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Commentary What's your favorite thing Feedback: about the new Exchange? Kim Bagwell, WHS teacher “I like the fact that everything is close together and that I don’t have to drive all the way to Mainz Kastel to buy things.”

Spc. Megan Eng “The food court section is nice. I like the selection they have.”

Oscar Vives “I like the Starbucks. Having one on base is convenient and they have great selections.”

Spc. Dustin Higgins “I really like the new athletic shoe section — there’s a good selection of running shoes.”

Spc. Brendan Bass “My favorite part is that it’s all together and you don’t have to drive down to Mainz Kastel to go to the Power Zone.”

Ask the commander Editor’s note: Have something you’d like to share with the commander? Send an ICE comment or contact the Commander’s Hotline (click the Feedback link on the garrison home page). From the commander: Thank you for allowing me to take a minute to enjoy the roses (not the ones planted on Earth Day); I’m speaking of the good people in the USAG Wiesbaden community. Your patience and understanding throughout our progress is truly appreciated. As everything continues to move along (sometimes not as fast as we would like), we ask for your continued patience. USAG Wiesbaden is an amazing community of resilient Soldiers, civilians and Families. Please know that we take every concern and suggestion seriously and we will continue doing our best to address each and every concern. Thank you for the difference you make in our community; you are appreciated!

Col. Mary Martin, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden commander choose to utilize the PX to do so and meet the security requirements for the PX and allow personnel who have been assigned to live in Hainerberg and have a better quality of life. Lack of freedom of access is only one example of how the closing of Hainerberg has impacted the quality of life. Response: Thank you for your comment on the Hainerberg access and fencing. The access control point for Hainerberg has been planned for about five years to be constructed on Washingtonstrasse Hainerberg access Darl C. said: I know that the near the new PX and coincide temporary ACP in Hainerberg with the opening of the new is currently in place but I would PX. There are several highsuggest that the Garrison close density facilities, including the off the new PX area similar schools, lodge, entertainment to the old one and reopen the center, PX and commissary three entry points to allow for on Hainerberg, as you know. better flow of traffic into the We did an economic analysis housing area as well as curtail and determined that it was the traffic on Washingtonstrasse most cost-effective to have and Californiastrasse. In the one ACP with capacity for afternoon, it is currently taking total volume of traffic. It was an average of 30 minutes to originally an FY13 military commute from Clay Kaserne construction-funded project, which got cut in 2012. By the to Hainerberg whereas before time we got sufficient funding, it averaged around seven minwe realized we would not have utes. This results in 182 hours it completed for the PX opening of additional time per year or and awarded the temporary 22.75 days versus 42 hours ACP with year-end funds. or 5.3 days spent commuting The interim operations and for one vehicle. This may not maintence-funded ACP near seem important but time is the new PX will be completed a precious commodity when a little over a year from now. trying to spend it with family. We also modeled the traffic This would allow those who and determined we needed two

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Herald Union

inbound, plus truck search and two exit lanes (The Directorate of Emergency Services is now operating two lanes in boundduring morning peak traffic). We also determined where improvements were needed for the road network outside of Hainerberg, including a traffic light and turn lane on B-455 at Washingtonstrasse, which will be constructed during the ACP construction. The decision to close Hainerberg was based on the risk with the community support facilities that are on Hainerberg, including our schools. I understand the inconvenience for those who live there. I hope the revised operation of the temporary ACP has reduced some of that inconvenience. I welcome any additional observations about the operations that might be useful to our DES/Pond guard team.

Crosswalks on Heerstrasse

Keila G. said: My recent concern is raised by the gate opening on Heerstrasse. We live in Bldg. 1251, the secondto-last building on Heerstrasse, directly across from Child Development Center Bldg. 1502. We have lived here for three years and have never had a concern until this week with the gate opening. It has been quite convenient to enter and exit this gate for us as residents, so no complaints there. Every morning, I walk my five-year-old to Strong Beginnings at 1502, and return to pick him up at 11:30. Because there is increased traffic on this road now, there has been a noticeable amount of people speeding upon entering. I also have a kindergartener that walks to the bus every morning, and I return to pick him up at 2:55 See Ask the Commander on page 3

Command and newspaper staff USAG Wiesbaden Commander......................Col. Mary L. Martin USAG Wiesbaden Command Sergeant Major ......................................Command Sgt. Maj. Roy L. Rocco Public Affairs Officer............................................Anemone Rueger Editor..................................................Jacob Corbin (mil 548-2002) Acting Assistant Editor......................Shayna Brouker (mil 548-2003)

May 7, 2015 ...........................................................................

Commentary note of thanks from leaders to Hainerberg “Master Builders:” AElementary School’s teachers By Debbie Parks and Tracy Vargas Special to the Herald Union

We all have a special teacher who inspired us or helped us build a talent or skill — that one, special teacher who made us believe that “Everything is awesome!” Here at Hainerberg Elementary our school is full of “Master Builders” and special teachers. May 4-8 is Teacher Appreciation Week. We want to publically thank our awesome teachers. At Hainerberg Elementary School, we started the 2014-2015 school year with team building and training (and some motivation from “The Lego Movie”) to remind us that “Everything is awesome when you are living our dream!” The teachers at Hainerberg used their skills to construct a

successful year for our students and their families. Not only did our teachers design lessons to create a solid educational foundation for our students, but also created blue prints for an awesome school year full of learning, school events, performances and friendship. A huge thank you goes out to our teachers and their assistants for their dedication. You are making a powerful difference in the lives of children. As the principal and assistant principal of Hainerberg Elementary School we want you to know that you are a most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary group of educators and you are capable of amazing things because you are special. It is an honor to work with you.

Teacher Rob Skully herds students on the first day of school. Photo right: teacher Georgene Zaydell leads her kindergarten class through the hallways.

Ask the Commander . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Continued from page 2 at the bus stop. Since I live in the first apartment in the first stairwell closest to the street you can imagine I am able to see a lot of the traffic throughout the day as well as walking in this vicinity four to five times times every day. To sum up my concerns, there are people who are using this gate as a “fast-pass” to get to their destination on post. Either they don’t realize they are passing a CDC where there is a major amount of foot traffic at various times of the day or they are just more concerned in getting to their location faster because they assume there are fewer crosswalks and less highprofile visibility to them (more MP presence maybe). Possible solutions: I believe a highly visible speed limit upon close proximity to the CDC should be posted (15 miles per hour would be ideal). The crosswalk lines would be better placed on the right side of the dumpsters (when viewing them with your back to the CDC) so a vehicle entering post can see who is crossing and their visibility isn’t shrouded by the tall gate that surrounds the dumpsters. A few yards down from

this area is another trash receptacle, and there is the same issue. The crosswalk lines are painted “after” the receptacles. It would greatly improvise the security for those walking if they are simply painted before the receptacles. Response: Thanks for your note. Our Safety Office, DPW and DES are looking at where to strategically place speed bumps and along Heerstrasse, and near the CDC (Bldg. 1502) may be a great location. Even though we have reduced the speed limit to 15 kph (which is very slow), I guess that did not achieve the intent we wanted. Be on the lookout as speed bumps are coming as soon as we can get them funded and in place; in the meantime, please continue using caution when crossing the street. Our MPs can’t be everywhere but speed bumps could assist in slowing down speeders in high pedestrian traffic areas.

Parking garage safety

Greg R. said: There is a safety issue in the open air parking lot across from Bldg. 1208, adjacent to the parking garage. When exiting the garage from the stairwells, there is a white line clearly painted to mark the lane for vehicle traffic. Pe-

destrians exiting the stairwells stay inside the line, between the vehicle lane and the curb as they walk toward the MCC. Cars have been parking in this pedestrian walkway for quite some time now, creating a situation where pedestrians exiting the garage have to walk in the lane of vehicle traffic because the pedestrian lane is blocked. Response: Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. The Safety Office forwarded your concerns to the Directorate of Public Works’ Help Desk with a request to install three additional “no parking” signs and stenciling “no parking” on the asphalt surface to prevent illegal parking.

Speed limit sign

Tom R. said: I wanted to express my gratitude that a reduced speed limit was posted on Washingtonstrasse in Hainerberg. There has been a marked improvement in the area and I am glad to see that the Garrison takes traffic safety seriously. Since the parking spots are perpendicular to the lane and there isn’t room to swing out and pull in straight, anyone trying to park needs to three-point turn into the spot which is apparently very upsetting to other drivers. If the lane is to stay at

a minimum width, the spots should be marked at a diagonal. This would make backing out much easier and safer. Response: Thank you for your comment. Please be advised our DES/DPW teams are working on the parking piece; however, there is active construction going on in that area that we cannot hinder or delay. As soon as they have the go, we have agreed put in slant parking spaces in support of the temporary one-way. We did not want to block the spaces until the work was done as we would have other concerned customers.

Thanks for flowers

An anonymous community members said: The staff members of the education center/University of Maryland University College did a fantastic job planting flowers in the Bldg. 1023 area parking lot on Earth Day. Their actions are a great reflection of the community pride, and teamwork that can be found in their office on a daily basis. I am proud to live in an area with community members such as these. I hope their dedication is contagious. Thank you for the job well done! Response: Thank you for ............................................................................. May 7, 2015

your comment. You are correct; we have a great team of dedicated professionals in our Education Center. Let’s hope their Earth Day planting encourages other offices/agencies to do the same — what a way to enhance the beauty in our Garrison.

Inspirational story

Adrienna B.: The recent article in the April 23, 2015 edition of the Herald Union, “Warrant Officer overcomes odds, earns Masters in cyber security,” was beyond inspiring! It was encouraging to see the tenacity, commitment, courage and patriotism displayed by CW4 Sonya Barrow through the small glimpse into her lifetime achievements. I am a Girl Scout leader and I routinely try to teach my girls to overcome every challenge, strive for excellence, and reach for the stars. CW4 Barrow’s story embodies these tenants and then some. I can’t wait to share this bit of her story with my girls. Response: Thank you for your comment. I’m certain CW4 Sonya Barrow will be delighted to know her story has inspired you and you’re going to pass on the inspiration to your Girl Scouts.

Herald Union

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News and features ‘Best middle school in the galaxy’ wins Green Ribbon Story and photo by Shayna Brouker

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Public Affairs Office

Wiesbaden Middle School added another ribbon to its collection when the U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, announced April 22 that it was one of 58 schools out of 98,000 to win the esteemed Green Ribbon Award. As one student put it, “We have ribbons; other schools have scrunchies.” Students, teachers and staff gathered in the gym April 30 to celebrate the award and learn more about why “it’s a big deal,” according to Dr. Susan Hargis, principal of what she calls “the best middle school in the galaxy.” The award recognizes schools that excel at reducing environmental impact and utility costs, promoting better health and ensuring effective environmental education, she explained. In addition to embracing science, technology, engineering and math across their curriculum, combined with Hainerberg Elementary, another Green Boot school, the Department of Public Works reported that the middle school saved the garrison over $27,000 by reducing water usage and turning off the lights.

From the blotter

Compiled by the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Directorate of Emergency Services

April 17 Failure to obey order or regulation: A Soldier is being charged with failure to obey order or regulation: owning an unregistered vehicle. Traffic accident: A Soldier is being charged with a traffic accident: following too closely causing property damage.

April 20 Failure to obey order or regulation: An NCO is being charged with failure to obey order or regulation owning an unregistered vehicle. Assault consummated by a battery: Two Soldiers are being charged with assault consummated by a battery and drunk and disorderly conduct.

