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Emb’Store Functions There are three major functions of Emb’Store: First, System Updates—this means Emb’Store can auto-detect platforms and offer the latest updates including BIOS, drivers, SUSI API and documents. Second, Platform Utilities—this means Emb’Store will offer corresponding platform utilities on-demand and downloaded them directly to your target device. Third, OEM Applications—this means Emb’Store provides an Open Embedded Framework for OEM application deployment; designed for Advantech embedded platforms.

Active System Updates Active System Updates means it can auto-detect platforms & offer the latest updates, including BIOS, drivers, SUSI API and user documents. When selecting the System Update category, customers will see four utilities with which to find the latest updates for their target platform: ■ BIOS & F/W: search for the latest BIOS file or F/W binary ■ Drivers: search for the latest graphic, audio, and LAN drivers ■ SUSI Utility: Search for the latest SUSI Software API of GPIO, SMBus, and WatchDog Timer ■ Documents: Search for the latest User Manuals and setup documents

On-Demand Platform Utilities On-demand platform utilities are downloaded directly to the target device. Emb’Store can guarantee all utilities are fully tested, verified and up to date. When selecting the Platform Utilities category, customers will see only utilities which are compatible with their target platform for example: ■ Power Management: controls system performance to save power

consumption. ■ Display Control: changes the brightness, backlight on/off, gamma etc. ■ Connection Manager: utility for managing wireless modules like WIFI, 3.5G, GPRS, and GPS etc. ■ iManager 2.0: utility for iManager ready platforms, like SOM3564, SOM-5890 etc. ■ Platform Info: lists the board name, DRAM size, OS type, HDD usage etc. ■ CPU Info: lists the CPU type and manufacturer.

Open Framework for OEM Applications Open framework for OEM applications provides open embedded framework for OEM Applications deployment— designed for Advantech embedded platforms When selecting the OEM Applications category, customers will see many utilities which are developed by 3rd parties, for example: ■ Arconics TrueImage: a tool for OS backup and recovery (Note:

The activation key already bundle with Advantech Microsoft Windows XP/7 license) ■ RTX Soft-Control: a real-time timer and thread editor. ■ …More (Welcome 3rd party alliance with Advantech to provide your solution on Emb’Store ) 20

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■ SQFlash Tool: utility for managing SQFlash SSD, CF cards, IDE

DOM, SATA DOM etc. ■ Booting Manager: manages Windows OS boot-up screen and

shutdown screens ■ Hardware Monitoring: monitors CPU/system temp, FAN speeds

and voltages