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November 1, 2012

Vol. 41, No. 21

Red Ribbon Week

Stuttgart Community focuses on drug prevention.

Homecoming Highlights

Patch Panthers claw their way to victories and playoff spots.

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Stuttgart gets ‘pumped’ about Halloween

Carola Meusel

Firefighter Manfred Hees hands a pumpkin to his colleague Matthias Künast, both of the USAG Stuttgart Fire Department, during the annual Pumpkin Drop on Patch Barracks Oct. 23. Each year, elementary and middle school students donate “cushy” material in an attempt to save pumpkins from a drop of more than 30 meters high. Patch High School students record the “survivability” data as part of a physics project.

Jamie Howell

Third graders at Robinson Barracks Elementary and Middle School count pumpkin seeds in Spanish while practicing their math skills Oct. 25. Angelica Jordan (left), a RBEMS math coach and volunteers, led the students in the lesson combining counting, language and teamwork.

Mark J. Howell

Cathy Kelsey, also known as “Wonder Woman,” sprints across the finish line of the 2012 Great Pumpkin Run held Oct. 20 on Husky Field at Patch Barracks.

Stuttgart Theatre Center’s ‘Xanadu’ rolls to 14 DA awards By Mark J. Howell USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office


Photo courtesy of FMWR

Laura Killes rolls through her performance as Greek muse “Clio” in “Xanadu” at the Stuttgart Theatre Center on Kelley Barracks in June. During the 2012 U.S. Army Festival of the Arts program, the center’s volunteer cast and staff received 14 Department of the Army-level awards for the play.

he Stuttgart Theatre Center on Kelley Barracks has figured out the recipe for artistic success, and it includes a Greek goddess, musical numbers and roller skates. Army officials found that mixture irresistible as they awarded the theatre with 14 awards for their production of “Xanadu” at the 2012 U.S. Army Festival of the Arts. The Festival of the Arts is an annual awards program designed by U.S. Army Family Morale, Welfare and Recreation which allows garrisons with theatre programs worldwide to showcase their work. A panel of theatre professionals travels to Army theatres throughout the year judging productions and performances. The theatre teams competing in the program do not get

See Stuttgart Theatre on page 4


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The Citizen, November 1, 2012

Commander’s Column

Community engagement needed to ‘Keep Stuttgart Clean’ Commentary by Col. John P. Stack USAG Stuttgart commander


ike most service members in Stuttgart, I was very happy to learn I would have the opportunity to serve here. Stuttgart has an outstanding reputation as a center of innovation, engineering and culture. It’s also known as one of the cleanest and safest cities in the world. With critical Department of Defense activities here, there is no doubt that it’s a great place to live and work. Likewise, our U.S. military bases in Stuttgart are well maintained, safe and secure. We have first-rate infrastructure to support our first-rate mission. Recently, however, one can easily notice a significant Col. Stack amount of litter in and around our streets, facilities and fields. It’s challenging for me to understand how this can be when one considers, that in the military, we pride ourselves with good order and discipline. Fact is, that while the vast majority of us are very conscientious about how we process our trash, we have too many residents who are careless with their trash. People are willing to toss trash on the ground, and walk right past litter on the street.

Clearly, there is a need to renew our efforts to get after this problem, which has many layers. Therefore, our response is also multi-layered. We are conducting a review of installation-wide refuse efforts, unit and community engagement and involvement, enforcement of dumping and littering violations, and education to ensure everyone understands the significant cost of litter on our bases. That is why during the week of Nov. 13 to 16, U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart and the Directorate of Public Works will execute our post-wide Recycle and CleanUp Week. During this week, we will have a series of educational, hands-on events across the community: Nov. 13, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Patch Barracks’ J-Mall Food Court; Nov. 14, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., in the Kelley Barracks’ Subway Parking Lot; and Nov. 15, 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Panzer Exchange. The weeklong program will culminate Nov. 16 when all units, housing areas, schools and other organizations will take a few hours to clean up their areas and target known trouble areas. There is a clear need for education and communication on this topic, so we designed “Your Home, Your Work, Your Litter - Keep Stuttgart Clean” – an awareness and action campaign. Experience has shown that keeping the litterprevention message in the public eye is essential to addressing litter problems.



You can help put a stop to littering by: • Setting a good example for others by not littering. All organization and units working and living on our installations should develop and maintain an enforcement program and campaign within their ranks. • Discouraging others from littering. At all levels, hold people accountable for their actions. • Conducting clean-up and educational programs to educate people, units and organizations about the damage caused by littering. • Trash. Garbage. Waste. No matter what you call it, litter is detrimental to Stuttgart installations for many reasons. It poses health risks, effects water quality and wildlife habitat, it looks ugly and costs lots of money and time to clean up. The Stuttgart military community spends thousands of dollars annually to clean litter from its installations, money that would be better spent improving our roads and infrastructure. Litter is a serious problem in Stuttgart, as you may have noticed while walking around the community. It’s a problem we can solve, but only with your help. For more information on our anti-litter and recycling programs, and to find out ways you can help, contact the Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division at 421-6134 or civ. 0711-729-6134.

Thorns and Roses

Col. John P. Stack U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Commander Public Affairs Officer Mark Howell

Command Information Chief/Editor

Culture Editor

Susan Huseman

Carola Meusel

Contact Information Telephone: 431-3105/civ. 07031-15-3105 Fax: 431-3096/civ. 07031-15-3096 Email: Website: Office Location: Building 2949, Panzer Kaserne U.S. Army Address: Unit 30401, APO AE 09107 German Address: USAG-S PAO, Panzer Kaserne, Geb. 2949, 3rd Floor, Panzerstrasse, 71032 Böblingen This newspaper is an authorized publication for members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The Citizen are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the U.S. Government or the Department of the Army. All editorial content in this publication is prepared, edited, provided and approved by the USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office. Private organizations noted in this publication are not part of Department of Defense. The appearance of advertising in this publication, including inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement of the products or services advertised by the U.S. Army. Everything advertised in this publication shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation or any other nonmerit factor of the purchaser, user or patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse to print advertising from that source until the violation is corrected. The Citizen is a biweekly offset press publication published by AdvantiPro GmbH. Circulation is 6,000 copies. For display advertising rates, call Sabine Vogl at civ. 0631-3033-5537, or email For classified advertising rates, call Isabell Smith at civ. 0631-3033-5531, email

Roses to: Ron — a Patch Shoppette employee, who went out of his way to help me and my 2-year-old child Sept. 26. I was pushing a stroller along the sidewalk near the shoppette headed to the commissary when it collapsed. This angel not only offered to help, but went and got his tools to fix the stroller. Thanks to Ron, we were back on our way with a working stroller in just five minutes. A big, heartfelt thank you to Ron, you made my day.

Thorns and Roses is about recognizing those who do a good

service providers, we can’t and won’t identify under-performers by

job or make life a little easier. It’s also about people who need to be

name. Submissions must be brief and emailed to stuttgartmedia@

a little more considerate of others. with the subject line: Thorns and Roses. The author’s

This column is not about institutions, units or agencies. It’s

name and valid telephone number must be included for verification.

not about situations that could result in legal action under military

No anonymous submissions will be accepted. We reserve the right to

or German law. Nor is it a place to air management-employee

select submissions and edit for publication. Reader feedback in Army

problems or slander anyone. While we are happy to identify stellar

newspapers is authorized by Army Regulation 360-1.

The Citizen, November 1, 2012


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News & Notes Federal internships available for college students with disabilities

Martin Greeson

Roads in the Stuttgart area can get treacherous quickly during winter. For up-to-date information on road conditions and operation status for all Stuttgart installations, community members can visit the garrison website at

Stay informed on up-to-date road conditions, operational status USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office


hen winter weather strikes on an early weekday morning, U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart community members don’t need to be in the dark on cancellations and delays. The Installation Operations Center monitors weather conditions continuously. “Our goal is to always keep the installations open,” said John A. Kearney, director of USAG Stuttgart Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security. “However, if we believe the current and future weather forecast has the potential to impact the safety of our families and workforce, the garrison commander will make the decision to reduce operations or close facilities.” When decisions are made that impact operations due to weather conditions, the garrison utilizes several methods to keep the community informed. By 6 a.m., and throughout the day in case of early releases, notifications about road conditions and operations are posted to the garrison facebook page ( GarrisonStuttgart). On the garrison website (, under the “Weather and Road Conditions” section there are links to a five-day forecast and a chart explaining the road condition colors. Announcements will also air on American Forces Network Stuttgart (102.3 FM and 1143 AM). The AFN website (www.afneurope. net) also links to the Installation Management Command-Europe road conditions page. Community members can also call the Weather and

Road Condition Hotline at 431-3744 or civ. 07031-15-3744. The decision to cancel or close operations is made by the garrison commander, after he is informed of the current road conditions by the director of emergency services. The report is based on input from police patrols. Only roads on Stuttgart installations and the main routes between them are surveyed. Each route is assigned a number based on its condition, all numbers are than averaged, and an overall condition is assigned to the community. Announcements regarding Soldier and employee work-reporting instructions during times of reduced or closed operations only apply to the garrison organizations and workforce. Service members and employees in other Stuttgart units should always check with their organization to determine their individual “emergency essential” work status. “We have the responsibility to maintain mission-essential operations and functions even when operations are reduced or closed,” Kearney said. “For example, the child development centers need to remain open for those employees who must work during those reduced or closed timeframes.” Those not in an emergency essential work status should always use common sense when attempting drive in adverse weather conditions. “If you feel it is unsafe to get to work, call your supervisor and let them know. By all means, do not travel if conditions are not adequate,” Kearney said.

