Piggee, commanding general of the 21st Theater Sustainment Command, speaks to the more than 200 Soldiers, civilians and family members who attended the 21st Theater Sustainment Command’s tree lighting ceremony Dec. 6 on the Panzer Kaserne Parade Field in Kaiserslautern. Kaiserslautern High School students perform holiday music at several local holiday events, including the AFN Holiday Spirit Drive at the Kaiserslautern Military Community Center on Ramstein.

Photo by Staff Sgt. Michael J. Taylor

A senior noncommissioned officer from the Kaiserslautern Sergeants Major Association brings carriages full of gifts to U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern’s toy drive, an Army Community Service program held in coordination with AFN’s Holiday Spirit Drive on Ramstein.

December 14, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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RMS students celebrate AVID contract signing by Donald Seltzer Ramstein Middle School Students and their parents came together Nov. 26 at Ramstein Middle School for a special event — the Advancement Via Individual Determination contract signing and student celebration. These sixth, seventh and eighth grade students passed an interview process and were selected for the AVID program. As part of the program, students are required to sign a contract committing them to a rigorous course of study. Further motivating the new AVID enrollees, their parents also signed the contract which prompted a few jokes about something they signed long ago at the recruiter’s office. “We were quite pleased with the very large turnout at this event because it underscores how the involvement of both student and parent leads to the successful completion of the program,” said Jonathan Petrick, AVID site coordinator Sequinn Lee, the sixth grade AVID elective teacher, said the students were the stars of the evening. She said she heard many positive comments from parents as they enjoyed cake and punch following the signing ceremony. More than 80 students at RMS — about 10 percent of the school’s enrollment — are involved in the AVID program, which helps students showing high academic potential prepare for college.

Math Bingo Night at KMS

Kaiserslautern Middle School is hosting a Math Bingo Night at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the school complex cafeteria. The event is free, and you can win fabulous prizes. Join us for an evening of fun and education.

‘Holiday Spirit’ at RMS

The Ramstein Middle School “Holiday Spirit” band concert will warm your hearts at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Hercules Theater. We guarantee that you’ll hear your favorite holiday tune from one of the performing ensembles. Celebrate with the jazz beginning, intermediate and advanced bands.

Celebrate the season

A Celebration of the Season featuring the Ramstein High School Concert Winds and Varsity Band takes place at 7 p.m. Thursday at the RHS gymnatorium. Admission is free and the public is invited. For more information about this event, email Jeff Pellaton at

KMC Teen Shuttle

Child, Youth & School Services have resumed its KMC Teen Shuttle service. Pick-up/drop-off points are located throughout Vogelweh, Vogelweh Housing, Ramstein, Landstuhl and the Melkerei in Landstuhl Village. ID card, shuttle card and permissions slips are required to ride the shuttle. Apply for your Shuttle Card at Central Enrollment & Registration located on Pulaski Barracks, Bldg. 2898 (call 493-4516/4122 or 0631-34064516/4122) and on Landstuhl Post, Bldg. 3810 (486-8943/8991 or 06371-86-8943/8991). Visit

Photo by Pat Kiebler

Ramstein Middle School sixth-grader Marcus Bradley (seated) signs a contract committing to the school’s Advancement Via Individual Determination program and its rigorous course of study at the recent contract signing and student celebration Nov. 26 at the school. His father, George Bradley (standing), was present and also took part in the signing.

School Notes for more information or to download the schedule.

Music lessons

SKIESUnlimited music lessons are designed to teach all levels and abilities. Voice, piano, music and violin lessons are being offered for

children and youth ages 18 months to 18 years. Children and youth will participate in recitals. For further information, contact Parent Central Services Pulaski Barracks, Bldg. 2898, at 4934516/4122 or 0631-3406-4516/4122, or the Landstuhl One Stop Shop, Bldg. 3810, at 486-8943 or 06371-86-8943.

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December 14, 2012

Students pledge to be drug-free Students from Ramstein High School’s Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps helps the U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern Army Substance Abuse Prevention Program by signing a holiday pledge to remain drug and alcohol free. Cadets said they hope their commitment this holiday season inspires others to not drink or do drugs.

Photo by Rick Scavetta

Photo by Minyi Qian

ABOVE: Snow day! Sembach Elementary School student Penelope Johns has fun playing in the snow.

LEFT: KES visits German bakery Photo by Susi Gibbins

First-graders from Lisa Oppenheim and Kathy Hovanic’s class at Kaiserslautern Elementary School decorate sugar cookies during a study trip to a local German bakery, where they learned the process of baking cookies.

Photo by Susan Peterson

WES holds Honor Roll Ceremony Melissa O’Reilly’s sixth grade class at Wetzel Elementary School in Baumholder poses for a photo Nov. 30 after the quarterly awards ceremony at the school. Principal Angie Cotton announced the awards, including Honor Roll Straight A, Honor Roll A’s and B’s and Perfect Attendance.

December 14, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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Photo by Minyi Qian

Shopping for gifts Sembach Elementary School student Silvia Helmey shops for gifts at the Holiday House, presented by the school’s PTO, Dec. 4. All the students were assisted by the Holiday House helpers in making the right gift choice.

Photos courtesy of Ramstein Elementary School

Dog team visits RES Photo by Jennifer McPhail-Hastings

Pottery at LEMS Bill Stroud shows Landstuhl Elementary/Middle School student Brian Williams how to throw clay on a potter’s wheel.

At the monthly Deployment Buddies meeting Nov. 27 at Ramstein Elementary School, Scott Nielson (left photo) and Emmy Lugo (above photo) visit with Arielle and Feli, rescue dogs from the Donnersberg Dog Search and Rescue Team. The team visited with students to teach them about dog safety.

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December 14, 2012


trip because spots go fast. For more information or to make reservations, call 4934117 or 0631-3406-4117. Outdoor Rec is located in Bldg. 2905 on Pulaski Barracks. To view trip information online, visit www.

December Mark Your Calendar

» KMC Onstage is putting on a production of the holiday family favorite, “A Christmas Story.” This is the little Ralphie, Red Ryder BB gun, leg lamp, tongue-stuck-to-the-frozen-pole comedy! Show dates and times: 7:30 p.m. today and Saturday, and 3 p.m. Sunday. Tickets cost $14 for adults and $12 for students. For details, contact KMC Onstage, Bldg.3232 on Kleber Kaserne, at 483-6626 or 0631411-6626. To purchase tickets, visit https:// w e b t r a c . m w r. a r m y. m i l / w e b t r a c / Kaiserslauternrectrac.html. » The Ramstein Officers' Spouses Club is having a Cookies For Troops Drive today for the service members in the Ramstein and Vogelweh dorms. Pull out your baking trays and bake a few dozen cookies or bars for our troops! We need more than 15,000 cookies! Please donate your homemade treats from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. today at the Ramstein Officers' Club, we will have curb side pick up, just pull up to the front of the club and a volunteer will collect your donation. Please deliver the cookies or bars pre-cut in disposable plates or trays. Visit to

volunteer or for more information. » Learn to salsa with an hour of free salsa lessons while enjoying the margarita bar and live D.J. from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Saturday and Dec. 29 at Armstrong’s Club, Bldg. 1036 on Vogelweh Housing. For more information, call 0631-354-9986. » Sing rock, pop, country or soul at Armstrong’s Club Karaoke Night from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Dec. 21 in Bldg. 1036 on Vogelweh Housing. For more information, call 0631-354-9986. » Dance the night away to great hits at Armstrong’s Club’s R&B Night from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Dec. 22 in Bldg. 1036 on Vogelweh Housing. For more information, call 0631-354-9986. » Do not miss the exciting Holiday Cheer Bingo from 3 to 7 p.m. Dec. 23 at the Kazabra Club, Bldg. 2057 on Vogelweh. There will be four guaranteed $1,000 games, free food, Christmas goodies, raffle prizes, a visit from Santa and more! For more information, call 489-7261 or 0631536-7261. » Bring in the new year with the Kazabra Club at their New Year’s Eve Party from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Dec. 31 in Bldg. 2057 on Vogelweh. The club will be decorated to the


Photo by Staff Sgt. Michael J. Taylor

In the mailroom Spc. Stephen Redcross, a motor transport operator with the 21st Theater Sustainment Command, marks boxes at the 21st TSC mailroom Dec. 6 on Panzer Kaserne in Kaiserslautern. The mailing deadline to successfully send mail to the U.S. in time for Christmas is quickly approaching. If sent through Express Mail Military Service by Dec. 18, your packages can still reach your loved ones in time for the holidays.

tee. Party favors will be available for all, along with delicious food from the buffet. And, best of all, the New Year’s ball will drop at midnight! Tickets cost $10. For detail or to buy tickets, call 489-7261 or 0631-536-7261. » The Sembach Community Activities Center is throwing a New Year’s Eve Party from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Dec. 31 in Bldg. 220 on Sembach Kaserne. A live DJ will be spinning all the hits. Tickets cost $20 pre-purchased or $25 at the door. For details or to buy tickets, call 496-5140 or 06302-67-5140. » Send 2012 out with a bang at Armstrong’s Club’s Lights Out Party from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. Dec. 31 in Blg. 1036 on Vogelweh Housing. Enjoy glowing party favors, dancing, drinks and pure fun. There will be a champagne toast at midnight. Tickets cost $5. For details, call 0631-354-9986. » The Japanese Garden in Kaiserslautern offers a calendar with motifs from the garden to highlight its 25th anniversary in 2013. The calendar is available in the Japanese Garden shop, which is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Advent Saturdays and at the Kaiserslautern Tourist Information Office on Fruchthallstrasse 14. » Donate a new, unwrapped toy today to help benefit a child in the military community. There are donation stations throughout the KMC, including the Exchange Mall. Your contribution will go to a child and help make their holiday season a little brighter. » Kaiserslautern Army Outdoor Recreation is offering trips to various Christmas markets throughout Europe until Dec. 23. Hop on a bus trip to visit beautiful cities in Germany, Holland, Austria, France, Belgium and Luxembourg for their Christmas markets. Hurry and book your

» The KMC Adoption Support Group will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Landstuhl Health and Wellness Center, Bldg. 3722 on Landstuhl. The group meets the needs of adoptive parents, adopting parents and adoptive children through education and research to resolve adoption issues. Inquiries about adoption are welcome through the group’s website at www.usadopteurope. com. » The toddler playgroup of the German-American and International Women’s Club Kaiserslautern meets bimonthly. Join parents from other cultures and enjoy a coffee together while children play and hear other languages. The group will meet from 3:30 to 5 p.m. Monday at Spesbacherstrasse 51a, Ramstein. The fee for each play date is €2 to cover facility costs. For details, contact Katie Pelletier at president@ or 06383-9266018, or visit the GAIWC website at » Rheinland Pfalz Quilt Guild meetings are held the third Thursday of each month. Night meetings are held the fourth Thursday of each month. Visit for the meeting location. » The Rhineland Breast Cancer Coalition, a group of breast cancer survivors in the KMC, are celebrating life and supporting and encouraging other breast cancer patients and survivors in the area. This group meets at 6:30 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month at Bambus Garden, outside Pulaski Gate by Vogelweh. For details, email » The Kaiserslautern chapter of the Sergeant Morales Club meets from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. the first Monday of every month at the Rhine Ordnance Barracks DFAC (on the right side). This meeting is open to all Sergeant Morales members, Sergeant Audie Murphy members and to any NCO who would like to join.

Baumholder events

» "It's a Wonderful Life," a live radio play, will show at 7 p.m. today and Saturday at the Hilltop Theater (Bldg. 8218, next to Burger King) on Smith Barracks. Tickets cost $8 for adults, $5 for students and E-4 or below with ID, and $25 for families of four or more. Call 485-7244 for tickets. » The Baumholder Creative Arts Center is now offering balloon deliveries to your loved ones on post. For only $5 extra, you can have your balloon bouquet delivered anywhere on Smith and Wetzel (please no schools). This service is available from 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays. All orders must be paid at the time the order is placed. For details, visit the Baumholder Creative Arts Center on Smith Kaserne, Bldg. 8104, or call 4858606 or 06783-68606.

December 14, 2012

Classes And Training

» Couples Communication is a two-part series course being offered through Family Advocacy. In this class, learn the keys to better communication, effective listening and understanding taught in a fun learning atmosphere. Take the stress out of your relationship by enrolling today. Classes take place from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. every first and second Thursday of the month in Bldg. 2917 on Pulaski Barracks. To register, call 0631-34064203. » Did you know that anger is directly related to symptoms associated with survival instincts? Learn about how anger is triggered, ways to monitor and associate patterns of anger with thought processes and, most importantly, how to control anger in Anger Management Class, a three-part educational learning experience. Join the ACS Anger Management Class by registering for a session, offered from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. every Wednesday in Bldg. 2917 on Pulaski Barracks. For details, call 493-4062 or 0631-3406-4062. » Stress Management class takes place from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. the first and second Tuesday of the month in Bldg. 2917 on Pulaski Barracks. For details, call 493-4062 or 0631-3406-4062.

Chapel News

» The following positions are available: Ramstein Contemporary Service parish facilitator — Works in

Kaiserslautern American

coordination with the Contemporary Service chaplain and many service ministries, i.e., worship and praise, children’s church, fellowship, ushers, prayer, out-reach, sound system support team, etc. The RCS parish facilitator will also assist the Contemporary Service chaplain to manage programs, calendar development, announcements and communication. Ramstein Contemporary Service religious education director — Serves as the director, coordinator, resource person, teacher, facilitator and organizer of the RCS religious education program for ages 1 through adult. Consults, coordinates with and is monitored by the RCS chaplain. The program is multifaceted and requires a high degree of coordination and cooperation with military and civilian activities and authorities. Bidders are subject to criminal history background checks and must complete a Child Care National Agency Check and Inquiries and Installation Records Check. The chapel will be accepting bids until 4 p.m. today. The Statement of Work and bid documents can be picked up from the Ramstein North Chapel, Monday through Friday. Bidders are invited to attend the bid opening at 9 a.m. Monday (parish facilitator) and 9:30 a.m. Monday (RE director) at the Ramstein North Chapel, Bldg. 1201. If required, bidders will have to participate in a qualifying interview. For more information, call Petra Rausch at 480-2499 or 06371-47-2499. » The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will hold a Christmas Open House from 6 to 8:30 p.m. Thursday and Dec. 21 at Lauterstrasse 1, 67657 Kai-

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A&FRC programs The Ramstein Airman & Family Readiness Center offers the following programs: Ramstein Spouses’ Orientation: Dec. 17, 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m., A&FRC USO KL Downtown Tour: Dec. 18, 8:45 a.m. to 2:45 p.m., meet in the Starbucks lobby Reintegration Briefing: Dec. 18, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., Bldg. 3450 Pre-Deployment Briefing: Dec. 18, 1 to 3:30 p.m., Bldg. 3450 Understanding TSP: Dec. 18, 2 to 3 p.m., A&FRC Base Intro: Dec. 19, 7:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., Bldg. 2402 Extreme Couponing: Dec. 19, 9 to 11 a.m., A&FRC Pre-Separation Briefing: Dec. 20, 9 a.m. to noon, A&FRC Managing Your Money: Dec. 20, 10 a.m. to noon, A&FRC Deployed Families Christmas Dinner Event: Dec. 20, 5 to 7 p.m., Lindberg Hof Dining Facility on Kapaun * The Reintegration and Pre-deployment briefings are open to spouses. serslautern. There will be music, traditional German and American Christmas desserts, and many different Nativity sets from around the world on display. Parking is free. For more information, call Missy McGrath at 06383925500.