Physical fitness is also a high priority as it is not an elective, but included in the curriculum. The school had two teams win first and second place in the U.S. Army’s eCybermission competition at the Department of Defense Education Activity level. Twenty percent of the student body, or 81 students, participated in the program. And throughout the year, the Corps of EngineersEurope District’s Environmental Division partnered with the school to provide more than 30 lectures to classes throughout the year on various STEM topics, applying knowledge learned in the classroom to realworld situations. “There was a lot of cross-coordination, just like in the real world,” said Jessica Ratchford, an environmental protection specialist with the Europe District. “We helped them see that STEM is literally everywhere, even in language arts, by learning about environmental verbiage.” Classes even took a trip to the Rheinblick Golf Course to learn about waste management, water sampling, natural resources, windmill pumping and aerating the lake — and how studying STEM can result in a lucrative and rewarding career. The partnership culminated with Europe District personnel building and planting of gardens at the school April 27-29. Seventh-graders helped plant more than 300 plants, flowers and herbs to be used in home economics. Some were designed to attract bees for pollination, and some were plants native to Germany. “It teaches kids how to respect the environment and how to plant,” said George Bock, section chief of the environmental branch. “For some of them who have moved around a lot and haven’t had a green space of their own, it’s their first time planting.” The Europe District Commander, Col. Matthew Tyler, presented winners of the STEM essay contest with certificates and encouraged kids to study STEM so they could help the world and themselves. “It takes scientists, technicians, engineers and mathematicians to solve some of the toughest chal-

Dr. Hargis congratulates a shocked Joshua Sewell after Col. Matthew Tyler announced him as the first-place winner of the Europe District’s STEM essay contest April 30. lenges in our world,” he said. “And those with STEM degrees start off at a higher salary than someone who has spent 20 years in that career field without a degree.” Hargis and DoDEA-Europe District Superintendent Dr. Dell McMullen took time to recognize staff who stepped up to make STEM a priority. Outstanding STEM students were also honored in front of their peers. “You will teach your parents what’s important about a sustainable environment,” said Maj. Gen. William Gayler, deputy commanding general of U.S. Army Europe, who opened the ceremony with remarks. “You know more now than we ever did at your age. Frankly, it is for you. Everything we do to make this world a better place so that you can pass it on far into the future. Never underestimate the power of one person or one small act because it can change the world.”

April 21 Driving under the influence: A Soldier is being charged with driving while under the influence. Failure to obey order or regulation: An officer is being charged with failure to obey order or regulation: owning an unregistered vehicle. Traffic accident: An officer is being charged with a traffic accident: inattentive driving causing property damage.

April 24 Traffic accident: A Soldier is being charged with a traffic accident: improper backing causing property damage.

April 26 Failure to obey order or regulation: A Soldier is being charged with failure to obey order or regulation: owning an unregistered vehicle.

April 27 Child neglect/endangerment: An officer is being charged with child neglect/endangerment. Failure to obey order or regulation: An NCO is being charged with failure to obey order or regulation: owning an unregistered vehicle. Failure to obey order or regulation: A Soldier is being charged with failure to obey order or regulation: owning an unregistered vehicle.

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Herald Union

Photos by Shayna Brouker

Planting STEM

Wiesbaden Middle School seventh graders helped U.S. Army Corps of Engineers-Europe District Environmental Division volunteers plant gardens they built April 30, topping off a seven-month-long partnership to instill science, technology, engineering and mathematics throughout their curriculum. Since September 2014, the environmental specialists have given more than 30 presentations to classrooms and demonstrated real-world STEM careers and pathways.

May 7, 2015 ...........................................................................

News and features New SHARP victim advocates News flash and advisors ready to serve

Dental Clinic closures

The Wiesbaden Dental Clinic will be closed on the afternoon of May 29.

Health Clinic closures

The Wiesbaden Army Health Clinic will be closed May 22 and 25 all day for the training and national holidays.

New Passport Office hours

The Military Personnel Division of the Passport Office has new hours: On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8:30-11:30 a.m. is for walk-ins and 1-4 p.m. is for appointments with walk-ins on a space-available basis. The office is closed Tuesday. On Thursday, appointments (with walk-ins on a space-available basis) are 9 a.m. to noon; 1-4 p.m. are for walk-ins and 4-6 p.m. are for evening appointments. To schedule an appointment call mil 548-1603/1605 or civ (0611) 143-548-1603/1605.

Tax Office hours

May 8 will be appointment-only at the Wiesbaden Tax Office. In addition, the office will be closed May 22 and 25 for a training holiday and Memorial Day, respectively. Finally, May 29 will be the last day for walk-ins.

Bicycle safety

Bicycle operators and passengers on U.S. forces installations must wear an approved helmet properly fastened under the chin. Other safety rules include not using cell phones or wearing listening devices that impede hearing and the detection of impending danger; using a headlight that emits a white light and a tail light that emits a red light and wearing light-colored clothing or reflective accessories when riding at night or in low light; and bicycle wheels must have two reflectors mounted 180 degrees apart on the spokes. Bicycle pedals must have reflectors designed and placed to be visible from the front and rear of the bicycle during darkness. Note: As an exception, local national personnel are not required to wear a safety helmet when riding a bicycle on U.S. military installations in Germany. It is, however, highly recommended that they do so.

Proper disposal of vehicles

Vehicle owners are responsible for properly de-registering and disposal of their vehicles prior to leaving Germany. Options include shipping it, selling it,or donating it to MWR. Refer to Army in Europe Regulation 190-1 for specific instructions. Personnel who depart theater without shipping or properly disposing of their vehicle will be charged as a subject in an MP report.

Blood drive correction

The April 23 issue of the Herald Union featured a photo which mistakenly identified the recent blood drive as ran by the USO. In reality, the blood drive was actually held by the American Red Cross with the Armed Services Blood Drive and sponsored by the Wiesbaden Spouse’s Club. Our apologies for the error, and thank you to all organizations involved in the event.

By William B. King

Special to the Herald Union

A class of about 30 students from across Europe completed an 80-hour course to become Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention victim advocates and advisors. The SHARP course was sponsored by 5th Signal Command and held April 13-24 at Clay Kaserne in Wiesbaden. Master Sgt. Ronald Henry, one of the course instructors, said the class is meant to challenge the students’ way of thinking, their morals and professional experience. He said the class was very broad, having 15 modules covering everything from effective communication, to different approaches to dealing with sexual harassment and techniques for dealing with sexual assault. “The one thing they will hear over and over from instructors is no matter what they encounter when dealing with the victim, their focus is the victim and nothing else. Everything else goes into their peripheral vision at that point. Their focus is on helping the victim start the healing process for whatever type of trauma they faced,” Henry said. Col.JimmyL.HallJr.,commanderof5thSignalCommand, addressed the students just before their graduation. He emphasized to the new advocates and advisors t h e y were enterThe April 23 issue of the Herald Union article “Days of Remembrance event honors lives lost and saved” mistold the story of one of the survivors. The correct story of Andzia Szpilman is below. “...Mackenzie Riley, 11, recounted the story of her great-grandmother, Andzia Szpilman, a true survivor who endured four years in a Lodz, Poland ghetto with her family, followed by time in concentration camps Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and Salzwedel. As conditions became progressively worse and food became scarce in the ghetto, she and her sister survived in the ghetto by eating weeds for extra nutrition. At Auschwitz, she narrowly escaped death when the Nazis sent everyone directly in front of her to the gas chambers. At Salzwedel labor camp, she and the foreman on the bullet-making assembly line helped undermine the Nazi war by making the bullets a fraction too big, causing them to get stuck in the barrel. They made some good bullets and put them on top of the defective ones to fool the Nazis. After liberation, she met her husband, Jacob, at a displaced persons camp and they married a few weeks later.” The Herald Union staff sincerely regrets the error and thanks the Riley family for sharing their relative’s true story.

Story correction

ing a position of trust and encouraged them to build a relationship with their command teams. “Thank you for your service and for committing to such a position,” Hall said. “Trust your experience and trust your wisdom, and at the end of the day your command team will appreciate and trust you.” Command Sgt. Maj. Harry Mercado, 5th Signal Command, echoed Hall’s comments about the importance about serving in a position of trust and getting to know the people in their commands. “The people that you serve have to be able to trust you. Be sincere about your duties,” Mercado said. He also encouraged new victim advocates and advisors to communicate and seek help from their network of other SHARP advocates. Sgt. 1st Class Cynthia Edwards, a student from Company C, 44th Expeditionary Signal Battalion, said she learned a lot about the formal and informal reporting process for sexual harassment. Edwards said she wants to take what she learned in class and provide realistic training to her unit. “I want to give a class and try to come up with some scenarios so that it can be interactive and get Soldiers involved,” she said. For more information about the Army SHARP program go to, or contact the SHARP victim advocate or advisor in your unit or community. For help or information within the U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden community, you can call the SHARP 24/7 hotline at civ (0162) 296-6741.

Im Haderwald 2, 67661 Kaiserslautern T. 0631-351700 ............................................................................. May 7, 2015

Herald Union

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News and features ‘Volunteers’ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Continued from page 1 Europe Retiree Council. He stood out by reviewing a complex and lengthy Army-level regulation on retirement services, providing nearly 30 recommendations for improvement. He regularly writes awards for Retiree accomplishments, reviews regulatory guidance affecting Retirees and facilitates medical town halls. The youth volunteer of the year is Ric Heiges, a student at Wiesbaden High School who serves as a Catholic Religious Education Program teacher’s aide, a baseball and wrestling assistant coach, Cub Scout Pack 13 volunteer, Boy Scout volunteer and previous den chief for Pack 13, WHS Student Council president and president of the Warrior Video Production Club. He gave more than 400 hours to the community, mainly youth. He is also an Eagle Scout with 48 merit badges, an athlete with letters in football and wrestling and sixtime winner of the Wiesbaden Volunteer of the Month. With a family like the Heiges, it’s no wonder he won. The Heiges family — Pia, Bill, Ric and Ami Rose — was awarded the family volunteer of the year award. They contribute time to a multitude of organizations in the community, including the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, the chapel, Red Cross, Junior ROTC, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and community schools. Their oldest son, now in college, still volunteers with his fraternity. They started volunteering with the Boy Scouts upon moving to Wiesbaden and it grew from there, said Bill. “We are already doing these things anyway, so it doesn’t really take extra time,” he said. “We’re just raising our family and other youth in our community.

Photo by Shayna Brouker

Garrison Commander Col. Mary Martin poses with volunteers of the year, from left to right: Maj. Sonia Williams (military), Julie Parker (adult), Bill, Ami Rose, Pia and Ric Heiges (family) and Donald Norris (Retiree) during the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon held April 24 at the Community Activity Center. Now our children carry that torch.” Mom Pia and sister Ami Rose are heavily involved Ric gravitates toward mentoring youth through with Girl Scouts and Brownies. She has enjoyed “folsports and spends some weekends coaching referee- lowing the girls up,” she said. ing youth wrestling. “It’s a beautiful progress to see — how they de“I feel that giving younger people a good environ- velop and change. It’s rewarding to establish a good ment gives them a positive role model,” he explained. rapport and see growth that takes place,” she said. “Trying to get kids active is really something special. “The rewards far outweigh whatever sacrifices you make. It’s so important to fill that need.” Being a wrestling coach is my favorite.”

‘Service’ . . . . . . . . . . . Continued from page 1 Those with 25 years of service included: Deborah Julien, Vinson Kelley, Ibrahim Khan, Raimond Schaaf, Raion Scharck, Sriskantha Kumarasamy and Richard Washington. Those with 30 years of service included: Walter Effenberger, Patricia Fransted, Jaime Goloyugo, Thomas Graef, Eduard Herrmann, Earl McFarland, Klaus — Dieter Ott, Carolyn Simms and Stanley Wright. Those with 35 years of service included: Harri Mueller, Gregory Neal and Uta Russ. One of those who have been with the federal government said he owed his success to those leaders he’s served under. “I appreciate the leaders that I’ve had over the years of my service,” Gregory Neal said, “and the opportunities they have provided.” For photos of the event, including individual shots of all those that received certificates, visit


GM PROFI GmbH Anton Hehn Strasse 09 55246 Mainz Kostheim-Kastel

 0 61 34 - 616 92

ll US We serve aropean cars and Eu Page 6

Herald Union

Wade Jackson and Megan McReynolds, employees with Oklahoma University, water flowers they planted with other Education Center personnel in the medians in the Welcome Center parking lot to celebrate Earth Day, April 22. U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden also honored Earth Day by turning off the exterior lights of the U.S. Army Europe Headquarters Shali Center on March 28 to show solidarity with the global environmental initiative “Earth Hour.” Elementary and middle school students also visited the ELW landfill and city sewage plant.

May 7, 2015 ...........................................................................

USAG Wiesbaden — Wackernheim, Wiesbaden

Community notes ... Community notes Garrison Safety Day

The 2015 Garrison Summer/Spring Safety Day is May 11 at the Tony Bass Theater. This is a community seasonal event to reinforce accident prevention and resiliency prior to the Memorial Day Holiday and the Summer season. There will be safety demonstrations and displays from the Health Clinic, Fire Prevention, American Red Cross and Bicycle Safety. All USAG Wiesbaden personnel and community members and their families are invited to attend. Demonstrations and presentations are from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Financial Aid Day

On May 12 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., there will be a Financial Aid Day at the Soldier for Life Center (Bldg. 1023E, Room 013). It is open to all ID cardholders for any college or university.

Seminar on PTSD

The Education Center and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 27 host a public service seminar: “Strategies and skills to cope with and overcome PTSD and trauma issues while attending college” May 28 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Soldier for Life Center (Bldg. 1023E, Classroom 4). Contact the Wiesbaden Education Center at mil 548-1302 or civ (0611) 143-548-1302, or email for more information.

