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Special Report Advantages of UEFI Pre-Boot in Embedded Systems PaiLin Huang, Marketing Division Director of BIOS, AMI

Founded in 1985 and known for AMIBIOS, AMI (American Megatrends Inc.) is dedicated to providing hardware, software and freeware to high-tech companies. It sees computing devices based on new generation BIOS of Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) as an emerging mainstream technology in 2011. Among its products is AMI Aptio, a total solution based on the UEFI open architecture, completely compatible with UEFI2.x spec. and is particular suited for 64-bit computing environments, as it has larger BIOS drivable storage capacity and versatile input interfaces, including qwerty keyboard, soft keyboard, touch screen and any other new generation input devices.

Releasing the Full Power of Multi-Core by SMP Technology Frank Ko, Director of Sales, Asia Pacific, IntervalZero

InervalZero’s RTX 2011 is a real time software plug-in for Microsoft Windows, which supports up to 32 processors, more than quadrupling the number of processors supported in the previous RTX version. RTX 2011 is an essential component in innovative Soft-Control Architectures that leading OEMs are adopting to reduce their system-development cost for 25 to 50 %. It has six runtime editions, giving customers increased options for choosing the level of symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) functionality required for their embedded systems.

Industrial Peripheral Module Integrated Services Ethan Chen, Product Manager, Advantech

Advantech started to provide embedded module services in 2009, with products ranging from platforms, CPU cards to custom-tailored embedded OS, with exclusive firmware support of iManager. For embedded customers, continual product supply is very important. For example, when they develop a new medical system, they usually spend a year on system development, and another year on testing. When the system is prepared to enter the market, some of its modules may not be available anymore, that’s why Advantech is committed to long time of guaranteed supply to its customers, making itself a reliable partner for system integrators.

SSD and Embedded Solutions -The Future of NAND Flash Devices KS Pua, Chairman & CEO, Phison

The rapid evolution of Flash memory products has caused problems for industrial computer designers and manufacturers. Sometimes, when they’ve finally gone through the process from design to testing, the Flash memory they need is no longer produced. And as industrial computer orders are usually smaller, Flash solution providers are less willing to offer technical support. To solve these problems, two years ago, Phison Electronics started to design and produce Flash memory controllers on our own, in order to provide Flash memory solutions to Advantech. Since then, the delivery of our Flash control ICs has been growing, from 20 pieces at the very beginning to 20,000 pieces per month as of now.

Reliability and Efficiency of Touch Technology Eric Chang, Sales Manager, TE Connectivity Ltd.

TE Technology provides touch technologies including Acoustic Pulse Recognition (APR), which uses acoustic sensors to detect touches on a glass overlay mounted in front of the display which creates ultimate light pen performance with less power. This technology can also be applied to other hard materials, such as metal, plastic and wood, and is suited for touch panels on home appliances like washers and refrigerators, or control boards in vehicles. TE Technology also provides infrared touch technology that can be applied to Point of Sale (POS) and vehicle electronics, and Secure Touch technology that can be applied to equipment that needs anti explosive protection, such as automatic teller machines (ATMs).

High Performance and Low Power Consumption GPS Solutions Ming Chiang, Country Manager of Taiwan, u-blox

U-blox, a Swiss company founded in 1997, is a dedicated GPS solution provider. In the past, GPS appliances were used mainly for automotive navigation systems or industrial purposes. However, today, smart phones and other portable devices are increasingly adopting GPS technology and u-blox is also providing design-in solutions to the consumer electronics segment. Our newest release is u-blox 6 position engine, which has over 2 million effective correlators maintaining the fastest acquisition time on the market, with signal sensitivity improved by 3 dB compared with u-blox 5. Besides, u-blox 6 also supports the upcoming new European satellite system GALILEO, giving product users the benefits of two GPS positioning worlds with reduced risk.

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