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December 14, 2012

Celebrating Native American heritage, tradition in Baumholder dards,” Gregory said. After the children’s performance, special guest Peter Forest Wolf, a German national who was integrated into a North American Indian tribe and It’s become a tradition for Louise actually adopted by the tribe’s chief, Gregory’s first grade class to pergave a short presentation about his form during U.S. Army Garrison experiences with the tribe and about Baumholder’s annual National Native his German ancestry. Wolf also had American Heritage Month celebration, several Native American artifacts on and this year was no exception. The display during the event. children danced, sang and chanted sev“By living overseas and by traveleral Native American oriented numing, I am continually exposed to difbers to the fascination of all the guests. ferent cultures and people,” Gregory Gregory’s students have been persaid, explaining why she loves the forming during National Native culture. “I grew up in South Dakota American Heritage Month for the past and was continually exposed to Native three years. American culture. I went to elemen“The two prior years, other classes Children from Louise Gregory’s first grade class at Smith Elementary School perform a Native tary, secondary school, and university have performed with mine,” Gregory American dance during Baumholder’s annual National Native American Heritage Month with many Native American Indian celebration at the Rheinlander Community Club. said. students. Many of these former classThe children practiced for approximately three ing children aware of cultural diversity and appreci- mates are still my friends today.” weeks for the event. ating cultures different than our own,” Gregory said. This year’s observance included a special trib“Children of this age learn songs and dances very Exposing children to various cultural experiences ute to Spc. Lori Piestewa, who was the first Native quickly,” Gregory said. “I integrate their practices fits right in to Department of Defense Education American woman to die while in combat for the and performance into our social studies and lan- Activity standards which state that students should U.S. military. A short video memorializing her life guage arts.” explore and describe similarities and differences and service to the U.S. military was shown. Gregory varies the focus in her curriculum fre- in the ways groups, societies and cultures address Unfortunately, she was also the first woman to be quently, and the children learn about other cultures similar needs and concerns. killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom. such as Hispanic, African and Asian/Pacific. Another standard focuses on comparing similariPiestewa’s father was of the Hopi Tribe and her “I focus on Native American culture this time ties and differences in customs, foods, play, recre- mother was of Mexican background. Her father had of year because the military has declared it to be ation and celebrations of families in the community. served in the military as well as her grandfather and Native American Heritage Month. I believe in mak“I integrate my teaching to include all these stan- Piestewa carried on the tradition. Story and photo by Ignacio “Iggy” Rubalcava U.S. Army Garrison Baumholder Public Affairs

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December 14, 2012

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Sidewalks must be clean of snow, ice by Petra Lessoing 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs


erman communities have rules that oblige house owners to keep sidewalks free of ice and snow. Renters living offbase should check their rental contracts to find out about their obligations. Usually house owners turn over this obligation to their renters. As soon as there is a danger of black ice, renters or landlords must throw salt, sand or gravel on walkways. Snow must be swept off so pedestrians can walk. NOTE: In some communities it is not allowed to use salt because it can damage the environment and cause sidewalk tiles to become loose. House owners or renters don’t have to free the whole sidewalk of ice and snow, but to an extent so two people can get by. They don’t have to sweep snow if it continues snowing, but must remove it about 15 to 30 minutes after it stops snowing. The snow has to be swept in a way that it does not impact traffic. In most communities, sweeping snow and throwing salt, sand or gravel must be done between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. on workdays. On weekends, the snow removal obligation starts at 9 a.m. The general rule is:

Courtesy photo

first sweep the snow then throw salt, sand or gravel. In extreme weather, even throughout the day, the cleaning procedures must be repeated. If renters are, according to their contract, obliged to take care of cleaning their sidewalks, they must find somebody to do it for them if they won’t be able to because of

sickness or work. If pedestrians get hurt due to sidewalks that were not properly cleaned, house owners or renters can be held liable. They might have to pay the medical treatment, compensations and sometimes even a fine.

Christmas: a jolly worldwide experience by Meghan Augsburger Ramstein High School intern Christmas is celebrated in many diverse and unique ways around the world. Gerry Bowler’s “World Encyclopedia of Christmas” provides insight on various traditions, ranging from bathtub carp in the Czech Republic to Christmas theme parks in China.

Czech Republic

The Czech holiday season begins with the arrival of St. Nicholas, known as Mikulaç, and his angel and devil assistants. The angel distributes treats to good children while the devil delivers lumps of coal to bad children. With the arrival of Advent comes cleaning and preparations for the Christmas Eve meal. Traditionally, this meal consists of deep-fried carp, dumplings and plenty of delicious desserts. Carp feed off of the bottom of lakes, giving them a muddy taste. In the Czech Republic, carp are transferred live to fresh water tanks to rid them of the mud. Families often purchase them off of the streets and keep them fresh by allowing them to swim in their bathtubs. Parents decorate the tree on Christmas Eve with real candles and gingerbread. Once dinner ends, the

decorated tree and gifts are revealed to the children. Midnight Mass is then attended. On Dec. 25, “Big Christmas,” and Dec. 26, “Little Christmas,” families attend concerts, go skating or take skiing holidays.


Christmas in the Caribbean takes on a more festive theme with the Junkanoo custom. On Dec. 26, known as Boxing Day, performers dress in gaudy costumes and dance in the streets at 2 a.m. in order to win prize money. This carnival-like celebration stems from the colonial tradition of allowing slaves to participate in Christmas festivities. Aside from the colorful parade, businesses stay open for tourists as the locals enjoy the delicious seafood and celebrations.


Following the Coptic calendar, Ethiopians observe Christmas on Jan. 7 after fasting for more than 40 days. Standing through a three-hour Mass is customary before spending the night praying, singing and dancing. On Christmas morning, thousands of pilgrims in Lalibela, the spiritual capital, form a procession to haul the Ark of the Covenant to a nearby hill.

A service is held before feasting on injera and doro wat, a type of flat bread and chicken stew. Boys then play a traditional type of Christmas hockey called genna. Christmas in Ethiopia has remained relatively unchanged; however, foreign traditions such as gifts for children and Christmas trees have slowly crept in. In the cities, the government protects the juniper trees; locals continuously chop them down, leading to their extinction.


Though only a few million Chinese are Christian, Christmas and Santa Claus, known as “Old Man Christmas,” or Dun Che Lao Ren, have become increasingly popular. The upper class exchanges Christmas cards, participates in gift giving, and throws elaborate parties to impress friends. In fact, the Chinese population is so infatuated with the holiday, they built the “Clear Moon Lake Santa Claus Paradise,” a Christmas themed attraction park. Popularity of the Christmas season has sky rocketed due to the growing obsession with Western culture and holidays. The Chinese government, however, is skeptical of Christmas due to its staunch atheist ideology.


Christmas falls during the simmering Australian summer, making it a unique and hot holiday experience. In many ways, Christmas in Australia mirrors that of the British; parents buy gifts for their children, schools throw pageants, and families feast on traditional plum pudding and turkey. On Christmas Eve, many towns and cities hold “Carols by Candlelight,” a gigantic gathering of carolers, which is broadcasted on television. However, some have combined British, European and indigenous traditions to make a unique Australian Christmas. Many eat a cold lunch or barbecue their meals at the beach on Christmas Day. Another strictly Australian tradition is the hanging of Christmas pillowslips on the end of the bed for Father Christmas to fill after entering through the window. Children often leave cookies, milk or even beer for him, as well as water for his sleigh-pulling kangaroos. Families decorate their houses with indigenous plants such as the Christmas bush, a red-flowered bush that only grows during the holiday season. Clusters of yellow flowers also grow on the Australian Christmas tree, which can reach 20 to 30 feet.

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December 14, 2012

Was ist Los? KMC Cultural Highlights by Petra Lessoing 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs The following is a list of performances and events happening in the KMC and nearby. Dates are subject to change.

Performing arts

Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern: • “Im weissen Rössl,” an operetta by Ralph Benatzky, in German, 7:30 p.m. today, Dec. 28, and 7 p.m. Dec. 31. • “Wilhelm Tell,” an opera by Gioacchino Rossini, 7:30 p.m. Saturday. • “Andorra,” a play in German, by Max Fritsch, 7:30 p.m. Tuesday and Dec. 27. • “Buddenbrooks,” a play in German based on the book by Thomas Mann, 7:30 p.m. Dec. 21. • “Dornröschen,” Sleeping Beauty, a ballet by Stefano Giannetti, 7:30 p.m. Dec. 22 and 6 p.m. Dec. 25 and 30. • “Der gestiefelte Kater,” Puss in Boots, a play for children, in German, 4 p.m. Dec. 23 and 26. • “Engelslieder,” ballets by Stefano Giannetti, 8 p.m. Dec. 27. • “Chronicle of the Immortals

— Blood Night,” a rock opera by Wolfgang Holbein with the band Vanden Plas, 7:30 p.m. Dec. 29. For details, call 0631-3675-209 or visit Kammgarn Kaiserslautern: • The band Locas in Love presents Indie, folk, pop, 8 p.m. today. Tickets cost €14. • German singer and songwriter Jan Sievers & Band present pop music, 8 p.m. Saturday. Tickets cost €16. • Stephan Flesch & Die Knecht Ruprecht Band present their traditional Christmas cult soul show, 8 p.m. Dec. 21, 22 and 23. • The Big International Boogie Woogie Night, 8 p.m. Dec. 27. Tickets cost €20. • K-Town rock with Walter Elf, Boxhamsters and Love A, 8 p.m. Dec. 30. Tickets cost €16. For details, visit www.kammgarn. de or call 0631-365-2607. Fruchthalle, Kaiserslautern: • The German Radio Philharmonics Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern presents “Dornröschen,” Sleeping Beauty, by Peter Tschaikowsky, for orchestra, narrator and puppet player (for children older than 5), 4 p.m. Dec. 22. Tickets cost €6.

Photo by City of Kaiserslautern

Lautrer Advent Visitors of the Kaiserslautern Christmas market can listen to live music by the band Nimm 2 from 6 to 9 p.m. today on Schillerplatz. Max Punstein & Luis Cardoso present Brazilian Christmas music from 7 to 9 p.m. Saturday. On Tuesday, the U.S. Air Forces in Europe band Wings of Dixie performs at 2 p.m. Donations will be collected during “One Hour Against Hunger,” from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. A petting zoo is part of the live Nativity scene in the Stiftskirche yard and will be open from 3 to 7 p.m. Thursday. Also, Rick Cheyenne will perform rock and Christmas songs from 6 to 8 p.m. in front of the church.

Courtesy photo

Christmas in the Forest Romantic Christmas in the Forest takes place from 2 to 8 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday near the House of Sustainability (Johanniskreuzer Strasse 1, 67705 Trippstadt). More than 70 vendors will sell arts and crafts and food specialties. Children can enjoy pony riding, crafting and a merry-go-round. A fire show starts at 7 p.m. Saturday. Since there isn’t sufficient parking, visitors are asked to use busses that leave from the Kaiserslautern main train station and other bus stops every 15 minutes. For a detailed bus schedule and more information, visit

• The German Radio Philharmonics Saarbrücken Kaiserslautern performs a New Year’s concert with works by Johann Strauss, Giacomo Puccini, Leonard Bernstein, Cole Porter, etc., 5 p.m. Dec. 31. Tickets cost 31 to €41. For details, visit www. or call the office of arts at 0631-365-1410. Stiftskirche, Kaiserslautern: • A Little Market Music with winter jazz, noon Saturday. • Advent and Christmas concert by Protestant Singing School, 5 p.m. Sunday. Abbey Church, Otterberg: • Fifth Abbey Church concert features choir music for Advent and Christmas with Tölzer Knabenchor, 5 p.m. Sunday. Tickets cost €20. Haus des Bürgers, RamsteinMiesenbach: • “Christmas Moments,” a musical Christmas fairy tale with renowned pop, classical and Gospel Christmas songs, 8 p.m. Monday. Tickets cost €27 to €35. For details, visit English Theatre, Gallusanlage 7, Frankfurt: • “Sweet Charity,” a musical by Cy Coleman, Dorothy Fields and Neil Simon, through Feb. 17. Performances are 7:30 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday, and 6 p.m. Sunday. Visit


• Kaiserslautern, event hall on Gartenschau area, ice skating rink, open 9 a.m. to noon, 1 to 3, 4 to 6, 7 to 9 p.m. daily. Fridays and Sundays open until 10 p.m., to Feb. 10. Tickets cost €3.50 for adults and €2.50 for children. For details, visit • Ramstein, Haus des Bürgers,

painting exhibition showing Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Johnny Depp, open during performances to Dec. 31. To arrange other times, call 06371-592218 or stop at the ticket office. • Otterberg, Altes Stadthaus, display of nativity scenes, Saturday and Sunday. • Niederkirchen-Heimkirchen, glühwein fest, Saturday and Sunday.

Christmas markets

• Kaiserslautern, Stiftskirche and Schillerplatz, to Dec. 23, and Dec. 27 to 30. • Kaiserslautern, Fruchthalle, Culture market before Christmas, through Dec. 22. • Kusel, Deidesheim/German Wine Street, Grünstadt, today to Sunday. • St. Wendel (medieval market), Zweibrücken, Bitburg, today. • Hauptstuhl, Kollweiler, Mackenbach, Mittelbrunn, Saturday. • Bann, Falkenstein Castle (north of Winnweiler), Otterberg (children’s market at 2 p.m.), SchönenbergKübelberg, Trippstadt (House of Sustainability, Johanniskreuzer Strasse 1), Cochem (Reichsburg Castle), Saturday and Sunday. • Eulenbis, Olsbrücken, Sunday.

Flea markets

• Kaiserslautern, Pfalzcenter (across from Daenner Kaserne), Saturdays. • Kaiserslautern, Opel parking lot, Portal 4, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. • Kaiserslautern, Messehalle at Messeplatz fairgrounds, Saturday. • Ramstein, Autokino, 5 to 10 p.m. today. • Saarbrücken, Saarmesse (fair) Halle 7, Sunday. For details, visit

December 14, 2012

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December 14, 2012

Landstuhl Holds 16th Christmas Market T

he City of Landstuhl will hold its 16th Christmas market today through Monday in front of the Stadthalle. During the market, 15 decorated booths will offer a variety of Christmas items and food specialties. Choirs, orchestras, groups and soloists from Landstuhl and the close vicinity will provide a diversified entertaining program on all market days. Mayor Klaus Grumer will officially open the event at 5:30 p.m. today to be followed by a performance of the Landstuhl Brass Orchestra and the Westpfalz Musicians from Bann. The market will close at 8 p.m. each day. On Saturday, the Christmas market will open at 2 p.m. The Kaiserslautern Elementary School Honor Choir will start the musical performances from

Courtesy photo

The Landstuhl Christmas market takes place today through Monday in front of the Stadthalle.

2 to 2:30 p.m. Different ensembles from the Kaiserslautern County Music School, from Kindsbach and

Hütschenhausen, will perform until 8 p.m. Brass music will start Sunday’s

activities at 2 p.m. A local elementary school will sing Advent songs and perform Irish dances from 4 to 4:30 p.m. Santa Claus will make his appearance at 5:15 p.m. and hand out gifts to children. The Fantasy Brass Band will present Dixie music, swing and international Christmas songs from 6 to 8 p.m. On Monday, the market will begin with brass musicians at 5 p.m. to be followed by Alphorn players at 6 p.m. Bar MusicProject will entertain with American Christmas songs from 6:30 to 8 p.m. The Stadthalle Landstuhl will present “Sterntaler,” a Christmas fairytale by the Brothers Grimm in German at 4 p.m. For tickets, call 06371-923444. (Courtesy of Landstuhl Union Community admin office)

Christmas item production started in 17th century by Petra Lessoing 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs


ll over German Christmas markets, shoppers will find unique wooden items such as nutcrackers, Christmas pyramids, angels and other figures. The origin of these holiday items dates back to the 17th century in the Erzgebirge, a mountain area near the Czech border. After ore became scarce, many miners were forced to find work elsewhere, so they began turning everyday items into little toy figures for their children, which eventually led to an entire new industry. Courtesy photos The miners created different figures ABOVE: Wheel turning is a special technique used to make wooden animals used for as an artistic expression of their interests Noah’s ark, which is sold in the town of Seiffen. RIGHT: A Christmas pyramid can be found and political concerns. One of the first in the toy museum in Seiffen, located in the Erzgebirge, a mountain area near the Czech items created was the wooden figure of a border. miner smoking his pipe, called “Räuchermännchen,” That’s how the manufacturing of these unique to export big toys. At the same time, wood prices or smoking man. toys started. increased. To express their longing for daylight after workSince the standard of living was quite low in the Nowadays, the Erzgebirge region is well known ing years in the mountain, the miners also produced Erzgebirge, the products were sold at cheap prices for traditional Christmas symbols — miners carlight angels. With the creation of mean-looking and thus faced little competition. rying lights, angels, nutcrackers, Nativity scenes, nutcrackers, they intended to insult the magistracy Eventually, the former ore-mining town of Seiffen Christmas pyramids and wooden arches. (government). turned into the European center of toy production Mining, longing for light, joy of celebrating Former miners also produced wooden policemen, with exports to the U.S. starting in 1784. The most Christmas and the love of their children were the foresters, soldiers and high authorities with scowl- popular item that was exported to the states was predominant reasons for this specific type of toy ing faces. This was their way of insulting the gov- “Noah’s ark.” The little animals were made with a production. ernment and showing them they were treating the special technique — wheel turning. Craftsmen preThe Seiffen toy museum in the center of town miners unjustly. pared wooden wheels and cut the figures out, a tech- (Hauptstrassse 73) displays all kinds of wooden In 1699, a wood craftsman from the town of nique still alive today in Seiffen, the town of toys. toys that were produced throughout the centuries. Seiffen, which is located in the Erzgebirge, transAt the beginning of the 20th century, the produc- Opening hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The museported his homemade products on a wheelbarrow tion of miniature toy figures became more popu- um will close at 1 p.m. Christmas Eve and New to the fair in Leipzig, where commercial rela- lar. By 1890, customs were charged according to Year’s Eve. It will be open 10 a.m. to noon on tions were established, especially with the town of weight and not the value of the products in export- New Year’s Day. For more information, visit www. Nuremberg. ing to other countries. This made it more expensive