Senior Baccalaureate Service

There will be a Senior Baccalaureate Service at Hainerberg Chapel May 31 at 3 p.m. with a special guest speaker. Call mil 548-7174 / civ (0611)143-548-7174 for more information.

Second (Indianhead) Division reunion

The Second (Indianhead) Division Association is searching for anyone who served in the Army’s 2nd Infantry Division at any time. For information about the association and its 94th annual reunion in San Antonio, Texas Sept. 22-26, 2015, contact secretary-trea-

surer Bob Haynes at 2idahq@ or (224) 225-1202.

Community spring clean-up

The community-wide spring clean-up is May 18-21. The Self-Help Issue Point at Bldg. 7802 on Mississippistrasse in Hainerberg Housing and the Department of Public Works Building 01557 on Clay Kaserne has lawn and garden tools and equipment as well as recycling and “green waste” bags available. The drop-off point for batteries, household hazardous waste and tires is the Recyling Center on Clay Kaserne, Bldg. 2450. On May 21 the housing area is residents’ place of duty for spring cleanup and special bulk trash/green waste pick-up is scheduled for May 22. For more information contact Jean-Connie Thomas at jeanconnie.thomas.ln@mail. mil or mil 548-4412 / civ (0611) 143-548-4412.

Department of Defense ID card. Go to to apply. Contact USO Rhein Main volunteer coordinator at mil 548-5103 or civ (0611) 7120-2880.

Car seat checkups

The Family Advocacy Program holds car seat checkups the last Tuesday of the month from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Wiesbaden Entertainment Center parking lot. Call civ (0611) 143-548-9201 to register.

Sponsorship training

Soldier and civilian sponsorship training is held the third Thursday of every month from 1:30-2 p.m. at the Education Center on Clay Kaserne (Classroom 8).

Cub Scouts welcome you

Are you a boy entering first through fifth grade interested in having fun? Cub Scouting is a fun and exciting activity for boys aimed at building character and citizenship while developing personal fitness. Email pack65wiesbaden@ for more information about Scouting opportunities with Pack 65.

Counseling available

Are you a member of the 66th Military Intelligence Brigade Family and need to talk to a chaplain? Stop by the Clay Chapel Counseling Center Fridays from 1-3 p.m. for a completely confidential session. Call civ (0611) 7055823 for details.

Looking for a car

Find your next car at the Auto Skills Bid Lot. Cars are located on Mississippistrasse (by the lodge) in Hainerberg Housing. Many cars only need minor repairs to pass inspection and all known faults are noted. Call civ (0611) 143-548-9817 for details.

Storage rentals

Looking for a place to park your recreational vehicle or trailer? Wiesbaden Outdoor Recreation offers rental space on McCully Barracks in Wackernheim (Ober Olmer Strasse, 55263 Wackernheim) offering easy access when you want to get away for the weekend. Cost is $30 a month. Call Outdoor Recreation at civ (0611) 143548-9801 to reserve a space.

Exchange ‘Patriot Pet’ photo contest

Enter a photo of your pet in the Exchange’s “Patriot Pet” photo contest for a chance to win a $500 grand prize, $100 for two second place winners and $50 for four third place winners. Enter May 2-29 at https://www.shopmyexchange. com/patriotfamily.

Red Cross classes

Red Cross Wiesabaden offers a blended First Aid/CPR/ AED class May 20 from 5:30-8 p.m.; a Pet CPR/First Aid class May 21 from 5-7:30 p.m.; and new volunteer orientation May 21 from 10-11:30 a.m. Free Red Cross trainings include Citizen CPR, Be Red Cross Ready and Emergency Messages.

Looking for a special gift?

BOSS gets busy

Wiesbaden’s Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers features free BOSS movie night Mondays at 6 p.m. Call civ (0611) 143-548-9815 or stop by the Warrior Zone on Clay Kaserne for more information.

May 10 is y Mother’s Da

USO seeks volunteers

USO is seeking volunteers to help with various programs around the Wiesbaden military community. Volunteers must be 18 and older and possess a

All mothers will receive a small Mother’s Day gift on May 9, starting 1 p.m. ............................................................................. May 7, 2015

Herald Union

Page 7

News and features U.S. Army Europe Soldiers earn coveted Schützenschnur unit,” said Lt. Col. Dale Robison, USAREUR deputy inspector general and the team’s officer-in-charge. On April 15, Soldiers fired the German MG-3 heavy machine gun and the G-36 assault rifle at the Fritzlar range. On April 16, Soldiers had the opportunity to experience the Stadtallendorf range, where they were able to fire three different tables on the German P-8 pistol and a new table for the G-36 Rifle. “This was a good experience for all. It was very rewarding learning different cultures and being accepted for the opportunity to train and learn,” remarked Sgt. Sean Cheeseman, 5th Signal Command. By the end of the week, two USAREUR Soldiers had earned gold, three Soldiers earned silver and six Soldiers had earned the bronze level of achievement for the German Armed Forces Badge for Weapons Proficiency. All awards were personally signed by Brig. Gen. Eckart Klink, commanding general of Landeskommando Hessen. Klink also participated in training and joined the U.S. team on numerous occasions. “General Klink was a perfect host and really made us feel like part of the Hessen team while we trained with his Soldiers. We couldn’t have asked for a

Storey and photo by Lt. Col. Dale Robison Special to the Herald Union

Soldiers representing U.S. Army Europe, U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden, 5th Signal Command and the 1st of the 214th Aviation Battalion, 12th Combat Aviation Brigade proved their might and determination during a unique training opportunity with their German counterparts. They competed for and won the coveted Schützenschnur, or the German Armed Forces Badge for Weapons Proficiency. Eleven Wiesbaden military community Soldiers ranking from private to lieutenant colonel were invited to join Bundeswehr troops in northern Hessen April 14-17 for the Landeskommando Hessen’s annual training week, which included the Schützenschnur competition. U.S. Soldiers started on day one with a challenging 12-kilometer ruckmarch with 33 pounds of gear in the hills surrounding Knüll Kaserne, Schwarzenborn. “Although many members our U.S. team only had the opportunity to really meet that first day, we instantly bonded and I was very proud of our performance and interaction with our German allies and USAG Wiesbaden’s partnership

Wiesbaden Soldiers listen intently as they receive familiarization with the German MG-3 heavy machine gun from Bundeswehr Stabsgefreiter (Corporal) Theis, a Reserve NCO from Landeskommando Hessen. better experience,” said Robison. Observations from the rest of the Wiesbaden team echoed previous comments. “The best part was earning that award and seeing in what ways our military and the German military share similarities and differences while networking to

make new friendships here in Germany,” said Spc. Matthew Carlton, a Soldier with USAG Wiesbaden. Sgt. 1st Class Savang, also with USAG Wiesbaden, summed up the experience well. “Strength from unity and the collaboration with our host nation motivated us to strive for excellence,” he said.

50 Years in business

COLLISON CENTER We at Auto Hollmann would like to invite you to stop by and visit our Collision Center. We have seven collision/paint technicians with a combined experience of years which enables us to fix your vehicle right the first time. We at Hollmann feel that our employees are our strongest asset so we work very hard to keep up to date with our training standards. Our techs are factory trained along with various accomplishments from the major paint manufactures.

Direct repair shop with most major insurance companies.

Climate controlled paint booth and prep station. Drive-on frame and unibody straightening rack for both full frame and custom made vehicles. We have our own paint mixing system to match even the toughest colored vehicles. We offer a complete line of repair including alignments. 24 hour towing at 0171-6538059

(USAA 5 Star Shop) + We offer repairs on all makes and models + Lifetime warranty on all workmanship + Inexpensive transportation/loaner vehicle + Accurate Measuring System + All OEM Parts shipped directly from USA (US Warranty) Deliveries each week + We offer many more services + We work for all major insurance companies

Call or swing by Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm or look us up on

Hochheimerstrasse 111 55246 Kastel/Kostheim  Phone 06134-3381 Page 8

Herald Union

Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Ralph Martin

Exercising intelligence

The 2nd Military Intelligence Battalion conducted its first field training exercise in the Baumholder training area in May 2014 to validate intelligence teams before the start of U.S. Army Europe’s Operation Atlantic Resolve. The FTX revolved around a scenario specific to one of the many contingency plans 2nd MI commits intelligence teams to. Though the scenario differed from OAR, many of the tasks were relevant to both types of intelligence operations. The battalion, supported by the 1st MI Battalion, 650th MI Group, 24th MI Battalion, 173rd Air Brigade Combat Team and members from the 66th MI Brigade strengthened relationships with German and British allies through a combined exercise. An observer controller from 2nd MI shadowed each team armed with the scenario, a list of individual and collective tasks and a go/no-go checklist to assess whether the team met the necessary gates for validation. Each day culminated with a brief to a senior member of 2nd MI, which further develop junior Soldiers’ briefing skills and confidence.

May 7, 2015 ...........................................................................







Model CT 200H CT 200H CT 200H IS 250 AWD IS 250 AWD IS 250 RWD IS 350 AWD IS 350 RWD ES 350 FWD ES 300H FWD ES 350 FWD ES 350 FWD GS 350 RWD GS 350 RWD GS 350 RWD GS 450H RWD RX 350 AWD RX 350 AWD RX 350 AWD RX 450H AWD





US Dealer Price

PCS Price

Military Savings

Special Cashback

Total Savings

Hatch Hatch Hatch Sedan Sedan Sedan Sedan Sedan Sedan Sedan Sedan Sedan Sedan Sedan Sedan Sedan SUV SUV SUV SUV

15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15 15

Eminent White Nebula Gray Pearl Nebula Gray Pearl Silver Lining Met. Matador Red Mica Ultra White Atomic Silver Obsidian Obsidian Nebula Gray Pearl Nebula Gray Pearl Starfire Pearl Atomic Silver Riviera Red Liquid Platinum Deep Sea Mica Nebula Gray Pearl Starfire Pearl Silver Lining Met. Silver Lining Met.

Caramel Caramel Black Black Light Gray Black Light Gray Black Black Black Black Black Black (Walnut) F-Sport Black (Alu) Black (Walnut) Light Gray (Bamboo) Saddle Tan Parchment Light Gray Black

$ 33,675 $ 38,065 $ 33,675 $ 45,660 $ 45,660 $ 43,865 $ 48,875 $ 49,025 $ 45,010 $ 47,600 $ 45,010 $ 45,630 $ 52,365 $ 59,430 $ 61,480 $ 67,665 $ 50,890 $ 50,890 $ 50,890 $ 58,210

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$ 4,345 $ 4,345 $ 4,345 $ 5,680 $ 5,680 $ 5,195 $ 6,145 $ 5,460 $ 5,095 $ 5,825 $ 5,095 $ 5,495 $ 6,945 $ 7,445 $ 7,945 $ 9,675 $ 6,665 $ 6,665 $ 6,665 $ 8,215



WE SERVICE WHAT WE SELL! AUTHORIZED LEXUS SERVICE CENTER • Germany Ramstein Kindsbacher Str. 47 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach Tel: 06371 61 39 90

Kaiserslautern Kaiserstrasse 1 67661 Kaiserslautern Tel: 0631 351 90 40

Wiesbaden Ludwig-Wolker-Str. 14 55252 Mainz-Kastel Tel: 06134 567 80

Spangdahlem Im Kreuzgarten 1 A 54529 Spangdahlem Tel: 06565 93 69 90

Italy Aviano Via Pordenone 48D 33081 Aviano (PN) Tel: 0434 676 613

Vicenza Viale Della Pace 254 36100 Vicenza (VI) Tel: 0444 91 09 38

Our special Cash-Back offer allows you the flexibility to use the specified “Cash-Back” amount to reduce the price of your purchase, OR take the specified “Cash-Back” amount as a cash payment to spend exactly as you please. Where a “Cash-Back” payment is selected, please note that payment will issued together with the final Bill of Sale. ............................................................................. May 7, 2015

Herald Union

Page 9

USAG Wiesbaden — Wackernheim, Wiesbaden Librarian retires after nearly 50 years of service By Karl Weisel

Special to the Herald Union

Sometimes it’s the small things that burn brightest in one’s memory after a lifetime of service. For Wiesbaden librarian Mildred Ann Burski that includes helping Soldiers improve their reading skills, caring for a unit’s bulldog mascot, consistently encouraging young people to gain a love of reading and leading local Army libraries into the 21st century — from formerly offering primarily hard copy books to the present day where libraries feature a host of mixed media, digital and online resources. “My dad was an avid reader — had read every single book in our small-town library — and he made sure my siblings and I went every week to the library,” said Burski, a native of McGehee, Ark., who retired April 30 after serving as an Army civilian for nearly five decades. “I never intended it to be that way,” she said. “I was 23 years old and just finishing up a master’s degree in library sciences at Louisiana State University.” After working for a year at the University of Houston, Burski said she was enticed to come to Europe by a friend in 1963. “I only intended on staying a short time.” Just shy of 50 years later, the longtime librarian looks back at having supported service members and their families most of her life, finding a new home in Germany with a German husband and raising two children.