U.S. citizen family members with disabilities who are current, full-time undergraduate or graduate students can apply for the Department of Labor’s 2013 Workforce Recruitment Program. Eligible students can apply online at now until Nov. 16. Individuals who graduated from college (undergraduate or graduate) in October 2011 or later are also eligible to participate. Registering now will allow participants to apply for full-time summer jobs available across U.S. Army Europe (May 1 - Sept. 30, 2013). DOL recruiters are visiting American universities in Germany and throughout the U.S. including territories in Puerto Rico. The Workforce Recruitment Program is a recruitment and referral program that connects federal sector employers nationwide, to include U.S. Army Europe with highlymotivated college students and recent graduates with disabilities who are eager to prove their abilities that vary by career fields in a workplace through summer. Salaries are funded by the Department of Defense. The student’s General Schedule grade and salary will be determined based on educational background and experience. Students are hired at all grade levels. The Workforce Recruitment Program supports the employment opportunities of family members of the U.S. Army Europe family. For details, contact the U.S. Army Europe EEO Office at 370-9412/9411 or civ. 06221-57-9412.

Rodriguez nominated to succeed Ham at AFRICOM

Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta announced Oct. 18 that President Barack Obama nominated U.S. Army Forces Command’s Gen. David M. Rodriguez to succeed Gen. Carter F. Ham as the commander of U.S. Africa Command. The Senate must confirm Rodriguez, who is currently commander of U.S. Army Forces Command at Fort Bragg, N.C. “He has served in a variety of key leadership roles on the battlefield,” Panetta said, in announcing the nomination. Rodriguez was the first commander of the International Security Assistance Force Joint Command, the corps-level command in Afghanistan. He was the commander during the surge into Afghanistan, “and was a key architect of the successful campaign plan that we are now implementing,” Panetta said. Ham has served as the AFRICOM commander since March 2011. “Under his leadership, AFRICOM has played a central role in some very important missions,” Panetta said. “From the NATO campaign in Libya that led to the fall of Gadhafi to successful counterterrorism efforts in Somalia [and] Yemen, to current efforts in Nigeria and Mali. Ham has really brought AFRICOM into a very pivotal role in that challenging region.” (This information was provided by the Armed Forces Press Service.)


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Ask a JAG Editor’s Note: Do you have a question you would like to see answered in a future edition of The Citizen? If so, contact “Ask a JAG” at By Capt. Andrew Rouchka (U.S. Army) Stuttgart Law Center Q: I am a federal employee working for the Department of Defense, and have been closely following the upcoming elections. Are there restrictions on my involvement? A: Although serving as a federal employee does not prohibit a person from participating in our country’s political process, there are restrictions on how such employees may participate. A federal law passed in 1939, named after former Senator Carl Hatch of New Mexico, prevents federal employees from conducting certain political activities on, and sometimes off, duty. The law, commonly referred to as the Hatch Act, prohibits federal employees from using their position to influence or interfere with an election. A federal employee may not solicit or discourage political activity from anyone who has business before the employee’s agency. Federal employees also may not wear political buttons while on duty or display political items such as posters, signs or stickers in the workplace. They may not run for public office in partisan elections, solicit or receive political contributions, or host political fundraisers at their home. More extensive restrictions exist for employees of certain federal agencies, such as the Defense Intelligence Agency. Although the Hatch Act does not apply to military personnel, DoD Directive 1344.10 imposes similar restrictions on their political activities. As with other federal employees, military personnel may not use their position to influence or interfere with an election. Additional restrictions exist, due to the differences between civilian and military life. For example, although a service member may display a political bumper sticker on his or her private vehicle, he or she may not display a partisan political sign at his or her residence if the residence is on post and the sign is visible to the public. Consequences for violating the Hatch Act can be serious. During the last election, a federal employee used his government computer to email co-workers and solicit funds for a particular political candidate. He was suspended from duty and pay for 120 days. A different federal employee under similar circumstances was terminated. None of this is to say, however, that federal employees may not participate in the political process. They may register and vote as they wish. They may also assist in voter registration drives, contribute money to political organizations, attend and participate in political rallies, and distribute campaign literature, among other things, so long as they do so outside the scope of their employment. This column is not intended as individual or specific legal advice. If you have specific issues or concerns, you should consult a judge advocate at 421-4152 or civ. 0711-729-4152.

The Citizen, November 1, 2012

Stuttgart Theatre . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Continued from page 1

to choose which performances will be critiqued. The play being performed during the panel’s visit counts as the team’s submission. “‘Xanadu’ is an incredibly entertaining play and really highlighted what we can do here,” said Richard Roberts, Stuttgart Theatre Center’s artistic director. “It just happened that the judges came through during our performances.” The campy, 1980s-style musical placed in nearly every musical category of this year’s competition, hauling in three first-place, nine second-place and two third- place awards. Army Community Theatres annually stage more than 900 shows worldwide for audiences numbering more than a quarter of a million, according to the Festival of the Arts website. But to accomplish this, they rely heavily on community support and volunteers. “We only have a staff of four people, so all of the actors, musicians and builders in our productions are volunteers,” said Roberts, who personally won three awards in this year’s competition. “What we do here wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for them.” The theatre is about to embark on a new season of performances, and has five productions scheduled over the next nine months to include “Cinderella,” “To Kill a Mockingbird,” “The Women” and

“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.” “These performances aren’t just entertainment, they’re meaningful,” Roberts said. “Especially overseas where the community doesn’t have access to Englishlanguage theatre like they would in the states.” The Stuttgart Theatre Center

is always on the lookout for volunteers, and that’s not limited to actors and actresses. The theatre also needs costume and set designers, light and sound technicians, builders and stage managers. People interested in volunteering for upcoming productions can contact the Stuttgart Theatre Center at 421-3258 or civ. 0711-729-3258.

2012 u.s. arMy Festival OF the arts awards FOr “Xanadu” Outstanding PrOductiOn: 2nd Place Outstanding PrOducers: Richard Roberts and Alan Buxkemper – 2nd Place Outstanding directOr: Richard Roberts – 2nd Place Outstanding Musical directOr: Alan Buxkemper – 1st Place Outstanding set design: Richard Roberts – 2nd Place Outstanding lighting design: Holger Schroeder – 2nd Place Outstanding sOund design: Alan Buxkemper – 2nd Place Outstanding PrOPerties design: Lisa Downing and Richard Roberts – 1st Place Outstanding cOstuMe design: Jennifer Thomas (volunteer) – 2nd Place Outstanding chOreOgraPher: Elizabeth Collins (volunteer) – 1st Place Outstanding actOr in a leading rOle: Christian Reichel (volunteer) – 3rd Place Outstanding actress in a leading rOle: Laura Killes (volunteer) – 3rd Place Outstanding actOr in a suPPOrting rOle: William Wallace (volunteer) – 2nd Place Outstanding actress in a suPPOrting rOle: Andrea Offner (volunteer) – 2nd Place

Retiree Appreciation Day Tamiris Centeno, Stuttgart Army Health Clinic and Wellness Center community health nurse, administers the influenza vaccine to military retiree Richard Russell during the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Retiree Appreciation Day held Oct. 25 at the Swabian Special Events Center on Patch Barracks. Retiree Appreciation Day is an annual event sponsored by the garrison’s Directorate of Human Resources and included briefings, information booths, and free health services, such as body fat analysis, blood pressure screenings and dental exams. Gloria Colon-Buzatu


The Citizen, November 1, 2012

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Red Ribbon Week ties in drug prevention with fun activities By Sally Novak USAG Stuttgart Substance Abuse Program


hildren of parents who talk to their teens regularly about the dangers of drugs are 42 percent less likely to use drugs than those who don’t, yet only a quarter of teens report having these conversations, according to the National Family Partnership. To help drive home that message, the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Substance Abuse Program, in conjunction with local Department of Defense Dependent schools, held the weeklong Red Ribbon Campaign, Oct. 22 – 26. The national Red Ribbon campaign began as a way to heighten awareness of drug prevention and commemorate the death of U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration Agent Enrique Camarena, who was killed in 1985 while investigating a drug ring in Mexico. This year’s local campaign paved the way in preventing substance abuse among youth with a program focused on engaging students in positive activities, clubs and hobbies, according to Marianne Campano, ASAP prevention coordinator. “Classroom instruction on the dangers of drugs isn’t effective,” Campano said. “USAG Stuttgart has embraced evidence-based research for our programs, and we’ve re-interpreted this year’s Red Ribbon week to enable kids to become active participants in creating a culture of good health and wellness.” A student-led committee of local middle and high school students met with ASAP personnel over the summer and formulated a plan to reach other students for this year’s campaign. “The Red Ribbon week’s festivities engaged youth in organized school activities, aimed at developing a sense of greater connection to their schools, teachers and families … all of which are effective strategies that have been highlighted in a recent report by the Institute of Medicine,” Campano said.