December 14, 2012

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Shining a light on ‘SAD’ by Airman 1st Class Hailey Haux 86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

What are some thoughts that go through your mind when you think about the winter months? As it gets darker and colder, some people tend to get a little sadder than in the bright, sunny days. “Seasonal affective disorder is a variant of major depressive disorder where the depressive episodes show up seasonally,” said Maj. Donald Christman, mental health flight commander. “The symptoms of SAD are typically depressed mood, changes in sleep and appetite, low energy and feelings of guilt.” There are two types of SAD: a fall on-set and a spring on-set. “The fall on-set is more common,” Christman said. “With increased sleep, weight gain and irritability, it’s a lot like a bear going into hibernation.” He said the less common is the spring on-set, where a person would be more likely to have insomnia and decreased appetite. “We have approximately eight hours of daylight during the winter months,” said Staff Sgt. John Deehan, 86th Operational Weather Squadron weather forecaster. “We lose about two minutes of daylight a day until Dec. 21, when the process reverses.” With the days getting darker as we come into the

winter months, there are some things that can be done to help with SAD. “There are many ways a person can try to prevent SAD,” Christman said. “Increasing their exposure to sunlight, with the help of a light box or other bright lights can be a big help. Get out of the office and take a walk during the daylight hours around the base.” There is a light box available at the Health and Wellness Center for Airmen to use as needed. SAD is more common in women, those in their late teens to early 20s and military members who have a permanent change of station to areas with less sunlight, said the mental health flight commander. “A strong social network is key to helping someone with depression in general,” Christman said. “Having people who know when you are not yourself, not only during the winter months, but all year.” If a fellow Airman is experiencing any of the symptoms of SAD or depression in general there are many places they can go to get help. “The family health clinic, the mental health flight, your primary care doctor, the chaplain and military and family life consultants are all there to help,” Christman said. “The best thing a person can do is be aware and educated about SAD and get help if needed.”

Courtesy photo

Contact information Family Health Clinic: 479-2273 or 06371-46-2273 Mental Health Clinic: 479-2390 or 06371-46-2390 Flight Medicine Clinic: 479-2282 or 06371-46-2282 Chaplain: 480-2121 or 06371-47-2121 Military and Family Life Consultants: 0152-02663352 or 0152-2421-1233

Gymnastics classes

Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation’s SKIESUnlimited offers gymnastics classes for toddlers and children. For details, call Parent Central Services at 493-4156 or 0631-3406-4516.

Kung Fu, martial arts

Students will develop physical and mental skills while learning a 500-year-old practice called Kung Fu. Open to ages 5 to 18. Lessons will be held at the Sembach Middle School gym. For details, contact Parent Central Services, Bldg. 2898 on Pulaski Barracks, at 493-4516/4122 or 0631-34064516/4122, or the Landstuhl One Stop Shop, Bldg. 3810, at 486-8943 or 06371-86-8943.

Recreational soccer

Meet new people, get in shape and play soccer from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Sunday at the Miesau Fitness Center, Bldg. 1220. Open to U.S. ID cardholders, Department of Defense civilians, and retirees ages 16 and up. To play, contact Robert Michels at 486-8939 or 06371-86-8939 or Robert.michels@

Photo by Ryan Hardy

Kingfish do it again! Kaiserslautern Kingfish Swim Team member Julio Quinones prepares to swim the backstroke during a race at the Ramstein Aquatic Center. The Kingfish hosted a pentathlon meet Dec. 8 at the aquatic center, beginning the second half of their season. The Kingfish swam away with another victory in their so far undefeated year, beating the Stuttgart Piranhas, Geilenkirchen Orcas, Wiesbaden Wahoos and Heidelberg Sea Lions by a 161-point margin over their closest competitor — the Piranhas. The next meet will be held Saturday against their division rivals at Stuttgart. For the full story, visit www.kaiserslauternamerican. com.

Parent & Me Yoga Classes

Relax and rejuvenate in Parent & Me Yoga, offered by CYS Services SKIESUnlimited. Parent and child yoga classes are offered to parents and the children ages infant to 5 years and ages 5 to 12. To register, contact Parent Central Services, Bldg. 2898 on Pulaski Barracks, or the One Stop Shop, Bldg. 3810 on Landstuhl.

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December 14, 2012

NOW SHOWING Gateway Cineplex (Ramstein)

Playing for Keeps (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7 p.m., 9:30 p.m. Won’t Back Down (PG) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7:15 p.m., 10 p.m. Arthur’s Christmas (PG) 11:15 a.m., 4:15 p.m. A Christmas Carol (PG) 1:45 p.m., 6:45 p.m., 9:15 p.m. The Dark Knight Rises (PG-13) 11 a.m., 3 p.m., 7 p.m. SATURDAY - Playing for Keeps (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7 p.m., 9:30 p.m. Won’t Back Down (PG) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7:15 p.m., 10 p.m. Arthur’s Christmas (PG) 11:15 a.m., 4:15 p.m. A Christmas Carol (PG) 1:45 p.m., 6:45 p.m., 9:15 p.m. The Dark Knight Rises (PG-13) 11 a.m., 3 p.m., 7 p.m. SUNDAY Playing for Keeps (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 7:30 p.m. Won’t Back Down (PG) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7:15 p.m. Arthur’s Christmas (PG) 11:15 a.m. A Christmas Carol (PG) 2 p.m., 7 p.m. The Dark Knight Rises (PG-13) 11 a.m., 3 p.m., 7 p.m. Muppets (PG) 4:15 p.m. MONDAY - Playing for Keeps (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 7:30 p.m. Won’t Back Down (PG) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7:15 p.m. Arthur’s Christmas (PG) 11:15 a.m., 4:30 p.m. A Christmas Carol (PG) 2 p.m., 7 p.m. The Dark Knight Rises (PG-13) 11 a.m., 3 p.m., 7 p.m. TUESDAY - Playing for Keeps (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 7:30 p.m. Won’t Back Down (PG) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7:15 p.m. The Odd Life of Timothy Green (PG) 11:30 a.m., 2 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7 p.m. The Dark Knight Rises (PG-13) 11 a.m., 3 p.m., 7 p.m. WEDNESDAY - Playing for Keeps (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 7:30 p.m. Won’t Back Down (PG) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7:15 p.m. The Odd Life of Timothy Green (PG) 11:30 a.m., 2 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7 p.m. The Dark Knight Rises (PG-13) 11 a.m., 3 p.m., 7 p.m. THURSDAY - Playing for Keeps (PG-13) 11:15 a.m., 2 p.m., 5 p.m., 7:30 p.m. Won’t Back Down (PG) 11 a.m., 1:45 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 7:15 p.m. The Odd Life of Timothy Green (PG) 4 p.m. The Dark Knight Rises (PG-13) 11 a.m., 7 p.m. TODAY -

Next to Autobahn A6, Exit 13 (Landstuhl) Merkurstraße 9, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach 6THEATRES,THX,EXandallDigitalSoundSystems

FRI DEC 14 - WED DEC 19 In Digital 3D: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (PG13)- Fri 15:00. 18:30, 22:00, Sat & Sun 13:30, 17:00, 20:30, Mon - Wed 16:30, 20:00 In 2D: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journe y(PG13)- Fri 16:45, 20:15, Sat 15:00, 18:30, 22:00, Sun 15:00, 18:30, Mon - Wed 15:45, 19:15 James Bond 007: Skyfall (PG13)Fri & Sat 22:30 Rise Of The Guardians(PG)- Sat & Sun 13:30 Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 (PG13)- Fri - Sun 20:15, Mon - Wed 20:30 Starts Fri, DEC 21: Jack Reacher For Showtimes of Thur DEC 20Icall 06371937 037 or see

Galaxy Theater (Vogelweh) TODAY Killing Them Softly (R) 7 p.m. SATURDAY - Wreck-It-Ralph (PG-13) 4 p.m. The Possession (PG-13) 7 p.m. SUNDAY Premium Rush (PG-13) 4 p.m. Editor’s note: Schedules and synopses are provided by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service. Movie times and dates are subject to change by the individual theaters. Please check with the theater to ensure accuracy.

At The Movies

Visit for details Playing for Keeps (PG-13) — A charming, down-on-his luck former soccer star returns home to put his life back together. Looking for a way to rebuild his relationship with his son, he gets roped into coaching the boy’s soccer team. But his attempts to finally become an “adult” are met with hilarious challenges from the attractive soccer moms who pursue him at every turn. Starring Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel. Won’t Back Down (PG) — Two determined mothers, one a teacher, look to transform their children’s failing inner city school. Facing a powerful and entrenched bureaucracy, they risk everything to make a difference in the education and future of their children. Starring Maggie Gyllenhaal and Holly Hunter.

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ACROSS 1 Dictionary entry 5 Singing Mama 9 Packing heat 14 Unnecessary 16 Motif 17 Disintegrated 18 Admit 19 Greek gods’ residence 20 Majestic 22 Humorous remark 24 Seat of County Kerry 28 Garment seam 29 Tasmania’s capital 30 Animate 35 Egg cell 36 Become solid 37 Comply 38 Venerable attendant 41 Caesar’s domain 43 Bamboozles 44 Rodeo ropes 45 Secluded 49 Conduit 50 High point 55 Evangelist McPherson 56 Carmen’s toreador 58 Congregational cries 59 Leader in national affairs 60 Dorks 61 Classification 62 Spot DOWN 1 City on the Brazos 2 Egg-shaped 3 Actress Schneider 4 Carpe ___ 5 Juliet’s father 6 Humble 7 Camera type 8 Goes to sea 9 Home of the Braves 10 Butler of fiction 11 Taxi feature 12 Sister of Anne and Charlotte

13 Just say no 15 Spruce 21 Acidulous 23 Unpropitious 24 Explorer Heyerdahl 25 Range 26 Adjoin 27 Priest of the East 31 Prunes 32 Nile wader 33 Zilch 34 They’re protected by lids 36 Most clement 39 Unfriendly quality 40 Wine bouquet 41 Exalt 42 “You ___ Love You” 45 Clock signal 46 Debussy work 47 Upright 48 Anchorman’s summary 49 “The Godfather” co-star 51 Court order? 52 Shade providers 53 Hockey shot 54 Theatrical award 57 Hog’s home

Solutions to the Dec. 7 puzzle

December 14, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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AdvantiPro GmbH takes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any of the products and services advertised in the Kaiserslautern American. Readers are responsible for checking the prices, qualifications, warranty and any other factor that might help you decide whether to do business with an individual or company advertising herein.

! ! ! 110sqm Apt (2min to RAB) 2BR BIK pantry 1,5bath terr â‚Ź600 + util + 2 06371-50293

Weltersbach livrm dinrm balc 25sqm months rent

! Nice & bright furnished 2-bd-apt in Schwedelbach, 8 Min to RAB, 80 sqm, full bath, BIK, balcony, parking, wooden ceilings. ₏500 06374-5611 !!! 0 ₏ finder’s fee. Very nice furnished and fully equipped Apts. Quiet area near wood/lake. Close to RAB. 1-2BR, large living room with open BIK, balcony, bath, guest WC, free WIFI Internet, 60sqm 550₏ or 84sqm 750₏, All incl., Housing Approved 06371598420 !!!Katzweiler, 15min to ROB, Sembach, Ramstein, Kleber, 110sqm 2nd floor 3BR BIK pantry 1.5bath liv/dinrm basem 2balc floorheat garage, ₏730+util 01757709141 100sqm Apt Hßtschenhausen liv 2BR BIK bath laundry balc 20sqm partly covered 0176-69564589 203 qm New apt 66887 Ulmet, 25 min RAB, 10 min A 62, huge livingr., bik, daylight bathr., guest toilet, store room, 4 bedr., direct parking $1200 0175-7119811, 2BR Apt KL-Siegelbach, 85sqm, livrm, dinrm, BIK, 1.5bath, terr w/ sm yard, floor-heat., garage, ₏650 +util Call: 0179-5112877 5 rms w/2 balconies for rent in Miesau 127sqm 3BR 1modern bath sep. guest WC liv & din rm BIK w/storage tile & laminated flr laundry parkspot garage Avail 1 Dec ₏870+utl Call: 063136139318 or 0171-3119399

Looking for a home? Visit our website for success at or call us at 06385-99 38 70 or 0171-2 03 82 70

Joe Satellite The Original since 1992



Installation & Service Stefan: 0176 2284 1995 Sky Joe: 0631 3431418 specialist

Brand new apt, Glan-muenchweiler, 156sqm, 2BR, 1.5bath, BIK, storage, laundryrm, big Liv/dinrm, wintergarden, roofed terrace, flr heating, elevator, barrier-free, garage and car park, â‚Ź1200 + util, avail 20 Dec, Tel: 06383-7208 or 0176-13650316

Landstuhl-City: Apartment 3BR large living room. Price â‚Ź 700 RE/ MAX Dreamhomes 4 U ask for Sonja Gray 06371/6129262 or 0160/ 3807277 Sonjagray@

New Apt, 66887 Ulmet, 203sqm, huge livingroom, BIK, big day light bathr, guest toilet, storeroom, 4 bedrooms, direct carpark, 0175-7119811, schuck.stefan@, â‚Ź1200.- + util, 10 min to A62, 25min RAB

Landstuhl-Melkerei, huge, luxury Ram Area Apt 3BR 150sqm (greHermersberg, nice 160sqm apartment, gas heating, high- at Autobahn accessibility), nice speed internet, 150sqm, 3 beaptmt, 3 bm, balc, garage, E1200, view on lake, BIK, 1.5bath, cpks droom, 2 bathroom, designer Immo T. 016096096498 +carport balc no pets â‚Ź900 +util built-in kitchen, garage, av. now, Call Walter Klinck 0176-62758373 Kaiserslautern downtown apart1100 euros + ut. Call Melinda ment, brand new, perfect for 0172/6855976 or melindakka@ Ramstein 2BR apt 130sqm, big singles, BIK, basement, private livrm, BIK, 1 full bath, balc, nice parking, gas heating, highspeed apt, quiet area, no pets, single internet, â‚Ź 440+ut. Av now. Call Melinda 0172/6855976 or Lovely apartment centrally loca- tenant preferred, â‚Ź980 incl all utl ted in Landstuhl! Fully furnished, except electr. Avail now. Please 100% equipped, cable TV, was- Call: 06371-58449 or 0170Kindsbach: Super apartment her and dryer 0174 - 61 38 297 9120290 3BR/2BA, balcony, garage. Price â‚Ź 760 RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 U %86,1(66 $662&,$7(6 )25 ask for Sonja Gray 06371/ 5($/ (67$7( ),1$1&( 6129262 or 0160/ 3807277 ,19(670(17 3/$11,1* Landstuhl: 3 bedrm. apartment, fairly new, living-diningrm., builtin-kit., 1 ½ bath, balcony, basement, garage, 620,-- â‚Ź +util 06371/ 57656 Linden, nice furnished 100 sqm aptmt, open-fire-pl, floor-heat, carport, patio, wintergarten, E 700, Immo T. 016096096498






All ads & pics can be viewed @

65 sqm big Apt in Kindsbach, ideal for transitional - or short term. Warm and fully furn, with dishes supply. 06371-14124 or 0152 3848 2018, angela.egelhof@t-onli Apt 148sqm 5rms kit 2baths 2balc garage 1park spot gas heating near A62 in Schellweiler av now â‚Ź980+util 06381-6909 or 0160-6672516 (only German spk) or 0170-3074939 (engl spk) Apt in Hohenecken, 88sqm, big livrm, 1BR, 1dinrm, BIK, bath, â‚Ź400 +util 0631-50116 Apt in Otterberg near Sembach, 2BR, kit, liv & dinrm, bath, storagerm, balcony, park space, 100sqm â‚Ź750 + util. Call: 063014594 Apt in Ramstein, 125sqm, 3br, bik, liv/dinrm, bath, carport, balcony, lrg property (garden) â‚Ź800 incl. water and trash 06371913188 or 0173-8687513 Apt Kindsbach 2BR BIK liv/dinrm 1.5bath basem, storagerm, 110sqm â‚Ź620 +util, possible to rent w/2 garage 06371-64285 after 6pm Bann, 5km to LRMC, 3BR, liv/din rm, bik, 1.5bath, balc, garage. 1st level. â‚Ź820 + util Call: 01729509832 Beautiful ground floor Apt 196sqm Kottweiler, 5km RAB, 34BR, BIK, liv / dinrm, 3bath, stor, basem, 2carport, â‚Ź1350 incl. heating + util + No Deposit Call 06371-52388 Eulenbis 15min to RAB, nice bright apt. 104sqm livrm w/fireplace, BIK, 2 large bedrms, part. furnished, terrace, park., big yard can be used with pool in the summer. 670â‚Ź + util 06374-4560



Proudly presented to you by

â‚Ź $















S E R V I C E & R E A L E S TAT E Our service provides an easy and stress free transition. We will assist you to find the perfect home and also make sure your â‚Ź bills are paid on time.