Wine walk through Eltville

The international elite of equestrian sport will meet in the Biebricher Schlosspark for the International Horse Show at Whitsun May 22-25. The international show jumping tournament held in the unique atmosphere of the Biebricher Schlosspark is a sporting highlight with a long-standing tradition since 1929. Visit http://www.wiesbaden. de/en/sports/events/events-e3/horseshow.php for more information.

Page 10

Herald Union

Photo by Karl Weisel

Wiesbaden librarian Ann Burski works with her staff a few days before retiring after having served as an Army civilian for 49 years and seven months. for learning, entertainment and a host to everyone — young readers, Soldiers, of other activities ranging from story the staff and patrons,” said Wiesbaden time to historical speaking programs. library technician Reginald Stewart, Along the way Burski earned an- who served with Burski in Giessen and other master’s degree in early childhood Wiesbaden for 15 years. During that education, directed Child and Youth time they continuously sought creative Services and Community Recreation ways to bring books to young people Division programs. with a Storymobile and by dressing up “Learning the Army way of thinking as book witches and wizards to nurture takes a while,” she said, pointing at the the reading habit. many changes she has seen in 50 years, “Like I once told a visiting four-star including many more women and people general to the library,” Stewart said, of different races and nationalities serving in the military, a much reduced force “‘when I look at her, I see four stars’ structure and hundreds of now shuttered — that’s how much she has taught me.” “I’ll miss the people who come in U.S. military installations and facilities. everyday and the people I’ve worked On the other hand, “a lot of patrons with the most,” she said, looking forward these days are real concerned about to more time at home near Giessen with their children learning to love readher family to pursue other interests — ing.” That puts a smile on the lifetime possibly continuing to volunteer at the librarian’s face. “She was always like a mother figure Wiesbaden Library.

Things to do ... Things to do

Enjoy the picturesque city of Eltville and wine with a walking tour through the Old Town. A guided tour is in English and includes three varieties of Prädikatsweine from Eltville wineries plus some nibbles appropriate to the wines. Contact Gunilla Remy at 06123-2227 or eltvilleremy@freenet. de for reservations. The cost is €11 and the tour starts at 6 p.m. The dates for the walking tours are May 9, July 11, Aug. 8 and Sept. 13.

International Horse Show

“My first assignment in Germany was Frankfurt. It was a different time — the (Frankfurt) Alte Oper was still in bombed ruins and the Autobahns were empty,” she said. “I was kind of afraid because of the World War II talk I had heard after the war and from my uncles who shared their experiences of having served in the Pacific (being captured by the Japanese while another 17-year-old uncle was killed at Pearl Harbor). I think I was also somewhat affected by the old German movies I had seen.” While her husband went on to study veterinary medicine, becoming a rabies expert before retiring after 20 years working for the state of Hessen, Ann continued to serve the U.S. military wherever she was needed in Germany including stints in Baumholder, Giessen, Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Hanau, Oberammergau and Nuernberg. “While a passion for reading came from my father, it was also a great uncle who couldn’t read or write that also inspired me. He was a good farmer, but he could only sign his name with an X,” Burski said. The stigma of not being able to read “was a great shame for him,” inspiring her to help others overcome that communication hurdle. “I’ve been very fortunate. This has been a real learning experience for me — especially learning about the people of Germany,” she said, adding that she’ll miss the patrons, fellow employees and volunteers who through the years helped her offer outstanding facilities

the vehicles, rolls through the capital and ends at the Kurpark on the final day. For more information visit http://

Breakfast on the Market Place

Photo courtesy of

Take a drive through automobile history at the Oldtimer Rallye in downtown Wiesbaden May 14-17.

Oldtimer Rallye

From May 14-17, 180 historical motor vehicles will transform Wiesbaden, the heights of the Taunus Mountains and the Rheingau Region into a rolling museum of precious engineering achievements. The action starts on the opening day in front of the Kurhaus Wiesbaden for the initial inspection of

Spring is in the starting blocks and with it, the market place breakfast during the weekly Wiesbaden market is starting as well. Organized by the Wiesbaden Marketing GmbH breakfasts on Saturdays from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. are scheduled for June 13, July 11 and Aug. 8.

Trips and tours

Wiesbaden Outdoor Recreation offers trips to Phantasialand May 9, Legoland May 16, Prague Overnight May 16-17, French Riviera Adventure May 21-23, Memorial Day Weekend in Rovinj, Croatia May 21-25, Strasbourg, France May 30, Disneyland Paris Express May 30, Venice, Italy

June 5-7, Alpine Hiking Tour in Zermatt, Switzerland June 10-14 and Europa Park June 13. Call civ (0611) 143-5489801 for more information. Call civ (0611) 143-548-9801 for more information.

USO travel

Join the USO for trips to Frankfurt Walking Tour May 9, Berlin Express May 9, Rhein River Cruise: Mother’s Day May 10, Bargain Hunter: Fashion and More May 15, Disneyland Paris Express May 16, Ladenburg & Heidelberg by train May 16, Wiesbaden Magic History Walking Tour May 16, Riesling Route May 17, Normandy May 21-25, Bratislava and Budapest May 21-25, Family-Friendly Castle Tour May 23, ZOOM Adventure Park & Zoo May 30, Milan Express May 30, FamilyFriendly Vineyard Bike Tour May 30 and Amsterdam Express May 30. Stop by any area USO or call civ (0611) 143-548-5106 for more information.

May 7, 2015 ...........................................................................

Schools page — Partners in education School bus safety begins and ends at home By Michael Coleman Special to the Herald Union

School bus safety is every parent’s responsibility. Only you can keep your children ready. Follow these guidelines now and throughout the school year: • Look at and know your children’s route to and from the bus stop. • Show your children how to go safely to and from the bus stop. Use hands-on instruction. • Stress good behavior on the bus. Good behavior and safety go handin-hand. • Report your safety concerns to the school bus office. Children, particularly in kindergarten through second grade, need your supervision to keep them safe. Take them to and from the bus stop. Wait with them until they have safely boarded the bus. When they return from school, meet them on the same side of the street at the bus stop; do not wait in a parked car or building, nor allow your child

to come to you. Some other important facts you should know are: In Europe, traffic does not stop for loading and unloading school buses. Teach your children this life-saving rule: Never cross the street in front of or behind the bus. Children are at the greatest risk for accidents and injuries going to and from the bus stop. Review the below five basic bus safety rules with your children, and then follow-up and reinforce them. 1. Be on time. Walk, do not run to the bus stop. 2. When waiting for the bus, take

at least three large steps away from the curb. 3. Take your seat on the bus and stay in it while the bus is moving. If there are seat belts, buckle up. 4. When getting off the bus, take three large steps away from the curb and wait for the bus to depart before crossing the street. 5. Never cross the street in front of or behind the bus. The Department of Defense Dependents School buses that receive priority access to the installation are currently being utilized by less than 50 percent of those registered to ride them. For questions about acquiring a bus pass for your child, call mil 337-2215 or civ (0611) 705-2215 or email wiesbaden. If buses are parked around schools in Hainerberg Housing area, dropping off or picking up students, drivers may pass them. Editor’s note: Michael Coleman is a transportation assistant with the Wiesbaden School Bus Office.

Schoolbits Aukamm action

STEM Week and Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8; accelerated withdrawal for students moving is May 14; college and career readiness training for teachers is May 22 (no school for students) and May 29 is field day.

Hainerberg highlights

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 4-8; STEM night is May 14 from 4:30-7 p.m.; Volunteer tea is 3-4:30 p.m. May 18; and teacher in-service day is May 22 (no school for students).

Middle school notes

May 7 is the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Career Day; May 12 is the spring band concert at 6:30 p.m. in the gym; May 13 is the first day for acceleration; and May 28 is field day.

High school happenings

May 9 is the Army JROTC drill competition at Patch Barracks; May 16 is an Army JROTC drill competition (location to be determined); May 25 is Memorial Day (no school); May 28-30 is a senior-directed play from 7-9 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room; June 2 is Thespian induction and awards ceremony 6-8 p.m. in the MPR; June 3 is the spring athletics awards ceremony 5:30-8:30 p.m. in the MPR; June 5 is the graduation ceremony at the Kurhaus; and June 6 is the SAT test.

Language immersion programs

Hainerberg Elementary School is offering a kindergarten through second grade Spanish immersion program and a grades 1-3 German immersion program. If you are interested in applying for your child’s consideration in one of these programs, contact the main office.

School registration

All Department of Defense Dependents Schools students, current and future, must register or re-register. Parents are urged not to wait until August.

Dependent IDs

Photos by Mackinley Bullock


Wiesbaden High School seniors hosted Mayfest May 3, a spring carnival benefiting the senior class with proceeds paying for graduation at the Kurhaus, the “Project Graduation” boat ride and more. They raised more than $3,000. Senior Leah Rojas puts her drawing skills to the test as she works the face paint booth at this year’s Mayfest. Photo top left: Dave Eidem, a teacher at Wiesbaden High School, bears a smile while he sits in the dunk tank in the cold, rainy weather. Photo left: Hoping to knock down the victim in the dunk tank, Spencer aims to throw the baseball at the target.

Wiesbaden students leaving campus during the school day must carry their Department of Defense dependent ID cards on- and off-campus with them. Guards will conduct checks periodically.

You Made the Grade

The Army and Air Force Exchange Service is rewarding military students who excel in the classroom with its You Made the Grade program, now in its fifteenth year. Students in first through 12th grades who maintain a B average or better are eligible to receive a coupon book filled with free offers and discounts. They can also enter the seminannual sweepstakes for gift cards worth $500, $1,500 or $2,000. For more information visit www. ............................................................................ May 7, 2015

Herald Union

Page 11

Sports and leisure ‘Amazing Race’ puts sexual assault prevention knowledge to the test By Shayna Brouker

U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Public Affairs Office

“Fun” and “Sexual Harassment/ Assault Response and Prevention training” don’t usually go hand-in-hand, but the 66th Military Intelligence Brigade found a way. Forget death by PowerPoint. Combining exercise, trivia and skits, the brigade’s inaugural SHARP Amazing Race set out to raise awareness about a serious topic in a fun, active way. Forty-two teams of five people from across the community gathered in the early morning chill at Clay Kaserne’s 1st MI hangar April 24 to race through five stations across the installation, each one testing and educating participants along the way. The first station was the campaign relay; the second showcased victim advocate qualities. The third station featured a sexual harassment reaction flow chart, and the fourth was a local drink test that explained how much alcohol is in a drink. The fifth station showed the importance of bystander intervention with comical skits performed by Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers volunteers and members of the teams. The final station concluded the race at the hangar with “the silent count.” Using the number of FY13 Department of Defense unrestricted reports from male victims, the team conducted push-ups, burpees, squats and sit-ups to represent that number. Each one helped participants learn about national and international prevention campaigns, practice some bystander intervention skills, increase their ability to work together to support survivors, understand the difference between formal and informal sexual harassment reporting and also learn more about the role of alcohol in sexual assault, explained Rachel Phillips, sexual assault response coordinator for the brigade,

who organized the event. “I have never been stopped by so many soldiers to talk about a training event in 10 years of working in this program,” she said. “It was really great to see our Soldiers and civilians out there from all units, backgrounds and work centers really cheering one another on. It shows great team work, camaraderie and they actually get to show us how much they know about SHARP along the way.” More than 300 people, including volunteers, participated. “I thought it was an excellent event... I didn’t realize just how many people were involved and supporting the event,” said Capt. Louis Brown, company commander for D Company, 24th MI Battalion. “I definitely support the idea of making it an annual event.” “…we had to have our community organization to support us,” Phillips added. “Without Army Substance Abuse Program, Army Community Ser-

vices, Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation and the USO, we could not have been able to give the Soldier the quality experience they had out on the course.” For more information on SHARP resources in the community, visit http:// w w w. w i e s mil/sites/mwr/ wiesSHARP. asp.

