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To: All Motorola Europe, Middle East & Africa Approved Channel Partners Re: Announcing MOTOTRBO Remote Mount Adaptor Kit

We are very pleased to announce availability of the MOTOTRBO Remote Mount Adaptor Kit. This kit provides greater flexibility and security for in-vehicle installation of mobile radios by allowing the control head to be located separately from the body of the radio. Each kit contains: • Remote control head interface • Remote transceiver interface • Trunnion bracket • Installation Guide

• Dismantling tool • Wing screw (x2) • Mounting screws (x4)

Connection cables are also required and are available separately in 3 & 5 metre lengths. Part Numbers: Model Number Description PMLN5404A PMKN4074A PMKN4073A

MOTOTRBO remote mount adaptor kit MOTOTRBO remote mount cable kit 3m MOTOTRBO remote mount cable kit 5m

List Price ($) $179 $119 $139

Note that firmware version R01.04.00 or later MUST be programmed into the radio for proper operation of the remote control head. Contact your local Account Manager or Customer Care team if you have any questions. Good selling!!!

Announcing MOTOTRBO R1.4

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