Industriestr. 18 • 66862 Kindsbach


Monday - Friday 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Closed on German holidays

G.I. Bill Pay Service • Landstuhler StraĂ&#x;e 16 • 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

K/S Immo Agency

Call: 06371 - 465 407 • 0160 - 106 51 96 •

APARTMENT FOR RENT Sembach, 115 sqm, 3 BR, BIK, rent ₏650,00 + utilities + deposit + 1 rent finder’s fee

MORE HOUSES AND APARTMENTS AVAILABLE, CALL US FOR MORE INFO Mannheimer-Str. 25, 67655 Kaiserslautern Tel: 0631/3619963, Cell 0174/4166662,


Real Estate Center In Kaiserslautern

Call us first!!!

We will help to find you a house and offer you our full service during the complete rental or buying period.

Dream job Real Estate Agent -we have room in our office.

AKM GmbH Denisstr. 22, 67663 KL Tel: 06 31 / 4 14 08 88-0


G m b H

Building Your Dreams Is O Our Business

Jim Jenet Tel: 0160 - 96 99 74 61

INVEEST IN YOUR R FUTUREE Usee your LQA to build or buy yoourr own home! • 110.5% financing, i llow interest i rates, NO DOWN PAYMENT Germany wide • Build your own home with a 5 year warranty • Architect and interior designer costs included • Home buying seminars available • Individual planning

• We W help h l you with i h every step off the h way to make this an easy process • Over 100 homes built for the U.S. Military Community in Germany • Available to servicemembers, government civilians and contractors • References available • Solid, energy efficient construction • Tel: 06371 - 61 39 42 • Cell: 0171 - 218 09 62 • Fax: 06371 - 61 39 45

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Kaiserslautern American

APTS FOR RENT All ads & pics can be viewed @

Sunday Worship Gatherings at 9 & 11 a.m. Keeping it real, relational and relevant

August-SĂźssdorf Strasse 8 Ramstein-Miesenbach 06371- 407 808

A Christian fellowship that gathers to study God’s word verse by verse so we can know, glorify and serve Christ.

Teaching the village, reaching the world!

We meet Sundays at 11 a.m. For more info call 06371-616793 or visit our website Industriestr. 50 66862 Kindsbach

Ramstein 2BR apt, 85sqm, BIK, new painted, new bath, nice apt, priv park incl, no pets, â‚Ź760,- incl util. exc electr. Call 06371-58449 or 06371-58434 or 0170-9120290 Ramstein apartment, 90sqm, 2 bedroom, open-plan living/dining area, luxury BIK with american fridge, high-speed internet, laundry, storage, av. now, 550 Euros+Ut. call Melinda 0172/ 6855976 or

December 14, 2012 Rodenbach Hohlstr. 3 comfy attic Apt 100sqm liv-space, new BIK w/everything, big bathrm 2BR 1livrm, lrg hallway, cpks, 06374992533 or 0179-8585307

Wonderful Apartment in an idylically stable horse farm, perfect for horse owner, 160sqm., 4 bedrms., dining-livingrm., b.i.k., baths., garage 1.200 â‚Źuro + util Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372803641 or 0173-8317162 Rodenbach: officiancy apt. 28 qm. ideal for single pers. sep. HOUSES entr. Euro 295 all inkl. exp. electricity, 0177-5698303 FOR RENT Spesbach: 2 bedrm. apartment, living-diningrm., brand new builtin-kit., pantry, 1 bath, basement, 585,-- â‚Ź +util www.agra-immobili 06371/57656

KMC Assembly of God Church

Reverend Chuck Kackley Phone: 06333-9931838 Cell: 0171-6574322

Services are held at Kaiserstrasse 16 A, Einsiedlerhof WORSHIP HOURS: Sunday 10 a.m., Wednesday 7 p.m. Family Night

Kaiserslautern Church of Christ Mßhlstrasse 34 • 67659 Kaiserslautern Schedule of Services Sundays


Bible Classes (all ages) 10:00 a.m. Worship 11:00 a.m. & 6:00 p.m. Devo. & Bible Study 7:00 p.m.

Pastors Harry & Cristina Rodriguez, Jr. Tel: (Handy/Cell) 01577-9105550 E-mail:

TRINITY REFORMED CHURCH PCA at Kirchenstrasse 2a 66849 Landstuhl 06371-618 138

Welcomes you and your family to the



5:30 p.m. “I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. For unto you is born this day a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.� Luke 2:10f

10 min Ramstein - Spesbach 180 sqm, 5 BDR, 2 baths, carport, rent â‚Ź 1020 ZIAI DZ Immobilien, 01726823232

“The churches of Christ salute you.� - Romans 16:16

10 Min to Rab, freestanding house, 271 sqm., 5 bedrms., b.i.k., 3 baths., yard, garage 2.133 â‚Źuro + util Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372803641 or 0173-8317162

Protestant Services

Ăœberm Weiher 2 (GPS-Am Rauhen Biehl 2) 55774 Baumholder Tel. 06783-185-0980 Sunday Intl Worship: 11:00 hr Wednesday Prayer/Bible Study: 19:00 hr

******Excl.. Lohnsfeld, 200sqm, 4+BR, excl shower (colored + radio), granite flrs, flr heat, Ital. marble fireplace, gar. Etc, â‚Ź1600, Ramstein, 220sqm, 5BR, nice yard, 2x2 gar. â‚Ź1460, Bedesbach, luxury 250sqm, 5BR, XXL-garage, â‚Ź1935; Reichenbach, brand new, 5BR, â‚Ź1980, no Pets, Call: Realtor Erica, 0160-96697945,

10 min Ramstein, 180 sqm, 5 BDR, no fee, rent â‚Ź 1260, ZIAI DZ Immobilien 01726823232

Air Force and Army Chapel Schedule

Centro de AdoraciĂłn Internacional Baumholder

!!!! Modern row house in Queidersbach, 182 sqm, BIK, 3 BR, 2 bath, parking place, Housing approved, 1320 â‚Ź, 0178-1665412

Contact Information

Tel. 06 31 - 36 18 59 92 Web: • E-mail: Herb Doyle 0 63 71 - 46 75 16 • John Phillis 01 60 - 6 42 79 95

Baumholder International Worship Center

All ads & pics can be viewed @

t %BFOOFS $IBQFM Saturday Seventh-Day Adventist Sabbath School 9:30 a.m. Worship service 11 a.m. Sunday Chapel Next Service 10:00 a.m. POC USAG-K Chaplains Office 493-4098, Civ. 0631-3406-4098, BLDG 3150 t -BOETUVIM $IBQFM Sunday Protestant Worship and Kid’s Church 11:00 a.m. POC USAG-K Chaplains Office 493-4098, Civ 0631-3406-4098 t 3BNTUFJO /PSUI $IBQFM (480-6148) Contemporary Service, 11:00 a.m. Sunday t 3BNTUFJO 4PVUI $IBQFM (480-5753) Liturgical Services, 9 a.m. Sunday Liturgical Sunday School, 11:00 a.m. Sunday Traditional Service, 11:00 a.m. Sunday t 7PHFMXFI $IBQFM (489-6859) Gospel Service, 11:00 a.m. Sunday Protestant Education Classes are available for all ages at Vogelweh, Ramstein, Landstuhl and Daenner, For more information, call 480-2499 or 489-6743.

t -BOETUVIM $IBQFM Sunday Mass 9 a.m. Daily Mass noon Mon – Fri POC USAG-K Chaplains Office 493-4098, Civ 0631-3406-4098

Islamic Services t 3BNTUFJO 4PVUI $IBQFM .PTRVF (480-5753), Jumu’ah Prayer, 1:30 p.m. For Religious Education and Daily Prayers check Prayer Schedule

Orthodox Christian Confession by appointment Divine Liturgy - Kapaun Chapel Sun, 9:00 a.m. For more information call: 489-2496

Youth Group

Middle School Youth Group, "Plugged-In" for Landstuhl, Kaiserslautern and Sembach meets on Sundays from 2 to 4 p.m. at the Pulaski Religious Youth Center. High School Youth Group, "The Rock" meets on Sundays from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Pulaski Religious Youth Center. Dinner for Students and their Families, Jewish Religious Services "CafÊ" meets on Sundays from from 430 to 530 t 3BNTUFJO 4PVUI $IBQFM 4ZOBHPHVF (480-5753), p.m. at the Pulaski Religious Youth Center. Shabbat Evening Service, For details and other events, call Anthony Amor Friday, 7 p.m. at 0151-2411-2619 or visit Catholic Services t 3BNTUFJO /PSUI $IBQFM (480-6148) Sunday Mass, 9:00 a.m. and 5 p.m. Confessions, 4 to 4:45 p.m. Sunday Daily Mass, 11:30 a.m. Mon through Fri t 7PHFMXFI $IBQFM (489-6859) Confessions, 4 to 4:45 p.m. Saturday Mass, 5 p.m. Saturday t %BFOOFS $IBQFM Sunday Confessions 11:45 a.m. Sunday Mass 12:30 p.m. Daily Mass 11:45 a.m. Tue – Fri POC USAG-K Chaplains Office 493-4098, Civ 0631-3406-4098

Denominational Services

Episcopal (St. Albans) ,BQBVO $IBQFM Sun, 10:30 a.m. Korean Service 4PVUI $IBQFM Sun, 1 p.m. Unitarian Universalist Service ,BQBVO $IBQFM 2nd & 4th Sun, 1.30 p.m. (Sep through May) Wiccan ,BQBVO "OOFY 1st & 3rd Sat, 7 p.m. Confessional Lutheran (WELS) 4PVUI $IBQFM 2nd & 4th Sun, 4 p.m.

15 min RAB BrĂźcken DPLX house (2003), 162sqm living area, 4BR, 2baths, liv/din area w/open BIK, pantry, laundry, tiled/laminate floors, floorheat, garage+storage, +2 carpark, fenced yard, terrace, pets o.k., av. 1. Jan, â‚Ź1250+utl. (ca. â‚Ź65/pers/month), no fee, call 01772547847. 1Fam House Imsbach, ca. 20min KL, 4BR, livrm, dinrm, kitchen, 1full bath + ž shwr bath, balc, lrg garden, dbl garage, 850â‚Ź Ph. 089-528244 (until 10pm) 250sqm Freest 1Fam. Home Reichenbach-Steegen, 5BR, 2BIK 3baths â‚Ź1600+util 0151-17982373

St. Alban's Military Community

Episcopal Services HOLY EUCHARIST Sundays 10:30

Kapaun Chapel For more information please

call 480-6148 or 06372-3163

Tell me the story of Jesus & remind me why the angels sang that night!

Landstuhl Christian Bookstore

Kaiserstr. 66 • 06371-62988 Mon–Fri 10–6, Sat 9–2 (new) 5$067(,1

&+85&+ 2) &+5,67



December 14, 2012

HOUSES FOR RENT All ads & pics can be viewed @

5 min to Ramstein, FSH, 230 sqm, 3 BDR, 3 baths one level, rent â‚Ź 1700, No fee, ZIAI DZ Immobilien 01726823232 5min to RAB duplex 142sqm 3BR liv/din rm w/ open firepl 1.5baths BIK basem carport â‚Ź880 +utl 0176-10038829 A very nice FSH in Friedelhausen, approx 160sqm, big garden, Liv, BIK, 5BR, 2 new bathrms, basement, garage, big terrace, Rent w/ garage â‚Ź1030 + util. Avail now. Tel: 06385-1301 or Handy 01703153766 or 01717604541 Airbase: 15 min Vogelbach: Luxurious, brand new 5 br freest. house, 3 bath, firepl, gar, yard E 2250,- ; Huetschenhausen: 235 sqm, 5 br, dplx, yard, gar, E 1730,-; Hermersberg: freest, new, 3 br, 2 bath, one floor, floorh, E 1270,-; Ramstein: nice 3 br dplx small yard, gar E1100,- JR Realty reduced fee - Ph: 01703159692 or Available with GP Residences: Very nice Miesau House, 4 Br, 2 baths, liv/din rm, garage, yard, balcony, â‚Ź1,390. Beautiful Gries House, Bavarian Style, 4 BR, 2 baths, nice bik, liv/din rm, yard, garage â‚Ź1,390. Nice Vogelbach House, 4 BR, 2 baths, nice bik with dining area, liv/din rm, patio, yard, garage, â‚Ź1,000. Largely reduced fees, call 0162-4131-878 or 06372-3211 or email: Bann, nice 160 sqm duplex, build 1999, yard, E 239000, Immo T. 016096096498 Brand new freestanding house, 260sqm., 5 bedrms., 3 baths., b.i.k., excl condition, open-fireplace, garage 2.100 â‚Źuro + util Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372-803641 or 01738317162 Bruchm-Miesau, garage, 4 Bedr, 155sqm, â‚Ź1170 + util, HĂźtschenhausen, 10 min, 4 bedr, 145sqm, â‚Ź1000, MartinshĂśhe, 5Bedr, 200sqm, â‚Ź1379, Immobilien Hauschild, Tel: 06373-505600 Christmas in the country! Charming, newly renov. farmhouse. New, fully furn. kit., large gard., quiet, pets welcome, 15min to RAB, call 06508-918161 after 6pm â‚Ź850 Comfortable renovated old farmhouse, Dorfstr. 16, 66424 Homburg/Altbreitenfelderhof near Waldmohr 5min, 7rms BIK liv rm din rm 2bath 2balc terrace basement yard parking. â‚Ź1100 + utl 0163-3505337 or MGBernd@ Duplex House Kindsbach 185sqm 5BR BIK garden garage 1.5bath â‚Ź1105 no pets. Avail 1 Jan, 2013, 0173-7741927. Please do not call before Sunday. Erdesbach: nice duplex, 211sqm, 4bdrms, 2bath, fireplace, floorheat, 4balconies, garage, no pets, available now â‚Ź1520 0171-6841841 Freestanding house in Siegelbach, 270sqm, 5 BR, living, dining, built-in kitchen, office, recreational room, 4 baths, garage, large yard, â‚Ź2100 017617107287