Photos by LaDon Hooser

Photo by Shayna Brouker

Soldiers from the 24th MI Battalion act out skits to demonstrate the role of alcohol in sexual assault and how bystanders can intervene. Photo top left: A team member pushes through mountain climbers during the “Silent Count” station at the 1st MI hangar. Photo top right: Teams run in to the final station and prepare to perform the “Silent Count,” honoring male victims of sexual assault.

Sports shorts ... Sports shorts ... Sports shorts Breast Cancer Awareness 5k

The next run in FMWR’s 5k Fun Run series is aimed at honoring breast cancer survivors and raising awareness. The run takes place May 30 at the Clay Kaserne Fitness Center. Registration is from 7-8:30 a.m. The first 200 people to register receive a free t-shirt. Joggers, walkers, kids and pets are welcome.

Fitness Center job openings

The Clay Kaserne Fitness Center is seeking certified yoga instructors and licensed massage therapists who would like to work under contract. The yoga position is primarily for evening and massage is an open schedule. Other certifications are welcome in addition to the ones listed. Contact Maria Diaz at mil 548-9831 / civ (0611) 143-548-9831 or email

Page 12

Herald Union for details.

Brouker at for details.

Youth baseball clinic

Community softball team

The Mainz Athletics Baseball and Softball Club hosts a clinic with former Major League Baseball players from the MLB Players Alumni Association June 17 from 4-7 p.m. The clinic is free and open to players ages six to 16. Former players will sign autographs afterward. Sign up by sending an email with the subject “MLBPAA Clinic” to nachwuchs@ Call Robin Limmeroth at (0179) 203-8541 for more information.

Dragon boat

Looking for fun and fitness outdoors? Join the Lazy Dragons dragon boat team. No experience is necessary and all fitness levels are welcome. Contact Shayna

The Wiesbaden Eagles softball team is looking for dedicated players who wish to represent the community. Contact Ray Domenech at (0179) 918-6492 or send an email to

Free yoga

Free yoga classes are offered Tuesdays at 9:30 and 10:45 a.m. in Building 7921 on Westfalenstrasse in Aukamm Housing area. Both classes are suitable for beginning and more advanced levels. All ID cardholders are invited to attend. Contact Kathy Glaser, yoga instructor, at (0160) 238-9927 or thegratefulyogini@ for more information.

May 7, 2015 ...........................................................................

Sports and leisure Scouts gain first-hand knowledge of disabilities By Jennifer Schrantz Special to the Herald Union

Cub Scout Pack 65 held their monthly pack meeting April 4 with an emphasis on compassion, specifically physical disabilities. What better way to portray compassion to build disability awareness than by learning about people with disabilities, their struggles, the tools that are made available to help them and the professionals that help those with disabilities accomplish everyday tasks. The pack meeting began with two local therapists from Praxis für Physiotherapie & Ergotherapie. Thomas Nägler is a physical therapist and Sandra Majkic is an occupational therapist. The two therapists spoke to the children about what their jobs entail and the differences between the two. They went on to explain the fulfillment of working with the disabled and

the schooling required for that occupation. Next, the children were given the opportunity to experience the simulated disability of blindness. The Scouts had to use the buddy trust system, get blind folded, and have their peers lead them around, including maneuvering stairs. The pack was fortunate enough to have two children with disabilities that were willing to share and to bring in about 15 pieces of their equipment, including a service dog, to let the boys and their siblings see and try these tools. The therapists explained how the tool or piece of equipment makes everyday life, recreation and independence more attainable for those with disabilities. Four of the Scouts gave presentations of different disabilities and reported on famous people who have overcome

Photos by Joe Schrantz

Scouts try “equipment,” including a service dog, that belongs to their fellow scout, Danny Schrantz, and his physical therapist, Thomas Naegler. great disabilities and odds to accomplish extraordinary things. The experience helped the Scouts work towards their Scout disability badge. To receive this badge, the children need to interview a professional

and someone with a disability, produce a report and attend an organized disability event. The Scouts were able to see Wiesbaden’s Rhine River Rhinos wheelchair basketball team and many of the Scouts got to see

their last game of the season against Munich on March 21. The Scouts finished off with a discussion about how compassion is not limited to those with disabilities, but also for the good of others.

TOP awards for Amelia Earhart

Wiesbaden community players took home three awards for the Amelia Earhart Playhouse at the 2015 Installation Management Command Tournament of Plays Awards Ceremony, known as the TOPPERS, recognizing the best community entertainment in Europe, April 25 in Kaiserslautern. Dan Carr won the award for Best Technical Director for a Musical (“Les Misérables”), Rebekah Mason won for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical (as Fantine in “Les Misérables,” photo right) and Giovanna Castellanos won for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical (as Eponine in “Les Misérables”). The play house was also nominated for 13 other awards. Dr. Robert Schloesser, director of Wiesbaden Family, Morale, Welfare and Recreation, won the Special Entertainment Choice Award for support of the U.S. Army Europe entertainment program.

Photo by Martin Greeson ........................................................................... May 7, 2015

Photo by Anthony Medina

Herald Union

Page 13

For your health

Army prohibits eating popular health bar By Rachael Tolliver Special to the Herald Union

Anyone who relies on protein bars as an afternoon or after-workout snack, should be warned about non militaryfriendly ingredients in their all-natural selections. Strong & KIND bars, which include Hickory Smoked, Roasted Jalapeno, Honey Mustard, Thai Sweet Chili and Honey Smoked BBQ flavors, contain hemp seeds in their ingredients. These seeds may contain low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, a chemical found in marijuana, which the Army believes may be detectable in drug screening tests. This ingredient is not included in the KIND fruit and nut bars and a complete list can be found at www.kindsnacks. com. The Army’s position on the consumption of hemp seeds, or its derivatives, is similar to its sister services and follows laws and guidelines set forth by U.S. law enforcement agencies. Army Regulation 600-85 paragraph 4-2, (p) states that, “…Soldiers are prohibited from using hemp or products containing hemp oil.” Also, “… Violations of paragraph 4-2 (p) may subject offenders to punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice and/or administrative action.” Department of Defense regulations are based on several considerations, some of which are U.S. laws. In this case, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency categorized hemp seeds, “if they contain THC,” as an illegal product. (Visit html for details.) Additionally, the Department of Justice issued a ruling on what products that contained THC were exempt from being treated as an illegal drug under the Controlled Substances Act. In part, the ruling reads: “Specifically, the interim rule exempted THC- containing industrial products, processed plant materials used to make such products, and animal feed mixtures, provided they are not used, or intended for use, for human consumption and therefore cannot cause THC to enter the human body. (See the ruling at fed_regs/rules/2003/fr0321.html) As such, the Army has written its policy to adhere to and to enforce these laws. The bottom line is that Soldiers may not consume hemp seeds or hemp oil. So how can a product designed for consumption legally contain hemp seeds?

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In 2004 the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a unanimous decision, which the DEA did not appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, protecting the sale of hemp-containing foods. Those foods generally contain naturally occurring THC at less than the USDA guideline of 1 percent. Industrial hemp remains legal for import and sale in the U.S., but U.S. farmers still are not permitted to grow it. According to University of California at Berkeley, most of the THC Photo graphic courtesy of found in hemp Strong & KIND bars are off-limits for Army personnel. seeds are located in the seed hulls, is what researchers are now using for which are removed during processing. Today’s hemp seeds epilepsy.” However, Capt. (Dr.) Christopher are processed to reduce levels of THC to DiPiro at Ireland Army Community negligible quantities, but 15 years ago Hospital, said while there are very low industrial hemp had higher THC levels amounts of THC in hemp seeds and aland the seeds were prepared differently though most people will not test positive for processing. after consuming the seeds, studies have The school’s wellness site also said shown 20 percent of those tested might that companies producing hemp today “pop hot” after eating them. do so under a voluntary TestPledge He added that consuming hemp seeds program, indicating they follow quality is not harmful beyond the possibility of control practices to limit THC concena failing a drug test. trations, so that consumers will not fail Businesses dealing with the DoD a drug test. must be aware of requirements like AR Dr. Christopher States, the associate 600-85 paragraph 4-2, (p). Because of dean for research in the department of this regulation, Army and Air Force pharmacology and toxicology at the Exchange Service does not carry Strong University of Louisville School of and KIND bars, said Chris Ward, a pubMedicine, said a person would have to lic relations specialist for AAFES, but consume a large amount of hemp seeds they do carry the basic KIND Bars. And to test positive for noticeable amounts Rick Brink, a public affairs specialist of THC. for the Defense Commissary Agency, He explained that the cannabis plant added that while commissaries carry developed as marijuana is grown so the KIND Bars, they have also chosen not THC level is high but it has a low level of to carry Strong & KIND bars because cannabidiol. However, cannabis grown of the hemp seed content. as hemp is raised with lower THC but “We strive to ensure products do not will have a higher level of cannabidiol. conflict with published DoD guidance,” “There is a lot of data out there that Ward explained. says the amounts of THC in hemp seeds KIND snack bars were created out is negligible unless someone eats over of a “Kind need,” after the president 300 grams, which would be about two- and CEO, Daniel Lubetzky, was tired thirds pound of hemp seeds,” he noted. of working long days and not being able “And hemp seeds are a healthy source to eat healthy during those times. In his of protein with negligible traces of THC new book, Lubetzky said he wanted (also) hemp has cannabidiol oil which something that was, “a wholesome

snack option that could travel well, fill me up, and that tasted good,” and whose ingredients he understood. He wrote that he wanted a business that was profitable and served a social goal, “our mission of spreading kindness,” a concept that came from one experience during World War II. “My father, who survived the Dachau concentration camp during the Holocaust, told me of a time when a Nazi guard took risks by throwing him a rotten potato that provided him the sustenance he needed to go on,” Lubetzky wrote. “Although that soldier could have gotten in trouble for helping a Jewish prisoner, he acted with compassion in the darkest of moments. My dad always credited the guard’s action with helping him to stay alive.” He explained as the company founders brainstormed their brand name and mission, they settled on a concept that could affirm their “three anchors of health, taste, and social responsibility: being KIND to your body, KIND to your taste buds, and KIND to your world.” In keeping with the goal of including only ingredients that someone could understand and that were good for the body, when the company came out with its Strong & KIND bars, it added hemp seeds. Joe Cohen, a spokesman for the Kind Company, said in correspondence with this office that the reasons the hemp seeds are included in those particular bars is for nutritional benefits. “Hemp seeds contribute protein, fiber and other important nutrients such as potassium and phosphorus to our Strong & KIND bars,” he explained. “Hemp, when combined with the protein from almonds, peas and pumpkin seeds, provide all nine essential amino acids.” Even though the DEA and the DOJ have published final rules on the consumption of THC-containing hemp, there is a small window provided by the USDA at less than one percent for THC component, according to www. “Our Strong & KIND bars adhere to USDA testing and have a THC level of .001 percent. As referenced by the Congressional Research Service, a level of about 1 percent THC is considered the threshold for cannabis to have a psychotropic effect or an intoxicating potential,” Cohen said. However, the bottom line is military guidance says the consumption of hemp products is off limits, and as such military personnel and DoD civilians are prohibited from eating such foods.

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Bulletin board Movie plots

Bound by a shared destiny, a teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor embark on a mission to unearth the secrets of a place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory, in “Tomorrowland.”

At the movies May 7-23 Tony Bass Auditorium

May 7 — Avengers: Age of Ultron (PG-13) 7 p.m. May 8 — Hot Pursuit (PG-13) 7 p.m. May 9 — Furious 7 (PG-13) 4 p.m. Hot Pursuit (PG-13) 7 p.m. May 10 — The Longest Ride (PG-13) 3 p.m. Hot Pursuit (PG-13) 6 p.m. May 11 — Furious 7 (PG-13) 7 p.m. May 12 — Closed May 13 — Closed May 14 — The Longest Ride (PG-13) 7 p.m. May 15 — Mad Max: Fury Road (R) 7 p.m. May 16 — Woman in Gold (PG-13) 4 p.m. Mad Max: Fury Road (R) 6 p.m. May 17 — Woman in Gold (PG-13) 3 p.m.

Mad Max: Fury Road (R) 5:30 p.m. May 18 — Closed May 19 — Closed May 20 — Closed May 21 — Mad Max Fury Road (R) 7 p.m. May 22 — Tomorrowland (PG) 7 p.m. May 23 — Woman in Gold (PG-13) 4 p.m. Tomorrowland (PG) 7 p.m. Editor’s note: Renovations of the Taunus Movie Theater began Jan. 12, and until mid-July movies will be shown at Tony Bass Auditorium (Clay Kaserne Building 1043). The movies listing was the most current at the time of publication. Visit movie-schedulewiesbaden/wiesbaden-taunus-theater/ for the most up-to-date showings.

