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2011 Advantech Embedded Design-In Forum By Advantech Embedded Core Group


his year’s Advantech World Partner Conference addressed the subject of innovative embedded design technology, calling for increasing cooperation with business partners to establish global leadership and innovation by providing the best services and solutions for embedded products. Held during March 28-30 in Taipei, it’s the first time Advantech has convened its annual world partner conference in conjunction with the Advantech Embedded Design-In Forum.

Intelligent Planet- Embedded Business Opportunities & Market Trends Since the birth of digital computers in the 1950s, the industry has seen a revolutionary development—what we call a “paradigm shift”, almost every 15 years, from huge mainframe machines, to desktop personal computers, to the internet age. Now, against the backdrop of the “ intelligent planet”, we are ushering in a new age starting in 2011, with the emergence of two most important trends: the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud Computing, which will determine what the embedded industry will be like in the next 15 years.

Embedded computing will be tied to the cloud, with functions such as processing, storage, analysis, and data sharing applied to industrial computers–all served from the cloud. The Internet of Things cannot help but be closely involved in cloud computing: data is collected through sensors and devices and transmitted to embedded computers for processing and analysis, then sent to the cloud to produce intelligent information for use by all users. This model can be applied to all industrial segments, such as plant automation, equipment automation, transportation and environmental protection. IoT plus Cloud Computing is enabling the “Age of the Intelligent Planet” which brings with it better living and cleaner environments. As the world’s top IPC manufacturer, Advantech sees great opportunities in this trend and will design and develop embedded products and services that empower the “Intelligent Planet”. Starting last year, Advantech focussed its company vision on “Enabling an Intelligent Planet” in order to meet these challenges, and contribute to a better quality of life for everyone.

Innovation & Transformation of Embedded Computing Chaney Ho, President, Advantech


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Over the past year, Advantech has sold 1.2 million units of embedded systems, including 400,000 units of Microsoft