Kaiserslautern American Enjoy the great view from this Bavarian style FSH, 220 m² in Niederkirchen, 20 km to Sembach, 22 km to KL, 3-4 BR, 2 Baths, BIK, Huge Liv./Din. room area w. fire place, party room w. Bar, 1 garage, pets negotiable, rent: 1650.00 EUR + 30.00 EUR garage + util., avail.: now. For more info please call GI Bill Pay Service & Real Estate, Tel.: 0160-1065196 or 06371-465407, E-mail: Freest 1 FHS Rieschweiler-MĂźhlbach, UlmenstraĂ&#x;e 10, new built 260sqm 5BR 2.5baths BIK garage terr 1st occupancy floor heat â‚Ź1900 +util 06336-6317 / 01717773278 Freest. House Bamberger Hof 250sqm, 3BR, 2BIK, party rm, play rm, cellar, laundry rm, office, 2baths, 2WC, liv/din rm, storage rm, yard, terrace, balcony, open firepl â‚Ź1750, 06386993519 FSH 160 m² in Schneckenhausen, 20 km to Sembach, 20 km to K'Lautern, 4 BR, BIK, 2 Bath, Liv/ Din-Room w. fireplace, Basement, Carport, Yard, Pets negotiable, Rent: 1120 Euro + util., Avail: December 10, 2012. For more info please contact: GI Bill Pay Service & Real Estate, Tel.: 06371465407 or 0160-1065196, E-mail: FSH 160 m², 8 km to Landstuhl, 12 km to RAB, 4 BR, 2 Bath, BIK, Liv/Din, Basement, Garage, Patio, Pets allowed, Rent: 830 Euro + util., Avail: Now. For more info please contact GI Bill Pay Service & Real Estate Tel.: 06371-465407 or 0160-1065196, Email: FSH 250 m² in Kusel-Region, 10 km to BHR, 25 km to RAB, 6 BR, 3 Bath, 2 BIK, Liv/Din-Room w. fireplace, Yard, Pets allowed, Rent: 1800 Euro + util., Avail: Now. For more info please contact: GI Bill Pay Service & Real Estate, Tel.: 06371-465407 or 0160-1065196, E-mail: FSH in Ramstein school district, high quality, nice yard, 170 sqm, 3 bed, 2.5 bath, BIK, garage, av. 15. Dec, â‚Ź1100+ut. Call 0172/ 6855976 or FSH Nanzdietschweiler 10km to RAB, 4BR, 2BIK, 2Bath; avail. now, no fee; 1150â‚Ź + util; Tel: 0160-93500556 Kl-Erfenbach, 130sqm, 4 BDR, 2 baths, 2 garages, rentâ‚Ź 900, ZIAIDZ Immobilien 01726823232

High Life


For the past 18 years one of the most popular places for Americans Your home away from home! Conversation, good music, dance and fun! Richard-Wagner-Str. 1 (across from Karstadt)

Wed — Mon: 10 p.m. — 5 a.m. Fri — Sat: 10 p.m. — 8 a.m. Tuesdays closed

Tel.: 06 31 - 618 25

Hauptstuhl: duplex, 3 bedr. 1 ½ bath, living-diningrm., built-in-kit., patio, carport, 1000,-- + util 06371/ 57656 Hochspeyer: freestanding, 6 bedr. 2 bath, living-diningrm., open fire-place, built-in-kit., patio, basement, 2 garages, 2270,-- + util 06371/57656 House 270sqm Geiselberg ca. 20km RAM / 15 Vogelw. 5BR 2BIK 1 3/4 bath sauna terr dbl garage w/elec door, partyrm, garden stor, basem/laundry, pets allowed, â‚Ź1800 +util no fees Call: 0162-2568302 House for rent in Siegelbach, 104sqm, garden, balcony & terrace, no pets, 650â‚Ź +util, Availb. 01 Feb., 06374-6481 or 01703849221 House for rent, 327 sqm, 5 BDrm, 2 liv rms, 2baths, kitchen, 2-car garage, big yard, quiet location â‚Ź 1.540 + util, 67752 Rutsweiler/Lauter Am Sess 8, pls call 06826-81213 House in Kusel, 190sqm, 4 bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, garden 250sqm, mtly. 1330â‚Ź deposit 1m. call 06381-996314 HĂźtschenhausen: Completely renovated FSH, 3 bedr., 2 bath, office, basement, garage, â‚Ź 900,-- + util., I.B.u. Immobilienservice Thomas SouriĂ&#x;eaux, 06374 995 694 Kaiserslautern, modern luxury home, 260sqm, 5 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, designer kitchen, floor heating, highspeed internet, storage, garage, nice yard. Av. 1st Jan, 2100 euros + ut. Call Melinda 0172/6855976 or melindakka@ KL-Morlautern: nice duplex, 5 bedr. 2 ½ bath, living-diningrm., built-in-kit., patio, yard, garage, 2.080,-- + util www.AGRA-Immobi 06371/57656

LOOKI NG F OR A D DJ J? LOOKING FOR DJ? Events, Parties, Weddings, Clubs.

Various music styles

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since 1985

Kaiserstr. 137 66849 Landstuhl (06371) 172 77 or 172 78 Online order: The best Pizza & Salads in the KMC area


Now taking Christmas party reservations!

SPECIAL LUNCH w. salad & bread Spaghetti with meat sauce or Lasagne â‚Ź 6.-


Am Fleischackerloch 66849 Landstuhl (across from Kaufland)



Parking available


:FBST TFSWJOH UIF ,.$ BSFB Original or Spicy!

0179 - 951 60 21

Choose from many different menus!

Dancing DEC 25 80’s & 90’s Party DEC 31 Big New Year ’s Eve Party

Opening hours: Mon-Fri 11:00 - 15:00 17:00 - 24:00 Sat & Sun 11:00 - 24:00


ddjsu dj jsu @gma ill.ccom supe supe perj rjam jjam am@g @gma @g mail iil il.c il om

over 30


Try out our Family Value Boxes!




We are not the biggest, but the best!

Now serving Wings


Tuesdays Wing Special: 6 Wings â‚Ź 2.00

FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS Martin-Luther-Str. 8 | K-Town

,BJTFSTUS t ,- &JOTJFEMFSIPG 5FM Monday-Sunday from 10:30-24:00 Ă? -BOETUVIM



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Kaiserslautern American

HOUSES FOR RENT All ads & pics can be viewed @

Kaiserslautern-Einsiedlerhof, Duplex house, 6BD, 2.5bath, 189sqm, BIK, garden, garage, €1330 + elec and gas to the specific companies, Westpfalz Immobilien Thomas Werle, Haseneckstr. 23, 66953 Pirmasens, Tel. 06331507195 or 0170-2960501, Konken Selchenbacherstraße 22: freest house 240sqm, 6BR, 2.5baths country style, BIK, dbl garage €1800+utl Call: 063841629 or 0160-92341477

Landstuhl, 5 min to hospital, 150 sqm, 3 BDR, 1,5 baths, rent € 1010, ZIAI DZ Immobilien 01726823232 Landstuhl-Melkerei: Very nice Duplex 4BR/2BA, small garden, garage. Price € 1350 RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 U ask for Sonja Gray 06371/6129262 or 0160/ 3807277 Linden, 140sqm free-stand new renovated house 10 min to Vogelweh, 3 bm new bik, garage, patio, big yard, E 920, Immo.T 016096096498 Mackenbach: nice townhouse, 160sqm, 4bedr, liv, bik, 2.5bath, terrace, yard, €1080 + util, Roth Immobilien 06374-994776 or 0171-1950606

$ 1 = 0,80 €






Christmas - Buffet 24.12.11 25.12.11 + 26.12.11

from 5 p.m. Kids ages 4 – 12 pay from 11.30 a.m. – 3 p.m. and 5.30 p.m. – 11.30 p.m. Kids ages 4 – 12 pay

€ 14,80 € 8,90 € 16,80 € 9,90

Sylvester Celebration - Buffet

from 5 p.m. – 7.45 p.m. and 8 p.m. – Midnight Buffet: incl. 1 glass of champagne or 1 alcohol-free house-cocktail € 16,80 Kids ages 4 – 12 pay € 9,90 SPECIALTIES: SUSHI, MONGOLIAN BBQ Opening hours: At Midnight: 11.30 – 15.00 & 17.30 – 23.30 · Huge fireworks Only Sundays open all day. No closing day. · Start your own fireworks (will be provided) PLEASE MAKE A RESERVATION Mainzer Strasse 105 • 67657 Kaiserslautern

Tel.: 0 6 31-36 15 188 / 3 6 15 177 •

Miesau, 140sqm, 3BR, 2bath, bik, small yard, 2parkspots, quiet area. €1070+ util. Call 015201969839 or after 4pm 06372508608 Miesenbach: freestanding 4-5 bed., 3 ½ bath, living-diningrm, built-in-kit., patio, yard, 2 car garage, sauna, 2.500,-- + util 06371/ 57656 Nanzdietschweiler (Ramstein school): Freest. House, 287sqm, 3BR/2,5BA, balcony, terrace, yard, fireplace, big garage, floorheat, € 2.100,- + util 06371/ 943310 www.GermaWild-Immobili Near Kusel: Wonderful House with a fantastic view, big yard, 170sqm, 5BR/2BA, fire-place, 2garages + carport €1350 06371/ 943310 www.GermaWild-Immobili New freestanding house Weilerbach-Pörrbach, 240sqm, 4bedr., livr. Bik, 2bath, studio, open fireplace, balcony, terrace, yard, €1750 + util. Roth Immobilien 06374-994776 or 0171-1950606 Nice 180sqm architect-house close to Sembach/Panzer/Kleber, open-fire-place, 2 baths, 2garages, patio with pond, yard, E1250 Immo T. 016096096498 Nice 6 bm free-stand house in Höheinöd, nice view, big yard, 10 min to landstuhl, E 1800, Immo T. 016096096498 Nice FSH 130 m², 20 min to RAB, Access to A62 1 km, 3 BR, 1 Bath, BIK, Liv/Din-Room, DoubleCarport, Yard, Pets negotiable, Rent: 950 Euro + carport + util., Avail: Now. For more info please contact GI Bill Pay Service & Real Estate Tel.: 06371-465407 or 0160-1065196, Email: ramstein@gi No Fee House near Landstuhl / RAB, 200sqm., 4 bedrms., b.i.k., 3 baths., +sauna, floor-heating, garage, yard 1.450 €uro + util Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372-803641 or 01738317162



Mr. Wong welcomes you to our NEW RESTAURANT!

as Merry X-M & w e Happy N Year!

Fuchsstr. 1 • 67688 Rodenbach Formerly ASIA HOUSE RAMSTEIN BLDG. 412 (Community Center)

Now re-opened officially for everyone who enjoys GOOD MR. WONG MEALS

Tel: 06374 – 9951770 Opening Hours: Mon- Sun: 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. & 5 p.m. - 10.30p.m.

Home delivery to Mackenbach


Every Steak €12.80*

(280g, incl. side dishes)


3 course menu €8.50*

(starting at 11:30 a.m.)

Hours: Mon closed | Tue-Fri starting 5 p.m. Sat starting 3 p.m. | Sun starting 11 a.m. Jahnstr. 26 • 67686 Mackenbach • Tel: 06374 - 3924 *Dine in or take away - No delivery!

December 14, 2012 No Fee Houses in Oberstaufenbach: 280sqm., 5 bedrms., 3 baths., b.i.k., garage 1.870 €uro + util, Martinshöhe: freestanding house, 197 sqm., 5 bedrms., 2 baths., terrace, b.i.k., carport 1.470 €uro + util Call 01738317162 or 06372-803641 Immobilien4you Oberarnbach: freestanding, 5 bedr. 2 ½ bath, living-diningrm., built-in-kit., patio, yard, double garage, 1700,-- + util www.AGRA-Im 06371/57656

Ramstein-Miesenbach: nice 5 bm house, garage, yard, E1180, Immo. T. 016096096498 Rodenbach: Row end house (like duplex), 197sqm, 4BR/2,5BA, terrace, small yard, carport €1340 06371/943315

Spesbach: freest. house w. 4 bedrooms, living-diningroom, kitchen w. b.i.k., 2 bathrooms, basement, yard, KD Baubetreuung €1330 06371-619033 / kdOld Farmhouse newly renovated with barn in Niederkirchen, 22 km Spesbach: freestanding house, 3 to Sembach, 22 km to K'Lautern, bedr., 1 ½ bath, livingrm., di160 m², 4 BR, 1.5 Bath, BIK, Liv/ ningrm., build-in-kit., basement, Din-Room, Storage, Double-Car- open fire-place, patio, yard, garaport, Huge fenced in yard, Pets al- ge, 1.130,-- + util www.AGRA-Im lowed, Rent 1260 Euro, Avail: 06371/57656 Now. For more info please contact: GI Bill Pay Service & Real Townhouse 180 m² in QueidersEstate, Tel.: 06371-465407 or bach, 2 BR, 1 Studio, 2 Bath, Liv/ 0160-1065196, E-mail: ramstein@ Din-Room, BIK, Storage, ment, Patio, Cats allowed, Rent: Otterbach / Sambach, Katzwei- 1320 Euro + util., Avail: Now, Relerstr. 14, 180sqm, 3BR, duced Fee. For more info please 1shwr+WC, bath +WC, BIK, liv/ contact: GI Bill Pay Service & Real dinrm, balc, 2basem, € 1150 Estate, Tel.: 06371-465407 or 0160-1065196, E-mail: ramstein@ +205util, Call: 06301-1258 Queidersbach, nice 3 bm duProperty-No Realtor plex, studio, carport, E890, Immo. Unique Fees! Executive home in beautiful T 016096096498 Queidersbach: Townhouse: 4 private setting with outstanding bedr, 2bathr, available now € views. 330 sq mtrs/(3600sq ft) of 1.320,-- RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 luxury living space: 5 bdrms, 3 U, Landstuhl, Kaiserstr. 4, 06371/ bath; cathedral ceilings and grani6129262 or 0170 685 0060 Email te floors w/ floor heat; large highend kitchen w/walk-in pantry, mal dining room; walk-in closets Rab school freestanding house, and built-in airconditioning in ups235 sqm., 5 bedrms., 2 baths., tairs bedrooms; large living room b.i.k., garage, yard, 1.665 €uro + w/fireplace; wintergarden; several util Anne S. Neumann covered terraces; 2 balconies; 2Immobilien4you Tel: 06372- car garage covered carport. 1/2 803641 or 0173-8317162 acre of land, with professionally Rab school freestanding house, landscaped garden. Great home 10 Min to RAB, 200sqm., 4 for entertaining or just relaxation bedrms., 2 baths., b.i.k., dining-li- Can only show on wkend. wkend ving rm., garage + carport, fenced phone: 06306-701090 or call numyard 1.400 €uro + util Anne S. ber below to make appointment. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: €2800 01713244124 / lizknopf@ya 06372-803641 or 0173-8317162 Ramstein (12min): Freest., 285sqm, 3BR/2,5BA, balcony, terrace, yard, fireplace, big garage, floor-heat €2100 06371/943313

V. nice freestanding house in Waldmohr. Just renovated, 278sq, 2 LR, 5 BR, 2,5 bths, fireplace, winter garden, big nice yard, garage, bbq place. €1700, Ramstein downtown, FSH 200 06373 - 3567 or 0160 - 92616758 sqm, 5 BDR, rent € 1200, ZIAI DZ Villa in Kusel near center, 220 m² Immobilien 01726823232 renovated, 5-6 Bedr., 2 Bathr., 3 -

Ramstein village New Duplex! ½ bath, Basement, available now 3bed, 1.5bath, bik, fireplace, KA- No Fee € 1410,-- RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 U, Landstuhl, Kaiserstr. RE Realty 0179-3287075, €930 Ramstein-City: Freest. House, 4, 06371/6129262 or 0170 685 160sqm, 3BR/2BA, terrace, yard, 0060 Email wolfgang.wiedmann@ garage, € 1035.- + util 06371/ 943315 www.GermaWild-Immobili Waldmohr - very nice duplex, 235 sqm, 5 br, 2,5 baths, storage, garage, fenced yard, - E 1665,-;se Pho no Realtor fee- Ph: 01703159692 Try our original Vietname or

Saigon Restaurant

Enjoy authentic fresh Vietnamese specialties in a cozy atmosphere!