“Mad Max: Fury Road” is an upcoming 2015 film, the fourth installment in the action movie “Mad Max” franchise. The film is directed by George Miller, and stars Tom Hardy in the pivotal role of Max Rockatansky, with Charlize Theron co-starring in the role of Imperator Furiosa. Although rumors originally stated that Mel Gibson was featuring in a cameo role, playing a character called Drifter, it has since been denied by Miller, who claimed it “would have been nice,” but was not true.

Avengers: Age of Ultron — When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to the Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for a global adventure. Hot Pursuit — Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara headline this odd couple actioner about a cop and a drug kingpin’s widow on the run from crooked police in Texas. John Carrol Lynch, Richard T. Jones, and Robert Kazinski co-star in this MGM/New Line Cinema joint production directed by Anne Fletcher (“The Proposal,” “The Guilt Trip”). The Longest Ride — Based on the bestselling novel by master storyteller Nicholas Sparks, “The Longest Ride” centers on the star-crossed love affair between Luke, a former champion bull rider looking to make a comeback, and Sophia, a college student who is about to embark upon her dream job in New York City’s art world. As conflicting paths and ideals test their relationship, Sophia and Luke make an unexpected and fateful connection with Ira, whose memories of his own decades-long romance with his beloved wife deeply inspire the young couple. Spanning generations and two intertwining love stories, “The Longest Ride” explores the challenges and infinite rewards of enduring love. Mad Max: Fury Road — An apocalyptic story set in the furthest reaches of our planet, in a stark desert landscape where humanity is broken, and almost everyone is crazed fighting for the necessities of life. Within this world exist two rebels on the run who just might be able to restore order. There’s Max, a man of action and a man of few words, who seeks peace of mind following the loss of his wife and child in the aftermath of the chaos. And Furiosa, a woman of action and a woman who believes her path to survival may be achieved if she can make it across the desert back to her childhood homeland. Woman in Gold — Maria Altmann, an octogenarian Jewish refugee, takes on the Austrian government to recover artwork she believes rightfully belongs to her family. ........................................................................... May 7, 2015

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Point Alpha

The Point Alpha defenses are seen through an Eas chine gun fortifications. Photo left: The sun rises ov as participants in the 25th anniversary ceremony p event April 24. Photo top right: Two guests of the 2 ry celebration gaze at the East German wall from t observation tower.

Where World War III didn’t start Story and photos by Jacob Corbin U.S. Army Garrison Wiesbaden Public Affairs


or the Soldiers stationed at Point Alpha, the Cold War wasn’t so cold. It was in their faces every day as East German troops patrolled along the border they were set to watch. Twenty-five years after the closing of Point Alpha, the observation post overlooking the most likely incursion point for Warsaw Pact

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forces into West Germany, veterans, Soldiers, host-nation members, students and care-takers of the site gathered to commemorate the anniversary April 24. “Here at the cutting line between the free and unfree, (the soldiers here) looked every day at the symbols of oppression,” said Volker Bausch, director of the Point Alpha Foundation, during the ceremony. “They knew in the case of emergency they likely had only moments to live as this was the probable entrance of East German and Soviet forces.” For two veterans of that time period, only recently returned to the site, the memories of that daily fear are still easily found.

“I can’t believe what it’s like to stand on the East German side,” said Army veteran Robert Bell, who served at Point Alpha from 1976-1980. “I got shot at over on that hill (pointing towards the West German side of the border). “They were shooting at us, I saw green tracers fly by. We didn’t know if a war was starting, we just heard people shooting. It was serious.” His friend, Army veteran Starling Cooper, said when he left in 1979 he knew he wanted to return. Both said while they remember the very real threat of a world war, they knew the people on the other side of the border that they watched every day were just doing their jobs. “They were just like us,” Cooper said. “They had families.” Now, 35 years since the two of them spent their days observing East German patrols and noting their every movement, Germany is reunited and the threat of the Cold War turning hot, is over. “Today, 25 years after the close of the border facility, we would like to thank our American friends and partners from the bottoms of our heart,” Bausch said. “We were

helped by the Americans. It i to be taken for granted, the h or that (all of) Germany was b the free world.” Students from Germany a on hand at the event, and spe touring the site and learning a “Those who are 30 or youn it with their own eyes,” said CDU, Hessian State Minist and Federal Affairs. “To the history, that’s why it’s impor dents here today. “My generation was there pened at the time and it was personal experience, I know for families to be divided an to see each other. In terms o (25 years) is a short time. Bu at these 25 years, how they life and how the reunificatio can all be proud and grateful Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, com U.S. Army Europe, spoke at the need for continued pa European allies, to counter to we did in the past. “With a strong NATO, and we will be able to meet all challenges,” he said. Hodges also thanked all t had served at Point Alpha fo “I want to thank all of our quality of their service, and maintain peace,” Hodges sai allowed our children to grow and set the foundation for a

May, 7, 2015 .............................................................

Limes GermanicUs

offer a peek into Rome’s past in Germany Story and photos by Karl Weisel Special to the Herald Union

st German maver Point Alpha prepare for the 25th anniversathe Point Alpha

is not something help we received, brought back into

and the U.S. were ent the afternoon about its history. nger haven’t seen d Lucia Puttrich, ter for European em, it is German rtant to have stu-

e to see what haps difficult. From w what it was like nd not to be able of world history ut when we look were filled with on took place, we l.” mmanding general t the event about artnerships with oday’s threats as

d a strong Europe, l of our security

the veterans who or their service. r veterans for the d their efforts to id. “Your efforts w up in peace … strong Europe.”

As sunlight breaks through the trees, snow weighing down branches, one can easily imagine Roman legionnaires standing watch at outposts on these very same Taunus Mountain trails some 2,000 years ago. Welcome to the Limes Germanicus — a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site — where modern-day visitors are invited to explore a time when the Roman Empire ruled much of Europe and northern Africa. Thanks to ongoing efforts by archaeologists and history buffs, contemporary explorers can delve into this historical treasure trove at sites all along the former Roman Germanic border that ranged for nearly 600 kilometers from the North Sea to the vicinity of Regensburg — part of the more than 5,000-kilometer outer defense line of the Roman Empire. A 45-minute drive on the B-455 from Wiesbaden takes one to the Saalburg, near Wehrheim and Bad Homburg, the largest reconstructed Roman fortification of its kind along the Limes Germanicus. A statue of Emperor Antoninus Pius towers over the entrance to the Roman fortress, where a cohort of Roman infantrymen and cavalry including around 600 men served in the second century. The fort, which saw its beginnings as a simple wood and earth structure around 90 A.D. with far fewer foot soldiers, was expanded and built of more solid stone and mortar materials as nearby Roman settlements likewise increased in size. Just as modern armies include civilian workforces, the foundations of stone structures surrounding the fortress bear witness to the estimated 1,500 non-military members who worked for, and with, the Roman cohort providing bath houses and other services. Once inside the massive walls

of the fortress, visitors are directed to the various structures — first to a museum packed with Roman artifacts (clothing, weapons, pottery, coins, etc.) unearthed in the nearby countryside — and then on to a Taberna where cake and other repasts are available for modern makeshift Roman soldiers. Dioramas throughout the complex offer a window into how tools, clothing and other everyday objects were crafted in the various fortress workshops. Younger visitors are invited to play board games common to those who served the empire in one large hall of the facility while their parents wander through the various displays. The Saalburg is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily, except Mondays through the end of February. From March through October it’s open every day of the week from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Entrance costs €5 for adults, €3.50 for children age 6-18 and it is free for those under 6 years of age. A family ticket costs €10. The Saalburg address for GPS devices is Saalburg 1, 61350 Bad Homburg. The parking lot outside the Roman fortress provides a good starting point for hikers and bikers wishing to delve deeper Displays in the Saalburg Museum include every- into the surthing from Roman clothing clasps to chain mail. rounding for-

Visitors enjoy a game, once played by Roman legionnaires during their free time at the Saalburg. Photo above: A statue of Emperor Antoninus Pius overlooks the entrance to the Saalburg fortress. ests where other Limes demarcations and signs of earlier Celtic dwellers can be found. A short hike from the Saalburg takes one to Gickelsberg with a sign and rock piles paying tribute to the people who populated these hills long before the Romans took up residence. Or one can bike farther east through the former Friedberg Training Area near Ober Rosbach where the unearthed remains of another Roman garrison — the Kapersburg — can be found. Farther on toward Ober-Morlen and Butzbach a Roman tower has been reconstructed providing visitors with an idea of how extensive the Limes was in its heyday. Visitors can also take about a onehour walk farther up the mountain toward the Taunus’ highest peak,, 7, 2015

the Feldberg, where another more modern lookout tower provides a spectacular view from the top of the Herzberg out over Frankfurt, Hanau the beyond. A cozy restaurant on the Herzberg features a healthy range of traditional German food and drink. Trails from the Herzberg lead up to Sandplacken (another restaurant and parking area) and eventually on up to the Feldberg. As those who live in Newman Village are well aware (look for the Roman exhibits the next time you are in the area) the Romans played a critical role in German history — worth getting to know better with a visit to the Saalburg and the surrounding Limes trails.

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Wiesbaden: Point your children in the right direction ... and when they’re older, they won't be lost! Page 18

USO VISIT The Child Development Center (building 1501) gets a special Month of the Military Child visit by the USO. Isabella in pink and Colton enjoy a drink and popcorn with Dad. Photo by Barbara Serna

CHILDREN ARE THE STARS Evan Riley is one of many “stars” at the Child Development Center (building 7885) in Hainerberg Housing Area. Photo by Justin Cannon

A DAY AT THE TECH MUSEUM Teens from the Wiesbaden Teen Center enjoy a spring break trip to the Sinsheim Tech Museum. Photo by Pat Hoban

MONTH OF THE MILITARY CHILD PARADE Spc. Bowers and a host of others join the parade. Photo by Sonya Paulus

MONTH OF THE MILITARY CHILD PARADE Children from the Child Development Center (building 1502 ) Strong Beginnings class take a group photo following the Month of the Military Child parade. Photo by Melissa Crawford

Herald Union

May 7, 2015 ..............................................................................

MONTH OF THE MILITARY CHILD PARADE Sarah Eli, Randall, Aaron, Mariah, Janelle and Connor get ready for the parade to celebrate the Month of the Military Child. Photo by Sonya Paulus

Wiesbaden: Point your children in the right direction ... and when they’re older, they won't be lost!

USAG Wiesbaden, Child Youth & School Service programs celebrated the Month of the Military Child in April 2015. Photos for this edition are dedicated to military children, their families and the great child care providers in USAG Wiesbaden.

FITNESS AT THE TEEN CENTER Justin Vatcher, program assistant with CYS Sports, instructs teens on fitness at the Youth Center. Photo by Pat Hoban .................................................................................. May 7, 2015 Herald Union Page 19

FreeStyle Across

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6 Theatrical awards

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37 Auto maker Ferrari

8 Like a liner

36 Pupil’s reward 39 Turpentine, e.g. 40 sentry’s cry 41 Erin 42 “You ___ Love You” 45 “Psycho” motel name 46 Three-time wimbledon winner 47 Forgo

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*As reported by Military Times/Edge Magazine

We want you to make an informed decision about the university that’s right for you. For more about the graduation rate and median debt of students who completed each program, as well as other important information—visit Image Courtesy of the DoD. ...................................................................................May 7, 2015 Herald Union Page 25

Great Deal Now!, 2008 Cadillac STS, fully loaded including Navi All ads and pics on and heated seats. Will include 4 custom rims with winter tires. All 2013 Mini Countryman S All4, this and more for only $16,550. $26,495-, US Spec, Automatic, Call 0170-931-7144 or email: rhino Leather, Cruise Control, Alloy Wheels, All Wheel Drive, Heated Make: VW Model: Pheaton V10, Seats, Excellent Condition, Call: 5.0-litre, turbo diesel powering, 0176 2273 0967, Email: info@euro Year: 2006 Miles: 91000 Color:, Web: www.euro Green Transmission: Automatic air suspension and all-wheelBMW 318 I, 4 Door, Black Met, 5 drive. luxury car. Great car just Speed, ABS, Power Stering, All put in new brakes and tires. usar Weather New Tires, Radio Casset- te And We Deliver Anywhere With Merc Benz, C-180, White, AutoCash In Hand My Ph 0175matic, €2200, Car Has German 3213199 Price, $1,550, obo New TUV, No Rust, in Mint Cond,, My Ph is, My Ph is 0175-3213199 Chrysler Sebering Year 2005, 4 Call or email Door Automatic Air Cond, Elec Mercedes Benz 200CDI 6Windows Air Bags and We deliver Speed, Power Doors-Breaks-Winanywhere? My Ph Is 0175dows- Seats, AC, Cruise Control, 3213199, $2400, ddundkk@hot CD-Radio, Excellent Condition,, well maintained, Garge kept, non Daihatsu Silver Met, 4 Door, 5 smoking car, new tires, batterie, Speed, 1.0 Ltr, Year 2002, Air alloy rims, only 2 owners, 45mil to Cond, Summer Tire and Winter Ti- one Gallon - Dieselonly € 5.900 res, CD Player ABS, Air Bags, obo.Pls. call 0172-676-2717 E$2200, And we deliver anywhere mail with cash in hand, ddundkk@hot Mercedes Benz A-Class 180 CDI Avantgarde, :2007 :60,000 AutoFord Scorpio, 1998, 4 Door Auto- matic Navigation, Electric winmatic, $ 1600, ddundkk@hot dows, Rain sensor, Navigation, Elec Locks, Windows, system, Multifunction steering Kms 130,000, Power Stering, wheel, Electric side mirror, ElecABS, Air Bags, Air Cond tric heated seats, CD player, usar Hyundai Santor, 1997, 4 Door, Automatic, $ 1500, ddundkk@hot Opel Astra, White, 4 Door, 5 $1450, ddundkk@hot, 3.0 V-6, Clean, Leather, Speed, Elec Windows, and windows, alu, German TUV Till Aug rims, kms 107,000 and we deliver 2015, And We Deliver Anywhere, anywhere, My Ph is 0175-3213199 My Ph Is 0175-3213199


Don’t know how to get to your favorite restaurant? Use the “Route” option on the Find-It Guide APP!