Jamie Howell

Robinson Barracks Elementary and Middle School students cross the street on Robinson Barracks as Staff Sgt. Montrell Gipson, assigned to 52nd Signal Battalion, safeguards the crosswalk during the school’s “Walk Out on Drugs” Oct. 26. The event marked the school’s grand finale to this year’s Red Ribbon Week campaign that focused on drug prevention. Gipson, along with other volunteer Soldiers, served as road guards and cheered on the walkers while holding posters designed by students. One highlight of the week’s events was the Red Ribbon Rocks Stuttgart Fair held Oct. 25 at Patch High School. “The event introduced kids to fun activities that hopefully led to new interest and friendships … steering them away from drug and alcohol abuse,” said Jenny Sparks, a PHS junior and the fair’s student organizer. Robinson Barracks Elementary and Middle School used the motto “What Right Looks Like for Red Ribbon” for its program that showcased clubs and activities, and culminated with a “Walk Out on Drugs” Oct. 26. “The idea was to use the Army theme of ‘What Right Looks Like’ as a focal point for discussion and education on themes of bullying, doing the right thing and decision making … The belief, that one person can make a difference will be carried throughout the year,” said Randy Zamerinksy-Lussier, a RBEMS counselor. Similar to the Army’s Comprehensive

Bible Church of Stuttgart Holding Forth the Word of Life

HOMES FOR RENT Contact 0179- 39 36 835

Sunday School. . . . . . . . . 9:30 a.m. Fellowship Coffee . . . . . . 10:30 a.m. Sunday Morning Worship . . 11:00 a.m. Thursday Prayer Meeting . . 7:00 p.m. Pastor Ron Benzing cell: 0173-415-6886, office: 0711-93388243 Schockenriedstrasse 42 · 70565 Vaihingen


Service Times:


Sunday School ..............................10 am Sunday Preaching ........................11 am Sunday Evening ............................ 6 pm Wednesday (Prayer & Bible study) ..... 7 pm

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**Children’s Junior Church Sunday mornings** **Keepers at home & Contenders for the Faith** Children’s Program (monthly)

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Phil. 2:16

**Nursery provided each service**

Victory Baptist Church Pastor M.H. Mullane

Independent, Fundamental, KJV Serving the U.S. Military & English speaking community of Stuttgart, Germany since 1998

Breitwiesen Str. # 13 70565 Stuttgart-Vaihingen Pastor’s Phone: 0160-9278-8754 Church Phone: 0711-696-0785 E-mail:

Soldier and Family Fitness Program, Patch Elementary School’s motto, “Red Ribbon Campaign for a Healthy You”, focused on overall well-being. The school highlighted health-related themes each day of the week. Böblingen Elementary and Middle School emphasized the importance of positive peer pressure during the week, with middle school mentors visiting elementary classrooms and performing skits that demonstrated leadership to younger students. “The garrison ‘rocked’ Red Ribbon Week this year, breaking with tradition and engaging youth and the community with innovative and effective substance abuse prevention strategies,” Campano said. For more information about Red Ribbon Week, visit

International Baptist Church of Stuttgart Services: Sunday 9:30 AM & 11:30 AM • Wednesday 6:30 PM Untere Waldplätze 38 • 70569 Stuttgart (Vaihingen) Phone: +49 711 687 43 65 Fax: +49 711 678 80 26 E-Mail: Web:


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The Citizen, November 1, 2012

American Specialties STEAKHOUSE * BEER * RIBS * LOBSTER

Mon Tue Wed & Sun Thur Fri


English Menu available! Hornsteige 1 – 71069 Sindelfingen Please call for reservations: 0 70 31-41 19 10 | Open from 17:30

BEMS second-grader Tornyeli Adamah examines the relocated memorial for Brigitte Scheiderich, a BEMS seventh-grader who died in 1988, on his way home from school Oct. 18.

Thomas Greene

Diego Williams

Scout projects benefit BEMS Story & photos by Susan Huseman USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office


wo new Eagle Scouts were welcomed into the fold Oct. 11. Boy Scout Troop 44’s Diego Williams, 17, and Thomas Greene, 14, achieved the rank of Eagle Scout – the highest rank in Scouting – following a board of review held at the Panzer Family Housing Scout Hut. Williams and Greene take their places among an elite group that includes Steven Spielberg, Donald Rumsfeld and Neil Armstrong, and closer to home, Gen. Carter F. Ham, the commander of U.S. Africa Command. To earn the rank, Williams and Greene had to progress through the Scouting ranks, earn at least 21 merit badges, serve in a leadership position and complete service projects, according to Lisa Minnich, the troop’s advancement chairwoman. The Scouting program encourages boys to learn and practice leadership skills, and the Eagle Scout service project puts those skills to the test. A Scout must plan, develop and document a project that benefits an organization

outside of Scouting and lead others in doing the project, according to Greene, who has been a Scout for four years. “You have to be very organized,â€? he added. He and Williams both happened to complete their service projects for BĂśblingen Elementary/Middle School. “I’ve always wanted to help the school,â€? said Greene, a Patch High School freshman who attended middle school at BEMS on Panzer Kaserne. Working with the school, the BEMS Parent Teacher Association and U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart’s Directorate of Public Works, Greene and several volunteers relocated a memorial that honors the short life of Brigitte Scheiderich, a BEMS seventh-grader who died in 1988 after a swimming accident. Greene moved the memorial from an unassuming location next to the playground, to in front of the school. But that wasn’t all. Each spring, the school awards the Brigitte Scheiderich Award to a seventh-grader for demonstrated academic and athletic excellence. Dale Moore, the BEMS principal, enlisted Greene to develop a script for the award presentation. “Thomas researched her life by contacting

See Scout Project on page 9


Are you interested in placing an ad in The Citizen? Please contact: or call 0631- 303 355 37

The Citizen, November 1, 2012

Holiday mailing deadlines

The following are the deadlines for holiday mailings: Space Available Mail (SAM) parcels: Nov. 26, Partial Air Lift (PAL) parcels: Dec. 3, Priority parcels/First Class letters and cards: Dec. 10, Express: Dec. 18. For details and postal offices’ hours, visit DHR/postal.html.

Outbound traffic detour

A maintenance crew is scheduled to install Christmas lights on the trees at Patch Barracks main gate starting at 8 a.m., Nov. 24. The outbound traffic lane will be blocked until 11 a.m. or the work is completed. Outbound traffic will be re-routed to the K&K gate.

Get your flu shot

The U.S. Army Health Clinic Stuttgart will administer the flu vaccine to eligible beneficiaries from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. at the following locations: • Kelley Fitness Center, Kelley Barracks: Nov. 2 and 9; • Brewed Awakenings, Robinson Barracks: Nov. 1 and 8; • Exchange Food Court, Panzer Kaserne: Nov. 6; • Patch Fitness Center, Patch Barracks: Nov. 7.

Community AnnounCements For details, call the Community Health Nurse at 430-6383 or civ. 0711680-6383.

ESSO system outage

The Army and Air Force Exchange Service has scheduled an ESSO Fuel Ration Card System outage Nov. 4, 5 – 11 a.m. Customers will not be able to purchase fuel at Exchange gas stations or use their fuel ration card at ESSO stations off post. Also, the Exchange will not be able to issue or replace fuel ration cards, do balance/ration inquiries or add money to fuel card accounts.

Veterans Day holiday schedule

Most organizations and facilities in U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart will be closed Nov. 11 in observance of the Veterans Day federal holiday. The Stuttgart Army Health Clinic and Dental Clinic will be closed Nov. 9 and 11. For immediate health care needs, call the Nurse Advice Line at civ. 00800-4759-2330. Contact the military police in case of a medical emergency. Because specific listings are too numerous to detail here, patrons are advised to call ahead before visiting any facility.

EEO training

Equal Employment Opportunity

training for the first quarter of fiscal year 2013 is scheduled for the following dates: Nov. 7, 10 a.m. – noon, in the Digital Training Facility, Building 2931 (for managers and supervisors); Nov. 28, 10:30 a.m. – noon, Patch Barracks Chapel Annex (for employees); Dec. 12, 10 a.m. – noon, Patch Barracks’ Religious Education Center, Building 2332 (for managers and supervisors). For details, call 430-2068 or civ. 0711-680-2068.

Veterans Day ceremony Nov. 12

U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart and American Legion Post 6 will conduct a Veterans Day ceremony Nov. 12, 11 a.m. at Washington Square on Patch Barracks. For details, call 431-2362 or civ. 0172-373-5771.

Support Thanksgiving meal program

Help a less fortunate family enjoy Thanksgiving through the Stuttgart United Services Organizations’ “Thanks for Thanksgiving” meal program. Monetary or in-kind donations will help the USO put together Thanksgiving meal packages for more than 100 families in need. To learn more about the meal program or to become a sponsor, visit

Page 7, or call 431-3505 or civ. 07031-15-3505.

