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MOTOROLA AIRDEFENSE WIRELESS IPS When wireless LAN devices are insecure, your entire network backbone is left vulnerable, no matter how much you have invested in IT security. The risk is much more than financial – a breach can also damage your company’s reputation, expose proprietary information and compromise customer privacy, leaving you to face both legal and regulatory fallout. Securing a wireless LAN is completely different than securing a wired network. Attacks are transitory, occurring over the air, and you have no physical boundary as the first line of defense. You need a way to constantly monitor and protect access ... and Motorola has it. CONSTANT, AUTOMATIC VIGILANCE


The AirDefense Wireless IPS module detects and prevents attacks on your wireless network, automatically and in real time. By analyzing new and known threats, the AirDefense platform accurately detects a wide range of threats and suspicious network activity. Context-aware detection, correlation and multi-dimensional detection engines ensure that the tool identifies only meaningful security events. Among comparable systems on the market, AirDefense has the lowest rate of false positive alarms.

Just one insecure access point can let a unauthorized user or intruder bypass all your traditional wired security systems. The AirDefense Wireless IPS module identifies rogue devices and can automatically block them from your network. Most important, it does so accurately, targeting only intruders and rogue devices for termination. Less sophisticated wireless intrusion prevention systems can easily disable a neighboring access point by mistake, leaving you open to unwanted liability.


The AirDefense system maintains a full and accurate record of its termination actions, so you can reliably track and audit them. In addition, the module complies with FCC regulations for wireless device termination.

COMPREHENSIVE NETWORK PROTECTION By responding on both the wireless and wired networks, the AirDefense system can stop unauthorized wireless activity before your network is damaged. The tool’s constant analysis of your wireless traffic automatically determines the potential seriousness of any threat, so you can prioritize resources to deal first with the most serious problems. The AirDefense solution offers the industry’s most extensive event library, with more than 200+ security, compliance, health, and performance alarms. AirDefense can detect a broad range of wireless threats, including reconnaissance activities, impersonation attacks, rogue exploits, denial of service attacks, extrusions (data leakage), man-in-the-middle and injection attacks, and targeted key cracking attacks. The Wireless IPS module also has a unique technology for monitoring your wired network, something particularly important to organizations that must comply with regulatory requirements, such as PCI. AirDefense can spot both new unsanctioned wired devices and devices that have gone missing, such as point of sale systems. The ability to track devices is essential in environments that transmit or store sensitive data, such as credit cards or patient information.

COMPLETE REPORTING CAPABILITY The Wireless IPS module includes a number of built-in reports covering a variety of wireless network activity and compliance requirements from auditors. You can also build your own highly customized reports in minutes, using graphs to provide a quick snapshot of important metrics. The system provides reporting tools that fully satisfy most current regulatory mandates, such as PCI DSS, DoD 8100.2, HIPAA, GLBA and SarbanesOxley, as well as corporate policy enforcement.

HOLISTIC WIRELESS MANAGEMENT The AirDefense Wireless IPS module runs on the AirDefense Services Platform. The AirDefense Services Platform offers seamless integration of wireless security and compliance solutions, WLAN infrastructure management, and remote troubleshooting tools that proactively monitor WLAN performance and remedy connectivity issues. The AirDefense Services Platform is the industry’s first comprehensive service oriented platform, designed to dramatically reduce your total cost of ownership while you achieve quicker return on investment from your WLAN. Motorola AirDefense solutions reflect our holistic approach to network design, management, security and network assurance. Motorola delivers both an unrivaled indoor/outdoor wireless portfolio and the software tools you need to build and operate a trusted high-performance wireless network.

For more information on Motorola AirDefense Solutions, please visit us on the web at SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS FOR MOTOROLA AIRDEFENSE SOLUTIONS An AirDefense server appliance is required to run the AirDefense Services Platform and all AirDefense modules. The server appliance is a true plug-and-play system with a hardened operating system, optimized database, and application software included. Current model options include: •

Model 1252

Model 3652

Model 4250

Please see each Motorola AirDefense server appliance specification sheet for model specs. Part number G3-22-111. MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2010 Motorola, Inc. All rights reserved.

FEATURES: Rogue Detection Detect rogue access points and rogue clients on the network. Identify, locate, and mitigate rogue threats. Wired Network Security Monitoring Track critical assets such as point of sale systems and monitor network location. Identify new non-wireless devices in static network environments such as branch office or stores. Wireless Termination Mitigate wireless threats, with the AirTermination™ technology, by disabling wireless connections between intruders and authorized devices and ensure offending devices are prohibited from connecting and communicating on the network. Wired Port Suppression Disable connections on switch ports, to which offending devices are connected, to prevent rogue devices from gaining access to the network. Wireless ACL Control which wireless clients can access the network through a wireless access control list. Extensive Threat Detection Library Detect wireless threats with the industry’s most extensive event library which includes more than 200 security, compliance, health, and performance alarms. Policy and Compliance Reporting Reporting for regulatory mandates such as PCI DSS, DoD 8100.2, HIPAA, GLBA and SarbanesOxley as well as corporate policy enforcement.