China Restaurant


Have a look at our menu: S1. Sesame Chicken S6. Orange Chicken S2. Fried Chicken, sweet & sour S7. General Tso’s Chicken

The right place for your next Hail & Farewell Uthmannstr. 8 · Mainz-Kostheim Ph: 06134-258 928 - Fax: 06134-258 988 Schottstrasse 2 55116 Mainz 06131 – 6066 424 Across from the train station opposite the Hotel Königshof


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Herald Union

Opel Omega 2.0 Ltr, Silver Met, ABS, Alweather Tires, Air Cond, $1850,, Saab 900 Coupe, 2.0 Ltr 1996, 5 Speed, Kms 169,000, Black, alu rims, elec windows air cond, ABS, Air Bags, $1400, and my Ph is 0175-3213199 ddundkk@hot, VW Golf 111, 1.6 LTR, Black Met, 2 Door, 5 Speed, 1.6 ltr, German TUV Till 07/2015 Very Good Running, we deliver anywhere With cash in hand, My Ph Is 01753213199 Price, $1550, ddundkk@,

MOTORCYCLES All ads and pics on

Caution: Some Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash. 2013 Harley Davidson Sporster Iron 883 Black 2109 miles, $7000. Forward controls, 10in z-bar handlebars, 2 up seat with sissy bar and side saddle back. Contact Ryan at or 0151 75189492 Lookin for Sportster parts or a bike which needs some work, basket case or sittin longer time too. BT Ultra Classic perhaps too. Just make me your offer what you have and we will see.

May 7, 2015 ������������������������������������������������������������������������������ www�herald-union�com

ADOPTION All ads and pics on

Adopt while stationed overseas! Adoption Intl & foster care, home studies. Hague accredited. Caseworkers in Germany. US 001-888526-4442

ELECTRONICS All ads and pics on

2 each 120V Cisco Wireless-G Internet Home Monitoring Cameras Model WV54GCA, with manual and CD. $40.00, spvendor@ For Sale: or 06363-994051- HP60 printer cartridges, one twin pack and one XL color. All for $35. Bose Accoustimass speaker set - $150

220 volt transformer. 1 X 75 watt for $20. Contact Eric and Mia at 063759949674. Aeropostale long sleeve. Pink. On the front are pictures of peaces signs and the label name is shown. Size M. Barley worn. Good condition. For pics see €9. jani

Baby Buggy, Baby Buggy in good condition, with additional baby carrier. $50.00, spvendor@ Super Mario Galaxy, Wii game, perfect condition, like new! €15, **See Beautiful hand-made felt shoulder bag in purple with flower depics on sign, medium size, jenniferwil T-Eumex 220PC, for fast and comfortable internet communicatiBeautiful hand-made purple/pink on. Isdn $15, isabell_1_98@ya felt flower brooch, perfect gift,, can be pinned on jackets, scarThe Bigs Baseball, Wii Game, ves, bags and more! €12, for pics perfect condition, like new! €8, see jenniferwil **See pics on Bible study books etc, $20, LE

Rayman Raving Rabbits, Wii game, perfect condition, like new! €10,, **See pics on

Stearing wheel "Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback" for your PC! Love to play auto games? Wanna feel like yr r driving for real? Then dont miss this!, pics on, €20, copon **See pics on


Metal Slug Anthology, Wii game, played once, perfect condition - like new!, €15, copongracz@ **See pics on

SmackDown vs. Raw 2010, Wii game, like new!, €12, ccopon **See pics on


All ads and pics on

Caution: Some Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash.

Sky HD DVR Receiver Box with Remote, €100 or best offer. PCSing and no longer needed, Sky Box sells for 290 Euro new. Call 015253420950 or email if you have questions.

Black knitted pullover. Size XS but fits also for size M. €5. See for pictures. Bracelet - Brown, handmade! Beautiful accessory for any ocation, any outfit. Treat yourself to something nice or bring a smile to your best girl friends. €10, copon, pics on

Read your news online:

Urlaub vor der Haustur

Urlaub vor der Haustur

WE LOVE FOOD u? How about yo

Delicious Persian food at a great price! Opening hours: Tue-Fri 11.30am–3.30pm & 6pm–11.30pm Sat-Sun 11.30am–11.30pm the Honored with preciation Cer tificate of Ap rters, V Corps ua dq of the “Hea y Europe” United States Arm vice and g ser for outstandin first class food!

Typical Bavarian i meals l and a cool beer on tap. We are looking forward to your visit! Wilhelmstraße 58-60 65183 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611 / 1667 – 101 Fax: 0611 / 1667 - 102 email: Please visit: or join us on Facebook:


W I ES BA D EN Michelsberg 15 65183 Wiesbaden Tel.: 0611-300849

Mon, Wed, Thu

O p e n S tag e

O p e n S tage


Sun & Tue

Great Pubs! Free Entrance

daily opened from 11am 11am --11pm Daily open from 11pm

L i v e Musi c

Fri & Sat



www.i r i s h- pub- wi e s ba den . d e • w w w. i ri sh - p u b - m a i n z. d e

Open Mon-Fri from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. • Breakfast with egg dish • Lunch from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. • Monday + Friday: Burger Day • Wednesday: Steak Day • Thursday: BBQ Rips Day Wide menu with daily special offers look at


K a r ao k e

Tue & Sun

Fri & Sat

ur Homemade b

Weissliliengasse 5 55116 Mainz Tel.: 06131-231430

K a r ao k e

L i ve M u s i c

gers & french


Steinern Straße ß 2

55252 Mainz-Kastel

Tel.: 06134 - 56 49 669

Hail & Farewells | Private Parties | Wedding Receptions Credit cards and VAT Forms accepted

Specialist on original German Lunches & Catering

German Canteen Fun & Food

Catering + Party service Thomas Zuber Bldg. 1531 / Thais Way 65205 Wiesbaden, Lucius D. Clay Kaserne between APO and the Fitness Center

Sign up for our weekly menu newsletter – send an email to ...................................................................................May 7, 2015 Herald Union Page 27

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Herald Union

May 7, 2015 ������������������������������������������������������������������������������

Have fun with the locals Apfelblütenfest

Fri, May 8 – Tue, May 12 Wiesbaden, city center All local inns will be open for you at the traditional Apple Blossom Fest in Wiesbaden from May 8 to May 12. You will be able to taste local apple wines. Come and celebrate with the whole city of Wiesbaden! For more information go to

EVENTS Sektfest Thu, May 7 – Sat, May 9 Bingen, city center This year’s sparkling wine festival is going to start with a big bang! The Sektfest takes place from May 7 to May 9 in Bingen. Enjoy live music, loads of fun and of course sparkling wine. Grab your friends and come to Bingen. For more information, see Wine tasting cruise Sun, May 10 Rüdesheim, Brücke 12 Enjoy wine tasting on a whole new level during a 1.5 hour boat tour on May 10 starting from Rüdesheim Brücke 12 at 6.30 p.m. Tickets cost €17 and include the boat tour, the tasting of four different wines, a pretzel and a glass from Rüdesheim as a souvenir. For more information see Henkell sekt day Mon, May 11 Wiesbaden, Sektkellerei Henkell The Henkell sekt day hosted by the sparkling wine producer Henkell in Wiesbaden will take place on May 11 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. See the wellknown premises during a guided tour, find out secrets about the production or just taste from the wide range of sparkling wine. Famous musicians will take care of the musical entertainment and a special program will amuse the kids. For more information in German see

Kranzplatzfest Wed, May 13 – Sun, May 17 Wiesbaden, city center It is the 34th anniversary of this special spring event celebrated around the Kochbrunnen, the Staatskanzlei and the Saalgasse from May 13 at 5 p.m. A variety of bands will be playing jazz, rock, pop and soul to support the pleasant atmosphere in the city center. Meet old or make new friends while tasting culinary specialties and having some drinks. No entry fee! For more information, see Red wine festival Thu, May 14 & Sat, May 16 Assmannshausen, Neues Vereinshaus The traditional Red Wine Festival in Assmannshausen will be hosted by the local rod and gun club around the new club house (Vereinshaus) on the Rheinallee on May 14 and 16. The event starts on Father’s day, May 14 at 11 a.m. with a morning pint, music from the Aartal musicians and a big cake buffet. On both days you can enjoy a huge variety of red wines, freshly tapped beers and delicacies from the grill. For more information in German see Medieval dinner Sat, May 16 Bad Kreuznach, Kauzenburg A medieval dinner awaits you at the castle Kauzenburg in Bad Kreuznach on May 16, starting at 8 p.m. During a seven course menu accompanied by typical music you will experience a feast in the style of the 13th century. Delicacies from knuckle of pork to apple pie, as well as plenty of water, beer and wine

from local wineries will be served. For more info and reservations contact 0671-38000. Tickets for the dinner are €69 and available at

and performance style, that mixes soul vocals with contemporary R&B, pop, and hip hop beats. See her live in Köln on June 1. For more information visit

Strawberry festival Tue, May 14 Ingelheim, Kloster Engelthal Taste delicious strawberry and wine specialties starting at 10 a.m. at the strawberry festival in the unique atmosphere of the Monastery Engelthal. Take the chance and talk to experts about planting the tasty fruits yourself. Additionally a program for children will be provided with activities such as creative play and a bouncy castle made of straw. For more information go to

Billy Idol Wed, Jul 15 Köln, Open Air am Tanzbrunnen Billy Idol is known for his punk rock look, his charm and songs like “Rebel Yell,” “Cradle of Love,” and “White Wedding.” He will be performing on Jul 15 in Köln. Get your tickets soon. Prices start at €56.40. For more information see

City walk

Circuit cycling Sat, May 9 – Sun, May 10 Hockenheim, Hockenheimring At this event on May 9 and May 10 in Hockenheim you will be able to test the bikes, ask questions and even purchase bikes that are of interest. There will also be a race for children and even stage entertainment. For more information, go to

Thu, May 21 Frankfurt, city center Discover the city of Frankfurt on May 21. On this 2 hour discovery tour you will get to see the Main Tower rooftop observation platform, as well as the Römerberg old town center and the banking district. The tours are also in English. Please note that the platform may be closed depending on the weather condition. Ticket price is €14 with a 20% discount with the Frankfurt card. For more information about the tour go to CONCERTS Jesse J Mon, Jun 1 Köln, Palladium Jessie J is an English singer and songwriter, recognized for an unconventional musical

More events on:


Gutenberg marathon Sun, May 10 Mainz, Rathaus The Gutenberg marathon will be held on May 10 in Mainz. The event will start at 9.30 a.m. at the Rathaus and end at 3 p.m. If you decide to join, please register and check if spots are still available. This marathon will take you through Mainz Altstadt (oldtown) and through other parts of the city. To register, call 06131-124219 or visit the website at

military IN GERMANY ...................................................................................May 7, 2015 Herald Union Page 29




• SCAR SPARING breast REDUCTIONS – even in large reductions! All ads and pics on No T-shaped scars! Small grey felt shoulder bag with • NEW breast LIFT techniques – reshaping your breast – mushroom design, perfect gift, providing a perky look! • Breast AUGMENTATION procedures €20 We accept 19% VAT forms • TRICARE preferred provider Dr. Bianca Knoll • Savignystr. 61 • 60325 Frankfurt • Fon: 069-7422-7979 Email: •

Cosmetic surgery - Free consultation • Breast augmentation, lift and reduction • Liposuction/lipo transfer • tummy tuck surgery • body contouring after massive weight loss • male breast • botox • fillers • fat transfer (treatment of wrinkles)

Prof. Dr. Ralf-Thomas Michel

VAT-forms accepted • Free consultation

Member of German Society of Plastic and reconstructive Surgery.