See, hear ‘America’s Got Talent’ winner

Armed Forces Entertainment and U.S. Africa Command have teamed up to bring Landau Eugene Murphy Jr., the winner of the sixth season of “America’s Got Talent,” to Germany. Murphy and the band Herrick will give a free performance for the Stuttgart military community Nov. 12, 3 p.m. in the Kelley Fitness Center. For details, visit

Selling your car?

U.S. identification cardholders who want to sell their privately owned vehicle to a local national buyer must obtain a Permit to Transfer in order to properly de-register their U.S. Army Europe-plated vehicle. For details, call the U.S. Customs Office at 431-2731 or civ. 07031-152731.

MARFOR Town Hall

U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Europe and Africa, will host a Family Readiness Group Town Hall meeting at the Panzer Fitness Center Nov. 8, 1 p.m.

Send community-wide announcements to mil.

AMERICA RECYCLES DAY America Recycles Day, Nov. 15, is a national awareness program that promotes the benefits of buying recycled products and recycling old ones. The purpose of the day is to learn about recycling, make a commitment to increase recycling activities, and to purchase more products made from recycled materials. Buying recycled, closes the loop, as recycled items (instead of virgin natural resources) are utilized to make new products. Stronger markets for our recyclable items are then created. Your attitude and actions can make a world of difference. Let’s do our part, because almost everything can be recycled…except the planet.

Going Green

Leonbergerstr. 97 (2nd fioor) 71229 Leonberg Tel: 07152-903232

Opening hours: daily 12:00-14:30 17:30-23:00 Credit cards accepted

• Lunch Special (Mon – Fri) • • Tandoori & Curry Special • • Party & Catering Service • Take away •

1: OuRrses. one ster) F 2 o er lob

n in c ea p e d por twoemntaor!c(hexclud u Co*Ordqeualvadl by us w

e e nc T h bala e b ill


PIER 51 Restaurant & Cocktailbar Löffelstraße 22 -24 · 70597 Stuttgart (Degerloch) · Telephone 0711 / 976-9997 Mon – Fri: 11:45 am – 2:30 pm and 5:00 pm – 1:00 am · Sat: 5:30 pm – 1:00 am Sun: 10:00 am - 2:30 pm (Sunday Family Brunch) & 5:30 pm - 11:00 pm ·

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The Citizen, November 1, 2012

Exhibition highlights Celtic culture, identity Story by Carola Meusel USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office


any myths have circulated concerning the Celts and their way of life. Some may think of them as a barbaric and “headhunting” horde. In Stuttgart, visitors can find out the truth to the myths as well as historic facts about the Celtic civilization, its vibrant culture and identity during the “Der Welt der Kelten,” or “World of Celts,” exhibition. The exhibition runs until Feb. 17, 2013 in downtown Stuttgart. The exhibition consists of two parts: “Zentren der Macht,” or “Seats of Power,” located in the Kunstgebäude (art building) at Schlossplatz, and “Kostbarkeiten der Kunst,” or “Treasures of Art,” located at the Alte Schloss (Old Castle). The exhibition aims to recreate the Celtic way of life as well as the historic influence of the Celts in Europe, according to Dr. Heike Scholz, spokeswoman for the Landesmuseum Württemberg. More than 1,300 artifacts and recent archeological findings from all over Europe are displayed throughout the exhibition. According to a Landesmuseum Württemberg press release, the Celts were mentioned for the first time in Greek documents around 500 B.C. The ancient historian Herodotus localized the Celts in Central Europe. However, archaeological findings proved that the Celts had already settled in Southern Germany, Switzerland and Eastern France about 100 years earlier. During the fourth and third century B.C., Celts were traced in Italy, the Balkan region, Greece and parts of Turkey in search of new settlements. The tribal societies did not represent a Celtic nation, but its people embraced the same traditions in arts and crafts, religion and language. According to the press release, the Celtic culture originated in Southern Germany, Switzerland and Eastern France. The “Seats of Power” exhibition displays the evolution of the Celtic civilization in Central and Western Europe from the Iron Age until the beginning of the Roman era. Visitors can look at artifacts that depict the everyday life of the Celts to include trade, technical innovations, religion and the tribal societies’ structure, according to Scholz. The seats of some early Celtic princes, as well as large defended settlements, or “oppida,” are also on display. Visitors can fully experience some of the “seats of power” on three-dimensional media kiosks throughout the exhibition.

USAG Stuttgart



Be Safe, be seen

Photo courtesy of Landesmuseum Württemberg

The drinking horn of the “Prince’s Grave of Kappel” is one of many findings that are featured during the “World of Celts” exhibition in downtown Stuttgart. The exhibition runs until Feb. 17, 2013 and consists of two parts: “Seats of Power” and “Treasures of Art.”

One of the exhibit’s centerpieces is the “Glass Bowl of Ihringen.” The bowl dates back to the early Iron Age and was found in the Breisgau Black Forest region. The drinking horn of the “Prince’s Grave of Kappel,” one of the most treasured Celtic graves in Central Europe, is another highlight. The excavated belongings of a Celtic princess also provide insight into Celtic culture. The Treasures of Art exhibition displays jewelry including colorful glass bracelets and golden necklaces, weapons as well as items for everyday use such as bowls, coins, belts and more. Patrons can see the bronze “Mirror of Desborough” with spiral and trumpet motifs that were typical for Celtic art in Great Britain. Findings from the grave of the Celtic “Prince of Hochdorf” such as golden footwear and the princes’ large coffin and a bronze cauldron are also featured. To get the most out of the “Celtic” experience, Scholz, the spokeswoman of the Landesmuseum Württemberg, recommends visiting the “Seats of Power” prior to the “Treasures of Art” exhibition.

With Daylight Savings behind us and longer hours of darkness ahead, motorists, pedestrians and cyclists are urged to be extra careful. As a pedestrian or cyclist, make sure you can be easily seen, especially at night, on dark days and in bad weather. • Bright or fluorescent clothes show up best by day, even in dull or misty weather. • In the dark, reflective material shows up best when shined by car headlights. Clothing with reflective patches

“Overall, the goal of both exhibitions is to clarify some of the common misconceptions of the Celts solely being barbarians,” Scholz said. Editor’s Note: During the “Seats of Power” exhibition, the Celtic “headhunting” ritual is also explained. Celts thought of the head as the center of power. Therefore, taking an opponent’s head following a battle became a common ritual. The exhibition is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday until Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. The exhibition is closed on Monday. Tickets cost €15 and include admission into both exhibitions. Visitors can tour one part of the exhibition and come back for a second visit any other day until the exhibition ends. Family tickets cost €30. Entrance for children five years old and younger is free. Audio guides in English are available and can be purchased for €2. For English-guided tours, call civ. 0711-89535-445. For more information, visit

or reflective tape on coats or school bags help pedestrians, cyclists and children be more visible to drivers. • When walking at night, choose routes that are well lit by streetlights and cross the road at well lit intersections. • If you have to walk on the road, always face the oncoming traffic-this is particularly important in low light or dark times. • Motorists should slow down and use caution when driving in residential areas, around schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, bus stops or other areas where children and other pedestrians are common.

The Citizen, November 1, 2012

Community AnnounCements

Appointments needed for legal assistance

The Legal Assistance Office at the Stuttgart Law Center on Kelley Barracks will not offer walk-in attorney consultations Nov. 7, 14 and 28 because of training and personnel requirements. The office will also be closed Nov. 15 for training. To schedule an appointment, call 421-4152 or civ. 0711-729-4152.

Due to PCS soon?

If you are relocating within the next three or four months, it’s time to begin preparing for the move. Permanent change of station/ pre-separation briefings will be held Nov. 14, 1 p.m. in Building 2913, Panzer Kaserne. Army personnel will also receive a briefing on finance issues. All separating Army personnel must attend this briefing to receive pre-separation information. Advance registration is required. To register, call 431-2599 or civ. 0703115-2599.

Workers needed at postal facilities

Army post offices will hire temporary employees to assist with the flow of mail during the holidays, in the near future. To view announcements and apply for positions, visit Volunteers are also needed at all Stuttgart installation postal facilities during the holiday season. To register as a volunteer, contact the Army Community Service Volunteer coordinator at 431-3362 or civ. 07031-15-3362. For postal questions, contact the postmaster at 431-2874 or civ. 07031-15-2874.

Bike races cancelled

The Navy Special Warfare Screamin’ Wyverns bike races scheduled for Nov. 3 at the Panzer Local Training Area have been cancelled. For more details, visit Send community-wide announcements to

Scout project . . . . . . . . . . . . . Continued from page 6

the family. They were thrilled that he was moving the memorial. He also presented the award to this year’s winner, Hannah Seely,” Moore said. PHS senior Diego Williams choose a project designed to brighten up the playground and teach geography through play. He and 12 volunteers sketched out and painted a map of the United States on the asphalted play area. With a little research, Williams found a stencil, which he said saved a lot of time, and the appropriate type of paint for the surface and local weather. “It should last for a long time – until the school closes,” he said.

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Teachers appreciate the addition. “I use the map with my kids all the time. We use it as a gathering place,” said kindergarten teacher Teresa Senna. Later in the year, Senna said she will use the map during a unit on the United States. “It’s been fun integrating it into my lesson plans,” she added. Williams’ map is also a resource for incidental learning. Moore said he watches students during recess have conversations about the states – where they have lived and where they were born. “Even without a formal lesson plan, it’s being used as a teaching tool, and that’s nice,” Moore added.