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!!! Erzenhausen!!! Very nice one family home in quiet neighborhood. 4BR/2BA fire place, floor Mon-Sat: 12 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. heating, garage. Ready to move Wednesday closed, Sun: 12 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. Eisenbahnstrasse 68a, 67655 Kaiserslautern in. Price € 280 000 RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 U ask for Sonja Gray Tel.: 0631-4126329 In the x of the city, close to C&A 06371/6129262 or 0160/ 3807277


December 14, 2012

HOUSES / APTS FOR SALE All ads & pics can be viewed @

20 min to RAB or Ktown - Hefersweiler: great house, about 330 m² living space, 8-9 bedr, 3 bathr, Livingr, 2 built in kitchen, balcony, all tiled and floor heated, garage, fantastic view, available now € 289.000,-- RE/MAX Dreamhomes 4 U, Landstuhl, Kaiserstr. 4, 06371/6129262 or 01706850060, email wolfgang.wiedmann@re Available with GP Residences: Very nice freestanding house, Glan-Münchweiler area, 5 Br, 2.5 baths, nice bik, pantry, hobbyroom, storage, carport+off street parking, €287.500. Largely reduced fees. Call 0162 4131 878 or 06372-3211 or email:

Kaiserslautern American Single House in Einsiedlerhof, perfect for single or couple 111sqm on a 520sqm lot for 129000€ Doris Drewlow Immobilien, Tel: 06371-5940059 Winnweiler: 214 m² living space, 800 m² property, 6 Bedr, 3 Bathr, living room w open fireplace, Basement, Studio, 2 car Garage available now € 260.000,-- RE/ MAX Dreamhomes 4 U, Landstuhl, Kaiserstr. 4, 06371/ 6129262 or 0170 685 0060, email Wonderful freestanding house in a quiet area, 270 sqm., 7 bedrms., 3 baths., b.i.k., balcony, great view, Rab school, office, Price 330 000 €uro Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372803641 or 0173-8317162

TLA / TDY All ads & pics can be viewed @

!!!! 1 2 3 4 5 Beds luxury temp apts for incoming/outgoing families & TDY. Ramstein Air Base 2 mins, short walk to restaurants & shops. Beautifully furnished, 100% equipped TV, AFN, English satalite, DSL, free telephone, USA & Europe, good library & movie selection. Pets welcome. Off street parking at all locations. Call 01712679282 or email: luxuryapts09@ yahoo, com ***2, 3 + 4 TLA/TDY Luxury Apts in Landstuhl, Ramstein & K-Town. All Remodeled, Furnished, 100% equipped, Cable TV, Kitchen, Washer, Dryer, Parking etc. Call 0170-4137555 or 0172-7471366 100% equipped 1-2BR Apts, Free internet, AFN, Phone to USA, off Road parking. 10min to RAM, Land, LRMC, Contractors also welcome. Info: 0177 1955959 or 1-3bed Internet, wash/dry, pet ok 3miRAB 01742430124 / nbm4rent@hot Beautiful TLF House, 5min. to RAB, 4bedr, fully furnished, 017639755130, www.beautiful-tlf.jim, New 2BR TLA close to base. €35 per day. Call Dale at 017681105338 or after 6 pm at 063725743

Kindsbach: nice duplex with garage build 2006, 145sqm, 4bm, 2 ! ! ! ! 1 & 2 BDR Luxury Temp baths, E200000, Immo T. Apts TLA/TDY in Ramstein. 100% 016096096498 equipped including TV, DVD, free Internet, washer/dryer, free calls Landstuhl Melkerei, New. Freest. to USA. reservation / questions Lux. House 221sqm, Land call: 0151-46501528 / mail:info@ 500sqm, Livr./Dinrm, kitchen. / www.ramsteinGuest Wc, . 2Storagerm, 4BR. / Terrace, Garden, double LOOKING FOR A COZY PLACE steintla garage, Heatingsyst. Gas / Solar TO SPEND THE WEEK OR A MONTH? €420.000 obo. info@immobilienWe can help! 0173-3425380 S.KoTLAs in Ramstein New apt for 1 bedwalski room for 2 people & also for families. Apts have: full furn Sat TV microw. Near Rab / Landstuhl freestanphone comp w/DSL private parking pets ding house, 200sqm., livingOK wash/dryer also avail. space, 4 bedrms., +studio, 2 Call 06371-5432 or 0171-3256002 baths., basement, balcony, 2 garages, fenced yard Price 150 000 €uro Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372803641 or 0173-8317162


Price reduction! A lovely and modern detached house in Kleinbundenbach. Built in 1994. Living area 270 sqm, 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, modern fitted kitchen, large living-dining area with open fireplace, winter garden and gallery, storage rooms, 2 balconies, double garage, basement, outbuildings, big yard. Price is negotiable based €295000 06301795601, 0171-2102098, Info@dres

Ramstein: brand new freest. 276 sqm house, move in March 2013, property 675 sqm, living-diningarea w. open kitchen, 6 bedrooms, 2,5 bathrooms, big garage, terrace a. yard KD Baubetreuung €465000 06371-619033 /



Nepalese & Tibetan Cuisine

EVERY THURSDAY 1$=1€ * Mainzer Tor 3, Kaiserslautern Altstadt Tel: 06 31 - 3 20 42 62 Hours: Tue – Sun 12:00 to 14:30 & 18:00 to 23:00

*Please visit our website for more details.

We will close our business December 27, 2012 for personal reasons! If you would like to join us for a nice Christmas Dinner with family and/ or friends, please make your reservation soonest. Our restaurant will open on Christmas for lunch only: 11:30 a.m. – 3 p.m. On December 27, we will celebrate our “Goodbye” with a big Schnitzel Night: Each Schnitzel with salad only € 8,50 first quality, all variations… Come and join us, but please don’t forget to make your reservation for this night. Thank you to all our American customers and friends. We appreciate your friendship and loyalty and will always remember those good times with you! Thank you for your great support. We wish a wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy and healthy New Year: May all your dreams come true! Your G.-Team 66849 Landstuhl | Von Richthofen Str. 30 | Tel.: 06371-406881 or 0152-28815678

Brauhaus am Markt Stiftsplatz l t 2-3 2 3 · Kaiserslautern K i l t • b h

RAB school excl. condition freestanding house, 400 sqm., livingspace, 1200 sqm property, with outside pool, 2 garages, florida room, 5 bedrms., open-fire-place, 3 baths., b.i.k., sepr. apartment Price 420 000 €uro Anne S. Neumann Immobilien4you Tel: 06372803641 or 0173-8317162 Ramstein (Obermohr): new freest. 334 sqm house, property 900 sqm, living-dining area w. open fireplace, 5 bedrooms, 2,5 bathrooms, balcony, terrace, double garage a. yard €445000 06371-619033 /

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ept We acc rs! l la US Do

WE OFFER THE BEST RATES! The only brewery in K-Town auskl Home brewed beer /brauh m o .c k o facebo Next to the famous Stiftskirche (12th century)

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Kaiserslautern American


Pradit Kern Traditional Thai massage of the WAT PO MEDICAL SCHOOL BANGKOK

Christmas Special valid Dec 14-24, 2012

Thai or oil massage s Gift certificate ! le b ila ava

60 min – reg. price ₏ 44,-

special price

Neck/Back massage

30 min – reg. price ₏ 22,-

special price


Hauptstrasse 23 • 66849 Landstuhl • Tel: 06371 – 40 43 00 Hauptstrass Open: Mon-Fri: 9.30 a.m. – 8 p.m., Sat: 9:30 a.m. – 6 p.m.

December 14, 2012

TDYHOMES.COM 1-4 BR modern apts in Landstuhl, Ktown, TLA / TDY Ramstein and more. Superfast internet, fully furnished, maid serAll ads & pics can be viewed @ vice house hunting help, airport pickup coord and more. Call Ilse New 4star Tla in Landstuhl, 2 BR, or visit From Internet, wash, dry and more 80Eur or call 0162 7048027 www.tla-land Ilse 01709394463 Very nice TLA apartment, fully furnished, in 66887 Neunkirchen am Ramstein TLA/TDY 4/5BR 2Ba Potzberg. 2 bedrooms, a living/dihouse all inclusive furnished, li- ning, kitchenroom area, separate nens, dishes/pots, wash/dryer, entrance in a farmhouse styled AFN, tel, DSL, carport 0152- house. For more details, please 33584979 email: tla@tla-ram contact our office at / www.tla-ram 993870 or visit our website at

LIKE US US on Facebook Fac aceb eboo eb ook oo k & fifinnndd ou out ut LIKE

9$7 )2506

ab abou about bou ut th the e la latest ate est eevents v nt ve nts ts in in yyour ou ur ar aarea rea e face fa cebo ce book bo ok.c ok .com .c om// om Mili Mi liita tary ryin ry inGe in Germ Ge rman rm any an y MilitaryinGermany



/26( <285 )$7 12:

½ &28321 )25 67 &$5( 8/75$621,& 75($70(17 2) )$7 5('8&7,21 )25 +(5 $1' +,0 %2'< :5$33,1*

Hair removal - gentle and permanent for him and her

fast results - IPL technology

¡ Removal of tattoos ¡ Removal of haemangioma (cherry spots) ots) ¡ Anti-aging skin rejuvenation treatmentss Weekend and evening appointments available

1$ = 1â‚Ź*

Ramstein / Landstuhl Tel: 0 63 32 - 20 91 92 or Kaiserslautern / Pirmasens Cell: 01 71 - 4 93 33 69

Serving the U.S. military for over 12 years

*with this ad, valid till December 31, 2012


Tel.: 06371-40 371-40 6 62 62

1993 BMW 320i 4DR Sedan; Gold exterior and Grey interior; Auto transmission, Sunroof, Power windows, new tires, Euro Specs, great working condition $2000 obo 01717456720 / 01717471708 or hmararo@ya 1994 VW Golf - Automatic - Just Passed Inspection, Only 88,000 Miles, Just after being Serviced, Brand new brakes installed, looks and drives great $2300 jdan2667@ 1995 BMW 316I, Blu, Automatic, Only 159km, Just passed inspection, all options, Leather, sunroof, excellent condition, looks and drives great, $3500 obo 1995 BMW 316i, red, 5 speed, sun roof, brand new bushings, brand new all season tires, runs great. Very nice little car. Located in Vogelweh housing. $1800

2000 Ford Mondeo Wagon, Manual, Sunroof, Heated Seats, Summer & Winter Tires, Well Maintained - Service Record Avail, Passed Insp 30 Apr 2012, Spacious $2000 01733016001


As gift card valid till May 31, 2013

• 50 min. massage with warm aromatic oil Gift certifi tificates cates • Facial for deep moisturizing le! available! incl. home care serum Reg. price ........................................₏ 124.00 Special price ...................................₏ 99.00

2003 Buick Century, Silver, 160K km, good condition, automatic, US Spec, sell for $1000 lower KBB price, pet & smoke free. Jeff (015121810520) $2400 /

CHRISTMAS SPECIAL As gift card valid till March 31, 2014

WIESBADEN DENTAL CARE Certified American Dental Hygienist and Certified Orthodontics.

Services we offer: • Family dentistry • Bleaching • Porcelain bonding • Full ceramic crowns & onlays in 1 day • Periodontal maintenance


As gift card valid till March 31, 2014

10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

Caution: Some KA Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash.

1997 BMW 316I, Red, Manual, Only 113000m, Just passed inspection, all power options, sunroof, full body kit, excellent condition, looks and drives great $3700

Bldg. 3336 Ramstein Air Base

• 60 minute massage • Men’s power relax facial Opening hours: • Kanya shower gel + body lotion Mon-Sat: Reg. price ..........................................₏ 95.00 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. Special price ...................................₏ 85.00 Sunday:

All ads & pics can be viewed @

1995 Mercedes C180, manual, 204,000km, ~25mpg, great condition inside/out, garage kept until 2mo ago. All season tires, great on the Autobahn. $3,500 Aaron 0151-4246-1413, aarongibney@

 Â?Â? Â? Â?Â? ­Â

• Back and neck massage • Spa manicure • Foot massage + nail care set Reg. price ........................................₏ 116.70 Special price ...................................₏ 95.00


• Implant surgery • Orthodontics • Root canals • Oral surgery • Nitrous Oxide for all procedures

3 min from Army Airfield

06 11 - 98 87 26 50



Bah Bahnstrasse 14 65205 Wiesbaden 652 ww

2007 Dodge Charger R/T, Beige leather int, heated pwr seats, adj. pedals, pwr windows, 20" wheels, 5.7l eng, 330hp, pearl red paint. A very nice car! $16000 obo 0176847-24746 james_rocks999@ya

OASE SPA RELAX THAI, FOOT & OIL MASSAGES Please call for appointment


01 76 • 62 19 77 28

Jade MASSAGE AG GE ‡ Relax, Ayurveda Massage ge PHILIPP-REIS-STR. 9

American Staff

TRICARE Preferred Provider

66849 LANDSTUHL Please call for appointment

0160-9191 3823 3

December 14, 2012

AUTOS All ads & pics can be viewed @

2008 VW Touareg, fully loaded, lux plus package, 68000 miles, dealer maintained $20,900 obo 0151-12115406 2010 Jetta SE, 14k mi, Manual Trans, mi/h, km/h, heat frnt seats, 6cd, BT / Iphone / pad compatbl, sun / moon roof, contact for more info. $18650 obo 017624988226 2011 Ford Fiesta, Silver, 12,000 miles, standard, 4dr, 3 yr Warrantee, 38mpg, CD, AC, great condition, call Diana, Cell 015789078546 $10,500 2011 Subaru Forester AWD 2.5X Touring Loaded. More Photos. Non-smoker, Great car, No problems. Bought new car. Have Title, easy trnsfr. Call 4 details. $24999 01711998736 2012 Mini Cooper, White Silver, 6 speed, sports seats, heated seats, premium pack, alloy wheels, MoonRoof, 2year Manu. War. 5K Miles, All Season Tires, 16"alloy $22,300 Negotioable 015146647426 95 520i BMW Passed Inspection! Runs Great 150K! IPOD plug in, Upgraded Radio, Winter and Summer Tires. On Ramstein Lot. jay $2700 o.b.o 95' BMW 530i, passed inspection Sep 12', automatic trans, leather, cd player, sun roof, 127K miles, euro specs, great working condition! $4000 99 BMW 520i, silver, gear shift, trailor-coupling, power windows, german inspec. 12/2013, good cond., smoke free, winter tires, 265000km, Tel.0177-5072044 â‚Ź2500 obo A set of Continental Winter tires with rims 5 lugs, 205/55R16H TS830, 017622987498, â‚Ź500 Audi 100 model 1998, automatic, w/ CD Stereo, AC, power doors, breaks, runs great, in good condition â‚Ź 1.400 obo 0172 -676 2717 Audi A4 1,8T Chiped 212PS, 54000 km, denim blue, hand wash only, tinted windows, S4-Recaro-Seats, and many more! +491787955540

Kaiserslautern American Audi 1999, German Spec, 5speed, Royal blue, dark blue leather interior, 108K miles, custom stereo w/2 12" subs and 2 amps, in-dash dvd receiver, smok free $6450 obo 063718021494 / Audi RS6, 450 HP twin-turbo V8, 2003 US Spec, immaculately maintained. Very fast 4 door, like BMW M5 only all wheel drive! Warranty. $28,000 perlsbob@ BMW 316 Compact 1994 (Black). Just passed inspection today! 5 Speed Manual Transmission. Runs Great. New Brakes and Winter Tires. Great Sound System. $1800 obo Chris @ 015117543418 or brandi0727@ BMW 316 Ti, 2003/Model 2004, Second owner, excellent condition, 60.000miles, garaged, summer + winter tires, Inspection good until 2013Call 0171-9233989 BMW 320 Model 2004 doors - 6 Gears, metalic, fully equipped e.g full leather seats, heated seats, power doors/breakes/windows/ sunroof, ESP, ABS, AC, stereo CD, garage kept, non smoking, well maintained w/ book, new tires - batterie and oil change. Insp. guaranteed. Only â‚Ź 6.450 obo 0172 - 676 2717 Lexus LS 400, built 1991, â‚Ź1500. If you like to include the spare parts: â‚Ź2500. Call: 07144-9989984

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Indicator & backlight set for JBL Amplifier and 2 Mac Audio BMW (E46,2003), dismantled speakers, older model but still in 2004 due to change into white good shape, see attached pictulight system. Please check if sys- res. $60 0151-52356614 / tem matches to your car. â‚Ź50 GM Nav Disc for Europe. Works 0151-52356614 in factory Nav systems to include First Quality Sewing Machine Tahoe, Suburban, Silverado, SierRepairs and Service! ra, Avalanche Yukon, H2 and CaTop Name Brand Sales dillac DTS's and SRX's. $25.00 Sulky embroidery threads and supplies

German spec Smart car, automatic, gas fuel. AC, power everything, heated seats, winter tires. 23500 KM. $9850.00

Saturday, Dec. 15 8 am – 4 pm Christmas Fleamarket

Ramstein, Flurstr. 4 Tel. 0163-1 90 57 17

Tel: 0631-92512 • Fax: 0631-92188 Email: Wormser Str. 4 • 67657 Kaiserslautern Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00, Sat 09:00-12:00

Vodafone Shop Landstuhl Great Deals on Cell phones with Contract or Prepaid


Phone, DSL + Internet Hookup Flatrate for calls to the USA

quite the best bike shop in K-Town!


We accept: VAT-Forms & Trippstadter Str. 125 67663 Kaiserslautern Mon-Fri: 10:00 - 12:30 14:00 - 18:00 Saturday: 10:00 - 13:30

Nov. - March closed on Mondays

Das kleine Landhaus Hauptstrasse 43, 67706 Krickenbach

Pres. Obama Oil!

