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Infinite Possibilities: From Sensors to the Cloud Interconnected embedded devices plus cloud services are generating commercial interest. Embedded Windows operating systems can deliver all the functionality of regular Windows to embedded devices such as language, touch-control, sensors, graphics and hand-writing, making these devices ideally suited for work in cloud applications.

Their newly released OMAP5 is a dual-core system-on-chip to be produced using 28 nm process technology, which can save 40% of power use compared with OMAP4. The OMAP5 will go into production in the second half of the year 2011, and related consumer products using OMAP5 are expected to reach the market soon in the second half of 2012.

Pascal Martin, GM, WW OEM Embedded Sales, Microsoft

Peter Duh, FAE Director, TI

Microsoft’s newest release for embedded devices is Windows Embedded Compact 7, which takes over from Windows Embedded CE. To cope with needs for networking, Windows Embedded Compact 7 supports DLNA standards and can connect with media databases and other DLNA-compliant devices, sharing digital content such as music, pictures and videos.

The OMAP5 processor is the first single system-on-chip that uses the Cortex A15 architecture components, with its highest clock speed at 2 GHz, three times the speed of the 1GHz Cortex A9s in the OMAP 4330. Even at the same clock speed, the OMAP5 offers 50% greater performance than OMAP4. OMAP5 has two Cortex-M4 cores for signal processing purposes, such as video acceleration or graphic process.

New Windows embedded also supports multi-core processors based on ARM or x86 architectures. Windows Embedded Compact 7 with its complete development tools supporting ARM v7 can be applied to develop high-end embedded devices and take over the role that Windows CE played in areas such as medicine, retail, manufacturing and consumer electronics, providing small-sized multi-functional interconnected devices. Being a member of Microsoft’s Windows Embedded Partner Program (WEPP), Advantech has signed a distribution contract to sell Microsoft’s embedded system software. Through this partnership Advantech can effectively integrate embedded hard- and software to provide its customers with total solutions and fast service and support. We are natural partners in this area as we both have the professional capability in dealing with all the problems in embedded systems and embedded OS.

Embedded Processors Drive Intelligent Applications TI’s embedded products include a range of ARM and DSP processors, such as Sitara ARM Cortex A-8 and ARM9 micro processor family, as well as Stellaris microcontrollers, which are widely used in areas like industrial automation, test and measurement, medical instruments, HVAC, remote monitoring control and point-of-sales. 6

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The OMAP5 processor is able to power up to 4 cameras simultaneously, and supports 2D and 3D video recording and display in 1080p quality. It also supports 3D screens that can be viewed without glasses and DLP projectors, and provides functionalities such as gesture control, multi-OS boot, 3Dgraphic games, wireless video and audio data transmission, multi-screen displays, digital purses, etc. The embedded solutions provided by TI also feature M-shield security technology, which is a system–level security solution that intimately interleaves hardware and software technologies to ensure the security of embedded devices.