Immobilien-Büro Gaißert Inhaber: Peter und Anja Wilke

Hauptstr.72 71093 Weil im Schönbuch


Telefon 07157-61273 Fax: 07157-66339



Christmas Market

Böblingen 2012 November 28 - December 2 Daily open from noon to 9 p.m. Location: Am Unteren See/Elbenplatz Grand Opening: November 28 at 6 p.m. tive Attrac vents: m of e


f the choir o Gospel r Kaserne Panze of the s ance Perform Böblingen KiGa’s

t help he er

Romantic Nostalgia:

The charm of the olden times enchants the Sindelfinger Christmas Bazaar A prelude to the most beautiful time of the year, will become very romantic this year. On the 10th of November, the popular Christmas Bazaar in the Messe Sindelfingen opens its gates. Highpoint this year is the large special show, “Nostalgic Christmas” in which a living room full of charming items from Uromas times, antique furnishings, nostalgic Christmas jewelry, beautiful old toys and many other treasures, will be there to amaze the all visitors, like poetry from the olden times. As in the past years, the Christmas Bazaar offers the traditional as well as a diversified Christmas, with selections from around the world, with approximately 200 stands ,showing an impressive selection of high value home accessories, jewelry, fashion, wellness and health articles, table linens, cosmetic and refined culinary delicacies, which will provide a paradise of great gift ideas! In the upper floor of the fair hall, one can stroll around, while listening to

cozy nostalgic harp sounds and zither sounds through the creatively styled old village feel. You will see highvalue wood toys, colorful Tiffany glass art, selected liqueurs, hand painted Christmas balls and many other original treasures for the Christmas spirited visitors. New this year is a special Christmas Nativity display with magical roots of alpine and oriental background. For everyone that likes to work with their hands, there is again the creatively styled old village feel area, for the big and small child in everyone. You can bake cookies, make greeting cards, and pictures with no boundaries, it is up to your personal creativity. The Sindelfinger Christmas Bazaar takes place from the 10th until 18th of November and is opened on all nine days from 10 am to 6 pm daily. Entrance is free of charge. As in the past years a free bus is offered from the S-Bahn station Goldberg to the bazaar.

Sindelfinger Christmas Bazaar Susan Huseman



lgic a t s o N as m t s i r Ch

BEMS kindergarten students from Teresa Senna’s class position themselves on the U.S. map before heading out to play during morning recess Oct. 18. Once everyone is in place, Nina Hazelton, the kindergarten aide, releases the students based on the colors they stand on, to play. In spring, Senna will use the map for a geography unit.

San will ta Clau s v kid isit the e Cra ’s ten ft an s with t:

Entr anc free e !

November 10 to 18 Messe Sindelfingen - daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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What’s happening in FMWR

Galaxy offers Veteran’s Day bowling

The Galaxy Bowling and Entertainment Center will offer Veteran’s Day bowling Nov. 11, noon – 6 p.m. with free bowling for all active-duty and retired service members. A “Bowl a Turkey” event will be held Nov. 17, 11 a.m. – midnight. Participants can win free games and shoe rental. For more details, call 431-2575 or civ. 07031-15-2575.

Novel writing workshops at Patch Library

The Patch Library will host various workshops with published authors throughout November during the National Novel Writing Month. The workshops are designed to teach participants novel-writing techniques. Sessions will be held in person and via skype. For dates and to sign up, stop by or call the Patch Library at 430-5396 or civ. 0711-680-5396.

See, hear ‘America’s Got Talent’ winner Armed Forces Entertainment and U.S. Africa Command have teamed up to bring Landau Eugene

Murphy Jr., the winner of the sixth season of “America’s Got Talent,” to Germany. Murphy will give a free performance for the Stuttgart military community Nov. 12, 3 p.m. in the Kelley Fitness Center gymnasium.

Culture College at ACS

U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart’s Army Community Services will host a Culture College Nov.6 and 8, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Newcomers to Stuttgart will learn about German culture, how to use public transportation and will visit a castle. For more details, call 431-3362 or civ. 07031-15-3362.

Parents’ Day Out

The U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart’s Child, Youth and School Services will host a Parents’ Day Out Nov. 17 at the Panzer Child Development/School Age Center from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Sign up at Parent Central Services by Nov. 15. For more details, call 430-7480 or civ. 0711-680-7480. For more activities, or to join the Family and MWR email list, visit or www.

The Citizen, November 1, 2012

Coming to Patch Theater Nov. 2 — Chasing Mavericks (PG) 6 p.m.; Fun Size (TBD) 9 p.m. Nov. 3 — Ice Age Continental Drift (PG); 4 p.m.; Fun Size (TBD) 7 p.m. Nov. 4 — Chasing Mavericks (PG) 4 p.m.; Fun Size (TBD) 7 p.m. Nov. 5 — Chasing Mavericks (PG) 6 p.m. Nov. 6 — CLOSED Nov. 7 — Dredd 3D (R) 6 p.m. Nov. 8 — Ice Age Continental Drift (PG) 6 p.m. Nov. 9 — Wreck-It Ralph (PG)

6 p.m.; Man with the Iron Fists (R) 9 p.m. Nov. 10 — Wreck-It Ralph (PG) 4 p.m.; Man with the Iron Fists (R) 7 p.m. Nov. 11 — Wreck-It Ralph (PG) 3 p.m.; Flight (R) 7 p.m. Nov. 12 — Wreck-It Ralph (PG) 6 p.m. Nov. 13 — CLOSED Nov. 14 — Won’t Back Down (PG) 6 p.m. Nov. 15 — Paranorman (PG) 6 p.m. In “Wreck-It Ralph,” the title character (voiced by John C. Reilly), tires of playing the bad guy to Fix-It Felix, Jr. (voiced by Jack McBrayer). Ralph sets off on a journey across multiple generations of video games to prove he can be a hero. Disney

The Citizen, November 1, 2012


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20th Annual USO Europe Service Salute Honorees Specialist Antonio M. King United States Africa Command (AFRICOM)

Hauptgefreiter Ümit Emre Kaptan German Air Force (Deutsche Luftwaffe)

Oberstabsgefreiter Benjamin Hüttemann German Army (Deutsches Heer)

Senior Airman Shannon E. White United States Air Forces in Europe (USAFE)

Specialist Francisco Lee Flores United States Army Europe (USAREUR) Corporal Charles M. Williams United States Marine Corps Forces Europe (MARFOREUR)

Seaman Kara Leone DiNicola United States Coast Guard Specialist Alexander D. Johnson United States Special Operations Command Europe (SOCEUR)

Obermaat Martin Steinkraus German Navy (Deutsche Marine)

Stabsgefreiter Torsten Hampe German Joint Medical Service (Deutscher Zentraler Sanitätsdienst)

Airman Kylie Janine Marty United States Naval Forces Europe (NAVEUR)

Oberstabsgefreiter Markus Werda German Joint Support Service (Deutsche Streitkräftebasis)

Photo by Jamie Goloyugo



• Henkell Sparkling

• Army & Air Force Exchange

• Hockenheim-Ring GmbH


• Kellogg’s

• AdvantiPro GmbH

• Käthe Wohlfahrt GmbH & Co. OHG

• Barbarossahof-Hotel Resturant

• M.C. Dean, Inc.

• Capitol Motors

• Military Distributors of

• The Coca-Cola Company • Constellation Brands • Corona Extra


• Interra Reisen

• ACOSTA Sales and Marketing

Virginia/Nash Finch • RADIO ANTENNE Kaiserslautern on 96 point 9

• Culligan

• Rudolf Stemler Werbegestalter

• Deutsche Bundeswehr

• SWK Stadtwerke

• DHL Global Forwarding GmbH

Kaiserslautern GmbH

• Europcar

• Trophy-Center GmbH

• Exchange New Car Sales

• Westrich Reisen

• Fraport AG

• Zelte & Container Vermietung Knörr


Page 12 - The Citizen, November 1, 2012

Panthers on the Prow

Patch claws its way into playoffs with homecoming By Mark J. Howell USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office


he Patch Panthers varsity football team dominated the Lakenheath Lancers during their homecoming matchup Oct. 20, winning 31-8 and securing a playoff berth in the process. The Panthers’ offensive line held off the Lancer defense and set up rushing touchdowns by quarterback Jack Smith and runners Andrew Mineni, Anthony Coltson and Curtis Hobson.

Defensive leaders for Patch included Brayden Lamb, who had 10 tackles, followed by Vince Stefano (eight), Connor Hartzell (seven), and Joe Logan and Dylan Stanko with six each. Stanko also contributed a safety, pulling down Lakenheath quarterback A.J. Ransom in the end zone to close out the game’s first half. The Panthers took their homecoming momentum to Vilseck Oct. 27, looking for revenge on a Falcons’ team that beat them earlier this year … and a spot in the Department of Defense Dependents School Europe Division I championship game. They achieved both goals, beating the Falcons 30-8

in a game played in the first snow of the season. The Panther defense used the weather to their advantage causing seven fumbles, five of which they recovered. The offense took advantage of the turnovers, scoring three rushing touchdowns, two from Mineni and one from Hobson. Jack Smith also added six points by running back a blocked punt. The Panthers will face the undefeated Ramstein Royals in the DODDS Division I championship game Nov. 3 in Baumholder.