X-mas is coming and we offer you a huge variety of country home and prim decoration, Boyds bears, Raggedy Anns, German and Polish pottery, quilts and cushions and of course lots of Christmas items Opening hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 14 – 16 hrs Saturday; 10 - 14 hrs

Serendipity Ar Art rt

Carol Ann Corona

01 77-603 61 01

Portraits, Original Hand-Painted Oils, Custom Made Frames

,17(51(7 6(59,&(6

Call us: 06221 - 750050 Email us: Visit us:

• We sell Bernina sewing machines and repair all other models too!


Your Full Communication • Telephone/Internet DSL lines with fast activation! • Flatrate calls to USA • Support and Software in English • Cell Phones w/o contract

Mackenbacher Str. 31, 67685 Weilerbach, Phone 06374-992138 HOURS: MO - FRI 10:00 - 12:00 / 14:00 - 18:00, SAT 10:00 - 12:00

Fitness & Wellness Direct from the manufacturer

Professional equipment Designed & built in USA z Home-use prices z z

<< CABLE TOWER FT1 ¡ 2 x 68 kg weight blocks

E 999,-

¡ Functional training for efficient workout

Special Offer


E 2.849,Special Offer

E 2.499,-

List Price

¡ 2 single cable pulleys for unrestricted exercises

E 699,-

¡ 5 lbs to 50 lbs weight per dumbbell ¡ Fast and easy weight adjustments with a simple twist of the dumbbell handle

Merkurstr. 14a, 67663 Kaiserslautern

Phone 0631-35790737

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All ads & pics can be viewed @





Ahrens Agency

December 14, 2012 Opel Omega Caravan, 1995, 5speed, silver metallic, trailer attachment, A/C, keyless entry, allow wheels, €1520, Call 063025110

MOTORCYCLES All ads & pics can be viewed @

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 2007 5.7L Hemi, 63,000 mi, Quadradrive full time AWD, leather, sun roof, loaded, new tires $22,500 063527111606/

Caution: Some KA Classified Silver 2009 BMW 128i Coupe, ads have become a target black interior, Automatic, V6, for scams. Please be cauAmerican Spec, Boss speaker, tious if potential buyers offer Electronic keys, Bluetooth, Sunyou payment methods other roof, Heated Seat, Navigation than cash. $24,000, 016097360136 / er Jeep Wrangler 2010 3.8L, auto, 07 GSXR 750, blue and black, unps/pb/pw/pl, tilt, cruise, ac, 3pc der 9000 miles, Yoshi pipe, forced hard top, 26,000 mi. exc condition, no off-road, seats always co- Special Edition Classic Silver Bul- to sale, minim damage to lever vered, non-smoking. $22,500 let Mini-Cooper. Good condition, (clutch) $6500.00 firm KEIMANI2@ 063527111606/johnfouch@onli well maintained. Original comHarley Davison Road King ponents (modern stereo) and new sic. One owner, black cherry, less tires. German Spec. $9,500 obo Madza 626, sport edition, alloy than 5k miles. Chrome front end, wheels, dark windows, CD/radio, Stage 1 upgrade, lowered, de5 speed, good condition, year tachable backrest and gps. 2000, new german inspection, $15,000 82,000km, + extra winter tires, Subaru Tribeca 3,6 258Ps, 39.000km, April 2008, white metal- KTM SX65, 2008 New brake 2500€, Call: 06371-8383958 lic, automatic, leather, 7 seats, na- pads front and rear, new 'RK' MB 220 D, 1998, Station Wagon, vigation with back-camera, font- chain and sprockets, 'Pro Taper' great gas mileage - Diesel, white, entertainment-syst., privacy-gl. bars, Holeshot device, new hand automatic, cruise control, A/C, €21500 (we can talk about the grips. electric windows infront, tinted last price) more dirt bikes on web site used bikes wanted €1599 01734748800 windows, rain sensor, removable 0631-8923193 trailer hitch, 245.000 km, German PG Black Block Dark Custom, a inspection good until 4/2013, accipedelec highlight! 25km/h, new dent free, 3.300 Euro obo, Tel. Toda K20A Valve Spring Set. Ori- and unused, only $ 5500 instead 0175-7503767 ginal price $400. Toda racing of $ 7200, cash only, when picked up, email: Merceds E320 station wagon parts. Never used Asking $275 good family car, RWD, Designo Ph.017622987498 / isabell_1_98@ Edition, Roof Rack, Slip Control,

ANNOUNCEMENTS Reichswaldstr. 1c 66877 Ramstein

06371 - 61 41 55

KMC Center Ramstein

06371 - 80 205 20

» 24-hour Service

All Cars and Vans with winter tires! No extra costs!

For sure the best catch. ask for our



66877 Ramstein 67661 Kaiserslautern 55483 Airport - Hahn

Air Base, KMC Center Kaiserstr. 22 Building 600

Tel. Tel. Tel.

(0 63 71) 802 034 0 (0 63 1) 414 868-0 (0 65 43) 508 720

ABS (4-Wheel), Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Pow $8500 or All ads & pics can be viewed @ V8 Twin Turbo 407hp/442 torque 6375 Euro 0151-125-76760. – Very Fast. 8spd Sport Auto. Opel Corsa, 2009, orig. 1280km, 19,800 miles. Carbon Black w/ Attention "Smooth Jazz Music cool & sound package, AC, Black Leather. $51800 delvek71@ Lovers"!! The exceptional Jazz €10.500 obo Call: 0152-53699038 concert from 3-5 May 2013 on the island of Mallorca / Spain. If you are interested, please check out the website at Mallorca smooth jazz festival 2013 or directly contact shop@smooth-entertain Cleveland Browns fans are invited to join the Browns Backers Worldwide chapter in Kaiserslautern hosting watch parties every gameday in Otterbach Live!! AJ 0151-40417872 brownsbackersinktown@ya 1 week € 130.00 1 month € 330.00 Reiki: In terested in forming a Rei(with VAT Form) ki Share Group? Please contact MAJOR CREDIT Jerry or Lorraine @ jerlor@t-onliCARDS ACCEPTED

December 14, 2012

Kaiserslautern American



All ads & pics can be viewed @

All ads & pics can be viewed @

English speaking meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous available in the Kaiserslautern/Vogelweh Area. Our contact information is: AA Hotline-0157-36123097, many.htm Facebook Group: Children with Diabetes Type I- Ramstein Germany. Parent run. Meet other families, start playgroups and join a support group. yunuenzimmerer@

Ivy & Ice Holiday Ball, Holiday Inn, PleikartsfĂśrster StraĂ&#x;e 101 D69124 Heidelberg, 18–2400 Great Food, Music, and Fellowship with holiday cheer. â‚Ź40 Eric 015150697118 Just found out your pregnant? Want to develop a relationship with one doctor for the term of your pregnancy? Considering having your baby off-base? ameri

Daycare Mom is looking for 2-3yr old child. References. 0800-1700. Full/Part-time. Avail Jan 02 in Miesenbach. Call Astrid 06371-50649 or 0172-8848210

ELECTRONICS All ads & pics can be viewed @

AFN PowerVu receiver, includes sat. dish and hardware. $225 0151-10596771

Air Conditioner made by Remko, moveable, approx 3-4 years old but only used 2-3 times, great Playgroup for parents with child- condition! Call 0152-05639147 ren ages 1 month-4 years meet in I have 3 20" old fashioned TVs for Hochspeyer once a week. For in- sale. Not flat screen! 100$ each. formation please contact: All work perfectly. Call: 0177a.brokovich@gmail 6036101 X-mas Specials at our Tattoo shop in Im Haderwald 4, 67661 KL-Einsiedlerhof, Kaiserslautern. Bring us 2 new Customers you receive a Thank you Tattoo worth up to 200 Euros. â‚Ź50 euros and up



Older Grundig TV w/SAT receiver (no flat screen) works great â‚Ź80 for both obo Call: 06386-6711 TV, color 14" with integrated DVD player, $40, call 06374-1277.

PCS Sale: 3ea pwr transformers various volts w/extra fuses, 2ea 220v fans, 220v power stips, TKS cable box & modem. Please call for prices $ various prices please call: 015156689707 or email


Open: Mon – Fri 9:00 am – 5:00 p.m. KL-Einsiedlerhof Im Haderwald 7(next to Car Wash & McDonald’s)

Phone: 0631-98343

Sony Trinitron 25" TV, traditional (not flat screen), 7 yrs old, kept in spare office, barely used, $50, Call 0163-330-5535, Lv Msg KA THE AD RE




Hochspeyer American Social Club. Meet your fellow neighbors from Hochspeyer & neighboring towns. Info on FB or email:

The 86 Force Support Squadron at Ramstein has licensed providers on and off the installation. Providers who provide more than 10 hours a week of care must be licensed. Please use good judgment when choosing child care services. For more information please contact 063714057420 or email

Kenwood Stereo system, Compact Disc Player DP-1050, Stereo Receiver KR-A 5040, Douple Cassette Deck KX-W 6040, 2 big Pioneer Boxes CS-997, remote control RC-5040, Very good condition! â‚Ź380 obo, Tel. 06385-415150

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Theo’s Car Repair & Muffler Service Center t %JBHOPTUJD &OHJOF 4FSWJDF



Contact us today, we speak English!

Tel: 06305-7154101 Mon-Fri 08:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 , Sat 09:00-12:00



PHONE: 0631 91527

Car Insurance & POV Shipping

s Competitive Rates s Low Monthly Payment Plan s Household Content Insurance

Call for a free quote!

Kaiserstr. 6, KL-Einsiedlerhof Tel. & Fax: 0631 • 57750

located on B40 across �Nick’s Fried Chicken“

33 3

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FOR SALE -- MISC All ads & pics can be viewed @

Caution: Some KA Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash.

10 ladies winter coats and jackets from size M to XL. 01726940562. €10 to 40 moni1204@on 10 warm men winter jackets, Nike..., 2 ski jackets, 3 black suits S, M and boys 14 years. 01726940562 €10 to 40 moni1204@onli 7 Winterling Pottery pieces to serve goodies, white with gooses, mixed sizes. 0172-6940562 $8 to 15

Kaiserslautern American 2 Twin sized football covers. Teams include Tennessee Titans and Denver Broncos. Covers are thick and good for the winter $10 2.25 CHP Mach drive motor, The Proshox Plus, Power Incline, Clear-View, 10 built-in workouts, Easy Lift Shock, HR Sensors, fan and Space-Saver design $400 015161212558 A large variety of boys clothing. Pick out five either pants or shirt or both for only $20. Age 2 to 7, 017622987498 Antique Recline metal bed with a brand new custom made mattress for sale, never been used just for decoration. Please call 0176965 39 677 $100, Antiques Schrank, Handmade, 100 years old 016096474969 Baby boppy for sale, $15, used once. see class world for pictures. 017622987498 Beautiful Polish tea service still w/ authentic labels. I bought when I was in Poland. Call: 0177-6036101

Big 2 Fam. Yard-Sale, Antiques Furniture, Porcelain, Baby-Items, Houshold-Items, different Clothes, Stroller, Sat. 8. Dec. Niederstaufenb. Ringstr. 4+6, 8-15 016096474969 Brand New / Never Used Spyder Snowboarding jacket $45 ales Chainsaw, Stiehl, MS270C, w/ accessories, asking $300, Call: 01709864874 Chest of drawers, solid teak wood, 4 drawers, very good conditions. €320 0151-52356614 / Chopper Bike / cruiser Specialized Fat Boy. Cherry red, 6" wide rear tire, 3" wide front, dual discs, All-American bike. Original owner, really fun. $1000 015161321501 City bike with hub gears and bags. Tires are good for road and bike frame is very light. €900 Crockpot with recipe book for sale, $20, see class world for pic, 017622987498

Call us now: 0 63 71 - 70 182

uttiion Allll--iin--oone--ssollu

Bodywork / Paintjobs

Repairs of all makes and models

Towing Service Muffler Service A/C Service Tire Service Tune ups

Break Service Detailing Rental Cars / Trucks

Opening Open Op enin en in ng ho hour hours: urs: urs: ur s: Mo-F Mo Mo-Fri: -FFri -Fri ri:: 8: 8:00 8:00-18:00 00-1 00 -18: -1 8 00 8: Carl-Zeiss-Str. 7 66877 Ramstein Email:

December 14, 2012 Collection of leather bound, signed by the author, 1st edition books, mint cond. Over 100 different books. Authors include: Norman Mailer, William F. Buckley, Joseph Heller, Elie Wiesel, Donald Mc Dunne, John Updicke, Tom Wolfe, etc. $ 15.000 - serious inquiries only! Call: 0631-940213 or 0151-270-19822 Designer Hand bag. George Gina and Lucy. Used twice. Paid 160 euros for the bag. €100 017622987498 For sale: table with 6 chairs, solid oak table with 4 chairs, grandfather clock, small tables, various children items, Hummel figurines, and Lladros, and many dishes and crystal, and lots of clothing items, used American fridge, Call: 06374-5465 please call after 16:00 Free Cleveland Browns fans are invited to join the Browns Backers Worldwide chapter in Kaiserslautern hosting watch parties every gameday in Otterbach Live!! AJ 0151-40417872 brownsbackersinktown@ya German Handmade! Oculi Cultus Secreti 2nd Military Intelligence Battalion Unit Insignia Wood Picture Inlay. Pair 37x25 cm. €100 Giant Antique Warehouse Sale, one day only, Sat, 15 Dec 10am3pm Schneeweiderhof 11, 67754 Essweiler Map: www.schoolhou Green Snowboarding / Skiing jacket $25 alessio.johnson@ya

Give "that something else" gift this X-mas. Persian Handicrafts: pictures, boxes, pen holders, engraved plates/trays etc. Different sizes and prices. 06373-4649, Green suede handbag. With three compartments. Zipper top. $20 0176-22987498 please leave a message if I do not answer. I'm selling Black Ops, Madden 12 and COD MW3 for 30 Dollars, the other games will be sold for 10 dollars each. Games Included are NBA 07, Madden 11, F $30 Italian Women's brown leather jacket $25, alessio.johnson@ya Jugendstil furniture over 100 years old. A variety of items, grandfather clock (Harmonium), crystal glasses, Murano glasses, Meisner porcelain figurines, 200years old, coffee and Tea set. Call: 0177-5211480 Kids adidas soccer shoes, US size 1, EU 32, black & red, worn a few times. Non marking. $35. 0176-22987498, pics on classworld Kids Red Colombia skiing / Snowboarding jacket $10 ales Kookai dress, size 40, $30, chiffron material, purple, pink, and beige, worn once, 017622987498, see class world for pictures. Large Christmas cactus in an absolutely divine sea green blue pot - 13" diameter. $40 eahuffie@hot

December 14, 2012

FOR SALE -- MISC All ads & pics can be viewed @

Lace dress, eggshell/offwhite, size 6, never worn. For wedding/ prom/summer night out. $50; 017622987498 or isabell_1_98@ya Pic on does not do justice. Beautiful dress. Lots of fashion jewerly for sale, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, from â‚Ź1 to â‚Ź5, see class world for pictures, 017622987498 Natural Fox fur Vest, looks very rich, feels very warm! Paid over $400, can't wear it due to PCs to Hawaii, won't need it there. pics available, 017670336001 New Golfballs Crane Sport 5 Titanium $10.00 017684658955 / Old Antiques Bench, handmade from a Bed, 120 years old, 016096474969 Old french cabinet with marble on top, 120 years old handmade 016096474969 Old oil painting picture on canvas painted in 1942, Painters Ruppenthal. Size 80 x 60 cm. Old wooden frame. From an auction house estimated 380 euros! â‚Ź280 Older tube screen as optional or 2nd screen for sale. Set includes all required cables and manual. $20 0151-52356614 / tdlenhard@ Original Force Fins in good condition. Size ML in color Aquamarine. divefreakgary@google Tel. 01713610739 â‚Ź139 Original Force Fins in good condition. Size ML. color Green. â‚Ź149 Tel. 01713610739 Pewter Bavarian Crest Lion Stein. 11-1/4" Tall - Holds 34 ounces (1 ltr). This very impressive stein displays three proud lions guarding the crest of $50.00 017684658955 / spvendor@ Pink and white snake skin purse, not real. pics on Porcelain dolls, o ver 100 to choose from, all dressed. Price Obo Call: 0176-90796039 Salomon men tracking shoes, size 10, wrong size. 0172-6940562 â‚Ź50 Santa Cruz Blur MTB, medium, 2006, original owner, Shimano XT, Hayes Hydraulic dual disc brakes, meticulously maintained. $1000 0151-61321501 Sell handmade stick pictures of a legacy. Different sizes and motives of Bavaria 12 euro per picture size from 25 cm to 53 cm. Neg â‚Ź12 Size 52-57. Multi color childrens bike helmet, for boys. $20 017622987498 Swarovski Pegasus - From the 1998 "Fabulous Creatures" Series. Retired in 1998, Asking $500. Ph. 06374/944828 Swarovski SC Isadora & Antonio, from the trilogy (magic of dance) 2002 & 2003, w/crystal signs & displays) will sell separately, Price 299 â‚Ź each obo Call: 01622762421

