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Emb´Store On-Demand Software Service for Embedded Computing By CL Chiang, Manager, Advantech


dvantech embedded platforms have always offered all kinds of system and integrated software services, and with the arrival of the cloud computing era, we will continue to offer an even higher level of embedded software services. Emb’Store is an online, on-demand website for software updates and the latest embedded hardware device drivers. This will effectively relieve system developers and users of the complexity of device management and maintenance, and simplify the operation of embedded devices. Advantech software services from back to front, leads the industry in a new generation of industrial cloud computing services. Emb’Store is Advantech’s on-line, on-demand website providing cloud software services, which integrates embedded software developed by Advantech on a Microsoft .net framework platform, all with carefully designed user-friendly interfaces. When developing multi-functional applications, embedded developers have to choose software from different sources with different user interface that might cause confusion for end users. Advantech’s Emb’Store is an online portal for developers to source integrated and compatible software that helps reduce overall development effort and improves the user experience. Emb’Store promotes expedient access and improves software quality and compatibility. An Embedded Software Suit allows software developers to work with sample plug-ins, and unified interfaces within an Embedded Framework. As a result, users can access well-designed tools, utilities and API that will assure confidence in Advantech’s software development capability. 18

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Another feature of Emb’Store is that it can automatically detect Advantech hardware platforms and connect to the cloud to seek tools and updates suitable for the hardware, such as BIOS, drivers, user documents, APIs and more. The Embedded Software Suit is a client that allows endusers to link to the Emb’Store directly, so that they can have complete access and knowledge of Advantech’s latest software developments and download whatever they want in their own Embedded Software Suit. They can also easily delete the software they do not need. The “Plug and Play” design reduces waiting, downloads and installation times. By providing a ready to use remote access solution: Emb’Store enables a System Integrator to focus more on their own application, and lets Emb’Store monitor a device’s health, and even recover a system if Windows XP boot-up fails.

Introduction to Emb’Store On-Demand Service for Embedded Computing Emb’Store is the way to manage embedded software updates in real-time. There are three major functions. The first is “System Updates” which updates the BIOS, drivers and SUSI API. The second is “Platform Utilities”, which as the name implies provides utilities designed by Advantech software team for customers to download directly. Third is “OEM applications”, whereby OEM partners can deploy their applications from Emb’Store like Apple‘s App Store and Android marketplaces.