Cross country

The Patch High School cross country teams turned in respectable finishes at their homecoming meet Oct. 20, with the girls’ team placing first and the boys finishing second. The Lady Panthers’ Morgan Mahlock led the pack in the 5k with a finishing time of 20:12, and teammate Baileigh Sessions following only 19 seconds behind.

F A r i e

c s

p f o s

o fi 1


2 2 P a c c


Mark J. Howell

Mark J. Howell

(Above) Ajdin Tahirovic, the number one ranked DoDDS Europe High School tennis player, serves the ball to his homecoming opponent at the Sindelfingen Glaspalast indoor tennis center Oct. 20. (Left) Curtis Hobson, Panther runningback, pushes past a Lancer defender during Patch High School’s homecoming game Oct. 20.

R h


The Citizen, November 1, 2012 - Page 13


ng performances Fellow Panthers Kaitlyn Fanar, Monique Rodriguez and Amelia Bergson finished eighth, ninth and 10th place, respectively. Jacob Lindman and Tyler Gamble finished in second and third place in the boy’s 5k, but it wasn’t enough to secure first place for the Panthers. The DODDS European Division I cross country championship was held Oct. 27 in Baumholder, on a snow-covered route. The Lady Panthers, reigning DODDS Europe champions, brought home another title behind strong races from Sessions and Mahlock. Sessions took first place overall with a time of 20:20, and Mahlock picked up second with a time of 20:43. The boys’ team brought home silver at the championship, with Mitchell Bailey turning in a seventh-place finish with a time of 17:38, and Tyler Gamble came in 10th at 17:45.


The Lady Panthers volleyball team defeated Vilseck 26-24, 25-4 and 25-14; and Heidelberg 25-18, 25-16, 23-25, 12-25 and 15-11, during homecoming Oct. 20. Patch’s Rachel Hess led the way for the Panthers with a combined 29 kills, while teammate Mercedes Deets contributed with a combined 13 kills and eight aces, according to coach Mike Rubino. On Oct. 27, the Panthers picked up two more wins defeating Bamberg 25-13, 25-13 and 25-9; and

Mark J. Howell

Members of the Patch High School Band perform during the varsity football game on Husky Field Oct. 20. Schweinfurt 14-25, 23-25, 28-26, 25-14 and 15-7. The girls take their record of 11-1 with them to the European championships scheduled for Nov. 1-3 held at Kaiserslautern and Ramstein.


The Panthers boys’ and girls’ tennis teams racked up impressive numbers during their homecoming match against Heidelberg Oct. 20. The Patch girls won 9-0, while the boys won 7-2. Ajdin Tahirovic, the top-ranked player in DODDS Europe, glided past his opponent in straight sets, 6-1, 6-0, and girls’ leader Eugenia Srodowki didn’t miss a

point, defeating her opponent 6-0, 6-0. The tennis season wrapped up Oct. 26-27 in Wiesbaden with the European championships, and Patch bringing home a Division I title. Srodowki came from behind in her match to defeat AFNORTH freshman Alexandria Bellas, 1-6, 6-3, 7-5. After three years of unbeaten play, Tahirovic lost in the championship match to second-seeded Dimitris Stavropoulos of SHAPE High School, 3-6, 6-4, 6-4. Marina Fortun and Christine Young provided Patch its second championship with a hard fought 7-6, 1-6, 6-4 victory over Sydney Townsend and Jennifer DeBose from Ramstein.

Nicole Zuccola

Patch Panther Jake Cranmer signs an autograph for a “fan” after the Panthers’ 38-10 homecoming victory over Lakenheath Oct. 20 at Patch Barracks.

Nicole Zuccola

Rachel Hess sets up her teammates for a kill during their homecoming match Oct. 20.

Page 14

The Citizen, November 1, 2012

Stylish glasses

Photo by Michele Winter

Patch Elementary School 5th grader Bogdana Dennis models her stylish new glasses, which carefully match her clothing. Each school year vision screenings are made available to students to ensure they can see the board and their reading materials. Good vision is an essential component of every child’s education.

Take a look at what’s going on in Stuttgart’s schools.

Photo by Thone Williams

Photo by Michele Winter

How do we learn best?

Student teacher

Robinson Barracks Middle School AVID students Matthew Palmer and Hanna Bowers demonstrate their kinesthetic learning style September 27.

Franchesca Torres, 4th grader from Mrs. Gradeck’s class, received assistance from student teacher Mr. Tyler Fox on a Reading Street assignment on October 24.

Photo by Thone Williams

Photo by Thone Williams

Sewing project Six grader Teddy Noe (left) and Johan Rodriquez (right) complete their sewing project at the Family Consumer Science class.

Page 15

The Citizen, November 1, 2012

Mrs. Scholdei’s eighth-grade science classes enjoyed a visit to the Experiment Museum in Heilbronn during a day trip on September 28. Contributed by: Jacob Stickler, Madison Ward, and Timothy Wilson.

Take a look at what’s going on in Stuttgart’s schools.

Eureka!!! Experimenta

Page 16

The Citizen, November 1, 2012 Across

48. Safecracker

15. Go wrong

1. Stovetop items

50. Links

18. School on the Thames

5. Launder

52. River of Argentina

22. Cereal fungus

Crossword Puzzle

9. Nastase ot tennis

56. Compulsion

24. Moist

13. Drama award

57. Repeated

26. Beige hue

14. Muslim religion

59. Angler’s item

27. Boor

16. Italian seaport

60. Creepy

28. Kemo Sabe

17. Education

61. “Gone With The


Wind” plantation

30. Calyx segment 32. Slaughter

19. Actor McGregor

62. Sense organs

34. Smell

20. River to the Missouri

63. Department-store

35. Big name in

21. Payment standard 23. Manor master



64. Biblical land

37. Charlotte __


38. Just

25. Copyist


26. Barkin or Burstyn 29. African spear

1. Pageantry

41. Small streams

31. Baby sounds

2. Ancient Greek coin

43. Thankless one

32. French Mrs.

3. Rock singer

45. High regard

33. Musical movements

Courtesy of

46. Gelatin substitute

36. Seek office

4. Resolves

47. “M*A*S*H” setting

37. Amicable

5. More prudent

49. Fencing swords

6. Fool

50. Heal

39. Altar avowal

7. Mess maker

51. Filly’s father

40. Womb

8. Annoy persistently

53. Diminutive amount

42. Whatever quantity

9. Spanish or

54. Emperor after


This is the solution to the crossword puzzle from October 18!


43. A party to



44. Crowe of “Gladiator”

10. Upright

55. First name?

46. Mad

11. Furious

58. Tenth anniversary

47. Sunflower State

12. “___ kleine Nachtmusic”


Jasper Macarius Benard Jasper Macarius was born at 3:08 a.m. September 4 at his parents home on Kelley Barracks. He was 3300 g and 48 cm long. Proud parents are Thomas and Katahdin Benard who are stationed in Stuttgart, Germany.

Birth Announcement Send your birth announcement to the Citizen. Include your baby’s name, time and date of birth, hospital name, weight and length, parents’ first and last names, and the place where your family is stationed, along with a JPEG photo. Send information to:

Page 17

The Citizen, November 1, 2012


AdvantiPro GmbH takes no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any of the products and services advertised in the Citizen. Readers are responsible for checking the prices, qualifications, warranty and any other factor that might help you decide whether to do business with an individual or company advertising herein.

APTS FOR RENT All ads & pics can be viewed @

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Your community, your website.


6 a.m. – 3 p.m. Play-Clubbing The best Big City Sounds, 8 p.m. until at least 4 a.m. 8 p.m. until 5 a.m. Rock hard to harder Mash - up Disco Minimal Techno House …



Poststrasse 16 • 71032 Böblingen • Tel.: 0152 53 69 36 31


BITBURG GERMANY Colleges Committed to Attending:

• United States Air Force Academy • United States Military Academy – West Point • United States Naval Academy • United States Merchant Marine Academy • United States Coast Guard • University of Wisconsin • University of North Carolina – Charlotte • Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis • University of Central Arkansas • University of Nevada Las Vegas • Sacramento State University • University of Dallas

Facility Sportschule Bitburg 0UBLISHING (OUSE s !DVERTISING !GENCY

College coaches will run 6-8 sessions (field – classroom sessions), provide individual feedback to players and give a presentation on the recruitment process. Check In Friday, 05 April, 2013, 1200-1400 hrs Check Out Sunday, 07 April, 2013, 1800 hrs

Cost 300 Euro – includes room and board Facebook Registration and payment via Email / Paypal

Page 18

The Citizen, November 1, 2012

uz Tire Service & Motorbikes Glockenblumenstr. 3 70563 Stuttgart Tel.: 07 11-73 15 70 E-Mail: Web: Hours: Mon - Fri 8 a.m. - 12 p.m., 1 - 6 p.m. Sat 8:30 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Im Vogelsang 17 71101 Schönaich