Office - Phone: 06062 - 26 67 84 • Hotline: 0160 - 91 92 78 45 • w w w . p r o f - d r - m i c h e l . c o m

Paracelsus Pharmacy Rebecca Banks,, PharmD

Your friendly neighborhood pharmacy!

Schultheiss-Strasse 32a • 65191 Wi Wiesbaden-Bierstadt lh i S 32 b d Bi Store Phone: 0611-502725 Pharmacy Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am - 6:30pm Saturday 9:00am - 1:00pm Sundays closed English Speaking Staff – VAT Forms – Free Local Delivery

Striped hand-made felt shoulder bag, large, trend colors, perfect gift, €30, for pics see jenniferwilking@hot

Bed from Mobel Martin. Paid €220 asking $65. Don’t need the FURNITURE extra bed anymore. Maybe for All ads and pics on your guest bedroom or whomever. Littly puppy got to the bed on corner. isabell_1_98@ya Antique 100 y.o. German china the cabinet, matching dining table with 4 chairs. See photo on KA classifieds web page. Contact Queen Sleeper Sofa, $50, ca Eric and Mia at 063759949674., call €950, 0035226361883 for details

Antique Bench, Antique bench with cushion seat, storage space and wheels. See photo on KA classifieds web page. Contact T-Shirt "America", perfect condi- Eric and Mia at 063759949674. tion, like new, size small! €5, co €600, ***pics on Antique corner desk. See photo

The Notebook from Nicholas Sparks - wonderful book!, €2, pic on, copongracz@

Various music CDs for sale, all from the 2000er years. Single CDs from Nelly Furtado, Christina Aguilera etc. for €3, music samplers like Bravo Hits and The Dome €4. For a picture of the selection see Contact

For Sale, $175, Oak 2 Drawer locking file cabinet with folder rails, New, cost me $375; Perfect, Futon couch for sale, $75, or offer. Folds from couch to bed and has slept the last 5 years of my visitors.,

on KA classifieds web page. Contact Eric and Mia at 063759949674. €150, Mantel Clock, Mantel clock from the 60 era. Key wind chines on the half and full hour. $70.00 Antique Oak Desk For Sale, $75, or offer. Left, top piece lifts off, as it used to house a sewing machi- Antique reproduction secretary Various size New Gym bags ne below, back in its day. Now it's desk. See photos on KA classi$10.00 each, spvendor@ just easier transport drmjw18@ fieds web page. Contact Eric and Mia at 063759949674. €120,, Wine Rack/Holder, holds six bottles, attractive metal finish, fits perfectly in a small, narrow space. Beautiful China cabinet with two Very Nice antique Sewing Machi$10; 0163-330-5535 or john@ad adjustable glass shelfs and two ne perfect for the den or home draws. cor, $80.00, spvendor@,

State of the art dental treatments with a team of specialists under 1 roof! Teeth cleaning, crowns & bridges, pediatric dentistry & much more… Emergency care available 24/7 Tri Care approved Vat forms accepted TRICARE English spoken Preferred Provider


Wilhelmstrasse 60 65183 Wiesbaden Phone 0611-5 05 99 80


Opening hours Mon - Thu 8:00 am - 7:00 pm, Fri 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

WIESBADEN Dr. med. dent.

Cornelius Nord Over 20 years of experience Dental Practice ntal PPra ract ctic icee

Dollars & credit cards accepted.

Tel: 0611-449 051

in dent dentistry & implantology Family dentistry  Fam  Aest Aesthetic dentistry Ceramic inlays, ceramic  C era ccrowns, row veneers  PPreventative rev dentistry Bleaching  B lea  Impl Implants (All-on-4 concept using NobelGuide™) usin

Enlist our tax expertise. H&R BLOCK knows the specific tax benefits for personnel serving in the military and civilians working overseas. We can help you get all the deductions you’re entitled to. Ludwig Wolker Str. 12 55252 Mainz-Kastel

Tel: 06134-256963 E-Mail:


We’ve been making loans of up to $10,000 to Active Duty Military for over 64 years.

Click Today...Cash Today® “We love to say yes”®

Wooden bookshelf. See photo on KA classifieds web page. Contact Eric and Mia at 063759949674., $150,


partnership / planning / possibilities Federally Insured by NCUA

Dr. med. dent. Cornelius Nord • Wilhelmstr. 48 • 65183 Wiesbaden •


ix % ssix month m o t *


MILITARY CERTIFICATE Skin Care Center Wiesbaden

six si ix month m onth

Dr. Peter Broichmann & Colleagues

3.00 % *



 Dermatology  Dermatosurgery  Allergies (hay-fever, asthma, eczema)  Psoriasis  Cosmetic Dermatology (wrinkles, fillers, anti-aging)  Laser treatment (epilation, warts, moles, kouperosis, wrinkles, sun-spots)

Kirchgasse 42-44  65183 Wiesbaden Tel: 0611 - 30 51 10

Page 30

Herald Union

Military n io Appreciat Month


*Certificate must be funded with New Money – Money currently not on deposit at Andrews Federal – to qualify for special rates. Certificate must be opened with a minimum $1000 balance. Maximum balance that can be deposited into special certificate is $10,000. Military rate is available to active and retired military personnel; identification may be required to obtain special military rate. Offer limited to one certificate special per credit union member per account. Dividends are compounded and credited quarterly. Penalties apply for early withdrawal. Fees may reduce earnings. Annual Percentage Yield is accurate as of 4/30/2015.

May 7, 2015 ������������������������������������������������������������������������������ www�herald-union�com

FURNITURE All ads and pics on




PETS All ads and pics on

All ads and pics on FULL SERVICE LAW FIRM

Clock, $150.00,,


For Sale Items, Perfect Condition Brown Leather Executive Office Chair - Cost me $473, asking $235,

JOBS All ads and pics on

Wanted: Full-time Dental Receptionist for busy American practice in Wiesbaden. Prefer prior dental experience but not required for the right person. If interested please email resume to: ramsteinden Wanted: Full-time Dental Receptionist for busy American practice in Ramstein. Prefer prior dental experience but not required for the right person. If interested please email resume to: ramsteinden

PERSONAL All ads and pics on

Lookin for friends, female/male who likes harleys, works on them, who are into Rock music, good food, havin fun, BBQ, beeing outside and enjoying a good time together. Just email me and we will see when we can meet. Looking for the right guy, smart, interesting woman in her mid 40's, independant, cute, is looking for a SWM 40 & up to spend time together and see where it goes.Contact me...I dare you....My,

American Dental Care Services offered: â&#x20AC;˘ Family Dentistry â&#x20AC;˘ Certified Orthodontics â&#x20AC;˘ Crowns and Veneers â&#x20AC;˘ Implant Surgery â&#x20AC;˘ Zoom Teeth Whitening â&#x20AC;˘ Wisdom Teeth Surgery â&#x20AC;˘ Nitrous Oxide â&#x20AC;˘ Saturday & Evening Appointments Caring, Friendly American staff LOCATIONS

Wiesbaden Dental Care 0611-9887 26 50 Bahnstrasse 14 65205 Wiesbaden-Erbenheim Ramstein Dental Care 06371-40 62 30 Poststrasse 1 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach

Certified American Dental Hygienists Tricare Preferred Provider

There have been reports of pets being sold from breeding facilities that are not managed at the highest professional standards. Please choose your pet carefully. Make sure you check the credentials of the people selling the pet, and get proper paperwork showing shots and/ or other proof of healthy condition. For further advice, consult your Veterinarian.

US & German Divorces â&#x20AC;˘ Support Issues Wills and Probate â&#x20AC;˘ Employment â&#x20AC;˘ EEO â&#x20AC;˘ MSPB Personal Injury â&#x20AC;˘ Contractor Issues â&#x20AC;˘ Tax

CALL 069-299-2069-0 email:

Professional Services are offered by registered businesses as well as private people. To ensure a satisfactory service experience, please always ask for credentials and deny payments up front. For cleaning services, arrange for payments after a final walk-through and inspection of the clean house.

Dog Kennel, $100, cahilldd@ya, call 0035226361883 for Ace cheapest house Cleaning, details. Cost 500+ euros new. pcsing, regular, one time deep cleaning carpet cleaning, trash Large Dog Carrier 36" with water hauling, yard work. 015126115341 bottle, $40.00, or best offer.Only used for flight to Germany, airline approved - plastic construction with required metal bolts and door, purchased at Pets Mart. I come to your home!, Cell: 0170-204 0880 01525342095 Shipping Box "Skudo IATA", confirms the IATA standards/regulati- HAUS BELSBACH ons, Size 4 (L 68cm, B 48cm, H Kennel for dogs and cats 51cm) Brand NEW, still in box not Phone 0611-421185 even opened as I ordered 2, $50, Cell 01573-5283573 for more details go to http:// Silvia Pässler Auf der Aulenkaut 12 a ¡ 65199 Wiesbaden box-skudo


Peter H. Dinckels

Your lawyer in Wiesbaden/Mainz

Family law â&#x20AC;˘ Traffic law â&#x20AC;˘ Real estate law Vat forms â&#x20AC;˘ Free consultation â&#x20AC;˘ English speaking Jean-Pierre-Jungels-Str. 4 â&#x20AC;˘ 55126 Mainz-Finthen Call Ms. Williams at 0 61 31-930 70 11 â&#x20AC;˘



For more info visit our website

Rhine River Tours Guided tour in English

4 to 12 guests per tour

Tour: Castle and Cruise Cable car ride Castle of Rheinstein Rhine River Cruise booking request call 0160-343 1986

Enjoy an all day trip on one of Germanyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s famous rivers with all of its beauty, history & charm

July 4th of River

Rhine works! with fire

Welcome to the Fortress KĂśnigstein for a great Knight Tournament

May 15 - 17, 2015

Welcome to the Middle Ages the world of knights and ladies, jesters, medieval merchants and craftsmen. Watch our tournaments on horseback, sword fights and quarrels. Let your child practice in jousting, archery and let them discover what the market has to offer. Be amazed by the diversity of our medieval market, admire the craftsmanship, laugh at the jugglers and spoil your taste buds at the taverns. More info at Knights of KĂśnigstein invite you to the 17th knight tournament and look forward to your visit.

One Price! One Plan! One Place! All included!

Staying connected has now become easier!

Call us: 06221-750050 t6OMJNJUFEJOUFSOFUBDDFTT (Germany) Visit us: t'MBUSBUFDBMMJOHUP64" XXXQKTOFUDPN t.PCJMFTNBSUQIPOFTPMVUJPOT Email us: t4FSWJDFBOETVQQPSUBMMJO&OHMJTI JOGP!QKTOFUDPN ...................................................................................May 7, 2015 Herald Union Page 31


ty 5 i l i 9 . ailab 9 1 t € av

a ded g n i rt xten a t s –e ! W NO

08- 10 May 2015

Mother's Day Special


American Television

se available on- & off-& HDba channels the best sports, more than 90 U.S. networks

a great Mother's Day treat a lasting surprise on her special day

Sign up for easyTV in this time frame and receive a € 10.00 credit on the next easyTV invoice.

46 HD channels

AFN digital included

more than 90 U.S. networks

free activation

via cable and DSL

VAT-free only at TKS

For more information visit your local TKSShop. easyTV basic service plan.



TKSShop Wiesbaden Hainerberg, Bldg. 7762 Exchange Mall Mon - Sat: 10:00 - 19:00

Herald Union, May 7, 2015  

The Herald Union is the local newspaper for the U.S. Army military community of Wiesbaden, soon to be home of Headquarters, U.S. Army Europe...

Herald Union, May 7, 2015  

The Herald Union is the local newspaper for the U.S. Army military community of Wiesbaden, soon to be home of Headquarters, U.S. Army Europe...