Kaiserslautern American Swarovski Crystal - Attention collectors! Christmas is coming, all retired pieces reduced to half their value, All pieces over 20years old! Prices greatly reduced! Great gift for any special occasion! Private collection! Retired pieces. koala bear mother and baby, Panda mother & baby, whale, turtle. Call for info: 06332-41560 between 2pm to 9pm. Can deliver to RAB! Swarovski, silver, crystal, trilogy masquerade, 1999-2001, w/crystal signs & displays, 899â‚Ź obo Call: 0162-2762421 Tacima Transformer Step Down Voltage Converter 300W. For USA equipment (110-120v) in Europe (220-240v). Used once. Courier â‚Ź4.10 (Germany) â‚Ź27 05606-2424 / Techno / Dancefloor Synth. "Quasimidi Sirius" with integrated 11 Ch. Vocoder (also voice distortion) + Synthesizer "Quasimidi Raven Max" + Keyboard stand â‚Ź1600 The Swarovski Pierrot mesasures 8". This is the first edition of "Masquerade" series. Retired in 1999. Pics on Toddler clothes for boys and girls. Tops $1, bottoms $2, and Denim $3. Located on Vogelweh Housing. $Boy & Girl Toddler Clothes Phone# 063156001268 Email: kitten_pawfever@ya Treadmill ProForm 750, 2.25 CHP, The Proshox Plus, Power Incline, Clear-View, 10 built-in workouts, Easy Lift Shock, HR Sens, fan, SpaceSaver design $400 015161212558 Triathlon bike with ultegra gears in very good condition. Very fast and competitive configuration. â‚Ź1200 Documents for Sale! USA and CSA documents, coins of Germany and China, private collection, for sale piece by piece. Call between 4-7pm 0152-25194313 (David Frank) Variety of shaped / large size pots-with Oleander-blooms all summer. Winter hard pots. Store in garage / cellar 4 winter $50 Very good quality city bike for man/woman. Ideal to shop and bike in the city. â‚Ź100 r.neisse@

Warhammer 40K players wanted for in and around Baumholder! Games held every Thursday night! Email for details. Spondored by the Imperial truth! JN19842007@ Wine Rack/Holder, holds six bottles, attractive metal finish, fits perfectly in a small, narrow space. $10; 0163-330-5535 or john@ad Wood frame picture. From Ashfield Arts. Made in the UK. Paid $500. see for pics.

FURNITURE All ads & pics can be viewed @

7 seater leather corner couch, used, good condition, color aubergine, see photo. â‚Ź700 zaftartur@ Antique Desk, Bedroom High Boy, Chairs, Televisions, Computer Monitors, various household items and video games. Schedule a viewing, call Steve $All must go... Best Offer 0170-2622938 / Computer Desk for sale, corner fitted, beige, with two drawers, $30, 017622987498 Designer childrens bed, Paidi, 140x70cm, height adjustable slatted frames, removable railings incl mattress and head protection, no smoking household, very good condition â‚Ź120 obo, Tel. 06385415150

Original Flemish Tapestries.

Like New glass table. No cracks. Table also includes 6 black leather chairs. Table extends for a 6 person sitting $350 ales Oak Shelf with 2 boards. Great condition! Call: 0152-05639147



AdvantiPro is looking for an Administrative Assistant on a full-time basis to start now. Must speak English & German.  Experience with Microsoft Office, Customer Service & Office Experience required. Submit your resume by email to:


L° L° V°Z `°

Free Bed-single, twin, box spring with mattress on metal frame w/casters. U-haul from Enkenbach-Alsenborn ( near Kaiserslautern ). Tel: 06303-3404, email:

Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

German Sideboard and Highboard for Sale. Oak-rustic color, massiv. Great condition! New â‚Ź1200 each, now selling for â‚Ź250 each! Call: 0176-907-96039

Want to stay in Europe? Carreers in financial planning available, your choice of location. US Broker / Dealer in Heidelberg seeking sales representatives. Tel. 0 62 21 - 2 35 97


Mon-Sat from 10:00 to 18:00 (closed Wed.)

Roza’s Fine Handmade Carpets

I'm selling the complete furniture (Ikea) of my 3 room apartment nearby KL city center. Ideal option for newcomers, write me for pics and details. â‚Ź4000 r.neisse@

Large Antique Dark solid wood. 3 pull out draws, 3 cabinets above and below to store goods in. 7 feet tall. Price: $2900 017622987498. pics


Ramstein Air Base 62 Spesbach 6

High quality, round, beveled glass (not pictured) top dining table and four chairs. Hand carved wooden pedestal. Costs over 600 dollars new. $225.00 jcambr@ya

Dining table w/ 2 benches, massiv wood - oak style, â‚Ź250 017690796039

Exclusive Antique Freddy’s Furniture ANTIQUES Only 4 miles from Hßtschenhausen

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Tel: 06372-803255 Hauptstrasse 94b 66882 HĂźtschenhausen

Free delivery to Kaiserslautern, Spangdahlem, Wiesbaden, Heidelberg...

¡ Handmade Carpets ¡ Authentic Kilims ¡ Pashminas, large variety ¡ Silver Turkish Mirrors ¡ Evil Eye Jewelry ¡ Carpet Mouse Pads & bags ¡ Turkish Mosaic Lamps ¡ Hand painted Turkish ceramics ¡ Place Mats & Table Runners

Landstuhler Str. 13 | 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach Cell: 01 70 - 6 40 45 47 | Phone: 0 63 71 - 94 32 27 | E-Mail: Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 10:00-18:00 | Closed Sunday

Warrior Center Information Specialist Description/Job Summary To provide a comforting “Home Away from Homeâ€? to injured service members residing at the Medical Transient Detachment at LRMC. Position is part-time, 25 hrs/ week. Qualified candidates must have a passion for serving our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines. Responsibilities/Duties • Support the Manager in carrying out the day-to-day operations of the USO center • Supervise and train several volunteers • Plan, coordinate and execute patient morale programs • Recruit, train, and develop volunteers • Generate documents and reports utilizing MS Word and Excel Required Qualifications • Previous related experience to include customer service, patient care, and supervising volunteers • Experience in military environment, knowledge of military community, and protocol preferred; ability to work with military leadership • Strong communication skills required • Ability to work on weekends, late evenings, and holidays Details • This position is located at the Warrior Center USO on LRMC • Preference will be given to local candidates within commuting distance to the location • Relocation assistance is not provided for this position. Please apply online at: and click on “View our current Job Openingsâ€?

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Kaiserslautern American

December 14, 2012

Celebrating Our New Sembach Branch Offers available only at our Sembach branch! Get a low rate on a new personal loan with limits up to $40,000 and terms from 7 to 60 months.

Get 100

Refinance your Auto Loan** with Service Credit Union and you’ll get a great rate and $100 cash.

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Open a Smart Savers Club account with a $5 deposit and get an additional $5 in the account.***




Visit us at Building 147 Unit 27205 APO, AE 09136 and take advantage of these great deals today. Live Person Service 24/7 • 00800.4728.2000 •


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*Rate shown is Annual Percentage Rate (APR). APR is variable and is subject to change. Accurate as of 12/01/12. The APR reflects a .35% reduction for direct deposit and selection of the automatic loan payment feature. (Example: 8.24% APR less .35% = 7.89% APR). Actual APR determined by the overall credit worthiness of each applicant. Please ask a loan officer for details regarding how your rate and credit limit is determined. Direct deposit of entire net pay must be maintained. Not to be combined with any other loan offer. **Rate terms and conditions subject to change without notice. Loan subject to credit approval. Offer does not include refinances on Service Credit Union loans. Offer available on loan amounts of $2,500 or more. Not valid with any other loan offer. ***One offer per member. Children must be 17 years of age or younger to qualify. Children 17 years of age and younger who earn $950 or more in incentives or dividend income may be required to file a tax return. Contact your tax advisor. Must be a member of Service Credit Union or eligible for membership to redeeem offers. Offers expire December 31, 2012. Offers available at Sembach branch only and subject to change or be discontinued without notice. Must present coupon to redeem offer.

FURNITURE All ads & pics can be viewed @

Uplight, quite some years old but still in good conditions. $20 015152356614 Very old cabinet for sale. Henry II. â‚Ź750

JOBS All ads & pics can be viewed @

AMEC is an international company with more than 28,000 employees in 40 countries. AMEC's German operations include four offices serving U.S. Department of Defense and industrial/commercial sector clients. Currently we are searching for an Engineer or an Environmental Scientist to help serve our clients at US Army Garrisons located in Baumholder and Kaiserslautern. Candidates should have at least Bachelors degree or higher, a preferred ability to speak/write German, and previous experience working with the US Army or US Air Force in Europe. For further information about the positions please send your resume to

Kaiserslautern American Female, 45 years, 5'6, blonde is looking for a friendly, good looking american man, 45 or older.To get to know each other, and maybe for a relationship. Only serious contacts please! 01522-6519732 I'm a fun, outgoing and very warm hearted 45 year young woman, 5'6 tall, 60kg, blond hair & blue eyes. I'm looking for a man who is at least 45 years young too & also looking for a serious relationship. I like outdoor activities and travelling but also a nice & quiet evening with a of glass wine combined with a good conversation. Please send an E-mail with a picture to Offer to female soldier to host on Christmas / New Year for cooking in my house, hanging out and having fun. Male, 46, 6´6", Business Man, like USA. michael-zeiler@free Warm-heated, great humor 34yrs single black lady with a generous touch of friendship seeks to find a happy relationship. Young, educated female looking for life partner. I need mature, kind, strong man next to me. I'm family oriented. Contact me:


CLA is looking for an Assistant Director, certified Teachers, Teacher Assistants, and Before & After Care staff for Early Childhood Education for the 2012-13 school year. Experience in a childcare setting is preferred. We are dedicated to providing a developmentally appropriate academic program in a safe, caring, & nurturing environment. We offer full and part day classes for students 12 months old through Kindergarten. US/German citizen looking for job. Fmr. Med admin in military. Spks German/English. Also cashier customer srv. Exp. Avail immediatly M-F 0730-1600 015122620975 or ladyluckrogue@

PERSONAL All ads & pics can be viewed @

Attractive 35yrs single black lady is seeking to find a happy relationship.,

All ads & pics can be viewed @

There have been reports of pets being sold from breeding facilities that are not managed at the highest professional standards. Please choose your pet carefully. Make sure you check the credentials of the people selling the pet, and get proper paperwork showing shots and/ or other proof of healthy condition. For further advice, consult your Veterinarian.

Two dogloos (insulated doghouse) for free. One big, one small. $Free or call 017699137404

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES All ads & pics can be viewed @

! ! ! ! ! Bridge cleaners - cross the bridge into a cleaner world! PCS, yardwork, trash removal and a lot more! We except VAT Forms! 0173-3683830 !!PCS cleaning, weekly, exp. team over years INSP grtd 016091948-691 or cthompson@t-onli


Drummer for Heavy Metal Band. Must have stage presence. Double Bass Drums preferably. No experience needed. Must love Heavy Metal. 0171-6291765 jo New Challenge for Baseball / Softball Coaches!! The River Bandits Baseball and Softball Team, located in SaarbrĂźcken (A6, 30min from KL) is looking for coaches for both teams and also players. Please contact: ste or call 0171-8634083



BBC/SKY Free-View and more ‌

Certified translations. Reasona- INSTALLATION • SERVICE • SALES ble rates. Call 06374-4113 or 0179-531-0274. 10 am to 6 pm

0179-3 43 72 97

German all levels, Mr. Vollmer, Landstuhl, phone: 06371-2470,

Patient-oriented and evidence-based chiropractic care and acupuncture therapy provided by German-American family trained in USA.

Call for appointment: t .PO BOE 5IVST B N UP Q N BOE Q N UP Q N t 5VFT B N UP Q N BOE Q N UP Q N t 8FE B N UP Q N t 'SJ B N UP Q N Location: Lutrinastr. 11, 67655 Kaiserslautern 5FM t DIJSP XIJUF!U POMJOF EF 1BUJFOU QBSLJOH BWBJMBCMF

All ads & pics can be viewed @

Google phone with white case found at Donnelly park on Friday 7 Dec, call 0151 1654 5229 to id / claim

Joe Satellite The Original since 1992



Installation & Service Stefan: 0176 2284 1995 Sky Joe: 0631 3431418 specialist

Ohio CPA available for Financial Planning & Tax Return preparation. 063759942918 / dhausman@ Professional lessons in guitar, bass & piano, saxophone. Cell 015233696881 Translator/Interpreter Certified KL., near Vogelweh. Reasonable rates. Call: 0631-54440


Tutor in Math and Science. All levels by Certified Public Accountant. 063759942918 / dhausman@ Voice lessons (experienced professional singer, BM) 06372508747 or


DEC 20, 2012 - JAN 6, 2013

Open from 11 a.m. – 7 p.m.


Kids from 1 year old â‚Ź 6,Adults â‚Ź 3,Seniors from 65 years old FREE EVERY TUESDAY* MotherĘťs Day

Eva D. White, D.C.

Doctors of Chiropractic Logan College of Chiropractic St. Louis, Missouri


Michi & Maxi Service! PCS cleaning, trash hauling, painting, regular yardwork, etc. 0176-70610963

2 Love birds in a huge cage are All ads & pics can be viewed @ looking for a new home. Bought it 6 months ago for over 250 Euros in. Asking for 100 Euros or please Buying dictionaries all languages make an offer. â‚Źobo Make an of- and foreign language guides. Call fer 0176-96539677 0152-25194313 or 0160-69439449 Beagle puppies, in different colors, beautiful, Vet approved, vaccinated, dewormed, â‚Ź325. Call: 0176-74839117 German Shepherd puppies to loving hands. Only females. Vacc, chipped, wormed. Call 015227016331

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Mothers FREE in company of at least 1 kid from 1 year old

How to find us: Fro m east take the B40 Kaiserslautern direction Mehlinge Sembach. Or tak e the A63 and tak n/ e exit Mehlingen. Enter Me signs direction Sp hlingen and follow ortzentrum Mehlin gen.

Fathers FREE

in company of at least 1 kid from 1 year old Offers not valid during school breaks and on holidays

Ticket for 10 visits / Kids ₏ 50.Ticket for 10 visits / Adults ₏ 25.Open: Mon – Fri 2 p.m. – 7 p.m. 2 kids & 2 adults Sat, Sun, Holidays and ₏ 12,- ONLY (bring in this ad) German school vacation 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. Hauptstr. 86 • 67678 Mehlingen • Info-Hotline: 06303-80 60 69

* Prices subject to change.

December 14, 2012

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Kaiserslautern American

December 14, 2012

December 14, 2012

Kaiserslautern American

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TKS easyMobile

Simply better wireless solutions.

9 no minimum contract duration 9 cost control and easy payment 9 support & billing in English

Orderor visit online an off-basenearshop you For a complete list of shops and opening hours go to

Winner: Rebecca Beaudette 55” PHILIPS 3D Smart LED-TV 55PFL7007K € 1.999,donated by: Gerd Steingräber, Managing Director of Saturn KL and Rebecca Beaudette

Winner: Jessica Odom 1st class tickets to Paris for two people € 608,-

Here are the Reindeer Contest winners from our Special Edition on Nov 23! Thanks to everyone who participated in the special edition contest. Close to 400 people entered to locate the 29 reindeer hidden throughout the paper. Keep reading the KA for more great deals!

donated by:

Jessica Odom (left) and Karin Flick, Sales Agent for AdvantiPro

Winner: Brad Vowell SAMSUNG Galaxy XCover Smart Phone € 239,95 donated by: Alexandra Schönberg, Marketing Assistant TKS and Brad Vowell

Winner: Patricia Fevold Original Thai Massage: 2 vouchers each € 60,donated by:

Patricia Fevold at the AdvantiPro office

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