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2012 VW Passat SE TDI, 4dr, Auto, White w/tan int, pwr moonrf, tilt, cruise, bluetooth, am/fm/cd, excel cond, dlr svc, 38-43mpg, 21,000 miles, $29650 hooteman@ / 0174-635-8481

Chevrolet, 2002 Trailblazer LTZ, White, 2wd, Heated Seats/Mirrors, 6 dics CD Changer, Leather Seats, Rear Entertainment System, Spare Winter Tires $6,500.00 / Cell 015118901230

94 Mercedes Runs great looks good. New windshield, new exhaust. Great on gas! $3000.00 obo 07031-7330051 or

Ford US Spec Focus S 2012 Engine - 4 Cylinder Transmission Automatic Spec - US Spec Mileage 6,000 Color-Grey $16000 015161504210 or 015161504133

Attention: BMW 320d Touring, Model 2004, second hand, well maintained, non-smoking, 6-gear stick shift, all leather seats, power dorrs/windows/brakes, sunroof, stereo CD, A/C, new tires & battery & oil change. 65miles a gallon. Only €6950 0172-676 2717

GM Nav Disc for Europe. Works in factory Nav systems to include Tahoe, Suburban, Silverado, Sierra, Avalanche Yukon, H2 and Cadillac DTS's and SRX's. $25.00

Audi 1999, German Spec, 5 speed, Royal blue, dark blue leather interior, 108K miles, custom stereo w/2 12" subs and 2 amps, in-dash dvd receiver, smoke free $6450 obo 063718021494 / Audi A4 1,8T Chiped 212PS, 54000 km, Denim blue, Hand wasch Only, black windows, S4Recaro-Seats, and many more! 01787955540 Audi RS6, 450 HP twin-turbo V8, 2003 US Spec, immaculately maintained. Very fast 4 door, like BMW M5 only all wheel drive! Warranty. $28,000 perlsbob@

I need a reliable car for work! If anyone knows about a car, that is just sitting around collecting dust, please contact me. I need a car for work!!!! $500 jason.deuster@ Lexus LS 400, built 1991, €1500. If you like to include the spare parts: €2500. Call: 07144-9989984 Mercedes CLK230 Sport Coupe 1998, Silvergray black edition, 136K, like new, sound sys, park sensors, extras €6,900 Opel Vectra, year 1991, very good condition, 70 000 miles, new tires, new exhaust, 5 speed, inspection guaranteed €1250 017621892246 /




Hauptstrasse 189 A | 70563 Stuttgart-Vaihingen | |

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The Citizen, November 1, 2012

AUTOS All ads & pics can be viewed @

Peuogeot 206 Hatchback (5 Seats, VW Golf size), 5-Gear stick, new inspection (Fed / Jun'12), New Clutch/ brakes. includes: 2 sets of tires, radio CD. â‚Ź3500 0715271331 US specs. 55K US miles. 4cyl. Exc Cond. Very nice car that runs great and gets good gas mileage with plenty of power for autobahn driving. Passed Insp $12,900,00 0152 389 741 86 We Tow Cars For Free - we buy all cars even damaged and nonop cars. "Licensed". Help with Customs and Veh Reg paperwork Call anytime 0163-556-3333

MOTORCYCLES All ads & pics can be viewed @

Caution: Some Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash.

New Facebook Group: Children with Diabetes Type I- Ramstein Germany. Parent run. Meet other families, start playgroups and join a support group. The Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association European Chapter Regimental Ball The Adjutant General's Corps Regimental Association European Chapter Cordially Invites you to its annual AG/HR Regimental Ball. Celebrating the 237th Anniversary of the Adjutant General's Corps, 15 September 2012, at the Armstrong Club Vogelweh, Kaiserslautern, Germany, 18:00 - 24:00. Guest Speaker: CSM Christopher D. Culbertson, The Adjutant General School Command Sergeant Major and The Adjutant General Regimental Command Sergeant Major. For more information contact Ms. Marcia Sierra-Williams, DSN 314-483-8062, Comm 049 (0) 631411-8062, Email: or Mr. John Yesis, DSN 314-496-5401, Comm 049 (0) 6302-67-5401, Email:


AFN Receiver and dish package. One owner and in like new condition. The model is Scientific Atlanta D9835.Comes with everything to receive AFN $200 OBO /FX VTFE DBS TBMFT ĂŻ "VUP SFQBJS TFSWJDF "VUP QBJOU CPEZ ĂŻ 5JSFT BDDFTTPSJFT 070317850028 / gjb2dub@google


Apple iPhone 3GS with brand new Otter box & screen protector. Screen has no scratches, rear has some scratches. Jail broken & unlocked for any carrier $150 01625169337 / gjb2dub@

Dirt devil portable (not upright) vacuum cleaner, hardly used, great condition â‚Ź20 0711 729 4107 iPhone4 white 32Gb simlock only for T-mobile/Telekom customers. with car-mount and charger, bag und Cover as well as new Display foil â‚Ź250 Refrigerator: LG brand, no frost, 3 drawer/freezer on bottom, w/ quick freeze drawer, vacation, quick freeze options, 220V, 68"high, 24"by24" â‚Ź200, call 07022-502 580

Otto-Lilienthal-StraĂ&#x;e t BĂśblingen 5FM t XXX BVUPIBVT CPM[ EF

Satellite Receiver, Humax PRHD 1000, Like New, LNB In / Scart, HDMI, Component A/V, RS1000 Watt Transformer - 110v to 232C, and SPDIF Out. $65 220v - good condition $60 Chopper Bike/cruiser Speciali- zed Fat Boy. Cherry red, 6" wide 150 Watt Transformer - 110v to Small fridge, Privilge brand, rear tire, 3" wide front, dual discs, 220vgood condition $35 220V.33" tall, 24" deep, 20" wide. Excellent condition and clean. All-American bike. Original owner, â‚Ź40, call really fun. $1000 015161321501 25 inch KLH tv in good condition. 07022 502 580 110V $35.00 obo, 0160-1242862

ANNOUNCEMENTS All ads & pics can be viewed @

All ads & pics can be viewed @

300 Watt Transformer - 110v to Sony Handycam DCR DVD101 220vgood condition $45 Good condition with all ries $125.00 obo, 0160-1242862

Facebook Group: Children with Diabetes Type I- Ramstein Germany. Parent run. Meet other families, start playgroups and join a support group. yunuenzimmerer@

Used cars WANTED All makes and models, all specs, also damaged. We pay cash and do all customs paperwork. Aldor Automobile. Heidelberg Fair prices • Call any time

06221 - 6390846 0172 - 6362497





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FOR SALE -- MISC All ads & pics can be viewed @

Caution: Some Classified ads have become a target for scams. Please be cautious if potential buyers offer you payment methods other than cash.

The Citizen, November 1, 2012 Like new condition, 'cause kid prefer to sleep with mami, good quality, paid $119, asking only $45, no stains, and etc 0176-703 36-001 or email: zemfirita@

Incense Sticks with lovely lavender, opium or vanilla scent. 20 Sticks in a hexagonal package, non opened. 3€ each package. Ask me for combinations.

17th C John London of Bristol Brass Lantern Clock Antique John London of Bristol brass lantern clock. $800 travisbarker33@li

Like new indoor air conditioner. This unit will cool one large room and takes up little space. Comes with exhaust tube and window kit. $120 01625169337 / gjb2dub@

Canon F1 35m/m film Camera kit. F1 Body, Dented Prysm but ok function. FD. 75-200 1:4.5 Canon Zoom lens. FD50m/m 1.8lens. FT1.8/85m/mlens bellows + more! €380 0176-96776870 email later

OO Model Railway. Digital and 4Kit Built Locos + Coaches. 2Boxed sets Hornby Orient and Simplon Venice, 3Bachman + 5Hornby DCC. + more in collection. € 2800 or best offer above 0176-96776870 can Skype views

Coastal oil paintings Thanet Coast. Artist part of Picasso's scene in Spain 1920/30's I knew artist in Thanet in the 1950's He was also Turner fan ! €4000 each obo above 0176-96776870 can 19th Century Atkinson Lancaster Skype views

Original Force Fins in good condition. Size ML. color Green. €149 Tel. 01713610739

Mantle clock. Antique Atkinson Lancaster wooden mantle place chime clock clad with bronze. contact for more details $2500

Danish realist painter signed Brandt. Oil Painting of the Fynsk Nyborg Castle approx 1890's In auction would cost a lot so will take lower price. €18000 Best offer All 11seasons /33 DVD's + 2disc above 0176-96776870 Can Skype 20year reunion M*A*S*H! Collect view in 66885 Altenglan between K'Town and Baumholder. Try pho- Fall/Winter Vest, natural Siberian ne more than once, €80 0176- Fox fur, rich bright color! Prepare yourself for cold weather! $400 96776870 0176-703 -36-001 or email: Calculator Texas TI-89 Titanium recommended for High School study. English / instructions. Col- Fitz and Floyd Witch Cookie Jar. lect 66885 Altenglan 25KM North Limited Edition. With two storage of Ramstein AFB €50 0176- areas. New in the box. Great for display, Halloween cookies or 96776870

Camel mittens, knitted, with gold buttons on the side. Handmade. For him and her, good, if you don´t like gloves or if you need a last minute gift. €13 sanjaya@li

Original Force Fins in good condition. Size ML in color Aquamarine. divefreakgary@google Tel. 01713610739 €139 Padi Scuba Diving Lessons Near PHV Heidelberg Contact Gary Rossignol Cross Country skis like new! With poles and size 10.5D boots. $185 martin.kahn@ Russian Quinn Evizabet time copper coin, year 1749, (263 years old!) I found it myself in Siberia, Russia last summer, have also other things. $350 obo, 017570336001

"Safety 1st" carseat, used for about 1 year, very good condition, from non-smoking car, accident-free!!! Car seat good bettreats. $135 ween 22-65 pounds. $50 0176703-36-001 or email: zemfirita@ Hello Kitty Bag - New! It was posed to be a gift but my friend did not like it. $35 or €30 costel Santa Cruz Blur MTB, medium, 2006, original owner, Shimano XT, Hayes Hydraulic dual disc brakes, Large cooler, blue and white, lite- meticulously maintained. $1000 rature said" cool for 5 days" simi- 0151-61321501

Crocheted Headpin, polished, leaf formed with sweetwaterpearls lar and smaller one sells for over Winnie the Pooh Collectible. In in the middle. Not worn. €5 $50 in BX €40 0711 729 4107 original box with snow globe. $45

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The Citizen, November 1, 2012 Several oil paintings by artist who gained skills with Picasso in 1920's! Spanish costal landscape with Picasso's house. I knew artist as boy in 1950's €16000 best offer above ! Spanish / coastal 0176-96776870 can Skype Views

Girls desk w/chair, metal frame, formica top, 39"x24" top, 29" high, easily disassembled. $25

Moving Sale: TV stand, computer desks, book shelves, other storage containers; photos available. Techno/Dancefloor Synth. "Qua- Call after 6:30 PM $Priced to sell simidi Sirius" with integrated 11 (€ or $) 016092120724 or e-mail Ch.Vocoder (also voice distortion) + Synthesizer "Quasimidi Raven Max" + Keyboard stand €1600 Murphy-style full size bed. Frame, mattress, hardware, 2 gen lights. Comes apart for moving. Pick up only in France, pics FURNITURE on request. $800 cahilldd@ya All ads & pics can be viewed @

Wooden credenza, plain light wood, 2 doors. About 32" high, Antique Cabinets from the "Bie- 15" deep and 2 shelves. Modern, dermeier Time" 160 years old! 1 in great condition. €20 0711 729 big one & 1 small one with a mir- 4107 ror. Pictures on Classified World. €2500 together. Or 1500€ for the JOBS big cabinet & 1200€ for the smaller one w/mirrors. amweyrough@ All ads & pics can be viewed @ Black leather living room chair by ikea, comfortable, low back and arms, great condition, you will have to pick it up. €30 aviatornow@ Dark brown Ikea leather sleeper sofa. Paid 1200 Euro in 2010. It has some slight wear from a recent move, but is otherwise in perfect condition. $600 tara.cohoon@

**Operations and Management Personnel** US Government Contractor seeking resumes from candidates for a project to manage Facilities Maintenance for U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Germany. Candidates should be familiar with facilities Operations & Maintenance Organization and Planning; and have recent (last 5 yrs.) experience working on Facilities O&M Projects in either the Maintenance or Engineering Departments in Germany and preferably at USAG Stuttgart. Potential positions are: Office Manager*HR Manager* BusinessManager*Department Managers QC Managers and Inspectors* Meisters and Team Leaders *Building Maintenance Technicians/Engineers We are looking for a english speaking sales assistant in the Stuttgart area. TeReS Textilreinigung 0152/54071835


We are looking for a reliable and a self-employed tailor and sales All ads & pics can be viewed @ assistant in the Böblingen area who speaking english. TeReS TexIs looking for a new man in her litilreinigung 0152/54071835 fe! I'm 28/5'9/blond long hair/ Looking for a place to volunteer brown eyes. I do have a lil one so as a yoga teacher. Recently recei- if thats a problem dont even boved 200-hr yoga teacher certifica- ther! Only serious!! $ single white tion from Yoga Alliance. $Free female inkedmel@o2.blackber

Attractive 35year single black woman is seeking to find a happy relationship. annett.muller@ya

Warm - heated, great humor 32yrs single black lady with a generous touch of friendship seeks to find a happy relationship.

Single woman, 46/160/55kg looking for an nice American (caucasian) my age, who can speak German because my English is bad...No games, Only Singles!!!! 0160/6737687 (Text)

Your community, your website.

DR. BIANCA KNOLL - BREAST PLASTIC SURGERY +++ US-Standard and Care in GERMANY +++ • SCAR SPARING breast REDUCTIONS – even in large reductions! No T-shaped scars! • NEW breast LIFT techniques – reshaping your breast – providing a perky look! • Breast AUGMENTATION procedures We accept 19% VAT forms • TRICARE preferred provider Dr. Bianca Knoll • Savignystr. 61 • 60325 Frankfurt • Fon: 069-7422-7979 Email: •

We are your specialists for: - Cosmetic Dentistry - Prosthetics - Implantology - Prophylaxis/Bleaching - Periodontology Dr. Petra Bagusche-Gericke | TRICARE OCONUS Preferred Dentist Poststraße 44 | 71032 Böblingen

Phone: 07031-49 88 11 | Fax: 07031- 49 88 49 E-Mail: |


)"*3%3&44&3 t $04.&5*$ t 8&--/&44


Old price 58,-

Coloring & Style Old price 72,-

Old price 119,-

(part of the hair 99,-)

Limited time offer

Professional cut Top of the head highlights Care & Style Eyebrow threading

(long/thick hair 65,-)

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The Citizen, November 1, 2012

Are you getting a new car? Sell your old one at


Carreers in financial planning available, your choice of location. US Broker / Dealer in Heidelberg seeking sales representatives. Tel. 0 62 21 - 2 35 97

UP to $ 10,000


Stokes Agency… • Car Financing • Take a Vacation

Want to stay in Europe?

• Buy Furniture • Car Insurance

Kurmarkerstr. 30 70569 Stuttgart -Vaihingen Tel: 0711-6873096 • E-mail:

Hauptstr. 71 • 70563 Stuttgart tel.: 0711 / 72 24 95 98

Your community, your website.

PETS All ads & pics can be viewed @

There have been reports of pets being sold from breeding facilities that are not managed at the highest professional standards. Please choose your pet carefully. Make sure you check the credentials of the people selling the pet, and get proper paperwork showing shots and/ or other proof of healthy condition. For further advice, consult your Veterinarian.

Read your newspaper online:

Energetic 8mth Female Rottweiler needing Attention, love and care. Due to a rigorous shift work schedule, I'm unable to provide her with what she needs €1000 Female Siberian Husky is still looking for a new home. She is UTD on all shots, dewormed and microchipped. Comes with health certificate. Email or sms. €630 015115922078

WANTED All ads & pics can be viewed @

Tutors, Mentors, Coaches needed this Summer - $$$ - 0160 3156501



Pumpkin Soup Turkey, Ham, Beef, choose two Mashed potatoes, stuffing, Rice, Noodles Red cabbage, Pumpkin Coleslaw Pudding

€ 15 (per person) DINNER 18:00 - 21:00 (By reservation only, call before November 15)

Black Stallion

07 11 - 65 69 86 05

Please call GERMAN & AMERICAN FOOD For Catering, Private Parties & Special Events HOURS: BREAKFAST: 6:30 - 09:00 | LUNCH: 11:00 - 13:30 SNACKS & DRINKS: 06:30 - 15:00

We accept $ & €



No Fees on Visa®Ê vÌÊ >À`à 1%


Off Personal Loans


Follow us


ÛiÊ*iÀà Ê-iÀÛ ViÊÓ{ÉÇÊUÊäänää°{ÇÓn°ÓäääÊUÊÃiÀÛ ViVÕ° À}ÉV Ì âi

*Rate shown is an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and accurate as of 11/23/12. Penalty for early withdrawal. Cannot be combined with any other certificate offer. **Gift cards are subject to applicable law, beginning the 13th month after there has been no activity on your card, a monthly inactivity fee of $2.95 will be assessed to your card. This fee will be assessed to your card as long as there are funds remaining on your card. If your card is lost or stolen, there will be a fee of $5.00 to replace it. ***Direct deposit of entire net pay must be maintained. Loan discount only applies to closed end personal loans with direct deposit. Offer not valid for refinance of existing SCU loans. Cannot be combined with any other personal loan offer. †$25 Visa gift card received when approved for a Service Credit Union Visa credit card. Gift cards are subject to applicable law, beginning the 13th month after there has been no activity on your card, a monthly inactivity fee of $2.95 will be assessed to your card. This fee will be assessed to your card as long as there are funds remaining on your card. If your card is lost or stolen, there will be a fee of $5.00 to replace it. Cannot be combined with any other credit card offer. Offers valid in-branch only 11/23/12. Offers subject to change or be discontinued without notice. Loan approval and APR subject to credit worthiness. Visa gift card issued by MetaBank™ pursuant to license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Visa is a registered trademark of the Visa International Service Association. Must be a member of Service Credit Union or eligible for membership.


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The Citizen, November 1, 2012

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